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Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by C8t8(m): 7:40am On Aug 30
Smart Miri.....

Thanks for the update
you're welcome ma

It's been long I saw you on this thread. Where were you?

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Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by yungbanks(m): 11:09am On Aug 30

Where are you guys and your comments? Now that we are entering the heat of the story, I don't want to be discouraged undecided
Sorry ooo not that but i don't usually read stories or watch movies where women are the main charaters kind of childhood phobia and it is still with me but will try and read this one a little
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by chatinent(m): 3:12pm On Aug 30

Where are you guys and your comments? Now that we are entering the heat of the story, I don't want to be discouraged undecided

Well done bro.
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by doctorexcel(m): 3:24pm On Aug 30
We dey hia
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by PenHub: 4:09pm On Aug 30
Nice update @c8t8
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by duruZed(m): 5:05pm On Aug 30

Where are you guys and your comments? Now that we are entering the heat of the story, I don't want to be discouraged undecided
we dey your back no fear at all just fire-on
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by Ann2012(f): 2:12am On Aug 31
you're welcome ma

It's been long I saw you on this thread. Where were you?

I’ve been around, kinda busy these days
But I’m following up
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by Khriztarl(f): 2:07pm On Sep 01
smart miri, i still believe ann is smarter. Well, kate better play along.
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by Adeola25(f): 10:53pm On Sep 01
Thanks for the update. We would soon know who is smarter.
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by enirock(m): 1:27pm On Sep 07
Op whattaguan? Been a while, hope you are good?
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by duruZed(m): 12:09pm On Sep 09
Hope all is well?
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by samuel19222(m): 10:06pm On Sep 11
Its been a while, nice updates op.
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by doctorexcel(m): 9:29am On Sep 12
Its been long op
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by doctorexcel(m): 9:30am On Sep 12
Its been long op. Hope all is well?
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by Mielanjmk(f): 3:03pm On Sep 12
yes we do. Thank you
Chapter 11

NASCAO (National Agency for Surveillance Cameras Administration and Operations) Headquarters, FCT, Aceland

The electric bulbs in the silent conference room cast yellowish and dreamy lights on the seven people sitting round the wide table. The fans hanging from the ceiling whirred steadily, adding to the dreamy outlook of the room.

Mr Simon, the NASCAO chairman looked round at the six people infront of him, sitting in groups of three at each side of the wide table. To his left hand side, nearest to him was Dr Everton Clark, the Technical Operations Manager, next to him was Mrs Susan Albert, the Surveillance Cameras Software Developer and next to her was Mr Dapo Johnson, the Surveillance Cameras Installation Supervisor. To his right hand side, nearest to him was Dr Blessing Chinoyerem, the Vice-Chairman, nearest to her was Mrs Ngozi Okoronkwo, the Surveillance Cameras Efficiency Monitor and lastly Mr Dare Fadare, the Surveillance Cameras Security Supervisor.

Mr Simon cleared his throat audibly and started talking, 'It is with due honour I called this meeting. Just this morning, I got a call from our office in Nyar State asking us to look into some problems affecting their system recently. It was learned that their system was hacked into, by two different sources and all efforts to track their locations had proved abortive as the sources were not even trackable, if there is such word in the dictionary. They also complained of some missing footages in their database which they said they knew it was the handiwork of those that hacked into their system. They were sure it was the work of the assassins involved in the recent deaths of important men in the state. I'm sure you all heard about the recent murders of icons in Nyar, including the death of the famous Chief Martins. Yeah, no matter how hard they tried, they just couldn't find the footages of the incidents. Yet the cameras there are fully working. And the Police is pointing accusing fingers at us, because without the surveillance, they won't know how and where to start investigations. And we are now under pressure to resolve the issue because I got a call from the President not long ago, asking me to find a way to solve the matter on time. Now, the question is, could this be the work of some cyber-criminal or an assassin?'

Dr Everton stood up, he was a rather short and bookish man with exaggerated features. But for what he lacked in height, he had in build. He was wide and burly with a chest that reminds you of a petrol or water barrel.

'Let's look at this closely,' he said. 'It could be the work of a cyber-criminal truly or some experienced assassin, but who knows? In my own opinion, I think the main action we should take now is to tell them to transfer their data to us, so we can look into it from here,' he concluded and sat down.

'Any other opinions?' Mr Simon asked but there were none. 'Alright guys, I've already told them to transfer their data to us and they've done that. So I will want you guys to start working on it now and find a way to catapult the hackers out of the system, protect the system against future attacks and if possible, find their location. And please do be careful too, you don't want us having to look into some disorders in our own system as a result of a mistake later on, do you? Please, work on it successfully and let's clear our nation from these scallywags. Good day.'


The MoonsClan Village,
Dulwich, England

Rabbi walked up to the entrance of the village and knocked on the old metallic gate. The weather was chilly and freezing with a determined vigour. The pale sun overhead did nothing to the cold. The cold was enough to make a man go bunkers but it had no effect on Rabbi. As he heard the gate door being opened, he looked up at the sky and smiled.

A tired looking man popped out of the opened gate like a dolphin and bowed to him. He then stood up and stepped aside for Rabbi to enter into the village.


Pablo rushed to the entrance to the room and flung himself at Rabbi's feet as he entered. He bowed, his forehead touching the floor and kissed his feet.

'Welcome back master!' he greeted.

'I am back! The owner of the house is back! I've been gone for too long and I'm ready to re-effect my leadership of this Clan,' Rabbi drawled.

'No one can and will take your Clan from you, my lord,' Pablo said. 'Please, come and sit down while I get some cold water for you.'

Rabbi walked to a corner of the room and sat down on a bench. Pablo was about to go and get some water for him when he heard Rabbi yell.

'Where's Tacha?' he asked. Tacha is the nickname he choosed for Ann, after a popular Nigerian celebrity.

Pablo's heart skipped a beat. Oh God, what has he done? He had granted Ann's request to go and revenge her parents' death without seeking the consent of Rabbi. He had thought he would have stayed longer on his journey as he usually did, long enough for Ann to finish her mission. And Rabbi hated doing something behind his back. It was even against the law to do so, the penalty was instant death.

'I... I...,' he stammered in fear and fell on his knees and started rubbing his palms together, requesting for mercy which he wasn't sure would be given to him.

'You allowed her to go to Aceland for her to revenge her parents' death, didn't you?' asked Rabbi.

Pablo was not surprised, he knew Rabbi would have known anyway. Afterall, wasn't he the master of the Clan?

'And you know the penalty for doing things without my consent. You really have the nerve, to do things behind my back. I regretted ever making you the second in command,' Rabbi ranted, brought a gun from his holster and fired a shot at Pablo immediately.

Pablo fell into a huge, lifeless heap.

To be continued

First real episode after all this while, I hope you guys love it.
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by Mielanjmk(f): 4:52pm On Sep 12
gen! gen!! gen!!! Action film........
Chapter 18

Ann's Laboratory

Ann wrung her hands vigorously in the soapy water in the sink. She then turned on the sink tap and rinsed her hands. Then she opened the barricade in the sink preventing the water from going down and the water gushed away, down the underground pipes. She took a towel hanging on a metallic pole and dried her hands. She then proceeded to walk out of the laboratory.

She took a look at the clock in the laboratory before going out. It was past four in the morning. After she had gotten the package, she had driven away, narrowly missing the police vehicles that came through the other way. She had gone to Chief Dapo's village, masked, and had delivered the package to an extremely delighted Chief. Then she had driven back to her base. When she got home, it was already about nineteen minutes after three. Then she had proceeded to pack and rearrange some materials. There was no way she was sleeping in that place tonight, and she meant it.

She walked to her room, took her mask and put it on her face. She then took her tablet device. She then put a video call through to Chief. He answered at the third attempt, yawning into the camera. He frowned at her, and then broke into smiles.

'Ha ha. So it was you? You were calling with an unregistered identity! Anyways, I'm still happy about that package you successfully got. You don't know how important it is to me,' he grinned from ear to ear.

Ann didn't bat an eyelid. Instead, she said, 'I got the money.'

'Yes. Why wouldn't I give the money? You deserved it!'

She continued watching through her mask as he jawed away. Abruptly, she cut in, 'Chief, I need to leave here today!'

'Why?' she watched the Chief's brows curved into a frown.

'Some people are trailing me! Someone broke in here yesterday but fled after the security effects I put in place started working.'

'When you knew that there are security measures put in place, why are you still looking for a new place?'

'Don't be stupid, chief. The measures can be destroyed. And besides, the person is an assassin after me!' Ann said.

The chief frowned at her. He then opened his mouth. 'OK. I have this new house I just finished building. But I need to register it before you can live in it.'

'Leave that aspect. How can you expect an assassin to be living in a house registered with the government? Don't worry, I know how to go about it. Just forward me the details of the house.'

'okay then,' the chief's tone suggested he was not in any way happy at the prospect of giving out his new house.

Ann smiled under the mask. He knew not what he has put himself in, she thought. ' one more thing Chief,' she said. 'I need helping hands. Three to be precise. One must be good in computers, another in gun usage and the other in hand combat.'

'But how am I to get these?' Chief said tartly.

'That's left to you. But don't forget everything I asked for must be complete today. Unless you want to forget about me working for you,' said Ann.

'I will try to,' the chief grunted.

'Please do,' she replied. 'Any other thing?' she questioned.

'yeah!' the chief's eyes shone in excitement. 'It's time for vengeance. Time to get rid of my enemies. We will work the way up. Now the first target is the little devil who...'

Ann cut in angrily. 'Chief, can you just go straight to the point?'

'Forgive me. I was carried away. The first target I want you to help me kill is the Nyar State Minister of Finance, Jude Caleb!'

'Consider it done. Good day,' Ann replied and hung the call.

Chief Williams' House

Chief Williams paced round the sitting room furiously. He is back. The devil is back. He had always known and feared it, that he was not dead as Hakim claimed years ago. Now he is back, definitely for revenge. And to think that he is also vying for the position of a governor in a remote secret party helped in increasing his anger. He knew who the person would first go after, Jude, his friend and state minister of finance. He would make sure he got him killed before he started taking any step. And it starts now. He rushed to the table and picked his phone. He dialled a number.

The person picked up almost immediately. 'Williams!' the person booed from the other line.

'Jude. See I'm not calling you to exchange pleasantries. Something bad is happening,' Chief shouted.

'What's that?' Jude replied from the other line. His voice now shaking.

'Dapo is back!'

'What?' came Jude's fearful voice. 'I thought he was dead?'

'yeah. But I had feared that he might not be really dead. He is very cunning. My fears are confirmed.'

'Jesus! But how did you knew?'

'One of my boys went to see his parents at his village and discovered a huge house standing there. He claimed to have seen a lady in mask going there one day and had became suspicious. He monitored the place and got to snap his face secretly one day. He came to me and showed me the picture. It was him, very much life and blood. After more searches on him, we discovered he is anchoring a secret political party in the village, intending to be a governor. Can you imagine?'

'This is serious,' came Jude's voice.

'We now know he has someone working for him. We know the village he is taking refuge in. And we know his next step which is trying to kill one of us, especially you...'

'Eh?' screamed Jude.

'yes. He doesn't know we are aware of him and that is a step ahead'

'But what are we going to do to this?' Jude asked.

'Miri. Miri is the solution,' Chief Williams said and gave a dry, wicked laugh.

To be continued
This is serious
The assassins are about to come in direct contact with each other grin.
Trouble is brewing undecided
Re: REVENGE (an Action Thriller) by dawno2008(m): 4:29pm On Sep 15

Where are you guys and your comments? Now that we are entering the heat of the story, I don't want to be discouraged undecided

@C8t8 sorry been busy,and I noticed you've not dropped any update since this quote date.
Don't be like that,I've been following silently, Pls do update, the story is becoming more interesting.
Good job,let's continue jawe.

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