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Politics / Re: Breaking: Nigerian Police Outlawed In Canada (pics) by ayzTIGER: 9:39pm On Sep 25
This does not make any sense.

Let me rephrase for you. All uniformed security personnel in Nigeria are terrorists


Politics / Re: ISWAP Ambushes Military Convoy, Kill 7 Soldiers, 4 Vigilante Members by ayzTIGER: 6:14pm On Sep 25
Death to Nigerian Army of terrorists
Politics / Re: How PDP Zoned Presidential Ticket From 1999 To 2019 by ayzTIGER: 6:03pm On Sep 25

It was micro-zoned to the SW, but people like Ekwueme and Graham Douglas still ran, because their zones even had greater claims to that presidency than OBJ's. The reason being that the only Igbo man to hold he executive powers in Nigeria was Ironsi and he was there for just six months and he governed in the 1960s. Around that time, the SS had never seen the presidency.

Compare this to the fact that OBJ governed for a number of years in the 70s and Shonekan presided for a number of months in the 90s. So basically the SE and SS had greater claims for consideration than the SW in the 1999 presidential politicking.

Abubakar Rimi may have contested in the primaries also, and this was simply because it wasn't against the constitution for qualified individual to seek the presidency of Nigeria, provided you haven't done two tenures as the president.

In APP, Ogbonnaya Onu who was the candidate of the bigger party in the coalition, had to step down for the Yoruba candidate in smaller AD, because the ticket was also micro-zoned to the SW.

So basically the two major parties in that election microzoned to the SW
PDP micro zoned its ticket to SW, El Rufai said it, so the SW folks here denying it is just fooling themselves

Politics / Re: How PDP Zoned Presidential Ticket From 1999 To 2019 by ayzTIGER: 5:53pm On Sep 25

Stop spreading falsehood. PDP never zoned its ticket to south west in 1999. The ticket was zoned to the south and all interested southerners like Obasanjo from south west, Alex Ekwueme from south east and Graham Douglas from south south contested for the ticket and Obasanjo won.

In 2003, the ticket was thrown open and Obasanjo and Ekwueme again contested for the ticket. It was a very keen contest despite the fact that Obasanjo was the incumbent president. Even after the result was announced, Alex Ekwueme refused to concede defeat and congratulate the winner. Instead, he called the PDP primary election a charade on national television.
PDP's ticket was micro zoned to South West. El Rufai said it. Dont deny it

Crime / Re: Nigerian Man 'Snoop Awka' Mbanefo Shot Dead In South Africa (Photo) by ayzTIGER: 1:56pm On Sep 23

What will I steal from closed shops? I was in a very good mood that day and did not want anything to spoil it. If not, we for fight and I would have made sure that he lives in fear until he apologized.

You Igbo's don't know how to comport yourselves when you are in another man's land and that is a very dangerous thing. Nobody is saying you should be soft. Just know your boundaries when you are in a place where you are not from.
you will always be chased away when you lurk around in someone else's property it doesn't matter if your son of the soil or whatever
Crime / Re: Nigerian Man 'Snoop Awka' Mbanefo Shot Dead In South Africa (Photo) by ayzTIGER: 12:47pm On Sep 23

My brother, you completely described their true nature. I was shocked when one embarrassed me a son of the soil in Lagos here recently.

I was sitting and waiting for someone in a complex. He has a shop in the complex and was working with his boys all the while. Next thing I knew, he approached me and asked me what I was doing sitting there, I told him I was waiting for somebody. He asked me leave and was even shouting at me.

I asked him why he was embarrassing me even after telling him I was waiting for somebody. He said I should leave because I did not have a shop there. I was like WTF. I calmed down and left and refused to engage him because truly I took so long sitting there waiting. But any other person could have overlooked me staying there. It's a public place. I was just in a good mood sha to have allowed a non-Yoruba harrass me like that on my own soil.

Igbo's are a very problem. I knew it a long time ago. Claiming strong head in another man's land is their work.
you should have told him you are son of the soil while he was shouting at you to leave make he use heavy slap correct your foolish son of the soil mentality. Thief waiting for what to steal while using I dey wait person as excuse
Politics / Re: Malami: Naming Boko Haram Sponsors Now Can Affect Investigations by ayzTIGER: 4:54am On Sep 23
Ngpatriot come and tell us why your terrorists brothers are shielding boko sponsors

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Politics / Re: Ohanaeze Worldwide To IPOB: Sit-At-Home Is Nonsense, Take Your Protest To Abuja by ayzTIGER: 4:50am On Sep 23
What happens to Ohaneze simply telling Fg to produce Kanu in court
Politics / Re: IPOB: We Will Lockdown South-East For One Month If FG Fails To Bring Nnamdi Kanu by ayzTIGER: 2:20pm On Sep 22
The wickedness of black man their whole focus will turn to the duration of sit at home but they won't ask the simplest question why is federal government refusing to bring Nnamdi Kanu to court.
Politics / Re: Anti-Open Grazing: Southern Governors Passed laws They can't Execute - El-Rufai by ayzTIGER: 7:47am On Sep 22

Stop calling yourself slave to the north. They didn't own police, army and all security agencies solely to themselves. They only position they own is president and not even presidency. Please, please and please stop glorifying the Fulanis, they are never our lords. By 2023 when Buhari will be no more, each state governor will not be afraid of any president to take care of the Fulani menace. The DSS then will dance to the body language of the then president.
Next time before you quote me make sure your brain is with you.
Politics / Re: Anti-Open Grazing: Southern Governors Passed laws They can't Execute - El-Rufai by ayzTIGER: 8:12pm On Sep 21
Army in their hand, police in their hand, all armed forces in their hand so who will enforce it? a low budget security outfit carrying pump action against a global terrorist group armed to the teeth with AK. Even some foolish Southerners are against ESN that have shown the will to match madness with madness.

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Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: We Are Waiting For Tinubu To Decide – Akeredolu by ayzTIGER: 7:42pm On Sep 19
2023, will determine your fate across Yoruba land
idiot by 2023 bet me half of your coward Yoruba population must have run to Benin Republic and other neighboring countries. You don't know what's coming by next year it will clear for your eyes. Bookmark this now!! Na this senselessness made you lose Ilorin this time around it will be half of Yoruba land.

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Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: We Are Waiting For Tinubu To Decide – Akeredolu by ayzTIGER: 7:33pm On Sep 19
Igbos just no know say Tinubu na person wey still dey protect them, make them go find out the meaning of the slogan baba so pe from their top business men wey dey Yoruba land especially does wey be igbo dominated Markets leaders? Aworis, Ijebus, Akokos and others Yoruba tribes dey para but Tinubu just dey calm them down, this 2023 will determine their fate. You can not be given so much liberty, soft ground in Yoruba land and still be hating and working against them politically. The freedom and chances you are given in people's homeland, you do not have the good heart to reciprocate yet you keep hating and working against your host.
you wonder if this is the same Yoruba that few Fulani boys sent them running to Benin Republic. Afonja bastard what do you think you can do the the Igbo man


Politics / Re: ISWAP Blows Up High Tension Electricity Lines, Plunges Maiduguri Into Darkness by ayzTIGER: 9:46pm On Sep 18
This is not newsworthy. What we want is IPOB news


Politics / Re: IPOB: The Taliban Of Igbo Land By Vanguard Newspapers by ayzTIGER: 2:10pm On Sep 18
We need more of this article so we can hate IPOB and embrace Fulani terrorists with all our heart.


Politics / Re: See Veteran Actor Chiwetalu Agu In Biafra Flag.(pics) by ayzTIGER: 4:29pm On Sep 16
The love of motherland.
Politics / Re: Akintoye On UN protest: FG planted IPOB banner among Yoruba Nation agitators by ayzTIGER: 4:17pm On Sep 16
Igbos, Nnamdi Kanu and their gum body, if you like don't do what is right and wash your hands off anything Yoruba in this struggle. Look at the Buffon following Nnamdi Kanus step talking nonsense. IPOB has long passed this stage
Politics / Re: Just In: Unknown Hoodlums Attack Keke (Tricycle) Drivers Viotating Sit-at-home by ayzTIGER: 3:32pm On Sep 14
Which part of Enugwu
Politics / Re: The Biafran Enigma;a Proven Template On How To Achieve BIAFRA Under A Year by ayzTIGER: 9:06pm On Sep 13

come out from your shell you Fulani terrorist.
Politics / Re: The Biafran Enigma;a Proven Template On How To Achieve BIAFRA Under A Year by ayzTIGER: 8:56pm On Sep 13

My brother, IPOB is waxing strong on the body of the Igbos, their waxing strong have no visible effect on the entity called Nigeria or does it have effect on federal government?
It has effects on people that matters the Igbos, if you doubt go to Benue, Kaduna, Plateau and ask around. Do you think the Igbo governors give a Bleep about you, do you think they will bat an eyelid if Fulani terrorists come to Igbo land and kill thousands?


Politics / Re: The Biafran Enigma;a Proven Template On How To Achieve BIAFRA Under A Year by ayzTIGER: 8:46pm On Sep 13
Do you want to compare Spanish election with that of Nigeria? What you don't know is that Ipob is here and still waxing strong because of government's failure. Until your government start doing the right thing dont expect Ipob to fade anytime soon


Politics / Re: Igbos will form an alliance with the Fulani to keep Nijeriya one by ayzTIGER: 6:08pm On Sep 13

N1tw1t. I meant Buhari was a mistake in so far as his actions betrayed the expectation of those who voted for him to deliver Nigeria from the misrule of GEJ and the PDP.

Those who voted Buhari are not mind-readers and cannot be held to ransom for utilising their democratic franchise by you hateful Igbos who will always curse and insult once you don't get your way.

Fact is a thousand valid reasons existed to vote out GEj and embrace the "change" many felt Buhari represented in 2014.

You Igbos are the least democratic Nigerians so no surprise you always talk as if everyone who voted Buhari should be sent to the execution chamber.

Go and say the same shite to civilised citizens of sane nation see if they won't view you as mad for turning a Democratic political vote, to ascertain the will of the majority, into a hatefest against those who voted a winner who went on to disappoint.

It is to the shame of you Igbos, and a testimony to your hateful character, that the Ijaw kinsmen of GEJ had the maturity to move on ages ago, over his loss, while you lot still want to spill blood because your 'messiah' Jonathan was voted out in a democratic vote. In mature democracies , all those who voted, including losers, are duty-bound to respect the will of the majority as final.

Yet can anyone be shocked by the intolerant, brutal, oppressive and undemocratic outlook of Igbos when you now have IPOB, ESN and co, with the full endorsement of Kanu, killing and subjugating your fellow Igbos who don't wish to buy what your neanderthal Biafra thugs are selling.

Abeg dey hatefully stuck in the past. Nothing for you in the future anyway so remain reminiscening hatefully.
all these rants is for who? just continue crying
Politics / Re: Igbos will form an alliance with the Fulani to keep Nijeriya one by ayzTIGER: 5:22pm On Sep 13

Agreed Buhari was a mistake but GEJ's misrule, that left voters desperate, is partly to blame. At the time, it just was not possible to imagine we would see th actions/inactions we are witnessing today.

As for covetous land grabbing, Yorubas can never be guilty of that because we are not inordinately greedy and materialistic as Igbos are or lawlessly feudal as Fulanis are.
just take a look at Yoruba man sense. Voting a man that truncated democracy, came in the open to declare his full support for Jihad allover Nigeria, a man without waec certificate, a man that has never written a one line article of intellectual importance since he presidential seat is the man you voted by mistake? just look at your gbegiri sense. Why not allow others make same mistake in peace
Politics / Re: Fresh Kaduna Attack: I Counted 11 Bodies In Different Locations, Many Villagers by ayzTIGER: 5:05pm On Sep 13
You will never find umu ekwensu fulani on jihad march here. Just say Ipob and they will land like vultures because Ipob is a big obstacle to their jihad agenda. Do I pity these Kaduna people NO, they brought home firewood infested with ants
Politics / Re: Teniayo Saraki Bags A Degree From London University (Photos) by ayzTIGER: 1:25pm On Sep 13

Yorubas are not fanatics

Tinubu's wife is a Pastor
Fashola's wife is a Christian
The child of one time senate president of Nigeria graduated abroad and all you have to see is religion. Idiots
Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: Why I Will Pick Tinubu Over Osinbajo - Hon Bosun Oladele by ayzTIGER: 11:59am On Sep 12
Yoruba people self, they think the country is meant for them and Fulani alone but say Biafra they will still get mad at you. Greediness

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester United Vs Newcastle United - (4 - 1) On September 11 2021 by ayzTIGER: 4:45pm On Sep 11
The Portuguese show

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Culture / Re: Ezeuzu Awka Officially Opens His New Palace (Photos) by ayzTIGER: 1:10pm On Sep 11
Nonsense. This igweship is of no importance to the people. Opening his palace barely 24hrs after igwe Aguleri was killed and nothing has been done about that

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Politics / Re: RUGA In Imo: Protest Hit Oguta Over Ancestral Land: PICS & VIDEO by ayzTIGER: 1:06pm On Sep 11
Is time for boys to go back to their guns and fight it out than sit down and lose their land to Fulani terrorists


TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread by ayzTIGER: 7:48am On Sep 11
If there is one thing i respect about pere is that he sees through people.

Pere knows this is the opportunity to win Maria's heart and he knows Maria is watching so he is staying away from the Ladies in the house most especially Angel and queen.

What pere is doing is indirectly respecting maria and i can tell you Maria is watching and she will low-key be happy that pere is not disrespecting her and indeed he is sincere

one of the things guys fails to realize Is that women are big on respect,. you don't have to be rich like Davido or famous like Ronaldo, the moment you show a woman respect and honour, that woman will even reject the son of dangote and get married to you.

I am talking from personal experience.

nothing makes a woman proud than when her boyfriend or husband honours and respects her.

Except pere forks up his game, i think Maria will finally go into a relationship with him after the show. this is why i do not want pere to win the head of house game because if he does, Angel Is 100 percent the deputy he will choose and Maria wouldn't like that one bit.
obviously he is not going to choose Jackie b because of his friendship with Micheal.

This is why i respect Jackie b, i like the way she is respecting Micheal too, it's obvious she likes Micheal too but she hides her emotions but yes indeed she likes Micheal.

I know what i am about to say might not be accepted by some folks here but i will say it regardless.
whitemoney and cross are forked up guys and they have both broken the brotherly code and this is my explanation.

As a guy myself, now putting myself in Whitemoney's position, knowing fully well Micheal and Jackie B were item in the house and pere and Maria were strong item in the house.
i would never in my life tell Jackie B i want her as an item because it is clear that Micheal and her are clearly an item even though Micheal had Left the house. it's like going back behind my back to talk to my girl when you know she is my girl.

I wouldn't want to have such man as my friend.
do you think Micheal will be happy seeing this?
this goes against all brotherly code.

The other day he was saying Maria is the kind of woman he likes as a wife on camera, knowing fully well Maria is watching, niggar is indirectly shooting his shot even when he knows pere clearly loves her and they can still work things out together. There are things and words in life you shouldn't say to because it puts a question mark on your loyalty.

one thing i am big on in life is respect for my fellow man, except i don't know that a girl is in a relationship, otherwise i will never in my life shoot my shot at the girlfriend of a guy i know.

it goes against all brotherly code.

As for cross, i Just pray he doesn't get a bullet outside the house because how can you be telling NiNI you like her when you know saga is there already? he did the same thing with Maria.

you knew queen and White money has some issue and yet you are kissing queen in front of white money?

people like cross won't last long in Chicago before they will take him six feet below.

like i said, respect, honour and hustle is what i live for in my life and this is the code real men live for.

You can all see the life long friendship between Jay z and Kanye west or Jay-Z and p Diddy.

now imagine p Diddy is like cross, do you think Jay-Z will still be friends with him until now or imagine cross is Jay-Z and his friend is married to Kim Kardashian, we know cross will try to fork Kim Kardashian.

this little little things matters in life and as a Guy these are the things you should not overlook.

man must be there for his fellow man.

and lastly on Emmanuel and liquoross, you all could remember in the early stage of the show,. pere openly told liquoross in the presence of Emmanuel and other housemates that Emmanuel does not like her as much as she likes him and she should protect her heart.

well Pere saw through Emmanuel from the beginning and it is now playing out now.

instead of the young ones in the house to listen to pere's advice and take him as their big brother according to the lyrics of the official anthem that says "tomorrow i fit be your big brother"

They are ganging up against him, including liquoross and Pere really takes liquoross as his kid sister.
if only she and NiNI can take away the bias judgement and see that he meant no harm.

imagine waking up in the morning to write this load of bullshit. Dude are you Mannabbgrills?


Politics / Re: How I Escaped From Gunmen Who Killed Sowore’s Brother – Widow by ayzTIGER: 9:50pm On Sep 07
I don't understand the escape part. Was she distracting them with a lap dance?

Meanwhile it's wonderful how all the criminals in Nigeria went on sabbatical and left all the crimes for Fulani herdsmen to commit.
Fulani terrorist

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