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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Rejected Land Offer From Anambra Housing Corporation In 2007 (Photos) by BoneTackle: 3:45pm On Jul 04
Pandora thiefnubu El Pablo and his useless urchins are a bunch of senseless FOOLS
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Appeals For Tolerance From His Supporters. by BoneTackle: 5:09pm On Jul 03
This guy will wreck his own campaign by himself.

He is the only one preaching tolerance.

His opponents don't.

Neither Buhari or tinubu fans know what tolerance means.
Buhari did not preach tolerance in 2015.

And they are ready to bulldoze their way if they could.
They are quiet now because they can't contain the Peter obi fans or the narrative or they would have taken over everywhere threatening us to vote for APC.

Nigerians only respect force.

He needs to shut up.
Don't mind him. At this point, he is a FOOL. I wonder who is advising him. He truly needs to SHUT UP!
Crime / Re: Pregnant Woman, 9-Months Baby, Grandmother Mysteriously Die In Osun Hospital by BoneTackle: 6:00pm On Jul 01
I hope the didn't mine their skull

Yarobas cannot be trusted

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Politics / Re: Court Jails Senator Peter Nwaoboshi For 7 Years For Money Laundering by BoneTackle: 5:38pm On Jul 01
Another red cap chief gracing our prison
but you yaroba pigs said there are no Igbos in SS.

Hydraulic soup guzzling moro.n .s no just get sense
Politics / Re: Lawyer Wears Pastoral Robe To Anambra Court by BoneTackle: 10:41am On Jul 01
God bless Agbachalu Abuchi Goshen smiley

Long may you live, in health and wealth cool

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Politics / Re: Lawyer Wears Pastoral Robe To Anambra Court by BoneTackle: 10:28am On Jul 01
This lawyer is disrespecting Islam and needs to be arrested.

All these people are trying to mock us for having freedom of religion, but we will resist them.

My prayer is that all women across Nigeria will wear the veil.
stupid terrorist

See the kind of dimwits I share a country with. E no go better for yoriba muslims



Politics / Re: Lawyer Wears Pastoral Robe To Anambra Court by BoneTackle: 10:26am On Jul 01

This action is a criminal insult to the religious sensibilities of others. The ruling applies to the hijab only!
thunder faya you


Politics / Re: Lawyer Wears Pastoral Robe To Anambra Court by BoneTackle: 10:25am On Jul 01

The lawyer is right. He should be allowed to appear in court in a way and manner that profess his faith.

Some of these silly judges should respect the ruling of the Supreme Court and stop trying to infringe on the fundamental human rights of lawyers as enshrined in section 38 of the constitution.
Muntashiru kadoso, this is the first time you're making sense on this forum in months wink

Please try and retrieve your brain from thiefnubus leaky anus so that you can make more reasonable comment like this and stop being a hypocritical tribalist


Politics / Re: Peter Obi: Seun Onigbinde Leads Campaign To Crowdfund N10 Billion by BoneTackle: 4:11pm On Feb 02
Why are yarubas crying upandan on this thread?

Just look at them.

Frustrated, bitter, hateful, envious and despicable souls

Lamentations everywhere

Seun Onigbinde is a true omoluabi...not all these foolish berebe banza miscreants constituting nuisance all over social media

Bunch of idiotsss

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Crime / Re: I Was Promise N30 Million To Harvest Human Parts For Money Ritual - Suspect by BoneTackle: 9:33pm On Feb 01
I remember when I and my dad went to inspect a land in ogun state last week, I was so scared ehn because everybody was just looking at my head and then I just remember skull mining threads on nairaland cheesy grin
I didn't even spend 1hr in that state I was just holding my skull all through, make e no go miss cry
OMG! grin grin grin
Politics / Re: EFCC Vs Okorocha: Buhari Does Not Believe In Igbo Presidency - Reno Omokri by BoneTackle: 1:40pm On Feb 01
In what world will Igbo become president of this great country. grin grin
what's great about Nigeria? The misrule, mismanagement, governance ineptitude, masses suffering, hardship etc...what? Tell me

As per Igbo becoming president, I will leave you with your wanton stupidity and delusions of playing god

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi: I Will Contest 2023 Presidential Election, If PDP Throws Contest Open by BoneTackle: 5:41am On Feb 01
With regards to most comments.... We are really the problem,not the politicians
and those comments you see are from yoroobas. Very bitter, hateful and despicable lots

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Politics / Re: Terrorists Attack Yandaka Community Market In Katsina State by BoneTackle: 7:29pm On Jan 31
Where are yorubandits?

Let them come and run their dirty, smelly, ewedu mouth

I guess they so cowardly to comment on any awusa-Fulani for fear of provoking their slave masters

Umu ekwensu


Politics / Re: Ritual Killings: Timaya Asks People To Be Careful With Friends by BoneTackle: 9:00pm On Jan 30
[s][/s]self delusion is allowed

Na okija shrine of 2002 you still dey talk when the skulls hacked per day in yorubaland pass okija shrine every week.

Talking of covering up no be same igbos brought out the mpukpri menance and started flogging deviants?

When would yoruba people start all out war against skull miners, na when law enforcement catch the criminals we dey hear them
It surprises me so much that you guys barely remember the infamous soka forest den of rituals in oyo state notorious for butchering passengers and passers bye for rituals while they prepare and cook vital organs to eat

Next time these yoru bastards yap rubbish always remind them that they are the real cannibals

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Politics / Re: Soludo: Proposed Onitsha Riverport Will Work Together With Anambra Airport by BoneTackle: 8:28pm On Jan 30

Nwanne you're talking BS
that idiot is a confirmed yorooba tribalistic buffon

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Politics / Re: 2023 Presidential Hopefuls And Time Wasters (Opinion) by BoneTackle: 11:29am On Jan 30

I don't get the furour over Tinubu’s certificate. I am not a Tinubu apologetic, but for someone to have work with Arthur Andersen, Deloitte, Mobil oil all international companies, and then you still claim he has no certificate?
I want to question your intelligence.

you are the unintelligent one here

What is wrong in asking which school he attended? Why should his academic qualification be a subject of debate. Why not simply tell his alma meter and squash all unnecessary argument once and for all?

You claim to be intelligent, but you sound very stupid
Crime / Re: 3 Boys Slaughter Girlfriend, Burn Her Head For Money Ritual In Ogun (Graphic) by BoneTackle: 3:36pm On Jan 29
Practices of cannibalism has been going on in yorubaland

Remember soka forest in osun state where human beings are butchered, roasted and eaten

Business / Re: GTB Customer Faints As N2.95m Disappears From His Account by BoneTackle: 3:14pm On Jan 29

That's how they swindled innoson and think they'll get away with it by changing name to gtco. Bastards

That's how they've been stealing this woman's money for over 4months, she's being complaining and the useless gtbank didn't do anything about it until she was forced to resort to social media and call them out.

This useless bank must be dealt with

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Business / Re: GTB Customer Faints As N2.95m Disappears From His Account by BoneTackle: 3:14pm On Jan 29
Criminal bank


Politics / Re: Umahi: Counter-Secessionist Groups Will Rise In The South-East by BoneTackle: 7:58am On Oct 07, 2021
This Umahi is really losing it. grin grin
No bro, he isn't losing it... He has since lost it
Politics / Re: Communique Issued By South Eastern Governors After Meeting In Enugu by BoneTackle: 7:04am On Oct 06, 2021
How do you hope to do that alone ? Stupid boy .you think is by chest beating that you will get Biafra ? The problem with you Igbos is gragra.You think things will go your way by issuing threat all over the Place and chest beating ..You want Biafra you are issuing threat up and down and showing hatred toward people that were not even born when your parent fought the Biafra war .Then , suddenly you are interested in the presidential seat and your people are issuing threat again. That power must come to the SE. How do you intend to clinch the presidential seat when you don't know what you want ? Today you want out of Nigeria, then tomorrow you want the East to rule the same country you so much hate. What do you guys really want?
If it Biafra you want , then stick go it and stop issuing threat when the presidential ticket does not come to your region, becos it obvious your region is not ready to rule Nigeria.Your region lack the courageous and credible leaders that have the will to secure Nigeria and tackle the present insecurity ravaging the whole nation .if they cannot secure Thier states & region and are too happy to play politics with the lives of Thier own people, then why should Nigerians entrust an already sick country for them to rule .Aside Peter Obi.No one from the East is fit to rule Nigeria. .
So fight for your Biafra ,going through the UN, if they will listen to you and stop hating other tribes .
The caveat @bolded does it for me

NB: Please quit the talk of hating other tribes. Igbos give as much as they get...no apologies! He didn't insult your tribe but yorabas and it's understandable.

The only tribe with unfounded hate for igbos, our offence .. supporting GEJ...your fellow southerner.

Oba lil Wayne started with lagoon threat, then came torrential insults from yorabas for sticking with GEJ who was the most insulted president in the world, thanks to yoribas.

Igbos literally took the bullets for Jonathan and SS as thou our blood depended on it. For this, we became all the more hated even by some ill-advised people from SS. The least you guys should do is return the loyalty and not join haters to cast aspersion on the Igbos

So we ain't hating on any tribe but those who despise and hate us we give in equal measure particularly yorabas, and the hate is mutual...and everyone on this platform knows that

As for the north, If calling you 5%, dot in the circle, blessing your land with python dance, appointment bias/lopsidedness are a show of love then I leave you to your conscience

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Politics / Re: Communique Issued By South Eastern Governors After Meeting In Enugu by BoneTackle: 6:46am On Oct 06, 2021
I am not Yoruba but from SS
okay then... good to know cool
Politics / Re: Communique Issued By South Eastern Governors After Meeting In Enugu by BoneTackle: 6:32am On Oct 06, 2021
Go hang yourself then so that you will get Biafra .
...and the fool you quoted here is your fellow yorabaman in his typical display of mischief, idiocy and stupidity.

His moniker should tell you
Politics / Re: Communique Issued By South Eastern Governors After Meeting In Enugu by BoneTackle: 6:21am On Oct 06, 2021
what about genuine solution to resolve the insecurity in Thier region ? What started this nonsense in the first place ? The Igbos youth felt Nigeria does not care about them ,then they started protesting without arms but Thier leaders allowed Buhari men go invade their state and started killing harmless protesters to the delight of Thier own leaders .They felt maltreated & marginalized hence with these actions .Then the Fulani headsmen came & fuelled the whole issue .They killed innocent people without anyone answering to thier crimes ..The Igbos leaders on the other hand , kept telling them to fast and pray ..Idiotic leaders becos they wanted favour from Aso rock .Meanwhile , Nnamdi Kanu was busy setting up his own security to tackle herdsmen, becos of they have stupid and toothless leaders .
So, which security are they working with ? Thier errand make shift security that have been non functional since it was launched ? Or is it the already compromised police and army ? These leaders are the most stupid and insensitive morons that have ever ruled the east . Haba!
you made some salient points here. I agree with you partially. Our leaders are the reason the situation deteriorated to this level, the fools are not in tandem with the yearning of their youths in their region.

Igbos are the most vocal when it comes to blasting and condemning their their political leaders more than any other region

On the flip side, you yoroobas are malicious hypocrites. Each time Igbos accuse their political leaders of being insensitive to the plight of their people, it's you long mouthed yorabas that will start attacking Igbos...Igbos are this and that..igbos have no respect for elders bla...bla ...bla...

Secondly it's mostly you s.westerners that cheer and applaud buhari each time he rears his ugly head of nepotism, clannishness and insensitive moves against igbos, and when igbos asks questions it's you same yerobas that rise in defense of buhari and his dullardism supporting and commending his every evil moves against Igbos like non-appointment of SEners saying we didn't vote him, cheering python dance in the east and accusing igbos of always wailing and complaining of marginalisation

So this one you are talking like a better person this morning I no understand...or is it your usual two-faced, chameleonic-like nature that your people are naturally known for that is on display here?

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Politics / Re: Communique Issued By South Eastern Governors After Meeting In Enugu by BoneTackle: 6:09am On Oct 06, 2021

These two you would not get not see in your lifetime.
Rather, you will not live long enough to witness it cool
Politics / Re: Communique Issued By South Eastern Governors After Meeting In Enugu by BoneTackle: 6:07am On Oct 06, 2021

[s]Please tell me how to join you as a paid mecenary to be debunking the real news about Nigeria by Bubu

How do I get your contact number or any address?[/s]
are you one of the government spies Lai muhaMAD and buhari sent to monitor people on social media? You here forming clever...Thunder will strike all of you
Politics / Re: Communique Issued By South Eastern Governors After Meeting In Enugu by BoneTackle: 6:04am On Oct 06, 2021
Says a person with Hausa moniker.
Doesn't make him Hausa. You have a brain, use it
Politics / Re: Suspected Killers Of Dr. Chike Akunyili Arrested By Anambra Police by BoneTackle: 5:49am On Oct 06, 2021

Meaning what exactly??! That it is impossible for the police to ever catch the actual killers of the great man, or the killers are not supposed to be caught??! Where do you stand oga??!
A preacher was killed almost 2weeks ago in Kano by Muslim fanatcis, why has the Nigerian police not arrested the killers? Why are they always so swift to act when it involves the east but hardly ever cares when it's the north? Where is your common sense?

Only a dense fool will not know that the so-called killers caught by the useless police are innocent.

4 were caught and 2were released after investigation indeed...I

Mr man, if you have a brain.. used it

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