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Education / Re: Where Are Our First-class Graduates And Professors? by bullseye90(m): 11:35am On Oct 02, 2017
I think we should put this to rest once and for all.

The OP's assertions stem from a place of ignorance and wrong premises /assumptions.

First class graduates and University professors cannot do anything unless they are empowered to do so by an active government policy/masterplan on scientific /industrial research and development.

The Government providers the means, the scientists and first class graduates will provide the results.

Without the means, you cannot have the results. And it is only Government and huge MNCs that have the resources to provide the means.

All the scientists doing great things abroad are doing so because they have access to the means, not because they are more intelligent than the Nigerian scientist.

Developed Countries have provided the means for industrial development, it is the government you should query, not the competence of First Class graduates or University professors.

That is why I said your question stemmed from a place of ignorance /wrong assumption.

It's like the common wrong assumption people make about mechanical engineers, thinking that they ought to be able to design and repair Cars. Not knowing or caring to clarify what mechanical engineering is, and know that it is different from automobile engineering or Motor mechanics technology.

A mechanical engineer will not know anything about motor vehicles unless his speciality is automobile engineering.

So when you shout up and down that Mechanical engineers are incompetent because they can't repair cars, you are only announcing your ignorance to the world.

You are quite right bro. I wonder why mechanical engineering are likened to a road side mechanic. The field is broad mehn! I hope the ignorant will learn from your insightful post. I suspect you are a mechanical engineering graduate. Keep the good work up

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Religion / Re: The Evil Apple: Did Adam And Eve Really Eat An Apple? by bullseye90(m): 12:01pm On Oct 02, 2016
And here is the meaning of that allegory ...

Adam and Eve .... Human couple (and there were many of such couples all over the earth with Adam being the generic name for male and Eve for female)

Tree of Life .... Humanity's back brain which enables them to receive messages from God's servants (angels and guides)

Tree of Knowledge .... Humanity's frontal brain, their seat of earthly intelligence which enables them to act on earth.

Forbidden fruit .... Vanity

Serpent .... Lucifer

By engaging in vanity which started with the female and then the male under the prompting of Lucifer, the intellect of humanity was over the years elevated against their spiritual brain.

This led to the silencing of the spiritual part of us and the consequent disconnection from God (as depicted in the driving out of Adam and Eve in that story)

With this, Lucifer is now the puppet master. He controls majority of humanity, all materialists are his slaves.

That is the reality for millennia. It has nothing to do with sex or how else would humanity have been able to become "fruitful"

That is the meaning of that allegory.

Best analysis so far. three gbosa for u. Christian allegories of creation is similar to the parables of Jesus Christ which was not to be taken literally. but it was meant to impact morals. Shikena
Travel / Re: The Beauty Of Akwa Ibom State (Video) by bullseye90(m): 8:04pm On Sep 02, 2016

I think you are quoting the wrong person

I know who am quoting. I was supporting his post by saying word, hope u know war that means. I also seconded it a way of reinforcing my support for d post I quoted.I hope u get me now?
Travel / Re: The Beauty Of Akwa Ibom State (Video) by bullseye90(m): 7:43pm On Sep 02, 2016

Nko umu sanake efet udogho eyen ibibio...yem afong se ufok idem amekop?

Ku ben ke iyat esit?

Love ya!

Word. Seconded. I am also an akwa ibomite. pls promote akwa ibom DECENTLY. Don't let ppl especially NCAN members to view akwa ibomites wrongly. I hope u r not trying to please the Vaseline crew though? you know wat I mean. U look good though but dress well mbok
Family / Re: Lagos Pastor Divorces Wife For Sex & Food Starvation by bullseye90(m): 3:44pm On Sep 01, 2016
My people devioce is sin it could lead to hellfire please run from it and play alway. God will answere you.it is not her it is the devil operation no devioce please give get ready for the second coming of the for our lord Jesus Christ

Trash..... so u encourage suffering and smiling. even as the wife is accused of committing adultery and not doing d needful a wife should do?

Religion is the opium of the people indeed. don't be disillusioned by archaic interpretation of the bible
Properties / Re: Nigerian Guests And The Overstaying Syndrome. by bullseye90(m): 10:08pm On Aug 29, 2016
Too long to read a beg. I will read later when NEPA brings the light
Romance / Re: Airport Worker Dies After Sex With Girlfriend (photo) by bullseye90(m): 7:04am On Aug 29, 2016
he died doing what he loved to do best. RIP


Science/Technology / This Watch Shows The Real-time Motion Of Planets Right On Its Face! by bullseye90(m): 11:14pm On Aug 28, 2016
Remember the cat in “Men In Black” who held the entire universe in a little orb on his collar? Well, science hasn’t totally cracked that magical code yet, but the geniuses over at Van Cleef & Arpels have come pretty close with their Midnight Planétarium Watch.

This stellar timepiece not only displays the hours of the day, but also the real-time movement of all the planets in our solar system, each with its own corresponding gemstone—Mars is red jasper, Venus is chloromelanite, Earth is turquoise, and so on. Other celestial bodies include a pink gold shooting star, which makes a full rotation around the watch every 24 hours.

You can even program a “lucky day” in which the Earth stone will rotate under the engraved star, symbolizing good fortune. Your luck can’t be too bad though if you’re splurging for a timepiece with a price tag of $225,000. For the rest of us, let’s just take a moment to marvel at beauty of stargazing on your own wrist.

source: www.omgfacts.com

Career / Re: P by bullseye90(m): 5:59pm On Aug 28, 2016
who said u can't do both at the same time. go and marry then. but since u r in ur late twenties u can do ur PhD and try finish in unit time. I hope u have a job u r doing right now ?
Crime / Re: 13 Things No One Ever Told You About The Dreaded Ogboni Fraternity by bullseye90(m): 5:42pm On Aug 28, 2016
keep the facts coming. please demystify this ogboni fraternity
Nairaland / General / Re: James Hadley Chase Novels Readers Let's Meet: Which Of The Novels Have You Read? by bullseye90(m): 8:42am On Aug 28, 2016
I would love to read them again. My elder sister came back home with a nylon full of those novel years back, over 50. I read a lot then and one by one all disappeared, lol. I bought a couple of dos photocopied ones but they don't last. Hit and run, sucker punch , this way for a shroud, infact I need to start reading again, I've forgotten all the books. Pls wch one had vestal Shirley or Shelly ? That name stuck for years, lol!
Wch site can one download pls

its been a while I also read them but u can download the PDF soft copy online. my favourite characters are many: tom leksi, lu silk, albani etc
Religion / Re: Envy Not Your Fellow Human Being by bullseye90(m): 8:26am On Aug 28, 2016
envy, hate, malice r all fo m of mental burden
Religion / Re: Is It Wrong To Change Church Because Of Preaching Blunders By My Pastors?? by bullseye90(m): 7:59am On Aug 28, 2016
I would advice you to stay cause it's d understanding of d words dah matters the medium might b poor buh as long as you understand all is well
the understanding matters but wen the vessel cannot deliver don't you think I move on to when I can get better enlightened?
Career / Re: Masters In Engineering Or Professional Certification In Engineering by bullseye90(m): 7:56am On Aug 28, 2016

Religion / Is It Wrong To Change Church Because Of Preaching Blunders By My Pastors?? by bullseye90(m): 7:40am On Aug 28, 2016
I just relocated to a new area to be closer to work. As a good Christian I sought out the branch of my church (name withheld ). I have worshipped in this church for sometime now but always feel uncomfortable when its sermon time.

Preaching is hell because of sluggishness and boring nature of preaching. The most annoying part is the blunders. at tyms u wonder if d pastor is not knowledgeable of bible stories. the problem is he will read from the bible and still keep repeating the same blunders thereafter. how can u say David was called three times wen he was asleep? gosh it was Samuel that was called! A day old child knows that. others blunders include switching of biblical characters. a story might involve Saul as d main role n u keep mentioning David repeatedly. if it was once it is pardonable but its too frequent. it shows he does not have adequate knowledge of it....pardon my rash judgement.

now the question is "should I stay put or is it right to change church due to this blunders which make me not feel comfortable to digest the word in church". Please I need your advice.

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Career / Re: Masters In Engineering Or Professional Certification In Engineering by bullseye90(m): 7:13am On Aug 28, 2016
My brother more paper does not matter in naija. ppl r chanting masters up n down. go n get certified. join professional bodies unless u want to major in academics u can do masters.

all In all, its better u work with your degree first b4 knowing the right certification u can do n also where knw intend to major in your masters based on experience on the job rather than taking a leap in the dark. it helps

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Celebrities / Re: Rapper Tupac Shakur Is Still Alive - See Compelling Evidence & Video by bullseye90(m): 10:22pm On Aug 27, 2016
to what end was his death faked?
Politics / Re: Don't Shade/blame Nigerian Doctors On Stella Oduah's Son's Death. by bullseye90(m): 8:40pm On Aug 27, 2016
this kind of cases are why Nigerian government official n rich mehn who can afford it engage in foreign medical tourism
Romance / Re: What's Really Wrong With This Picture? (photo) by bullseye90(m): 7:39pm On Aug 27, 2016
Hmmm. Na wah o. I'm afraid of this new world we now live in, where everything under the earth has become 'normal' to us. No modicum of morality whatsoever anymore.
I used to feel so nauseated anytime I saw a very close friend of mine, a single mother, kiss her 4yr old daughter fully on the mouth, just like this one. When I tell her its just not right, she calls me old-fashioned. So I decided to mind my business. She continued until she was called one day to her child's school. Turned out the child had started kissing her friends in class on the mouth, both boys and girls, and even her teacher!
Anyway, how can this be abnormal in a world where we see nothing wrong in being gay, lesbian, gays getting married and adopting children & so on?

You are quite right. What ppl don't know is the psychological effects on the child. once she terms it normal, she might likely do same with friend with d defence " my mummy does it". I have seen many cases. a peck is better
Politics / Re: "Muhammadu Buhari Way", Kebbi, Bagudu Names A Street After Buhari (photos) by bullseye90(m): 3:18pm On Aug 27, 2016
I guess its high time I gave a name to this rat that like destroying my paper like a niggur at the helm of affairs destroying naija with directionless economic policies.

but by the way I learnt rats r not used to detect tuberculosis in Mozambique. Niaja rats r so greedy for food n will not show their usefulness

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: He Spent Over N6m For Masters In U.K But Regretting It Because No Job Yet by bullseye90(m): 2:27pm On Aug 27, 2016
if I were u with 6.7 million I would av started a school. education business is a long standing business. Every sane parent want their children to b educated. with the right facilities in your school n a cheap school fee you will get students.

I have a friend who started a school b4 he finished university. he is currently serving. Young and reaping millions in just three years of existence. he has three branches, two primary schools in different locations n a secondary school. and even employs graduates.

another friend of mine is managing a primary school for someone. in just one year of existence they have recorded a million naira or more.

The OP Bleep up sha. as for me I dey hustle with my b.engr first, as capital go dey I look into education business as side business while practising my own field

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: He Spent Over N6m For Masters In U.K But Regretting It Because No Job Yet by bullseye90(m): 2:05pm On Aug 27, 2016

500k cannot finish science based masters in Nigeria.

Who told u so? bro it depends on your school and thesis. well besides rent, 500k should suffice
Politics / Re: Buhari Approves Governing Boards For NPA And NIMASA by bullseye90(m): 7:48am On Aug 27, 2016
Over to you, NCA members! Is there any tribalism in this one?

No akwa ibomite. not fair
Nairaland / General / Re: James Hadley Chase Novels Readers Let's Meet: Which Of The Novels Have You Read? by bullseye90(m): 9:45pm On Aug 26, 2016
I have read all his books. I repeat all his books.
When we were kids,the books were selling for one Naira per copy.
The publishers Fagbamige publishers had the copyright in Nigeria in those days so the books were readily available to anyone who wanted to buy and read them. Those were the good old days in this country.
At times I go on the internet to re-read some of these books. A wonderful thriller writer who wrote thriller books about America but never once visited America.

Dats nice. I guess it must have been a long time ago. Hadley chase novel rocks. Just reading the novel n imagining is synonymous to watching a Hollywood movie little wonder most of his novels have been adapted into movies
Nairaland / General / Re: James Hadley Chase Novels Readers Let's Meet: Which Of The Novels Have You Read? by bullseye90(m): 9:39pm On Aug 26, 2016
Like seriously 56 novels, that's awesome, was it hard copy or soft copy, where are you by the way?

most of the chase novels i read were hard copy....but u can down a PDF soft copy version online for your reading pleasure. And yes, I am in uyo, Akwa ibom state
Sports / Re: Denis Adeleye To Represent Nigeria In Morocco Championship by bullseye90(m): 8:20pm On Aug 26, 2016
the second pics though. is the boy deaf for the governor to use a microphone??....I wish the boy success. go get us the Cup!!

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Politics / Re: President Buhari Leaves Nigeria For Kenya by bullseye90(m): 7:30pm On Aug 26, 2016
....our travelling presidio is at it again. I hope your absence brings succour to the ailing economy

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Celebrities / Re: Destiny Amaka Rocks Panties And Bra (Photo) by bullseye90(m): 5:29pm On Aug 26, 2016
I wonder y female uncladness is the current trend. ladies r quick to show uncladness......
Politics / Re: The Man Who Named His Dog Buhari By Reuben Abati by bullseye90(m): 1:18pm On Aug 26, 2016
Let's face it... I think, naming the dog after Buhari is not the issue here. The real issue should be the intentions behind the naming saga...Labeling/tagging the pet on it, signifies the opposite of love he claimed to have for Buhari, typically he did for mockery and to effect social unrest...

I am siding neither the man nor the police who arrested him, but I think we Nigerians are losing out here. How will you feel if your neighbour has three dogs, then decides to name them after your mum, dad and you? I believe it will not take a complete day to go radical against him...Please peace is greater than anything in any community of man. Don't quote me wrongly, I am not against any one. Please, feel free, go ahead and do what will give you joy, but not what will land you into trouble and will initiate war against other persons. one love!

If the man is accused of labelling the dog with buhari's name; where is the picture evidence? Don't believe all wat NPF says bro.
Nairaland / General / Re: James Hadley Chase Novels Readers Let's Meet: Which Of The Novels Have You Read? by bullseye90(m): 12:47pm On Aug 26, 2016
You can always download them online in PDF format. I had some soft copies in my former phones till it got stolen. Hadley chase novel is so full of suspense n it is d only novel I can comfortably read from front page to the end. I have read close to 56 of his novels

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