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Politics / Re: Oyetola: I Leave Behind ₦‎14 Billion Cash, Paid ₦‎97b Debt Without Borrowing by baby124: 3:21pm On Nov 27
Osun is about to hear Whiiin!!! Dem go dance on empty stomach tire! It’s not by rich person o. Some rich people are faking it and they need your money desperately to keep looking rich! cheesy
Romance / Re: Can I Get Married To Her Now Or It’s Too Early? by baby124: 3:01pm On Nov 13
.... It seems termites are eating your brain.... U didn't read my post well... I was doing well until she came into my life... Or u didn't see the part where i typed that after she left, I'm beginning to pick up again??

Have you not seen wealthy men who went broke after they met the wrong women?

Always quick to attack but slow to use your sense.....

You're here criticizing people for giving birth out of wedlock when you were born in the same manner.... Ekuke
If you approach relationships like this, it’s clear you are not intelligent enough for business. The way you talk, how scattered your brain is, how you treated your babymama. It’s clear you will fail again if you don’t look inward and blame yourself because you are a very stupid person. You are definitely suffering from some mental delusions.
Romance / Re: Can I Get Married To Her Now Or It’s Too Early? by baby124: 11:24am On Nov 13
Don’t take advise from anyone that abbreviates their words. There are teenagers on this platform who believe they are old enough for marriage and try to advise their fathers and mothers. The only way you can decide if someone is for you is to spend time with them.

Go to Nigeria, fly her over for a visit, go to vacation together. Go with an open mind and give it 6 months to a year. Don’t waste too much time, most girls have multiple suitors. She should also be expected to keep her options open because you have not expressed your intentions to marry her yet! What if you decide she’s not for you

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Romance / Re: Can I Get Married To Her Now Or It’s Too Early? by baby124: 11:13am On Nov 13
..... I once met a lady who i thought was the queen of the world at the time....
Her true nature came out when she got pregnant and knew i cared for her and the baby so much...

Long story short, after met her, i lost my job, became a serial debtor and not on good terms with my family....

Guess what, she left with my kid in the middle of all these...

My greatest happiness is that i was never married to her...

Things are looking up now that she's out of the picture (though I still keep in touch because of my kid).

I'm not saying your woman will be like that but just be careful.

At one point in our lives, our worst exes were once the best persons we have met.

Time Nd circumstances change people.

May the heavens not allow you make a grave mistake..... Amen
She’s the problem. But you who brought in a woman, got her pregnant, did not marry her and wanted her to suffer with you! You must have a high and advanced delusion.

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Romance / Re: Can I Get Married To Her Now Or It’s Too Early? by baby124: 11:09am On Nov 13

One who pays to checkmate the activities of a Nigerian girl is being foolish and wasteful. These demons are already damaged, why wasting funds to ascertain the level of her damaged lifestyle
Seun it’s not ok to allow lunatics like this to come online everyday to deride Nigerian women. It’s time to check this nonsense. They are becoming out of control on your site.


Celebrities / Re: Kemi Olunloyo Calls Out Police Over 'Inhumane Torture Of Ifeanyi's Nanny' by baby124: 1:53pm On Nov 11

It was very irritating to watch. I think the reason he went back that her was because she was the only one that would allow him to keep manhandling her publicly. Now he's back on social media posting himself getting a haircut (child loss or not, looks must he maintained). Her biggest mistake was ever agreeing to return to that boy

Oh. So sad. Davido is at a very immature stage in his life. Anyone that comes to it at this time is in for heartbreak. But he does try to live up to his responsibilities. I did see the video of him getting his hair cut. His eyes looked like he had been crying for days, well life must go on. He’s a celebrity, they probably made him start going out to try to get back to normal. Nigerian people force you to get back to normal after a loss, especially by going out!

Chioma is the biggest loser in this. Her only child and meal ticket is gone. I hope their relationship survives this sha.
Family / Re: Nigerian Man Marries Kenyan Lady As He Abandons His Wife Of 16 Years In Lagos by baby124: 1:47pm On Nov 11

Kenyan women betta pass naija women by far
For your mind. This Nigeria men you are fighting Nigeria women over everywhere, when they serve you breakfast, use this name to cry o! Don’t open a new one. Pickmesha! I trust my Nigerian boys dem no de miss.
Family / Re: Nigerian Man Marries Kenyan Lady As He Abandons His Wife Of 16 Years In Lagos by baby124: 7:11am On Nov 11

How many times have we read on this very same site about naija women killing thier men? The one that stabbed her husband in his sleep or the ones who's lesbian partner killed her husband nor be nigerian women?

The chindima that gruesomely stabbed a grown man to death to get access to his account na Ethiopian girl?

The trending story of a certain Natasha akpoti who blackmailed someone into marrying her is from where?

Stop trying to defend the indefensible...

Naija men eyes go soon clear.With more exposure they'll see that they've never truly experienced love from all their dealings with naija girls the day they date a woman from another African country.

We all will witness it
You can come and be taking them one by one. Just like this one that looks like an ugly man, carried this mumu that is fighting his wife with his ugly new bride. Maybe na set awon Bobrisky sef. Who wants a man that will abandon his former wife and children, make them homeless for a tranny looking person! Goodluck with your prize. We will be here to see and read the response.
Family / Re: Nigerian Man Marries Kenyan Lady As He Abandons His Wife Of 16 Years In Lagos by baby124: 11:37pm On Nov 10

We're talking about financial demands and you're talking about another thing

If it comes to wickedness nobody reach naija women. The way you people treat underage children that do child labor in your houses under the guise of house-help is even shocking to the devil.

If nigeria was a country where the law worked many of you(women) will be in jail for your wickedness towards other people's children.

Oh please. Silly stories that touch! If his Kenyan wife was independent, will she be keeping silent while he’s fighting to make his wife and children homeless? Independent indeed. He’s still confused. His eye will soon open. Wait na, if we are fortunate the story will still land here! At least Nigerian women will demand money. These ones will kill you if you try Nigerian man nonsense with them. Only Nigerian women can tolerate Nigerian men toxicity! Most of these women don’t understand what they sign up for till they live with you Neanderthals! cheesy

The big fool wants to abandon his own kids to take care of children of a stranger! His regrets and the pain in his life will be so bad!
Family / Re: Nigerian Man Marries Kenyan Lady As He Abandons His Wife Of 16 Years In Lagos by baby124: 10:48pm On Nov 10

And Nigerian women want what??.... intelligent mugu!

Even the most demanding east african women will not demand what an average naija leech demands.

And the woman from other countries are more appreciate compared to entitled arrogant,self-centered naija leeches

Yeye people
Not demanding indeed. But demanding enough to encourage the new husband she snatched to choke his former wife and throw his wife out of the house of 16years with his kids. If you want to know just how wicked and pretentious a woman is. It is what she encourages the man to do to his children and his former family she helped to destroy, abandonment or destruction. She will do worse to you in a very short time. This guy will regret big time but will be too ashamed to cry out because he has gone too far!
Family / Re: Nigerian Man Marries Kenyan Lady As He Abandons His Wife Of 16 Years In Lagos by baby124: 8:13pm On Nov 10

He is stupid ,he should be docked and prosecuted for maltreatment, contravention of marriage law ,abandonment. He prevent the woman from working ,he now abandoned her.
He should be made to forfeit that house and pay the wife back for all the years she did not work because he insisted. Let him and his new wife go and start fresh. He should wait some months to see the true wife’s colors when she has to hustle with him from scratch . cheesy

Same strategy side chicks use! They aspire and try their best to pretend to be opposite of everything your wife is. Truth is, they are probably much worse. But you can never see their true color till you marry them.
Family / Re: Nigerian Man Marries Kenyan Lady As He Abandons His Wife Of 16 Years In Lagos by baby124: 8:12pm On Nov 10

So you're essentially saying other African women Know the things you naija women do that naija men don't like so they try to cut it out to attract the naija men...more reason to drop naija girls and focus on the other african women

With the way nigerian men are being desired all over the world,very done na only one out of five naija guy go get nigerian girlfriend/wife

Na multinational marriages between naija men and women from other countries go become the new trend
They are cutting nothing out. Just pretending so they get married and get to your money. You are so unintelligent.
Crime / Re: Texas: Woman Sentenced To Death For Killing Pregnant Woman, Ripping Unborn Baby by baby124: 6:57pm On Nov 10
If you are pregnant, be careful of new friends, going to see people alone or receiving visitors alone. Even hospital visits. Many mad people roaming about. A lot of crimes like this. Mostly Oyinbo women obsessed with babies or stealing someone else child.
Crime / Re: Transgender Influencer, Nikita Dragun Placed In Men's Unit Of Jail After Arrest by baby124: 6:41pm On Nov 10

I was talking about women who have clits that are enlarged like joysticks but ok and I'm not talking about sex but the gender
Sex and gender is same! But you won’t believe that’
Crime / Re: Transgender Influencer, Nikita Dragun Placed In Men's Unit Of Jail After Arrest by baby124: 6:37pm On Nov 10

Some women are born with joysticks
Hermaphrodite is different and very rare! Even they, their DNA determines their gender. Totally different from a man that goes to slice off his joystick to pretend to be a woman.
Family / Re: Nigerian Man Marries Kenyan Lady As He Abandons His Wife Of 16 Years In Lagos by baby124: 6:34pm On Nov 10

Same thing happened with a Phillipino lady we went out with, she said since we didn't discuss how much we planned to spend before going out, it's only reasonable that she pays for whatever she consumed without putting a burden on me.
Don't try this at home with a Nigerian girl undecided
You guys are easily fooled. They are doing things they know you are not used to, to impress you! Marry them first! Asian women are among the top 2 gold diggers. Other African women try to snare Nigerian men because they think they spend. They know we demand of our men so to catch you they approach with a different strategy.

Men are so simple minded it’s hilarious! If you know how women think, all these things will be easily recognized.

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Crime / Re: Transgender Influencer, Nikita Dragun Placed In Men's Unit Of Jail After Arrest by baby124: 12:56pm On Nov 10

And women that are naturally born without womb are what?
Women. Their chromosome can never change. Biology sets your gender firmly! Go and argue with your creator. Does a man born without legs or missing penis suddenly become a woman? Physical Abnormalities, are part of human nature. Some are born with disabilities or abnormality. It can never change their gender.
Health / Re: UK Nurses To Hold First Strike In History Over Salary Increment by baby124: 11:46am On Nov 10
When they be giving visas to Nigerian Nurses and Health Care givers ...they should be ready for Nigeria type problems. grin grin
Exactly. They have gone there to start spreading the idea of strikes. Lmao. Their usual solution to all problems in Nigeria. Everybody is a union. Employers will soon start employing only non-union nurses. They will learn.
Crime / Re: Transgender Influencer, Nikita Dragun Placed In Men's Unit Of Jail After Arrest by baby124: 11:43am On Nov 10
That’s the right unit for him. If men can be running from their own men. Why are they now safe in women prison? Who will protect women from fake women in women prison? No, let him tough it out with his fellow men in male prison. DoNt do crime and end up in a place where you will be like fresh cat fish. Lol.
Celebrities / Re: Kemi Olunloyo Calls Out Police Over 'Inhumane Torture Of Ifeanyi's Nanny' by baby124: 11:43pm On Nov 09

Where does it state that Nannies are not allowed to work more than a regular day's shift?

What constitutes a 'shift'? is it 8 hours or 2 during the day or night?

How do you know that she wasn't a live-in Nanny?

Do you know the terms and conditions of the Nanny's employment because you are making a load of baseless assumptions?

No there is no law that states that one must have multiple Nannies for one child..you are just making shit up now

This Nanny don kill person pickin finish and she now wants to claim human and labou rights...we shall see now.
Ok. You are completely ignorant about labor laws. Educate yourself because I am wasting my time here. Try this nonsense in countries that work and see yourself 10yrs in prison. Go and ask Nigerians who are serving prison time abroad or been deported for Slavery. They also had your type of thinking. Lol.
Celebrities / Re: Kemi Olunloyo Calls Out Police Over 'Inhumane Torture Of Ifeanyi's Nanny' by baby124: 11:03pm On Nov 09

Absolute BS. If a Nanny is on duty and getting paid then she should pay attention to the job at hand. They no send her to apply for the job.
In this case, the Nanny had a 3 year old child who she was assigned to provide care to and to make sure he came to no harm. Instead she recklessly releieved herself of the duty she was being paid for and went to answer a call for 20 mins. That is negligence at its finest.

Slavery you say? Unless the Nanny was not being paid then how can she claim Slavery? No be she apply for the job and was collecting Salary? Nigerians! See entitlement.

Meghan's mother does not look after her kids. She has a Nanny. Nanny's are professionally regulated, referenced and vetted in other parts of the world and they get paid very hefty salaries up to around $200k plus free accomodation, food and travel.


They even have colleges for Nannies. No be anyhow job.

Nannies are not required to work more than a regular day’s shift. It’s a job and they are her employer. She is bound by state laws just like any regular employee and should be in her house after 8hrs. If they need 24hr care, they need to hire multiple Nannies. She needs to get a labor and human right lawyer to fight for herself. Let’s see what the law will say! The law is not emotional dear! From what we know, she did not sell herself into slavery and in Nigeria slavery is illegal. what was required of her is Slavery!
Celebrities / Re: Kemi Olunloyo Calls Out Police Over 'Inhumane Torture Of Ifeanyi's Nanny' by baby124: 10:45pm On Nov 09

Fancy signing up to do a job and then complaining. The woman signed up to be a Nanny and the typical duties of a nanny is to provide 1-2-1 care of a child in their care. What do you mean it is not her child?
That is just like a bus driver given an assignment to drive a bus across the country and then complaining that he is tired and that it is not his bus so why should he kill himself.

Prince Harry & Meghan travel often without their children who are left with Nanny's. Nothing dey there. Do you think if anything happened to Prince Harry's child while in the care of the Nanny while he and his wife were away, the Nanny people would be making excuses for her?

Nanny like all regular people need a break! Because you employ people does not mean they are your slaves! Normal employment laws require she gets breaks! If she gets a good lawyer, she can sue them for slavery! People who need full time care for their child will normally hire 2 Nannie’s! So when one is tired, the other can rest! Why should someone dedicate every moment of their life to YOUR child when you can’t stand to be with YOUR own child 24/7.

She’s not a robot, until you find a robot she’s a human and entitled to fatigue as well. Besides kids have had fatal accidents right in front of the parents! Such a child with special needs, usually needs multiple people to care for them. They are a handful.

Meghan’s mother is fully involved in her grandkids lives! Even Harry and Meghan will never leave their little kids completely in the hands of strangers and such people have nothing less than 4 Nannie’s 24/7 in 8hr shifts. 2 Nannie’s per child. There is a reason why only the very rich can afford good Nannie’s. They use multiple when the kids are little because kids are always so active and up to something mischevious!

Here are Nanny overtime laws in US. They are not required to work more than 8hrs a day or they can sue you big time for slavery. Only in Nigeria they can try this shit and still brag or hold someone in custody! Try this in the US and it’s you that will beg the Nanny to leave the police custody!


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Celebrities / Re: Kemi Olunloyo Calls Out Police Over 'Inhumane Torture Of Ifeanyi's Nanny' by baby124: 8:20pm On Nov 09

Sadly she can't say no because he is her ticket to the luxury life she craves so badly. I don't even think she wants the fame, all she wants the soft life only a Davido can provide her. The way he was handling her boobs on the way to Ibadan hours before Ifeanyi's death was so disgusting to watch, even she was uncomfortable but had to play along and smile sheepishly while he fondles her on video which was posted to his millions of followers. This is the sad reality of a woman that does not have a say in her relationship, she has to accept whatever her man wants even if it is to the detriment of her child.
He did this again!? The last time he did this, people were outraged. Shortly after he dumped her! This guy has no regard for Chioma. Well, best she reevaluate her life now that Ifeanyi is no more. She needs to now think clearly! But will she? Of course not. Really pathetic.
Career / Re: Facebook (Meta) Sacks 21,000 Employees. Read Mark Zuckerberg's Message by baby124: 2:31pm On Nov 09
Tech jobs in the mud everywhere!


Celebrities / Re: Kemi Olunloyo Calls Out Police Over 'Inhumane Torture Of Ifeanyi's Nanny' by baby124: 12:39pm On Nov 09
Honestly, Nanny is a temporary resource. Max a few hours. No one leaves a child they claim to care for with a Nanny for days and run around going to party. Both parents! That’s not her child, she’s human she also needs breaks and supervision. Plus people are saying that boy may have been autistic. That is a lot of your responsibility to put on someone else for days!

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Politics / Re: Kadaria Ahmed To Host Presidential Candidates In Daria Media's Townhall Series by baby124: 8:02am On Nov 08
Anyone that does not attend the debate has no respect for or plans for Nigerians!
Family / Re: Should I Anonymously Help My Ex Sugar Daddy Wife by baby124: 6:23am On Nov 06
He’s a useless man all round. You did the right thing by blocking him and you don’t owe him or his family a dime. He also was not helping you for free. He was busy taking advantage of your body and your time! I know that is why you got something out of it and blocked him which is very fair! If you want to help the woman, best to let the wife know! She can decide if to take your help or not rather than forcing it on her! She may decide to keep her dignity by not spending any of the money you give her!

If you force it on her she may feel violated and extremely offended. She will eventually find out by the way! Come clean to her, apologize and propose to help her, maybe with the schooling of her kids. Let her acceptance be from her alone! You both, the husband and you have caused her enough indignity. She never came to you or sent message to you that she wants your money.

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Family / Re: Help My Tribal Brother Has 8 Kids And The Wife Is Heavily Pregnant. by baby124: 11:12pm On Oct 19
Recently saw a similar case in a village in AKS

9 kids, 2 room mud house, drunk and very young.

Woman was popular because relatives forced her to hospital for family planning and she ran away.
Wow. Who she come leave the 9 kids for?
Romance / Re: South African Girl Lectures Nigerian Girls On How To Love Nigerian Men (Video) by baby124: 11:34am On Oct 12
Imagine a foreigner taking it on themselves to teach you how to love men who are your own. LMAO! Let those men be deceiving you! You will soon cry out in deep pain and then it will finally click in your brain why we handle them the way we do. Women respond to mens behaviors.


Health / Re: Doctors Recruited From Nigeria To Work In UK Hospitals Lament Exploitation by baby124: 4:20pm On Oct 11

Large amount of their doctors commit suicide! Shebi na una over wise from Nigeria. You never see anything yet! UK is paved with gold and diamond. You people believe the fairytale in any movie cheesy


Health / Re: Doctors Recruited From Nigeria To Work In UK Hospitals Lament Exploitation by baby124: 1:16pm On Oct 11
I've always felt that this latest wave of 'japa' frenzy is a carefully orchestrated 'voluntary' slave labour racket. Think about it. Africans are being made to cough out millions of naira to emigrate to the West, under the guise of going there to school or get better job opportunities. The school fees sef no be beans. Only to end up merely surviving on pittance at the end of the day. Some even end up doing more than one post-graduate degree just to legally remain in the country. Upon getting their degree sef, they still struggle to not only fit in but can barely land a job that pays high enough to justify all that expensive tuition, so since they can't escape the rat race they suck it up and join the already saturated low-paying labour market. And they can't even compete with the Brits in their own turf so they just have to settle for whatever jobs they can get.

As for the medical professionals being poached. After Nigeria subsidizes their education, the crafty Oyinbos poach them to come and work under slave labour conditions. The grass is always greener on the other side.

A lot of their agents are all over the internet promoting japa. Nigerian government sadly is too stupid to curb them. Especially on NL, Linda Ikeji and Instablog. The fact is they need slave labor. If Nigerians don’t travel abroad especially UK to pay for education for instance, some UK schools will close. They also made school visa’s very easy. Visa’s that after you finish school you won’t be able to find work. They will now be threatening with deportation if you don’t quickly leave after paying such huge sums. All a scam.

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