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Re: MINE by Lakesc(m): 9:49am On Jul 18
@odoogu u are on your own o
@Gvnl thank you.
@Lakesc. You know as humans, when we are angry, its difficult to take rational decisions.
It takes another level of maturity to calm down and ask questions.
Indeed op. Thanks for the good works, more ink to ur pen and oil on ur head...
Re: MINE by Odoogu(m): 10:16am On Jul 18
@odoogu u are on your own o
@Gvnl thank you.
@Lakesc. You know as humans, when we are angry, its difficult to take rational decisions.
It takes another level of maturity to calm down and ask questions.

Yes I am...
But I don't want to be any longer grin
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 12:02pm On Jul 20
Cheers to a wonderful week.


What? Temmy was cheating on you? Toye was shocked.

"Don't shout" Damola cautioned

"That was exactly my reaction at first, then I started putting events together and arrived at the conclusion"

"Can I see the pictures?" Toye asked suddenly

"I have the hard copies in the office and already uploaded the soft copies into the cloud."

"Get me the pictures Damola. I need to be sure you know what you are saying."
"Get the ones you uploaded to the cloud." He pressed when Damola didn't respond.

Damola searched his pocket for his phone.
"I am not sure you did the right thing by keeping this to yourself, Damola. You should have asked questions and confronted her."

"So that she will lie to me?" He asked trying to operate his phone.

"The incidents preceding that event was too much to be mere coincidence. I was too angry to talk to her.

I couldn’t even look at her face. All the while I was committed to her and she was playing me for a fool. I met other girls after her you know, but my mind was made up. She was all I wanted."

"You need to ask yourself questions Damola. How long were you guys together?"

"About eighteen months thereabouts Damola calculated."

"How many people knew you were together, considering your status in the Society?"

"Not many People I think. She didn’t like the attention. Why all these questions? You are confusing me guy."

"Hold on, we are going somewhere." Toye turned to face Damola where he was standing by the window.

"Are the pictures ready?" He asked him.

"The network seem to be slow but it’s coming up."

"While you are on that, did you ask yourself why the sender did not want to talk to you?"

"Probably for privacy because I got the impression that the person knows me. " Damola answered .

"Think deep bro, someone sends you pictures out of the blue, are you the one in the picture?"

"I think the person knows my relationship with her. The person said he or she got it from a blog owner that wanted to publish it."

"Is the person male or female?" Toye pressed further

"I don’t know. Just told me the blogger owed a favour and that was how he or she gained custody of the picture."

"Something is not right Damola."

"Wait till you see the pictures man, I know what my babe looks like."

"I am not disputing it" Toye said deep in thought.

Knock! Knock!! Someone said from the door.

"Who is it?" Damola asked.

  His brother entered before he could finish asking.

"I just knocked out of courtesy, in case a chic is in here with you." He teased as he walked to his brother's bedside. He noticed the tension and was quick to ask.

"Is everything alright? You both look too serious."

Toye looked at his friend trying to decide if he should let the cat out of the bag or keep quiet.

"Talk to me. What is it?" He asked again

"We are just trying to iron out some issues." Toye tried to explain from his position at the dresser

Dayo walked up to his brother by the window where he was starting into his phone.

"Give me that, " he said collecting the phone from him. He enlarged the picture in focus and looked at his brother worriedly.

"Isn’t this the girl you broke up with?"

"Exactly what I was trying to tell Toye."  Damola told his brother.

"Wait, who is the guy?" he asked scrolling through the other pictures.
"Let me see that please?"

Dayo handed the phone over to Toye and walked back to his brother.

"Why are you dwelling on this? I thought you moved on he asked him gently."

"I needed to get it off my chest. Nobody has seen that picture except both of you."

"Did you at least confront her with this?" Dayo asked

"Exact question I asked him." Toye said concentrating on the pictures.

"No. I didn’t see the need. I was suspecting her all along. This was the proof I needed."

"Hmmm" Toye groaned. "I am not a professional but I think these pictures were photoshopped."

"What?" Dayo said

"Never." Damola said at the same time.

"You need to be streetwise to know these things bro. I will send these to some of my guys, let them confirm my suspicions."Toye said

"No,  I don’t want the pictures to go beyond this place."

"Calm down. This is exactly the reaction the sender wanted. I trust my guys, the pictures won’t leak. I’ll prefer the hard copies anyway."

"Are you kidding me?" Dayo said still in a state of shock.

Damola did not believe anything his friend was saying. Why would someone go that far.

"Bro Dayo please weigh in on these.
Someone sends you pictures and you do not know their identity. Let’s even assume that is normal." He waved his hand
"They didn’t collect a dime before they released the pictures. What do you think?" he asked Dayo

"I don’t know" Dayo shrugged.
" Probably got a better reward"

"Exactly" Toye said.

" They got a better reward or was expecting one better than money.
Why would they send you the pictures in the first place?" Toye continued?

" This pictures will earn the sender more if he or she had sent it to your girlfriend because she'd want to protect her relationship with you. You didn’t have anything to lose"

"What about my reputation?" Damola asked.

"You don’t get the logic," Toye tried to explain. "Someone knew you were going to be hurt and it was a better reward knowing it would probably end in a break up because the person knows you so well or the person evisaged your reaction to the pictures"

"I am still confused" Dayo said.
"Why will someone do that? Do you at least have the person's digits?"

"No. It was sent via mail" Damola replied

"You see, I sense a cover up." Toye retorted.

"What do you intend to do?" Dayo asked Toye.
"First, we confirm if the pictures are real. Then we pick it from there."

Damola was confused. He didn’t know what to say or think. He was beginning to have a rethink about the situation. He never thought in his wildest dreams that the pictures could be fake.

That is yet to be confirmed anyway he thought.

"Why would someone even do that?" Dayo questioned no one is particular.

"It could be revenge or maybe something else" Toye answered.

"Let me see if any of them is awake" Toye said dialing a number on his phone. "Excuse me" he said and went to the rest room.



Re: MINE by Gvnl(f): 2:19pm On Jul 20
Damola on a long thing

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Re: MINE by Odoogu(m): 6:13pm On Jul 20
Damola on a long thing

whoever made the plot ( which seems like to be tonye) knew what his exact reaction would be.
na perfect set up

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Re: MINE by Lakesc(m): 7:10pm On Jul 20
Thanks for d update
Re: MINE by Ann2012(f): 1:20am On Jul 21
I'm definitely not missing this... Well done OP
Re: MINE by Gvnl(f): 10:47am On Jul 21
You're right.

I see Damola going on a long journey of apology grin


whoever made the plot ( which seems like to be tonye) knew what his exact reaction would be.
na perfect set up
Re: MINE by Odoogu(m): 2:49pm On Jul 21
am hoping we could get some MINE vibes today...
Re: MINE by Dacaller: 7:39am On Jul 22
tonye u at now in big shit......u av just lose ur job....my thought ........good morin
Re: MINE by Blackween(f): 9:04am On Jul 22
tonye u at now in big shit......u av just lose ur job....my thought ........good morin

Damola might actually disappoint, what if he tells Tonye that someone might have set him up and the one does another thing

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Re: MINE by becca2017(f): 10:31am On Jul 22
More wisdom Op
Thanks for the update wink
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 2:57pm On Jul 22
Thank you so much for the comments. It's enough to gimme ginger. Next chapter will be up in a few. kiss

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Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 6:11pm On Jul 22
To everyone who has stopped by to say something nice kiss


“You know you love me, I know you care. Just shout whenever, and I’ll be there.” Freda sang Justin Bieber’s baby as she walked behind her friend to class.

“Justin Bieber won’t save you this time and I don’t love you right now.”

“You are my love, you are my heart and we will never ever, ever be apart again.” Freda continued.

“You know what that guy’s like, you now left me to go and drop the drafts of your project alone.”

“I am sorry,” Freda said trying to hug her from the back.

“You are definitely going to pay for it” Temmy replied.

“Don’t worry, I am capable.” Freda teased.

“I am thinking of the best punishment for you right now”.

“I am sorry, I had to find a way of getting out of it. I don’t like the guy's kind of jokes. Too awkward for me and if you don’t laugh, he might feel offended.
You know you are meek at heart.”

“Leave me alone.” Temmy shrugged her off as they walked into the class.

The lecture hall was already half-filled as they made their way to the back.

“Few months to this time, we will be done with these kind of lectures.” Freda consoled herself.

Temmy laughed at her. “You have been doing this for four years babes, it shouldn’t bother you any longer.”

“It’s not the kind of life I want to get used to. All I want, is to get out of here and start making the money.” Freda responded

“That is the only thing you know,” Temmy replied taking a seat close to the end of the hall.

“Sit here”, she told her friend making space for her.

“I wish he would not make the class. The man is so boring, " Freda shuddered


“Yes now, you know he is not one of my faves,” she said waving at someone at a distance.
“I am coming she told her friend as she walked up to talk to another friend close by.”

As much as she complains about lectures, she was still one of the toppers in their class. Temmy shook her head at her friend.
That was one of the things that solidified their friendship. Temmy always wanted a goal-getter in her corner, someone that will be able to task her intellectually.

She didn’t want someone who will be a sort of drawback or not be able to motivate her.
Freda was a typical example of beauty and brains just like herself.

Of course, when an extra effort was needed, they put in the work. They had sometimes sacrificed their side hustles for tutorials or extra classes. What was the essence of coming to school and not having something solid to show for it?

Even though she had a few months to go, she knew her CGPA was high.
The initial aim was a first-class but she was still fine where she found herself. She had to work for it.

Another thing she was happy about was the fact that her break up happened during her internship because it would have affected her grades. Over six months now and she was glad of what she’s been able to make of herself.

“Hi baby,” someone said to her left while she was lost in thought.

“Sweetheart,” she said and stood up to hug him.

“How have you been?” he asked.

“You saw me three days ago.” She smiled at him.

“Awwww, baby a day away from you is like a cloudy day. You know you make my world go round.” He hugged her again.

“That's so sweet of you, she replied making space for him on the other side of their seats.

“You can sit on me, it will be a pleasure.” He urged

“You know I don’t like public display of affection.”

“How was the weekend?” He continued.

“It was good. Yours?”

“You know me now, I thought about you all through. I couldn’t concentrate on any other thing.”

Temmy just smiled
“ Did you work?” He asked.

“Nope. I had to finish up the internship report. We have been unable to submit it for a while now.

“What’s up with your project?”

“I am waiting for my supervisor's final approval, then I defend.”

“Wow, ain’t you a darling. Do you see why I love you?
What of that naughty girl,” he nodded in Freda's direction

Temmy smiled. “We submitted her final draft today. Hopefully, she should be able to make corrections before the end of this week and submit.”

“Well done girls. So, ” he continued “there’s a show I have this weekend, I got a table with some of my friends and I'd like you to go with me.”

“Mwah,” she air kisses him. “I really need that. I will look forward to it, with Freda of course.”

“Definitely. Even if I don’t invite her she will come. He smiled. It’s in the evening. I will make arrangements for your transportation to and from your apartment.”

“That’s why I love you,”She said to him. “So what’s up with you?”

“Hmm, this and that. The normal runs you know, coupled with lectures” He explained.

“I hope you are done with……..” she started to say when the lecturer walked in.

“Oh! That’s my cue to leave. See you later baby.” He patted her cheek moving out of the space he was occupying as  Freda rushed back to her seat.

“What is this guy doing here?” She asked immediately she saw him.

“I know you missed me too," he kissed her cheek.

“In your dreams darling, in your dreams."

“I will see you girls, after the class,” he said on his way out.

“Alright, dear,” Temmy replied

“Don’t talk to any other guy,” he said to Temmy.
“Don’t even look at them or you will break my heart.”

“Rubbish and nonsense,” Freda said to him. “Come and blindfold her.”

“I love you too,” he said to Freda who smiled and waved at him.

“You know I’ll never do that to you" Temmy replied him.

“We'll start the class with a review of the last topic,” the Lecturer started when the students had settled down.

“Shoot me,” Freda said.



Re: MINE by Odoogu(m): 7:25pm On Jul 22
bless up hadayshawlar.
Re: MINE by Ann2012(f): 7:39pm On Jul 22
Thanks for the update
Re: MINE by crislyn(f): 11:27pm On Jul 22
This is so nice...i wished the story could continue.
Re: MINE by crislyn(f): 10:40am On Jul 23
bless up hadayshawlar.
You are here...won't you invite Oremeyii to the story.. wink

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Re: MINE by Odoogu(m): 10:41am On Jul 23
You are here...won't you invite Oremeyii to the story.. wink

you just did grin
Re: MINE by crislyn(f): 10:44am On Jul 23

you just did grin
Lol...i like the both of you already o

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Re: MINE by Dacaller: 11:59am On Jul 23
haba u av jus introduce. another lover ...jus like DAT dis one no goodoooo........
Re: MINE by Dacaller: 12:00pm On Jul 23
hope their just ordinary friends with no stringd
Re: MINE by Odoogu(m): 12:12pm On Jul 23
Lol...i like the both of you already o

this was never the plan.
how you doing?
be good

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Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 6:06pm On Jul 24
Hi guys, Thanks for coming this far. Cheers to the weekend. I hope your week was better than mine? I had a stressful one.


“Why the emergency call? I was scared when I got your message.” Damola said hurriedly when he joined his friend at a private lounge in one of their hangouts.
“Are you alright, is everything fine?”

“Damola, everything that has to do with me is fine, I am not sure about you though, because the information I have is serious and I did not want us to discuss it with you on the phone because we do not know who will be listening.”

Damola took a seat and signaled the waiter. “What happened?”

“Breaking news, those pictures were photoshopped.”

“What! are you kidding me?”

“I kid you not brother.
I hope you were not too harsh on Temmy, the guy that pictures out the pictures told me they worked on by a professional and it will only take another professional who is a genius to figure it out.”

“Please tell me you are joking?”

“I wish I was. I wanted to tell you before Seyi and Kunle join us here since they do not know anything about this.”

“But—but,” Damola stammered

“Guy, I won’t say I am surprised anyway but, I  was hoping on your behalf that it was actually true if the pictures were the reason you broke up with your girlfriend.”

“Sh*t! I have messed up big time.”

“How? Did you say awful things to her?”

“Beyond awful, she doesn’t even know the pictures are the reason I broke up with her, then Tonye was there when I broke up with her.”

“Why would you do that?”

“I was drunk that night and I needed someone to drive me home and Tonye was available.”

“Does she know what caused the break-up? Tonye I mean”

“I didn’t tell Tonye anything. She was there that night though and she could have eavesdropped despite the fact that I asked her to excuse us.”

“Our next point of action should be how to get the perpetrator,” Toye said.

“Wait, are you sure?” Damola asked still wondering if he was dreaming.

“See Damola, if you want, I can give the pictures to someone else to confirm but believe me, this guy is the best.”

“Who could have sent the pictures?”

“That is what we are about to find out,” Toye replied.

“How? When I don’t even know something as simple as the person’s gender, not to talk of their digits.”

“I told you that you are too polished, I know my way around this kind of thing.”

Damola stared at the drink that was delivered to him and wondered where to start.
How would he even apologize?

“I don’t want to get involved in anything illegal, ” He said to his friend.

“See why I said you are soft?" Toye sneered.

“We will get the person, I will get people to work on it. We’ll probably come to your office because they will need access to your mail.”

“I really hope so, but do you trust these people?”

“What do they have to lose? I have worked with them severally, on legal jobs” he announced to his friend.

“ Who could have gone to that length? The pictures looked so real."

“Damola don’t beat yourself up about this. It could have happened to anyone. The guy said the picture was photoshopped by a genius and could have fooled anyone.”

“Where do I start to make amendments? Do you know how many times Temmy came to my office and I refused to see her? I can’t even count the number of times she called my phone.”

Toye signaled the waiter and requested for another drink. “Let’s talk about this later, try to get your mind off things.” Toye looked at his ringing phone.

“Kunle must be here,” he said picking his call.
“Guy, ” he said into the phone. “Just come to our private lounge, Damola is already here.”

He dropped the phone, moved close to his friend, and patted his back.

“Cheer up, this too will pass.”

“How? Temi will not even talk to me. Remember that event where we met her the last time, She ignored me.”

“Let’s just strategize. Drink and be merry for tonight. We'll call Temmy first, then we move from there. Even if it means involving her friend.”

“You don’t know Freda, she is worse. The last time she came to my office, I didn’t answer her questions about the cause of the break-up and you think she'll answer me?”

“We'll cross the bridge when we get there.” He said as another friend joined them.

“Which bridge are you guys crossing? I hope you don’t fall into the water or whatever is beneath the bridge.”

Toye laughed and fist-bumped his friend.

Damola smiled and shook Kunle's hand too.

“I saw Bukola downstairs” he faced Toye again, “is she everywhere you go now like our favorite network provider?”

Damola laughed. He needed this tonight. The company of his friends he thought.

“Yes now, I saw her downstairs at the bar, she said she was here with some girls but I know she will soon find her way up here.”

“You are not serious. I am sure she is here to have fun, ” Toye defended.

“Seyi called me just before I got here. He said he'll be a little late, he has some official stuff to attend to.”

“I just hope that guy will not die in his office one day,” Toye said

“We need to make the money my guy, ” Kunle retorted.

“Make money, not die now, he is a workaholic,” Toye said

“See who is talking,” Kunle said and took a seat.

“Do you want me to start talking about how inaccessible you are when you are chasing a contract?”

“Mine is not every time. I chase the dough and have fun."

“Wassup with you Damola, how’s work? I shouldn’t even be asking you. You are just fresh anyhow”

“The freshness na packaging” Damola replied in pidgin English.

“Gerrout, tell that to newbies. We understand better.”

“This man order for your drink in peace and leave me, I have had a stressful day,” Damola complained.

“Ah! Sorry. Do you want me to dial some numbers and get you stress relievers?” Kunle teased

“You will not change, ” Damola shook his head at his friend.

“I need the stress relievers,” Toye cut in. “I had a stressful week.”

“You are on your own. I should get you stress reliever when Bukola is downstairs. You want her to come and break my head.”

“I have told you guys Bukola is…..”

“Just a friend” Kunle and Damola echoed.

“ We know bro, we know” Kunle smirked.


I love the comments and ginger. Keep them coming


Re: MINE by Odoogu(m): 7:50pm On Jul 24
hope it's not too late. at least temmy will get closure and damola, maybe forgiveness and unburdened .
Re: MINE by Lakesc(m): 8:14pm On Jul 24
Thanks op... Is really gonna be a little hard for damola now since temmy is seeing someone else. That why u shouldn't make decisions while angry
Re: MINE by crislyn(f): 11:09pm On Jul 24
Awwn awwn this was short...puwis can we have an update tomorrow?? i can't get enough cheesy grin
Re: MINE by crislyn(f): 11:09pm On Jul 24
Thanks op... Is really gonna be a little hard for damola now since temmy is seeing someone else. That why u shouldn't make decisions while angry
Temmy is not seeing someone else naa
Re: MINE by Lakesc(m): 4:23pm On Jul 25
Temmy is not seeing someone else naa
What about the guy and his friends the plan to hang-out with, are u sure the guy is just taking her out for friend sake only?
Re: MINE by Gvnl(f): 8:17pm On Jul 25
I knew Damola was on a long tin.

I suspect his family friend who calls him Dee. She is the culprit. She wanted Temmy out of the way all the while.

Thanks for the update OP
Re: MINE by Ann2012(f): 10:36pm On Jul 25
Thanks for the update
Re: MINE by crislyn(f): 10:38pm On Jul 25
What about the guy and his friends the plan to hang-out with, are u sure the guy is just taking her out for friend sake only?
That's my thought o.

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