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Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Likes Posting Pictures Of Random Guys On Social Media. by bogdaddy(m): 5:00pm On Nov 22
For even asking us our opinions you must be stupid, na until you catch the bitch cheating before you believe abi mumu man !
my girlfriend likes posting pictures of random guys on Facebook.. She said it's for memory.
I have told her I wan to quit the relationship if she continues posting pictures of random guys.
She told me she has never cheated on me. She has been begging me so that we continue our relationship ... But I hate those pictures.
She told me that the post won't affect our relationship... She is always blaming me for not trusting her.. She told me ,,, I used to over react when ever I see her pictures with a guy on social media.

I just want to walk away from the relationship.

My people what do you guys think?
Romance / Re: Should You Get Angry Because Your Older Brother Does Not Buy You Anything? by bogdaddy(m): 2:35am On Nov 20
Do you check your mails at all ? I’ve sent enough to profess my feelings for you.
Should you get angry that your older sibling does not buy you anything when he comes visiting but buys gifts for his wife and children when he goes back?
Culture / Re: 'it Is Mandatory To Tip Waiters After Good Service' - Lady Says by bogdaddy(m): 4:13pm On Nov 14
Na so olosho Dey start
A lady on Twitter has said that she thinks it is necessary to tip waiters after good service if not she would advice the individual to sit at home.

Some of her followers agreed with her :

I don't know who raised these people. I know things are hard but a little extra won't kill them. If you can't afford to tip 10 to 20% then you shouldn't eat out.

Some did not agree with her logic:

Mr. Nath: According to your logic: Every time you get good service, you should tip. If you get a 1000 good services and you tip them all, what would be left in your bank account? Tipping is not mandatory, it is whenever you have surplus and you were wowed by the service + your mood.

t3niola: Lol I absolutely walk out when I get my hair and nails done. I paid for the service and that has fulfilled my end of the contract. The solution to waiters being paid badly is to pay waiters more, not to transfer the burden to the customer who has already paid.

Do you believe tipping should be mandatory when the service is good?


Romance / Re: Help Me Nairalanders My Gf Likes Sex Too Much by bogdaddy(m): 7:34pm On Oct 30
Give me her number
Though I met her back in 300L. She is a very beautiful and light complexioned lady I love her so much now, though I still wonder how she falls for me even though am not that handsome.

But ,the thing about her is when I first sexed her can you believe with how beautiful she is her pussy is still tight like mad though she isn't a virgin I know a tight pussy when I see one.But now she likes disturbing me for sex if we don't sex about 7 times to 9 times a day she won't let me be and am fed up right now maybe I should break up with her because most people are just saying am lean and I also see it myself that am getting leaner by day pls what can I do to help the situation .


Romance / Re: I Broke Up With My Cheating Boyfriend. by bogdaddy(m): 1:32pm On Oct 25
Sorry baby give me your control wanna pet you a little
I just broke up with my boyfriend of 2yrs.He cheated on me with another babe.It's hard to move on ,i wrote this with a bleeding heart.Why do some men like cheating? I was never a liability to him nor a bad girl.Y would he treat me like this?Am going insane.What should i do nairalanders?
Politics / Re: Anonymous Deceived All Of You by bogdaddy(m): 7:35pm On Oct 23
Bro’s you make me remember geography, volcanic eruption !

even your nnamdi kanu ran away from the fire power of the non nonsense Nigerian army, you better look for the footpath that leads to your father's miserable house before you are converted to a molten magma
Romance / Re: Most Average Rented Homes In America Vs Nigeria by bogdaddy(m): 10:42am On Oct 23
Seems you are in New Jersey ?
Average is relative in the US....and I don’t know what you mean by ‘one room rented apartment’.

Are you talking about shared sublet rooms or studio apartments or one bedroom apartment?

In any case, you can get a studio or one bedroom apartment in Manhattan for less than $2,000/month and that is where it is more costly.

If you prefer to save money and don’t mind commuting, you can get it for far lesser in any of the other New York City boroughs or if you cross over the Hudson to Newark or any of the cities in Essex County or the other counties sharing boundary with New York City, you can get a decent three bedroom apartment or a whole house for far less.
Romance / Re: Do You Like My Profile Photo? by bogdaddy(m): 10:35am On Oct 23
This woman you seriously need prick in your life
Do You Like My Profile Photo?

“Like” my profile photo if you like my profile photo.

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Romance / Re: What Is Currently Your Number One Addiction? by bogdaddy(m): 10:33am On Oct 23
Turkey nla
An addiction is basically something you can't stop doing

One could be addicted to anything; a particular food, music, someone, prayers etc

Drop that addiction here on this thread.

I am currently addicted to fruit juice cheesy
Romance / Re: Girls, It's High Time We Stopped Playing Hard To Get. by bogdaddy(m): 2:52pm On Oct 18
E be like you don Dey old for house abi
It's truly high time we stopped it. Fine! We may play it for a while, but it mustn't be for too long. It's so...heart wrenching for me seeing someone I love with someone else cry. I pray this pains leave soon.... Because it's painful and I need my sanity.

# if you love someone as a lady and you can sense that the feeling is mutual, please stop the hard to get charade.
Romance / Re: Why You Shouldn't Get Married by bogdaddy(m): 2:51pm On Oct 18
You don treat your smelling pussy ?
Marriage is not a must, make big money, even as a girl sef, go around the world and enjoy yourself... Life is too short to be falling all over a man and arguing whether he loves you or not
Celebrities / Re: Fool: Wizkid Blasts Reekado Banks For Posting 'Omo Olomo' Song Amid EndSARS by bogdaddy(m): 5:03pm On Oct 15
Fine girl
short men and their wahala,he sounded rude.


Family / Re: I Want To Start Smoking Weed by bogdaddy(m): 1:06pm On Oct 06
Go collect form from Naira Marley, our MARLIANS President . Thank you
Just like the heading states, I want to start doing it with hubby. Married for 6 years with 3 kids. In my late 20s, him, late 30s.

He doesn't give me head ache, no troubles at all, smooth sailing marriage. And it's all thanks to weed. I've noticed he always have a bright mood after taking weed, can joke a lot, play with the kids, take care of me, cook, sex etc. Everything great. I want to graduate from wrapping for him to start taking mine. He's indifferent about my decision though. I just want to know if I can actually stop when I want to.

(Matured Responses please, that's why I'm in the family section)
Family / Re: Guys Honestly, I Want To Try It (photo) by bogdaddy(m): 1:00pm On Oct 06
My advice is just remain on your lane, don’t try COLORADO ! Or else you’ll be a celebrity under few hours on your street no casting ...
I want to enter work now lolz just that my toddler is holding me back.

Hope I won't be addicted? ( My only sincere concern)
Crime / Re: SARS Shot A Young Man In Ughelli, Delta State (video) by bogdaddy(m): 4:38am On Oct 04
You carry your frustration reach Nairaland you tell your papa make e no leave money for una, poor boy / girl. Upon everything na rubbish you comment idiotic fellow Ogun go kill your generations one by one for that useless comment animal child from his or her animal parents nonsense and ingredients
Every single Yahoo boy will die like this whether they repent or not unless they return every single penny gotten illegally. Nonsense, awon olori buruku.

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Health / Re: Timothy Ray Brown Dies Of Cancer (First Man Cured Of HIV) by bogdaddy(m): 8:28pm On Sep 30
Which kind wahala be this?
First Man Cured Of HIV Dies Of Cancer

The first person to be cured of HIV, Timothy Ray Brown — known as the “Berlin Patient” – has died after a battle with cancer, the International Aids Society announced Wednesday.

Romance / Re: The Girl I Love Just Got Deflowered By Another Guy. by bogdaddy(m): 1:32am On Sep 19
Baby stop it
come and have it
Romance / Re: The Girl I Love Just Got Deflowered By Another Guy. by bogdaddy(m): 11:57pm On Sep 18
Send me your number
we are closer than you know
Romance / Re: The Girl I Love Just Got Deflowered By Another Guy. by bogdaddy(m): 11:17pm On Sep 18
I mean let’s get closer than we are right now
we are friends
Romance / Re: The Girl I Love Just Got Deflowered By Another Guy. by bogdaddy(m): 10:53pm On Sep 18
Let’s be friends
wink winkSir? grin
Romance / Re: The Girl I Love Just Got Deflowered By Another Guy. by bogdaddy(m): 9:48pm On Sep 18
Fine girl
Romance / Re: . by bogdaddy(m): 9:37pm On Sep 18
Sexy girl was sup ?
I just came across this pictures today and I couldn't stop laughing.See how my lovely and God-fearing mom sent me to school in 100level but see how I returned after 100level hahaha.My funky aunt nearly removed all the born again training i had from home lol,but all in all,i still remain my humble self,nothing changed aside the dress sense.lmao.First two pictures represent how my mom packaged me to school,last two represent how I returned.Toxic people please stay away from here,trash sayers please eat your trash.

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Romance / Re: In Love With A Busty Lady, She Want Me To Give Her Head & Suck Her Feet by bogdaddy(m): 8:33pm On Sep 18
Can you kindly transfer her to someone ready to satisfy every needs of hers
I've been friends with a lady for sometimes now, I fantasize alot as regards fucking her from way back because she's busty, chubby and cool.
Summarily last week, I was able to talk her into fucking me, but she wants me to give head, suck her feet as this things turn her on alot and again smoking kush before sex.
I noticed she's really wild and that's cool with me, she said she likes bad boys, I've been pretending to be one (LOL) but i don't smoke and I don't think I can ever try it, I've never given head and I don't intend or imagine how I will stuck my mouth down there, sucking of the feet is a bit better.
what do I do in this situation? Has anyone been here please, how did you pull through handling a wild woman most especially someone you really like please?
Romance / Re: How Do I Turn Down An Older Woman by bogdaddy(m): 6:24pm On Sep 07
Can you kindly send me her number? One mans food is another man poison thank you!
Good day nairalanders, I am a young graduate in his late twenties, there is this lady who is in her early 40's, she is a family friend, she is nice to me and I see her as a good lady nothing much, but sometimes she does things that goes way beyond her boundaries.

At first she use to tell me she would have married me if I was older, I always see it as a joke and smiled, but it got worse that I'm no more comfortable around her,
sometimes she comes to our house and will decide to take her bath in my bathroom meanwhile we have another free room where she could change, I am not comfortable looking at an older woman with towel around her, she does a lot of things which disgust me and I can't just stop her cos I like and respect her.

Recently, I had something with a church girl of mine which became public, I felt embarrassed though, few people chastised me and some adviced me, This very lady heard it, came to me and told me some things like I shouldn't have fling with a young girl but look for older women if I want to just enjoy myself(while saying the F-word continuously) she was saying it in a way that made me feel uncomfortable.
Though she hasn't said anything about having sex with me but she has given me all green-lights, the truth is I do not like an older woman and would want her to stop pestering me without sounding harsh, pls I need advice, not insults
Family / Re: .. by bogdaddy(m): 8:39am On Sep 05
You are a real G! I troway salute bro
she's threatening me,that I wasted her time bla bla bla...
For just 10 months relationship ooo.
She said she's 35,I showed my dad her pic and he said she should be like 43 or so...that is she even lied.
She says I will never see better,my family won't see better,she'll wreck me,she'll frustrate my business and all that thrash.
I know she might know some thugs from her job type(oil pipeline servicing co) so I skipped town to avoid cultist coming to machete my ass.
But I'm not marrying her and that's period!I never loved her or really cared about her,she's the one that forced this relationship trash down my throat.
I'm not doing again and that's final,but I fùck am sha like goat ,especially doggy grin
Family / Re: .. by bogdaddy(m): 11:49pm On Sep 04
Bro I feel your pains, some women could be a pain in the ass but you have to make a decision in time. You can’t keep running away from your home how long will you do that for ??
I type this with drunkenness.
I left my beautiful home,cars,good life be cause my God Is gi king me trouble.
I came to see my dad at oyigbo be cause bitch is stressing my life.
I'm currently in a squalor I last slept in ten years ago.
Very shabby and plenty children.
I m3ssed up my life,honestly..... Bleep!
What's the implication of marrying a girl you don't love and is older please?
Being a young man with plenty cash,cars,house and bright future?
Bitch is from ogbunike and too old and broke to be my wife,thanks.
I am even drink s3f,had 5 beers and cane go home tto my good life,sleeping in a goat herd angry angry angry
Romance / Re: I Caught My Best Friend With My Boyfriend. by bogdaddy(m): 12:53am On Aug 29
Let’s cheat on him, what do you think?
I came as usual to visit my bf only to meet my own best friend having sex with him.
Am devastated right now. How can I pay them back? I need to hurt him advice needed.
Family / Re: Am Just So Tired Of My Life by bogdaddy(m): 3:43pm On Aug 25
Bros first thank God say your parents send you go school, we wey our parents no get money send us go higher institution we no offend God, secondly make 3 bedroom you Dey live with your parents, bros na room and parkour we grow. Shey we offend God! Only thing I see meaningful na your faded cloth I think that’s the least of a mans probkem. Clothing!!
i Came back home after my pop from NYSC batch A 2019,I had had high hopes of getting a job as my family depends on me to be successful so I can take care of them and my younger ones,this has put a lot of pressure on me and I'm now frustrated and depressed that all I can think of is dying, my life has no direction,because I can't even take care of my self not to talk about them,I have no job,I don't even have capital to start up a business I learned during my service year.I am going to be 30years next year and i still deeply depends on my parent for food and shared three(3)rooms with my four(4)siblings including mom and dad and this makes me mad but I can't help it.Since three(3) years I have not bought any clothes,all I have is faded clothes which I maintain very well.
I have attended four(4) interviews in five(5)months all with no way forward, I cried at nights at my situation and I have come to conclusion that my life has no meaning, am just so tired,confused and don't know what to do.


Family / Re: Age 25 With 1 Million Naira & Living With My Parents: Buy Land Or Pack Out? by bogdaddy(m): 6:43am On Aug 21
Aunty abeg no vex, how much Dey your account?
1m is just like 100,k

Small money

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