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Culture / The Igalas Juju Called 'push' And What It Does by Ariyatech(m): 8:22am On May 14, 2020
Generally, it's believed that people are responsible for their own actions and inactions as rational being and when they take certain unusual actions or moves, it's felt that they could be under the influence of an alcohol or any intoxicant substance or a conscious decision.

But beyond being under the influence of a substance, Igala people have another way of pushing someone to do something they wouldn't ordinarily do.


Politics / Biography Of Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu, The Kogi Woman On Buhari's Ministerial Sit by Ariyatech(m): 10:29am On May 08, 2020
Leaders are born, not made. Some argue. Yet, we are educated in the development school which elucidates the values of knowledge, conviction and willpower as instruments to shatter barriers and erect structures and institutions that will steer society towards a better order. Ironically, the geography of the way good things happen is akin to the proverbial manner a thief plies his trade; stealthily without a whisper!

Ramatu Tijjani, nee Sidi, was born on June 12,1970, in Wuse, FCT Abuja. Those who believe in clairvoyance could now liken the contemporary political symbolism of the day and month of her birth as foretelling her future robust role in the nation’s democratic usages and processes.


Politics / The Last Mistake "Mko Abiola" Made Before His Death. by Ariyatech(m): 12:16pm On May 06, 2020
The only Politician that made REALISTIC move to cunningly free MKO Abiola was Lamidi Adedibu.

He went secretly to meet Abacha. His meeting with Abacha was top secret. He begged and postrated for Abacha to free MKO. Abacha insisted that MKO must sign off his mandate. Adedibu said "no problem but you won't seize his International Passport", Abacha agreed.

The intention of Adedibu was that he would do anything to free MKO and convince MKO to sign anything to free himself from the dungeon of ruthless Abacha, after which he can run to America and relaunch his attack to reclaim his mandate, he said "A brave warrior is known in battle by his ability to run when it is tough and return when he has been recharged".

Health / Why Will Kogi State Government Hide Covid-19 Case??? by Ariyatech(m): 6:44am On May 06, 2020
If Kogi State government were to announce that there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 today, banks, organizations, and individuals including Dangote who has a cement factory in Kogi State will be obligated to make huge donations to the state government. There will be hundreds of millions at their disposal.

In fact, having a case will make Kogi State eligible for funds from the FG. This is why those in other states are accusing their governors of fabricating cases just to get donations and funds.

So, why will the Kogi State government hide cases when it is to their own disadvantage? Or are they suddenly good people who dont need millions in donation?

I have not found a convincing argument as to why they will hide cases, to what end? To serve what purpose?

Politics / Biafra War: How Ojukwu Betrayed The Yoruba by Ariyatech(m): 11:29pm On May 04, 2020
Agbari Ojukwu” – Ojukwu’s skull, that was the name by which the biggest pot in our household’s kitchen was called. It was voracious, smoke-darkened and the only one summoned to duty when fire was at its peak in ferocity, billowing menacingly from within a tripod of stones that served as the ‘cooking’ pedestal during communal cookery. The naming of this pot after Ojukwu’s skull was Yoruba’s expression of utter revulsion of Ojukwu’s war.

Ojukwu’s war was originally justifiable. Any ‘nation’ that faced the kind of sustained ‘genocidal’ onslaught and inhuman violation against it as the Igbo did, especially the pogrom of 29 May; and 29 June; 1966, in apparent reprisal against the unfortunate act of some coupists who happened to be Igbo just by accident of birth, deserves to seek a national identity, separate from its assailant compatriots.

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Crime / List Of States With Almajiri Returnees, See State With Highest Number by Ariyatech(m): 8:43am On May 02, 2020
Nasarawa State Government has concluded plans to return 4,443 Almajarai to their states of origin. According to a reliable source, the Almajirai from outside the state will be transported and reunited with their families.

Adding that buses have been arranged for the exercise, which will kick off in few days. The Almajirai are from nineteen states and the Federal Capital Territory, (FCT) Abuja, the source added. The distribution is as follows:

Romance / 10 Signs Of A Cheating Boyfriend Or Husband by Ariyatech(m): 7:58am On May 02, 2020
Please, don't judge me with this article and don't come and cause problems in my relationship, mbok!

I shouldn't confess to you if I was/I am a cheater as that is not necessary but this write up was born out of experience, observation and inspiration. Whenever I am led by the spirit to write on sensitive issues like relationship, it goes beyond the ability to skillfully tailor words into meaningful garments. It comes from usual inspirations to save someone out there of heartbreaks.

Would you like to know if your man is cheating? Well, before I delve into that proper, I want to appreciate everyone who checked on me while I was away. I ran into trouble but thank God for everything ... God won't shame us.

Now, the ten below signs of a cheater is not particular about men. It applies to women too but I penned it from the angle of a man that I am. So, enjoy but use your head!

10: He texts at weird times and in strange places.

If your partner suddenly begins texting at all hours of the day and night, then it could be a sign of cheating. Staying up late at night? Getting up extra early and getting right on the phone? What about texting in the bathroom, and coming out laughing?

These could be signs that your partner is cheating. Does he get up and leave the room to text? Does he hide his phone and act secretive when he texts?

Texting has become an easy way for people to cheat on their partners. It is easy to enter into lengthy and intimate conversations with someone other than your spouse, while texting.

Texting, messaging and chatting allow people to say things to each other they would never say in person. It allows space for false intimacy to develop quickly and easily. Once an intimate texting relationship develops, it is a slippery slope to becoming physically intimate.

9: He changes the password on everything and becomes secretive.

You used to share the same password for every app and website. Now, passwords have changed, and he has a screen lock on his phone. He doesn't text while in the same room, and if his phone buzzes, he jumps up and leaves to answer it. Now that you think about it, he has put the phone on silent, and keeps it in his pocket at all times.

His Facebook page, which used to be permanently opened on the computer, is now shut down every time she uses it. When you walk up, she quickly closes the page she was just typing on.

There are so many ways to sneak around with technology. Does she have two cell phones? What about different email accounts? Technology has paved the way for a cheating partner to conceal his conversations.

8: He suddenly listens to the strangest music. Musical tastes can change as we grow and change, but when your wife suddenly starts listening to jazz and develops a passion without you, it could be a sign of something amiss.

When your boyfriend starts humming unusual music and doesn't share his new tastes with you, it could be a sign.

Religion / Almajiri: Thank You Corona Virus by Ariyatech(m): 11:03pm On Apr 29, 2020
It takes a calamity to remove a calamity, at least for us here in the North. The Almajiri problem, in all honesty, has been a more greater calamity to befall the region than any pandemic ever recorded.

According to the latest figures bandied about by various concerned groups, including UNICEF, about 10.5 million children are out of school in Nigeria. Other sources put the figure at over 13 million, majority of whom are in the North.

But for the lockdown in virtually all states of the North as part of important measures taken by the Northern Governors Forum to curtail the spread of Covid-19, our streets would have been, as usual, literally littered with groups of Almajirai, loitering and begging for alms, even on Church grounds.

Full deatails Below

Crime / KADUNA UPDATE: KDSG Extends Quarantine By 30 Days by Ariyatech(m): 7:46pm On Apr 26, 2020
Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai has extended the quarantine orders being enforced in the state for another 30 days. The governor’s decision follows a recommendation to that effect by the State Standing Committee on Covid-19, which is chaired by the Deputy Governor, Dr. Hadiza Balarabe. This is effective from today, 26th April 2020.

With Covid-19 cases rising rapidly in neighbouring states and the FCT, and with strong evidence of interstate travel being a major means of spreading the virus, the Standing Committee’s evaluation is that measures to protect Kaduna State residents require further strengthening and more vigorous enforcement.

Malam Nasir El-Rufai has endorsed this evaluation and has accordingly reviewed the Quarantine Orders to strengthen the provisions against unauthorised movements. The two-day window during which the restriction of movement is relaxed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays has been reduced to only one day.

Henceforth, only Wednesdays will be lockdown-free, until the trajectory of Covid-19 infections becomes clearer.

All persons that venture out of their homes for whatever reason must wear facemasks and observe social distancing everywhere they go, in markets and in authorised vehicles. Government is making efforts to provide facemasks for poor and vulnerable residents, and it appeals to everyone that can afford it to get their tailors to make them cloth facemasks which they can wash after every use. The government also encourages tailors to produce facemasks for sale to those that are neither poor nor vulnerable.

Wearing of facemasks will be robustly enforced as a critical public health measure to reduce person-person transmission.


Webmasters / Nigeria Verified Adsense A Cool Need + Domain by Ariyatech(m): 9:54pm On Apr 25, 2020
I need a good Nigeria adsense account verified or Unverified with domain name ads most be showing well
Politics / If This Is True Then It Was Nemesis That Killed Abba Kyari And Not Covid-19 by Ariyatech(m): 4:38pm On Apr 25, 2020
Wickedness is the Worst virtue any man can have.
I am putting this out here cos I know some of us are not aware this gist and those who are will attest to it.

Two year ago, there was a misunderstanding between the then Minister of Health, Isaac Adewole and Abba Kyari.

The Chief of Staff wanted to control the activities of the Health Ministry, but the Minister wouldn’t allow him, so Abba Kyari as the de facto President decided to teach the Minister a bitter lesson.

He stripped the Federal Ministry of Health its powers to purchase anything; bear in mind that the Ministry of Health is responsible for purchasing and distributing Medical equipment, Hospital Supplies and Drugs amongst Government owned Hospitals, such as General Hospitals and University Teaching Hospitals.

Abba Kyari also immediately mandated the Federal Ministry of Health to henceforth approach the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development should they need to ever buy anything or procure anything for all the Hospitals and government owned Health Centers in Nigeria�����������SACRILEGIOUS!!!!!!

What this means is that should the Minister of Health need to procure anything in his domain he would have to first write to his Counterpart in Agriculture for clearance, which the Agric Minister may or may not give him��.

*By this single action the Chief of Staff literally rendered the Health Ministry useless as they couldn’t function.*

Just imagine how many lives must have been lost in both the City Centers and Rural Communities because the Hospitals didn’t have the resources to attend to their failing health������

Full Detail

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Education / Can KSU Go On E-learning? My View And Candid Advice By Onoja Johnson by Ariyatech(m): 6:27am On Apr 25, 2020
The Kogi State University (KSU) recently renamed as Prince Audu Abubakar University (PAAU) has notified her students on the decision to employ e-learning as a measure to minimize the effect of the novel Covid-19 pandemic. As contained in the information passed to the students, the educatees who get the messages are expected to log on to the school portal to participate in a poll that would make the school finalize it's decision and make plans.

While e-learning is in deed a welcome development and also a plus for the management of KSU to have swiftly tapped into that idea, let's briefly examine how feasible and achievable it is considering the circumstances surrounding the studentship of the Kogi State owned university and the possible way out.

As an old student of KSU, I can categorically say that about %90 of those who come to be schooled there are from average and poor homes who can barely afford gadgets compatible with standard e-learning. Affordability of huge mobile data required for e-learning is a challenge too. This is evident in how most of those students go to cafes to do assignments that require an electronic gadget and internet connectivity. It's also evidential in the students standard of living on campus. Unlike University of Lagos, Uniport, among others where students come to school with fleet of cars and sophisticated gadgets and among whom are working class individuals, KSU students are still on motorcycle level with dots of working class people among them with a spoonful of good devices owners. Thus, more than half of the students would be left out on e-learning.

Similarly, more than half of KSU students reside within the State. Only few are in Lokoja where things are little better. The rest residing within the State are either from Ofabo in Ofu local government where Glo switches their network on and off like electric or from Emodu Ogugu in Olamaboro where you can only make calls with the weak Airtel signal and browse at night with the fluctuating MTN Network. Some are in those Suburb communities in Okehi where you would have to climb a hill to make calls. Others are in those remote communities in Kaba where you wave your phone to drag in network. Overall, the poor internet accessibility in our locality is an impediment to e-learning. In my First Degree research titled 'ASSESSING THE ACCESSIBILITY OF ONLINE/INTERNET RADIO BY KOGI STATE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS,' it was discovered that %92 of the students did not know up-to two internet based radio stations. It was also discovered that %99 of students don't access streaming online contents because of poor network connectivity, lack of electricity to power gadgets, affordability of mobile data among others.

Even most of the students who reside outside the state couldn't return to Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt as at when the closure came up and for the fear of the ravaging Corona Virus. So, E-learning is near unachievable in this case. Even the portal for the pool will experience a low turnout considering the afore mentioned factors.

This is also coupled with the hard times everyone across the world is passing through right now. Those students whose parents are struggling to meet up with a one time daily meal shouldn't be laden with other burdens of data subscriptions for children's e-learning.



Politics / Nigeria's Electoral Violence; Adopting Electronic Voting by Ariyatech(m): 10:29am On Apr 24, 2020
The credibility of an election is a product of a tactically, intelligently, strategically planned and implemented electioneering processes as it is the base upon which the political future of a Nation can be accurately predicted. Climbing to the corridors, where the prowess of political powers are exercised is an aftermath of electoral conquest.

All over the world, politically inclined offices are not gained through dialogue but by setting a competitive atmosphere for the appearance of candidates who wish to win and occupy them through a contention.

Nigeria dines with other Nations of the world who engage the services of an electoral umpire with ballot papers to prepare, conduct and declare results of contests at various levels. This is traceable to the emergence of Electoral Commission of Nigeria, set up for 1959 elections, then The Federal Electoral Commission introduced for 1960 post independence elections and later coined as Independent National Electoral Commission in 1998. INEC is saddled with the responsibilities of properly planning, organizing, conducting and unveiling results of elections but how has this body fared since inception?

It has been the acts and scenes of violence before, during and after elections but an implementation of Electronic voting system can serve the function of a panacea because it’s a virtual process where card carriers make their choices using networked computer based systems irrespective of location within a time frame as instructed by the body conducting elections with results shown while poll goes on.

Historically, violent elections in Nigeria dates back to 1922 with the introduction of Clifford’s Constitution. The first recorded electoral dispute in post colonial Nigeria occurred in 1964. In the Western Region, political conflicts, popularly referred to as “operation wet e“, were recorded from 1964 to 1965 following both federal and regional elections as well as rift between Awolowo and Akintola. The physical presence of electorate orchestrates an intent for a fight when arguments ensue while sometimes, thugs are used to disrupt the processes.

February 13th 2015, Nnena Ibeh reported for Premium Times that 58 Nigerians died ahead of a rescheduled general elections with about 22 States inclusive then. This has been the path through which our elections have taken and it is biting hard on innocent citizens of Nigeria. Most of political gladiators who empower vulnerable youths with weapons of war have their children well secured in foreign lands with adequate education, good life and health.

During the 2019 Governorship elections in some States, violence were recorded with various degrees of injuries and deaths because the political psychology of an average Nigerian is fixed to do or die affair. They call it survival of the fittest in the battle ground, this is wrong and must be avoided .

European Union observed violence, vote trading and intimidation of voters during the February 3rd supplementary governorship election in Kano State.

The mission said it was disturbed that both the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and security agents did little or nothing to address the violence and malpractices, which spread to many parts of Kano State.

EU said its deployed observers who were prevented from accessing some polling units, for widespread of interference inform of vote-buying by party agents during the supplementary poll was alarming.

From their reports, INEC itself played a vital role in the manoeuvring of processes to favour their pay masters, rather than working towards expected credible elections, bribery was rampant, use of security agents to intimidate and prevent legal voters from exercising their franchise, snatching of ballot boxes in connivance with relevant authorities, sporadic gunshots at polling units to scare away voters, forcing voters to vote in favour of bourgeoisies were all displayed. Let’s not forget that this gives Nigeria a wrong international image and may affect our subsequent relationships with EU countries.

Full News Here

Politics / RAMADAN: Do More Of Charity And Prayers, Gov Bello Charge Muslims by Ariyatech(m): 10:10am On Apr 24, 2020
Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello has congratulated the Muslim Ummah on the sighting of the moon which signifies the commencement of this year’s Ramadan fast while charging them to engage in more charity and pray to Allah to heal the world of any form of disease.

In a statement on Friday by his Chief Press Secretary, Onogwu Muhammed, Governor Bello charged the Muslims to align themselves with the universal values of peace, kindness, love and respect for others which the Islamic faith promotes.

“On behalf of the Government and good people of Kogi State, I wish the Muslim Ummah in Kogi State and beyond, a blessed and peaceful Ramadan.

"The holy month of Ramadan, for millions around the world has always been an opportunity to renew and strengthen their faith through rigorous fasting, devout prayers, reading of the Quran, reflective meditation, and carrying out of charitable deeds.

"All these acts are closely conformed to the universal values that the Islamic faith promotes namely, peace, kindness, love and respect for others.


Politics / Yahaya Bello Prayed, But Here Comes The Destiny Child. (musa Wada) by Ariyatech(m): 2:34pm On Apr 23, 2020
In few days time the real owner of the stolen mandate of the people of kogi state will be announced by the election tribunal .

Kogites will welcome who the voted for,the political destiny changer,the transformer of political destiny,A political and socio economic asset.


Romance / Before You Marry A Woman Above 30 Years Of Age Think About This 5 Things by Ariyatech(m): 12:46am On Apr 23, 2020
With little experience I have gathered around me it's a good advice for a man to go for a woman that is younger in age than that of 30years and above

1. 30years old lady may not agree to adjust her attitude to an extend

Marriage is all about learning, and the best time to learn is when you are still tender, for instance imagine you at the age of 30 learning how to solve quadratic equations how do you think you can learn it without forgetting it within few days or how challenging it might seem to you

Character modification is best done when you are much younger so a 30years old woman who doesn't know how to respect her husband will never learn that after 30years

2. 30years old woman might have exhausted the extra oil

Do you actually know the meaning of 30 Years? , that's simply means 30men in her life, but in most cases there are few one that are reserved though.

But when it comes to those women with much experience is difficult for them to stay under you without comparing you with ex boyfriends



Politics / Jigawa State Government Extends Stay At Home For Another 2 Weeks (reasons) by Ariyatech(m): 8:35pm On Apr 21, 2020
Jigawa State Government has directed Civil Servants to continue the stay at home order for another two weeks beginning from tomorrow Wednesday 22nd April, 2020.

This was contained in a statement signed by the Jigawa State Head of the Civil Service, Alhaji Hussaini Ali Kila.

Details below

Crime / 9 Worst Prisons In Africa, See Where Kirikiri Stands by Ariyatech(m): 6:15am On Apr 09, 2020
For Africa, malnutrition and overcrowding which lead to diseases and death is usually what spells doom for the inmates the most.

There are actually some conducive prisons in Africa where there are even televisions but we take a look at the worst 9 in Africa.

9 Drakenstein prison South Africa

This facility was previously known as Victor Verster and is recognized as Mandela’s last jail home.

This ‘working’ facility holds some of the most notorious gang members in Cape Town. It is in fact ranked as one of the most fearsome centres in South Africa as a whole. It is where the highest number gang members are.

8 Pollsmoor prison South Africa

Pollsmoor is not only the worst jail centre in South Africa but also one of the most dangerous in the world.

This jail has inmates living in overcrowded spaces, and it is almost as if Cape Town gangs run it. Diseases spread rapidly due to the overcrowding menace, and some of the inmates have awaited trial for years on end without any future results.

Cases of violence and crude weapons among inmates are commonplace. It gets worse since a facility that is meant to host only 3900 inmates has over 8900 inmates

7 Black Beach Prison, Equatorial Guinea

Notorious for human rights offenses, this prison has become synonymous with guard brutality, malnutrition, overcrowding, rat infestations, Overpopulation, no healthcare, little food.

It is common for prisoners to die from chronic disease.


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Politics / Boko-haram War: Nigerian Army Suspends Voluntary Retirement Of Soldiers. by Ariyatech(m): 11:30pm On Apr 05, 2020
Boko-Haram War: Nigerian Army Suspends Voluntary Retirement Of Soldiers. Meaning, You Can No Longer Resign From The Nigerian Army.

▪️In an internal memo, the Nigerian Army has suspended approvals for voluntary retirement requests from soldiers, saying the rate at which applications to quit service was flooding its headquarters lately was “disheartening”.

The directive, which military sources told PREMIUM TIMES went out late March, said all forms 9B (military retirement application document) have been suspended and would no longer be made available to soldiers willing to voluntarily discharge from service.


Foreign Affairs / Boko-haram Leader Shekau Begs Chad President To Stop Killing Boko-haram Members by Ariyatech(m): 10:52pm On Apr 05, 2020
Boko-Haram Leader Shekau Begs Chad President To Stop Killing Boko-Haram Members In Audio Message

Chadian Army Have Killed Hundreds Of Boko-Haram In Just A Week And Several Weapons Confiscated From The Terrorists.

Translation/Interpretation: Shekau Was Heard Saying And Begging In This Audio� Message: "People Of Chad, Leave Us Alone, This Operation Is Not Approved By The Qur'an. It Is Not The Will Of The Prophet Muhammed But If You Want To Continue, God Will Help Us Too Because He Is Bigger Than You And To My Fighters, Take Heart And Don't Run Away. It Is I, Abubakar Shekau, Your Leader."

Full details and Audio below

Politics / "I Will Come For Your Head," - Kogi Deputy Governor CPS Threatens To Kill Onoja by Ariyatech(m): 5:51pm On Mar 20, 2020
It is no longer news that the the chief Press Secretary to Kogi deputy governor, Promise Emmanuel allas 'Kogi Rebel' has threatened to kill a social activist, Onoja Johnson who criticised his boss Edward Onoja.

Promise Emmanuel who issued the threat through his WhatsApp said he will come for Onoja Johnson's head if he continues to threat his boss. The statement reads" I have respected so long, I will come for your head."

Mr. Onoja Johnson reporting the threat writes to relevant authorities to come to his aid:

Full Details
NYSC / NYSC Orientation Suspension Is Due To Government Failure And Political Staged by Ariyatech(m): 10:47am On Mar 18, 2020
The sudden suspension of NYSC Orientation Programme due to corona virus shows how unserious our govt is. At first, why did the FG allowed Camp activities to commence before?

Now that you're sending them home due to corona virus, i hope the FG understands that Public and Private Schools are still operating, No traveling Ban and No restriction of movements due to corona virus

I still don't understand why our own Govt choose to ignore the need to place traveling ban on some European Countries when countries like Ghana, South Africa, Senegal et al has done the needful

You're trying to prevent Corpers from the deadly virus and you're sending them to an environment that's not safe for them.

The country is so busy in resolving party conflicts instead of focusing on something more important. What a Country
Science/Technology / How To Protect Your Mobile Phone Or Laptop From The Threat Of Coronavirus by Ariyatech(m): 2:31pm On Mar 10, 2020
People all over the world are troubled by Coronavirus. People are using masks and gloves to protect themselves from this virus.

The Global Health Research report states that a lot of bacteria and viruses are present on mobile phones which can cause diseases.

1. If you are using a phone, then keep earphones with you. To receive someone's phone, you should use earphones so that bacteria on the phone does not get put on your face. This reduces the risk of bacteria or viruses on mobile coming into contact with your face.

2. Do not forget to clean the earphones as well before using them. For this you can use hand sanitizer. But do not put the sanitizer inside the speaker.

3. Avoid using a public computer. If you also have to use public computer, then use it only by wearing gloves.

Full Details Below

Science/Technology / Whatsapp Introduce Multi Device Login With 5 New Features by Ariyatech(m): 1:03pm On Mar 10, 2020
WhatsApp Upcoming Features It includes features like multiple device support last scene for select friends etc. Photos: WhatsApp.

Users' chat history is saved on iCloud or Google drive. However, these chats are not protected with end-to-end encryption. In such a situation, the company is working on making these chats of users more secure. In such a situation, if this feature company rotates, users will be able to encrypt any chat before backing it up and storing it on cloud.

Face ID Support: Fingerprint lock feature has been provided on this platform for Android users. Now soon, Face ID support will also be given to Android users. WhatsApp is testing this feature. Soon it can be rolled out to users.

Multiple Device Support: Through this feature, you will be able to run the same account on multiple devices. This feature will help users who operate two or three smartphones simultaneously. The company has not given much information about this feature at the moment.

Full News

Religion / 4 Sexual Sins Every Christian Need To Avoid by Ariyatech(m): 6:49pm On Mar 07, 2020
#4:- Lewdness

unashamed indecency, unbridled lust, unrestrained depravity (a disposition or settled tendency to evil, the innate corruption of unregenerate man), the person with this characteristic has an insolent defiance of public opinion, sinning in broad daylight with arrogance and contempt.

Again, this often refers to s*xual sin. Here’s where many people err in their understanding of their se*uality. Notice the following verses. “Foods for the stomach and the stomach for foods, but God will destroy both it and them. Now the body is not for s*xual immorality but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body. And God both raised up the Lord and will also raise us up by His power” (1 Cor. 6:13-14). Paul is correcting the dangerous misconception among the Corinthians who believed, “as the stomach is designed for food, the private parts are created for s*xual experience.

#3:- Uncleanness

Often refers to homos*xuality and lesbianism

#2:- Fornication

p****graphy, illicit s*xual intercourse including prostitution, whoredom, inc*st, licentiousness (lack of moral restraint), and habitual immorality (would include s*xual fantasies that lead to self service).

#1:- Adultery

Unlawful s*xual intercourse involving at least one married person. Adultery is incompatible with the harmonious laws of family life in God’s kingdom, and is under God’s judgment since it violates God’s original purpose.


Celebrities / Here Are The 5 Things Girls Should Take Care During Period! by Ariyatech(m): 11:57am On Mar 01, 2020
1. Don't drink cold/sparkling water during menstruation.

2. Avoid applying shampoo on the head cause the pores of head are open during period & cause a headache so it's very dangerous & this can be cut when you're young or later when you get older.

3. Avoid eating cucumbers during period cause sap in the cucumber may block period (blood loss)in the uterine wall&may cause sterility.

Full Tips Below
Politics / KOGI East:why The Marginalization Of The Christians?.where Have WE Gone Wrong? by Ariyatech(m): 6:35am On Mar 01, 2020
With the coming on board of these current crop of representatives in kogi east,especially the federal representatives…From the likes of JIBRIN ISA ECHOCHO (the senator) Halims Ibrahim(Ankpa,olamaboro,omala) to the likes of Hassan Baiwa etc,the CHRISTAIN have suffered great marginalisation both interns of federal appointments,empowerment programmes,and other programmes of government.

To get the record straight,before the elections, Echocho and halims were accused of been religious fanatics giving their antecedents.Echocho during his stay at defunct afri bank and banking sector, he ensured he employed and favoured 98% only the Muslims.That also apply to halims where only Muslims were seen employed .

That is by the way,I am now concerned with those men in official public capacity as the decided to import same mentality to the management of public office.
For example, Echocho employment slot,out of the three non was given to a Christian,when he was sharing garrison processing machine non was given to a CHRISTAIN woman,what about the paracetamol and pampers that was distributed to primary health care centre,only Muslim populated areas benefited.

What of the case of our unfortunate member representing my Ankpa,Out of the employment slot at federal polytechnic Idaho and other agencies,all where allocated to the Muslims,the empowerment mockery programme and the recent agricultural empowerment programme all favoured the Muslims.

What about hassan Baiwa(Dekina federal. Constituency),out of 11 FEDERAL APPOINTMENT slot,no CHRISTAIN benefited.

What has the Christians done to those representative?

Health / "Take Me To China; I Can Cure Coronavirus , A Nigerian Youth Says" by Ariyatech(m): 6:29am On Mar 01, 2020
A very young fast rising sensational Nigerian star from Kogi State, Aaron Ikani popularly known as Noshaking has claimed to have a cure to CORONAVIRUS.

Aaron Ikani who spoke concerning the epidemic disease that have claimed the lives of many people said yesterday, that he could proffer solution to CORONAVIRUS if taken to China.

According to Noshaking, " CORONAVIRUS is one of the manifestation of the varicella zoster virus. The same virus is also responsible for herpes zoster, an infection more commonly known as shingles."

The young star added that " CORONAVIRUS is highly contagious and uncomfortable disease characterized by symptoms such as fever, nausea, fatigue, muscle crumps, and rash of itchy red bumps, scab and blisters that covers the body. Sometimes, additional complications can develop, including ulcers, hepatitis, pancreatitis, pneumonia, and even stroke. He said.


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Culture / "Idoma Marriage & Alekwu" Where Men Are Allow To Cheat by Ariyatech(m): 7:57am On Feb 29, 2020
It is easy to recognize Idoma men for their irresistible charm, charisma and intelligence. Our women also celebrated for beauty and hard work. However, there is this general notion about “IDOMA MARRIAGE” that has always scared off outsiders who intend to marry Idoma men, thus, the purpose of my script is to straighten out that dominant and exergeratted narrative.

Now let’s talk about Alekwu which I believe is the basic and primary concern.

First thing you should know is that the tradition is majorly practiced in the Otukpa, Owukpa and Orokam regions of benue state, the practice though still faintly functional has long loosed its potency in other regions.

ALEKWU means spirits of the ancestors which serves as a watchdog and according to tradition has the power to punish anyone who goes contrary to the laid down morals and customs of the land.

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