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Crime / Re: Photo Of 2 Brothers Killed And Dumped In A Car Boot In Anambra by Bigchristo: 8:37am On Jan 30
See Previous Thread - https://www.nairaland.com/7980102/gunmen-kill-anambra-couple-dump

This incident “NaijaCoverWebsite” gathered from a post by Freshman Jay On Facebook turns out that the two copses dumped inside the trunk of a car near Tempo mills Umunya, Anambra State, along the Enugu-Onitsha expressway last week are those of these two brothers.

The blood brothers were allegedly kidnapped and killed by dare devil gunmen in Anambra on Sunday.

Speculations are rife that they were victims of brutal kidnapping as they had allegedly attended a church program somewhere along Oguta road Onitsha but their corpses were later discovered at Umunya inside the trunk of their car.

When the news first broke on the internet last week and the video was circulated, it was alleged that the corpses were those of a husband and his wife.

In a short statement that went viral on Social Media, available to NaijaCoverWebsite, the unidentified men who recently got Canadian Visas attended a church program at Oguta Road, Onitsha.

According to Freshman Jay on Facebook, he said their bodies were found at Umunya Junction in their car, Last Week.

See What Freshman Jay, Wrote On Facebook, As Obtained By NaijaCoverWebsite Below:

“These are two blood brothers kidnapped and killed in Anambra state. Ala Igbo has eaten their own flesh and drank lots of their own blood.

They attended a church program at Oguta road Onitsha as I heard only for them to be found at Umunya junction in the trunk of their car!!!

Negodu men.

This is really really heartbreaking.

The both of them just received their Canadian visa last month.“

May Their Gentle Soul, Rest In Perfect Peace "Amen"

Source: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0KVXFL5HXeK75G9tCQovSLFe27vqjZLLPQbqrDYDTohkwqiUwhwi4CeFcop7Ho8Svl&id=100049022755115&mibextid=9R9pXO
I previously saw this news they said they were couples this country matter tire me
Business / Re: Dangote Refinery To Import Crude Oil From The United States by Bigchristo: 8:36am On Jan 30

Dangote nor send una papa he is a private business owner he can buy from anywhere in the world, do not think petrol price will reduce because Dangote set up a refinery.

Other African countries around West Africa are enjoying cheap cement from Dangote Factory while we Nigerians buy At expensive prices, what makes you people think petrol prices will be different! Make una Dey play oo 😂

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Business / Re: Naira Hits Record Low Of N1,348.63 /$1 At The Official Market by Bigchristo: 2:41am On Jan 30

Your messiah is part of the people killing the naira with importation rest
You be goat 🐐

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Business / Re: Naira Hits Record Low Of N1,348.63 /$1 At The Official Market by Bigchristo: 10:40pm On Jan 29

Shege pro max loading, next time una go use una sense select leaders nor be by tribe or religion


Politics / Re: IED Planted By Boko Haram Kills 13 Farmers In Borno (Graphic Photo) by Bigchristo: 10:13pm On Jan 29

Zagazola Makama
I remember when this administration started some useless fools where saying it will favor me and my family without knowing the actual consequences coming from the government, now Western state are flooded with bandits and kidnapping not only that bomb blast Dey occur anyhow hungry dey wire their ears, una never see anything oo, next time una not go use tribal sentiments take vote who go finished una
Politics / Re: EFCC Dusts Yahaya Bello’s Files, May Be Arrested This Week by Bigchristo: 4:13pm On Jan 29

What have they done to Willie Obiano? After all the rant they still let him go, EFCC is not actually fighting anything otherwise where are Buhari ministers?

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Politics / Re: ECOWAS: Tinubu Not Responsible For The Exit Of Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger - Bwala by Bigchristo: 4:11pm On Jan 29

cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy

e. pain.am.
na you e pain oo, cos I don’t know what you are saying
Politics / Re: ECOWAS: Tinubu Not Responsible For The Exit Of Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger - Bwala by Bigchristo: 1:20pm On Jan 29

I just told you I don't care for your parties, and you accuse me of supporting our bad politicans.

Some of you Nigerians self.

TIll you want good governance, you deserve what you got.
As for me, I vote and continue to vote for parties that are not PDP, APC, OBi, tinubu, atiku or whatever oriented. Na you wey keep supporting them. Then you complain when you get the bad end of the stick.
Abeg Getat
Politics / Re: Suspected Herdsmen Kidnap 3 Police Inspectors In Delta, Steal AK47 Rifles by Bigchristo: 11:59am On Jan 29

Some of the people shouting here have the opportunity to change government during Last year General Elections but they blew it, hear me and hear me well this is just the tips of an ice burg comparing to what is coming because every bush around Nigeria has been surrounded by herdsmen and terrorist camps you still wonder why the Army can’t overrun them? Because their grand patron are in current administration make una just Dey waste time

It’s okay for every region to have a security network to flush them out of their bush otherwise before the end of this government plenty Nigerians will be victim of this circumstance, may God help us
Family / Re: Man Catches His Wife Cheating With Another Man In Their Bedroom - Video by Bigchristo: 11:50am On Jan 29
Man catches his wife cheating with another man in their bedroom

There’s no need for so much drama send them both out of your house let them continue their love life, take custody of your kids most importantly do DNA who knows that man maybe be the true father of the child, women are scum

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Politics / Re: FG Working Hard To Bring Down Inflation, Exchange Rates - Mohammed Idris by Bigchristo: 11:18am On Jan 29

Until they actually start working hard to fix the problems nothing can be solved with propaganda
Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran Launches 3 Satellites Simultaneously Into Orbit Amid Tensions With West by Bigchristo: 11:15am On Jan 29
All country or what u just said now? If Africa gat nuclear weapons, there will be no more Africa,everywhere will become deserts
Who told you that? You think all African countries leaders are dumb like Nigeria own that pays less attention to maintenance of their infrastructure?
Politics / Re: ECOWAS: Tinubu Not Responsible For The Exit Of Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger - Bwala by Bigchristo: 11:13am On Jan 29

Okay, enjoy your leaders then.
You are the person who’s enjoying them, I am enjoying UAE government here, just Dey play 😂
Politics / Re: ECOWAS: Tinubu Not Responsible For The Exit Of Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger - Bwala by Bigchristo: 9:02am On Jan 29

If you don't know how to vote for better leaders, or vote out pdp and apc, and even lp, or run for office yourself, kindly keep quiet, and stop grumbling.

Thanks. I don't support your pdp or their apc or even lp and nnpp, or tinubu or obi. You do, and you are part of the problem

Sense far from this one, you have very little ideas about how military alliances work but quick to criticize Mali Niger and Burkina Faso for exiting ECOWAS, until you have this idea you won’t be spewing nonsense about their decision, you are talking about ECOWAS instead of you to stick on that you hurriedly inputted political parties, if you like support Tinubu APC or PDP and LP that na your own choice
Politics / Re: ECOWAS: Tinubu Not Responsible For The Exit Of Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger - Bwala by Bigchristo: 8:22am On Jan 29
(Am sure some people will call me Tinubu supporter now, but like I said, you can never please everyone).

The real reason why the ECOWAS nations of Mali, Burkina and NIger are leaving is because power is sweet.

ECOWAS over the last 20 years has become stricter on army rule. In 2005, Togo was forced by Obasanjo to follow its own constitution on how the succession should go after the death of its leader...after a coup put his son in charge.

The Army boys in those countries are enjoying being king. Dem no wan give up. Power is sweet. That is why they are leaving ECOWAS.

If Tinubu accepted them, then that means that ECOWAS is a hypocritical organisation, and it also means that Tinubu is saying that coups are ok...which sends a nice signal to twitchy ears in the Nigerian army.....

Either way, in five years time, all the people of the nations that have withdrawn, them go see that army rule is just corrupt old civillian rule, with guns and repression. Then you would see some attractive women from those countries talking passionately on foreign tv about how the West needs to do something about oppression in their land......

There is nothing new under the sun.
If you don’t know what to say kindly keep quiet, how have ECOWAS helped your country since the 20yrs? Nothing meaningful

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran Launches 3 Satellites Simultaneously Into Orbit Amid Tensions With West by Bigchristo: 12:44am On Jan 29

Funny how when Iran does something the West already has, they're quick to demonize it
because they hate to see any other countries to develop their own, they want everyone to be under them, that’s why they hate Russia and China so munch those once not Dey gree for them 🤣
Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran Launches 3 Satellites Simultaneously Into Orbit Amid Tensions With West by Bigchristo: 12:41am On Jan 29
Russian trigger all this! Russian will regret this at last
Blame the US that keep bullying small countries with sanctions, by the time they all have ability to develop their own weapons then US will become less relevant, make all countries get nuclear weapons who wan try each other go collect 😝😄😄
Sports / Re: Tanya Okpala Wanders The Streets In Awka (Video) by Bigchristo: 11:47pm On Jan 28


Chukwuma Charles SOLUDO, CFR
This country nor send anybody papa, as you are making money try to invest in your future or Better jakpa 😂
Sports / Re: Osimhen Taken In For Random Dope Test After Cameroun Game by Bigchristo: 11:14pm On Jan 28

Sports radio Brilla 88.9FM
I hope he pass the test, this people don’t want to see anything good

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Politics / Re: Richard Adeoriokin Shot Dead By Security Bidding Him Goodbye In Osun by Bigchristo: 4:15pm On Jan 28
The innocent will always suffer the actions of foolish people.

The mob killed the security guard. Why didn't they kill the person that ordered the shot?

If you want to celebrate, use fireworks.
is this how you think? They ordered him to shoot bullet in the air not to hit someone, but I wonder why people use gunshots as celebration instead of fireworks

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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Angola: AFCON 2023 Quarter Finals. (1 - 0) On 2nd February 2024 by Bigchristo: 12:30am On Jan 28
Nwabali quick recovery should be every Nigerian prayer point at this period

Exactly my thoughts

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Properties / Re: Why Do Tenants Always Prefer Packing Out At Night? by Bigchristo: 11:57pm On Jan 27
Why do tenants always prefer packing out at night?
Na who get tear tear foam and black ports dey pack for night 😂🤣💔
Politics / Re: Adeleke Demolishes Osogbo Beautification Wall Built By Aregbesola(pics) by Bigchristo: 8:44pm On Jan 27

Sanwo-olu is just in his own world.

He should jusy pay more attention more to Lagos aesthetics.Fashola beats him hands down in that aspect....Lagos is too dirty and market women have turned every space to market.
I was surprised to see market women who have invaded the newly committed oyingbo under bridge already
I’m not sure if you understand what you are saying.
Celebrities / Re: Kaisha Opens A Provision Warehouse by Bigchristo: 7:46pm On Jan 27


Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Kaisha has opened a provision warehouse.

But this has got BBNaija fans divided. While some are mocking her for doing a legitimate business which they think is 'below her status', others have defended the ex BBN star.

Shaming her for a multi million naira business? With warehouses fully packed and these are daily consumptions….. The people shaming her must be dreaming. They think success is only linked to suit and tie🤦‍♀️
"- HGI SERVICES came to Kaisha's defence.

Kaisha was one of the contestants in the BIg Brother Naija 2020 'Lockcown' season.
She has done well for herself by using the money she have to set up her own business, those criticizing her should be ashamed of themselves, we now value those who earn fraudulently than those who actually engage in real hustle this is what our society has turn into, may God give you people brain to think well in this new year
Politics / Re: Adeleke Demolishes Osogbo Beautification Wall Built By Aregbesola(pics) by Bigchristo: 7:41pm On Jan 27
This is the reason why I love SEYI MAKINDE.



Don’t use Sanwolu to compare any state governor in Nigeria Lagos is experiencing rapid growth and development which can’t be compared to any other states including Abuja
Education / Re: Teacher Flogs David Babadipo, Lagos Pupil, To Death by Bigchristo: 12:21pm On Jan 27

Source: https://punchng.com/outrage-as-teacher-allegedly-flogs-lagos-pupil-to-death/
I have remove my kids from school because of this nonsense act, my daughter was crying I actually don’t understand why she was crying that she isn’t going to school anymore, until a girl in the school came to report that their teacher usually flog them, some people can’t be trusted with kids
Celebrities / Re: Ayra Starr Shakes King Sunny Ade Instead Of Kneeling, Sparks Outrage by Bigchristo: 12:15pm On Jan 27
Music fans in Nigeria have lambasted Ayra Starr For having a Handshake with King Sunny Ade instead of prostrating to greet him properly. Many fans on twitter said that she was disrespectful, saying that King Sunny Ade is Old enough to be her grand dad.

Ayra eventually apologized but the apology was faulted because she addressed him as "uncle"

I’ve known for a long time that Arya Star is a mannerless child, the way she dress with crop top and skirt tells it all she has a zero home training, there’s one thing I understand about the Yorubas that they are very respectful people most importantly when they see elders they bow but this small rat fame enter her head she nor get respect at all

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Celebrities / Re: Ayra Starr Shakes King Sunny Ade Instead Of Kneeling, Sparks Outrage by Bigchristo: 12:12pm On Jan 27
Is it compulsory?
Its a compulsory practice for Yoruba to bow for elders she is just a mannerless brat

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Crime / Re: Ijede: Burglars Are On Rampage In Ikorodu Community by Bigchristo: 8:00am On Jan 27
Crime / Re: Ijede: Burglars Are On Rampage In Ikorodu Community by Bigchristo: 6:47am On Jan 27

E bin kpa wa initiated by Tinubu policies grin grin grin
Yes na dem never see anything 😂😂😂

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Properties / Re: Sanwo-Olu Launches E-GIS System For Land Verification Before Purchase by Bigchristo: 6:47am On Jan 27
Mode of operation

Charges and all.... No information... Abi na until person reach Alausa before information go reach person

Person just go Grenada and came back to start endorsing this and that as usual to dazzle his Lagosians...

Lagosians e ronu ooo
Must you criticize everything? This is a good development for land purchase


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