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Travel / Re: Beautiful Pictures Of Abeokuta, Ogun State That Will Make You Love The City by AbakalikiPress: 1:57am On Jun 21, 2020
See red soil everywhere lol wink. But Yoruba people will say South East is red mud republic.

Sense fall on all of you.

These ones have probably even stolen pictures from somewhere in the East calling it Abeokuta. Who doesn't know Abeokuta? kiki

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Politics / Re: Eto Idibo Ni Guusu Iwo Oorun Naijiria. by AbakalikiPress: 1:14am On Jun 21, 2020
Ndi uchu niile!


Politics / Re: Eto Idibo Ni Guusu Iwo Oorun Naijiria. by AbakalikiPress: 1:08am On Jun 21, 2020
Politics / Re: See Where Nigeria's Actual Population And Geographical Centre Points Are! by AbakalikiPress: 7:01pm On Nov 16, 2019
If Nigeria's population center is lower than it's geographical center, then how is the north more populated than the south?
Shouldn't the higher northern population pull the population center closer to the north? why is the population center closer to the south then?

We all know for example that the north has a much larger landmass than the south and that shows in where the geographic center is being inside the north, even higher than Abuja. Therefore the location of the population center should also indicate what the population spread of the country is actually like.


Culture / Re: Oba Bamidele Simeon Dabo Becomes Igbekebo New King In Ondo by AbakalikiPress: 5:54pm On Jul 20, 2019
This looks like a White Wedding..

lol, how?
Agbi o!, oma apoi dede

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Sports / Re: Commonwealth Games 2018: Galadima Claims 8th Gold For Nigeria by AbakalikiPress: 4:16pm On Apr 13, 2018

Some people will be like this after checking the names



Sports / Re: Oluwatobiloba Amusan Wins Commonwealth 100m Hurdles Women Gold For Nigeria by AbakalikiPress: 4:10pm On Apr 13, 2018

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Properties / Re: The Real Developers Of Lagos: Top 30 Real Estate Developers by AbakalikiPress: 8:54pm On Oct 11, 2017
This thread funny die cheesy

So many dashed hopes and myth busting in a single post cheesy !

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Properties / Re: The Beauty Of Lagos In Google Map View by AbakalikiPress: 3:49pm On Aug 11, 2017
Shukudi , Keep claiming you developed Lagos, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Jakarta, Indonesian prisons, New Delhi and Thailand, while your hometown continues looking like something straight out of a horror movie.

lol... The real foolish people are the "Developers" who do not know the proper places to expend theirso called development energy. grin


nairaland no go kill pesin.


Agriculture / Re: The Largest Rice Producing States And Geopolitical Zones In Nigeria (Photos) by AbakalikiPress: 6:06pm On Aug 09, 2017


Agriculture / Re: The Largest Rice Producing States And Geopolitical Zones In Nigeria (Photos) by AbakalikiPress: 8:58pm On Aug 05, 2017

Here they go again! A very beautiful thread to debate on, you couldn't resist the evil urge in you to turn it upside down.

To the topic, if the duties on imported rice stands at 60%, why is the imported rice cheaper than the locally produced ones? Nigeria we hail thee.

My comment is very much in line with the topic, give the fact that the Igbos on here have severally touted Ebonyi my state and Abakaliki specificaly as the largest rice growing state in the country, and south East as the biggest rice producers in the South.
Nobody here is going to forget so soon the Obiano Anambra rice episode and how they said Ebonyi has started the export of rice to other countries. grin

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Agriculture / Re: The Largest Rice Producing States And Geopolitical Zones In Nigeria (Photos) by AbakalikiPress: 8:44pm On Aug 05, 2017
Are you telling us that Abakaliki rice is a Scam? shocked
My Goodness, South East is just mediocre at everything, I don't take them serious anymore.

Whenever a South Eastern "Yoot" tells you that he produces 1 million tons of something, better be rest assured that it is not more than 100 Kilograms.

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Culture / Re: Igala Language In Anambra State. by AbakalikiPress: 4:05pm On Aug 04, 2017
Why you think I beg Yoruba boys to be my friends is appalling. Lol, the opposite is the case. To be honest, Yoruba boys in this part of Lagos tend to influence boys like me in bad ways. Had I moved with Yoruba boys from a very young age I would have been a nuisance. Their attitude and way of life is not something I would like to admire.

I only associate with people who add value and no Yoruba boy in my area has ever showed such sign.

Now, I don't think I will reply you anymore. I know you to be a trouble maker. Is it by force to have a Yoruba friend? Like I said earlier, I relate with Yorubas on street level, there's no personal relationship in anyway.

Ohhhh, my sister's husband and I are friends because we are family.

2 of my sisters got married to Yoruba men and I relate with only one. The other guy and I have nothing to talk about .

3 of my sisters got married to Igbo men and we relate very well. They add value to my life, period!

I was born in Lagos and I don't even understand Yoruba, even the simplest Yoruba. That tells you I don't have Yoruba friends.

lol you probably don't even speak Igala your own language as well.
Crime / Re: Decomposing Beheaded Body Of A Missing Man Found In Warri River (Photos) by AbakalikiPress: 2:52pm On Aug 04, 2017
Culture / Re: Igala Language In Anambra State. by AbakalikiPress: 11:39am On Aug 04, 2017

Hehehe...... cheesy shocked grin

lol, na so we see am o... Even Igbos themselves have a shitload of Yoruba friends in Lagos, not to mention an Igala. :
On the other hand, the other parts of his story are quite believable. He is from Olamaboro (Akpanya axis) which is already nearly in Enugu state) so it is understandable how he relates well with Igbos and has seen a lot of Igbos with Igala surnames, since that area is just by his area.

People should just be more careful next time they decide to lie about not having "Youruba" friends. grin

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Culture / Re: Igala Language In Anambra State. by AbakalikiPress: 11:25am On Aug 04, 2017

Don't tell me you believed him? shocked cheesy How can a man say he lived in Lagos all his life, yet he doesn't have a Yoruba friend? What exactly is wrong with him, or what type of mannerism does he exhibit, that they find offensive? Most Igalas I know, get along with almost everybody!

Hahaha, his story is very unbelievable!

Let us assume he is like 21 years old, he is implying that he lived ALL his life in Lagos, but has never had any Yoruba school mate, nice helper, Random person, etc which he found good enough to be friends with, but on the other hand has found a shitload of Igbos to be friends with in the same city.
lol, is his brain living some kind of selected reality?

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Politics / Re: Biafra: Aisha Buhari, Igbo Women Say No To Calls For Secession by AbakalikiPress: 5:55pm On Aug 03, 2017
Abakaliki says Yes to secession.

We must be the capital of the new Biaafra republic, Umahi will be the first president!

Anambra Igbos can go to hell if they don't want Ebonyi to rule Biafra. grin

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu To Osinbajo: Withdraw All Charges Against Me by AbakalikiPress: 5:46pm On Aug 03, 2017
lol, all this guy does is demand demand and more demand! Especially from the same people he abuses and antagonizes every day!

Osinbanjo did not become Acting president to cater for your "Jewish" middle eastern Aspirations ok.. We are Africans here. cheesy
I think you and your piglets can contact Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel for That. grin

Afterall according to you and the other flat heads out there, he is just a "Mere commissioner".

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Crime / Re: Man Pretends To Be God’s Angel, Rapes 20-year-old Girl In Lagos by AbakalikiPress: 1:29pm On Jul 29, 2017

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Crime / Re: Man Pretends To Be God’s Angel, Rapes 20-year-old Girl In Lagos by AbakalikiPress: 1:29pm On Jul 29, 2017
.The Angel name na Holy Konjii


Politics / Re: Do South West Have Any Resources That Are Exported To Bring In Dollars For FG by AbakalikiPress: 9:11am On Jul 29, 2017
See as the mad man use style lump igbos into those who have resources when we all know their land is nothing but red dust and mud. (Attache by force syndrome)

Very unproductive land coupled with lazy flat heads who see crime as hustling..

99% of oil comes from south south and south west.

What about sea port in south west.



Family / Re: My Wife Gave Birth To SS, I’m AA And She Is AS – Husband by AbakalikiPress: 5:03pm On Jul 14, 2017
Fear women.
Celebrities / Re: Lola Margaret Oladipupo Arrested For Fraud In The US by AbakalikiPress: 1:15pm On Jul 12, 2017
So, how does that make her a criminal?
she is still under investigation, a huge sum was sent to her account and the collection failed...so?


Politics / Re: Restructuring: Kogi Yorubas Want Reunion With South West by AbakalikiPress: 10:51am On Jul 12, 2017

1000 likes for your post.

It's obvious you are the most sensible and realistic yoruba person here.

Hausa-fulanis use religion as a tool for power and oppression. It is very obvious that you have lived in the north and fully aware of all these.

Most yorubas here like AbakalikiPress, Markfemi2 & Omofunaab2 have definitely never left Ibadan in their lives hence their short-sightedness and myopic view.

Bia what is your Obsession with me?
You have mentioned me like 4 times in here already.
Pls and pls I dn't have any problem with you or your tribe. On a normal day, I don't even know where they are.

The last plateau person I met was a guy called Pwajok and we are very good friends till now.
How do you even know what religion i practise or if I even have any? the way you talk and hastily generalize just reeks of IPOBishness


Politics / Re: Restructuring: Kogi Yorubas Want Reunion With South West by AbakalikiPress: 1:51pm On Jul 09, 2017

grin cheesy grin

lol see this one laughing, the next Yakubu Gowon of Biafran war 2.0 will probably be from his tribe in the Plateau iike Biafra 1.0.


Politics / Re: Restructuring: Kogi Yorubas Want Reunion With South West by AbakalikiPress: 1:49pm On Jul 09, 2017

Oh, you'd rather i be a 'yoruba ass licker' right? Nope. I will give you the raw truth no matter how bitter it is.

I don't have the time to ass-lick any tribe (especially the big 3, yoruba, hausa & Igbo). Cos i have no business or affinity with any of them. They are all problems of Nigeria as long as am concerned.

I know what your exact problem is.
As the plateau man that you are, you know you have no future outside the North. You know you are caught up in the quagmire of Fulani and Northern domination forever, as such you are looking for other tribes be it middle-beltan or Fully Southern with parts in the "North" due to past injustices, to drag down into the pit with yourselves in your Northern wahala.
That is why you hate Fulani domination but at the same time have no problem saying that Yorubas in Kwara or Ilorin or Lokoja are under the dominion as "Properties of the Caliphate"

That is the exact same reason most of you will always be against the idea of an Oduduwa or Biafra republic, because you need the southerners to check the balances of the north on your behalfs, else they'll suyanize you lot, isn't it?..
The first Nigerian lawyer to actually bring to the notice of the UN the Fulani killings in Southern Kaduna, which prompted the fact finding delegation that was sent to investigate what was actually going on was a Yoruba man. Yet you keep talking like we have actually done anything to wrong plateau or middle-belt people.
Examine your life bro, you have got serious problems.

It is not Yorubas' fault that your actual indigenous language is now extinct or drawing closer to moribundity.

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Politics / Re: Restructuring: Kogi Yorubas Want Reunion With South West by AbakalikiPress: 6:01pm On Jul 08, 2017

Some things are easier said than done.

Well, you guys are free to try your luck. But until then, Ilorin & Lokoja remain properties of the caliphate traditionally.

I thought You were actually beginning to sound meaningful and make sense with some of your older posts here, until I discovered that you were just another typical Northern Fulani asslicker.
"Properties of the caliphate" indeed.

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Politics / Re: Restructuring: Kogi Yorubas Want Reunion With South West by AbakalikiPress: 5:57pm On Jul 08, 2017
Lol... Don't even know what to say to you. Since your shallow brain has jumped in to conclusion of where I am from.

So where are you then from? undecided
Politics / Re: Restructuring: Kogi Yorubas Want Reunion With South West by AbakalikiPress: 2:49am On Jul 07, 2017
Bros calm u nerve down about your follies, if you don't know before, let me let you know, you are towing the path of liepod yoots who are source of shames to other sensible Igbos.

The Yoruba in Kogi and Kwara states knows where they belong to. All the various minorities tribes across the North Central, Kebbi, Kaduna, Taraba, Gombe knows where they belongs to, so stop giving yourself sleepless nights upon matters that is beyond your own doing.

Are you SICK in the head or something?
The Yorubas in your so called FAKE north have Nothing to do with you leeches!

What business does Abiodun James Faleke or Ilesanmi Toluhi from Akinrin Adde or Ayetoro Gbedde have with Abdulkadir Tanko Babagana from Daura or Funtua.

Mr man, borrow small sense abeg.

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Politics / Re: Zuriel Oduwole Honoured At UNESCO Global Conference by AbakalikiPress: 9:31pm On Jul 02, 2017
Why always the Yorubas?


Cheap Malala Yousafzai wannabe.

Better than that Nelson Mandela wannabe, who has been busy gulping akpu and parading around the SE like a cheap trickster ever since he was relieved of his title as the paramount Onikuje of Kuje prisons.


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