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Black Maria: Legends A Story By LarrySun / Maria: The Sequel / The Nemesis Of Ezra Season One:beginning Of Karma. (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Kaycee9242(m): 12:15pm On Dec 08, 2020
Una sure say this Larry na human being? This update is top notch. Peter has finally said what we all are singing to hear, break up d damn prison my guy. Larry thanks so much
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by omobs(m): 1:03pm On Dec 08, 2020
I have been a silent follower and reader but posterity won't judge me right if I don't tell you Larrysun that you are the best writer I know, keep up the good work bro
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Eddyella(f): 8:19pm On Dec 08, 2020
Chai!!! Oga Larry,u're damn too good.See d way u've connected all d characters... I doff my hat ooo...
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Nanaaish(f): 1:06am On Dec 11, 2020
Kudos Larry. I decided to join nairaland just because of ur story. U such a brilliant writer.


Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Rick9(m): 12:44am On Dec 12, 2020
Larrysun you are blessed
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Inkopere: 1:04pm On Dec 12, 2020
Peter will be so happy ones he finds out that Maria is still alive, [color=#990000][/color] abi the book name no be "black Maria" again....
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by YeSJacky(m): 6:56pm On Dec 12, 2020
Peter will be so happy ones he finds out that Maria is still alive, [color=#990000][/color] abi the book name no be "black Maria" again....

No nah, she was buried and Peter attended the funeral.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Kaycee9242(m): 7:22am On Dec 13, 2020
Peter will be so happy ones he finds out that Maria is still alive, [color=#990000][/color] abi the book name no be "black Maria" again....

Y do u want to give us false hope na
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by samtoolz(m): 11:32am On Dec 13, 2020
Peter will be so happy ones he finds out that Maria is still alive, [color=#990000][/color] abi the book name no be "black Maria" again....
I can relate, Larrysun can make someone overthink ehn. Master of twists.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by LarrySun(m): 5:29pm On Dec 13, 2020

Update 12


Chief of Police, John Balewa managed to retrieve the prisoner’s file from the governor. And when he read through the information of the wanted criminal, he was shocked by what he found. And with that information, he had no doubt within him that Peter was up to something. He had been responsible for the imprisonment of Murphy Khalid, Solomon Kalu – and Maria. It was incredible to discover that Peter Black had ended up in the same prison Maria’s accomplices were sentenced. That was more than a coincidence – something was definitely up; and he had always known that Peter Black was never up to any good.

He wished he could know when and how Peter was going to make this escape; he could give anything to get the information. But how could he get that? It was close to impossible. There was only one way he could find out – he would have to find this Murphy Khalid. He would use all the resources at his disposal to discover the criminal. Surely, this Murphy would have the answers to his questions. If it came down to negotiation, Basket was willing to come to terms with the fugitive. All he wanted was a way to keep Peter in that prison indefinitely – he had no business with Khalid; the only mortal enemy he was out to destroy was Peter Black himself, and he was willing to go to any length to achieve that. Peter must not go back out into the world – that would only mean that he had failed; that would mean that Peter had won again. Basket didn’t think he was ready to deal with that kind of failure.

Then like a bolt of lightning, something flashed in his head and he finally recalled the face. Murphy had reached out to him. Now he could remember. It was at the event of his promotion. The criminal had even given him a handshake. It was him! It was Murphy who handed him the photograph – the photograph of the deceased Roberto Bonifacio. Everything was slowly entangling themselves in his mind. It was clear now that it was this Murphy who was responsible for the death of the Italian – and of course, he was working under the order of Peter Black. Although Peter would not admit that fact but he was sure his old friend was the mastermind of everything that happened to the old Italian.

Basket just realised that he had no time to waste now. He must get to action immediately – he would need to interrogate one person first. He would return to the prison to meet the third part – Solomon Kalu.


“How long do you have left in this prison?” Peter asked Solo.

The recipient smiled and said, “I wasn’t supposed to be here.”

Peter frowned. “I don’t seem to understand that.”

“Did you know that I used to be a freebird?”

Peter slowly shook his head.

“I used to be. I left this prison before Murphy.”

“You broke out?”

“It’s not as super exciting as that. I was pardoned by Lagos State Government.”

“Wow! That’s some luck,” said Peter; but in his mind, he believed Solo was lying. The government could not just pardon someone who had barely spent three years in prison. He had never heard of such kind of luck.

“I couldn’t believe it myself,” said Solo, “Five prisoners were selected and my name was put in the list. It was only when I was processed out of the prison that I believed. I was really released. Murphy was even more surprised than I was; he had thought we would be released together when our time was up; he had not imagined that I would be released a lot earlier.”

Peter was still finding this hard to believe. “If that’s the case,” he said, “How come you’re still in prison?”

“It’s a long story,” replied Solo.

“Well, we aren’t doing anything now, are we?”

“It’s hard to believe, but it’s the truth. When I was released, I had nowhere to go. The only people I knew were in jail. You see, Maria and Murphy were the only family members I had left. The home we used to live in had already been sold by Bantu. I had no savings, no job, nothing. I actually had nowhere to go. I was just wandering the streets aimlessly. I didn’t want to steal anymore. I believe stealing is an art; if you don’t have the skill, you will be easily caught. I searched for some menial jobs like labouring and porting but no one was willing to employ me, at least not during the time I was outside. All they were telling me was that they would get back to me whenever there was an opening – but there was no opening anywhere. They demanded my contact address, I had nothing to give them. They requested for a telephone number they could reach me on too, still there was nothing. Eventually, they all believed that I was an unserious person; even if they gave me the job, I would not be serious with it. I couldn’t tell them that I had just been released from jail; that would be like putting a nail in my own grave. If they had considered employing me in the first place, the knowledge that I was an ex-convict would wipe that intention off their minds. I couldn’t risk exposing myself that way – besides, I would also be putting myself in great risk if I revealed that information. If any crime was committed, I would be the first suspect. They would always suspect me of being the criminal. I don’t think I would be able to cope with that kind of life. It was hard enough having to spend two years in jail for what I did – returning to jail for a crime I didn’t commit would destroy me.

“So, having no home and no job, I had no choice but to sleep wherever night caught up with me. I slept under bridges, in abandoned kiosks, uncompleted buildings. I slept wherever I found myself. For many days, I didn’t bathe. The clothes on me were becoming rags. I started begging for food and money in the streets. After a while, some people began thinking that I was a madman. Things got so bad that I longed to return to prison. At least, here I was fed, even if the food is poor and is only taken once every day. It is a great luxury compared to the life out there. And there’s also shelter here, even though the cell is always over-packed, still it is a place I could lay down my head and enjoy the pleasure of snoring. When I sleep in this prison, I won’t be bothered by the elements. No rain would beat me in the night, no cold. I run less risk of disease here than out in the world.

“Believe me when I tell you that the world out there is unfit for you if you know nobody. It is a lot better to remain in jail here than to go out there where nobody knows you – except, of course, you plan to go back to crime – or you are just lucky to find a job and a home. I wasn’t so lucky. Things got so bad for me out there that I started considering committing crimes; at least that was going to be a win for me either way. If I wasn’t caught, I would live comfortably. And if I was caught, I would be returned to jail a – life that’s a lot better than the one out there. It was going to be a win for me however. But I couldn’t do it; no matter how often I considered it, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I had vowed to myself that I would never involve myself in crime anymore. I couldn’t bring myself to break a promise to myself. Besides, I suck at crimes anyway. I would be nothing without Maria and Murphy with me; they inspire me – especially Murphy. He was the one with the mind of crime. If Murphy believed he was committing the crime for the greater good, there is nothing he won’t do. I don’t have his kind of mind. Murphy was the most dare-devilish person I have ever known. And he’s also smart. He was the smartest person I had ever met until Maria came along. That girl was another level of smartness. I still can’t believe that she’s gone. It’s so sad.

“As I was saying, I was homeless and starving; and I couldn’t bring myself to do the one thing that would fix my situation. Perhaps I was a coward, or I was just feeling too self-righteous – something I had no right to feel in the first place. Begging in the street was not so smooth either. Besides the fact that people were too miserly to part with a few coins, a lot of people who might even have that kindness to bestow a trifle kept themselves a significant distance away from me – judging by my appearance, nothing could convince them that I wasn’t the street lunatic for everything I did was a manifestation of my madness. Whenever I looked serious – I was mad. If I smiled – I was exhibiting madness. If I laughed – my madness was coming out. No matter how sane I sounded, to them, I was displaying madness. It got to a stage where I started questioning the distinction between sanity and insanity. I formed a philosophy of my own – madness is a state of mind. It doesn’t matter how people see you, it’s how you see yourself that will determine your sanity, or the lack of it thereof. As long as I considered myself a perfectly sane individual, it doesn’t matter what other people think of me. But then again, coming to think of it, isn’t that philosophy self-contradictory in the first place? No madman ever knows that he’s mad. The moment a madman admits that he’s mad, then that’s when his sanity returns. But how could I admit to being mad when I know that I’m not mad? Honestly, I’m confused.

“It soon dawned on me that I might die of starvation in the street. No one was willing to help me. No job was forthcoming. No family. No friend – and I was too chicken-hearted to do what was necessary. Then when all hope was lost, something crazy happened.

“Okay, this is where my story will sound far-fetched, but I promise you it’s the truth. You are the first person I’m telling this. I was sitting in my regular spot in the street with my alms bowl when a car with tented glasses pulled up very close to me. I tried to see through the glasses but it was only the driver I was able to see. For almost five minutes, the car remained there. I wondered what they wanted. Eventually, the driver came out of the car and opened the back door. A man dressed in an expensive piece of native clothes was sitting at the back. In his hand was what looked like a file. He smiled at me and tapped the space beside him. It was an invitation to step into the car beside him. I was reluctant at first. I was well aware of rich people grabbing helpless vagrants and using them for rituals – especially mad people. And with my appearance, there was no doubt that I fit the profile. After much thought, I decided to join him. If he was going to sacrifice me to whatever god he worshipped, I swore I would not go down without a fight, without taking him with me. I stepped into the car and sat beside him. The driver shut the door, climbed into the driver’s seat started the car and drove off. I had no idea about what was in store for me.”

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Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Calenikan(m): 5:55pm On Dec 13, 2020
Good job sir
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by paqman(m): 6:02pm On Dec 13, 2020
larrysun name should be changed to Oliver twist , no one saw this coming
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by francium001(m): 7:30pm On Dec 13, 2020
I wouldn't be suprised to know that Murphy was closely watching MARIA & BLACK all along.

thanks for the update mr. Larrysun
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Abdulreheem(m): 8:02pm On Dec 13, 2020
this story is just too sweet i can't just help but wish i could just finish it once and for all .
oga larry pls make it available on okada book.
help a curious brother plsssssssssssss.

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Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Ann2012(f): 9:07pm On Dec 13, 2020
Thanks for the update boss
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Kaycee9242(m): 9:25pm On Dec 13, 2020
Nice one Larry
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Nmezor(f): 10:10pm On Dec 13, 2020
Thanks for the update
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by pelvicky(m): 10:17pm On Dec 13, 2020
Thank you boss
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Davidzy23(m): 2:38pm On Dec 14, 2020
Ohhh see how am salivating for more... Larry Sun, once again u are the BOSS...
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Nanaaish(f): 3:07pm On Dec 14, 2020
Waw... What a suspense
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Goldenfinger: 6:43am On Dec 19, 2020
Because of larry,I dey count days to on Sunday
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by LarrySun(m): 3:02pm On Dec 20, 2020

Update 13

Peter did not know what to make of what his cellmate was telling him. He decided that it was best he didn’t interrupt the narrator as he was on a roll. At the end of the story, Peter would ask questions if there was any questions to ask. For now, all he needed to do was listen.

"As we were driven off by the driver,” continued Solo, “I was already planning how I would fight off them men if their intentions for me were evil. I had no weapon, so I was looking round the car to search for something I could use to defend myself. There didn’t seem to be anything worthwhile. The only weapons I could use were my fists and they weren’t very assuring. It had been many years since I had last fought anyone. And if I can remember correctly, I was beaten to a pulp by a much younger, smaller and weaker opponent. How he was able to beat me so mercilessly remained a mystery even till now. I needed a weapon; it was a truth I had to confront; I couldn’t rely on my combat skill, which, quite honestly, royally sucks. Even with a weapon in hand, I could only fight one of the two men; and I would be very lucky if I was not easily disarmed especially by that driver who looked like bouncer. He would break me like a twig. The only person I might – a strong might, by the way – subdue was the rich man. He was bigger than me but apparently he was only filled with food and too much beer. With a weapon, I might take him down. I might use him to further my escape. I decided to needed to keep close to the rich man. If anything was to happen, I could use him as my getaway ticket.

“I took a careful look at him from the corner of my eye. He sat beside me like a tired frog. Suddenly, an idea occurred to me. Choosing to enter the car might be a grave mistake. I could still save myself now. All I needed to do was attack the man now and order the driver to stop the car. But how would I attack him without a weapon? Easy. The seatbelt was enough weapon. I would squeeze him in the neck with the belt. He would not be able to wring himself off that easily. With that hold, the driver would have no choice but to do whatever I told him. Then just as I was about to make the move, the car turned into a street. The man told me we were almost at our destination, as if he had been reading my mind and knew my intentions.

“I asked him where they were taking me and he simply replied his home. He had barely finished answering the question when the car stopped in front of a magnificent house and the driver horned. Moments later, the gatekeeper opened the door and we entered the big compound. To tell you the truth, I had never entered a building s grand as that before. It was the kind of house we always told ourselves when we were kids that we would build; the kinds of furnishing it would contain. It was the house of my childhood dream. We always thought life would be handed to us on a platter when we became adult – we never knew adulthood was a scam for some of us. The man was living my life. He owned my dream car and my dream house. I was sure he must have married my dream wife. I followed him into the building with a half-expectation of seeing Maria.”

“Maria?” Peter frowned.

Solo smiled. “I meant no offence. You see, Maria was my ideal type of woman. If I would marry any lady, I would like to marry someone like Maria – but I admit, Maria is way above my league. What would that epitome of beauty and intelligence want to do with a loser like me? Even if I had all the money in the world, I wouldn’t be able to live up to Maria’s expectations. Only unique and extra-intelligent people could marry Maria, and in all my years, I have never met anyone that fits that qualification. You must have been extremely intelligent, Peter, for you to have married her. She must have seen something in you that I’ve not fully seen. Maybe in time, I would see the reason she chose you. For now, I’m not overly impressed by your personality. Once again, I mean no offence. But the fact that you were the lucky guy, I must accord you the same respect I had for her; and that’s one of the reasons I’ve chosen to ensure that you don’t remain in this prison for the rest of my life. Fighting for your freedom would be my way of honouring Maria.

“I’m so sorry, I digress a lot. It’s a terrible habit I’ve not be able to break. Anyways, I followed the man into the building. There wasn’t anyone who remotely resembled Maria. As a matter of fact, there wasn’t anyone else in the house. It was just the three men – the driver, gatekeeper and the rich man. If there were others, they were probably hiding somewhere. The house was a mansion, a battalion could easily conceal themselves without being seen.

“The first thing the man did was offer me some food. It was a meal of fried rice and chicken. I couldn’t remember the last time I had eaten anything so tasty. I ate hungrily, voraciously. I ate as fast as I could because I was scared the man might change his mind and stop me from eating. Even when I was filled, I still managed to stock my stomach with extra morsels. This was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I intended to make good use of it. I still didn’t know why the man had invited me to his home and I knew it was wrong to eat anything in a stranger’s home – he might have poisoned the food – but I was too hungry to decline the offer. I was sure that no one in my situation would refuse that delicious dish. I cleaned the plate and left no bone behind. I ate with relish, without conviction, without shame. I didn’t give a damn what he might think about me anyway. Besides, I suspected that he needed my help; that was probably why he gave me such a delicious meal – it was a manner of offering candy to a silly child.

“The man waited for me to finish my food. After I had drunk enough water and was satisfied with the hospitality, he drew a chair closer and sat beside me at the dining table. He told me he needed my help. I had guessed correctly. What, however, I couldn’t fathom was the help someone like me could render to someone like him. He was a very wealthy and obviously very connected person. What could he want from a nobody like me? I asked him what he wanted me to do but he didn’t say it immediately. The first thing he asked was my name. I told him; then he asked if I had a bank account? I actually laughed at the question. What made him think for a moment that someone like me would have a bank account? I could barely feed myself; what would I do with a bank account? It was a very ridiculous question. I told him I didn’t have.

“Then he told me something that almost caused me to fall off my chair. He said that if I agreed to help him, he would create a bank account for me and deposit ten million naira in my name. At first, I thought I was hearing voices from a fantastic realm. I asked him to come again and he repeated the same thing. He would put ten million naira in a bank, with my name on the account. After my senses had cleared, what he said didn’t make complete sense to me. I asked him why he had to put ten million naira in my account when he could simply give the money to me. Then he told me that I needed to know what was at stake first before asking that question.

“By now, you should have guessed what he wanted of me. It was incredible, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.”

“You chose to go to jail in his name?” Guessed Peter – that was the only logical explanation. “How long would you be in jail?”

“Ten years,” Solo replied.

Peter Black could not believe what he was hearing. “You chose to go away for ten years because of ten million naira? Just ten million naira? That’s incredibly dumb!! You should be smarter than that. Did you even consider the value of that ten million naira in the next ten years?”

Solo smiled and said, “I understand what you’re talking about. As a matter of fact, a person in my kind of situation had no choice. I’m telling you, I was dying of hunger in the streets. It was only a matter of time before my corpse would be discovered. I figured it was better for me to return here to prison and live rather than be out there dying. Ten million naira seemed reasonable to me. But that was not the amount I would have after I get out of here.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You see, the ten million he offered me was only for agreeing to do the time. It was not the real payment. He told me that besides the ten million naira, he would pay me five million naira for each year I spend in jail. I was sentenced to ten years imprisonment. So, when you do the calculation, you’ll know that sixty million naira is waiting for me when I get out of this prison.”

Peter shook his head and said, “How are you sure that he’s going to honour his deal?”

“I’m not doing the time for him, I’m doing it for his son. His son had been involved in armed robbery and got arrested.”

“I thought you said the man was rich.”

“Very rich, extremely rich.”

“Then how come his son became a robber.”

“It’s baffling, isn’t it? His son was a kleptomaniac. He was arrested, and his father was able to make a deal with the police. He didn’t want the news about his son’s robbery getting out there; it would ruin his political career. He paid a huge sum of money to keep it hushed, and he needed to find someone who would take the rap for his son. He was desperate. In his desperation, he came to me. His desperation was my own fortune.

“All the paperwork was done. a bank account was really opened in my name and ten million naira was deposited in it by his lawyer. Then after my sentence, the lawyer visited me and showed the evidence of further deposit of fifty million naira into the account. That money was nothing to him. The man knew his reputation was at stake. He couldn’t double-cross me for I would sing like a bird. Besides holding up his own end of the deal, he also went further by ensuring that I’m very comfortable in jail. That’s why I have this special cell. For you to share this cell with me, someone has gone through a great length to ensure that you’re comfortable too, Peter Black.”


Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by jenifer007: 3:14pm On Dec 20, 2020
Nice update Larry
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Bukolaberry(f): 5:05pm On Dec 20, 2020
Thanks for the update, it's being about solo since last weekend, so loving this combo.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Obisteve42: 7:27pm On Dec 20, 2020
Great update, Larry. It is a great build up to the full plot. Pls what about your short story series the journey of a thousand tales? You're yet to post anything recently about it. I love every bit of the stories. I would be glad if you returned to them and post. Thanks so much. You're appreciated and loved.

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Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by doctorexcel(m): 7:28pm On Dec 20, 2020
Thanks larrysun. You are the boss of bosses
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by pablobellins(m): 9:31pm On Dec 20, 2020
The stories don dey tire me, reading updates from darousmart and Larrysun is so confusing. I won't know which one u r continuing in your head. U won't ever be able to remember where the last update stop embarassed
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Ann2012(f): 4:23am On Dec 21, 2020
Thanks for the update boss

Who could have gone a great length for Peter Black to be comfortable in jail
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Mantee(m): 4:28am On Dec 21, 2020
Nice update my guy. You too much.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Cameoluv(f): 9:37am On Dec 21, 2020
Thanks for the update
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Calenikan(m): 6:38pm On Dec 21, 2020
Gbe fun oga larry
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Tolulopefinest(m): 7:16pm On Dec 21, 2020
Oga larrysun is the GOAT of all writers on Nairaland cool

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