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Religion / Re: What to do when You're Wrongly/Falsely Accused by ademchij: 12:52pm On Oct 01
Q: Why are you being accused in the first place?

A: It's part of the trials and tribulations the opponents of godliness oppose on the godly.


A: You'll be tempted to feel quite angry and either lash out aggressively or defensively. In both cases, lashing out will most likely complicate issues.

Experts in accusations defense and prosecution say that:
"even when the person accused is not guilty, the attitude of the accused person is enough to make him/her look guilty"

Your attitude towards your accusers, and towards the accusation will either deescalate the issue or make it become more complicated.

Even when you're not guilty; making an issue become complicated through your reactions can make you look guilty.

If it's a legal case ensure you hire the best legal luminaries in the legal business.
1. Do not admit you're guilty,
2. Do not insist you're innocent, in some cases it makes your accusers more determined,
3. Do not underestimate how far your accusers may be willing to go to incriminate you,
4. If you're very sure you're not guilty, only insist that proper investigations should be carried out,
5. Provide convincing evidence where and when necessary.
6. Be prayerful, freedom from all kinds of trials and tribulations comes from God.
Remain Blessed!
Yours Sincerely;
Apostle Constance C. Friday
General Overseer of RLGC

Celebrities / Re: Regaining the Trust of the Church after Collabo with FreeNation was difficult by ademchij: 12:51pm On Oct 01
News: Regaining the trust of the Nigerian Church/Christian Community after collaboration with the Free Nation crew was quite difficult.
- says Apostle Constance C. Friday

In his own exact words he says:
"The Church or Christian Community regarded me as an outsider for a while. Even after my second ministerial ordination, a few of my colleagues in Ministry always wore eyeglasses before attending to pertinent spiritual issues or cases presented by me.
I don't hate Daddy Freeze anyways but I have to represent what I represent correctly.
Thanks for all the Support.
Yours Sincerely;
Apostle Constance C. Friday.
Celebrities / Re: When Sick Drama finds a Good Actor by ademchij: 12:50pm On Oct 01
"I've read the scripts of the movie you want me to feature in, honestly that role is trashy, and beneath me"
Get another actor.

Movie History/Fact:
Before the movie "The Matrix" was shot; superstar actor Will Smith was invited to play the role of villian (aka boss) in the movie, but Will Smith turned it down. The movie producers were so pissed that they named the villian role of "The Matrix"; Agent Smith."

They say a good actor doesn't turn down scripts, but a great actor is selective of the kind of roles he/she plays in the movies they feature in.
Music/Radio / Re: Sing This Song EVERYDAY by ademchij: 12:50pm On Oct 01
Video from Apostle Constance C. Friday
Watch and know the lyrics of the song:
Politics / Re: Dr Chike Akunyili's Murder; a Demoralizing Antic by ademchij: 12:49pm On Oct 01
News - Apostle Constance C. Friday condems the gruesome murder of Dr Chike Akunyili.

In his own exact words he says:
"These terrorizing, silencing and demoralizing antics won't stop the truth from being the truth. What is, is what it is. If you take out your luminaries, your nation will perish in darkness.

Poison is still poison even if it's wrapped in colorful sugarcoatings.

The murder of Dr Chike Akunyili is the maximum height of absolute disregard for the honor of the honorable, nobility of the noble and greatness of the great.

The South East and Nigeria as a nation must not sit down and watch in silence.

We will not be silenced or demoralized by evil. The killers of Dr Chike Akunyili should face the consequences.

May his gentle soul Rest in Peace.
Yours Sincerely;
Apostle Constance C. Friday
Politics / Re: Goodluck Jonathan: If Not For God, I Would Have Been Buried Politically by ademchij: 3:27am On Sep 23
Politics / Re: I'm a politically neutral Person by ademchij: 3:27am On Sep 23
I'm a politically neutral person. It's what my duty requires.
Some Folks say it's not possible to be politically neutral, but i respectfully disagree with them.
Political neutrality is attained by protecting and defending the interests of humanity genuinely and absolutely altruistically.
Here i stand in my regalia of duty stating once again to the whole world that i stand politically neutral.
This statement should not be regarded as an apology, it is what it is. It is as i say it is. I'm politically neutral. Thanks.
Celebrities / Re: Marlians read and study your books by ademchij: 3:26am On Sep 23
The current rave and frenzy amongst youths of today is not a new thing. Lots of youths are fans of well doing musicians, thespians, celebrities etc.
All over the neighbourhood, teenagers and youths are yelling "Marlians".
Most of you do exactly what you see on tv, in music videos etc not knowing it's all part of the industry's commercial antics. Why mimic things that will destroy your future?
Did you know Naira Marley for example has a networth of at least $500k and he hopes to double that figure in the nearest future? Those who have are looking for more.
Think clearly, and see things clearly. In about a decade or more those who follow these celebrities blindly will become unemployed, frustrated, broke, poor, in one terrible life crisis or the other while the so called stars they follow smile to the bank with "more royalties".
Think twice, think more, think.and grow rich. Dear Marlians read and study your books. (Also study the Bible, get closer to God).
Don't throw your future away.

Health / Re: Mental Wellness and Suicide by ademchij: 3:25am On Sep 23
He said and i quote: " My Mental health has been on Life Support since, but as we all know, life support is expensive"
So he decided to take his own life.
He must have tried to let People know, but no one listened, very few cared and according to him, they added extra days to his stay here.
Then i realise that adding extra days was only Extending his silent suffering and pain, rather that do that the goal should've been to take that thought away from the core of his thoughts, but it was there until.he made up his mind. To Self Destruct.
Let us take issues of depression and suicide amongst us more seriously than we presently do. Suicide is a mindset, if thoughts of ending it all just for the heck of it keeps recycling in the subconscious mind (psyche/heart) of a person, it could grow and transfer to the conscious mind (cerebral cortex) and then when it matures via the CNS such a fellow will boldly carry out the act of self snuffing (aka Suicide).
We tend to look at being suicidal with insensitivity and tactlessness, "eh go and kill yourself na" , "person wey don die don die" and "wetin dey worry you gan sef, na only you get problem, all of us get issue" plus several and many other careless and insensitive remarks we often make thinking a person is "Strong and aggresive enough to bear them"
What if your own child is involved? Do we think that way? These Young folks who snuffed themselves last week were leading life like normal but just thought it better to end it all.
And like i said it's a mere thought which the words of GOD can uproot because they're sownin their minds and heart by Satan.
Speak the word of GOD to someone today and be sincere with it as you do. You may not know whose life you're saving.
I remember during my active days as a Youth Leader in TREM Church, i met one Sister after an evening service (very beautiful she was indeed) and while chatting with her i began instinctively (Holy Spirit led instincts) to quote parts of the scripture to her e.g Jeremiah 29:11, 32:27, etc etc. Then just that moment she smiled (that was the first time i saw her smile since she joined us in the TREM assembly i was active in) and then she said "I wanted to do something (very bad i presume) but because of these words i've completely changed my mind, i'll no longer do it, i feel much better now"
Many folks are in Church with dying souls or dead souls, and some Pastors don't know how they make matters worse, when they keep shouting "make money, make money, get rich all you poor people amongst us or die trying, our pastors have turned our Church sermons to 50 Cent's sold out concerts while a soul is waiting for just one true Godly Holy Spirit inspired Word to jerk it up and out of black waters by unplanting the seeds of the Devil tormenting it.
May the Souls of the Music Minister at Abuja, the UNN undergraduate and other great people across the country and abroad who couldn't bear it any more and decided to self snuff rest in peace In Jesus name.

Apostle Constance Friday is a Preacher, Teacher, Writer, an expert in Human Behaviour and a Counselor. He's the Most Supreme Shepherd of Real Life Missions International, a Gospel Propagating Organization with Global reach and presence.
Politics / Re: There's Nothing Political About Freedom Fighting. by ademchij: 3:23am On Sep 23
The problem with some of my fellow Freedom fighters is that they politicize their freedom fighting.
Once a pure representation of the voice of the People or the masses gets colored with some political undertones or overtones, it exposes the freedom fighter to lopsided views of his/her motives of fighting.
Could it be self centered? (is he/she fighting for his/her belly or bank accounts?) Or Could it be Politically motivated? (is he/she directly or indirectly campaigning for the incumbent or opposing political party?)
Freedom Fighting or campaigns for the welfare of the masses of a nation should just be purely what it is: A clamour for the respectful delivery of the dues of the citizens of a country and citizens of the world.
There are People who wouldn't do the due except the fighters and protesters slap a protest on them.
As a Human Rights activists there's absolutely nothing political about my participation in protests for the masses, no matter which political group is the incumbent party in political leadership.
However that doesn't mean i'll turn a blind eye to some things that are not right, right now.
The blood-shed in various parts of the country (in places like Benue, Taraba, Kaduna, Zamfara States etc), the fact that almost 200+ Schoolgirls both from Chibok and Dapchi in North-Eastern Nigeria are still missing and are yet to be re-united with their families, plus many more.
All these have nothing to do with politics, they are plain issues of humanitarian crisis, and need to be addressed responsibly by the government on seat.
We will continue to say the Truth, for it is the only cure for our wounds and the surest path to life and real freedom.
- John 8:32

Apostle Constance Friday is a prolific Preacher, Teacher, Writer and Human Rights Activists, he's the President of Stance Foundation an NGO allied with various well known global humanitarian organizations and he's the Most Supreme Shepherd (Worldwide) of Real Life Missions International, a gospel organization that operates globally.
Crime / Re: Lekki Residents Thank Vice President, Presidency Etc For Helping To Fight Crime. by ademchij: 3:20am On Sep 23
Ever since the residents of Lekki Peninsula openly complained about the rise in the spate of crime within Lekki, security activities within the area has been beefed up.
I was at an occasion recently and there was heavy military presence, no discrimination whatsoever between the ordinary and elites.
Residents of Lekki wish to use this medium to thank the Presidency, the current Vice President of Nigeria in the person of Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, the State Governor and Chairmen of both Eti-Osa and Ibeju-Lekki areas of Lekki Peninsula plus other stakeholders for helping to restore calm to Lekki, especially after the conflicts that exploded following the passing away of Chief Fatai Olumegbon (Paramount Traditional Ruler of Ajah, Lekki).
Lekki residents are grateful and hope to continue to feel safe and protected from berserk criminal activities.
Crime / Re: A Well Organised Cartel Is Behind Most Criminal Activities In Lekki Peninsula by ademchij: 3:20am On Sep 23
The "Crime Cartel" operating in Lekki and Lagos Island is well organised, has many Folks working in it, they are tithe paying members of Big Churches and Cathedrals. They're pure criminals in their ways of operation. Though they appear good looking outwardly.
Military concentration is necessary in Lekki Peninsula, to restore law and order.
This same crime cartel supports Cultism, they fund and support cult activities fyi...
Nairaland / General / Re: Standing On the Frontline Fighting for the Masses by ademchij: 3:19am On Sep 23
I thank God for People like Firaz Hanna (Human Rights Activist from London UK) who just replied me on #Twitter tonight. Folks like @FirazHanna, give me a slap on the back to keep on keeping on. May GOD continue to bless them.
Honestly within the last 24-48hrs i was quite discouraged or let me say demoralized and wanted to withdraw into my shell by the comments filtering through reliable feedbacks to my hearing of how some People view or deduce my activities.
They only see me running around in the prime time to join some ends together, but they do not see the overloaded case files of volatile Humanitarian issues we deal with (i deal with) most of them on my office desk.
Issues that need to be tackled with great intelligence to prevent a public misdemeanor or social misunderstanding that can lead to crisis. Yet deliver the necessary results, keep us safe from wicked souls who wish to see many of you piled up lifeless.
That's why every effort by bad bellied ignoramus in this society to stamp a bad name on the face of Charlie Boy ( @areafada1) aka Area Fada won't sink in, Charlie Boy plus the likes of Yemi Adamolekun, Omoyele Sowore, Dr Joe Odumakin, Mama Oby Ezekwesili, Falz the Bahd Guy, Pastor Reno Omokiri, Veteran Singer Onyeka Onwenu, Free The Sheeple/Free Nation Convener Daddy Freeze & his wife Benedicta Elechi, Femi Kuti, Seun Kuti plus the entire team including Jyga Collins and co, Audu Maikori plus other celebrities such as Tuface, Seyi Law, Yomi Fabiyi, plus so many other good hearted People have fought tooth and nail for The People, they speak up for the masses.
Never assume we are only after our pockets or bellies, we are after creating a better country and continent for you, through our protests, campaigns, teachings, orientations, public and secret activities. It's not every button we push for the masses that are on display publicly.
Are you aware that there's a secret conspiracy against Africa? Dr Pat Utomi revealed some hints to us during the last lecture he was invited to deliver at Salem Church Lekki.
Have you ever wondered how many black bodies drown in the mediterranean annually? What was the real reasons why some African leaders are killed? etc etc
All these are what we deal with on our office desks (my office desk) daily.
I'm just saying this to inform some of you, who think i'm among those unleashing a dark cloud of bad economy on the masses. Think again.
Pls tell me where the next protest for the masses will take place, let me show up and stand in the frontline like i, areafada and many other people did during the last big protest that took place in Lagos.
We fight and speak for the People.
So help me God., So help us God.
Solidarity Forever.
Aluta Continua,
Victoria Acerta.
I will stand in the frontline of the next big protest for the masses, if you ever hear of one, pls let me know.

Apostle Constance Friday is the Most Supreme Shepherd of Real Life Missions Organization and the President of Stance Foundation. He's a prolific Preacher, Teacher and Writer. An expert in Peace and Conflict analysis, a Humanitarian and Human Rights Activist with affiliations to well known global Humanitarian organizations.
Religion / Re: Seperating The Wheat From The Weeds/Tares by ademchij: 3:19am On Sep 23
Our field work is the work of harvest of souls that are ripe and ready for harvest. Soul that are truly eager and enthusiastic for the truth.
Everything we teach is pure truth from the scriptures.
Our text for this article is from Matthew 13:15-17 and Matthew 13:18-33
It takes someone who truly digs deep literarily, historically etc to dig out the keys of the kingdom locked up like secret passwords in the entire terrain of the scriptures.
Read Matthew 18:18.
Rhonda Byrne for example in her books the Secret unlocked hidden secrets in the Bible that were hidden cryptically like passcodes to a successful life for proper use by those who are real enthusiasts of Truth. I'm grateful to GOD for people like her who are called to reveal hidden secrets on the scriptures.
Our job as real Preachers is to discover more of those codes and unveil them to you who are true and sincere enthusiasts of righteousness.
Read Matthew 5:6
The exposure of truth in it's clearest form is the release of Light that scares and threatens agents of satan who pose as agents of light rob many of their true callings plus destiny and lead many astray.
These are Men and Women who have totally rejected the truth in their hearts but act religious, promote religion and do all kinds of things just to stay in game.
They run the gospel business like a drug cartel or mafian hierachy, which is far from what Christ commanded us.
They are like the tares in the parable of the sower. The Sower (Jesus Christ) allowed the tares (Sown by Satan) to grow, he didn't destroy them but as it's written, A TIME OF SEPERATION CAME.
The tares represents "the perversions of satan" by his perverts.
The Devil perverts everything, including scriptural quotations and it takes being strong and deep rooted in truth to discern and recognise when the devil is at work in the form of a fake episcope, pastor or worker of iniquity.
Read Matthew 4:1-11
These Folks are agents of Satan and they work for the Devil not for GOD at all.
GOD didn't call them.
Beware so you won't follow them along to destruction for the time of seperation is here and soon all the tares will be cast into fire.
When you notice the brazen features of the tares which Christ taught in the text of this article, then you'll be able to come out from amongst them lest you get destroyed.
Read Matthew 13:18-33 for the rest of the message. Thank You.

Apostle Constance Friday is the Most Supreme Shepherd of Real Life Missions International & Founder of CFM Global Gospel outreach.
Religion / Re: Late Rev. Lawan Andimi Honored By Real Life Gospel Org. by ademchij: 3:18am On Sep 23
Real Life Missions International administrators of Real Life Gospel Church observed 60 Seconds of silence in honor of murdered CAN Chairman of Michika in Adamawa State, late Rev. Lawan Andimi
Rev. Lawan was murdered in cold blood by Boko Haram insurgents after negotiations for the payment of ransom for and bids for his release failed.
We sincerely sympathise with his Family and Ministry.
May his gentle soul Rest in Peace.
Apostle Constance Friday.
Religion / Re: Beware Of House On The Rock Church & It's Members by ademchij: 3:17am On Sep 23
General Public if you want to be safe; when i warn you about a person, an issue or a place, and i ask you to jump, don't ask questions, just jump.
You'll Thank me later.

Beware of House On The Rock Church, Beware of House on the Rock members.
I know what i'm saying.
A Church where their Pastor tells them to steal and steal big, to be bold about cultism or cult membership, cult activism, a Church that thrives on criminality and shenaniganism etc is not a safe/good place for anyone who truly wants to follow Christ to be.
My Instagram account hacking is a latest proof and evidence of what i'm saying: a criminal contractor who is their member did it.
They've contracted criminals to come and threaten me all kinds of threats. One Criminal who is their member threatened to steal my BVN and shut down my bank account, to steal my ATM and withdraw all my dough, threats of violence, violent attacks, death threat etc... yes i got death threat from House On The Rock leadership and membership and some of the threats were carried out.
I was kidnapped and robbed few days to Experience concert 2017 (Strategically) after i had answered a phone call with a contracted criminal who is also their member.
That incident was well planned by the shenanigan/criminal institution guised as a Church to deceive the public.
Criminality and Shenaniganism is how a Preacher is supposed to spread the gospel right?
Criminals go to Church and get changed and converted but that place is a place where they're encouraged to be more Criminal than ever.
So beware of House On The Rock members.
Doing business with them or having them as allies/colleagues etc isn't just a big risk, it's a stupid risk.
If you have a friend or neighbour who is a House On The Rock member. Tighten security around you. Don't say i didn't warn you.
Beware of House On The Rock and House On The Rock members. Beware!
Follow my New Instagram account
The old one was hacked by the Criminal that works for them.
Reliable information has it that the cyber thief (who is their Member) is auctioning it or selling it!
Nairaland / General / Re: NIGERIA: a terrible Place To Be A Honest Person. by ademchij: 3:16am On Sep 23
Dishonesty, corruption, and crime is in every country in this world but in countries that are truly civil and sane, the system is in place to make sure they're in check and due justice is rendered when due.
Did you know that in truly civilized Countries, a Crime Committed 50 years ago is still punishable if the offender is caught today?
Yes, all i wanna say is that more needs to be done to make this country a place where People don't get away with crime just because they can buy the judge and the jury and to all judges and juries ensure your conscience and crystal clear perception of Truth is not for sale.
Many things can be bought but not everything can be sold.
Read Ecclesiastes 7:7, Proverbs 23:23
Celebrities / Re: Don't be the Mental Slave of any Celebrity by ademchij: 3:16am On Sep 23
It is quite easy to enslave young minds because the youthful age is the age when most youths look up to role models who are what their fantasies look like.
Fantasies are very different from dreams and fantasies are very misleading.
Most Celebrities play the game of fantasy with their fans, a very large fraction of what you see on tv, watch in movies, hear in their songs are not real.
They're playing the fantasy trick on you.
Always pay attention to the alternative details about a Celebrity/Public Icon, don't just Follow People blindly.
Mental Slavery is defined as Following a Leader/Celebrity blindly without paying attention to alternative arguments about him/her.
Such things can destroy entire generations of great People.
Have a mind of your own.
Say No to Mental Slavery.
Don't Be a Mental Slave to anybody.
Don't be a Mental Slave to any Celebrity.
Crime / Re: Residents Of Lekki Peninsula laments an increase In Crime Rate. by ademchij: 3:15am On Sep 23
Lekki Peninsula, Lagos, Nigeria is the home to an estimated 1.5-3 million Nigerians and Lagosians (growing from an estimated 450-500 thousand in 2011) plus expatriates and is one of the top 10 richest local government areas of Nigeria.
Lately the spate of crime and violence within Lekki Peninsula, Lagos has sky rocketed with trails of extreme violence here and there.
Some residents claim this rise in crime is linked to the recent passing of the traditional ruler of Ajah, Lekki Eti-Osa Area, High Chief Fatai Olumegbon. Criminologist also blame the rise in crime to willful joblessness on the side of most young folks in Lekki.
Most Young Folks/Youths are after quick money, many are absolutely jobless, betting/game houses are packed full to the brim with youths who have no job or entrepreneural pre-occupation.
Some are ready made tools for thuggery and all kinds of vices by rich folks who get a high from bullying and oppression.
Concentric areas within Lekki Peninsula such as Ilaje Community Ajah, General Paints bus stop, Abraham Adesanya, Gbara ,Jakande Estate area/Beachgate road (Opposite Shoprite), Itedo adjacent Lekki Phase 1, etc.
These communities are adjacent very rich and luxurious well secured estates and mansions including the private residence of the Vice President of Nigeria and many well known governmental and non governmental dignitaries.
Cult Clashes, gun battles, robberies, bag snatching, rape, kidnapping, etc are a regular occurence.
Law abiding and peace loving residents of Lekki Peninsula are calling on the state and federal government to do something urgent about the situation.
It is also well known that cultist are often brought from other areas e.g Ikorodu, Epe, and Ogun State to come and cause havoc within Lekki Peninsula.
We appeal to the government to deploy security agents to help put things under control and allow Lekki residents sleep with both eyes closed.

Apostle Constance Friday is a Teacher, Preacher, Humanitarian and a Peace and Conflict analyst.
Crime / Re: Nigeria Will Truly Improve If The NPF Handles All Crime Cases Equally by ademchij: 3:15am On Sep 23
I'm quite impressed with the way the Nigerian Police Force handled the case of the slain Billionaire from Anambra State (Late Chief Ignatius Odunukwe).
If every Civil crime case is handled with the same accuracy, efficacy, intelligence and dexterity, Nigeria is sure to be a Country desirable to live in, relocate to and invest in.
Education only transforms an individual, it doesn't really cure the society of evil. Justice is the cure to all social menaces.
Nigerians need a justice system is there for them, the solution to their worries and not the tool of oppression in the hands of the rich against the richer.
Crime / Re: Lekki, Ibeju-lekki & Epe Areas In Lagos Needs Stronger Military Presence by ademchij: 3:14am On Sep 23
It's no news that most communities within these Localities have noticable high rates and spate of Crime, Cultism and Tyrannous activities without adequate Checks even by the Police.
Frankly and Truthfully speaking, the amount of Policemen and mobile Police operatives within the region are not sufficient enough to curb the crime within the region.
An Average Criminal or Cultist in Lekki, Ibeju Lekki or Epe isn't afraid of the Police, this has to change if Crime is going to reduce remarkably in this part of Lagos city.
Over the past 365 days alone lots of lives were lost to Crime, Cult Clashes and other petty criminal actions within these areas mentioned.
A heavier Military presence can turn things around in these parts of Lagos, because we can't control crime successfully in our Country if criminals are not afraid of Policemen or afraid of the consequences of breaking the law.
It's up to the Federal and State Government to decide, as i speak, Lekki Peninsula ranks very high in crime rate within Lagos.
Celebrities / Re: I predicted Taliban takeover of Afghanistan says Apostle Constance C. Friday by ademchij: 3:12am On Sep 23
Text: Galatians 2:20
You don't need black magic or consultation of demonic agents to see the future clearly, all you need to do is to fine tune your spiritual antenna with consecration and you'll begin to have Spiritual DSTV and StarTimes without burning your candle at both ends.
Although Apostle Constance C. Friday doesn't brag or over emphasize his Spiritual gifts above the main thing (Rightly dividing God's Word) he sure does have the gift of Prophecy.
Here are a few things Apostle Constance C. Friday predicted in the course of Preaching and Teaching the Gospel on Real Life Gospel Church's Media platform.
1. A Global meltdown of some sort,
2. Chelsea winning 2021 Champions league,
3. Taliban takeover of Afghanistan,
4. Secession issues in Nigeria,
5. Euro 2020 results,
6. Winner of Project fame 2016,
Plus many more
I give God all the Glory
Obadiah 1:17 says it all
God Bless you.
We will rebroadcast our 5th year anniversary message on August 29 so you could hear when the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan was predicted.
Most of the predictions are coded and stylish but don't put all your focus on receiving Prophecies.
Focus on what God's Word teaches us to do.
On WhatsApp
It's not me, it's God.
Galatians 2:20, Phillipians 4:13
Much Love.
Celebrities / Re: One of MY MENTORs and his Wife just passed on by Apostle Constance C. Friday by ademchij: 3:11am On Sep 23
This is an official statement from me:
Written with my own hands
One of my Mentors whom brought me up in God's ways from as far back as my teenage years up till date has passed on to Eternal Glory, along with his Wife our beloved Matriarch and Deaconess.
Late Overseer Isaac Oladele Aduroja gave me the most valuable gift of the Gospel.
An Apostolic anointing and Apostolic training.
Overseer Isaac Oladele Aduroja and his Wife Deaconess Subusola S. Aduroja were Ministers of The Apostolic Church, LAWNA Axis of Ebutte Metta, Yaba, Lagos Mainland.
Their constructive impact on my life is unforgettable.
I welcomed the news with shock and sadness because I never noticed trails of sicknesses when we last met, and I never knew that would be the last time we'll meet.
I advise all readers of this post to make sure they make out some quality time to spend with their loved ones, no one knows when God will say "Time Up" it's time to come home. Most important of all, if you've not yet accepted Jesus Christ and become born again, accept him now before it's too late. There's no repentance in the grave.
I love my Mentor and his Wife and I regard them as my very own Parents.
I'm presently trying to contact his Children and other family members.
May God grant their souls Eternal Rest in Heaven in Jesus name.
Typed word by word by :
Apostle Constance C. Friday.

Video Tributes to my Mentor (Part 1):


Video Tributes to my Mentor (Part 2):

Celebrities / Re: Some Celebs with a huge Fan Base tell and Teach Lies to their Fans by ademchij: 3:10am On Sep 23
Sift through and verify everything you're taught on Social Media by Folks with overcrowded accounts.
- says Apostle Constance C. Friday

During a recent chat with a fan on Nairaland, Apostle Constance C. Friday told his fans to sift everything they're told/taught on Social Media by Celebs/Persons with an overcrowded fanbase.

*The presence of crowd on a person's Social media accounts doesn't mean they're saying or representing the truth.

Don't be deceived!
Politics / Re: Apostle Constance Friday sends condolences to Gani Fawehinmi's Family by ademchij: 3:08am On Sep 23
My sincere condolences goes to the Gani Fawehinmi's family over the recent news of the death of his First Son; Mohammed Gani Fawehinmi.
May his gentle Soul Rest in Peace.
The great legacy left behind by our Father Gani Fawehinmi (Nigeria's first Senior Advocate of the Masses) will not be forgotten.
Much love.
Rest in Peace.
Celebrities / Re: I won't betray Nigeria/Nigerians even If i'm Half Asleep: Apst Constance Friday by ademchij: 3:08am On Sep 23
"Relax, stop panicking says Apostle Constance C. Friday, a good name is better than silver and gold.
Trust me, i know what i'm doing.
Any decisions i make will always be in the best interest of the good People of Nigeria.
My job is risky but I'm not scared.
This place is my home, i won't destroy my home even if I'm sleepwalking."

These and more were the words of Apostle Constance C. Friday as People visibly expressed their worries of the outcome of sensitive negotiations presently on going with the international diplomatic committee on security and social development.
Be rest assured we shall do all we can to ensure everybody is safe and happy. God Bless Nigeria.
Yours Sincerely;
Apostle Constance C. Friday.
President of Stance Foundation Org.
Apostle Constance C. Friday is a Peace Ambassador, Senior Advocate of the Masses (SAM), a team member of Amnesty International, and other important humanitarian groups.
He's been part of several movements for the safety and well being of People both within the Country and globally.
Everything i am and everything i do is by the Grace of God.
Philippians 4:13
Politics / Re: IBB One Of Nigeria's Best Leaders by ademchij: 3:07am On Sep 23
Forwarded from Stance Foundation
We use this means to wish IBB a very Happy Birthday, according to Stance Foundation's list of best leaders of various countries across the world, IBB is one of Nigeria's best leaders based on the following points

*Military restrategization and movement of Capital City to Abuja,

*Urbanization and infrastructural development of major cities in Nigeria,

*Creation of New States, including my home sweet home Enugu State,

*Support of the fight for freedom from Apharteid and the release of Dr Nelson Mandela from jail in South Africa,

*All round Security that enhanced economic and sociological recovery from the negative effects of the Civil War.

Every Saint has some taint but despite the few glitches IBB is ranked as one of the best leaders of Nigeria alongside a couple of other big names.

This message was compiled by
Stance Foundation.
Stance Foundation is not a political organization.

Your comments are welcome.
Celebrities / Re: House On The Rock contributed nothing to Who i am Today by ademchij: 3:06am On Sep 23
I've been hearing rumors that the leadership of House On the Rock for these past 5 years has been telling everyone who has ears that they contributed so much to whom I am today. That I'm an ingrate, that I left without coming to kiss their buttocks etc, etc
I just want everyone to know it's A BIG LIE.
I'm not the type that forgets the good things that People do or did to me.
I therefore want to reiterate and relist the various Churches and Gospel Ministers that brought me up and played major roles in whom I've become today.
(1.) Anglican Church Ebute Metta and Surulere:
Childhood Days in Church,
(2.) Deeper Life Bible Church:
Where i accepted Christ Jesus in the year 1995 at age 10,
(3.) Amazing Grace Pentecostal Church: Where I first got Baptised in the Year 2000,
(4.) Overseer Isaac Oladele Aduroja and his Wife Deaconess Subusola S. Aduroja of The Apostolic Church: Taught and trained me extensively in the ways of God and Christ during my teenage years and early adulthood,
(5.) The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM) c/o Bishop Mike Okonkwo: Ministerial Training, ordained me as a Youth Pastor, year 2005,
(6.) Reverend Samuel U. Williams: (Helped me a lot when I had difficulties, 2nd Baptism),
(7.) Various Branch Pastors, Church Leaders and Deacons of TREM (Offered, love advise and support during trying times in my 20s),
(8.) Apostle Ability Cosmas Dan:
Further training and 2nd Ordination after I started full time Ministry in 2016,
(9.) Dominion City Church:
Support and 3rd Baptism,
(10) Family, Friends and Well wishers: Supported me in many ways that I'm grateful for today.
Beloved, as you can see the big liars called House On The Rock Church didn't do sh* to up my game, not even a droplet or gobbet, in fact nothing.
Yet they kept rambling and bragging like thugs in tuxedos that they gave the whole world to me.
I tell them to stop lying about me leaving them, I don't even f*ing know them!
Yours Sincerely;
Apostle Constance C. Friday.
Lead Pastor of Real Life Gospel Church.

I give God all the Thanks for whom I've become today.

God Bless everyone who has helped me in one way or another.
Religion / Re: The 5 POWER TOOLS of Real Christians by ademchij: 3:05am On Sep 23
Video Title:
5 Power Tools of Real Christians
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Politics / Re: Many Nigerian Media Houses are carrying out Social Engineering projects by ademchij: 3:04am On Sep 23
For your information Dear Friends,
If you're the type that relies on Media houses for the right information, you're checking for a rare gem where it cannot be found.
Reliable information contained in our secretly carried out investigations show that majority of our Nigerian radio stations, TV stations, news print industries etc actually are carrying out Social Engineering projects and contracts.
So while listening to what they present, don't throw your senses/thinking faculties away.
Don't disbelieve this.
What they're doing is real.

It's all about the money.
To hell with the truth.
That's their policy.
Yours Sincerely;
Apostle Constance C. Friday.
Religion / Re: How becoming BORN AGAIN changes your CULTURE by ademchij: 3:04am On Sep 23
Video Title:
How becoming BORN AGAIN changes your CULTURE
Lecture by:
Apostle Constance C. Friday
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Celebrities / Re: Rejoicing In PERSECUTION: What It Really Means by ademchij: 2:56am On Sep 23
Video Title:
Rejoicing in PERSECUTION: What it really means.
Lecture by:
Apostle Constance C. Friday

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