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Politics / Re: Pandora Papers: I Have $15 Million In Offshore Accounts - Peter Obi by Berankis: 3:07pm On Oct 11
What is this man saying? Can he explain how he managed to save $15million (almost N8billion), for which children and he kept explaining nonsense. This is how Nigerians steal from the country, from the suffering masses in the name of politics.
All of you shall not live to spend that money, not even your children shall make anything useful from it!


Family / Re: My Son's Girlfriend Comes To Our House To Sleep Everyday by Berankis: 1:42pm On Oct 11
I don't really have much to say than the deed has been done. Something went wrong somewhere, but it's more on your husband's part to 'discipline' your son, he is still your 'child' and not beyond caution.
Better still, let him get his own place and be on his own...
Properties / Re: Please Help, Landlady Has Taken My Anger To Another Level. by Berankis: 3:59pm On Sep 27
Good day all, hope your day is going well.

I'll go straight to the point. I rented a 2 bedroom flat for my mum last year October, paid agent and lawyer fees, the agent never told me the place has the landlady living in it.

My mum was happy and moved into the apartment, I noticed that after some months she was complaining about the house, I finally went there to see her, guess what? The landlady is a devil in human form, she's an unmarried bitter human who was opportuned to inherit the building from her family.
This woman locked the well and told my mum and younger bro to source for water elsewhere, I was mad when I got to hear what she's making my family go through. I came to the house and removed the padlock she locked the well with, she called my mom and told her to pack out when her rent expires next week.

Well, since she thinks the world revolves around her and wants everyone to fear and worship her, I'll show her what real madness is.

I have decided to ask her for a refund of the agent and lawyer fees I paid since it's barely one year, she can't stress my family this way and get away with it.

To everyone reading this, I have one advice, never live in the same building with the landlord or you would have yourself to blame at the end of the day.

Please nairalanders, Is my action justified?
Even though, I don't like to because I am very stubborn but I currently do and it's not so bad. Guess I am a bit lucky
Science/Technology / Re: Super-chilled Chameleon Leans On His Arm As He Reclines In The Sunshine(Pics) by Berankis: 9:54pm On Sep 20
Oyibo get time sha

Those guys abroad don’t have any problem

I wish we could swap President’s after some time, so that this people can see shege and focus their energy on other things like
1: Rise and fall of dollars

2: Multiplying inflation

3: Fulani Herdsmen

4:Doctors and ASSU Strikes

5: Soldiers killing Civilians on a daily

6: DSS / police harassing any body that tries to speak

The list is endless to make one go insane
Omo... We die here na!
Politics / Re: Anti-Open Grazing: Akeredolu Says Southern Governors Won’t Reply Miyetti Allah by Berankis: 7:34pm On Sep 18
Pay too much attention to the meyetti and they will start feeling important. Aketi with the balls. A full fleshed Yoruba man with the gut. The slayer of the fulanis.
You have started again! Just like you hyped Igboho till he was jailed and then you forgot about him. You only hype people without the courage to follow them
Politics / Re: What I Noticed Today When I Observed Public Waste Bin In Less Than One Hour by Berankis: 7:29pm On Sep 18
What I noticed when I observed public waste bin in less than one hour.

Witnessing the unfortunate situation today reminds of palliatives looting from various warehouses during #EndSARS last year and Lai Mohammed and Femi Adeshina later came out to say even though Nigerians were seen scampering for food items does not mean any Nigerians are eating from the waste bin. Today, I have a proof for them and their APC government.

So I left house this morning to meet someone who had promised to link me up with someone who can help my unemployed status. Having reached the place early enough, I called to notify but I was told to hang on there and I found a place and sat down.

Looking around, I noticed a public waste bin and in no time, condemned iron pickers with their truck entered the place and ransacked everywhere in search for iron and other condemned household items. While they were still there, some kids presumably homeless joined them in search for rotten food. I could see them picking things from the bin and directly into their mouths and until no other to pick again before they left. Just as though the bin has regained its freedom from the attack of the street urchins, immediately, I saw an elderly woman ransacking the same bin in search for woods presumably to be used as firewood (a kg of cooking gas now is N600 and Kerosene N450). While she was still trying to pick her interest, a man with wheelbarrow pushed into the place with a heap of cartons/paper materials. He parked and ransacked the same bin for cartons and any paper material thing. He greeted the elderly woman and they both had conversation which I really didn't know what they discussed before they finally left together.

As all these were happening, I had no choice than to still wait for "my helper". Before I knew, another set of women came to visit the same bin. These ones, their interest was on plastic bottles and nylon/waterproof materials. They picked as much was available before they left.

Not long from then, a new visitor to the bin was another child in search for rotten food not knowing early birds have already taken all that were available. I felt so bad and disturbing seeing what was going on there so I was eager to leave the place. Just then, the person called me that I should be going back to my house that the appointment can no longer hold today.

As I made move to pass the bin, the underage greeted me and added "Oga abeg help me with N50 make I take buy something chop". I felt pity for him. This boy is too young for this. Ideally, he should be under the care of his parents. Anyways, even though I was left with only my transport fare, I couldn't pass and I gave him N200.

Wow!!! Honestly I left the place very disappointed and broken down physically and mentally.

Disappointed due to the cancelled appointment and mental breakdown due to the gory site of where some Nigerians now resort to sourcing for means livelihood. Indeed, IMO, this country is a terrible place. It's structured to favour very few and that is why we are still the way we are today and until normalcy and sanity is forcefully returned by eliminating those who have spoilt and reduced the country to this mockery stage, I see no changes where some Nigerians would not have to sleep with empty stomach and start a new day by picking things from waste bins while others spend public funds sleeping in world best hotels in and outside the country.

As I'm typing this, I can't tell how many other persons have continued to visit the same waste bin afterwards and other waste bins in search for source of survival. Rather, this has forced me to ask myself, is this the dream of the founding fathers of Nigeria? Unemployment? Poverty? Frustration? Sourcing livelihood from thrash bins?

I rest my case!!!

Photo source: Google
It's a plague we brought upon ourselves as a people.

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Family / Re: My Mum's Constant Insult Is Driving Me Crazy, It Is Time To Move Out? by Berankis: 4:26pm On Sep 14
Let me just start somewhere angry
Growing up as an introvert was difficult cos I guess my mum didn't understand my quite personality, she talks about how I am not 'sharp' how I am not fashionable and whatever else she cannot really relate to. I am in my mid 20s now and she still insults me when she is in the mood.
It's funny how I am the only child she insults so much, I am her first born. I left my former work place due to Corona last year and I've been home since. I have trained as a tailor tho I don't have a shop or customer base yet.

She insulted me tonight again for cooking dinner late, she said why should I finish cooking dinner by past 7? Called me names and all that. Its been over a year that she went to the market last because I now do that, I make breakfast and dinner, I don't keep late night, I barely go out, yet she finds reason to talk me down.

She has started to insult my fiancé now too, she says he is poor and cannot take care of me, what has he achieved for himself? And the reason she isn't much against us is because she doesn't know if he will have money tomorrow. He isn't even jobless, it's just unfortunate that government don't pay their workers on time.

I don't have a single emotional connection with her, I have tried and I have failed. I think it's time to move out of the house and start my tailoring business. I don't have the finance to rent a shop and a house separately, so I want to rent a room and parlor and make it both my living and work space. Is this a good move? I cannot function properly in this house anymore.
How do I build my customer base from working in the house?
Don't move out yet, you will move out graciously in due course. Bear it with her a little more for now, the reason is because - in life we don't have comfortable all the time but we have to live with some discomfort too.
Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Signs VAT Bill Into Law by Berankis: 7:04pm On Sep 10
This is a big and calculated move.

Thank you Wike
Thank you sanwo olu
But LASG is also a big scam!!! They are already snuffing Life out of Lagosians with unwarranted extortions.
You ply the roads, you pay. Infact, you need 2 Driver's Licenses to drive in Lagos (Federal & LASDRI)
You do all sorts of registrations without accountability or benefits
You park your vehicle, you pay
You buy land, you pay
You wan build, you pay
You live there, you pay
You transport items in your private vehicle, you pay
We are already being over taxed (extorted) in Lagos. It is really crazy.
The last time VIO attempted to impound my vehicle for low tyre pressure!
If you registered your vehicle in Lagos you must obtain your National Roadworthiness in Lagos.
It's a crazy, I am contemplating relocating.
Car Talk / Re: Honda Pilot 2007 Vs Mitsubishi Outlander 2007: Which is Better? by Berankis: 6:52pm On Sep 10

Never seen this on Pilot. I have used this car for about 5 years & NO major issues. And this car this RUGGED
The rear wheels nko? E dey get issue Wella both that model of Pilot and CRV.
Family / Re: My Experience Adopting A Child In Nigeria As A Young Guy by Berankis: 3:26pm On Sep 09

Hello, good day cheesy,


y'all remember the thread I created back in 2018 ,well I did succeed adopting a child, I adopted her from a orphanage and I will say my experience during the process of adopting her was really difficult than I Imagined, first I was a single young guy not even in my mid twenties yet and I had tattoos and lil tjay and lil baby kind of hair styles (those familiar with them will know the kind of hair style I am talking about grin) oh mhen the stereotyping was off the roof, what did they not say, is it been called a ritualist , mhen I was suffered by the abusive words that was unleashed on me by all those women but I didn't relent and finally after everything I succeeded,

At one point , I wanted to go with my mum at least to show that I had no ulterior motive but then again I thought to myself, you can do this on your own and I am glad I overcame.

I began the process in mid 2018 and it was not until it late 2018 that my application was granted, I then proceeded with the rest formalities and I took my daughter home, she was 3 when I adopted her .

The first thing I did when we got home was to change her wardrobe, I took her shopping and bought two big boxes filled with clothes and shoes, also bought some female toys and other stuffs.

She was shy at first around me but with time ,she got used to me and became more free with me.

Mehn I must say so far adopting her was one of the best decision I have ever made in my life , I even tattooed her name on my arm, made me more responble in a way cheesy

And also in addition, chicks dig babies, like babies are like ladies' magnet. I never believe those statements to be true till I got my baby, like mehn you need to see the attention I get because of her, I mean we get because of her.

Don't get me wrong, ladies trip and drool over me before she came into my life but the amount of attention I get before her more than doubled cheesy. Before y'all start thinking this is the major reason I am happy I adopted her , let it be known that this is the least reason why I am happy..

All-in all she is God's blessings to me and I bless the day that I made the decision in adopting her.

She is such an Angel and a darling

I love her so much

Fatherhood is sweet

There are still a few people who make life worth living. Thank you!
Celebrities / Re: Dorathy Bachor's Estate After It Was Raid By EFCC (Video) by Berankis: 1:06pm On Aug 23
Shebi na una dey sing "EFCC nbo... Japa!!!" This is how you unconsciously empower this guys and then this is the repercussion. Worse still to come...
Family / Re: Help! An Unwanted Pregnancy Is Ruining My Life. by Berankis: 6:37am On Jul 25
Hello Nairalanders,

It's a long story, but I'll try to keep it short and to the vital points. Please endure the length.

There's a girl i met at a theological college in where I was studying to become a clergyman and also learning a skill under the civil engineering department of the college. She was my junior in the course, as I was a year away from graduating from my first course, while she was just a fresher. She was always having issues getting through her courses and projects and would always ask for my assistance since I was the course rep in that department. It was forbidden to have any intimate relationship with your course mate or anyone in the college for that matter, the penalty would be expulsion. But unfortunately for me, out of sheer lust and seduction on her part, and gross indiscipline and lack of self control on my part, I got intimate with her and we ended up committing fornication during one of our semester vacations. And it just happened once, of which out of deep regret and remorse I confessed the matter to the college Admin when the next semester resumed. We were panelled, after which I was suspended, while she was expelled.

During this time I was learning a skill sponsored by the college, of which I use to get paid some weekly stipend. After I was suspended I was also stopped from continuing my apprenticeship, because I was not to associate with any of the students or lecturers in the school while my suspension lasted. So I was without a job and without a source of income since I wasn't yet mastered on the skill. The condition that was given to me to resume my studies and apprenticeship was that I should go and get married before I could come back to college, so as not to be tempted to repeat my error. But I wasn't ready for marriage whether financially or any other wise for that matter. So while I was contemplating my next move, this girl came to me that she was pregnant, that she needed us to go and see her parents. I told her I had no money neither was I ready to father a child at this point in my life. I pleaded she should give me time to think about what next to do. Two weeks passed, and I called her to enquire about her welfare but her number wasn't reachable, I decided to go to her place, but I was told she had travelled a week ago to go see her family. A week later, I received a call from a woman telling me she was the girl's mother, that her daughter came home with a pregnancy, and she asked me if I was responsible for the pregnancy, I answered her in the affirmative. She then asked when I was coming to see her family. I told her I wasn't sure about coming to see them that I needed to speak to the girl first. She said okay, then later that day the girl called me, and I told her to come back for us to talk deliberate on the way forward. When she came she told me her parents (who are by the way divorced) will not accept her nor the pregnancy without me coming to see them for marriage arrangements.

I explained to her I wasn't ready for any such thing, that I have a calling to answer and a course to finish, that what happened between us was just a stupid and careless mistake that has been as a setback for me to achieve my goal, and that I was ready to overcome the trials and get back on track, and I explained to her that before then I had neither dated nor been intimate with anyone for over seven years, and so any kind of relationship or marriage was not even in my nearest future plans, and besides, I didn't even have a job, not to mention having enough money to embark on a marriage plan. She said she would never accept such excuse, that I should look for whatever means to make sure I come see her parents before her pregnancy becomes obvious. She also said that she needed money to move her belongings back to Imo state where her family resides. I agreed to raise some money for her. I went to do some menial jobs and raised some money, about ₦20k, which I gave to her and she traveled back to Owerri. From then on her parents kept calling and pressuring me to come and see them for marriage arrangements. I told them I was going to come, but just to introduce myself to them as the person responsible for their daughter's pregnancy not for any marriage arrangements. But they disagreed, that if I wasn't ready to come for marriage that I shouldn't bother coming. I pleaded with them to give me enough time to look for money to come and see them, but they instead started threatening me with court cases and arrests, at one time they brought the girl and some soldiers to my family house and harassed my family members including my mother.

So I later traveled to Benin city to go look for money. After one week of my arrival in Benin, I lost my phone and I couldn't retrieve my number. I lost connection with them until I got back to Uyo where I got her phone number from a friend of hers. At this time, I was told that they came to my house several times with police officers claiming I raped their daughter and impregnated her then absconded. At this, I established contact with the girl again and she told me that I should not bother her that she wasn't in the mood to talk to me, I kept calling her but she often ended up abusing me or we often times ended up in quarrels, so I left her alone for sometime.

Two weeks ago I related the matter to one of my distant uncles, who advised me to gather some money and go see her, I called her and told her I wanted to come and see her before she puts to bed, which is expected to be sometime next month (August). But she told me that she still stands by what her parents had said, if it's not for the marriage issue that I should not come, that I should rather send her the money I would use in coming so she can use it to buy the baby clothing and buy some hospital requirements before she puts to bed. I called her parents and they told me the same thing, and said if I don't come for the marriage agreement before she puts to bed, that after she's delivered of the baby I should forget ever coming, and should never mention that I have a child anywhere not to mention coming to claim it ever in the future. And that I should just forget about her and the child.

The issue now is this, I am a bit frustrated because I seem to have lost everything at the moment because of this issue; my calling, the skill I was learning is gone, I have no job aside the menial jobs I do at construction sites which isn't available regularly. Now the little I have saved so far, I am contemplating on whether to use the money to pay for my skills training and continue with it and start my life afresh and forget about her, the child, and her parents, or use the money to support her in her hospital requirements for her delivery. Because I don't want to be seen as abandoning her when she is in this condition, and I also don't want to give up on the child, though I'm not capable of taking care of the girl and the baby right now, and probably, I might end up getting married but not under my present circumstances. I know I've made a grave mistake and this is the consequences for not being true to myself and my calling, and I deeply regret it, and I've suffered for it in any way I can possibly imagine, but I also need to put my life back in order, because right now I'm so devastated that I'm contemplating terrible alternatives to survive the storm, I'm at a very critical moment of my life and I just feel like giving up on life altogether. Please I need your help and advice on this issue. Thanks.

PS. Please if anyone is willing to teach me any skill, I would be very grateful and willing to learn.
I read your story and I am quite impressed with your writing skills. You must be an intelligent young man with potentials. It is just a shame this happened to you.
I can see you are a good man (from your confessing to the school admin and to your accepting the pregnancy).
My advice is that, it is better you don't get married to that babe. I think she is not from a good home, (if they can't understand the situation on ground and had to resort to use of force and threats) they will give you a hell of a time in marriage. So don't!
Get yourself back on track first, send any assistance to her and the baby but get yourself back on track first.
WHAT MAKES A MAN IS YOUR ABILITY TO PROVIDE, if not bigger troubles await you.
Get yourself back on track, seek assistance where you can, because you definitely need help. When you are okay in future, you can come back for your child and they will accept you.
Get it together, be determined, be strong because you still have a lot of challenges ahead, unfortunately that's how the world is...
Lastly, how sure are you that you are responsible for the pregnancy? We're you the first man to sleep with the girl (was she a virgin at the point of meeting her?). Just be careful, your girls of nowadays are so wayward (likewise the young men too are very reckless).
Education / Re: Buhari Appoints Prof Wushishi As NECO Registrar by Berankis: 7:10pm On Jul 19
I said the late Prof would be replaced by Fulani and I was right ...You now understand why the Igbo professor lost his life in Minna Niger state only to be replaced by a person from Niger state
Hmmm! This is serious!!
Car Talk / Re: How I Narrowly Escaped Vehicle Impoundment in Lagos by Berankis: 6:53pm On Jul 19
Oba Akinjobi way, Ikeja (directly opposite LASUTH main gate).

There's a 'U-turnable' space like that directly opposite LASUTH main gate. Sometimes, you'll even see the traffic controller iron box at that turn. It would always look like a legitimate path for an unsuspecting driver, but na big trap & source of income for the policemen observing you from afar (at the intersection near the bridge).

Once you take the bait, na you go make the full U-turn and jejely go & drive into their hands at the intersection (controlled by traffic light).

Is there a warning signpost? Yes, there is - behind a tree. But until recently when the tree was cut down, it used to be largely hidden by the low hanging branch of that tree. Hardly would you notice at a first glance.
I paid a Police man on bike N2500 at this U-turn.
Car Talk / Re: How I Narrowly Escaped Vehicle Impoundment in Lagos by Berankis: 6:25pm On Jul 19
Today I was driving in Lagos and suddenly I saw the car in front of me make a U-turn. I didn't take it serious then the car in front of me signalled to me to make a U-turn.

Before I could make a U-turn this towing vehicle was already in front of me. As I turned, the next thing I saw is the towing vehicle reversing straight towards my car at high speed. The speed was high enough to crush my car and and even give me and my passenger serious injury.

Thank God, I managed to dodge the towing vehicle.

Firstly, there was nothing to indicate that it's a one-way.

Secondly, this car could have injured me or perhaps killed me and even gotten away with it.

Thirdly, it wasn't even on a highway or expressway. It was on a local street, why put people's lives at risk in enforcing a "crime" that doesn't put people's lives at risk?

Now, I'm wondering:

1. How does the Lagos State Government justify this act?

2. Is this how the Lagos state government impounded all those cars they show on the news?
The truth is that the Lagos State Government has become overly dubious and cruel in their extortion of Lagosians.
I can bet that 90% of the cars impounded were wrongly and deceitfully done.
I have experienced a similar situation with yours (@Isolo descending from Daleko bridge) and so many situations.
You have Lastma officials and police conniving with some touts to perpetrate these crimes.


Education / Re: Eluemunor Richard Okasia Dies In Russia After Rescuing A Drowning Lady (Photos) by Berankis: 11:48am On Jul 19
Loosing your life for another person isn't Selflessness.... It's plain foolishness.

Why die for a stranger and cause your family pain in the process?

The same way Jesus died for the world. Including Nigerians that he didn't know and those using His name to chop.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: 32 Persons Killed In South Africa’s Riots Over Zuma’s Imprisonment by Berankis: 5:02pm On Jul 13
Who are we going to blame for this?.
Na Buhari cause am, just imagine those Fulani Zulus, Fulani Bantus, someone help me with the remaining south African tribes pleeeaaase.
So what is Jack Dorsey or should I say donkey saying about this?.
He should help these looters raise more money to finance the " protest "
It is the rights of those South Africans to loot that country to stupor.
Na suffering go kill you last last. Just remember it.


Celebrities / Re: Sound Sultan Buried In USA (Video) by Berankis: 6:18am On Jul 12
Even a poor Igbo man would have been brought back home for internment. Even in their own country, Igbos aren't buried outside their hometown. This Youruba people no get respect. Damn!
Na the same respect wey them no get, make them sell their land for you to build and do business. But foolish you no go talk of respect then. Igbos dey gree sell land for Yoruba?
Idiot! Everybody cannot be like Igbo. Live and let live please.
RIP Mr. Sound Sultan (Ajo ole da bile).


Celebrities / Re: Sound Sultan Buried In USA (Video) by Berankis: 6:17am On Jul 12
Politics / Re: Lauretta Onochie: I’m Being Attacked Because I Follow Due Process by Berankis: 4:04pm On Jul 08
What a shameless old drunk. Imagine introducing this tramp as your mother. You are following due process by running your mouth like tap water and insulting people who are miles better than you. You becoming an INEC commissioner is a testament that abnormality is now the new normal under the lifeless. I only blame this incompetent and brutal regime for giving you the platform to showcase your foolishness to the world.
God bless you! This woman is completely useless!! And a mockery of this country's potentials


Family / Re: My Husband Slapped Me For Asking Him To Wash Plates by Berankis: 2:50pm On May 21
Cooking I know is not easy at all. I understand that you have also been over-working yourself since your husband lost his job and under pressure. You only just needed to ask him to get some girl around to help with the dishes instead of asking him to help you in the public. I also help my wife in public not because I lost my job but because it's our business and our money.
You only made a little error, nothing serious. He will be back soon...
Religion / Re: Pls Help! A Church Is About To Render My Brother Useless by Berankis: 2:17pm On Apr 12
You speak write well, I appreciate that. And you have just proven that "blood is thicker than water". Please, try to rehabilitate him... Do not let him go, may be he has been brain-washed.
Celebrities / Re: Samuel Ajibola And Sandra Adanna's Pre-Wedding Pictures by Berankis: 7:30pm On Dec 19, 2020
Second to the last picture.... See her knuckles undecided
Bleaching cream, we thank you o.
No go find your own husband, stay there dey beef! Jealousy kee you dia...
Autos / Re: Car has been found by Berankis: 8:11pm On Dec 13, 2020
How is someone able to steal a car parked, with all the security: sensor, keys etc that Oyinbo built inside the vehicle? I always wonder... the day I accidentally lost the chip in my key fob, my slept outside.
Family / Re: Have You Ever Regretted Being Married To Your Partner? by Berankis: 8:06pm On Dec 07, 2020

This is the best advice I've ever read on this topic.

More wisdom to you sir.
God bless you!
Family / Re: Have You Ever Regretted Being Married To Your Partner? by Berankis: 8:05pm On Dec 07, 2020

This is a stupid analogy.

There is no option not to be alive or not to be a Nigerian from the start.

There is an option not to marry from the start.
"Stupid analogy", only to a stupid minded one.
Family / Re: Have You Ever Regretted Being Married To Your Partner? by Berankis: 2:02pm On Dec 06, 2020
1. Dont you regret being alive sometimes? But it doesnt mean you want to die.
2. Dont you regret being a Nigerian a lot of times? But it doesnt necessarily mean you want to stop being a Nigerian, so same too is marriage. Sometimes, you regret and some other times you feel it is the best thing that has happened to you.
You just have to understand that being married doesnt necessarily mean you have full control of your wife, her parents still have a great influence over her and must respect it and vice versa. She also has some level of freedom too and you must accord it.
Things dont always go as planned or as expected, just take life as it comes and try to make the best out of every situation.

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Celebrities / Re: Owning A Home Is Not An Achievement — Lady Reacts To LAX's New Mansion by Berankis: 7:19pm On Dec 01, 2020
Yes it is not but putting ring in your nose like a bull is an achievement.
Romance / Re: I Have A Boyfriend But I'm Falling In Love With Someone Else. by Berankis: 9:02am On Jun 09, 2020

I would give you a mature advice since that's what you want. Your present boyfriend is just your boyfriend. He is not betrothed to you neither has he paid your dowry. Don't limit yourself at this stage of your life. Experiment, try new things, discover yourself. If you feel the urge to move on, do move on. You clearly have a thing for this guy and one can conclude that all you need is a push.

Based on your level in the university, one can determine your age. Some callous folks would call this stage you find yourself a whøre phase, but the true is we all have this identity crisis. We do not actually know ourselves. Certain people we see typify those characters we do have but can't express. They inspire this qualities in us to be birthed.

I don't want to go too philosophical, but I am going to tell you this: twenty years from now, you would wish you were more adventurous, you would wish you tried new things and you would understand that life is worth living and you would not allow yourself wallow in bondage because you are in relationship. Ships are supposed to move you in a certain desired direction. Either it moves you or you jump ship.

But the real truth is, you have broken his heart and emotionally screwed him over. Have the decency to break it up

Please, don't try any stupid new things. Focus on your studies! Twenty years from now you will look back and wish you could turn back the hands of time to correct your wrongs. This "being adventurous" will cost you a lot... A word is enough for the Wise.

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Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Physically Assaulted Me Over My Own Money !! Help!! by Berankis: 10:05pm On May 14, 2020
I am sure it men like you who cannot help their family members or friends that spend like a mad man on women!
The girl is a punishment upon you, continue to spend or you don't want to reap the fruit of your labour?
Pets / Re: What Is The Name Of This Bird? by Berankis: 4:58pm On May 09, 2020

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Romance / Re: She's Making Life Difficult For Me! by Berankis: 7:22pm On Mar 17, 2020
Las Las she go still break up with you on a serious note. Women like this don't last long with a man.
They make you feel like they can't survive without you but all na still nonsense, the next thing is a break-up (not a prophet of doom but just to keep you in check with reality).
Make your studies your priority for now pls. Keep a girlfriend if you want to, keep females friends too but never at the cost of your career plans or pursuits.

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