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Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by Acidosis(m): 9:08pm On Feb 21

These items are still available and all prices are negotiable: Cupboard still available: 60k 1.5 horsepower LG Aircon: 70k Sitting room couch : 25k Center rug: 28k All items are located in Gbagada, Lagos. WhatsApp only: zero eight zero nine seven five three two six six seven
happy sales classmate mi smiley
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Why Would You Pay Someone N50k For Jobs Of 4 People? by Acidosis(m): 9:02pm On Feb 21
See madt man o!

See his mouth like proficient graphics designer. 50k wey designers make on one freelance job within 24 hours? Only a graphics designer with a poor and extremely terrible portfolio will apply for this.

Hope this guy knows how much Taxify drivers make in a week sha?
Politics / Re: We've Purchased Secret Cameras That Will Expose Security Personnel - Dino Melaye by Acidosis(m): 10:00pm On Feb 20
Must you boldly said it out? What a nonsense? You set a trap and at the same time shouting and informing the person's involve to take a proper care of themselves not to fall victims. What a childish approach?

You guys don't understand simple psychology. Smh!

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Politics / Re: We've Purchased Secret Cameras That Will Expose Security Personnel - Dino Melaye by Acidosis(m): 9:58pm On Feb 20
Way to go..

Dino following my recommendations
Family / Re: Why Do We Need PIN To Make Transactions Via Banks' USSD? by Acidosis(m): 9:42pm On Feb 20
FCMB won't grant you justice. Whoever stole the money has the pin to the phone/sim and the correct USSD pin. Get your account statement and involve the Nigerian Police, CBN and EFCC.

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Celebrities / Re: Banky W Cooks Food For Adesua Etomi, His Wife by Acidosis(m): 6:45pm On Feb 20

I'm waiting for you...
very well then.. smiley
Celebrities / Re: Banky W Cooks Food For Adesua Etomi, His Wife by Acidosis(m): 6:37pm On Feb 20

Tomorrow that never ends...
Lmao! Now that's funny grin
I'm a changed man cry cry In fact, I'm gonna show up soon
Celebrities / Re: Banky W Cooks Food For Adesua Etomi, His Wife by Acidosis(m): 6:29pm On Feb 20

Right where you left me... cry cry
cry sad
We'll talk tomorrow
Celebrities / Re: Olajumoke Orisaguna & Sunday Orisaguna Face Hard Times, Relationship Threatened by Acidosis(m): 6:16pm On Feb 20

If not well managed. angry
You cannot manage what you did not labour or work for.


Celebrities / Re: Banky W Cooks Food For Adesua Etomi, His Wife by Acidosis(m): 6:15pm On Feb 20

Where have you been? sad sad
Celebrities / Re: Olajumoke Orisaguna & Sunday Orisaguna Face Hard Times, Relationship Threatened by Acidosis(m): 4:49pm On Feb 20
Like yahoo yahoo, overnight transformations and non-merit based fame do not last.


Politics / Re: Election: Prosecute, Don’t Kill Nigerians – Ben Bruce Tells Military by Acidosis(m): 2:38pm On Feb 20
It is well, we should expect more news with this title alleged ballot snatcher.

Celebrities / Re: Banky W Cooks Food For Adesua Etomi, His Wife by Acidosis(m): 9:14pm On Feb 19

You Deltan?

Yes dear tongue , you? smiley smiley
Politics / Re: EXTRA: More Than One Million Dead Persons Will Vote In This Election~ Secondus by Acidosis(m): 8:24pm On Feb 19
The crying political party. How did he got to know the exact number and that they're still going to vote.

The question is are PDP agents not going to be at said polling Units along the Cameroon and Niger border?

If you know you know grin grin

Politics / Re: Mohammed Musa Printed 2019 PVCs, He Is APC Senatorial Candidate by Acidosis(m): 4:04pm On Feb 19

To the general public and readers of this fake news, please kindly disregard the news. INEC chairman is live on TV now and a journalist asked this question and he said it's a big lie. He made ot clear that the PVC card readers were configured by the IT experts in the ICT departmentof the commission and no external vendor was involved. You people should stop spreading lies just because you don't like Buhari.

PVC card reader is not PVC.

Get your facts right.

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Politics / Re: Mohammed Musa Printed 2019 PVCs, He Is APC Senatorial Candidate by Acidosis(m): 2:47pm On Feb 19
But this man was in the PDP for years ,so why are you people complaining .Go and vote for choice candidate.

INEC under PDP gave him contract to supply PVC printing machine [printers].

INEC under APC gave him contract to print PVCs (in his house or office), and supply same alongside other ballot materials to INEC office.

Spot the difference?

Sometimes I still wonder why all government institutions make life so difficult for people. After waiting for over 6-8 months to get their PVCs, you still gave the people reasons to doubt the authenticity of the whole bureaucratic process. Why can't public & government institutions learn from the private sector?

How long does it take to get ATM cards in this same country? How can ATM cards that take an average of 24 hours to produce (15 minutes in Sterling bank) be more credible than voter cards?

We are not ready to move forward in this country. Why can't we make BVN mandatory for +18 years, let everyone register from the comfort of his/her home (since already we have one BVN per individual) and get our PVCs, even National ID, delivered to the nearest bank?

This automatically erases incidences of multiple voting; dual and multiple voter cards (I know people with 2-3 registered voter cards); fake registrations; card theft and possibly vote buying.

These are effortless processes, but we will never get it right as far as we continue to vote and crown inefficient Herdsmen.


Politics / Re: School Feeding Programme Is 'total Corruption', Says NLC by Acidosis(m): 12:48pm On Feb 19
As good as it sounds, poverty alleviation programmes in actual facts in Nigeria have resulted to more poverty in the land.

Imagine giving parents N5000 on a quarterly basis, and feeding their kids with watery soup in poorly ventilated and overcrowded filths. And we call that empowerment? Development?

We can't continue to romance poverty and expect a total liberation in Nigeria. The poor needs to be charged and helped but we must do so on all sustainable grounds to take responsibility.

Those whose mission is to populate the earth with malnourished kids should be dealt with. Education must be enforced and noncompliance criminalized! Good nutrition must be enforced and mandatory. Reckless s e x between 2 unprepared adults after several rounds of burantashi and ogogoro are some of the things we should preach against. Lastly, provide enabling environment and relevant infrastructure for everyone to thrive.

No country grows on handouts and poverty alleviation programmes. If you must give handouts, do so in the name of performance-based constructs. Let recipients know they're being rewarded for their contribution to the society, humanity, etc., not their performance in bed.

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Family / Re: Could My Husband Be Gay??? by Acidosis(m): 10:50am On Feb 19
Your husband's "gay" friend has a wife and 3 concubines (girlfriends)?
So gays do keep like 4 women? That's strange ma'am.

Give that man a breathing space please, and also try to get busy. You don't have to be in each other's lives all the time. Allow him miss you sometimes, and vice versa. It brings live and positive energy to the whole mix.

Your husband wants to miss you. Stop doing the calling 100% and stop freaking out whenever you call. He would definitely come around soon.


Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Acidosis(m): 9:26am On Feb 19
I am confused,if I invest 7million on 91 days tenor at 10.5rate....how will that be calculated?

10.5% is an annual rate. There are 365 days in a year. By investing in a 91 days tenor, you cannot have the same rate and the same calculation with those investing in 181 or 365-day tenors.

To know your interest, find 10.5% of 7 million. Whatever you get, divide it by 4. That's your interest.

Why divide by 4? Well, 91 days in 4 places make one year, so you can't earn the value for a year on a 91 day tenor.


Politics / Re: PDP’s $3m Per State Cash-For-Vote Plot Revealed - The Nation by Acidosis(m): 8:57am On Feb 19
So The Nation (aka Tinubu Newspaper) has the resources to investigate a nationwide issue but none to update the public on the APC branded trailer load of rice and indomitable noodles I saw at Allen Avenue, Ikeja last Friday??
Just few hour before INEC destroyed their vote buying plans?

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Politics / Re: GMB: Aisha Buhari Accused Of Mocking Husband Over Snatch Ballot Boxes Comment by Acidosis(m): 8:36am On Feb 19

The PMB is too handicapped by policies and rules and it is slowing us down as a nation. I want GMB under this democracy umbrella. A PMB wouldnt have done anything to a lying and corrupt CJN but a GMB did and i am happy. We are just a special breed in this country even jaimacans are learning from us. Kilode self? Our own too much as the masses.

The only thing limiting his performance is the lower than valuable IQ and the lack of mental capacity to process governance and economic issues. Even Buhari won't be this ignorant to blame his inefficiencies on rules and policies. Rules and policies are here to stay. Same policies guide private establishments and they are doing just fine.

Supporters of tyranny and corrupt tyrants. We are not in a banana republic. Nigeria is not a one man business, we are all stakeholders in the Nigerian business.

Politics / Re: Is Buhari’s Threat To Ballot Box Snatchers Constitutional? Find Out by Acidosis(m): 10:48pm On Feb 18

You can always be counted on to support any kind of criminality as long as it's anti your political sentiment.

Go and carry ballot box if you dare, you'd think it's Obasanjo era you & anonimi dey do, you go damo, try am. undecided

CC ... Corinthians come & see your bros. wink

Supporters of Jubril El Salam. Afa?? No shoot-at-sight order on Killer herdsmen in Benue?
Crime / Re: Boy Macheted By Fulani Herdsmen In Nasarawa While Harvesting Cashew Nuts Graphic by Acidosis(m): 10:32pm On Feb 18
God will never forgive you, tyrant Buhari. Even if you eventually win, the souls of the dead will continue to haunt you.

Ballot snatchers deserve your kill at sight order, while killer herdsmen deserve to be investigated? No jungle justice order on killer herdsmen?



Politics / Re: IGP Adamu Orders For Investigation Of Policemen Displaying APC 4+4 Sign by Acidosis(m): 10:30pm On Feb 18
Politics / Re: "Jungle Justice": Buhari's Ballot Box Snatching Warning Got Nigerians Talking by Acidosis(m): 10:23pm On Feb 18
If these evil politicians give you money to go and snatch ballot boxes, simply tell them to award the contract to their children.
And if you go ahead to snatch ballot boxes, you will spend the rest of your miserable life in jail, it is in the constitution.
Only evil people, bastards, children of hate and perdition will find fault with the President's speech in condemning evil.

Wow! shocked.
This time around, it will definitely be their last!


Mai Suya, the supporter of tyranny and hooliganism. This seems like a perfect opportunity to finally market your dead meat suya at the other side of the world. When you're gone, we would tag you a ballot snatcher

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Politics / Re: "Jungle Justice": Buhari's Ballot Box Snatching Warning Got Nigerians Talking by Acidosis(m): 10:15pm On Feb 18
This statement alone would reduce voter population by at least 25%.

This blood thirsty vagabond do not seem to understand the weighty implications of this statement. How do you instruct armed men to shoot at sight ballot snatchers? What's wrong with getting them arrested and handling them to the appropriate authority (Police and court of law)??
Are we practising Sharia law?

Knowing how useless the police and soldiers can be, only the courageous would go 100km close to the polling units. Imagine killing an innocent man?? How can a dead man prove his case/innocence?

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Travel / Re: What Are The Benefits Of Living In Lekki? by Acidosis(m): 7:54pm On Feb 17

So if we marry, you'll move me to the mainland? embarassed
Yes darling smiley I knew you would see my post cheesy
Travel / Re: What Are The Benefits Of Living In Lekki? by Acidosis(m): 7:52pm On Feb 17

There are lots of good and sane estates on the Mainland, and Magodo phase 1 is one. smiley I have been to Lekki phase 1, I have been to Magodo phase 1, and there's isn't much difference aside the fact that the former is bigger and, of course, modern. If you're looking for big men and women in the society, you will find them in both locations.


Travel / Re: What Are The Benefits Of Living In Lekki? by Acidosis(m): 4:02pm On Feb 17
I would rather live in Magodo (Mainland) than reside in Ibeju-Lekki (Island).

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Politics / Re: PDP Youth Leaders Updating Atiku On How They Paid 200K To Groups For Campaigns by Acidosis(m): 7:43am On Feb 17
How can you mobilize people to campaign ground without spending?

Mobilisation to campaign grounds is not vote buying.

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Politics / Re: There Are Over 100 Salary Structures In Federal Civil Service’ by Acidosis(m): 3:26am On Feb 17
FIRS is a revenue generating parastatal, you can't compare it with other sectors that don't generate income through tax.

The entire civil service is so messed up. This is why all sane Nigerians must support Atiku's plan for a partial liberalisation of some of our so called national asset.

Imagine the manner at which you relegated the income generating potential of NTA. So 50k is justifiable for a level 8/9 staff of a national cable TV? Do you know how much workers earn at Channels or TVC? or Mo Abudu's EbonyLife TV at Ilupeju?

Warped salary structure in the civil service is a matter of insanity and illiteracy, not revenue. You would be surprised to hear some agencies under the same civil service that generates little to nothing, yet pays their workers handsomely.

Have you ever heard an agency called Petroleum Equalisation Fund (Management) Board (PEF(M)B)? Your answer should be no because I'm confident 98% of Nigerians have never heard of that agency. That is just one of the many agencies under the civil service that pays their workers way more than they generate. You cannot work in PEF for 10 years and not own at least an exotic SUV and a duplex in Lagos Island. When it comes to wealth, an average FIRS worker is a pauper.

The above is why I said the issue isn't about revenue generation, but insanity, ignorance and illiteracy at the leadership level. It will shock you to know that many of your senators do not understand how minimum wage works. It is that bad.
Family / Re: I Am So Depressed Please Help Me....... by Acidosis(m): 8:51pm On Feb 16
How about a DNA test? The man you call father might have a secret deal with your "helpless" mom.

That being said, your story is very difficult to comprehend. Do you share same phone and salary account with your dad?

Anyways, you need to stop "buying" his love with your salary. Fatherly love is divine and innate. If the man you call father cannot love you and treat you well (at no cost), then he is not your father.


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