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Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by alaoeri: 1:32pm On Mar 01, 2019
Greetings everyone,please i want to ask,whats the average earning like in Australia for an MSC holder in Engineering,i have about a few friends doing very well over there,but each time i ask,they keep saying the pay is good without stating figures,i do not really know what they are into,but from their investment in Nigeria they appear to be doing really good,my reasons for asking is to help be make a decision on my migration options,anyone over there could help throw more light into the financial expectations,thanks.
Wages are actually high here but it may surprise you that your friends maybe working in fields that are not related to their professions. Some blue collar jobs are paying far more than white collar jobs besides a high number of ppl that migrated through PR and study routes end up practising what is not related to their field of study, part of the reason while most disappear from this forum after getting their grants but above all if you are not lazy and very hard working, you gonna make money in the country.


Travel / Re: General Australian Student Visa Enquiries Part 3 by alaoeri: 9:48am On Feb 28, 2019
Hello guys,

I just got admission to Charles Stuart university for my PhD. Please, I need anybody in that school / australian uni to put me through on some things.

I was given a conditional admission to notarize my credentials and that a phone interview will be conducted. Anybody who has an idea on how this is conducted should please help me.

Although, the supervisor said he would be able to support me during my application but the admission offer letter didn't carry any information as regards funding or scholarships. Am I to apply for scholarship? If yes, how do international students secure such?

I saw information regarding tuition in the offer letter, are am to pay the first tuition here in Nigeria or it can be paid there?

Please, guys help with these questions. Thank you

If it is a scholarship, you won't have to pay before a eCOE will be issue, aside that you have to pay a certain amount stated on your offer letter for the school to give you a eCOE. eCOE is the most important document while applying for visa. You can mail the school to clear your doubt whether it's a scholarship or fully paid PhD.
Hello house,please if you you’re to study certificate 3 , 4 and diploma in automotive technology will this leads to pr in Australia,
And also please can my sponsor be someone already living in Australia,?
One of the less competitive occupation to get a PR but the issue is how are you going to convince DIBP beyond reasonable doubt that you are a genuine temporary entrant because getting a visa to study diploma is hard from our part of the world. Your sponsor can be in Australia but how closely related are you?
Travel / Re: General Australian Student Visa Enquiries Part 3 by alaoeri: 2:54pm On Feb 27, 2019
Thanks or your response.

So can someone change to a VET course in the same school upon arrival (assuming one gets the visa)

No school will allow you to change from a higher education program to a vocational program, some won't even allow you to change program unless they are closely related or in same faculty, your best bet is changing school and you have to put your uttermost goal into consideration, VET certificate will only fetch you 10points while applying for PR.
Politics / Re: How They Stand In The Race For Senate: Apc 61 Pdp 33 Ypp 1 by alaoeri: 6:20am On Feb 27, 2019
They should render Dino useless in the next Senate.

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Travel / Re: General Australian Student Visa Enquiries Part 3 by alaoeri: 3:33am On Feb 27, 2019

What of Masters of Technology. Option under Information Technology?
IT is on the skillselect list but you have to gather a high point to stand a chance of ITA, look at the skillselect list and choose a course wisely, a lot of students are caught unaware, some have to change program upon arriving while some start another program all over upon completing the first one, all these results to wasting of time and money.

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Politics / Re: #iamnorth Is Treading: See What Northerners are Saying by alaoeri: 8:40pm On Feb 26, 2019

But the northerners are pulling the rest of us backwards with their voting choice.

Intelligent voters in vgc and Abuja had to succumb to almajiri illiterate voters just because they are far far more in number.
How is that proper?

We are not talking about regional elections here. This is national.

You can't see the danger?
The north could decide to sponsor another abacha one day, and he would win with almajiri votes.

The voting system affects us all.
That is why I said the way the country is structured is faulty unless we go back to regional system of government, there won't be any meaningful development.

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Politics / Re: Ibrahim Shekarau Wins Senatorial Seat In Kano State by alaoeri: 1:34pm On Feb 26, 2019
It seems APC will have more than 2/3 in the red chamber, easy passage of bills and confirmation of nominees for Bubu.

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Politics / Re: #iamnorth Is Treading: See What Northerners are Saying by alaoeri: 1:27pm On Feb 26, 2019

Productive progressive politics is not just a mere game of numbers, else Hilary Clinton would be president and Nigeria would be a member of the UN permanent security council.

If everybody in Nigeria start reproducing like rats just for elections, our standards of living will drag down to the level of the core north.
Why are you comparing Nigerian brand of politics with that of USA, both countries are practising democracy but their system is totally different so no room for comparism, in Nigeria majority carry the votes and the North got the numbers. As regarding reproducing in manifolds, nobody is asking to follow the path and leave the northerners with their wahala after all they see it as an advantage which actually manifest in this election as well as that of 2015.
Travel / Re: General Australian Student Visa Enquiries Part 3 by alaoeri: 1:15pm On Feb 26, 2019
Hello All

Please any advice for someone going for Mba at Charles Darwin University?

What's the hope for securing PR at the end?

Also who has an idea of their admission processing time? I am looking at July intake.

I already have IELTS with general score 8.0.

MBA isn't on the skillselect list so it can't get you PR, the only thing you can get with your MBA if the duration is up to two years is two years post study work visa.

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Politics / Re: #iamnorth Is Treading: See What Northerners are Saying by alaoeri: 1:00pm On Feb 26, 2019
Why wont they have many votes,when in every ten hausa men.9 has 4 wives with over 40children...they are not politically powerful,just that they have more voting numbers than other regions.
Isn't democracy a game of numbers? The way this country is structured, no region will win the presidency without alliance with the north and also the north isn't stopping you from having many wives and offsprings.
Politics / Re: Some Great Lessons Learnt In Nigeria’s Presidential Election by alaoeri: 12:37pm On Feb 26, 2019
Hopefully APC will get their acts together this time around, Buhari won't be on the ballot come 2023.


Fashion / Re: Mr Nairaland 2016 - Grand Finale by alaoeri: 10:59am On Aug 06, 2016
I vote fynestboi
Cc: NLjega


Fashion / Re: Mr. NAIRALAND Contest 2016 - Semi-final by alaoeri: 11:04am On Aug 03, 2016
I vote fynestboi
cc NLjega


Fashion / Re: Mr. Nairaland Contest 2016 - Elimination Round 2 by alaoeri: 11:36am On Aug 02, 2016
I vote fynestboi
Cc Nljega

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Fashion / Re: Mr. NAIRALAND Contest 2016 - Elimination Round 1 by alaoeri: 5:20pm On Aug 01, 2016

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Travel / Re: General Australian student Visa Enquiries Part 2 by alaoeri: 7:27pm On Jul 23, 2016
Hello all, can one find a school(s) with a yearly tuition as low as $6/7,000? If yes, please help generate a list.

You can't find a TAFE for that fee annually talkless of a uni.
Travel / Re: General Australian student Visa Enquiries Part 2 by alaoeri: 11:32am On Jul 07, 2016

FutureDon.....that was prior to July 1st 2016. Now, submission is done online. I'd just need to go do biometrics at Teleperformance.
You getting it wrong, you can still submit your app through teleperformance.
Travel / Re: General Australian student Visa Enquiries Part 2 by alaoeri: 5:50pm On Jun 25, 2016
Sorry please I don't understand
Am calling someone on your behalf, he's more experience, mention him as much as you can, he will soon reply. His moniker is bellong.
Travel / Re: General Australian student Visa Enquiries Part 2 by alaoeri: 5:13pm On Jun 25, 2016
Pls house am stl waiting for a response.. Someone please help
Madam cc: bellong, he's more experience in this aspect.
Fashion / Re: Miss Nairaland 2016 Grand Finale by alaoeri: 11:51am On Jun 25, 2016
I vote Lanicky
cc: NLJega


Fashion / Re: Miss Nairaland Contest 2016 - Semi-final by alaoeri: 11:15am On Jun 22, 2016
I vote Lanicky
cc: nljega

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Fashion / Re: Miss Nairaland Contest 2016 - Elimination Round 2 by alaoeri: 11:01am On Jun 21, 2016
cc: NLJega

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Fashion / Re: Miss Nairaland Contest 2016 - Elimination Round 1 by alaoeri: 1:12pm On Jun 20, 2016
cc: NLJega

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Travel / Re: General Australian student Visa Enquiries Part 2 by alaoeri: 4:45am On Jun 16, 2016

Thanks for your response, i hv tried calling but keep geting voice mail.
We aren't in the same time zone, oz is ahead a different of 8 - 10hrs depending on the location, call during their working hours.
Travel / Re: General Australian student Visa Enquiries Part 2 by alaoeri: 12:23pm On Jun 15, 2016
Good morning, pls is dere anyone in mcquarie here, if yes how long did it tk dor u to get ecoe. Hubby is still waiting, no one is responding to mails. Since last week thurs.
I would appreciate anyones help on this please
Put a call through to the school.
Travel / Re: General Australian student Visa Enquiries Part 2 by alaoeri: 6:49am On Jun 11, 2016
Goodday house... Pls i want to know if there is need to include my bachelors degree certificate and transcript when applying to a tafe institute while applying for advanced diploma as their minimum requirement is ssce and ielts
I will advise you to go for any post graduate studies, try post graduate diploma or graduate cert with pathways to Msc because there's high probability that you are going to have issues with Pretoria, how are you going to explain genuinely what you have being doing after SSCE? Most tafe institute don't issue admission for ppl with Bsc, don't include it if you insisting on tafe but be wary of Pretoria.
Travel / Re: General Australian student Visa Enquiries Part 2 by alaoeri: 8:55am On May 29, 2016
As at 29th may., I guess 245 should be a fair deal for anyone interested
Am actually interested, even need more than 1k but 245 is a little bit high.
Travel / Re: General Australian student Visa Enquiries Part 2 by alaoeri: 8:29am On May 29, 2016
@zuriel2016 or any other person in need. I have upto 1k AUD which I want to convert to naira. If interested...let me know so we can discuss further.
At what rate?
Travel / Re: General Australian student Visa Enquiries Part 2 by alaoeri: 12:35pm On May 16, 2016

Not yet bro, I deferred my admission due to short notice of tuition payment. Now to resume in February, 2017. Tuition paid now, COE received. Now waiting for the right time to submit my visa app. It's ACU (Melbourne Campus), nursing
Submit your visa application before the end of June because a new visa system SSVP is coming to replace the present SVP in July & only God knows the rules that will come with it.
Travel / Re: General Australian student Visa Enquiries Part 2 by alaoeri: 11:39am On May 12, 2016

Kindly respond to my question. Thanks
Part B is for family member joining a student already in Australia while part C is for family member whether going with the student or not, include your family unit in part C.

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Travel / Re: General Australian student Visa Enquiries Part 2 by alaoeri: 9:20am On May 09, 2016
Good day to all eFamily members, pls am about to fill form 157A. If I declare my family member (wife & daughter) in my application and they are not going with me now but they will process their visa to join me later.

Pls here is my concern, do I need to include their certified copy of international passport, birth certificate and passport photograph with my application.

Please have mercy on me and clarify my doubt by responding to my concern. I don't want to make unnecessary mistake. Thank you
Include your wife & daughter as family members and non migrating, whenever they wanna come over it will be easier using Form 919 & other necessary docs like marriage cert, statement of acct etc, you don't have to include their international passport, birth cert & passport photograph since they ain't going with you, the only thing you need is certified copy of your marriage cert.
Travel / Re: I Need Sincere Advice On Relocating by alaoeri: 10:55pm On May 06, 2016
Moving can be extremely stressful and complicated, especially relocating to naija,
Please house, i need your candid advice on the relocation journey.
Just a brief history of myself, by Dec.2016 i will clock 49years and it will mark exactely 29 years i left nigeria for Germany
At 25 years i have already completed a 4 year professional training (Ausbildung ) Mechanical ENGG. (Maschinebautechnik.)

I worked for 25years non-stop in a large Auto Parts Design and Manufacturing company based in Stuttgart-Germany.
Back in january this year, we were informed that the Dept i specialized on will be moving to Eastern part of Europe for good.

As if i knew it was going to happen one day, i have already started planning my early retirement options back in nigeria.

I have already completed the 40 Rooms self contain apart. and all rented to students /low income earners annual income
I have decided to relocate to naija by Dec.2016 at 49. i have planned my relocation by investing more money in my Haulage
business and completing my other housing project.

The experience i want to share with you people is my extended family members in nigeria make too much demands.
Moving is indeed a challenging task. But then, i have property and business planned for it.
i was told by my Uncle that i stlll need to make more money to cater for extended family dependency since my 3 kids are
staying behind in germany, how realistic is that?
Bro talking from what i witnessed when my uncle relocated from London to naija at once in 2007 to established a printing firm, the firm liquidated although he's about to resuscitate the firm but he bounced back by importing containers with used vehicles & house hold items.
1. Know the nitty gritty of any business you want to embark on as regards to naija terrain, i.e don't use european ideologies in naija if u wanna survive & last in the business.
2. Don't relocate at once or else if u rush in u go rush out.
3. Test run any business of your choice before u invest heavily.
4. There is no way ppl will try to rake from u financially as a european returnee, just make sure is to the bearest minimum.
5. You can't do without artisans most of them are dubious & ain't truthful.


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