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Romance / Re: Is it Right For A Man To Cheat? by Bigdanns(m): 10:04am On Oct 28, 2020
[quote author=nwaezeemmanuel post=95421981]Very archaic thinking. First relating men to lower animals. Second, using the Old Testament wrongly.

You know men wore skirts in the old testament, why does it seem odd for a man to wear one now? Things change!

Animals live in the wild, we live in a society. Please stop using pointless theories to validate cheating.

reasons are subjective
Romance / Re: I Don't Hit On Guys. I Just Give My Signs by Bigdanns(m): 8:04am On Oct 28, 2020
I just give him the signs in a style showing i like him and if he ignores it then i move on.
My rule is.. ''He must always hit first then you will see me in action"
Even guys i like, i never hit on them directly to tell my feelings, just give those signs and if he doesn't start hitting then i forget him. I just keep praying in my mind when i come across a guy i like ''let him hit on me'' grin grin
A Lady got to protect her esteem so you don't get disrespected. Putting on lot of makeup, dressing sexy, showing cleavage, talking in a sweet sexy voice, smiling, greeting him, aren't those signs enough to make a guy start hitting on us??
Or you expect me to walk up directly to him asking him to be my boyfriend or telling him i like him? Oh no, that's not me!
Even when me and my ex quarrelled, he stopped talking to me and i also stopped. I wanted him back but i wanted him to make the first apology. He never did and i never did too.
The thing is when a guy makes the first move in the relationship, he respects you more.. undecided

Hahahhahaha I wish I was that your ex u will keep waiting like the coming of Christ


Romance / Is it Right For A Man To Cheat? by Bigdanns(m): 7:52am On Oct 28, 2020
Is it right for a man to cheat? I knw most of us are exasperated by the word "cheat" come to think of it we are all cheats in this life, depending on wr your energy lies........relationship, academically, morally, religiously etc.

Anyways my focal point is goan be vested on "RELATIONSHIP" as it's more eminently considered by we young bloods. back to my ❓

I see cheating in the aspect of relationship to be considered in 2 very important aspect,
*Biologically nd
I will like to base the pressure of this thesis on the "BIOLOGICAL" aspect of cheating as I further juxtapose and unravel reasons while I don't see cheating to be a bad thing as seen by lot of women nd some simp in our present society

>scientifically it's proven that we are high intelligent breeds of animals, nd what makes us different from the wild life is our ability to reason logically nd carry of functions pragmatically in our day to day affairs.
U will agree with me that animal don't stick to a particular female, that's how they are wired.....programmed to act.
Men are no different, we are also wired that way no matter how u wud like to dispute or deconstruct my reasons.

>Men in their original being are Polygamous in natures, Polygamy is as old as man kind. Its a practice that it most honoured by the wealthy.
if u dispute cheating to be wrong?
How then do a man becomes polygamous??
if cheating in a relationship it's not right!!! How then can a man practice polygamy bcuz
u can nvr arrive at polygamy without visage in the paths of cheating, that then means is never wrong for a man to cheat��

> Biblically, from the Old Testament this practice is approved morally nd otherwise by the Supreme Being.

most of us tdy solely beckon our minds on the modern practices of Christianity, we have forgotten about the medieval era of Christianity.
modern rules of the church will tell u tdy that polygamy is wrong. If u r a Christian nd u c cheating as wrong practice without justifiable means of reasons, then it's up to u.

>= Please drop ur view..
Romance / Re: I Don't Want To Lose My Wife by Bigdanns(m): 6:11pm On Jun 25, 2020
Bruh I am not here to advice u bt, u can relate what I am about to drop

Call ur woman to the pallow, bedroom u knw were best is secured

The time for talk really matters, Fr me 12pm is not negotiable

Make sure u don't go blaming her for anything yet, be a good listener

Make her understand ur grief nd pains, then wen u guys have come to a logical conclusion

Make her to understand something if thr is nothing hidden in her phone then u must see what she has been hiding.

Definitely she is gone resist if she does, be quiet sleep it off,
Bt make sure u visit her parent and tell them it's an impromptu visit but u ve an unhealthy matter that has to be solved rightly
They should invivite your woman to the gathering, when she comes all phones received by the Oga of the house.

If this way is still proven abortive then.
It has to be with the confine of the meeting else she can erase all implicative maessages
She will have to decide btween her phone or U
Else she has to relocate.

Fvck marriage I and my sis ve been raised by my dad since I was 2, so u can also do it if a woman wanna kill u bfr ur time bruh.

***I am highly sorry fr ur wife's atrocious attitude****
Romance / Re: I Don't Want To Lose My Wife by Bigdanns(m): 5:53pm On Jun 25, 2020
Dude I respect ur point, though it holds no guarantee of it being true at all.

I don't knw if u r married? And if u r married how long has ur marriage lasted bruh?

Hv u bore kids? How many do u got?

Pls u should not make such ulterance about a man who is desperately in need of answers.

You ain't negligent of the fact that ladies hardly get certisfied of what they are.

If u r blaming that dude of not being good in bed nd other shit I don't wanna mention, do u think marriage ends in bed
I want u to be aware of these 3 things read them carefully in between lines.
(i) People get tire of people (for no genuine reasons)
(ii) An uncontempted person
(iii) Be certisfied therefr He/she will always look for, be it whatsoever at all.

The fact is ppl are not ready to make genuine decisions that they can be held responsible of or keep to bruh.
Romance / Re: If Marriage Were by Bigdanns(m): 5:21pm On Jun 25, 2020
Check ursf!!!, it's not normal¡¡¡ except u ve come to realise that marriage is not fr everyone like I do, den u wouldn't need to check ursf anymr, esle consult anything consultable mistress.
Romance / Re: Guys Get In Here!!! by Bigdanns(m): 6:51pm On Jun 21, 2020

haha! You too na dundee.

No take man personal ooh, if u no sabi play na u e go pain ooh
Romance / Re: No Go The Over Do, It Shall End In Tears Nvr Over Step Ur Boundary by Bigdanns(m): 9:45am On Jun 21, 2020
Balance should be the keyword!
Romance / Re: I Think This Girl Is A Player/Gold Digger, What Should I Do? by Bigdanns(m): 9:44am On Jun 21, 2020
She behaving that way is called, prematurity abi??
Is she a child that she can't tell if her actions will cause pains to someone??


Romance / Re: Guys Get In Here!!! by Bigdanns(m): 9:06am On Jun 21, 2020
U be mumu grin grin grin
Romance / No Go The Over Do, It Shall End In Tears Nvr Over Step Ur Boundary by Bigdanns(m): 8:59am On Jun 21, 2020
A lot of young guys feel it's how much sacrifice they render to a girl she reciprocate back

Make this correction or u shall end in tears��

If she d call u once a week, call her back once a week

If u buy her pant, make sure she buy u boxer

If she borrow mula from u borrow from her too

No go over do pass waty she fit do fr u

Else it shall still end in tears cry cry

Make u try relate ..........life bruh

Thr is no fvckin equality frgt it, all that exist is a life balance

If u knw ft recognize dat balance run fast or
U go end in tears las las �� cry cry
Case close
Romance / Re: I Think This Girl Is A Player/Gold Digger, What Should I Do? by Bigdanns(m): 8:31am On Jun 21, 2020
U wantd to play her now u r played totally. Smart guys don't play ur way bruh

Fr me I nvr gv a bitch a gift nd collect it back...

Frgt it!!! If u no chop her frgt am
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Threatened To Break Up If I Don't Marry Her Now by Bigdanns(m): 4:23pm On Jun 18, 2020
Thr a lot of alternative measures bruh, ask ursef how many Nigerian girls are willing to go into marriage with an unestablished man nd a low salary earner?. If ur bae wan marry u honestly I feel u should do same bcuz she best understands u, despite u earn low she is willing to marry u. Do u foresee ursef been established in 5yrs to come? My concrete advice to all nairalanders is we should stop talking of getting fully established bfr we can get married, we grow in marriage, except young ladies of nowadays dah jst wanna feast off ur finance would want an already established man no matter what happens. Nd fr our young men ur wants nd desires keeps growing, stamp that as a trade mark at the back of ur hrt.

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Romance / Re: My Girl That Broke Up With Me Months Ago Wants Me Back Now by Bigdanns(m): 2:19pm On Jun 18, 2020
Brus if u cheated make it clear, so we can diagnostically prescribe a remedy for u
Romance / Re: Gurls Barely Know Who's Ryt For Em (zero Decision Upstairs) by Bigdanns(m): 11:53am On Jun 14, 2020
[quote author=Petyprincess post=90621162][/quote]
Romance / Re: Gurls Barely Know Who's Ryt For Em (zero Decision Upstairs) by Bigdanns(m): 1:01pm On Jun 13, 2020

Lol i totally forgot someone with your head shape usually lack sense, I wnt be surprised if it's hereditary grin your stupidity is passed from from generation to another!
This mumu wan use me shine lol low budget sanyeri grin
Scoundrel, jackass tongue tongue tongue
Romance / Re: E Be Things by Bigdanns(m): 12:11am On Jun 13, 2020

Let’s be clear, you mean ‘hatter’ or ‘hater’?
Romance / E Be Things by Bigdanns(m): 11:50pm On Jun 12, 2020
Guys comment abt ur worst nairaland haters especially the female species nd run fast, we got ur back
Romance / Re: Gurls Barely Know Who's Ryt For Em (zero Decision Upstairs) by Bigdanns(m): 10:06pm On Jun 12, 2020

Lol @ bolded was not expecting this,guys will switch to bodyshaming or slutshaming when pained bt i really appreciate you didn't stoop so low like that kiddo!! I really apologize,if you could remember i was defending you that day bt today i thought you wanted to join the league of of those that will flood my mentions with insults bt you surprised me nd i never stated in my comments that ladies should rely on their boyfriends, i just have a problem with generalization because of an experience with one girl.
I really apologize once again,i will edit my earlier post about you.
Ur statement"jst one gurl"is highly fallacious make amendment on it too
Romance / Re: She's One Year Older Than Her Man. Should She Be Worried? by Bigdanns(m): 7:45pm On Jun 12, 2020
A friend of mine just opened up to me about her relationship. She said when she met her man, she assumed she was younger than him because he looked so big and more mature than her and he also acts mature than her. One day, they were discussing their age and she found out she was older, so she had to lie about her age. The relationship went on and the love grew stronger, then a day came , she asked him if he can marry a lady older him, he said 'never' she asked what if it's just one year? He still said ' never'. Then she asked him that what if he later found out that his girlfriend is older, what would he do? He said he would end the relationship. She said she couldn't bear it any longer and so she opened up to him about her age. That she's a year older than him. She wants him to know before it's too late. After opening up to him, she was expecting him to end the relationship but he didn't. He's still coming for her, he still loves her and wants to marry her. But she's withdrawing from the relationship because of what the guy said earlier. Please advise her. I will show her your comments
Age na jst number, na who old fr body be de matter.
Thr is ntin wrng wit dating an older lady, in fact they seem to udersatnd u mre, rathrthan all dis 1999,2000,2001, borns.

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Romance / Re: ‘I Met A Guy And He Bought Me A Car Same Day’ – Nigerian Lady, Reveals by Bigdanns(m): 7:39pm On Jun 12, 2020
Go nd brush ur lie de smell
Romance / Re: trailer death and this which one his more horrible (graphics picture) by Bigdanns(m): 7:38pm On Jun 12, 2020
This real?
Romance / Re: Gurls Barely Know Who's Ryt For Em (zero Decision Upstairs) by Bigdanns(m): 7:29pm On Jun 12, 2020

Naso I shock oh
Leave her bruh na wen all d alpha's gang up flog her flat lukin nyash like dah of a toad/frog she go get hersf

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Romance / Re: Gurls Barely Know Who's Ryt For Em (zero Decision Upstairs) by Bigdanns(m): 7:14pm On Jun 12, 2020

I said what I said petty grin I don't blame you, soon there'll be more of alpha males than simps then you'll know. We are getting stronger and wiser cool
Hard core alpha my bruh

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Romance / Re: Gurls Barely Know Who's Ryt For Em (zero Decision Upstairs) by Bigdanns(m): 7:09pm On Jun 12, 2020
OP, go and learn how to spell well & construct good sentences. You're disgracing your gender.
Zombie ur foolishness no get break embarassed tongue tongue
Romance / Re: My Boyfriend Can't Stop Complain That My Brest Doesn't Satisfy Him During Sex by Bigdanns(m): 6:42pm On Jun 12, 2020
Cut the boobies give am make im chop na grin grin grin
Romance / Re: Gurls Barely Know Who's Ryt For Em (zero Decision Upstairs) by Bigdanns(m): 5:54pm On Jun 12, 2020

Cited which brokenness angry this gender and their 100% entitlement claim they have is becoming something else, I don't blame you it's the simps that keep whiteknighting
Only the hard core radicals will understand bruh

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Romance / Re: Gurls Barely Know Who's Ryt For Em (zero Decision Upstairs) by Bigdanns(m): 5:52pm On Jun 12, 2020

Seconded grin grin

That's ryt!! u feel de jerk ahbi..... grin grin

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Romance / Re: Gurls Barely Know Who's Ryt For Em (zero Decision Upstairs) by Bigdanns(m): 5:49pm On Jun 12, 2020
Who gives a Fvck grin


Romance / Re: Gurls Barely Know Who's Ryt For Em (zero Decision Upstairs) by Bigdanns(m): 5:38pm On Jun 12, 2020
Fr me my contract is jst get a lady who will boe kids fr me nd she balls out y I move on. fvck marriage!!!. cool cool


Romance / Gurls Barely Know Who's Ryt For Em (zero Decision Upstairs) by Bigdanns(m): 5:35pm On Jun 12, 2020
It's a bit crazy some of u guys myt feel I am ladies hatter, bt I'm not I only speak d truth nd represent my fellow niggers. Hvin bin in a lot of abhorrent, ghastly, horrendous relationships I jst gt to understand dah ladies r scoundrels wen it xomes to mtters of rltionship. Only for the niggers whom ve gttn to learn d hard way will grasp wat I am dispensing hr
Las mnth I met a lady on fb, she ws so much into me, as a matter of fact we arrenged nd had to meet each to see fr real if the humorous each oda claims to exhibit is real.
I met wit dis yang ladi twice, paid her a visit all twice.Though I knew stuffs like this always clash like ponzi schemes. Or fork tales of d old dah sounds mystical.
One thing I luv abt dis gurl is she is very natural nd exhibit gud chatin engaging traits. Nvr trust a being wit 2 openings. We wr ballin nd I felt we wr gud all of a sudden fr dis gurl to start ignoring my chats, ohh yes!! OK!! I knew well. She found a new price tag.
1 faithful day a frnd of mine saw dis gurl wit anoda niggr flirting pwrfly, around his neighborhood. He kept it silent nt to be talkative.
2 days aftr my frnd saw her, I affirmed d shit via watsap wen she posted "I tink I'm luv wit him".
Dis prompted my quest to undr if ladies really knw wah de want fr real. Ladies r like zombie na fllw fllw dem be, as I narrated these incidents to hr, she couldn't denial nd had no reason, rmous fr her actions. Ppl change bt ladies r de most unpredictable creatures dah act without cautions. My niggers ur contract wit ladies shouldn't las lng ooh, except u visage marriage, bt I


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