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Crime / Re: Nigerian Man And His Gang Members Waving Gun During Police Chase, Jailed In UK. by alphaNomega: 8:46pm On Mar 02
is he google Why ask him?

I want you to refute his claims rather than asking him questions like he is google!

As for me he is not a Nigerian simple.

He is a U.K citizen.
U.K should deal with it.

Move aside. I did not quote you, unless this is your alternate moniker. Is it?
Crime / Re: Nigerian Man And His Gang Members Waving Gun During Police Chase, Jailed In UK. by alphaNomega: 1:15pm On Mar 02

Google is your friend

Google is also your friend, but I asked you, not Google.


Politics / Re: The Genesis, Arrowheads Of “O To Ge” Movement That Consumed Saraki In Kwara by alphaNomega: 1:12pm On Mar 02

1. Voter turnout in some parts of the South was low..opposite up North.

2.Do you honestly expect people you insulted to vote for your party?

Buhari insulted the entire Nigerian youth population on an International forum and they still voted and rigged him back for a second term
Politics / Re: The Genesis, Arrowheads Of “O To Ge” Movement That Consumed Saraki In Kwara by alphaNomega: 1:11pm On Mar 02
They are fools cos now,Kwara have lost the senate presidency.
This time around, the 3 seat of power must reflect federal character.

All these while kwara had the senate presidency, what good has the ordinary man in kwara got from it?


Crime / Re: Nigerian Man And His Gang Members Waving Gun During Police Chase, Jailed In UK. by alphaNomega: 1:04pm On Mar 02
He is not a Nigerian
He is British.
He was born there ,
He grew up there

They are quick to heap blame on others but gather the accolades to themselves.
Same way them claim Anthony Joshua sharp sharp.

Was Anthony born in Nigeria or Britain?


Romance / Re: Anybody Here In Minna, Let's Hook Up by alphaNomega: 12:59pm On Mar 02
If you dey find ashewo, locate Mama Gee.

Save this post and thank me later.
Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests Man With 19 Wraps Of Raw Gold In Lagos (Photo) by alphaNomega: 12:57pm On Mar 02
Let me put this out there that illegal mining is lucrative in the north. The reason a lot of attention is not drawn to it is because Crude oil has taken the spotlight.

You ídiots screaming EFCC should free the guy do not realise that this is an economic crime.
Politics / Re: Another Nigerian Man Refuses To Give Hausa-Fulani Girl Money For Voting Buhari by alphaNomega: 9:43am On Mar 02
Bc he is a beggar!!!even a hausa Alhaji bluntly told a beggar in katsina to meet baba buhari right in my presence yesterday when i went to market, A yoruba woman and her lecturer yoruba husband in my area vowed never to give alms to d beggars again

This is so cool.

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Politics / Re: Another Nigerian Man Refuses To Give Hausa-Fulani Girl Money For Voting Buhari by alphaNomega: 6:19am On Mar 02
Who are those people saying these beggers didn't rig?

The underaged children voters came from where? Heaven?

Well I don't support begging so let them remain on the streets. By the time three month go by and nobody gives them a dime, they will find a lucrative business to do.

Only then will they realise how "anti-business" their lord and saviour Buhari is.

I support the man making the video 101%!

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Autos / Re: Registered 2006 Porsche Cayenne by alphaNomega: 6:13am On Mar 02
I have 700k for the Cayenne
Autos / Re: 2012 Porsche Cayenne Turbo VIN****A84815 by alphaNomega: 6:11am On Mar 02
I know someone who would love this. Keep us posted
Politics / Re: Deji Adeyanju Regains Freedom From Kano Prison(pics) by alphaNomega: 5:41am On Mar 02
i bet the gye o gentle now...person wey no hear word na lesson them dey teach am.. lol

He is at an airport. Will likely run to another country, open his Twitter account and start posting the same poo that got him in trouble in the first place
Family / Re: My Wife Has Reduced Me To A Common Trash. by alphaNomega: 10:18am On Mar 01
I've never been happy for almost 8 years of marriage with 3 wonderful kids.I wake up everyday asking God how I got entangled with the worse woman I've ever met in my life.

I'm a very responsible and decent man who provides for his family.My family has always been my priority, but my wife's disrespectful attitude towards me has rendered me hopeless,shattered and broken.

She insults me at any slightest argument,raises her voice to attract the attention of neighbours and the kids whenever we have a misunderstanding.She hates been talked to,even if she's wrong.

I have my own imperfections too as a man,but it really baffles me when a woman you paid her bride price sees you as trash,challenges you in a very rebellious and arrogant manner for the whole time you've ever spent with her.

My kids has been the ones keeping me from leaving the marriage since I've complained to virtually all her family members yet it seems to be worse. I die in silence and pains everyday.

My wife can't serve me food with water to wash my hands,I'll always go and wash my hands myself and mostly take the plates back to the kitchen if the maid didn't do it.She has never asked why I rejected a particular food,she'll just take it away without remorse.

I'm just nothing to her and her family members. Her sister even called me to warn and threaten me one certain time we had problem.It even became worse when she got a job,I'm a laughing stock because I lost my job.

I usually send her money to pay the kids fees,I was owing some little amount this term,surprisingly,the gave the school accountant my number to embarrass me.

I've come to realize that any woman disloyal to her husband definitely has someone she's loyal to and if you don't let her go,she might end up killing you or you do the unthinkable out of frustration.

Divorce might not be the best way to end an unhappy marriage,but it can surely prolong the lives of the couples involved. Kids will surely grow into adults someday to understand things. This is my point of no return.

She started as a terrible girlfriend and ended as a bad wife.I pray my daughters don't ever take after their mother because I can't wish a fellow man what I've experienced for almost 8 years.No body should ever marry a man or woman with flaws thinking they'll change with time;they don't change,they only get worse.

Lots of people are really misquoting me.I only lost a high paying job but still got a very big business which is already yielding income,just that my spending pattern changed.I still run all aspects of mybhome.

My wife's money remains her business and she's not mandated to spend it on me or the family.I truly assist her to the best of my ability in domestic chores and otherwise.

She's a very bad tempered woman that doesn't regard or respect me and that's where the problem lies.My only crime is that I wanted respect from her.

This kind of scenario is common when the mannis below the woman's expectations. Money? Charisma? Habits?

I'd like to know your solution to this quagmire.
Family / Re: Pregnant And Depressed by alphaNomega: 10:16am On Mar 01
Please this is only for mature minds and that's why am putting it in this section because I believe there are lots of married people here.
Though am married but not to a man who love me. I married a man who only see me as baby production machine and the only time he shows little care is when am pregnant. This is my second pregnancy anyway and he has suddenly changed. He only gave me 25,000 to buy baby things and so far so good I have spent more than 100k of my money buying what I think my baby need. I don't bother him for money for upkeep or any other thing because i have business fetching me money. The only money he drop is feeding money which is like 1000 in a day and I don't complain instead I add my own money and cook any meal we need to eat.
The painful part of these is hes a chronic cheat, he woo any girl (ugly,beautiful,married,young and women older than him) I saw this on his Facebook inbox without him knowing. And despite not giving me anything, he's promising them heaven and earth. This is a man I do buy expensive shoe and wears for so I can be admiring him instead of admiring other men outside. He has never buy anything for me and since the beginning of this year, I have been the one clothing myself and my first child. He never appreciate that.
I have been given 14th as my EDD (expected day of delivery) and this man don't even ask of my health any more. I do cry myself to sleep every night asking God why he allowed me to marry my enemy, he should have just allow me die as single girl than putting me in bondage. I swore never to have abotger baby for him after my first child but he always rape me. cry he doesn't know how to make love at all. He will just open my cloth from behind and shook his dick anytime he's Hot not minding if am enjoying it or not. I am fed up of life, if not for my first child, I would commit suicide because am just so unfortunate in life.
Am sorry for all the grammatical error. God bless you

Na wah
Family / Re: Man Catches Wife With His Best Friend Having Sex, Shares Video To Disgrace Them by alphaNomega: 10:14am On Mar 01
Fake report. old video.

I was going to say the same.
Romance / Re: Does Pornhub Really Pay $38k For Homemade Sex Videos? by alphaNomega: 6:15am On Mar 01
No it does not. Don't be fooled.

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Car Talk / Re: BMW 325i E46 For Sale by alphaNomega: 6:11am On Mar 01
would upload more pictures. in the day time.
but can talk on 07050591913

I'll like to see more pictures especially the engine bay. Where is the car? You did not quote a price. Anyway I have 500k for this
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 19 by alphaNomega: 8:16pm On Feb 28
GBPJPY long as seen in the picture above.
I might not hold the trade for long as weekend is nearing.

Damn! Gold just dropped fiercely.
Closed it manually with some pips.
Looking to enter again if support holds.

~EURUSD dropped too. Maybe there will be another opportunity to buy this.
~USDCHF.. Maybe a sell is brewing here.

As expected

Gold the maker and slayer of forex trading accounts
Crime / Re: Federal University, Otuoke Graduate Commits Suicide Ahead Of Her NYSC by alphaNomega: 8:12pm On Feb 28
There is no reason for suicide. I keep telling people. No matter what life goes on.

No be me sabi pass o but I still bless God for alcohol
I love him for that ultimate gift
Once I had stupid thoughts

With friends and enough beer, depression japa
Even if beer no dey use Jedi
If Jedi no dey use sachet Chelsea
Just high small
You Go dey alright

Rip Lady. May God have mercy on your soul

True that!

Look at all the suicide cases happening over time. It did not stop the sun from rising and setting.

Suicide is never the answer.

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Politics / Re: AVM Omenyi Goes To Jail For Receiving N136m Bribe by alphaNomega: 8:11pm On Feb 28
The guys defense was very weak. I guess he couldn't afford better lawyers.

Could not afford?
Politics / Re: AVM Omenyi Goes To Jail For Receiving N136m Bribe by alphaNomega: 8:10pm On Feb 28
I feel it would be better if the forfeit 90% of their wealth/properties to FG or face firing squad. grin grin grin

Nope no firing squad. Instead he should spend the rest of his life in prison.
Politics / Re: Onoja's Death: Nigeria Custom Officers Going Beyond Their Mecuarntance - Group by alphaNomega: 8:06pm On Feb 28
Really sad. People should be made to face the consequences of inflicting mayhem or death on others not minding their strata.

By the way, you can check my offers. If you also need to outsource your writing jobs, kindly check my signature.


I think such people should be made to spend the rest of their lives in a prison.
Politics / Re: Many Killed As Gunmen Hit Kaduna Again by alphaNomega: 3:19am On Feb 27
Who told you they voted for APC. Election that was rigged.

The bastàrds that rigged the election are from Kaduna!
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 19 by alphaNomega: 10:45pm On Feb 26

Sure pin bars, divergences, trendlines and other instruments can fail. News events can sway fx. Naturally GU and GJ are volatile and coupled with the brexit or no brexit news. Going forward, i got over 25 pips before the Tsunami.

Hey that's good stuff. I'm happy for you
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 19 by alphaNomega: 10:41pm On Feb 26

Don't judge until the close of the 4hr candle. The big players know that's what traders would b doing. The signals are aligned etc.

Watch for the massive drop.

Candle has closed. Price is now at a resistance

Politics / Re: 2019 Presidential Election Results Announcement By Mahmood Yakubu, INEC Chairman by alphaNomega: 5:25pm On Feb 26
Are there no younger men or women in their 40s with fresh ideas whom Nigerians can vote for instead of these old men who have nothing to contribute but their egos?

There are many, the system has been bastardized so these men would not be great

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Celebrities / Re: OAP Moet Abebe Looks Bomb In New Bikini Photo by alphaNomega: 5:18pm On Feb 26
Please who has that Kermit meme where he is busting a nút?

Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 19 by alphaNomega: 5:13pm On Feb 26
GU sell
Reversal pinbar

Today's FX lesson: Not all pinbars are valid


Crime / Re: 11-Year-Old Boy Throws Toddler Into Well In Lagos, Remanded By Court by alphaNomega: 1:23pm On Feb 26
How do we rescue this country from blood suckers? angry angry angry

You can't rescue a school of fish from the river
Politics / Re: The 3 Words That Sunk Atiku's Presidency by alphaNomega: 4:12am On Feb 26
''I will sell NNPC''


Dude I'm not a math genius, but those are 4 words undecided
Politics / Re: Why Can't Lagosians Do 'O To Gee' For Tinubu In Lagos? by alphaNomega: 2:19pm On Feb 25
For those saying that Lagos is developed by Tinubu, please let me educate you just small:

Lagos has been the capital city of Nigeria since 1960 after it was moved from Calabar. This means Lagos enjoyed federal government development just like Abuja today. Can any Abuja Mayor claim he built or developed Abuja to what it is today 90% of developments in Abuja is built by Federal Government. and mind you, Abuja became Nigeria's capital from 1991 december, now compare it with Lagos that became the capital city of Nigeria from 1914 january.

It is Federal government of Nigeria that built all the magnificent structures you see in Lagos today, quote me anywhere any day any time.

Name the structures Tinubu built in Lagos, name one if not planting flowers, building roundabouts and brt lanes, what else can Tinubu + Fashola + Ambode boast of as their developmental achievement in Lagos since democracy kicked off in 1999

3rd Mainland bridge and most bridges linking Lagos cities were built by federal government of Nigeria under the military government, and most of these structures are dilapidated before your own eyes without Lagos government being able to even maintain them.

Go round Lagos, most inter city roads are gone....Lagos have no road again.

The only laudable project started by Lagos is the Badagry railway to west africa which has been lingering since 2007...

The developments you see in Lagos are built by private organizations and individuals who reside in Lagos and have their investments in Lagos...Lagos is dying and going back due to Tinubu's grip and greed, kiss the truth

Help us educate these newborns on what's been happening in Nigeria

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