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Phones / Re: I What Type Of Xiaomi Product Can I Get For 18000? by Babalegba(m): 4:08pm On May 22
Xiaomi Go was 18 k on Jumia till a few days ago.
Phones / Re: "I Sent A Samsung Phone From Finland To Nigeria, My Brother Got Biscuit" - Lady by Babalegba(m): 3:36pm On May 22
Life expectancy mean average in Nigeria is 46. Don't use world yardstick for Nigeria, Nigerians are not normal. If Boko Haram doesn't get the individual then there is police,sars, corruption,bad leadership,bad followership, kidnappers,scammers,nepa,drunk irate drivers,scammer clerics etc for him to contend with.
Religion / Re: Bishop Oyedepo: God Swore To Make Me Rich Because I Gave Him Car Many Years Ago by Babalegba(m): 2:40pm On May 22

Opinions are like the holes in our asses....everybody has one
True but some opinions drag down the I.Q levels of a country and contaminates.

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Religion / Re: Bishop Oyedepo: God Swore To Make Me Rich Because I Gave Him Car Many Years Ago by Babalegba(m): 12:15pm On May 22

Is it your brainwash? Is it your gullible?? Is it your members/followers?? Is it your amen?? Chai...too many questions to ask...but I must continue....is it your yes papa?? Is it your money they are donating to church??
Looks like you are a Yahoo Yahoo pastor or one in the making.Anybody defending the mocking of God must have satanic tendencies.


Crime / Re: Little Boys Hawking Pure Water (Photos) by Babalegba(m): 1:32pm On May 20
People should learn to mind their business !

There's nothing wrong with it if they're helping their mother out ...I'm pretty sure she's around the corner

It's better when mother and children hustle together than to give out the children to relatives because the parents can't afford to feed them .
Believe me, those little boys will turn out great in life .
You are wrong because child labour is morally wrong. Don't have children you cannot support.The northerners do something similar, it's called almajiri system there. I'm sorry but children from this kind of environment mostly end up desperate and would do abominable things for money as poverty warps their moral compass.Some would pull through but not too many sadly. This is the main reason politicians have combatants during election periods. Child development is crucial.

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Crime / Re: House Of A Kidnapper Demolished In Uyo After He Was Killed (Photos) by Babalegba(m): 2:52pm On May 19

This is what Rivers did to the one in the East-west road, turned it to the police station
The criminals cohorts might bribe a judge and reclaim it in future.The judiciary is sick

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Politics / Re: Kids Eating Eba With Dirty Water In Delta State Is False! by Babalegba(m): 10:20pm On May 18
It should be called Risky Tor because without cooking and boiling the eater would be at the mercy of bacteria present in the ingredients
Crime / Re: Doctor Arrested For Trying To Resuscitate Someone That Committed Suicide by Babalegba(m): 3:44pm On May 16

baseless argument, what made you think he is a medical dr? just because a blog screen shot a message that automatically makes the story real, keep believing every thing you read on social media carried by bloggers to generate traffic. why are you still in the shiithole? banza kawai
Veracity of the post is beside the point. We all know that Nigerians are generally callous and mostly immune to the suffering of others hence the perpetual corruption and insecurity in the country and the police are not helping by extorting money from those kind enough to help people in distress. I was in the UK for twenty five years and my higher education was done in Britain so I know that humans are not supposed to live like greedy selfish animals as happens with many Nigerians nor are you supposed to live a life devoid of introspection.It is possible to live moderately well in Nigeria if you have the financial muscle.

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Travel / Re: Why There Are Traffic On Lagos Roads. See Reasons by Babalegba(m): 3:13pm On May 16
Non availability of train services worsens traffic congestion
Crime / Re: Doctor Arrested For Trying To Resuscitate Someone That Committed Suicide by Babalegba(m): 3:09pm On May 16
so because he is a medical doctor that exempt him from investigation, the npf are doing their work , crime knows no profession. every body is a suspect. Nigerians are so annoying always rushing to conclusion even before knowing the true story. any person can write that nonsense and claim other wise, social media is hell in this country
I do wish I don't have to live in the same country with dumb ass people like you. Even somebody with the lowest I.Q understands that the police were looking looking for money and the repercussion of that is that the citizens would become callous and uncaring which has made Nigeria to become a shihole that everybody is trying to escape from.Nigerian police are evil and perpetuate s evil in the country


Crime / Re: Abeokuta: Court jails man for refusal to pay N17,000 gamble fee by Babalegba(m): 1:41pm On May 11

Lagos is a no man's land
Take it with you when you get your Biafra then, I can't wait to see the back of you vociferous criminals.
Crime / Re: Vigilante Shoots Gang Leader & His Gang Members,legs To Be Amputated (Graphic) by Babalegba(m): 5:52pm On May 09
Why shoot them when you have captured them already?
Why so heartless? angry
Pray for a brain


Politics / Re: After Four Years; Northerners Are Regretting Voting Against GEJ by Babalegba(m): 2:31pm On May 09
Northern social influencers on social media who were once all out against former president Goodluck Jonathan are now regretting working against him. A day barely ends without seeing a post regretting the step they took prior to 2015 election.

Below is one.

Nigerians are beginning to count their losses

This from is from a northern repented zombie

"GEJ we all lampooned and insulted built 9 Federal Universities and 6 of them are up north in just 4 years and 10 months

Buhari the "messiah" did not even lay a foundation stone for 1 primary school nationwide.

The indices for Human Capital Development is negative as sub zero under Buhari since 2015

Check it my brother, ...Buhari did not even add any value in health sector also.

I am very certain not one PHC was built in 4 years, ordinary primary healthcare centre but when he is sick, he will jet off to UK for good medical attention "
Deluded poster trying to cheer himself up
Phones / Re: How True Is Dis Deal On Jumia by Babalegba(m): 11:11pm On May 06
grin any show?
My two orders have been cancelled.The sellers fault not Jumia obviously.
Crime / Re: Nigerian Army Dismisses Soldier Who Raped A Girl In Front Of Her Parents In Yobe by Babalegba(m): 9:33pm On May 06
Akihgbe Tijany...Yoruba Muslims and crime. If you know, you know
Not yoruba
Crime / Re: Anambra Procures Land To Build Children’s Prison by Babalegba(m): 11:58am On May 06
Curb them young!
Peculiarly needed because of .....
Your point is loud and clear.Their predisposition to criminality should be addressed from an early age.


Phones / Re: Redmi GO Or Tecno F1..which One Would U Choose In Jumia Mobile Week by Babalegba(m): 11:55am On May 06
Based on cost and affordability, I'll choose tecno F1
lol, you would choose a non 4g phone over a 4g phone. You need deliverance


Travel / Re: How Airport Officials Can Easily Plant Drugs On Your Luggage (Photos) by Babalegba(m): 4:21pm On May 04

People saying her family this and that. Do u know her family? Do u also know they used Twitter retweet’s and social media to get attention when the authorities weren’t responding to them? Do u not think the recent execution of a Nigerian lady weeks back help to sensitize her own case?

We just like to assume a certain norm because it has negatively become popular with Nigeria means it’s always the case in every situation.
Leave those idiots alone,if they were more stupid they would become plant based lifeform .That is how they always accuse mentally sick people of being kidnappers and setting them on fire.Nature has done the right thing by putting all the idiots in one place and calling it Nigeria

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Politics / Re: Saudi Arabia Releases Ibrahim Abubakar, Another Nigerian Held For Drugs by Babalegba(m): 10:41pm On May 03

Am telling you bro
Sorry but you dropped the ball completely.My post was cryptic ,sarcastic and aimed at your astonishing inability to realize that the woman is truly innocent. I'm not in anyway trying to belittle you but I always feel sad that Nigerians fail when confronted with non textbook cases. In Britain the civilian jury in the court would have unravelled this case quickly. The father knows her daughters character and fought. Some other tribes in Nigeria cannot be defended because of their financial desperation as a result of population issues
Politics / Re: Saudi Arabia Releases Ibrahim Abubakar, Another Nigerian Held For Drugs by Babalegba(m): 9:46pm On May 03
Let them go home and sin no more. They peddled drug, the case of planting drugs in their luggage is outright balderdash... let this serve as a warning to prospective peddlers... Not every opportunity you utilize
Nigerians and intelligence are mostly mutually exclusive to each other ,this post confirmed that.Nigerians need to learn that the brain is for cogitation not thinking about the next place to steal or cheat.

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Phones / Re: How True Is Dis Deal On Jumia by Babalegba(m): 11:54am On May 02
Abeg for dos of u dat place order for dis phone xiaomi MI mix 2, which way? Dis every1 jus went mute
lol. My order for two is still awaiting fulfillment.
Politics / Re: Musa Umar, Buhari’s In-law Kidnapped In Daura by Babalegba(m): 9:38pm On May 01
God punish Buhari supporters and the Nairaland Buhari media rats. May their lives be like nairaland; no improvement except growing bears which is equivalent to the removal of page 0 on nairaland
Celebrities / Re: Prince Williams Darlington: Afia Schwarzenegger Was A Sex Worker In South Africa by Babalegba(m): 10:15pm On Apr 30
So Nigerians are also involved in the brothel business in SA. Hmmmm.
They are ibos

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Phones / Re: MTN 4G Now In Benin by Babalegba(m): 10:37pm On Apr 29
All of them Na d same joor 4G,3G
Not really, it takes me forty minutes to download a five hundred mb file on 3g but the same takes six minutes on 4g.Location is abeokuta.

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Crime / Re: How I Was Kidnapped On The Kaduna Expressway by Babalegba(m): 10:15pm On Apr 23

Them Afonja cowards cheesy cheesy
Same afonja cowards that defeated the Fulani jihadists at the battle of oshogbo in 1840 and ate all the Fulani cavalry horses. I had to correct my hausa friend who told me that the British saved yorubaland from Fulani conquest. I referred him to the encyclopedia Britannica website where he was able to read about the comprehensive defeat inflicted by ibadan and ijaye on the Fulani forces in 1840 to stop the jihad.I do hope that yotubaland separates from the backward North and the vociferous chest beating east soon.True history is not being taught in the north.

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Crime / Re: Breaking: Inspector Dismissed For Killing, Declared Wanted by Babalegba(m): 10:00pm On Apr 18
He is non wanted. If they wish to arrest him, it's so easy.
Arrest all his family members and watch him present himself.

Useless cowards. #policeNaScam#

Just like agberos in Lagos, policemen are criminals in uniform.
I'm baffled, what would his family be arrested for. This is 2019 not the stone age
Crime / Re: Police Officer Caught On Camera Assaulting A Pregnant Woman In Lagos by Babalegba(m): 1:27am On Apr 14
Nigerian police are generally evil and corrupt
Phones / Re: Have You Used Umidigi Device? Share Your Experience by Babalegba(m): 1:20am On Apr 14

How's the performance so far
Very good actually,in fact my next phone is likely to be an Ulefone because I find the quality impressive and music performance is good when using quality headphones
Phones / Re: Have You Used Umidigi Device? Share Your Experience by Babalegba(m): 9:12pm On Apr 13

U ordered for yours from AliExpress? Are they durable. Don't really care about big names
No, I got mine from Jumia actually, a 4 gig ram 64 gig rom phone for 28k but the offer has now expired.
Phones / Re: Have You Used Umidigi Device? Share Your Experience by Babalegba(m): 2:00pm On Apr 13
Get a 4g phone if you live in a 4g enabled area. I've never used an umidigi but the Ulefone mix I got two weeks ago is awesome so it looks like the Chinese manufacturers have upped their game. A xiaomi might be a good choice though.Try to avoid overpriced phones like tecno infinix etc. You can order for parts from Ali Express
Health / Re: Rebecca Chukwueke UNICAL Student Dies Over Hospital Strike (Photo) by Babalegba(m): 10:53pm On Apr 09
The government did not fail her, the greed and the animal nature of Nigerian health workers did. They are the highest paid sector in the country but they always want more.Check the salary scale of health workers and you'll see what I mean. They are like most Nigerians,greedy, self serviing selfish animals.


Travel / Re: Why The Free Lagos-Ibadan Train Ride Is Yet To Commence (PHOTOS) by Babalegba(m): 6:43pm On Apr 09
Amaechi and his gang knew it wasn't going to be possible, yet they lied to Nigerians just to get cheap votes.
At least they got the project going which could not be said of the other thieving lot


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