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Family / Re: Before You Get Married As A Man: by baby124: 10:14am On Jun 01
Excellent advise.
Politics / Re: The Aba Killings: What The Military Should Have Done (opinion) by baby124: 10:10am On Jun 01
You're simply an enemy of ndi Igbo.

How do you know that the killers are IPOB members?

Answer this question with convincing facts and evidence.
You are a coward. For denying IPOB did this. IPOB should own it with their full chest. Same way you people deny IPOB killed Dr Akunyili’s husband.


Politics / Re: Nigerian Military Kidnapping Teenagers In Abia by baby124: 10:07am On Jun 01
Better be sure your foolish sibling or child is not online typing nonsense.
Politics / Re: Who Will You Pick To Lead Your Region If Regional Government Is Reintroduced? by baby124: 11:57pm On May 31

SW is between Sanwo and Makinde.
Reno should be considered for SS
Makinde where? You must be high on cheap weed.

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Politics / Re: 2,400 Foreigners Caught Applying For Passports – Tunji-ojo by baby124: 11:54pm On May 31
When passport office de fake the indegene paper? You first need to arrest those ones first and sack them.


Politics / Re: Cross River Demolishes Historic Monolith, Replaces It With Statue Of Jesus by baby124: 11:51pm On May 31
The current image of Jesus they are using is Davinci Homosexual partner. LOL. Stupid people. Davinci wanted generations to worship his boyfriend and it worked.
Food / Re: Man Counters Those Who Say "Yoruba No Get Soup" (VIDEO) by baby124: 4:26pm On May 29
People wey no get soup don thief all the soup finish, rebrand and claim am. Come de accuse the owner. LMAO.


Crime / Re: Disability Based Violence: How A DSS Pervert Ran Amok In A Boarding School (pic) by baby124: 2:16pm On May 27
We had this incidents in my secondary school. The person committing the act was never caught. Maybe it’s this guy, they should release the name. He used to strike when NEPA took light and everyone was sleeping. They will target the girls close to the windows. We were all fully abled so they dare not enter the girls hostel. Many times they were almost caught. We thought it was 2 people carrying out the attacks.

I feel sorry for all the victims. The guy should be exposed and God saved the fiancé from marrying a sexual pervert and lunatic. Her future girl children would have been victims too.
Business / Re: Shareholders Funds Wiped Out As MTN Nigeria Incurs N740bn FOREX Losses by baby124: 2:15pm On Mar 01
Binance users aka Obidients did this work. MTN better hold Binance for blockus. Some people on that platform must face death sentence.

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Business / Re: FOREX Crisis: FG Slams $10 Billion Fine On Binance by baby124: 2:07pm On Mar 01
Nairametrics had earlier reported the arrest and detention of two top executives Binance on Wednesday over alleged manipulations in foreign exchange trading and speculative activities.

The executives visited Nigeria in response to the country’s recent crackdown on various cryptocurrency trading platforms.


Don't say what you don't know. Let me see how fine a company that is not registered 🤣
Dem don hold them for blokos. Even the owner of Binance is being held by the US. Everybody go pass am around holding him till all the coins fall.

The executives rush to Nigeria because they must be making a hell of money from all the activities. They came to protect their interest but we don kidnap them. They must pay.
Business / Re: FOREX Crisis: FG Slams $10 Billion Fine On Binance by baby124: 2:01pm On Mar 01
Dey play binance no go pay anything. Highest they will tell Nigerians to withdraw their money from their platform. Nigerians will migrate to another platform. They no know say decentralized platform dey.
Make binance no pay them shi shi
Binance will pay with your money. No be dem send you to do illegal business on their platform.
Business / Re: FOREX Crisis: FG Slams $10 Billion Fine On Binance by baby124: 2:00pm On Mar 01
Good. Binance will turn over the wallets of everyone who benefitted from the arbitrage and who transferred money illegally through their platform. After that they will japa. I am sure in the agreement before creating accounts, they have all these in the fine print. But because Nigerians don’t like reading, they will learn the hard way.
Foreign Affairs / Re: 'It Will Be Nuclear War If The West Send Ground Troops To Ukraine' - Putin by baby124: 2:43pm On Feb 29
Them go launch from all those tiny African country wey follow Putin do coup. Those fools never know anything.

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Politics / Re: Jubilation In Ondo State As President Tinubu Paid A Condolences Visit To Owo by baby124: 1:26pm On Feb 28
The visit is not enough Ondo should be transformed Aketi sacrificed all and paid the ultimate price for his boldness.
Which ultimate price and sacrificed what?
Business / Re: Unusual Names Of CBN-Approved BDC Operators by baby124: 1:23pm On Feb 28
Sounds like a lot of fake names and hurriedly created BDC to get cheap dollar for whatever activities. A lot of those BDC’s should be investigated.

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Business / Re: CBN Mandates BDCs To Sell US Dollars At N1,314.01/US$ by baby124: 1:13pm On Feb 28

The government you are supporting woke up and arrogantly said it will float the naira against. This caused a free fall of the naira as never before seen in Nigerias history.

Now the same govt is now trying to force BDCs to sell at it's desired price which is a return to the original regime which it met and which it said was bad.

After destroying livelihoods, what was the essence on embarking on an adventure that was not feasible?
Nobody is forcing BDC’s they don’t have a choice abd that was the spot rate at previous closing. FX is coming down and speculators are in trouble. They will lose money period. You better offload that dollar you are crying about if your losses are piling up.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Mahjoub Mahjoubi: France Deports Tunisian Imam Accused Of Hate Speech. by baby124: 12:13am On Feb 26

I prefer any of the middle eastern states to this country sharing same nationality with you and your likes .
Middle Eastern nuisance giving under Fulani. Go to your desert and leave normal humans alone. Na hot desert sun de fry your brain that is why you behave like animals all over the world. Can’t respect anyone or live in peace anywhere. Psychopaths.

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Business / Re: The Dollar Is Crashing On Binance. From N1,900 To 1490 by baby124: 10:49pm On Feb 25

cheesy. Nope. LIke the joker I am, I am yet to have a dom account. (It's a new year resolution for me that I should open one before the end of this year...).

But I have been following our currency vs the dollar for a long time. And over the last ten years, I have come to understand that a strong currency comes from having enough forex flowing into the country. We don't have that now.
Why dollar rate no depend on strong naira flowing through their economy? Country don’t need no FX if it is not dependent on imports to largely trade on an FX not in it’d currency. We should absolutely only trade in naira.
Politics / Re: CBN Plans To Limit Buying And Selling Of FOREX In Cash By BSCs To $500 by baby124: 8:33pm On Feb 25
Good. I see the useless and lazy organized crime syndicate called BDC are always online chatting trash. After this they need to go and find farm laborer work or open factory.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Mahjoub Mahjoubi: France Deports Tunisian Imam Accused Of Hate Speech. by baby124: 7:25pm On Feb 25
He’s going to run straight into Northern Nigeria. FG should also start catching the ones in Nigeria. Revoking their citizenship and deporting them to whatever middle eastern wretched, desert hell hole they come from.

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Politics / Re: HARDSHIP: Younger President Like Peter Obi, Sowore Would’ve Done Better – Freeze by baby124: 7:12pm On Feb 25
Lol Younger who? Obi hahaha
Don’t mind them. Obi that is not less than 65yrs. In abroad countries you already start getting Senior Citizen discount at 65yrs.

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Politics / Re: FOREX Crisis: Raid On BDCs Ill-Advised, Wrongly-Directed - Peter Obi by baby124: 6:56pm On Feb 25

How I wish this guy rule, even if it is for one year for all to see how empty he is. Any politicians that doesn't put Nigeria factor into consideration before talking is not worth to be taking serious.

Dollar is heading towards abysmal level, this one is talking about consumption to production as if that could happen within a year. You don't talk about electricity, modern rail system, and infrastructure, which takes few years under a serious government to materialise but keep shouting consumption to production up and down. To even think that the man did not own a single factory where he produce anything is a great absurdity to rational minds.

I will chose Prof. C. Soludo and Umuahi over this empty guy a million times.
He no get plan. His plan is to hands off to IMF puppets to keep enslaving us with fake debt settlements while signing new and exploitative ones in the middle of the night. The guy no get anything to offer. All lies and impossibilities. We have to dig ourselves out of the hole we put ourselves in for the past 60yr. It’s not going to be easy. We just have to ensure we do not go back to doing things how they were being done.


Politics / Re: "Allow BDC To Trade With Dollars At The Black Market. Stop Harassing Them"- Obi by baby124: 6:10pm On Feb 25
Obi is like his Obidients. Very clueless and dull with bad breath. E pain am say one of the Obidient backup plan don burst.
Politics / Re: "Nigeria Has Failed, Must Be Reformed" - Professor-Ango-Abdullahi by baby124: 6:09pm On Feb 25
See Northerner talking about reform. Where was he during Buhari when people were being slaughtered like chicken. Maybe he’s angry because the blood flow that makes their prick stand has significantly reduced. Professor my yanch. Where was this old fool when people were stealing directly from CBN. Who give this mumu professor? We de award rubbish and respect nonsense in Nigeria.


Politics / Re: Security Arrests Over 100 BDC Operators In Abuja As Naira Slumps To N1980 Per $1 by baby124: 6:06pm On Feb 25

You still dont get me, Did they allow us to see the true winner, when he cheated Atiku, obi, others. How can we know the will of God when he forcefully made himself the will of God, cutting corners?

We were not given the chance to see the winner. Inec Scattered everything made him president. Gods choice doesn't come through cheating. That's my point. He should have allowed the election to be free and fair. He collided with Inec chairman, manipulated the figures in his favour and declared himself president of all over 250ml people. I am a yoruba but believe in righteousness not cheating because there are conquences to it. See the way people are suffering.You will know this is more than economic theory.

See, God gives us power to make a choice to do good or bad,but the consequences of our actions we can't dictate that for God, he may have the choice to take a decision to cheat and Robbed us in Election but wont have the choice over the consequences of his actions. Selah.

If he had allow everything to be true and fair and he became president, everyone will know that's the will of God. But greed won't allow him. The day I saw a video of naked women crying then I knew we have entered one chance. Nobody is even saying God's will is OBi but the way Tinubu became the president is questionable. Nigerians are not happy.
OBI is not God’s will. If he was he would have won. Obi is an occultist free Mason so which God are you saying is Obi’s God? By the way, Obi could not prove he won. Even after Obidients recalculated votes. Obi came last in that election and you know it. Get comfortable with the fact that he LOST and move on.
Politics / Re: Bugaje: "Lagos Boys' arrogantly Misled Tinubu On Niger Crisis by baby124: 5:53pm On Feb 25
Dumb ass so make Tinubu keep borrowing to maintain lifestyle of Nigerians until all the countries we are borrowing from come and pick all of us up for slavery again. These northerners are proving to be so dumb. Maybe it’s because they marry cousins. So the outcome that is their children are mentally retarded and violent.

All of them talking political points with nothing to offer in their senses. Very stupid. The hardship we are going through is a result of years of looting and bad political decisions with people keeping quiet. If you keep quiet when billions are looted, you must endure this hardship because this is the result of such actions. If these politicians have no money to offer us then I beg they should keep shut!

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Politics / Re: Security Arrests Over 100 BDC Operators In Abuja As Naira Slumps To N1980 Per $1 by baby124: 5:57pm On Feb 24

Who did God out there? Answer? Who provided the evidence that they won?
Politics / Re: Bauchi Police Declare Idris Abdul’azeez Wanted: Shehu Sani Reacts by baby124: 4:51pm On Feb 24
Many mad people are religious leaders in Nigeria. People that should be chained in psychiatric ward. It must be mandatory to assess for at least 6months, people who spread hate speech and lies.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Tinubu To Mali, B'Faso, Niger: Re-consider Your Decision, ECOWAS not your enemy by baby124: 4:43pm On Feb 24
They are stupid and daft boys aligning with Putin. Putin wey anybody that disagrees with him jumps out of the window by themselves. Even his closest ally he killed. They don’t know what they are playing with.

He just killed his main opposition. He will cause so much problem in those countries they will beg ECOWAS to rescue them.
Properties / Re: Cement Sells For N11,000 In Lagos by baby124: 3:03pm On Feb 24
Well it’s time for competition. Grant others the license to produce cement too.

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