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Car Talk / Re: Toyota Corolla 2006 Vs. Toyota Matrix 2005: Which Should I Buy by Boll2010: 7:34am On Apr 29, 2019
If you are thinking of fuel economy and maintenance go for corolla but don't expect any performance from corrola, infact I can't help but picture a korokpe bus anytime I see a corolla pass me.

Secondly corrola are very targeted by car thieves and robbers so be sure u live a in a populated area. If u be young guy don't buy matrix oooo
Why should a young guy avoid matrix?


Family / Re: My Grandmum Was An Idol Worshiper, Now This Is Happening To Me, Please Help! by Boll2010: 10:58pm On Apr 27, 2019
“You can only look back to see how much you’ve conquered only if you survive the holocaust of this world,to be a survivor in this terrible world one secret you won’t be told is the act to be ruthless when the need arises!”


Celebrities / Re: Davido At Wedding Of Idris Elba And Sabrina Dhowre In Morocco (Photos) by Boll2010: 6:51pm On Apr 27, 2019
One of the sexiest man alive.

A you sure you’re a man grin

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Music/Radio / Re: What's Your Favorite Track From The K.O.D Album? - Jcole by Boll2010: 11:04pm On Jul 18, 2018
numba three (d cut off)
Romance / If You're Emeka Aaa From Delta State by Boll2010: 1:12am On Feb 02, 2018
if you're emeka aaa from delta state may God help you overcome all the demons you struggle with grin grin

Business / Re: Chronicles Of Catalan : Five Lessons I Learnt From Paddy Adenuga's Memoir by Boll2010: 9:57pm On Jan 31, 2018

bro its you who should humble and listen jaree.
that man is simply saying there's no innovation or invention in what's been celebrated here.
whereas innovation/invention and building from scratch are the most interesting parts of entrepreneurship.
entrepreneurship is beyond just buying and selling.

people don't understand meaning f entrepreneurship. from the name it means a new entry , in lay term a fresh idea that not been seen. in the long haul selling and buying will occur which eventually turns a business but at first it was a fresh idea that the business world hasn't seen. atleast my opinion of the subject matter is this.


Business / Re: Chronicles Of Catalan : Five Lessons I Learnt From Paddy Adenuga's Memoir by Boll2010: 9:50pm On Jan 31, 2018
Kudos. However on your number 5, that advice is only meant for the insightful. . . Those who hear, know but doesn't understand should take that advice at their own peril.

Then, on your number 4, the law of natural force can never be overemphasized. Too many hands always spoil any cooking - the fact that he failed doesn't nullify this axiom. There must always be cause/reason for any failed deal, therefore, the possibility of him clinching the deal assuming that he confided in his said friend Kemi, remains a probability - playing outside the team (in-house and outsourced) always have more negative result than positive result. Yet, plan doesn't mean absence of spontaneity, so insight remains the key here too.

Meanwhile, grit, valuable aptitude(s) and versatility, prudence, humbleness and meekness, honesty, conscientiousness and altruism (giving it to the rightful people) remains the most potent tools anyone needs to play at the top of the corporate business world.

Realism will always remain superior to idealism. . . Idealists should keep off. By the way, one doesn't necessarily need to be of Paddy's background to play at the level he plays.

Thank you. realisim always triumph! when you get to a stage where you see things for what it is and not emotional sentiment then the happy ending is near.

people shouting talk to remi like remi will just hand over the deal just like that without some conditional terms which makes him a slave to the deal on the long haul.

the thing is paddy lost like every other ambitious person we learn from it .

our instinct aren't always right all the time.
as little as I intend to start a business this year, I invested money I made from a small venture into agriculture where I served and I wasn't in town but my partner was doing much of the ground work while I was financing and keeping tabs, December last year due for harvest, a bag sell for 15k and I was expecting to see nothing less than 20bags according to what I see on the farm. my partner called me that it was time for harvesting I prepared and he called again I shouldn't come again now cause of transport since we won't be selling immediately since is only harvest, I was broke, I said no problem , I told myself since I can trust him this far to cater for the farm I should trust him to do justice to the harvesting since he has never mismanage me before. BT a friend told me I should not trust trust him I should damn the transport transport AND see things but I wanted to trust my instinct which the guy eventually shortchanged me by declaring a very paltry amount of harvest.
I'm in my mid 20s I I told myself welcome to business realities and I sat down carefully look at my mistake and learned from it.

why I narrate this is this are common business errors that we learn from to be a far better businessman. what paddy did is not much of a big deal, it happens everywhere on different level.

people should stop making a fuss about it like this is the first time such is happening to people in business world.

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Politics / Re: NDDC, China Plan 7,000 Mega Watts Regional Power Project In Niger Delta by Boll2010: 6:11pm On Jan 30, 2018
NNDC, Nsima Akere, you people prefer China because they are ready to give you abnormal percentage for shoddy jobs and substandard finishing. The likes of Japan, Germany are there, Nigerian will not patronise them because they stand for quality, truth and wont give bribe, so, they run away from them just because Nigeria is a massive bribe taken nation. While the same preferred China gave their railway construction work to Japan for quality job, Nigeria gave theirs to China that is known for substandard shoddy jobs.

you're too ignorant, where is most of the world produce coming from if not China? the thing is the Chinese company will give you what you want according to the standards you request. Chinese produce for american and European coys based on the standard they request to be made.

The case is different in Nigeria because what we requested of them is substandard so that give us substandard. put your money where your mouth is they say.

a rejoinder to your posit of Japanese building for Chinese ,the logical reply to that is every informed person knows at some point Japan was the regional power in every thing Asia before the Chinese emergence. hence, the Chinese might have contracted them for the job.
Phones / Re: How To Resume All Download Failed Files On UC Browser. by Boll2010: 5:07am On Jan 25, 2018
@Oups!,remember you have been sleeping through out night to morning time when the download link expired.grin
The solution you give is a very long process and time consuming. grin

I just contact the Great One of KUVUKI LAND to speak to the Bones of possible simple Solutions.grin

Ah ha !there is a good news from Bones! grin
Here is the Solution

The Great One of KUVUKI LAND said you must try to know and remember the link of such file you are downloading and note dont deleat the failed download file at the ucweb idm. grin grin grin
Meaning do not sleep and when download link expired,just go back to back to the download link of that same file from ur uc browser,click on the download it will ask you if you want to continue to download the existing file "#from where it stop",select yes and go to ur uc idm and see for ya self "Holla your l download have just continue from where it stop. tested , trusted & confirmed! grin

Do that and thank Me, Naira landers and KiVUki Landers forever . grin
Gyarbonka Shakalalalaalaaa . grin

yaah!!!!!!! thanks!!! captain save a download!!! cause me no get the op yarn. but hours na one time how I go delete file wey remain 10mb to finish a whole 145mb movie
Technology Market / Re: Samsung Galaxy A5 And Samsung Gaalaxy S8+ For Sale by Boll2010: 3:45pm On Jan 24, 2018
below is galaxy s8+
Technology Market / Samsung Galaxy A5 And Samsung Gaalaxy S8+ For Sale by Boll2010: 3:42pm On Jan 24, 2018
I have two samsung galaxy phones for sale, one brand new samsung galaxy a5 and one used samsung galaxy s8+ . the galaxy 8+ has a defect of broken screen. except from this no glitches.

pictures if samsung Galaxy a5 below.

contact whatsapp. 0816992 to talk and negotiate price . between I'm based in ll

Sold already thank you.
Romance / Re: Hitting A Woman In Self Defense by Boll2010: 2:04pm On Jan 12, 2018
if she Bleep up I go tidy am. dem say no beat woman na the woman husband dem dey talk to . no beat woman no reach where stranger dey ooooh. if you Bleep up I go tidy am cause me set be person husband and my chikito nogo happy say den mend her baby come house .

here no be Yankee. woman respect ya sef.
Family / Re: I Need A Strong Advice Concerning My Sister Who Maltreated My Wife by Boll2010: 10:21pm On Aug 24, 2017
saw this on someone's Facebook page.

Education / Re: JAMB Has Released Withheld Results by Boll2010: 8:32pm On Jun 13, 2017
My girlfriend haven't seen her own she wrote it@CAZ Zuru in kebbi state
ilele chikala?

I'm miss Zuru and it's area, I served at Wasagu
Celebrities / Re: Dele Momodu And Banky W's Throwback Photo by Boll2010: 9:19am On May 29, 2017
He grew up eating it. its what made him so humble. By the way facebook profile for sale, 5k friends,1k followers
How much
Health / Re: What Can I Use To Clear These Spots On My Face? by Boll2010: 7:54am On May 29, 2017
Acne, pimples or whatever, they all start from inside, my experience made me understand no amount of facial creams will solve it, what is happening is that you are responding to an allergy, and such allergy only happen from what you consume, from this week, start eating what you eat, now observer what is different or excess in your diet that increases the break out of pimples, once you identify it cut it off, avoid it totally, now observe again if this works then you've been able to know the cause.

It can range from oil intake, there are different types of oil, veg oil, sunflower oil, groundnut oil, soya oil, eat the one that doesn't increase it, if you scared of that, consume Palmoil instead,

Avoid any food that contains nut, groundnut, cashew nut or whatever nut, like a cornflakes called good morning is made with groundnut, so what I imply is, check ingredients of what you eat to check if they don't contain what you react to, remember for every reaction there is something triggering it, and what is triggering it is what we consume, treat your face from within not from the outside alone,

Wash your face and forget all these chemical creams and rub Vaseline on your precious face, or don't you see babies that are only rubbed Vaseline and have a smooth face? And it's very cheap and readily available, and you are scared of buying a fake product. Thank you,
Politics / Re: Governor Builds Hotel With $3m Paris Club Refund Cash by Boll2010: 8:08am On May 12, 2017
I am really of the opinion that the Singaporean style is the way to go in this country.

Many of these governors are the reason why i am skeptical about the potentials of federalism in this country.
Sir, could you please educate me on the Singaporean style? I will appreciate if you do sir.


Literature / Re: Expression Of The Mind by Boll2010: 7:03pm On Apr 04, 2017
You can visit the link below for more posts. www.Writeinquote..nl
Literature / Re: Expression Of The Mind by Boll2010: 6:59pm On Apr 04, 2017

Literature / Expression Of The Mind by Boll2010: 6:52pm On Apr 04, 2017
How I see life

Health / Re: Male Infertility!!! Share Your Experience/success Story. by Boll2010: 1:48pm On Jul 13, 2015
If you stay in ibadan,I know a doc, I'm referring you to the doc cause he has worked on an fifty year old woman before and she's now 3month preg.

His in late 60s or early 70s
Celebrities / Re: Hilarious!!it’s Throwback Time!!see Pix Of Gmb,ini Edo,9ice,segun Arinze&others! by Boll2010: 4:32pm On May 28, 2015
I've got a date with destiny,I'm running late for that-Jcole----------------------»
Politics / Re: Akpabio Wins Senatorial Race, APC Calls For Cancellation Of Polls by Boll2010: 12:38am On Mar 30, 2015
Why can't we always have fresh virgin politicians. ...Almost everyone contesting are recycled political thieves.
politician wey dem never Bleep,wey dem never deflower,politcian wey never suck dick,politician wey never do a-ssfuck
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs PSG UCL (2 - 2) On 11th March 2015 by Boll2010: 11:03pm On Mar 11, 2015
Mourinho is an arrogant a-hole I hope his Chelski FC loses.

Nothing positive about a team oiled by stolen Russian money.
why your papa no steal money fund eyimba?
Celebrities / Re: Wizkid And Davido Performed Together On Stage, First And Only Time (Photo) by Boll2010: 3:08pm On Mar 07, 2015
As a sealord we don't accommodate illiterate.
So say no to buhari
Nigerians love GEJ
your crassness is something to avoid,imagine cultist now have multiple balls to spew endorsement ? wtf! this country has failed every form of living thing in the ecosystem !

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Romance / Re: 3 Things To Avoid When Toasting A Girl by Boll2010: 9:55am On Feb 04, 2015
grin cheesy real bad boy diva, I feel ya pain lol, but nobody gat time singing a love song in a garden full of rose & habiscus flowers for a girl anymore, thangs has changed, get da stacks & gimme d p*zzy, straight up #YSL
bros aswear you don scatter finish!! I just dey laugh for here! gringrin

Your signature is for the christainhood but your comment na for streetlife
Celebrities / Re: If You Call Me A Sex Symbol, You're Not Lying - Flavour Nabania by Boll2010: 10:00pm On Feb 02, 2015

Its just d nigerian way of IM
wtf! Shit got stereotyped, blame that on poor use of english. it's not a Nigerian thing.
Celebrities / Re: If You Call Me A Sex Symbol, You're Not Lying - Flavour Nabania by Boll2010: 10:58am On Feb 02, 2015

Stop saying am not real
stop the junk you spewing lady! Haba so much for being a mixed and your mama no teach you how to use "Am" and "I'm"

Dull guys appears creative online
Romance / Re: Single Lady Wants Married Women To Know Why They Date Their Husbands by Boll2010: 10:06am On Feb 02, 2015
Does single mother fall to this category also?

If you subject them to this bash also! Then you high on Nigeria problem
Education / Re: Beautiful Pictures Of Nigerian Universities - UPLOAD by Boll2010: 10:54pm On Feb 01, 2015

What's biased about the pictures?
you are a popular troll

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