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Politics / Re: Atiku Lines Up 400 Witnesses, Asks Tribunal To Sack Buhari, Declare Him Winner by Babinski: 7:16pm On Mar 19

Were you expecting 176000 witnesses or critical witnesses? Abegi it is not by number but quality of witnesses.

It is by number that you can prove the substantial non-compliance that is required to overturn elections in Nigeria. The truth of the matter as Falana said, is that Atiku faces a serious uphill task. I seriously doubt his ability to win, particularly when Onnoghen is out of the equation.
Celebrities / Re: 'etinosa Is A Good Person, Instead Of Blaming Her, I’d Rather Blame Myself' -FRZ by Babinski: 11:48am On Mar 17
Isn't it surprising how Freeze the Confused doesn't blame the girl and doesn't blame the Sheeple movement but finds time to blame Covenant University and Living Faith or Orthodox churches that the girl previously attended?
How warped can people's reasoning be at times!

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Politics / Re: Group Files Suit To Stop Atiku’s Presidential Bid Over Citizenship. by Babinski: 9:18am On Feb 12
When Nnamdi Kalu called Buhari Jubril

How many went to court

Fools in action

Merely saying Buhari is Jubril from Sudan without any facts is not enough to go to court with.

Here it is a fact that Atiku was naturally not born as a Nigerian. So he is not a Nigerian by birth but by naturalization after the Northern British Cameroon joined Nigeria in 1961.

And the constitution states that only a natural born Nigerian can be President. So the case has some merit.
Politics / Re: Atiku In Calabar: PDP Support Groups Protest None Payment Of Money Promised by Babinski: 6:14pm On Feb 11
"When it is established that government by right can take wealth from some and give it to others. When a society establishes criminals-by-right and looters-by-law, men will use force to seize the wealth of disarmed victims. Such looters believe it safe to rob defenseless men, once they have passed a law to disarm them. But their loot becomes the magnet for other looters, who get it from them as they got it. Then the race goes, not to the ablest at production, but to those most ruthless at brutality. When force is the standard, the murderer wins over the pickpocket"-Unknown

The quote is actually by Ayn Rand.
Politics / Re: NBA Directs Lawyers To Boycott Court In Protest Of Onnoghen Removal by Babinski: 7:48pm On Jan 28
The NBA-NEC Emergency meeting which was held today, the 28th of January 2019, ended with some resolutions.
it was held that lawyers all over Nigeria boycott all courts in the land for two days starting from the 29th day of January, 2019.

1. NBA Condemns in strong terms the Unconstitutional Suspension of the CJN.
2. NEC resolved that Members should boycott all Courts for the next 2 days starting from tomorrow the 29th to 31st of January, 2019.
3. NEC Ratified the Constitution of a 3 Man Committee (which may be expanded) made up of Former Presidents Olanikpeku, A. B. Mahmood and President Paul Usoro to interface on the issue.
4. NEC adopted and ratified all actions and statements earlier issued by the President on the Prosecution and Suspension of the CJN.

Paul Usoro that has a corruption case of money laundering on his neck, yet he has the audacity to still be head of NBA and in a committee to interface on Onnoghen issue? Well, we will soon throw decorum to the winds.

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Politics / Re: Breaking: CCT Adjourns Trial Of Suspended CJN, Onnoghen Indefinitely by Babinski: 7:05pm On Jan 28
So what does it mean ? The cjn remains suspended ?

Don't mind all of them. The judiciary is fielding various players in a theatre of absurdities.

You cannot go to an appeal when there is no judgement of the lower court that you want to appeal. However, Onnoghen and his co-players went to appeal court when their Industrial and Federal High Court orders where ignored because they are of coordinate jurisdiction with the CCT. Please ask them what judgement or ruling are they appealing? Just abusing court processes for personal gain and disrespecting the judiciary whose integrity they are supposed to uphold!

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Politics / Re: Agbakoba Makes Revelation About Tanko Muhammed, Acting CJN Appointed By Buhari by Babinski: 6:45pm On Jan 28
Is that not hypocrisy on the part of Tanko? He was part of the Justices who removed a judge at the state level for committing exactly the same offence he is now guilty of at the federal level.

The same hypocrisy on Onnoghen's part when he is part of the NJC that has been suspending judges with corruption cases since 2016 but when it came to his turn he indefinitely postponed the NJC meeting.

The same Onnoghen also ruled as JSC that Appeal Court orders cannot stop CCT from performing its constitutional duty but when it came to his turn he went shopping for an order at the Appeal Court to stop CCT.

The lesson in it all is we have a lot of selfish people in high places who don't mind undermining the system for their own gains when it comes to their turn!

Where was Agbakoba when GEJ suspended Ayo Salami as President of the Appeal Court and Sanusi as CBN Governor in violation of the constitution?

Have we become so debased as people and a nation that we will argue for the retention of a corrupt CJN because of procedural issues and political differences? Was the constitution made to foster corruption or for the benefit of the people?
Party affiliations are not static; you may be in PDP today and APC tomorrow but what happens when your sense of morality is not static is that it eventually becomes dead.
Celebrities / Re: Yinka Ayefele Thanks Governor Ajimobi For Rebuilding His Music House by Babinski: 9:54am On Jan 08
I saw it on my way to Babcock today, now he reconstructed the place on whose account?

Apparently on the State Government account. That is one example of how the Governors/State Dictators in Nigeria waste the resources of the State without question.

In saner climates the House of Assembly and the Courts would have been asking the Governor the basis for the demolition and whether due process was followed.
Romance / Re: Peruzzilover Vs TheMeykar On Twitter: "I Opened My Legs For Him Even When Angry" by Babinski: 10:06am On Jan 07
Told him I wasn't ready for any relationship because I was tired of the way guys do break my heart and I was tired.. Then he was like even if we don't date can we be doing stuffs I pretended like I didn't understand and just laughed.. we talk everyday day....

He said what he wanted all along, but you pretended not to know. So why cry now?

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Politics / Re: Tolu Ogunlesi Was Atikus Media Aide Who Betrayed Him - Reno - Omokri by Babinski: 9:38am On Jan 07
Reno apparently has no rebuttal to Tolu's exposition on his "Leaked Amaechi Tapes" and has therefore resorted to maligning Tolu's image. That is fighting dirty and not fighting on facts!


Politics / Re: Why We Invade Daily Trust Newspaper Offices - Nigerian Army (Press Statement) by Babinski: 8:29am On Jan 07
If the Army's classified information can be obtained by a journalist and published well before the planned attack, it is then little or no wonder why Boko Haram knows their plans ahead!
I am sorry to say but the Nigerian Army is a big joke wasting the lives of our young men.
Politics / Re: Buhari Declines Comment In Shagari’s Condolence Register by Babinski: 8:22am On Dec 31, 2018
Check GEJ's comment and Buhari's no comment and see the type of mistake Nigerians made.

#Never again!

In Buhari's action I can see honesty and sincerity. You can't honestly have genuine eulogies for someone whose government you truncated due to widespread corruption which was acknowledged by history.

Goodluck's statement is not backed by sincirety because he never really knew Shagari well enough to say some of the things he said. And history clearly shows there was massive corruption during the Shagari era contrary to any accolades of them laying good democratic foundations for the country. If they laid good foundations, we would not be in the category of mess we are today as a country.

It is good not to speak ill of the dead. But it is better to keep shut than lying.

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Politics / Re: Saraki: It’s Criminal To Say Nigerians Consume Over 50m Litres Of PMS Daily by Babinski: 6:57am On Dec 30, 2018
There is a lot of sense in what Saraki is saying, this subsidy thing is the greatest scam ever.
Investor confidence in Nigeria is very low at the moment and without direct foreign investment we may not get the needed money to revamp the much needed infrastructure.
I just dey fear for Nigeria because daily crude oil is losing it's value and APC will continue borrowing to fund the budget.
The bad thing is Buhari is more interested in covering up his incompetence instead of appointing technocrats to help him.

Saraki has no point because these matters are always brought before the NASS for appropriation. They can always reject it or call the NNPC or Petroleum Ministers to come and explain. To now be raising issues on the pages of newspapers after the NASS, which he heads as Chairman and Senate President, has approved the matter is the height of stupidity.


Politics / Re: Buhari Can't Mourn Shagari After Bringing Down His Government - Junaid by Babinski: 12:06am On Dec 30, 2018
We didn't have a meaningful Democratic dispensation during the Shagari era. It was full of looting and mismanagement of the Nation's resources.

If not that it is common norm not to speak ill of the dead and for Political reasons, I doubt if Buhari would eulogize Shagari in anyway!

People like Shagari are not the people we need to honour bases on their contribution to the mess we find ourselves in.

If all our past leaders are good and honourable and worthy of eulogies when they die, then it simply means their legacy for us is good and they have have built an eviable world for us!


Romance / Re: I Won't Take My Future Husband's Name Unless He's More Successful-Cynthia Lolo by Babinski: 8:43pm On Dec 29, 2018
If you consider your husband as a nobody and yo married him nonetheless, then you must be the biggest of fools!

Some ladies really have a terrible mindset. And more than often, this mindset is their undoing whether they realize it or not.
Politics / Re: Atiku To Strengthen Civil Society-fg Ties Under His Administration by Babinski: 8:23pm On Dec 21, 2018
Atiku has suddenly become a saint among Nigerians.

When you see a man that is too free with promises, it is either he doesn't know the meaning of promises or he does not intend to keep the promises.

Atiku is like a guy with a huge dose of konji who is willing to say anything just for access to a girl's honey pot. He can say anything just to have access to the Nigerian treasury.
Education / Re: Olori Memunat Graduates From University (Alaafin Of Oyo's Wife) by Babinski: 10:25pm On Dec 15, 2018
grin grin grin grin

I'm sure this babe go get young guys wey do dey straff am side ways, just stayed with the old king for money sake.

Staff her at your peril! A word is enough for the wise...
Politics / Re: Saraki Reacts To Peter Obi's Performance At VP Debate. Ogundamisi Laughs by Babinski: 10:18pm On Dec 15, 2018
Osibanjo is no match for Peter Obi on leadership and economic matters. Have you observed that since this debate PDP are praising Obi for his great performance while APC knowing how terrible Osibanjo performed lean on blaming and castigating Peter Obi.

Those praising Obi should understand a VP has only one constitutional role: to replace the President if need be. Any input the VP has is at the instance of the President. With Ezekwesili's confession of Atiku's dislike or hatred for the establishment of Due Process, Obi's value may be no more than for election purposes. We all know how our politicians utilize the wisdom of senior, special and not so special advisers!
Politics / Re: 2019: Atiku’s Not Alternative To Buhari’s Incompetence – Junaid Mohammed by Babinski: 9:08pm On Dec 15, 2018
The truth was that in 2015, people wanted anyone but Jonathan and that's how unfortunately we had Buhari. There is this saying that no matter how many times a snake changes its skin, it doesn't make it less a snake. That is exactly who Buhari is, despite the repackaging from the likes of tinubu and the rest in 2015, time has proves that Buhari remains the same in being a tribalistic, nepotistic, fanatic individual who remains economically unsound, no wonder during his stint as head of state in the 1980's we had recession, and the same thing repeated in 2006.

The truth is Buhari has blind followership in the north, same nepotistic, tribalist, and economically unsound individuals litters the north, they view him as demi god, no wonder he plays to the gallery, by giving them more appointments and turning blind eye to their misdemeanors. The same people who voted out Jonathan under the guise of failing Nigeria would not vote out Buhari even though Buhari has done worse.

Personally I don't like the Atiku candidacy because of some credibility issues he has, but the truth is that looking at the other candidates for the presidential race, Atiku looks the likeliest with the clout and grit to wrestle power with Buhari, don't tell me the boolsheet of saying "What if we all support Kashim, what if we all support Moghalu, what if we all support Sowore" the truth is that there is no way those ones are smelling that seat, they are not going to win, with the orientation and voting pattern done by hungry Nigerians, there is no way they are going to win, they wouldn't indulge or have the capacity to do a nationwide vote buying, bribing of voters by doling out money or consumables on that day to voters, enough wherewithal to fund the campaigns and elections.

Nigeria is at the lowest low it can go, there is no any lower we can go lower than we are presently. Atiku is a sound business man, and can apply that business temerity in revamping Nigeria. The so-called corruption fight is a hogwash, have you been close to goverment circles, the same high level of looting is still going on unabated, so why would we under the guise of the so-called corruption fighting be kill yourself with hunger.

Any Nigerian that wants Buhari out should settle for the Atiku option, Obasanjo had no option, having weighed everything, weighed the realities on ground had no option than to go back to his vomit in endorsing Atiku, it wasn't easy for him, so if he could do that, I think majority of Nigerians should toe that line, the rest of the candidates even though are young, intelligent, economically sound( like one chika Ukaegbu, the acclaimed youngest presidential candidate) are just vote splitters, Buhari is happy them being in the race, cos his core fanatical, nepotistic almajiris are on lockdown, but down south and the sound northerners would now be split with voting for Atiku and the rest of the mushroom presidential candidates.

Let's every right thinking Nigerian please think about the Atiku option, he is the only realistic solution to the quagmire we brought ourselves into, don't be decieved by the noise of the other Presidential candidates who lack party structures across the 36 states of the federation, they are nothing than vote spliters

Forget your lengthy appeal for Atiku. He is not an option. Atiku's claimed business acumen is rooted in corruption. Most if not all the businesses were established with looted funds or corrupt leverage (i.e. ABTI, INTELS). He is corruption personified.

At this point, what is clear is that Nigerians are yet to find a credible alternative to Buhari. Our inability to go for Durotoye, Moghalu or Sowore also shows that Nigerians are powerless to install an alternative of their pure choice against a prevailing system that only make tainted choices "reasonable" or "the most likely".
We need to wakeup to the illusion of choice we keep having during election period. Atiku is not a choice or an alternative!
Politics / Re: BREAKING: Senate Opens Public Hearing On Vote-buying by Babinski: 9:21pm On Dec 10, 2018
Tradermoni a sophisticated way of buying votes

Since it was approved by the Presidency and the National House of Assembly, it simply means we are all guilty if your assertion is right.
Politics / Re: NBA President Says Gov Udom Paid Him N1.4bn For Legal Services -EFCC by Babinski: 9:25am On Dec 08, 2018
Since when did legal fees become "questionable funds" and subject to investigation? Na wa o

Since when you use State Government money to pay personal legal fees!

A law should be made that State Governors who abuse their office like this should be removed immediately because being allowed to continue in the name of immunity is not to the benefit of the People.

Serving the People without unnecessary interruption is the basis of the immunity enjoyed by the Governor, so it is clear he cannot enjoy that immunity while harming the People and betraying their trust!

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Politics / Re: Buhari,Atiku Not Educated Enough To Rule Nigeria,Says Olawepo-Hashim by Babinski: 7:21am On Nov 26, 2018
The choice of words from these aspirants often show their understanding of the task ahead.

What we need is a LEADER and not a RULER. The President in a democracy is answerable the people but Rulers are not!
Politics / Re: Jonathan: How Jega's INEC Conspired Against Me In 2015 by Babinski: 8:04pm On Nov 21, 2018

Can you please help me ask Buhari and APC when they’ll stop blaming GEJ and PDP and everyone else but themselves for the poverty, joblessness, insecurity, economic recession, corruption and mess within their government?

Nigerians typically avoid responsibility. How often do we blame our parents, blame our circumstances, blame witches, wizards and village people for actions that we are sometimes responsible? It is our nature.

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Education / Re: Facts About Nigeria's "Poor" Education System That Will Make You Agree With ASUU by Babinski: 7:50pm On Nov 21, 2018
All the facts listed here are not the reason for ASUU strike. ASUU never went on strike to improve the quality and accountability of education in tertiary institutions. They strike to improve their own remuneration!
ASUU was founded to represent the welfare of its members so let's stop lying on their behalf.

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Crime / Re: Little Boy Seen Staring At The Photo Of His Dad Killed During The Shiite/police by Babinski: 5:03pm On Nov 09, 2018
What does he know at dis age.. He jus knows d man in d photo is his dad but what he doesn't know is he'll neva see him again... Both d military and d Shiites are to blame for most of those deaths.. D army for opening fire on protesters and d Shiites for daring military men with live bullets to fire.. Bullets will kill U whether U form a shield or not

Their clashes with the Army brings suspicion. The Army has no business doing the work of the Police!
Politics / Re: "Buhari Oleeee" - Adeyanju Deji Comes For Buhari by Babinski: 8:13am On Nov 08, 2018
They steal because we always let them..

Thank you for your comment.
There is a National House of Assembly with over 400 members combined and they passed the INEC Budget. Are they not therefore accomplices? And seeing that they are the People's Representatives, then the People are also indirectly accomplices!!!

I was really surprised that absurd budget got passed!


Politics / Re: Dele Momodu Speaks On Buhari's Certificate (Photo) by Babinski: 6:39pm On Oct 27, 2018
There's a minimum requirements to being a president of a country. And the last time I checked being in the army wasn't that minimum. Secular education is..

In the army you're only taught how to kill..
And nothing more. But secular education teaches critical thinking and empathy too

Oh is that why Nigeria has turned to graveyard since Bubu's inception

The minimum is evidence of attending secondary school as ruled by the Judge on Adeleke's case for Osun Governorship election!
Politics / Re: PDP Primaries, NW Leaders Endorse Markarfi As Consensus Candidate by Babinski: 7:07pm On Oct 03, 2018
Who be Markafi pls

He is most likely going to end up as the final PDP Presidential candidate to be fielded against President Buhari.
Politics / Re: Maurice Iwu: 'Osun Election Was Conclusive' by Babinski: 10:32pm On Sep 24, 2018
I actually thought this same argument canvassed by some lawyers and the PDP itself was just a propaganda tool and the party trying to blackmail the electoral empire.
But now that Iwu has clearly stated its antecedents and the only constitutional provisions it should apply,its clear that Adeleke should have been declared the winner.
Its a tricky situation now.
If PDP loses after participating in the re-run,it has shot itself in the foot,legally.
I feel PDP should held to court to stop the rerun and compel INEC to declare Adeleke the winner of the election already.

Is it not a similar situation with Audu in Kogi State that led to the emergence of the scourge: Yahaya Bello?
Politics / Re: Toyin Saraki Replies Instagram User Who Called Her Family 'Thieves" by Babinski: 5:33pm On Sep 09, 2018
It is the cross politicians have to bear. The day you become a politician in Nigeria is the day you automatically become a thief in the yes of the public, no matter what, and you can't fight it. The moment you get tagged a 'thief', it sticks. Ask Atiku and others. The opposition doesn't even have to prove that you have stolen, all they have to do is just accuse you.

It is not a cross they have to bear if they embrace transparency.
If you always like to share meat with your teeth, you would always be accused of eating the bigger meat and you have no defence.
Politics / Re: Nigerians On Facebook Apologize To GEJ For Voting Against Him In 2015 (photos) by Babinski: 8:11am On Aug 08, 2018
My stomach always remind me of the difference between GEJ's and the current govt. It has not been feeding well since mid 2015.

Eulogizing GEJ in the face of Buhari's failures is a sign of brain damage or at best a variation of the Stockholm syndrome.

So we have nothing better to do as Nigerians than going back to our vomit when the food doesn't taste as good as we expect? And we expect to magically progress as a nation with this kind of mindset?
Politics / Re: REVEALED!!! Saraki Has No Powers To Order DSS Daura by Babinski: 10:34pm On Aug 07, 2018

Shut up!

Do you think the Department of the State Security Service is a kitchen Agency like FRSC that you can order at will or politicians using it as hide and seek game!

They are not partisan,they are charged with sole powers of protecting the President,Vvip and safeguarding the country from any internal and external aggressors or threat!

And they are answerable to the Office of the President alone,not even the Governors have right or control over them

Selfish interests have been shown to have powers that are almost akin to life and death over a man. Who will order a man to kill his own child and he would even try to obey except God? Yet have we not seen men kill their own children and have sex with their own blood for their selfish reasons? Have you not seen powerful CEOs humbled by weak women just for 5 minutes enjoyment?

What can make Daura go against his boss other than selfish reasons?

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