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Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Graphic Designer Needed For Nairaland Ad Banner by ayEbeneyzer(m): 11:47pm On Jun 14
Hello, I’m available for the job, you can reach out to me on WhatsApp 07066760842

And also check out some of my works on my Instagram page @ New_Apery
Health / Re: Chronic Gastritis Caused By H.pylori by ayEbeneyzer(m): 10:39am On Jan 20
Hello, please I’ll like to know if you’ve been able to overcome the infection, I’ve been treating it for months now with little changes
Health / Re: Help Having Stomach Problem by ayEbeneyzer(m): 3:04pm On Jul 04, 2022
Hello brother, have you found a solution to this, I find myself in this current situation
Health / Re: "I Am Having Stomach Ulcer, How Can I Manage It?" by ayEbeneyzer(m): 2:51pm On Jul 04, 2022
Let me give u all my testimony, I have been a victim of stomach ulcer since 2018, my symptoms were so horrible that I even felt I was having something worst, I visited several hospitals in Lagos , spent money on different kind of drugs still yet nothing, my ulcer was h plyloric negative, I believe my stomach ulcer was triggered by NSAID drugs (pain killers) … Took gestid, omeprazol, gavicon, ulsa kit, plaintain water, carbbage water, mix mag etc . Yet nothing. since 2018 till march 2022 (this year) my stomach never knew peace, every day pains upon pain to the extent I got use to my pains and it became part of me. September 2021 I relocated to the UK and of course health care here is free and better but I was too scared to go to the hospital cause I don’t want to hear any bad illness (cancer) so I continue to manage my self but last week of march I told myself, even if it is anything is it not better to be aware on time and start treatment? Early awareness is key, i summoned the courage and called my hospital the receptionist picked and I explained my problem to her and she told me unfortunately no booking appointment till next week Friday, I agreed and requested for time to come, so I just reluctantly chipped in my other symptoms to her and she said “u need to see a GP immediately “ immediately she booked me in for that day, 3 hrs later two doctors called me, after speaking to them they ask if it will be comfortable for me to show up in 10mins, I live very close by I said yes, and immediately went there, saw my GP I was examined and they told me they will give me laraprazole, I told them I have taken it before and to be honest it didn’t work, so they explained that this one is a higher medication then omeprazol, it was prescribed and I was booked for a follow up appointment in 28 days. I was advised to take the drugs in the morning, 60mins before eating, and I should always make sure I put food in my stomach every 4 hours, and I should avoid soda, they gave me a stool bottle to drop my stool sample for investigation , took it got my drugs and left. After 5 days result came out H plylori and bacteria negative and was advised to keep taking my drugs . My brothers and sisters, I felt this will be like every other drugs I have been taking previously, 2 days into the drugs was still feeling pains but as days went by, my pains of many many years disappeared, the only time I felt pain was 3 days ago when I didn’t eat for 8 hrs cause I was busy reading and forgot to eat. Mehn I am shocked with the improvement my stomach made. I know how painful stomach ulcer can be it isn’t easy at all. Pls guys try this drug, if I have my way I wouldn’t mind getting the drugs and help people who might be needing it.

Good day, please I’m going through what you mentioned, and I’ll like is to communicate better, where can I get the drug you mentioned?
Business / Re: How Much Do You Make Weekly Or Monthly, And How? by ayEbeneyzer(m): 6:26pm On May 09, 2022

Can I do it with my phone?

Sure, but I make use of my laptop and the app I use is called Coreldraw
Business / Re: How Much Do You Make Weekly Or Monthly, And How? by ayEbeneyzer(m): 6:25pm On May 09, 2022

Y u dey lie like this

You can choose to believe or not, it’s a free world �
Business / Re: How Much Do You Make Weekly Or Monthly, And How? by ayEbeneyzer(m): 6:24pm On May 09, 2022

Boss, I'm a graphics designer too, with very low patronage please can you shed more light on how and where you sell out your skills ??

God bless you sir.

Well, like I said, I mentioned “other business” so what that means is that I’m a partner of a new clothing brand which with the help of God has been going really well, and I just opened a new page for my graphic design page on ig called New_Apery, I intend to utilize IG very well this time, you can try it too and pay IG for sponsored Ad

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Business / Re: How Much Do You Make Weekly Or Monthly, And How? by ayEbeneyzer(m): 6:21pm On May 09, 2022

Good evening sir!!

I’m also a graphics designer but my niche is more on illustration. So let me say I’m an illustrator. I do all sorts of designs such as Logo, flyers, posters, T-shirt, illustration, cartoon, stories etc. Just incase you are not vast in illustration, cartoon etc. I can be your plug. And also if you have friends that freelance as well. It’s a very nice niche while I help them do it. You can call or WhatsApp me -08103249342

Alright, I’ll send you a message, then you can send me some of your works
Business / Re: How Much Do You Make Weekly Or Monthly, And How? by ayEbeneyzer(m): 9:56pm On May 08, 2022
I’m a graphic designer, and with my business, I make about 50k weekly

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Celebrities / Re: Oxlade Apologizes To His Fans And The Lady In His Viral Sex Tape by ayEbeneyzer(m): 5:50am On Feb 13, 2022
I Dey fear ojuju


Health / Share Your Health Issues by ayEbeneyzer(m): 1:08pm On Jul 10, 2020
Hi guys, so there's a saying that "it's what you like that will kill you".I don't know how true it is, but when I think about it, It seems it's a true fact.
we all have an health challenge one way or the other and medical practitioners have told us not to take some certain things that can trigger such challenges. The funny thing is most people still end up making use of those certain things. For example, I've been told to stop drinking cold water cause I'm asthmatic, but I end up taking blocks from the fridge almost every day knowing it's not good for me lol, let's know yours.
Education / Re: NSE Rewards 2020 Best JAMB Engineering Candidates With N16m (Photos) by ayEbeneyzer(m): 2:41pm On Jul 01, 2020
This is a welcome development, and i hope we see more of this.


Travel / Re: Airport Suspends Banner Flights After "White Lives Matter" Incident At Man City by ayEbeneyzer(m): 1:08pm On Jun 24, 2020
mad o
Crime / Re: Sex With A Pig: Man In Court In Ibadan by ayEbeneyzer(m): 7:53pm On Jun 23, 2020

awee what are you saying

always resist the urge to shaalaye so u don't draw attention to yourself

if people didn't "shaalaye" to you, you won't be where you are today, all I'm saying is someone sometimes have to explain when deemed necessary.
Crime / Re: Sex With A Pig: Man In Court In Ibadan by ayEbeneyzer(m): 1:44pm On Jun 23, 2020
Pig? Oga o.

The konji wey dey drive men these days has just returned from training o but wait o, pig, u mean that dirty pig?

not all pigs are dirty bro, it depends on the person taking care of them, some people actually decide to have a pig as a pet and when you see it, you'll love to have one.


Crime / Re: U.S Treasury Sanctions 6 Nigerian Cyber Actors For Targeting U.S Businesses by ayEbeneyzer(m): 5:08am On Jun 17, 2020
Get ready to do your "time"
Agriculture / Re: Farmers Loose Billions Of Naira To Swine Flu In Nigeria by ayEbeneyzer(m): 9:07am On Jun 08, 2020
I hope it gets to front-page

Agriculture / Farmers Loose Billions Of Naira To Swine Flu In Nigeria by ayEbeneyzer(m): 8:58am On Jun 08, 2020
Hello guys, it's a very sad time to experience this in Nigeria, but it is really going on. Pig farmers in Nigeria at the Oke-aro pig farm(The Largest Piggery Farm Settlement In Africa) has lost billions of naira to what is called Swine Flu( a respiratory disease). This disease can be passed from pigs to pigs if the affected pig is not quickly isolated from the healthy ones, and the worst thing is that it doesn't have a cure yet, only a vaccine which we don't have in Nigeria. It started early this year and hasn't stopped yet.
Many farmers who thought they would see their profit in time have actually been left with nothing because they don't have any pig again in their pen. Pigs have been dying everyday and farmers have been loosing their lives mostly because they borrowed money to start up there business or it was the only source of their income. Personally, my dad has lost over #2.5 million Naira, which is a lot of money especially with the pandemic (covid-19). I just wish the government could do something for us to stop all this, for example, they can make the vaccines available to farmers by importing them. I can actually say that a government official hasn't been to the farm since the whole issue started and this shouldn't actually happen because this said farm is the biggest in Nigeria.
People have taken to twitter to narrate their ordeal.

Travel / Re: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Crashes Near Karachi by ayEbeneyzer(m): 2:01pm On May 22, 2020
this actually brought back the memories of Dana Air crash around my area on 3rd June 2012. very sad

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Health / Re: COVID-19: Hopes Rise As FUOYE Dons Develop Potential Herbal Drug by ayEbeneyzer(m): 10:35pm On May 01, 2020
This will shape Nigeria if it eventually works
Health / COVID-19: Hopes Rise As FUOYE Dons Develop Potential Herbal Drug by ayEbeneyzer(m): 10:28pm On May 01, 2020
If the claims by the authorities of the Federal Univesity ,Oye- Ekiti(FUOYE) is anything to go by then Nigeria may have recorded a major breakthrough in the search for home grown cure for the deadly virus codenamed COVID-19.

The Vice Chancellor of FUOYE, Prof. Kayode Soremekun, hinted that a group of scientists in the institution have developed a local herbal MIXTURE capable of fighting the virus .

This was made known by a Press Statement made available to journalists in Ado-Ekiti .
The Dean of the Faculty of Science,Professor Olayide Lawal, disclosed that the lead researcher of the Anti-Covid 19 herbal drug team was Dr. Lawrence Okoror of the department of Microbiology who is a consultant to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Prof. Lawal said: ” The mixture had been tested against several viruses before the outbreak of COVID-19 and had shown to be effective against some Adenoviruses, Rhino viruses, influenza and other respiratory viruses as well as effective against tumors. This product of rigorous research output has been submitted to Nigerian Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Development.

The highly elated VC who lauded the commitment and tenacity of he institution’s researchers said the findings would be subjected to the appropriate authorities for verification and approval

” This is very is is a very good and responsive development on the part of our Science Faculty members.And such is the elastic nature of knowledge that more can still be done.We therefore look forward to a speedy response from the National Institute Pharmaceutical Research and Development.Incidentally,our Faculty of Pharmacy is on the verge of taking off.And to this extent,for us in FUOYE,it is morning yet on creation day,as far as Scientific research is concerned.”
Federal University Oye Ekiti has demonstrated tenacious commitments towards the advancement of research, most especially in areas of Science and Technology. The university is known for providing the right ambiance for scientists to come up with result-oriented findings.

The Dean of Science posited that the Federal Government should look inward for a solution to the virulent and ravaging COVID-19. He further stated that Nigeria can take a cue from Madagascar that is using the locally developed mixture to treat Covid-19 that is yielding good results,” he assured.

source: https://www.independent.ng/fuoye-hints-on-breakthrough-on-anti-covid-19-herbal-mixture/

Health / Re: Coronavirus In Nigeria: FCT, 8 States At High Risk - WHO by ayEbeneyzer(m): 3:38pm On Feb 28, 2020
all these ones go just dey create tension upandan
Education / Another Popular Student Killed In Fuoye by ayEbeneyzer(m): 8:19pm On Sep 11, 2019
Another student of the Federal University, Oye Ekiti (FUOYE), identified as Joseph Okonofua aka Joseph Icon, died on Wednesday morning.

The deceased, according to the Students Union President, Awodola Oluwaseun, was one of the victims that sustained gunshot injuries at a protest on Tuesday.

“Another student just died this morning. I am on my way there but I’m scared because police are on the street beating up any FUOYE student at sight,” he said.

The victim was a 300-level student of Biology Education and a campus comedian, He is well known over the school. He died at the Federal Medical Centre, Ido in Ekiti state.

Agriculture / Re: Poultry Farming Business Setup In Nigeria, Africa by ayEbeneyzer(m): 6:37pm On May 07, 2019
My love for Poultry farming, I know about it and I don't really know much about it, I don't know if there's any professional consultant as regards this field here that can put me through, or any farm you can refer me to for internship. I'm still a student and I felt after my school I should fall into this kind of lucrative business. Any help? 08123447164

nice 1, entrepreneur is d way bro

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Romance / Re: Secondary School Students Caught Having Sex In Festac, Lagos by ayEbeneyzer(m): 9:07pm On Feb 09, 2019
There is no KID in dis life again #FACT
Car Talk / Re: Top Current Car Brands And Their Country Of Origin by ayEbeneyzer(m): 8:28pm On Feb 09, 2019
9ja wit dem innocent INOSSON

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Politics / Ex-president Shehu Shagari Dies At 93 by ayEbeneyzer(m): 4:41am On Dec 29, 2018
Ex-President Shehu Shagari is dead.

Shagari passed away at the National Hospital Abuja on Friday. He was 93 years old.

According to his grandchild , Bello Shagari , the elder statesman died after a brief illness.
The former president , who was in power between October 1, 1979 to December 31, 1983, had an interesting lifetime .

He was the first and only President of Nigeria ’ s Secon Republic after the handover of power by General Olusegun Obasanjo ’ s military government .

source: https://punchng.com/photos-life-and-times-of-ex-president-shehu-shagari/

Education / Jamb Moves Sale Of 2019 UTME Forms To January by ayEbeneyzer(m): 6:00pm On Dec 05, 2018
The sale of Forms for the 2019 UTME, organised by JAMB has been moved to January. Remember the board had earlier announced that the sale of JAMB Forms will begin sometime in December. The new January Sales Date was confirmed by the official twitter handle for JAMB.

There is no further information released by JAMB at this time concerning registration.


Politics / Ex-president George Bush Dies At 94 by ayEbeneyzer(m): 11:42am On Dec 01, 2018
Former U.S president George W.H bush,who presided over the end of the cold war and routed Saddam Hussein's Iraqi army died on Friday night at the age of 94,a family member said.

Bush, the 41st president of the United States, lived longer than any of his predecessors.His death at 10:10pm.Central time was announced in a statement issued by longtime spokesman Jim McGrath.

Bush lost a chance for a second term after breaking a no-new-taxes pledge. But his son who bears his name came, in as the 43rd President after the era of Bill Clinton.

The death was also announced by his family Friday night on Twitter.

George Herbert Walker Bush, World War II naval aviator, Texas oil pioneer, and 41st President of the United States of America, died on November 30, 2018. He was 94 and is survived by his five children and their spouses, 17 grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren, and two siblings,” the former president’s office said in a statement.

“He was preceded in death by his wife of 73 years, Barbara; his second child Pauline “Robin” Bush; and his brothers Prescott and William or “Bucky” Bush.”

His son George W. Bush, who served as the country’s 43rd president, released a statement of his own from the family.

“Jeb, Neil, Marvin, Doro, and I are saddened to announce that after 94 remarkable years, our dear Dad has died,” George W. Bush said. “George H. W. Bush was a man of the highest character and the best dad a son or daughter could ask for. The entire Bush family is deeply grateful for 41’s life and love, for the compassion of those who have cared and prayed for Dad, and for the condolences of our friends and fellow citizens.”

Bush was admitted to Houston Methodist Hospital with a blood infection on April 22 — two days after the funeral for his wife of 73 years, former first lady Barbara Bush.

He is survived by his five children, including former President George W. Bush and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

Bush was with his wife when she died at the age of 92 on April 17.

“He, of course, is broken-hearted to lose his beloved Barbara, his wife of 73 years. He held her hand all day and was at her side when [she] left this good earth,” a statement from his office said after her death. “But it will not surprise all of you who know and love him, that he also is being stoic and strong, and is being lifted up by his large and supportive family.”`

Celebrities / Re: Omoni Oboli Poses With Her Husband And Sons (PHOTO) by ayEbeneyzer(m): 7:11pm On Nov 30, 2018
Those boys wh dey suck her pussy
ur destiny is confused !!!


Celebrities / Re: Photos Of Olamide With Beautiful Hot Ladies by ayEbeneyzer(m): 2:23pm On Nov 19, 2018
because dey re sweating dats y u tagged dem "hot"
Agriculture / Re: 5 Ways To Make Your Pig Grow Quickly by ayEbeneyzer(m): 1:37pm On Nov 19, 2018
hi m interested in dis can u shed more light on it

whatsapp me 07066760842

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