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Politics / Re: IPOB: Nnamdi Kanu Excited Over UN ‘Urgent Appeals’ To Nigeria, Kenya by ceragon123: 8:34pm On Oct 26
Some others see it that an unstoppable train is coming in full locomotion and many sees it also as the rising sun.

For me, FG should negotiate with the regions and draft a better constitution that will give every region and state autonomy over personal matters like security and resources. From there we will move.

Biafra is playing "surugede' dance for fg.
And we know surugede is the dance of the spirits.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.
Crime / Re: 25-Year-Old Man Kills 50-Year-Old Rival He Caught In His Lover’s Room In Ogun by ceragon123: 4:53pm On Oct 18
grin grin grin

Am a very busy person so I did not see this on time.

Mr pointer, make your own points na, Big brother on Nairaland.


You talk too much without a point
Crime / Re: 25-Year-Old Man Kills 50-Year-Old Rival He Caught In His Lover’s Room In Ogun by ceragon123: 8:25am On Oct 18
I have seen these types of young men before. While living at Uwani Onwudiwe street in Enugu as a student, I remember one young man who always comes to visit his girlfriend. This guy is always so angry and picking up fight with almost everybody. I saw him fight a very big hefty guy who he saw at the girls' place with brazen ferocity of a tiger fighting two lions. I have never see a man fight for something like that in my life. Pure waste of human resources and energy.

This guy is looking so peaceful and calm now because he is with our best friends, police but you need to see him in action before killing that man after seeing him in an " unacceptable position".

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Politics / Re: How Small Pagan Village Defeated Sultan Bello's Fulani Army Of 60,000 In 1826 by ceragon123: 8:12am On Oct 18
History is so powerful that it takes you on a journey back to time. This is recorded and even if things have changed due to so many factors and chain reactions, no one can take away the facts and events that took place back then.

Man know thyself.


Politics / Re: Chiwetalu Agu Before And After DSS Arrest (Photos) by ceragon123: 8:45pm On Oct 12
"The rising sun"

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Politics / Re: Uzodimma Clashes With Enugu Government House Security by ceragon123: 2:51pm On Oct 06
The guilty are afraid.


Crime / Re: Ghanaian Woman Beheads Her Husband Over Cheating (Photo) by ceragon123: 8:45pm On Oct 04
The wages of sin is death. It cost us nothing to remain faithful to our partners.

Since I don't support infidelity, no R.I.P for him.
I would say same. I, Sarah, is not a party to infidelity.

If any male member of my family cheats, may death be his portion. Same goes to every male member of every Nigerian family.
I pray you don't go through what I have gone through in the hands of men. I would've been a graduate in 2019

You are still alive! So be happy and be fruitful to the society without banter and segregation.

Many of us have seen things too.

We have lost precious lives too through infidelity especially in men but it goes the other way round as well. So we can't judge but try to be better and positively productive.
Celebrities / Re: 2face Idibia’s 7 Children And Baby Mamas (Pictures) by ceragon123: 5:01pm On Sep 05
So many developed nations have spent a lot of money conducting research and collating data to understand the prevalence of unwanted pregnancies and the hidden excessive usage of pregnancy in blackmail vis a vis decisions control against men in high and low places.

The ability to control men through this means has given the women folk a lot of power as many of them have what it takes to seduce men and make many men have sex with them mostly on their selfish terms. This is so because through Eve, God gave them the power to stop bad from happening ahead and the power to amend and doctor events. Ask Portiphas' wife. Parents have been know to preach to their children about the dangers of blackmail and the resultant chain effects in Japan according to the study of class in samurai and bourgeois societies.

These Children are products of such scenarios but we must understand that it also happened even in the Tudor period and beyond. Kings are known to have bastards but it is the law of the land that decides who is the bastard and who is not. The internal family squabbles that these people have initiated might snowball into rivalry and deep animosity as they fight over many things directly or indirectly.

He should become a polygamist and grant his children equal right according to traditional or religious laws.
Religion / Re: Is Speaking In Tongues Trainable Or A Gift? by ceragon123: 4:21pm On Sep 05
I use to think it is a gift for some very few people until I join NCF (New Convenant Family) at Esut in 2004. NCF is the university outreach that really touched lives in so many ways. After becoming born again, I began the foundation class for new converts and it was a wonderful experience. I was taught how to pray all over and when to start speaking in tongues. I did as instructed and become a force to reckon with. I began to pray for 4hrs straight and can speak in tongues in ways that I can't explain. I know I usually start with some gibberish but it still baffles me how I can say things I ordinarily won't say. I remember a meeting I attended at the village where one prophet was brought from PH to come and pray for our family. The way I spoke in tongues made the man of God to call me aside after the programme to ask me where I was trained.

If you feel depressed or troubled, get up in the midnight, do some prayer and speak in tongues for some time and see how It goes. Bad people will run away from you when they hear the languages they don't understand.

If it come to you as gift, fine. So long you make use of it in the fight against principalities and powers.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: The Taliban Will Enjoy Killing Us': Gay Man Trapped In Afghanistan (Pix) by ceragon123: 10:06pm On Aug 27
Uwa bu oru!

I don't know who needs this but this format na steady cash out. Tell client you're stranded in Afghanistan. Deep inside and surrounded on all fronts by the Taliban. You have a cat named Lace. You 've got three siblings, Who have been pretty scared since the Taliban forcefully took control of the government... Electricity supply has been so erractic, internet not readily available and they've already excuted two gays and one woman for
not wearing Hijab.
Popsy and momsy escaped been killed by whisker because they were part of ousted government. Take the hand of the client and drag her through the emotional pathways.
Then KABOOM! you dropped the bomb!

$3k bill. Story how an American Pilot, with groups of marine wants to help evacuate some willing persons who has got 5k$
Politics / Re: Why Do The Igbos Think They Are So Special? Photos by ceragon123: 9:52pm On Jul 22
The way many people try to defend the Igbos on this thread is become sensational. I won't blame them either. You can't corner someone and expect them to give up easily.

I have come to a logical conclusion that other ribes within Nigeria would have been far better off if they had learnt some life secrets from others especially from the Igbos. The secret is that nobody knows it all. That is why you see the Igbos trying to understand how businesses works anywhere. We have agreed now that truly people can mentor family and friends and connect them with contact and money. Anybody can become rich once connected. The Igbos has been connecting since the days of Ojukwus' father who raised above a thousand businesspeople.

The Igbos has to defend that special attention and protesting also against the country for the odds against them.
Everybody is special, Some are more special than the others and can never be compared.

Every tribe is special and superior

No smoke without fire. Once your friends make comments like
1. You think say you fine? That means you're really fine.
2. You don't know anything, but you claim to know. Don't mind them, they know you're clearly more intelligent than them.
Igbos are like white foreigners in Nigeria. The most beautiful tribe, both facially and psychologically. A very handsome Yoruba friend of mine was always thought as an Igbo guy because of his handsomeness. Some be like "You no resemble Yoruba o. See as you fine like Igbo people.
Values don't don't happen, they are earned. Marrying an igbo girl is like winning a trophy. Not the beer, but Champions League kinda one.


Business / Re: Auto Parts Business,the Do's And Dont by ceragon123: 9:44pm On Jul 13
Thanks, guys. It's been a pleasure reading through all this. You guys are really really good. Am really shocked on how good people can be. You guys bared your minds and shared great information with people so they can become better in life.

Life is a journey that it's experiences is to shared for the purpose of making the world better.

Kindly know that people are still reading this thread and will liker you guys to tell us something like an update or tell us what we need to know. It is an awkward situation but it has to be addressed.

Q1 - What is the current business viability possibilty of the business?

Q2 - Then $ was 210. How are people still importing these cars and parts?
Food / Re: If You Were Born With A Silver Spoon You Won't Understand This Pic. by ceragon123: 8:59pm On Jul 10
Back then at Abosso Apostolic Church Ani Ahaba at Cable Point Asaba, Circa 90 We would be paired 5 on a tray pan. Jollof rice cooked with ram and its stock.

We don't do it in our house even though we were not rich but I did it even at so many birthdays and functions back then. Then at birthday parties, a big mould of white rice and chicken will be spread on the biggest tray pan. Boys/girls will gather and one brother or sister will monitor the eating.

One of the moments that I will cherish for ever.


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Politics / Re: IPOB Is Worse Than Criminal Herdsmen - Gumi by ceragon123: 4:35pm On Jun 23
Chai! I reserve my comment.
Business / Re: Lagos Cab Drivers Set To Ditch Uber, Bolt For Indigenous App Companies by ceragon123: 8:01pm On Jun 09
Very good

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Sports / Re: Tennis: Osaka Fined $15000, Faces "Expulsion" For Not Granting Media Interviews by ceragon123: 8:00pm On May 30
They will take care of her in any form in respect to mental health. The system needs her more than she needs them. It the kind of trade she is involved with. When you grant these interviews, they use it follow up on you and update you on so many things. They practically design her life but don't own her. Terms and conditions.
This is why miss world are always won by women that are smart. They try to engage you to know your level of emotional intelligent(competence level) and personality. They keep them sane from the world they are in with these conditions. Social change is a whirlwind and will always come to clean the society. With modifications and common ground discoveries, we can always embrace such changes and consider the outcome after dialogue and compromise.

She should do a white paper.


Its her mental health we are talking about here
Politics / Re: Gunmen Attack Ugbuodo Police Station In Ebonyi, Two Killed by ceragon123: 8:38pm On May 23
These attacks by UGM is really confusing because there seem to be so many kinds of UGMs and the common thing about it's existence is the fact that they have always deluded our government.
We have a lot of holes in our security architecture and these attacks across the country that are tagged UGM attacks can be stopped. Simply by doing the right things starting with police and federal civil service.
We have a lot of manpower to do these miracles. We can decide to put some good chnages and stop people from doing fraud easily.
Politics / Re: Turkish President Erdogan Phones Buhari, Seeks Nigeria's Support For Palestine by ceragon123: 2:29pm On May 16
Look it amaze me when some gullible people like you who has never traveled before or has ever read deep before will find it bold to come out and ignorantly write rubbish and falsehood on Nairaland just to get like from more gullible fellows. Bro who told you that Turkey was once a christian country?? Have ever made a personal research on this before Have you ever traveled to Turkey before I wonder how you guys blindly believe in things without proper research in this 21th century cry

We learn everyday. We cease to exist the day we stop learning. The Ottoman empire conquered constantinople in 1453 and renamed it Islamobol. Emperor Constantine turned the once Roman city into a Christian dominated city after he became born again before the Ottoman invasion.

Hope I helped

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Celebrities / Re: Which Celebrity Can You Abandon Your Current Relationship For If Asked Out? by ceragon123: 4:14pm On May 12
Rosario Dawson

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Travel / Re: Real Reason Nigerians Can’t Get Passports Without Tears by ceragon123: 11:24pm On May 11
It's available but it is scarce. People are getting it but you have to spend money like everything in Nigeria
Family / Re: Have You Called Your Mum Today? (Photo) by ceragon123: 8:58pm On May 05
My mum is late. I still regret not calling her everyday when she was alive.

You won't know until she is gone. Naturally, we are supposed to bury our parents.

Pls call your mother. Always sad sad


Politics / Re: Buhari Paid Ransom To Kidnappers - Obasanjo by ceragon123: 8:34pm On May 05

Yoruba people, you can never determine their fate. If Obasanjo can call Jonathan that he paid ransom he should know his own was not like this government.

Determine this Man fate abeg? Obasanjo where you stand ?

My Views on tracking bandist.
Tell me the use of NIN if it's can't track bandist calls/Numbers?
How would Pantami improve our system? If he can't do something to such level then he is of no relevance forget his terrorist view.

In nigeria we often lose our energy to frivolous things.
In my opinion, if Our cyber and communication system can be upgraded to a level where calls can be traced, I think that will reduce bandistry and other sociatal vices. .... My thought thou, any enlightenment is welcome.

I agree with you. Let me throw some light in this regards.

Tracking and tracing calls in real time involves a lot of protocols and sophistication. It involves reviewing the T&Cs with Telcos and spectrum provision, submitting to conditions of satellites owners and releasing sovereignty waivers for info galvanization and sharing.

It is possible for us to know the location of kidnappers when they come online as long as they are using bts and microwave hubing telephony from a tower nearby but the people dragging us backward will not agree. It takes nothing to use and flag keywords and pick interest on calls from odd places, time and frequency of network availability or special peculiarity but the country's security and Infotech apparatus are so dumb and lazy to explore these grey areas that are needed.

It is easy to solve our problems but some people are bent on making sure we don't solve the puzzle. Until meritocracy is enthroned, we have a VERY LONG WAY to go.
Education / Re: Is Sociology A Nice Course To Study In Nigeria? by ceragon123: 6:31pm On Apr 02
Having studied Sociology and Anthropology, I can tell you one or two things about it.

The problem most of us had with blending with the course is that we were offered after losing out on Law and International relations.

This early enquiry will help you focus on your long walk to a good life.

Sociology as a course is the scientific study of the society and the inter play of relationship and larger social groups. The Keyword is the word scientific.

From the first year, the student has to be conscious of the problems within the society with the aim of providing solutions. This can be done through research into the real problems affecting the society.

A good way to have a nice life is to think of becoming a consultant or a professional counselor. I understand Nigeria and other African countries have been giving pastors the money they are supposed to give to professional but we can't give up because the need is still there.

Make plans from the scratch. It might take 10 or 15 years but it will be worth your time. People will loose fatht in you
Nairaland / General / Re: How Did You Come About Your Nairaland Moniker? by ceragon123: 1:29pm On Mar 26
While working as a field maintenance Engineer for Huawei under Airtel/9mobile in the Northern Nigeria in 2016, I faced a tough call on a Sunday afternoon to bring up a back bone site hubing over 56sites. I thought it was normal RTN login but this time around am to log into a ceragon radio that I have tried severally unsuccessfully to connect to due to lack of tools. Back Office / Front office did not specify the main issue before I took off.

ZTO, RTO, SDM and everybody was shouting at me, threatening sack. People in this Field knows the chain slavery involved. It will take me dangerous 3hrs to get back to town to get the required adapters and cables needed.

They needed me to log in and pull reports. I disobeyed them and did a hard reset while saying "ceragon pls".

To my surprise, the visible alarm cleared, the site came up and the subs were restored. My colleagues didn't believe this miracle. Since then, ceragon became a thing for me. I nearly named my second child ceragon. 123 metaphorises the natural order of things.

I still thank God for the guts I had to quit the job even with a pay of 365k of salary and unending/unjustifiable logistics. I became a pariah after quitting the job but today am grateful that I can feed my children while having time to see my children.

Job is good. Business is better. Peace of mind is best!


Politics / Re: Herdsmen Flee, Abandon Cows As Ipob's ESN Invades Camp In Enugu by ceragon123: 12:19am On Mar 14
Ha aga ebu' wu kwa utali a? grin

Unlike the useless Amotekun and so called OPCs mediocre,
Am a Yoruba citizen, but western security network is a liability not an asset, our Yoruba people are still acting like slaves to the fulani led Nigeria so called nation.
I love what ESN is doing, you take the bull by the horn and neck, hit the nail on the head but Yoruba will prefer to hit the head on the nail, they will arrest fulani terrorists and handover them to the police that will then release them back into their normal community destruction line.
Yoruba knows they are the ones still holding this country together, but yet because of greediness, fear, cowardice and cunny attitude with hatred among themselves join, they choose to remain slaves.
Anyway not all of us are blind followers like the Buhari supporters are, in which they are not only blind but deaf and dumb followers who are even hungry and children being kidnapped despite their unyielding loyalty to their senior slave master Buhari.
Politics / Re: Supply More Foodstuffs To The South - Jukun Association To Middle Belt Farmers by ceragon123: 8:22pm On Mar 01
Another news massaging propaganda by the southern media itself!!

Pls which middle belt? There's nothing like middle belt!!

We have Nothe central!!

Nasarawa is Arewa with 80 Muslims with a Muslim governor Abdullahi Sule!

Niger is Arewa with 85% muslim with a Muslim governor sani Bello!!

Kogi is 60% muslims with a Muslims governor... Yahya Bello!

Jos is 50_50 with the Muslims dominating the economic activities in the state!!

Benue state is the only full Christian state in the north central that share the hate mentality with the south cos they're 90% Christians!!

Benue state produce only yam... And as it is now!

They're no longer doing well on farming!!

The home of yam is now nassarawa and Taraba!!

We will not send food down south until necessary actions are taken against the killing of innocent northern Muslims traders in the south!!

Our people most be given that 460billon naira!!

Or else Hunger go do una shege!!

Make una drink that fuel way una dey claim say una get!

Even a Yoruba man is beating his chest over oil that he doesn't have!!

Let's assume you all have oil in your state!!

Oya block the oil from coming to the north!

Una go soon dey buy one single onions for #500 which is equivalent to 4littres of fuel!

We go know between oil and food which one is more important to human existence!

God bless Arewa!! We are indeed gifted!!

You forgot to tell us the names of the other markets pictured above. We need to know so that we will go and offer them less money for them to smuggle their produce into the south.

The best produce from the North can only be afforded and consumed in the south. Cameroon and Niger have been surviving without the Northern Nigerian agricultural produce.

Now I know why tomato was so cheap at the tomato markets in dei dei and gwagwa.
Business / Re: Online Business: How I Made Over $1,000 As A Search Engine Evaluator by ceragon123: 7:34pm On Feb 27
Adige II is on. Guys pls try to qualify on this.

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Travel / Re: Woman Shares Injury Inflicted On Her By A Bolt Driver (Photos) by ceragon123: 7:19pm On Feb 27
1.1k rides with 4.8 ratings. We need to hear the other side of the story. If she reports him, he might be taken off the system because they hardly hear the drivers side of the story.

My advice to drivers, report incidents immediately! Don't wait for them to report you first.

I know many bolt drivers are crazy but their madness is caused by riders who are bent on driving them crazy. Patience is key. You hardly get the same riders twice. Be nice to them riders at all cost.

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Politics / Re: Governor Sanwo-Olu Buying Roasted Plantain (Pictures) by ceragon123: 9:44pm On Feb 13
The Pontus Governor himself! This man cannot do anything without pointing. He points like Pharaoh.
Crime / Re: NDLEA Arrests Drug Peddler At Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos by ceragon123: 7:48pm On Feb 02
What annoys me most is how his forehead is glistening.

Looks like Lord Baph. That's two horns grin

Niccur is possessed. People from the SE region like money but they have thousands of ways of making it. Illegitimate means are almost at 50%

IGBOS have many ways of ripping people off especially themselves but they are also law abiding. In business, many cheat. At work, many cheat but the number of resourceful people of legitimate means supersedes the cheater and criminals.

What disturbs me most is how we can have a society where we can use our differences to achieve great results. We are all bad in this country but we are pulling ourselves down. If we had been bad and keep aspiring to become great without minding your neighbour, we would have gone far. Just like Awolowo did by not agreeing to think of freedom during the war. As it stands in Nigeria, a day will come where we will all agree to change how things are done and start doing the better things.

There are a lot of bad things that people don't know about the IGBOS. Same to other tribes. We don't know ourselves much to become a Federal entity. Becoming a federal entity emphasis fairness, equity and justice. In Nigeria we are just taking revenge on ourselves thereby taking steps backwards on the road to greatness
Politics / Re: EFCC to arraign Orji Kalu for Fraud Eight months after Retrial Verdict by ceragon123: 6:27pm On Feb 01
Them never still leave am.

Once the man makes progress towards a certain destination, they remind him of his past. Politics in Africa is tough


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