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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by BSdetector: 2:20am On May 29
What are the political views of redpillers in the house? I know this isn't politics section, but you guys seem disinterested in topics related to politics?


Romance / Re: Tips For Dating An African American (akata) Woman by BSdetector: 1:30am On May 29
I hate a life of competition and envy.

I hate the Nigerian mentality.

The moment a Nigerian finds himself in a place. The first thing they start looking for is people they are better than & people better than time.

The next thing is envy and competition.

Instead of Nigerians to unite and corporate with AA, they are doing other wise.

We think getting a degree is every thing. So the moment we get a degree we see others without one as fools.

FYI- Its not by degrees and jobs- This stuffs will expire very soon.

Life is all about the structures and connects you have erected over time.

Nigerians have dont this..
Nigerians have don that..
Nigerians are successful..



Go and fix you God forsaken country.

They can't just move into somewhere, low key be successful and make money, they've got to blow their little horns and brag about their worthless degree in pol science or some stupid course......the fvckin asian migrants are light years ahead of us but some mofos are bragging and comparing themselves with people who have gone through systematic racial prosecution......most of these lose mouth nigerians can't go through half of what these AA's have gone through....they have problems and am not justifying some part of their culture which is negative, but it's highly hypocritical for fvckin nigerians who have turned their country into a 3rd world crime hellhole to start criticizing AA's based off black stereotypes....we claim most educated diasporan but our country is currently being run by a fvckin numbskvll.....

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Romance / Re: Tips For Dating An African American (akata) Woman by BSdetector: 1:06am On May 29

You are wrong. Make your research, the word Akata is a wild cat in yoruba. And the origin and usage was not derogatory word. Like I explained before, our men saw their girls cannot be controlled like wives here, so they used to themselves "she is Akata oooo and tear you to pieces like a wild cat,.so if you dont love her, dont go near her". Also, they used to say they dance like wild cats cos their moves when dancing to Nigerian music but Akatas have perfected the moves and even better than Africans.

But I agree with you that the word has been polluted these days. But Akatas who know the real meaning dont mind. The even call themselves akatas.

You're clearly daft and full of shit.....a simple google translation search would have saved you the embarrassment. Why do you fvckin igbos love to spread lies and falsehood..... everything you're fvckin saying is full of absolute BS that I actually feel like freakin slapping your bitch face....fvck you stupid history revisionists. AKATA ISN'T A YORUBA WORD

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Romance / Re: Tips For Dating An African American (akata) Woman by BSdetector: 12:56am On May 29
All words written above me are completely untrue, you are extremely wrong. White people and every other race has helped the black race most, we can’t anything for ourselves and with that all that opportunity, majority of those guys are still losers

African immigrants are way more successful than AA. It’s just fact, we always go to school and attain great heights and academic achievements, get good jobs and open successful businesses. It’s not the same for AA. Go and read up about how successful they are as a race in America and you’ll see that majority depend on the government and are losers.

You can choose to educate yourself more about this and stop being ignorant. Your call, either ways. Good day!

Jeez......your education made you a piece of shit, I hope you're not from Nigeria cus it's embarrassing to share a country with fvckers like you........ always bragging about SHIT.

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Politics / Re: Ipobs Suffering Severe Acute Malnutrition by BSdetector: 12:11am On May 29
Na their hungry sister b dis....

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Politics / Re: Picture: 8 Armored Vehicle Manufactured in Ogun Awaiting Exportation to the Chad by BSdetector: 11:59pm On May 28
When would FG start buying this tanks

Or they want only Boko Haram and North to be benefitting from our resources used to "fight" Islamic Terrorists

Affirmative action forces them to patronize innosson spare part importer...
Literature / Re: Pyrates Confraternity: Soyinka At Nathaniel Oyelola's Burial (Video) by BSdetector: 11:50pm On May 28
Any society formed.....first rule: bar igbos from joining. They infect everything they're part of....same thing happened with ogboni. But most people won't learn or understand.

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Crime / Re: Bandits Block Kaduna-Abuja Road, Kidnap Scores Of People by BSdetector: 11:44pm On May 28
Kanuri's are the most serious but underrated successionist agitators....these people are changed the game.
Politics / Re: Femi Adesina Lists Buhari's Achievements In 6 Years by BSdetector: 11:35pm On May 28
Femi enjoying his 30 pieces.....fvcker
Romance / Re: Lawrence Marqueze Patterson Traces Ancestry To Igbo, To Marry Anambra Girl by BSdetector: 11:30pm On May 28

No Igbo girl has or will ever ask you out.

She is beautiful than your over-bleached omoluabeast h0es

This article pain you wella. grin cheesy

Word has it that ffk hire purchased this one for a piece of meat and daily feeding and upkeep.

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Health / Re: 1 In Every 13 Residents Of Anambra Infected With Tuberculosis – Official by BSdetector: 11:14pm On May 28
That's like 30% of the population. Why would any sensible person make such a blunder?
A lot of politicians are mentally unfit for political offices.

Your ipob brother gave the stat..... can't blame it on afonja this time...
Education / Re: NOUN Matriculates 37 Abeokuta Inmates by BSdetector: 11:06pm On May 28

Some learn skills. Most times their uniforms the wardens’ uniforms are sewn by inmates. There are cobblers, carpenters etc in the prison

Do they get paid or is it just slave labour..
Health / Re: 1 In Every 13 Residents Of Anambra Infected With Tuberculosis – Official by BSdetector: 7:56pm On May 28
Biafla.....land of hunger and TB. grin


Politics / Re: Biafra Day: Ignore Any Sit-at-home Order, Police Urge Abians by BSdetector: 7:53pm On May 28
Sitting at home is a second hubby for ipob youths. Won't find this difficult to actualise.


Politics / Re: I Am Not A Thug — Arinola Oloko Who Remi Tinubu Called A Thug Speaks (Photos) by BSdetector: 5:00pm On May 28

Is and
Always will be a criminal, cocaine hustling dealer who bought freedom from the US with his bank balance.

Just like the kuje alumni called OUK.

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Religion / Re: Bishop Wale Oke: No To Sharia Law In South West Nigeria by BSdetector: 4:43pm On May 28
Cameron is having a secession fight

Congo is having an ethnic fight

These are common squabbles in an underdeveloped society yet they are not running to Europe

Compare this with Syria that has opened fire on its citizens for years driving all of them into Europe

Compare this with Libya, Morocco where Muslims keep running into the sea to become refugees

Compare this to Iran, Pakistan, Afgahnistan where life is cheap and fatwa is shared like peanut only for Europe to come rescue

Lol.... you're fvckin willfully ignorant....see what you want to see.
Religion / Re: Bishop Wale Oke: No To Sharia Law In South West Nigeria by BSdetector: 4:41pm On May 28

Islamic behavior justifies any Islamophobia. Just like I mentioned, Yoruba Muslims stands out. Northern Muslims are full of craps

Yoruba Muslims stand out because of fairly good Yoruba leadership.....those Northerners don't blow themselves up because of some believe, poverty and joblessness drives them into blowing themselves up because of a bag of rice and 7k cus of their starving families.
Religion / Re: Bishop Wale Oke: No To Sharia Law In South West Nigeria by BSdetector: 4:35pm On May 28
Bad government in France and Australia abi? What of the remaining 30%? 95% of terrorist activities in the world is due to the pissful religion.

There are always isolated terrorists attacks but France and Australia aren't failed states......thing is that you're probably not worth educating....you have your head in the sand, stick with your believes, seems it's Islam that's pushing thousands of Igbo boys into pushing drugs in asia.
Religion / Re: Bishop Wale Oke: No To Sharia Law In South West Nigeria by BSdetector: 4:30pm On May 28
When black man realises a gap in his ability to reason, he fills it up with religion.

Most religions have caused more harm than the nonsense good they were supposed to bring.

Most religions are nonsense but you see this thing called Islam enh... You need a strong culture and an identity to be able to curb its excesses; otherwise my fellow Yorubas would have become as beastly as their friends from the sahel.

As much as its 'Yoruba first' for we Yorubas, we are still giving our muslim brothers very very cautious close marking. We are on guard, completely watching. What makes us one is our culture and our values, NOT religion... especially these foreign nonsense things.

Finally hope our eyes are opening. Who remembered how they divided and conquered the people during #EndSARS. They used tribe.
Now they want to divide and conquer the Yorubas, by using religion but it can't work.

For my Igbo brethren in the East, watch Ebonyi closely. Watch Ebonyi very very closely. You better realise Umahi has sold you guys off; he's your Eastern Tinubu. Do not give them an inch. Under religion as guise, they will introduce terrorism. Don't mind these nonsense Sahel boys you see, Yorubas have had Islam since the 10th century that's why you see we are managing it well. The version they're bringing to you guys is the uncultured type that will usher in terrorism to your unborn generations.

This is a shrill warning. You saw suicide bombing a few days ago; that's just the beginning. RESIST NOW!

I usually see your posts here, I knew you were daft and tried to always avoid you....but you just keep breaking records of foolishness. Foolish omo nna disguising.
Religion / Re: Bishop Wale Oke: No To Sharia Law In South West Nigeria by BSdetector: 4:23pm On May 28

We do not also kill people for rituals

Well all are extremist on their own, christain extremist, traditional extremist and Islamic extremist........ difference is that you're a christain extremist islamophobe and also a hypocrite.
Religion / Re: Bishop Wale Oke: No To Sharia Law In South West Nigeria by BSdetector: 4:19pm On May 28

Sharia law will make it even far worse

Based on your analysis.
Religion / Re: Bishop Wale Oke: No To Sharia Law In South West Nigeria by BSdetector: 4:18pm On May 28

I just wonder how some pple think.
Don't they live in d society?
So Pastors should keep quiet nd let them Sharia law into south west.
They have voice nd they have to speak out.

Sharia law is welcome in the south west as long as it is practiced within muslims and doesn't encroach on the right of any non-muslim..... don't worry, you'd still be able to drink your beer freely.
Religion / Re: Bishop Wale Oke: No To Sharia Law In South West Nigeria by BSdetector: 4:16pm On May 28

You have spoken very well and I must applaud your intelligence....

I am proudly from south west ...my maternal relatives & grandparents were devoted Muslims ...my paternal sides happens to be Christians ...I remember growing up eating ileya meat despite being a Christian and the son of a deacon....

You see ,,,to those planing divide SW through religion,,,,it will not WORK....As for SHARIA Law in SW it is Dead On Arrival

You don't solve problems by living in lalaland and thinking it doesn't exist or trying to surpress it. You solve them by having a common ground with people, there are Yoruba muslims who genuinely want to practice sharia among themselves and saying that "SHARIA Law in SW it is Dead On Arrival" isn't wise. Sharia law can be practiced among muslims in the SW as long as it doesn't encroach on your rights.
Religion / Re: Bishop Wale Oke: No To Sharia Law In South West Nigeria by BSdetector: 4:10pm On May 28

At least we do not wear suicide belts

But you shoot police officers....just like boko Haram.
Religion / Re: Bishop Wale Oke: No To Sharia Law In South West Nigeria by BSdetector: 4:08pm On May 28

Sorry in Yorubaland you cannot decide who your parents will be it is common for kids to have a Muslim mum and Christian Dad and then to say that because the Children and Husband are Christians or vice versa they must not inherit their parents property can be seized upon by some greedy relatives to create commotion it would be far worse if the husband is polygamous with wives of different religions you are simply asking for Civil War

Lmaoo how will family problem cause civil war bayii.... don't families of the same religion still kill each other cause of inheritance..... The law can simply be amended for those who marry women of different faiths, or the man can decide in his will if he wants sharia law enforced in the sharing of his inheritance. Simple.
Religion / Re: Bishop Wale Oke: No To Sharia Law In South West Nigeria by BSdetector: 3:54pm On May 28

My brother I can easily relate to your comment. I spent close to 2 years in the north but hated Islam due to the apprehension
and fear I face everyday. When I came to South West I started seeing a bit beauty in Islam. South West muslims made me reserve a part of me for the love of Islam. I will never forget one Yoruba boy who prayed in the bus that I was. After Islamic prayers, came Christian prayer. I was like shooo. I will never forget seeing a musli imam come on the day his child was ordained a Catholic priest in Ibadan.'lol

I will never forget all the mosques that share common boundaries with pentecostal churches in Lagos. I will not also forget the day I met a mosque in Osun during my project that has bands and music instruments and adherents dancing and even singing church songs.

I will confess we Igbos do not even have such soft spot for other religions.
But to be frank with you, this trend will change sooner or later. Most Yoruba muslims are already becoming more fanatical and its just a matter of time. For as long Nigeria remain united expect problems in the future.

You Igbos are actually full of bvllshit.
Religion / Re: Bishop Wale Oke: No To Sharia Law In South West Nigeria by BSdetector: 3:50pm On May 28

I will politely like to remind you that in Sharia Law a non Muslim cannot inherit the property of a Muslim,

Considering how rampant inter religious marriages and families are eg Yoruba Muslim Parents with Christian Children and also Muslim men married to Christian Women and With Christian Children too ( eg Tinubu, Fashola ) it is a recipe for absolute disaster

it is Completely unworkable in Yorubaland

In such cases laws can always be amended. Nothing is absolute, plus both parties should know the law before going into marriage.
Religion / Re: Bishop Wale Oke: No To Sharia Law In South West Nigeria by BSdetector: 3:47pm On May 28
u are right, I'll not want those extremists to come down to South

It's not about whether they come down south.... It's about holding your leaders responsible to do the right thing by making the south economically viable so that young people live you aren't left idle and getting indoctrinated into Nnamdi Kanu's death cult. Most of those people don't blow themselves up because they're given some promise about 7 virgins most of them do it for a bag of rice or 8k for their starving families. Poverty and bad leadership breeds extremism.

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Religion / Re: Bishop Wale Oke: No To Sharia Law In South West Nigeria by BSdetector: 3:41pm On May 28
Are you aware that christianity has reached it's peak and is the most populous religion

Essentially it is no longer competing to grow like the rest mushroom religions

In Europe it is in it's peak

In south America north America Australia Africa it has reached it's peak

Only in Asia where Islamic nations have placed ban on freedom of religion

So i laugh when you keep competing with your own shadow because if other Christian continent place ban on freedom of religion like it's done in asia Islam would be limited to middle east and north Africa.

The so called Muslims in Europe are refugees running from from Islamic destruction in Africa and middle East

What are the guys in Congo and Cameroon running from?
Religion / Re: Bishop Wale Oke: No To Sharia Law In South West Nigeria by BSdetector: 3:39pm On May 28

There was once Sharia law introduced by an Oba of Ede who had lived in the North for many years before becoming the Timi of Ede

His reign was so horrible that the People of Ede in Osun State swore his descendants would never rule Ede again that was over 150

Years ago and to this day none of his descendants has been allowed to mount the Throne of Ede Town again

That was when Yorubas started using the Proverb “Won da Seria fun “ which means “ He was given the Sharia Punishment “

to describe a very Cruel type of punishment

What was the oba's name?
Religion / Re: Bishop Wale Oke: No To Sharia Law In South West Nigeria by BSdetector: 3:37pm On May 28
Very correct! Then you ask yourself the cause of the worlds security problems, I'm talking new terrorists attacks in places they never happened before (France, switzerland, Australia etc) then you get your answer. Religion of piss grin

70% of countries that fall into extremist terrorism is largely due to poverty and bad governance. It's why hypocrites like you don't think of extremism when visiting Dubai.

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