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Zion Rufus ‘the Lagos Hustle’ / Two Worlds Meet At The Lagos Oriental Hotel. / HUSTLE - A Short Story (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by AnnieBb(f): 12:18pm On Feb 07
Beautiful story
I am scared for Fuoyo o

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Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by Ann2012(f): 4:02pm On Feb 07
Thanks for the update

I smell the downfall of Fuoyo

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Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by emmyN(m): 11:27pm On Feb 07
I haven't been to literature section since "the hole in the wall", and overtime my interest with online stories has waned. So when I saw your mention earlier, I was skeptic if I would be able to keep up. But now, reading this interesting masterpiece, my enthusiasm has certainly been rekindled.

Your favourite ghost reader smiley.

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Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by YoungBruzzy: 3:29am On Feb 08
Thanks for the update OP..
I just hope that Lori won't rip Fuoyo like this, as that will spell doom for him cause that Jackson of a guy won't take it easy with him at all..

And as for Jessy, make she sha dey invest if not, her eyes go soon open, she go know as e dey go grin grin

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Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by nkemdave(m): 2:15pm On Feb 08
why is my mind telling me that the title of the book will soon surface grin grin
I can't wait oooo... cos me don tire for this lovey dovey lines and yahoo lives stuff.... #Na action I dey wait tongue tongue grin grin

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Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by HORLADSTAR(m): 2:24pm On Feb 08
Omoh I dey pity this fuoyo sha, e don clear say that woman go RIP am clean. anticipating for action between fuoyo and dem dawg( offwhite and jackson)grin

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Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by Noblejohn32(m): 5:48pm On Feb 08
Since i don't have a good device.to continue my story, i have to stick to reading ....
Mr.Soul, believe me you're multi talented...
Hollywood needs your type ...
You are a god yourself....
I've been your fan from the beginning..

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Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by Igyeseh(m): 9:00pm On Feb 08
Dedicated to Igyeseh

Happy birthday boss.

"Cheers to that bro"
Thank you bro.
I appreciate.

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Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by YoungBruzzy: 9:11pm On Feb 08
Ripper's alert⚠️ ⚠️ Last last, na cry go end the matter, Fuoyo no get sense at all, but I guess, its pay back time because I'm 10I % sure that Lori will rip him off the money.

Last last, Jackson go compose song for him sharp sharp

Dem no dey rip my money grin grin

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Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by EkopSparoAyara(m): 12:17am On Feb 09
It's been a while.. So many updates, so many things to learn from.. A lot of water has gone under the bridge..

Fuoyo has tasted the life of affluence, one greedy thing about money is that you keep wanting more.. There's no going back, he wants more. Will it be unreasonable to still use Lori as his picker? Will she deliver? I am yet to find out.

Jecinta, oh Jecinta, for everything that has a beginning, there is also an end, as much as I am not in support of your current lifestyle, I sincerely hope that you'll start thinking of investing in profitable businesses so as to have a safety net to fall back to.

Kanaku, the lion in the street.. Maybe if you start thinking of genuine ways of making money instead of being mischievous, things could turn around for good.. Your fantasies may finally come to the fore..



Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by Asek1(m): 5:09am On Feb 09
Sweet and fully loaded as usual cool
Bravo Soul
We move

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Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by Elfaris(m): 5:25pm On Feb 09
Hmm. all I can say is hmm.

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Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by souloho19(m): 9:42pm On Feb 10

Another Baby Changes Things

That's right. Another baby. Can you imagine? Ruki was not even up to 3 years and Barakat was pregnant again. Already 2 months gone. I wonder how a news can plunge you into depression and at the same time uplift your spirit and put you in a good mood. I had been conflicted since I found out about the pregnancy, how on Earth was I going to raise 2 children? That meant double expenses....oh God! But then I'd catch myself thinking; what if it was a boy? Ruki would have a younger brother. He'll have my serious eyes and Barakat's soft features. Of course he'll have my strong jaw. No son of mine would have a glass jaw. I'll teach him to box, teach him the way of the streets so he'll be street smart. But he'll be far better than me, he'll go to the university, maybe become a doctor or engineer and no one would ever mess with him at work or at home cause of the valuable street orientations i'll instill in him.

The baby also put me in a tight dilemma. When it was just Ruki and Barakat we had barely gotten by, but I was still able to provide and Barakat was a genius when it came to home management, every money I provided went a long way, no matter how small. But now with another baby on the way I could foresee the endless cycle of bills, bills and more bills. There's no way we'll be able to stay above water, not on the little money I made in the streets.

Something positive had to happen and change my situation before the complete 9 months or I had to make something happen. One of my elder brothers was a vice principal in some fancy secondary school. He had told me times without number he had a gate security spot open for me in the school. I'd laughed him off every time, telling him I was good.

It left a dirty taste in my mouth just thinking about it now but it was either I got a job or went into serious crime. I'd always leaned more towards crime but things were different now, I had a family and I couldn't afford to lose them. God forbid I get killed or locked up in prison. Barakat was beautiful, she would remarry and my children would grow up calling another man 'daddy!'

Another baby changes things, Ruki had tamed me and now even this unborn baby had managed to make me imagine a life with an actual job.
It wasn't a bad picture to be honest, I could see contentment in the life. I'll get married to Barakat and knuckle down at my job, maybe give the school the next 20 years of my life, securing the premises. The pay was fair, a little over the recent minimum wage, Ruki was also a good hairstylist, I could open a hair saloon for her and together we'll be able to raise our kids and maybe we'll even have a happy home.

A couple of months ago I was seriously considering planning one more score but here I was considering making serious changes to my life. The streets had raised me but now I was 30, maybe it was time to settle down?

I shook my head. Naaah.....something big will come up before then. The job was just a contingency plan. After all I was the infamous Kanaku, something must come up.

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Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by Twelvedemon12(m): 11:55pm On Feb 10

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Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by YoungBruzzy: 1:04am On Feb 11
Thanks for the update OP

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Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by blanquito(m): 3:29am On Feb 11
Nice one bro

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Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by HORLADSTAR(m): 4:38pm On Feb 11
Oga souloho19 wey no dey disappoint, well-done

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Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by EkopSparoAyara(m): 11:22pm On Feb 11
A new chapter is about to be opened in the life of Kanaku. Can he really withstand this new development with his current financial status, there's a thick cloud of doubt hovering over that..

Certainly, something has to change but it has to be a good change, done in the right way.
What will happen next, I shall see..


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Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by Freemasonry: 3:50pm On Feb 12
It would be a terrible injustice if I fail to commend your amazing story-telling skills.
Well done bro.

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Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by patjane(f): 9:28pm On Feb 12
Lovely.. waiting for next update cool

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Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by souloho19(m): 10:22pm On Feb 14
Chapter 6


Wahala be like Bicycle

We Nigerians have a funny saying, "wahala be like bicycle, E no hard to start" You see a bicycle and all it needs is a push and a pedal and you're on your way, until you find out the breaks are out and you're coming down a slopy road on top speed and you start asking yourself, 'who sent me message..'

"Who sent me message?"
"Oh God why did I jump and accept this deal?"

I should have listened to Shaq. He's been in this game for long and he warned me not to use Lori as a pickup. Lori wasn't a fool, she had been hurt and scorned and God help me, hell really hath no fury like a woman scorned.

It was 11pm wednesday night and about 6pm in the evening in Long Island where Lori lived.

Jackson kept to his word and about 5 hours ago he'd sent me pictures of the proof of payment. A payment of the sum of $23300 to a Lori Mau. a/c: xxxxxxx864 - routing number: xxxxxxxx0910

I shouted in excitement once I had confirmed it, then quickly called Lori. "Hello babe the money is in. He has sent it, 23k....I just forwarded some screenshots to you."

"Okay Josh that's good. I'll be going on my lunch break soon, I'll stop by the bank then"

"okay baby, then from there you head to the crypto outlet like we agreed and send it right? you have my wallet ID"

"sure Josh"

She no longer even called me "love." Since our reconciliation she'd been stuck on Josh while I used enough endearment for the both of us. After the call, I didn't suspect anything was amiss. I even called Offwhite to assure him and Jackson I was fast on the case.

After about 30 minutes I sent her the first message. "Baby are you on lunch break yet?"

No reply. I didn't fret, maybe she was driving, or maybe she was in the bank already.

1 hour later and still no reply. I called her line and it went straight to voicemail. I cut the call and redialed. It went to voice mail again and I left a hurried message. "Hi Lori what's going on? Have you been able to pull out the money? (nervous laugh) the head pilot is practically breathing down my neck right now. Okay call me, bye"

I calmed down a little after the audio message but yet another hour later I was biting my nails nervously.
You there?
Can you just answer me
Hey love, my coworkers are expecting their money today please call me
It's been 3 hours Lori, what's going on?
Lori, you there?
come on babe please reply
you're going to get me killed!

With each passing second and each message I became more anxious and desperate. I called again and again, it kept going to voicemail without ringing until around the 20th dial, the pre recorded voice instructed me to cross check the number I was dialing cause it didn't exist. That was when I realized there was no brakes on the bicycle and I was heading fast for a cliff.

Big wahala.

It was by 9pm Offwhite and Jackson started calling me. They called me till 11pm while I sent about a 100 more frantic text messages to Lori. I knew she was reading the messages. Somehow she couldn't receive my calls anymore but I had a hunch she was reading every line of text as it entered her phone. I pleaded with her, telling her my life was in grave danger if I didn't get the money to the intended recipient. I tried every trick in the book, but it was just as Shaq had warned me. She never typed a single reply.


By 12pm I had no choice but to call them back.

They sounded pissed. So pissed that Offwhite forgot about his punchline habit and Jackson actually spoke pidgin instead of his usual African American lingua.

"Guy na wa for you o, why didn't you pick na?" he demanded

"Bro if I don't pick your call, you're meant to chill for a while knowing there must be a reason. You don't just be calling me, giving me 50 missed calls in 1 hour, haba. Do you think I want to run or what? Me that called to update you how many hours ago. Why you dey do like that now"

"Bro you should have picked even if it's once" Offwhite chipped in

"No vex, I dey follow my woman talk since. Omo we just dey fight since and una come dey distract me with your calls."

There was silence then Jackson asked, "wettin dey make you fight? She no pick the money?"

"no she don pick am, everything is confirmed. The problem now is that the nearest crypto shop is far from her location and she has to work, na doctor she be and by the time her shift ends, it'll be closed and everywhere will be dark. I told her to forget her work and do it today but she kept saying tomorrow, you know how these people dey do. I would have been able to convince her but you guys kept interrupting us with your calls"


"we didn't know dawg....I been out here popping champagne waiting for your call and i didn't get it, tomorrow is still good dawg, early morning movement right?"

"of course" when it came to telling a lie, I was a natural.

They gave audible sighs of relief and Offpoint said a line about tomorrow carrying belle but I didn't see the punch. We laughed nervously and said goodnight. Tomorrow we'll share the money.

I stared into space wondering how on Earth I could get out of the fix I had greedily put myself. "Shit!"

There was only one person I could call and I called him. He picked up on the second ring.
"Fuoyo! you remember me today, no be so o. You leave me for past ba? I be yesterday news paper. Ah Fuoyo you don dey cash out steady you forget your guy Shaq. This life no balance."

I forced myself to laugh, it came out flat. "You wey be biggest Shark in the sea. How I wan take forget you. You think say I no dey see your status, you wey be Odogwu"

We always go through this charade whenever we see each other or talk on the phone. Trying to see who will out do or 'out-whine' the other. I wasn't in the mood tonight so I gave up first.

"Bro how the grind?"

"man I keep pushing on, how your own hustle?"

I swallowed, "bro I need your help, I'm in a bad fix like this"

"what happened?"

I felt encouraged by the concern I heard in his voice.

"I had a deal recently for a pickup. It was pretty straight forward. Lori agreed to do the job. But since she received the money her phone stopped connecting and she's not replying my messages."

There was a long silence then Shaq cleared his throat. "Bro I thought I warned you about using her for any pickup. The job don burst since. I warned you." He sighed over the line and I heard him scratching his beard, which meant he was thinking.

I held my breath hopefully waiting for him to offer a solution, cause unless Lori came through by some miracle, he was my best bet.

"How much them send, and who be the person. I sabi am?"

"Na one offwhite guy contact me.."

"Oh I sabi the dude, them be two ba?....wait na that job you accept? 20 something thousand? Haba Fuoyo, what kind of reckless greed is that one. Plus those guys are not even the kind of people we should be doing business with. Them no be real Gees now!"

"I know bro, but can you raise me any amount, I just want to try and pay like half of the money at least."

"Hmmm, bro I'll tell you the truth, I don't have that kind of money to throw around right now....but I just closed a deal with one of my boys. My cut is 2k, I wanted to use it to buy a gaming laptop before but I can give you."

"2k? as in two thousand?"

"yes now....dollars o not naira"

"I know Shaq but please try raise me 5 I don't even have more than a thousand dollars like this"

"Bro I don't have money. My mom's 60th birthday is in few weeks, you wouldn't believe how much I've spent for surprise party. I still need sef"

"Ah God!"

"Do they know your house?"


"at least that's a silver lining, them for don track you by now"

"But if they dig hard they'll find it, plenty people have been to my place before. Remember the house warming party?"

"hmmm...bro I told you, I warned you specifically about this, you Bleep up big time"

"I know man, no need to say it. Right now what do I do?"

"well you're a man, you'll face it and deal with it, you chose this path yourself man, I'll send the 2k to you in the morning. You should pray, maybe God'll touch her heart by morning and she'll send it."

If possible I felt a lot worse after the call. Even with Shaq's 2k, i didn't have up to a quarter of the amount and I had no idea what to do. Was I scared? I wouldn't lie, I was a little scared. People got killed for a lot less. I wasn't scared of Jackson and Offwhite per se, being taller than them was a bit reassuring. But having such a huge debt hanging on my neck was like a bulls eye target on my back. I had to do something fast or else everyone would automatically take me as a ripper, and rippers got reaped. I could spin some delay stories and buy a couple more days but I didn't have one single idea what to do.



Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by souloho19(m): 10:49pm On Feb 14


Sometime around the second week of August Mr. Doings told me he'll be travelling for a week.

"It's work related. I have to be in Edo state before Saturday. I'll be gone for a week tops. It might be sooner than that depending on how successful my find is"

"Edo state? what did you find?" I was more than a little curious this time around.

"Nothing yet and I'm almost certain it's nothing important, just another dead end, but I have to take a look anyway," he replied a little cautiously. "I'll miss you though, what will you do this weekend?"

I was not ready to change the topic yet. "Oh I don't know, maybe I'll go see a movie, or stay indoors and video-call with you. What you're traveling for is related to whatever it is your boss wants so bad isn't it? that's why you have to go yourself"

His eyes grew wide with shock. "What-how did you know that?"

"you told me before"

"Me? when was this? What else did I tell you about work?" He was genuinely surprised

"well it's about two years now, before I moved in here. You didn't tell me much, just that your boss was crazy and was obsessed with something that didn't exist"

He rubbed his face tiredly. "Oh my....when did I even- look Jessy," his eyes were very serious. "I love you and I don't want to stop seeing you, but you need to understand, my job is very sensitive and it's off limits, you need to stop thinking about it, talking about it or referencing it, please I'm actually begging you this time Jess....it's for your sake"

"wow...okay baby, I was only curious that's all. Trust me I don't even think about stuff like that"

"okay good"

But alarm bells were already going off in my head. Just what exactly did Mr D do for a living. I knew he was stinking rich, he might even be a billionaire with the way he spent money with reckless abandon. What if he was into something really evil? Oh my God, maybe he was trafficking humans, maybe children, what if he was a ritualist? what if he was a kidnapper or a murderer. And what exactly was he going after, what was it that didn't exist yet could make him travel hundreds of miles to search for?

A lot of 'what ifs' kept attacking my mind with different scenarios and I found myself thinking too much. Mr. Doings has always had an air of mystery about him, it was charming at first but now it was a little worrying and creepy.

"When I'm gone I want you to register at the driving school close to the children's park. They're really good teachers. When I get back we'll go car shopping. Whatever brand you want okay?"

I squealed once more and all my troubles temporarily forgotten. "Oh baby you spoil me too much. Let me give you something tonight that will keep you warm all week." I smiled and sat on his lap, clasping both hands behind his neck.

Mr D left Lagos on Friday morning. He called me later that night when he was settled to inform me we might not speak all day cause he was going to be very busy.

Looking for what? I almost asked, but I didn't. Instead I said, "I started the driving school today"

"Oh that's great. Have you made up your mind on a brand yet?"

"not yet boo"

"Okay I have to turn in early, talk to you later." A pause then, "tell me you're mine"

I guess he needed the assurance tonight, being so far away and all. "I'm yours baby" I purred

"I love you, goodnight" he sounded pleased.

"weirdo" I muttered when he had disconnected.

I knew sooner than later I'll need some clarity about Mr. D especially about his job. I didn't know if I could continue whatever it was we had going on without knowing for sure he wasn't into something sinister. I always thought when our affair ended Mr. D would be the one to call it off cause I couldn't imagine myself walking away from the frequent credit alerts and unexpected gifts and spontaneous trips he was always spoiling me with. But I guess I was more mature now, and I was far from broke. I owned a multi-million naira property, I had everything in my name, down to the C of O. And soon enough I'll have my own car.

I didn't know if I was strong enough to walk away from the good life yet but the the inception of the idea had taken place already.


Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by sltn(m): 10:56pm On Feb 14
Na man you be souloho19. no be lie wahala be like bicycle. fuoyo fk big time real g's no dey try sh!t wey him try sha make we see how e go run am.

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Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by YoungBruzzy: 12:56am On Feb 15
Mr Doings is a ticking time bomb ready to explode, and I'm sure Jessy will have a part in that suffering as well...

Thanks for the update OP.
Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by Twelvedemon12(m): 7:38am On Feb 15
You remain my nairaland best writer
Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by MightyFortress: 9:31am On Feb 15
Chapter 1



The journey back to Lagos is one I would never forget for too many reasons. For one thing the condition of the bus was really terrible. The transport company had apparently played a fast one on us and put us in a faulty bus. The first sign of this was when the air conditioner began to turn to a heater barely 30 minutes into the journey. We had no choice but to roll down the windows or suffocate to death especially when we realized someone in the bus had a rotten stomach.... as in, really rotten.
Red dust occasionally surrounded the bus, forcing us to quickly roll up the windows and wait till we got to a more tarred road before rolling down again. But most of the road was un-tarred and the dust was a recurring problem plus rotten stomach kept releasing frequent gas, making me roll down my window once more; preferring to die by red dust.
To make matters worse, the bus was overloaded; travel bags and food-sacks were stashed here and there and even a goat was in the bus which made it impossible to stretch my legs fully...plus the bus broke down twice.
As you can guess the mood in the bus was foul, with plenty complaints and curses to the unknown messer but I remained quiet through out.

Staring out the window at the red dust, lost in my own world, plagued with the same question that had been disturbing me since the pass out parade three weeks ago.

What now?

What do I do with my life?

You know how it is when you attend school, graduate from the university, enjoy your youth service and the prestige of being called a 'corper' but then the moment you pass out, you suddenly realize you have no concrete plan for your life nor any safety net to fall back to.
Okay, obviously not you. I'm sure like most normal people you have your goals set down from the beginning, whether you plan to stop at a Bachelor's degree or go for your Masters or even pursue a Doctorate degree. Or at least you have a clear idea about the line of work you plan to contribute your labour quota.

But not me. You see, I went to school but my studies didn't come first, to me the university was a place to finally enjoy my freedom and catch fun and occasionally attend lectures. Nysc was a year long vacation in the middle belt, receiving monthly allowance and sowing wild oaths up and down, sleeping with corpers and indigenes alike.

But now it was over. I had my certificate in my bag and here I was, sitting in a terrible bus thinking of what to do with my life.
Do I start looking for a job? That didn't hold much promise cause even first class students were still roaming the streets not to talk of a 3rd mainland bridge holder like me. My degree was more or less useless....the ultimate culmination of 4 years of unseriousness.


I'm going to be 22 in two months and all I had to my name was 40 thousand naira in my account. And I was going home to meet my widowed mother and two younger brothers.

For the first time in my life I began to feel the weight of the responsibility I was stepping up to. It was so heavy I could feel the pressure spreading in my chest.

As rotten stomach released another deadly gas and I rolled down my glass, I knew I had a messy path ahead of me and I had to hustle or become dust.

Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by Ann2012(f): 3:36pm On Feb 15
Thanks for the update boss
Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by HORLADSTAR(m): 4:16pm On Feb 15
Nice update

I talk am say that fuoyo go chop am grin grin grin, waiting for the real drama to unfold, I'm sure he is gonna chop am full dose

As for Jecincta, I dey use one eye to look am
Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by WAACUT(m): 5:22pm On Feb 15
My real gee...u are just the real deal..I gat to tell you.. how you describe the gee guyz..got me wondering..but again I remembered kanuka..man you are the best all round
Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by Tominix(m): 7:48pm On Feb 15
Thanks for the update boss
please check my new story out in your mentions

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Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by Ann2012(f): 8:35pm On Feb 15
please check my new story out in your mentions

Ok boss

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Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by Tominix(m): 8:36pm On Feb 15

Ok boss
wink winkwinkwinkwinkwinkwinkwinkwink

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