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Politics / Re: National Economic Council Okays Fg’s Measures To Beat Recession by alotofgrace(m): 8:48am On Sep 23, 2016
Assets sales....comedy

Can't believe nothing was mentioned of agro, mining, steel production...this pastor has lost gods phone num..
Career / Re: The Illusion Of Big Pay: Nigerian Oil & Gas Workers Ain't Exactly What You Think by alotofgrace(m): 9:12am On Jul 05, 2016

This is what a friend told me about Saraki.

Saraki is cursed by his father that's why he's going through all these. I'm here working my ass out, and no father's curse. If this is what a father's curse does, then I want to be like Saraki.

Whether you work in oyeh kompini or not, life's equation of demand and supply still holds. Sheekaynah

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Gaming / Re: Kratos Vs The Hulk,,,let See If Almighty Kratos...even Stand A Chance by alotofgrace(m): 8:00am On Jul 05, 2016

Hehe....puny god!
The hulk go smash kratos back to Sonyopolis.
Mention Thanos and Doomsday when you talk about hulk.

He should compare kratos to the likes of wolverine, atom, or Shazam.

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Politics / Re: Enugu Vs Fulani:hausa/fulani Have All Fled Uzo Uwani As Youths Explodes by alotofgrace(m): 5:20pm On Apr 26, 2016
Did you just said that how many herdsmen are killed? My friend you need to check your head and your conscience. So a herdsman life doesn't matter because he is not a being? Playing the victim card won't resolve these issues. Do you even know there are some communities in west Africa who kill Fulani people and use some parts of their bodies for fetish things? Look all these things are not new news, the have been happening and media houses don't talk about them.


The question is: why were the fulanis killed in the first instance?

I'm sure you know what Root CausCause Analysis is.
Politics / Re: Electricity Workers Suspend Strike by alotofgrace(m): 11:42pm On Apr 23, 2016

Because it's getting to the end of the month?

They want to collect salary.
They want to bring bill again.
They want to cut light again
They want us to beg them again

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My Interview Experience With A Banking Firm by alotofgrace(m): 1:08pm On Jan 15, 2016
lol. is making the panel laf part of the score mark.

Yeah bro...not saying you should go there and be basketmouth o...smartly answer their questions and know when to add "targeted" humor.

With this, they'll forget you ever made a mistake or they didn't invite 2.2 in the first place.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My Interview Experience With A Banking Firm by alotofgrace(m): 9:24am On Jan 12, 2016
Pardon my typo and formats, na small phone I dey use.

I have been contemplating whether to create this thread or not, cos my experience was kinda embarrassing for me. But lo and behold, I was shortlisted for the next stage. So I decided to share this just so that others will pick a point or two from it (thats if there is any).
I made it to the interview stage after two tests. So as usual, I got myself prepared for the interview, researched about the company, got answers to some possible interview questions.
Fast forward to the venue of the interview, I met some other candidates at the gate. Some were with their jotters, rehearsing their answers while others are just whining away time. So I just walk up to one girl that was standing alone to chat up with her before the interview start.

Few minute later, they called in the first person. After about 20 min, they called in the second person. Then next they called me in
The panel was made up of 3 people, a lady with two other men. From what I later gathered, the lady is the zonal MD and the two men were from the HR department.
After sitting down, they requested for my documents and photocopies, which I presented to them. They were all quiet, scanning through my documents until the lady spoke up.
Lady: Can you give us one good reason why you graduated with 2.2
Me: *Silent for a while* Plz repeat the question.
Lady: *Repeats*
Me: Well, there is no excuse for failure in life. If I have to give any excuse, it should be why I made 2.1 or first class against all odds and not why I made 2.2. So I dont think I have any reason to give, even if there is, I wouldnt say it.
Lady: *Silent while looking at me*
Man1: You just said 2.2 is failure, can you tell us why you used that word failure.
Me:*see as I put myself for wahala* Well, technically speaking, I called it failure cos currently in the labor market, 90% of all job vacancy requires 2.1 and above. Its only few that accept 2.2. And giving the population of the unemployed graduates, having a 2.2 is really a disadvantage. Thats why I used the word failure.
Man2: What do you mean by technically?
Me: Conditionally or under a certain condition.
Lady: Now, does it mean that you are technically a failure
Me:*I don F-up with this word wey I use* Technically am not,*can see the smile/laff on their face* If I am, I wont be sitting right in front of you considering the two aptitude tests that one have to scale before been here.
Lady: Maybe luck was on your side.
Me: Luck cant just choose only me among all the 100s of candidates that attended the tests.
Lady: Yes it can
Me: *Silent**in my mind, I was like, e b like say na luck carry you reach this position wey you dey now.*
Man2: Now, tell us why we should hire you?
Me: *smiled**didnt know that the smile was so obvious. So as I was about answering the question, the lady cuts in*
Lady: Why are you smiling?
Me: Nothing ma.
Lady: It cant be nothing, tell us why you are smiling.
Me: *Feeling Scared* Nothing ma, maybe its cos I have a smiling face.
Lady: How can you have a smiling face when you have been boning since you came in here. Even your passport says it all.
Me: *feeling more scared* with due respect ma, its nothing.
Man1: If you dont tell us, I think you should just go so we can call in the next candidate.
Me: *confused and scared, I just decided to say anything* I am smiling because I was expecting that particular question. *decide to add salt and pepper* in fact, we have been rehearsing the answers to this question and some other possible questions outside before I was called in.
Man1: So you already crammed the answers.
Me: Not really.
Man2: Then what/how
Me: Well, I have come up with some possible answer that suits my personality
Man2: And you think that answer is good enough.
Me: *By now, am already confused, so I was just saying anything that comes to my mind* Well, at least its good enough to impress the HR.
Lady: Is that what you think
Me: *Silent*
Man1: Ok, Now answer the question
Me: Well, Let me just say it the way it is in my mind. You should hire me because am not going to fail.
Man2: What do you mean by you are not going to fail.
Me: I have been unemployed for a long time, so if given the opportunity, I will anything that I can to sure that I dont go back to my unemployed status.
*All silent*
Me: things within the banks policy and interest
Lady: Is that the answer you came up with.
Me: No. I dont want to use it again cos its just to speak English and doesnt tell the real me since is something I picked over the net and modified.
Man2: Can we hear it.
Lady: No, just leave him *turning to me* You read chemical engineering, and you want to work in a bank. Are you not trying to go off your career?
Me: Well, even though I have a background in engineering, I do not have a career yet until I gain experience in a particular field, from there I can build my career.
Lady: Do you think you can survive in the bank as an engr.
Me: Engrs are trained to be flexible and adaptive. I believe I can and will succeed in the banking sector. If Mr. XXXX (the current CEO of the bank) and Mrs. YYYYY (one of their senior executive) can succeed, I see no reason why I cant.
Man2: Why are you comparing yourself with them?
Me: Cos they both read a course that has nothing to do with banking.
Lady: Name them.
Me: Electrical Engineering and Microbiology
Man2: So you have the faith that you can do it.
Me: Yes. Plus the fact that I always have luck *grin*.
They just burst out laughing.
Man1: Tell us any three recent happenings in Nigeria or policies by the FG that is affecting the banking industry
Me: TSA, Fight against corruption and drop in oil price.
Lady: Explain them.
Me: *did the little explanation that I can* Summary is that money is leaving the bank
Lady: Go, personnel will get back to you
Naso I begin dey go come dey think say I don f-up Till just last week, I got a text that that I was successful, that they will get back to be for the next stage.

Bro...I noticed that if you can make them laugh, then you have 60% mark already.


Politics / Re: Soldiers Remove Veil From Muslim In Lagos‎ - The whistle by alotofgrace(m): 10:36am On Jan 10, 2016
Let the unveiling begin...

No more ninjas

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Romance / Re: The Untold Story Of 'runs Girls' In Ikeja Computer Village by alotofgrace(m): 8:09pm On Jan 08, 2016

Alaba is an Electronic/Electrical Appliances market.

Kindly define technology
Romance / Re: The Untold Story Of 'runs Girls' In Ikeja Computer Village by alotofgrace(m): 2:39pm On Jan 08, 2016
Eehhrrr, one correction OP.

Computer village isn't the largest tech market in west aflika, kindly visit alaba int'l.

Well u could call it runs, but they call it advanced customer relations and follow-up strategy


NYSC / Re: Back To Back Speech Using NYSC Allawee by alotofgrace(m): 1:23pm On Jan 08, 2016

Expect our pastors own to follow...


Every thread created was a hit
Back to back

From politics to education to jobs.

Yet no front page.

Edumare punish MODs...

Lalasticlala if u like ban me

Na joke I dey o grin

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Crime / What Tha Heck Is This Antispam Bonce doing? by alotofgrace(m): 10:31am On Jan 07, 2016
Dear Seun, MODs, and the honourable users of nairaland.

I want to bring to your notice the programme called antispam bonce.

Whoever that wrote that program should upgrade it. I don't see any reason a comment would be made and them the bonce would ban u for no reason. I mean, u just make a simple comment, with an hyperlink for proof and then you're banned. The annoying part is...it'll notify u on ur profile that you're banned in ,say, crime section, but it goes round all sections.

Pls and pls upgrade that program, not all links to external websites are for advert.

This is the reason users keep having up to 6 accounts on nairaland.


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Politics / Re: Presidency Votes N3.6bn For BMW Cars In Budget 2016 by alotofgrace(m): 6:06pm On Dec 30, 2015
384m to renovate guest house shocked how much does it cost to build a new one then?

When Etiebet ( or what's her name again?) proposed to 680m for her kitchen, she was kicked out.

How is the different?

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Jokes Etc / Re: ★ When You See The Pastor That Said You’ll Be A Millionaire In 2015 (hilarious) by alotofgrace(m): 2:25pm On Dec 29, 2015

Year remain small na

Anything can happen..

Who's in for airport hotel swimming pool.... Pls join me

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Romance / Re: That Awkward Moment When A man of GOD Tells You That He Is Not The One. by alotofgrace(m): 11:50am On Dec 29, 2015

Na so one con snatch ma babe for school o..hin tell the babe say God say na she hin go marry...the babe sef gree embarassed

End time pastors
Politics / Re: What Ihejirika Wrote About Igbos On His Facebook Wall?…… Foolish Igbos. by alotofgrace(m): 12:35pm On Dec 26, 2015

Thats right.

How would you feel if the last ipod protest was about development and their leaders corruption?

Trust me the government will be forced to develop those areas to what it suppose to be.

A protest of that magnitute was at the right time of budget presentation and that would have forced the government to lay more emphasis on the development of Igbo land.

But instead of bringing government closer they brought more distance.

True....right approach,wrong motive..
Politics / Re: What Ihejirika Wrote About Igbos On His Facebook Wall?…… Foolish Igbos. by alotofgrace(m): 12:25pm On Dec 26, 2015

Better you say pocket politics killing Igbos.

Doing the right thing at the wrong time because they lack foresight.

For Example:- You can`t be fighting for free Biafra and still claiming some compensation for the dead.


A true igbo leader should have let those miscreants know what they were doing.

I agree with you bro...they're still Nigerians or is there a nation like Biafra yet?

Igbos or others...we're all impacted by pocket politics.
Politics / Re: What Ihejirika Wrote About Igbos On His Facebook Wall?…… Foolish Igbos. by alotofgrace(m): 7:19am On Dec 26, 2015
I also wonder...when it comes to Edo state development!

Edo state, twice, produced vice President ...in the persons of Augustus Aikhomu, under IBB in 1986 and Michael Akhigbe under Abubakar in 1998.

Pocket politics is what's killing this country
Politics / Re: BBC Refers To Kenyan Minister As A Nigerian by alotofgrace(m): 10:05am On Dec 24, 2015
Naija trending evriwia...

They'll soon refer yu jintao a Nigerian! grin


Politics / Re: Solomon Dalung: Why I Wear Khaki Uniform, Red Beret by alotofgrace(m): 7:43am On Dec 11, 2015
Like why oshiomole wears conductor clothing

Thiefs and robbers odinkwa same.....money miss.

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Business / Re: Fuel Imports Increase By 78 Million by alotofgrace(m): 2:33pm On Dec 06, 2015
I don't skip to conclusion!

Let's wait till next year and see how the "change" game plan will materialize for good.

Mr. President is still clearing grass, with sharp and blunt machete.... Let's give hin till April 2016...

After all GEJ used 6yrs, Obasanjor used 8 yrs...Na only one yah oga go use come April 2016.

Despite all these people, never give up, never give in....the hustle continua, Vitoria acserta!


Education / Re: Overused And Abused Words That Should Die With 2015 by alotofgrace(m): 12:36am On Dec 03, 2015
My crush angry grin grin
Politics / Re: Military Arrests 11-Year-Old Potential Suicide Bomber (Photo) by alotofgrace(m): 10:59pm On Dec 02, 2015
End time boy


Career / Re: Many Resign From Glo Ghana As Company Closes Many Of Its Outlets by alotofgrace(m): 12:25pm On Dec 01, 2015
Ghana make sense die...resign...

For here na lay off be d default action point angry
Travel / Re: Pls I Want To Travel To Canada How Do I Start An How Much Is The Cost by alotofgrace(m): 10:48pm On Nov 29, 2015
will get back to u

Aii bro
Politics / Re: Nairaland Problem Will Start 2moro With This By 4pm by alotofgrace(m): 8:47pm On Nov 08, 2015
Wetin concyn nairaland with biafra undecided

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Education / Re: Never Give Up On Your Dream (touching Photo) by alotofgrace(m): 7:46pm On Nov 01, 2015
Where is my anger for inspiration!?
Politics / Re: Breaking News: Hand Of God Appears In The Sky In The USA [see Photos] by alotofgrace(m): 7:38pm On Oct 29, 2015
So who do we call the fire below

Family / Re: Photos: This Little Boy Is Looking For His Parents by alotofgrace(m): 7:33pm On Oct 29, 2015

The hospital should contact the bus/transport company..they have a manifest of the travellers. There should be a headway from there...

Only survivor! I guess his name is Emmanuel and he's got a loaded future


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