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Romance / Re: Have You Ever Ran Away From Banging A Girl Before ? by Alhajiemeritus: 6:58pm On Dec 05
Yes, because I am a muslim.
Wẹ say no to premarital sex


Education / Re: Share Your Secondary School Experience With Bullies by Alhajiemeritus: 10:05pm On Dec 04
I went to local sch

When i was in sec sch.

I don't talk at all.

I'm the one man squad type(introvert)

I dont usually associate myself with people except when needed.

Because of that, when i got to ss2. They brought new principal to our sch and as usual, local sch wahala.

Ss2 and ss3 started fighting often but me dont use to follow them fight
I would rather go home but once they bring the fight to my side.

I don't accept defeat, my other side is very dangerous.

When i am angry, my voice will be stammering and with that, student usually know when i am angry.

Then one day another school came to fight us and our principal called the police.

They arrived and the principal pointed at me that they should arrest me because I don't use to talk or relate with anybody and I do stay alone.

He tagged me a cultist that he was a cultist in his sec sch life and that's how he use to behave too until he repented.

He called me silent killer at the assembly

and because of that, everybody started calling me silent killer

The man just hated me, he made my parent cried bcus of his negligence calling me a cultist In the present of my parents even tho they still stand on their ground that i am not a cultist and that's how gentle have been since small.

Waec time reach, the man wounded me alot and even told it to my face that i can't be somebody In life.

I went to write Waec and neco in another sch and I made it..

He called my parents for a meeting and told them that dey Sud watch me now that since i am entering varsity now then they will see for themselves that i am a cultist because cultist no they hide face for tertiary level unlike sec sch level.

I went to polytechnic as usual na

That gentle, solo and easy going type.

I finished poly without issue, got DE to university and continue from there.

Till i finished, no issue of cultist etc.

My parent was so so happy and couldn't believe they never heard any issue of cult related concerning me through out my tertiary life.

I got where i was managing and doing good a little, went for leave and this man saw me in front of my house and parked to greet me.

I was amazed and told my parents about it.

They laughed and said the principal is not regretting his mistake now.

They said he has been asking abt me all this while that maybe someone don go tell him say i was doing fine now.

He is now looking for my face.


I go still show him pepper sha because what he made me passed through that time really damaged me and the tear he made my parents shed

He go shed the tears too cry

I had a similar issue, but this guy didn't directly called mẹ a cultist, He saidi I was pretending I was gentle, he never taught mẹ before, but anytime he sees mẹ,he hits mẹ. He always said I was notorious but pretended to bẹ gentle.
He was my principal.


Agriculture / Re: Updated Price Of Grains And Location. by Alhajiemeritus: 2:20pm On Dec 04
Special delicacy like moimoi
Bamabara is what they use tó make Okpa. Thank you, I didn't know.
Agriculture / Re: Updated Price Of Grains And Location. by Alhajiemeritus: 12:12pm On Dec 04
Keep the bambara nut order coming,iam supplying 20 bags of bambara nut this coming Saturday to a nairalander in enugu.
What dó they iṣẹ bamabara nut for?
Do they eat it?
Education / Re: How To Deal With Students Choosing Two Answers in Exam Objective Questions. by Alhajiemeritus: 8:44am On Dec 04
Hello house.

As we all know, the end of term examination is ongoing and I observed something very annoying and uncceptable in the students . Though it's not a new thing neither is it the first time they are doing such.

I've noticed that some students are fond of choosing two answers, leaving you with the task of choosing the correct answer for them.
When this happens, sometimes, you're caught between marking it wrong or making the choose for them, which I find incriminating and unethical.

This period, I've had to deal with this same issue ( even though I've warrned them severally to always pick only one answer) but this time I made up my mind to mark such answers wrong even if one of the two happens to be correct and that's exactly how I've been handling this issue but sometimes, I feel it's a bit harsh of me to just fail a student even when he got one of the answers correct.

So, is my approach to this issue right or wrong?

What of a situation where a student does this with the whole questions in a section? Should I go ahead and cancel the whole section or help him choose the correct answer?

Your inputs, please. This is becoming a common trend among them and it's not funny.
Doesn't your school put instructions on exam scripts? The instructions should bẹ they should pick only one answer from each questions.The ability to follow instructions is tested with the ability to pick the right answers. If they pick two answers, they are wrong.


Education / Re: I Studied In Republic Of Benin.. Can I Obtain My Msc In Nigeria? by Alhajiemeritus: 3:08pm On Dec 03

Thank God you came through..
Tell me,
how do I proceed?
what do I expect?
Does this perception of Benin republic graduate also lingers in the mind of the folks in UNILAG.

Do you have any contact in UNLAG that can give me first hand information?...
Better still, drop your whatapp contact so we could talk better....

Pls do not hesitate in your answers
God bless you
This thread is from 2020.
Everyone writes an entrance exam and submits their transcripts.
Where you schooled does not matter.
Nobody cares
Education / Re: Angela Sughnen Who Got Expelled In 400 Level For Exam Misconduct, Bags 1st Class by Alhajiemeritus: 9:20am On Dec 01
Congratulations to her, but why is her name Doom?
Education / Re: What Does Someone Who Just Started Phd In Nigeria Call Himself Or Herself by Alhajiemeritus: 11:06pm On Nov 28
Not yet a PhD candidate as he is yet to finish his course work and also pass his qualifying exams which is as we call it in Nigeria protocol defense. Not knowing the difference between a PhD student and a PhD candidate cost someone a very big PhD scholarship in the US because they asked him to differentiate between the two. A PhD candidate is one who have done all his/her course work and have also passed his proposal defense and is currently working on his dissertation.
In this case the OP should use Ph.D. student on his document, he may as well include the date for example: Ph.D. Student (2020 till date).
Not all PHDs require coursework.


Celebrities / Re: Clem Ohameze In Tears As Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin Gifts Him N8M For Surgery by Alhajiemeritus: 11:04pm On Nov 28
Why cash?

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Seeing Angels (malaika) by Alhajiemeritus: 6:18am On Nov 28
I thought Bishop Oyedepo is speaking grin cheesy

smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley
Islam for Muslims / Re: Seeing Angels (malaika) by Alhajiemeritus: 6:18am On Nov 28

Kaf 40.
I came across it randomly online. It was claimed to be a prayer of some sort, but I have no idea what it means.
Business / Re: Akara And Pap Business by Alhajiemeritus: 8:30pm On Nov 27
I wan do that business too
Just am ajebo and my skin dosent like smoke and fire
Always done ofice work kiss kiss
Use gas na.
Education / Re: Do You eat Soursop? See What It Does To The Human Body ( Pictures) by Alhajiemeritus: 6:02pm On Nov 27
I remember what we were small, these group of my colleagues are this fruit and started mental display.
That's Gegemu.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Seeing Angels (malaika) by Alhajiemeritus: 6:00pm On Nov 27
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is there embargo on recruitment in Fed. Universities and Poly In Nigeria ? by Alhajiemeritus: 1:16pm On Nov 24
It seems no Federal higher institution of learning both universities and Polytechnics in Nigeria has conducted recruitment nor issued appointment letters since January this year.
What could be the problem please ?

They recruit every time.
Family / Re: Will You Allow Her To Stay With Her Parents, After Trad Without Church Wedding? by Alhajiemeritus: 9:45pm On Nov 13
That vows before God is the most important after bride price, so you are only fully and truly married after church wedding
Your ancestors did church wedding?
Abeg, get out.
Romance / Re: Why Is It That Some Nigerian Girls Don't Like Flower Gifts? by Alhajiemeritus: 9:07pm On Nov 13

A quick one wink
One of my friends celebrated her birthday recently.
I was lost in thoughts over what to buy for her.
So I surfed the internet and I saw a lot of suggestions.

I ended up getting a flower for her. I ordered the flower on an online flower shop and it was delivered to me.

On her birthday, I took the flower and went to her place. I presented it to her during the little birthday bash she organised.

To my utmost surprise, she and her friends looked at me with contempt. She was not happy I got the flower. It was glaring on her face.

I have seen a lot of movies where flowers are presented to girls and they are very happy.

Why is it that some Nigerian girls don't value the gift of flowers?

I spent NGN 7,500 to get the flower!
Lol guy
You for use that money buy ice cream or something eatable.
Dem dey chop flowers?
Health / Re: Somebody Help What Is Happening To My Little Brother by Alhajiemeritus: 6:37am On Nov 12
Stop panicking,
It is small pox
Let him take antibiotics capsule and rub original dusting powder all over his body every day after shower , it will be clear within seven days
Small pox?
Don't mind this guy o, I don't even know where he got what he's sayy from.
Small pox has been eradicated and it's a viral disease.
You can't use antibiotics for viral diseases.
Politics / Re: Boko Haram: I Regret Giving Birth Abubakar Shekau - Mother Laments by Alhajiemeritus: 9:00am On Nov 05
Lol, nobody names their child Shekau. Shekau is the name of their village.This was stated in one of the paragraphs in the article.
Health / Re: Painful Menses. Please Help! by Alhajiemeritus: 5:19am On Nov 04

I had a similar problem , but it stopped after I had my first child .

Your case is one in a million. I know someone that still had the issue even after her third child.
Health / Re: Painful Menses. Please Help! by Alhajiemeritus: 9:11pm On Nov 01
Get married and have kids that's the permanent cure
Not true

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Health / Re: Painful Menses. Please Help! by Alhajiemeritus: 9:09pm On Nov 01
As far as I could remember, I've always had very painful menstruation. To a point that it affects my ability to work or be productive.
Painkillers hardly work, so it's about 4-7 days of Pre menstrual cramps +5 day period of agony. Almost two weeks every month. Sometimes I fall sick during or after my period.
I talked to my doctor. I was thinking family planning pills might pause my periods for sometime. But he said no they don't. He advised I be taking painkillers prior to my period and I have ulcer.

I'm tired. NL doctors, what can I do?
Refrain from sugar 2 weeks to the start of your menstruation. Anything with sugar at all.

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Business / Re: Do You Have The New CBN eNaira App, What's Your Experience? by Alhajiemeritus: 6:04pm On Nov 01
please how do you fund the account, I want to put some money in it. I have finished the registration and I have confirmed my email too. Thanks
Sorry boss, after you fund the account, what do you want to use it for?
Romance / Re: I Think I Have Yam Leg by Alhajiemeritus: 9:52am On Nov 01
Please don't insult me.
When I turned 13years old, I noticed my leg was growing differently, especially at the calf region.

My neighbors used to say I was going to be a superstar Footballer competing with men, but I never really understood him. Why men?

Now I am a grown up lady. when other women are going to the pool to swim, I am ashamed of taking off my jeans and put on a swimming trunk. I have Yam leggs! At least that is what people call it.
When other women wear leggings and look sexy, my own leggings looks like I am hiding 2 tubers of yam in it undecided
When other women are dancing, I feel like my legs is that of an ostrich angry

Please what can I do to reduce my leg back to sexy shape like other women. I want to swim too without being ashamed of my legs.

You have nothing to worry about, it's normal for Igbo girls to have yam legs.
Your people like you like that.

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Politics / Re: I Am Not Yoruba I Am Kogi: this Thing Is Everywhere. by Alhajiemeritus: 5:14pm On Oct 31

will you keep quite

we yagba are not Yoruba and I will never claim Yoruba because you people are the real problem of this country
Pray tell the origin of the name Yagba

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Politics / Re: I Am Not Yoruba I Am Kogi: this Thing Is Everywhere. by Alhajiemeritus: 5:11pm On Oct 31
I have met countless Kogi people say this even though they are Yoruba speaking part of Kogi,one is Tunde from yagba and tbe other is oyindamola from kabba,it's not just an Igbo thing it's a Nationwide thing,a average Kogi sees himself as a distinct from Yoruba,e no go better for divide and rule people..
This is a big lie. The Yorubas in Kogi can trace their origin to Ife.

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Food / Re: What Can A Single Guy/lady Cook With #4000 for the week? by Alhajiemeritus: 9:23am On Oct 30

If you have the basic food ingredients like rice, beans and garri in your house, you can cook a pot of soup and stew that would last you for the week with 4k.
Take for instance,
Soup: Ogbono
Ogbono: 400
Crayfish: 200
Uziza and Ugwu: 150
Stock fish: 200
Panla: 500
Palm oil: 150.
Tomatoes and pepper: 500
Tomato paste medium size: 300
Vegetable oil: 300
Sachet curry and thyme:50
Bullion cubes:50

The remaining balance use am do transport fare go market grin grin grin

Food don ready.
Once you cook finish put some for inside freezer, you're good to go for the week.
N.B: Make sure you have a freezer.
Romance / Re: Have You Ever Caught People Having Sex? ( Share Your Experince by Alhajiemeritus: 2:50pm On Oct 29
Let the lies begin....


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