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Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 3:52pm On Aug 12
Here is another chapter to warm your hearts.


Damola’s heart was palpitating as he looked at Temi as if she’s grown two heads.

Another person? How did that even happen, while he was still trying hard to get over her, she already moved on?

“If you are trying to hurt me, what you said just now had the desired effect”.

“Why would I want to hurt you?” she asked. “We have been apart for over six months.”

“Maybe because I hurt you first” He answered cautiously.

He stood up from his chair and started pacing the living room gently. The TV was on but he could hardly hear what they were discussing.

Temmy just sat there and tried not to show concern for the way he was feeling.
She wondered why he was bothered, he used to have a long line of girls craving his attention. He could have his pick of anyone.
What she went through was not something that should be repeated. Once beaten, twice shy.

“Temi, look at me” he urged. “I am sorry. I don’t know how long I am going to do this, but I want you to know I am genuinely sorry.

It was easy for me to come to that conclusion when I saw the picture because you had been distant for some time”

“Distant how?” she opened up are palms on her knees. How would he consider her distant?

“You hardly came to my place for weekends, you called once in a while, I had to call repeatedly if I wanted to see you, the kind of vibes I was getting from you was not positive. It got me thinking”. He shrugged

“The day I got those pictures, you had promised to come for an event with me and you suddenly changed your mind”

“I was giving you space,” Temi replied.

“I explained to you that I couldn’t come to the event because I had to work.”

“Space?” Damola questioned going back to his seat. He needed to concentrate, he was confused.

“You work almost every time. Why couldn’t you spare that day to be with me?”

“I couldn’t spare it because I needed cash for my brother urgently and that was the only means of getting it. He had a deadline and I had to meet up.”

Everything came out in a rush. She had kept a lot of the issues within for too long. Maybe Freda was right, they should have communicated more.

“You could have asked me for the money you know?”

“Why? You are not responsible for my upkeep or my brother's.”

“You are my girlfriend for crying out loud. Whatever hits you, hits me too.”

“I was your girlfriend she corrected.”

“What explanation do you have for avoiding my place then?” He said ignoring the correction.

“ I stopped coming to your place because whenever I come to your house, you are hardly there with me. If you are not popping out to see a friend, you are going to watch a match we could have watched in your house.
It was one excuse after the other. It was as if my coming to your place was taking its toll on your personal life.”

“What?” Damola said he stood up from his chair again and went to squat in front of Temi.

He tried to hold her hands but she snatched it back. He didn’t leave his position.

“You are a part of my personal life. I was leaving home those times because I was…. I was..” He stuttered.

“You were what?”

“ I was aroused or whatever you want to label it, I wanted you badly on those days. We agreed that we were not going to have sex and I didn’t want to push you until you were ready.”

To say Temmy was shocked is an understatement. She looked at him with surprise written all over her face.

“ I never wore any revealing clothes when I am at your place”

Damola smirked. “Even if you wear a sack It will turn me on. I was trying to protect you. I try to take walks and come back to you when I feel calmer. I don’t leave you alone intentionally.” He explained.

“You should have told me”

“You wouldn’t have allowed me to cuddle, in the name of “protecting” me. He air quoted  “I loved the cuddles and the kisses.”

Temmy looked on,  she didn’t even know what to say to him.
She had told him from the onset of their relationship that she did not want a relationship that included sex. She had seen it happen to a lot of people around her. She didn’t want to lose herself.

Coupled with the fact that her mom had ingrained it into her to wait till wedding night.
She watched as he walked back to his seat and then stare at the TV. She could pay to know what he was thinking about at that moment.

“Baby, I accept the blame for everything that happened. I should have communicated more.” He said looking at her face for any form of emotion, anything to tell him that she actually understands what he was trying to explain.

“Yeah, I guess that’s in the past now and we have learned our lessons”.

“What is the way forward?” He asked hopefully.

“We have both made decisions, I think we should stand by it.”

“My own decision is to get you back.” He told her pointedly.

“That may not be possible. I told you, I have someone else.”

“You are not his property, you are mine. Not my property per se,” he tried to explain. “You have always been mine.”

Temmy just ignored him.

“Can I at least call you from time to time? We shouldn’t rule out friendship right?” He urged.

He was already making calculations in his head. To him, she was still available as long as there was no ring on her finger. The said guy better prepare to lose her.

“Maybe,  she replied. I don’t want pressure though. I just want to be friends for the sake of the good times.”

That was the ray of hope he needed

“Can I get a hug then?” He pressed cautiously walking towards her.

“It’s too early for that," she waved him off. "I will however leave room for conversations.”

As long as she wasn’t married, he still had a chance.
Moreover, if she was serious with the other person, she wouldn’t allow conversations. At least the guy would not,  knowing he could be a threat.

“So, how is school?”


He smiled at her response he has a mission and he would accomplish it.

“When are you going to show me your apartment?”

“Why would you want to know my house?” Temmy sneered at him. It was as if everything she has been saying, didn’t sink in.

“Am I not allowed to visit you?”

“Why will you want to visit me?” she returned.

Damola shrugged “I don’t know maybe for old time's sake?”

“I’ll think about it.”

“You were not like this.” He complained.

“People change and I learned in the process of healing. I don’t want to go back there.”

“I will never hurt you baby, and you know that.”

“You said that before, look at us now. It’s a closed chapter. I don’t want to talk about it again. I have the closure that I need and it’s okay”. She responded pulling out her phone to call Freda.

“So you mean there’s no chance of friendship between us?”

“It is still under consideration, …….Hello, ” she said into her phone.
“Okay” she responded when Freda told her they were at the gate of Toye's house already.

“You are not going to at least wait and eat?” He asked.
Temmy shrugged and waited for her friend’s arrival.


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Re: MINE by Adeola25(f): 6:26pm On Aug 12
It's nice as always. Temmy should try and forgive Damola. Well-done ma'am
Re: MINE by Gvnl(f): 8:17pm On Aug 12
Love wan tin tin grin

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Re: MINE by gold39: 8:47pm On Aug 12
Sister Temmy, Pls forgive us now. Good write-up!
Re: MINE by Lakesc(m): 7:09pm On Aug 13
Atleast there's yellow light, Demola should be patient and wait untill the green light shows-up... Thanks op
Re: MINE by Ann2012(f): 8:18pm On Aug 13
Thanks for the update
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 10:44am On Aug 15
Thanks for the update

Thank you.
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 10:44am On Aug 15
It's nice as always. Temmy should try and forgive Damola. Well-done ma'am

Thank you
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 10:49am On Aug 15
Sister Temmy, Pls forgive us now. Good write-up!

grin. Thank you
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 10:49am On Aug 15
Atleast there's yellow light, Demola should be patient and wait untill the green light shows-up... Thanks op

Thank you.
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 10:55am On Aug 15
A new chapter will be put up soon.


I may not be available this coming week, therefore updates may be delayed. However, if I get the opportunity in between the pressure of the week, I will put something up. Thank you for the continuous support, I do not take any of you for granted.



Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 4:18pm On Aug 15


“What do you mean by you love me?” Damola asked Tonye angrily.
“You don’t love someone and make them unhappy. You ruined something great for me.” He shouted

“She stopped making you happy” she sobbed. “You said you appreciate the fact that I was strong enough to fight for what I want,” she cried.
“I was the one you called the night you needed someone.”

“I lied. Breaking news! I knew someone at work sabotaged my relationship, and I needed to find out who.” He shrugged “Here we are.” He sighed

“Point of correction, ” he continued.
“ I needed your help to get home that night because I was drunk, not because I needed someone to talk to. You imposed yourself on me, insisting that you will wait with me till my girlfriend.”

Damola was shocked.

Toye had come up with the idea of trying to reel Tonye in after the discovery. The guys Toye employed, had traced the IP address to their office, but they couldn’t pin her since they used an illegal means, and she could sue them for the invasion of her privacy.

They had hatched out a plan and it worked. He still felt stupid.  All the time Temi complained about her, he thought she was just worrying unnecessarily but this is pure evil.

“This is pure evil Tonye, ” he mouthed. “You manipulated an innocent girl's picture, what did she ever do to you?”

“She took what was mine, she cried. You have always been mine, I love you and she wasn’t allowing you to see me. I needed to have you to myself not share you. After all these years.”

“Oh my God! Can you even hear yourself, I was never yours Tonye. He emphasized. “ You had a whole lot of guys panting after you, you could have chosen anyone. I was happy with my own choice.”

“Baby please,…….” she begged.

“Don’t you ever baby me.” He pointed at her angrily. “ If you don’t leave this place now, I will get someone to throw you out.”

“I thought you were starting to love me, you said we were good together.”

“I just needed a confession from you, and I have it now. How would I ever love someone as manipulative as you?

Oh my God!” He held his head with both hands. He was too angry to sit.

“She doesn’t love you as I do. If she did, she would have fought for you.”

“Thanks to you, she barely talks to me. Please leave my house.” He said again trying to keep his cool. He went to his sofa to pick up her handbag and threw it at her.

It was still difficult to believe Tonye could go all the way to destroy something he cherished so much.

To get Temi to talk to him was getting more difficult every day. He was convinced that the guy in her life was just something to keep him off. The only thing he was hanging on to, was the hope that she would accept that he help with her deployment.

He didn’t even want to think of what would happen if she is posted to serve outside Lagos. He wouldn’t be able to cope, he knew that. If she stayed in Lagos, he could keep pestering her.

He stared at Tonye who was weeping on the floor profusely. The tears did not move him a bit. To even think of the fact that she was in his house when he broke up with Temi was the height of it.
She pretended as if she knew nothing while she sat there and watch her evil plan unfold.

“If you don’t leave now, you won’t like what will happen.” He threatened walking towards the door to get one of the security men.

“I'll leave,” Tonye said still in tears. She did not want any of the Security men to see her like this, she had always been the madam of the house. She does not want them to think less of her.

It’s so awful how things can go from a hundred to zero at the snap of the fingers.

She had come here tonight to try and get Damola to sleep with her.

He had taken her out on a few outings with his friends, given her at least a gift and she had spoiled him with affection.

She thought she had him. She was beginning to see herself as being a fiancee. She was so prepared for tonight when he had told her at the office yesterday that she could come to visit later in the evening.

With the sexiest white dress, she could get in place, the thong, the lingerie all she needed to do was unwrap his present before he started this episode.

The dress covered next to nothing, thank God she came in her own car.
She had acted out how she was going to please him a hundred times in her head. She never pictured this scene playing out before her.

She had stopped taking her birth control pills a while ago with the hope of getting pregnant, and at least having something tangible with him.

How could she be so stupid, to have fallen for the trap? She would not think of herself as stupid. Damola had played out the role so well. Always bad-mouthing her rival, and she thought he was truly done with her.

She kept making noise with her tears as she dragged her feet towards the door, maybe Damola would call her back, but he didn’t.

He kept on looking in disgust as she picked the remnant of her pride.

“For the sake of your reputation and familial relationship, I think it would be better for you to resign before I take legal actions against you. I don’t want this to get out of hand more than it has already.”

Tonye was shocked and she stopped suddenly.

“ Don’t do this please,” she said coming back towards him.

Being around him would be a sort of consolation, maybe even a comeback.

“I am no longer safe, so also anyone that works with you that dares to go against you. Temi does not even work with you or stay anywhere around you, and you went all the way out to do this.”

“I did it for us.”

“You are sick, for yourself you meant to say. Get out of my house and stay out.”

She finally shut the door.

Good riddance. Damola thought and
picked up his phone to call Toye and give him the dits.

"Oh boy!  you are hot cake o," Toye said on the other end of the phone as his friend outlined the details of what transpired.

"Hotcake that has put me in trouble."

“You are gentle, I swear. In your place, I would have gotten a security man to throw her out.”

“I didn’t want to touch her, let her just go in peace. Temi is my major concern right now."

“Don’t worry, Temmy will come around. She just needs time.” Toye consoled.

“After how many months? I can’t even visit her house.”

“At least she picks your calls, that’s an improvement”

“Yeah, she picks sometimes.”

“The good news is I told Freda to send me their details for NYSC posting. Temmy can not go outside Lagos.”

“Has she sent it?” Damola asked hopefully

“She promised to, Freda doesn’t want to leave Lagos,  so she will send it.” Toye assured his friend.

“She better, Temi must not leave Lagos. I don’t want to lose her completely man.”

You won't guy, that I am sure of.


Keep the conversation going biko so that I don't find this on page 16 when I return. grin


Re: MINE by ddlondon(f): 4:38pm On Aug 15
Re: MINE by Odoogu(m): 4:52pm On Aug 15
many girls are on this very table...
taking her job from her, I think it's too much. though his thoughts are valid, but at least for her sanity.
Re: MINE by Ann2012(f): 7:13pm On Aug 15
Bye Bye Tonye cheesy

Thanks for the update
Re: MINE by Gvnl(f): 8:02pm On Aug 15
Some gehs Sha o. I'm glad things are beginning to fall into place. No much drama.

Thank you for the update OP
Re: MINE by Adeola25(f): 8:44pm On Aug 15
Tonye is such a manipulative woman, she should resign and go away with her wahala. She thinks she loves him but that's not love but an obsession. I think there is light at the end of the tunnel, our Temi is going to forgive us soon. Thanks for the update ma'am
Re: MINE by Humbleness: 2:00pm On Aug 17
Thanks for the update
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 4:59pm On Aug 21
Hey fam. I didn't forget you o, this week has been hmm...Cheers to a lovely weekend�.

Thanks for your support and holding the forte.


“What are you doing?” Temmy asked her friend who was busy stacking her books in a sack.

“I am packing all my books.” She grunted as she stuffed another set of books in the sack.

“I need to be assured that I am not going back to studying for a while. All I want to read now is my account statement piling up with cash.”

Temmy laughed. “You this girl, you are a clown. The cash will just be piling up without you working for it?” She said settling down on the bed.

“So I was thinking about that, why don’t we see if we can work at Manslad a little while before service at least that will enable us earn some cash.” Freda said pulling up the sack to make more space.

“Toye wants to offer us a better pay, but I don’t think I want to work for him.” Temmy replied

“Why, Is it because he is a friend to your boyfriend?”

“Damola is not my boyfriend.” Temmy emphasized. “How many times do I have to tell you that?”

“Oh! What is he now?”

“I don’t know, she shrugged. An ex or maybe a friend in the making.”

“Na clap e dey enter dance” ( a dance starts from you clapping). “Keep saying that to yourself till you believe it. Someone you dated for over a year is a friend in the making.” Freda muttered.

“I just feel working with Toye, is like placing myself at Damola's reach.
Toye will definitely give him feedbacks about me. Damola is relentless when he wants something. I need time away from that pressure.”

“The guy is genuinely sorry, he knows what he wants and has decided to go for it. There’s no crime in that. Moreover, we are the ones looking for money. Something to start up your event planning business remember?”

“Whose side are you on anyway? I thought we were both angry at him. The money we are going to make at Manslad can help my start up too.”

“I am definitely on your side, I am just trying to be objective and my anger subsided a while ago,” She smiled.

“So that they will concoct another lie against me and he will swallow it hook line and sinker?”

“The major problem you guys had was communication, that’s in the past and both of you should learn from your mistakes and not dwell on it. The Tonye girl saw the lapse in your communication and used it.” She shrugged
“If Damola had told you about the pictures in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened. He should have given you an opportunity to defend yourself.”

“How could he believe such about me, in the first place?”

“Babes, we are humans. He had a lot of misconceptions before the pictures were sent to him. Moreover, he was hurting, he wanted to hurt you too. Now he is sorry.” She pushed her sack aside and leaned on the wall.
“Why would you even tell him you are in another relationship?”

“I don’t know, I wanted to get him off my back.”

“Are you sure you want him off your back, or you just like the chase all over again?”

“I want him off my back.” Temmy emphasized.
“Why will I want him to chase me when I already told him I do not want to be in a relationship with him.”

“Come and help me carry this sack,” she pushed  herself off the wall.
“The last time that Tonye girl sent you a picture of them together, why were you so agitated and in a hurry to show it to him?” Freda sneered.

“I wanted him to get her off my back and assure her that I was not in the picture and she has nothing to prove to me” Temmy defended.

“This girl doth protest too” much Freda teased as they pushed the sack under their bed.

“I hope I serve outside Lagos so that at least I'll build new memories.”

“Too late for that Freda” whispered

“What do you mean?” Temmy huffed under the weight of the sack of books.

“I already sent our details to Toye and they are working on it.”

“What! If Toye wants you to serve in Lagos, that’s your business why drag me into it.”

“Why will Toye want me to serve in Lagos? It’s Damola that does not want you to escape and I am just tagging along.”

“With all the back and forth that you guys are having, you are still telling me you do not know why Toye wants you to serve in Lagos.”

“Toye knows he is my friend, If the status changes you will be the second to know. For now we are friends.”

“If you say so.”

“I hope we get a gig this weekend, I need to get out of… Is that your phone ringing?” Freda stopped.

“I'll get it.” Temmy said and walked out of the room.

Freda was still putting the bed in order when Temmy came back to the room.

“It’s yours. It was Toye, I guess he'd call back.”


“I told you to change your ring to…”

The phone starts ringing again and she handed it over.

“Hi you?” Freda said into the phone.
“Yes, she is here, ” she responded and looked serious.

Temmy was trying to signal her to put it on speaker so that she could hear.

“If this is a prank call, stop it.” Freda cautioned.
“Explain to me, what happened?” she looked agitated to Temmy
“I am calm, just tell me” She insisted.
After a few minutes she dropped the call.

“What is it, is everything alright?” Temmy asked worriedly.

“Calm down because I am going to say this only once.”

“Just tell me,” Temmy urged.

“Toye said Damola was robbed on his way back from work. His car was snatched and he was shot.”

“What! How? Where? When?”

“All these questions you can ask when we get there. He’s been taken in for surgery. It happened yesterday evening.”

“Toye just thought to call now?” Temmy asked already fidgeting.

“He’s been in surgery all night and he is not awake yet. The family has been there all night, ” Freda explained.

“Oh my God!” Temmy kept saying searching for something to wear.

“ I told Toye to send the address, he said he’ll send someone to pick us.”

“That will take too long, we can just get Uber and go there.”

“Calm down babes, he'll live.” Freda sincerely hoped so but she couldn’t tell her worried friend.


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Re: MINE by Ann2012(f): 6:38pm On Aug 21
Thanks for the update
Re: MINE by Adeola25(f): 9:00pm On Aug 21
Dammy must not die oo. Thanks for the update
Re: MINE by Gvnl(f): 9:05pm On Aug 21
Relax, my dear. It is just a prank I'm sure.

Dammy must not die oo. Thanks for the update

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Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 9:15pm On Aug 22
Thanks for the update

Sending you hugs
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 9:16pm On Aug 22
Dammy must not die oo. Thanks for the update

Me sef dey pray for the guy.

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Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 9:18pm On Aug 22
Relax, my dear. It is just a prank I'm sure.

I pray so too o
Re: MINE by peacy26: 10:35pm On Aug 22
E fit be Tonye at work oo. thanks op
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 10:10am On Aug 23
E fit be Tonye at work oo. thanks op

grin another angle.
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 10:16am On Aug 23
Good morning guys.
Today is my birthday and because I can't reach out with cake grin or goodies, I'll drop something we can all enjoy.

Have fun.


Good afternoon ma. Temmy stood up from her chair beside Damola's hospital bed to welcome his mother as she entered her son’s room, closely followed by her daughter.

Doyinsola walked up to hug Temmy. She dropped the fruits she had with her on one of the tables and went on to check her sleeping sibling.

Doyinsola and Temmy had gotten to know each other in the past two weeks since Damola's admission into the hospital. He was put in a suite which enabled the family to come around and feel comfortable.

"Has he been sleeping for long?" Mrs. Makinwa asked Temmy
"Yes ma, I was waiting for you to arrive before I leave. "

"Have you eaten? I told the driver to get something for you. I couldn’t wait for them to finish the food preparation at home. That is why we brought fruits for him. They’ll bring his food later."

"I plan to get something on my way home."

"Are you sure this one will be alright if you leave before he wakes up" Doyinsola teased pointing at her brother.

Temmy smiled. "I have been here all day. He wouldn’t allow me to leave earlier."

"Thank you so much, dear. Whenever you are ready, I can get the driver to take you home but I want you to eat first. I really appreciate your effort despite the circumstance we met."

"You are welcome ma."

She had rushed to the clinic on that fateful afternoon with Freda on her heels.

She was not really surprised to meet the whole family except the dad who they said had gone back home to rest. She had not considered if the family would accept an outsider coming to visit their son, all her thought was on Damola's state of health.

Thankfully Toye was there and he helped with the awkwardness.
The family was under tension as they awaited the result from the surgery. Everything calmed a little when they were informed of the successful surgery considering the fact that he had lost a lot of blood before they took him from the first hospital they rushed him to their family hospital.

Toye had introduced her to the familyy as Damola's girlfriend and she couldn’t even refute the claim considering the situation of things.
His mom had immediately hugged and welcomed her. She even said thank you to her for checking up on him and staying with the family at such a trying time.
She was not a stranger to his older brother who had looked tired but still greeted her with a smile and welcomed her. They had waited together and prayed in their hearts for Damola's recovery.
His car was recovered days later but the robbers were yet to be apprehended.

Damola woke up on the third day, to tell them what really happened or at least what he remembered of it.
He said was driving home from work late at night when he was accosted by the guys.
At first, he thought they were local miscreants who wanted cash but that was not the case. It was a robbery incident happening that involved himself and some other people as he later discovered. The guys had shot him twice because he was stubborn and wouldn’t follow their command when they told him to open his door and alight from the car.

They eventually took away his car and phones. They left him for dead but was luckily rushed to the hospital by people who came to the scene after the incident. His license that was in his pocket and ID had told them who he was.

"Temmy, Thank you so much" Doyinsola said to her.

"You are welcome. You don’t need to bother about the driver ma, I can get an Uber to take me home."

"Don’t worry yourself, dear, when you are here he eats better. When he wakes up, I will get someone to take you home."

"Thank you ma, how is Daddy? she asked.

"He is doing fine dear, he is over the shock."

"It’s nice to hear, I hope he is eating well?"

"He still eats in bits but he is getting better." Mrs. Makinwa replied checking through the supplies in her son's room.

"I heard the gist about Tonye," Doyinsola whispered to Temmy.

Temmy smiled. "Who told you?" Whispered back

"Hmm, you girls have started," Mrs. Makinwa sneered. "You always have something to talk about."

Temmy just smiled.

"Toye," Doyinsola responded ignoring her mother.

"She used to be my friend but we just grew apart. I know she likes my brother but didn’t know she could go to that extent."

"I guess it’s a case of fighting for what she wants."

"That’s evil though, Doyinsola pulled up another chair to join Temmy.

Temmy just shrugged

" I hope you will come to spend time at our house once your boyfriend gets out of the hospital?"

Temmy just smiled. She was still trying to piece together if she was actually back with Damola or not. She didn’t want to make a promise she won’t be able to fulfill.

Damola on the other hand was milking his condition. There were days he insisted on her feeding him, especially when he was advised not to move his hands because of the injury.

Once she was around, his attention usually shifted from every other person or thing. Sometimes they watch movies together on her phone before she returns home.

The most embarrassing day for her was when he requested a kiss right in the presence of his siblings because he had finished his meal.

If she was white, she was so sure she’d have turned red because of the blush. He had even told his siblings to excuse him because her reluctance was because they were there.

"You must come and visit before I travel back," Doyinsola broke into her thought. "Then I’ll return the favour. We have a lot of gists." Doyinsola said.

"I’ll put it in mind. You know round off with school and preparing for service is taking its toll."

"Damola said you are not leaving Lagos, at least that was what he told me when I asked."

"You know the way he is, I would have preferred to serve outside Lagos, Live and learn another culture for a change."

"I doubt he'd change his mind considering that you guys just got back together. Let me know how it goes," She concluded

"What if we hang out somewhere rather than going back and forth?" Temmy negotiated

"You and Freda have to come to the Island then, there are a lot of nice places. Then you sleepover at our place if we finish late."

"You and your brother are the same,
blood does not lie, " she smiled.

"Temi, " they heard Damola call gently.

"Hi," she stood up from her position to check him.

"Do you want me to help you up?" His mother had come to join them.

"I’m good, " he responded.

"How are you dear?" Mrs. Makinwa asked

"Baby boo boo"

"I am fine, " he responded to his mother and smiled at his sister.

"Temmy wanted to leave, we had to hold her down. How much are you paying for a job well done?" Doyinsola teased.

"Gerrout." Damola said

"You are still coming to stay with me when I am discharged right?" He asked Temmy

"Can we talk about that later?" she asked him.

"Do you want us to excuse you?" Doyinsola teased her brother

"No." Temmy replied

"Yes please, " Damola said at the same time.

"Sorry, you can’t get your wish this time." Doyinsola replied joining her mother at the other end of the room.



Re: MINE by peacy26: 10:32am On Aug 23
Dammy Dammy, you're really taking advantage of the situation, ride on my guy. Thanks op
Re: MINE by Ann2012(f): 11:42am On Aug 23
Thanks for the update OP, wishing you a happy birthday.... may all your heart desires come to pass
Re: MINE by Adeola25(f): 1:02pm On Aug 23
Happy birthday dear, llnp. May the rest of your life be the best of your life. Enjoy your day and thanks for the update
Re: MINE by Blackween(f): 4:55pm On Aug 23
Happy birthday surest Op, your age is blessed

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