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Islam for Muslims / Re: ~ 10 Facts About Jummah by abuhubaidah: 6:27pm On Mar 25, 2016
Jaza'kumu llahu kayran..please I need clear proof for that #6 because it's known that we can only see Allah after entering jannaht..

@Sister Aminat,it's permitted to observe nafilah whilst the sermon is going on..
Business / Re: I Want To Go Into Keke Napep Business, Please I Need Some Guidelines by abuhubaidah: 10:58pm On Mar 09, 2016
hello madam I reside in agege here, I need brand new tvs with higher purchase, I am early 30 and also diploma holder, if can help me I will be grateful
wrong number!!!
Islam for Muslims / Re: Ruling On Congratulating One Another On Fridays - Sheikh Solih Fawzaan by abuhubaidah: 12:59am On Mar 04, 2016

"And the servants of the Beneficent Allah are they who walk on the earth in humbleness, and when the ignorant address them, they say: Peace." {surah al-Fur'qan}

Salam alaykum.
the messenger of Allah said in his Hadith "that follow my Sunnah and that of kulafa'hu roshideen",then there's no clear proof that the companions do greet themselves "jumhatun muba'raka"..so what else do you want?this is very very clear and you need not to confuse yourself.


Islam for Muslims / Re: Muslim Singles: Why Are You Not Married? by abuhubaidah: 12:45am On Mar 04, 2016
I'm getting married soon insha Allah,although I earn very little amount and I still collect pocket money from my mum still living with her because I'm in my early twenties and still a student but I'm going to seek her dad permission then we invite you for the waleemah after my studies in sha Allah


Car Talk / Re: Please, All Brother's In The House, Help Me To Decode My Honda Pilot Car Tape. by abuhubaidah: 10:39pm On Feb 10, 2016

Okay, I will get back to you shortly with your code.
please bro can you help me geet the code for a ford bus ..serial no.M249105
Islam for Muslims / Re: Why Call Yourself “salafi”? by abuhubaidah: 9:05pm On Jan 09, 2016
yaa aba Hubaydah kaif
لله الحمد يا أبا عائشة كيف أنتم؟
Islam for Muslims / Re: Why Call Yourself “salafi”? by abuhubaidah: 9:00pm On Jan 09, 2016

Even your salafist bosses encourages you to use reason in assessing matters of religion, the same way the Qurán does, one of Ibn Wahab's teaching was against blind following, following people blindly is one of the biggest challenges the ummah faces, people simply follow blindly without giving what they follow a thought. Now I never said you should unite with anybody I encourage you to promote better behavior amongst muslims rather than sects amongst muslims.

If Allah in the Qurán warns muslim not t break into sects and behappy with the pieces they have, I think I will stick to what Allah says, since it is his religion and command above any other consideration.
its obvious that you don't even know the the hadeeth which the prophet that is ummah will devide in 73 sect and he warned that we should be upon is Sunnah and that if the companions..so therefore salafist are upon the manhaj of the prophet and his companions...sheik Albany explained this in one of his audio,you can search on YouTube ,sheik said بشره بأني سلفي على الكتاب والسنة و على منهج سلفنا الصالح
Car Talk / Re: Rebuilding My '13 Pin' (toyota U151E) Transmission by abuhubaidah: 9:01pm On Jan 08, 2016
Boss welldone oooo
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Inneed Of Any Ssce Job Around Somolu Lagos. by abuhubaidah: 11:27pm On Jan 06, 2016

I wanted it for my cousin staying with me. That amount per day na suffering. Thanks though
lol grin real suffering,those people are not helping at all embarassed
Islam for Muslims / Re: . by abuhubaidah: 2:51pm On Jan 04, 2016
Ada'mo llahu aya'taha

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My First Interview by abuhubaidah: 12:34pm On Jan 04, 2016
@OP,we need feedback from you..GOODLUCK
Travel / Re: Cost Of A Nigeria International Passport by abuhubaidah: 10:02am On Jan 02, 2016

Declaration of age sud be about 200 or 500. Not exactly sure since I don't work in the court
okay thanks so much
Travel / Re: Cost Of A Nigeria International Passport by abuhubaidah: 9:43am On Jan 02, 2016

Since you are applying for a fresh passport, it doesn't matter, so long the middle name you want to use is consistent in all your other documents, it would fly.

Or better still you can get declaration of age from the court to avoid stories that touch
i think that would be better..how can I get that here in Lagos and how much?thanks
Travel / Re: Cost Of A Nigeria International Passport by abuhubaidah: 9:29am On Jan 02, 2016

Lost case/stolen passport is only handled in our headquarters here in abuja not lagos
please sis,the middle name on my birth certificate is different from the the one I'm applying with hope I have no problem?
Islam for Muslims / Re: Why Call Yourself “salafi”? by abuhubaidah: 8:34pm On Dec 31, 2015
[quote author=Empiree post=41497565][/quote]before refuting if he said this because a scholar won't say such.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Canada: How Do You Survive? by abuhubaidah: 7:55am On Dec 31, 2015

I missed ur question o
I'm sorry.
What was ur question?
okay bro,how can I apply to a vocational school?do I need any English proficiency exam?i want to learn automotive engineering..thanks
Education / Re: Correction Of Date Of Birth On Waec Certificate. Help!!! by abuhubaidah: 2:03pm On Dec 30, 2015

I submitted my original birth certificate, the to-be-corrected certificate and paid 10k. I was told it would take a year, but I went on the 8th month and was given the corrected certificate.
please is the letter from secondary school a must?
Islam for Muslims / Re: Using Tasbeehyu For Azkar Counting Is Bidiah by abuhubaidah: 8:55am On Dec 30, 2015
For he fact that the finger tips would be our witness so there's no point in using subha.we are all seeking jannah and it's another opportunity for us.if you agree we use then it's thesame as saying we can say anything with our mouth(good or bad).Allah said "إن السمع والبصر والفؤاد كل اولاءك كان عنه مسؤولا
Islam for Muslims / Re: Why Call Yourself “salafi”? by abuhubaidah: 8:01am On Dec 30, 2015
May Allah guide @empiree..he just use his rayuu on everything..I will always advice you to go back to modrasa

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Basic Islamic Hygiene – Shaikh Saalih Al-fawzaan (hafidhahullaah) by abuhubaidah: 7:19am On Dec 30, 2015
Thanks so much for these info..jaza'kumu llahu kayran

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Maolid Nabiy: Haram Or Halal? by abuhubaidah: 6:57am On Dec 30, 2015
So the fact that our predecessors didn't do it,it's not enough evidence..remember that Allah said in his only book"kuntum khayra humo hukrijat li nos tahmuruuno bil mahruuuf wa tenhawna anil munkar"...huzaifah bun yamom said "kulu iba'datin lam yatahabadha asbahabu rosuulu llahi fa tatahabaduuuha"..why doing what you won't get any reward for?are we in these word to plAy?
Islam for Muslims / Re: Maolid Nabiy: Haram Or Halal? by abuhubaidah: 11:31pm On Dec 29, 2015
@dragnet,you don't need to stress yourself much on these issue,@empiree,dont have any proof,all he know is to post videos without bringing authentic proofs..قد عرفنا مقدار علمك ...bring authentic proof(s) if you have one.

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Education / Re: How To Secure A Scholarship Admission To Canadian Universities by abuhubaidah: 3:37pm On Dec 28, 2015

Hmm ol boy ...

I think at this juncture, you will have to consult me at my office.
really?where's your office located?
Education / Re: How To Secure A Scholarship Admission To Canadian Universities by abuhubaidah: 2:57pm On Dec 28, 2015

Call their holiness or go to British council and find out yourself.

If I tell you the cost now, you fit say I Wan Maga you.

Abegi, you no see me o.
easy bro wink I'm on their website now..thanks..can you please suggest some schools?i want to study automotive engineering
Education / Re: How To Secure A Scholarship Admission To Canadian Universities by abuhubaidah: 11:06am On Dec 28, 2015

Go and write Ielts test.

Dem dey write am for National arts theatre, Lagos.
alright thanks for your reply.i guess it's 40k?
Education / Re: How To Secure A Scholarship Admission To Canadian Universities by abuhubaidah: 2:41pm On Dec 27, 2015
Sequel to numerous of private messages enquiries I got after my two posts https://www.nairaland.com/2822230/having-tough-time-academics-read and https://www.nairaland.com/2432779/funny-jjc-experience-canada . There is a common objective in all the mails received. Similarly going by most of the quotes, replies and mentions on the thread it became obvious that everyone wants to know how to secure a scholarship in Canadian universities for graduate programs at master’s level and PhD. The aim of this thread to give detailed step by step procedures during the application phase. Needless to say that when you secure a full scholarship admission in a foreign university, the chances you will be given the visa is 95 percent. They rarely deny or delay scholars . Let’s get started

Graduate programs are basically of two types in Canada. The first being thesis or research based admission and the second project route admission. While thesis based is meant for researchers and people who would not mind a PhD in the near future, project based is mainly suited for students who would prefer to work in the industry hence most project based programs have a coop or work term component…don’t be confused na just IT…but paid IT and it usually runs for 4 months.

Due to the nature of thesis based master’s degree, it is usually more rigorous and highly competitive you know how money matter dey always be now hahahha and as a result, you are given a full scholarship from basically three sources. The first is School of graduate studies; the second is your home department while the third is from Research assistant role or teaching assistant role.
The accumulation of these funds runs in thousands of dollars paid to you per annum. They deduct your tuition and other expenses and pay you the rest on a bi-weekly basis. It is worthy of mention to state explicitly that once you apply for a thesis route masters degree, you need not apply for any other scholarship separately. It comes together like bread and butter in most cases hahahaha. And when you are admitted and you get funding from an external source, they stop the one that comes with your admission hahahahaha you wan hammer ontop scholarship money abi? .

Now the big question is how do I qualify and/or what are the basic requirements. Well for the most part, you need a CGPA of nothing less than a 75 percent in your undergraduate. This is equivalent to a 3.5 on a 5.0 scale. Depending on your choice of program, you may need Gmat or GRE and probably IELTS too as part of supporting documents. As earlier stated the competition is always very fierce. My supervisor told me over 700 applicants submitted while just 15 were chosen. Hence you need to be that irresistible and promising young scholar.

This is where creating a scholarly profile comes in. It is not a requirement most times but I recommend including your scholarly publications in your application and certificates of membership of academic bodies. If you are still an undergraduate, hope still dey. Join IEEE, AIESEC and all these student organizations. And try write some articles also. I did it so you can do it too. Just research and stop being lazy like me hahahha. Moreover, you will need to write a clear and concise statement of purpose clearly stating your research interest and your academic feats. All these writings no be big deal. They are just a perfect avenue to sell yourself to the review panel and make them pee in their pants hahahahhaa thereby creating that enthusiasm to sign you. All these would further strengthen your case and make your application more competitive. As a matter of fact I included all these when I was applying even certificates of presentations and participations in academic conferences in Nigeria.

One of the hurdles in securing a thesis admission is getting a supervisor. That can be very frustrating as I went through the same too. So my advice here is draft a very unique proposal. Not just the normal template we see around. Be creative an instance when I was writing mine I wrote something likes “Sir I read your publications titled database blab blab la bla. While it is educative and interesting if adopted in today’s world of computing, I would like to specifically state that combining your methodology with so so so approach could create a more efficient database system…..I made logical suggestions to one of his works while indirectly critiquing others hahahaha try this with a naija professor at your peril hahahahaha. So write a catchy proposal. Because even if you have a first class, and you can’t get a supervisor, you won’t be admitted. Though some universities do merge student automatically the supervisor of aligning interest but most of them won’t do that.

Above all, pray for favour and goodluck because sometimes the race is not to the swift hahahahaha. Before I return my pen into basket of love, I wish you a prosperous 2016 in advance.
please for undergraduate:-how can I apply into a vocational school and which English proficiency exam do I need?Thanks
Crime / Re: Lagos Policeman Kills Twin Brothers, Their Friend, Himself (graphic Image) by abuhubaidah: 12:43pm On Dec 27, 2015
It's better to avoid argument with those men cry

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Got A Job Recently.need Your Advice Urgently by abuhubaidah: 10:39am On Dec 26, 2015
Thanks all.@sonature.do you know what a big single room cost at Yaba area?I need your relevant answers.
you will get a room for 6k at Alagomeji
Islam for Muslims / Re: Christmas And Non-muslim Family Ties by abuhubaidah: 11:38am On Dec 25, 2015

It's not a matter of debate. Allahu A'alam
And please check the tittle of the thread.
i think you need to seek more knowledge about Islam.jaza'ka llahu kayran

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Christmas And Non-muslim Family Ties by abuhubaidah: 11:05am On Dec 25, 2015

If, however, one accepts the food without agreeing to the Christians’ celebration of Christmas and without having any veneration of Christmas, then the food will not be deemed to be haraam and it will be permissible for him to eat the food. This is, of course, if the food itself is not haraam.
you just have to watch what you say brother..Allah has warned us not to call what is halal haram and not to call haram halal..now let me ask you can we participate when it is Eyo festival?

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Romance / Re: Am I Inlove Or Inlust by abuhubaidah: 9:18am On Dec 25, 2015
U are not in love or lust, rather u are LOST In RIVERINE area maybe!!
lol bro you no nice oooo grin
Politics / Re: Kaduna Government Demolishes All Islamic Movement Properties, Cemeteries - Musa by abuhubaidah: 9:22pm On Dec 24, 2015
Although, I didn't support that action!
PUT TO Check!
But this people call Shiite?
For those who have been to kaduna/leave Zaria to be precise.

Zaria is their headquarter in AFRICA.
Check HISTORY of IRAN...............
Where ZAKZAKY leaves (Gelesu)area in Zaria, everybody there are ABOVE the Nigeria law... they have their laws.
police cannot make an arrest(who born you).
Ask Christians and Muslims who in that area in Zaria!
ask any tribe apart from hause to clear your doubt....
prominent doctrine!
1:spy and conspiracy theories.
they can behave like anybody/religion for years to achieve their aims.
2:spread prostitution/contract marriages/EXchangE WIFE.
very!very! easy to catch undevoted people.
3: shia is a GOVERNMENT.......................
jaza'ka llahu kayran..it's a pity many people don't know the evil of this sect

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