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Literature / Re: My Feud With Akwaeke Emezi - Chimamanda Adichie Tells Her Side Of The Story by CharleyBright(m): 1:07pm
Chimamanda went too low on this.

She should learn how to issue a press statement (and nothing more) to address any defamation that harms her personality.

Besides, young people need support and it is quite dishonest of her to describe same young people she is trying to help through her workshop as people who always want to benefit from her.

She must bear in mind she too had at, one time or the other, clung to people for the sole purpose of benefitting from them.

Now, a big question: Who does she accept in her circle. Can she accept and entertain a feminist from a financially unstable background like she did to the friend in her write-up?

In the end, everybody is a hypocrite.

Everything is not about beautiful writing.

Your position is biased.
I only heard you blame Chimamanda, but you fail to utter blame on the other lady despite all she was said to have done.
Put yourself in Chimamanda shoes. I bet you would do far worse.


Politics / Re: Saraki Welcomes Donald Duke Back To PDP (Pictures) by CharleyBright(m): 7:11am

He who calls another a fool shall be in danger of hell. Matthew 5 :22
Remember that you shall be judged by every idle word you speak. Matthew 12 :36
You'll do well to receive Jesus into your life. Tomorrow may be too late. John 3 :16

My friend will you get off my back!!!
Politics / Re: Wole Soyinka: Buhari’s Comments On Open Grazing Unfortunate by CharleyBright(m): 2:29pm On Jun 15
Don't mind the desperate old cow loving fool. All he knows is Cows and Grazing routes for cows. When visionary leaders are thinking of better ways to rear animals, this dullard is think of demolishing Southern Houses to create grazing routes for cows to move pass. How else will a cow brain think?
Shebi na 2yrs remain for his tenure. Babangida, Abdulsalami, Obasanjo, Jonathan all retired to their various villages after vacating Aso Villa, He will also retire to his village in Daura. The Fulani Bandits and brothers he imported to fraudulent help vote him to power are waiting for him in Daura. He will know how far.


Politics / Re: Saraki Welcomes Donald Duke Back To PDP (Pictures) by CharleyBright(m): 8:20am On Jun 15
Correct Man.
That's the Don of Cross River State.

Not that useless Rag-tag mumu swagging Ben Ayade that promised to build Super Highwway in CRS , but all he did was build a bushtrack leading CRS from PDP into APC.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria May Not Celebrate Another Democracy Day Except… —soyinka by CharleyBright(m): 8:16am On Jun 15
That Fulani Retardeen has destroyed every single thing that united Nigeria.
All he concerns himself of is Cows.
Cows kee him dia.

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Politics / Re: Wole Soyinka: Nigeria On Suicide Slide, Must Decentralise Fast by CharleyBright(m): 8:06am On Jun 15
Buhari is driving the bus that is about to plunge Nigeria into Disintegration.
It is a very Dangerous thing to hand over the key of a car to a person who doesn't even know the difference between a Brake and an Accelerator. He will definitely step hard on the Accelerator instead of Brake.
Buhari does not know his left from his right, talk less of knowing a Brake from Accelerator. All he knows is Cows and Grazing routes for cows. And that is who we allowed to drive the Nigerian bus.

May God make all those useless "Sai Buhari" Chalatants and Morons come out thru the windows with Broken legs when Buhari finally crash the bus.
Useless Generation of idiots.

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Politics / Re: Umahi Defends Buhari, says his Appointments Are Fair To Igbos by CharleyBright(m): 6:48am On Jun 15
People like this are the main problem we continually say the Ibos are their own problem. They are simply not united in their views.

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Phones / Re: Itel P37: First Impressions And Unboxing by CharleyBright(m): 7:27am On Jun 11

Another useless paid ITEL agent spotted.

May your life and the life of your entire generation continue to be as worthless as ITEL.

Can someone say Amen?

Sorry young man, I have long pass being an employee. I am an employer.
The fact that someone cautions you against debasing a product you cannot produce doesn't mean the person is an employee of the producers of the product.
There is Peugeot, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, Kia, Mazda etc in the market. Make your choice as u can afford doesn't mean other cars are bad.

Go have your brain updated.
Phones / Re: Itel P37: First Impressions And Unboxing by CharleyBright(m): 10:53pm On Jun 10

Guy, are you a paid agent of ITEL or what?

Well, I want you to know that anything ITEL makes me wanna puke so badly.

Crap !!!

Your puke kee you there.
Which brand have you made??
There dozens of other brands of phones out there that suits everyone choice and budget. Simply Pay for and use the one you can. Don't bad mouth person product.
Itel and Tecno are getting Nigerian Market gradually.
If not for these products Samsung would have ripped off Nigerians big time.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Is Talking To Southeast Here by CharleyBright(m): 4:33pm On Jun 10
I have never seen anyone as daft as you are.
Tinubu is not interested in Presidency abi? And he is busy touring the North and dishing out millions to Northerners and licking asses of northerners.

And Buhari isn't referring to Tinubu by making references to Lagos? Why didn't he say Ibadan or PH or Kaduna or Sokoto??
Why Lagos where Tinubu who is expecting the party to zone to SW resides?

You are such a big fool to say what you think.


Politics / Re: Ibarapa Killings: War Imminent – Gani Adams by CharleyBright(m): 5:23pm On Jun 06
I swear this country has gone to the dogs.
Nigerians are now endangered species now.
No one is sure of living to see tomorrow anymore in Nigeria.
If you survive hunger, stray bullets from Police gun is not ruled out. If u survive those, you might not survive Cultists, ritualists, kidnappers, ungun known men, Killer Fulani herdsmen and Bandits.
Armed robbers are now considered to be good guys compared to these killers.
God punish all those that voted for Buhari and cause all these wahala on Nigerians. May thier lives turn upside down like Nigeria is now.

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Can Use VPN To Access Twitter - Farooq Kperogi Tells Lai Mohammed by CharleyBright(m): 6:55pm On Jun 04

What do you expect when a Clueless President has a Lai Mohammed, Garbage Shehu, Bashir Ahmad, Femi Adesina ( and come add drunken Mistress) Loretta Onochie join as Media Team. ......Calamity.com

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Politics / Re: Obasanjo: Nigeria Is Presently Dripping Bitterness, Sadness by CharleyBright(m): 4:02pm On Jun 03
Buhari doesn't hear.
Don't waste your energy on the useless man

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Politics / Re: Bokoharam: Rwanda President Paul Kagame Blasts Buhari by CharleyBright(m): 9:46pm On Jun 02
No mind the foolish Fulanis aboki.
Can he engage in any meaningful dialogue?
Useless dummy.

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Politics / Re: Aisha Yesufu Blasts Buhari For Threaten Igbos, Attack On Sowore, Death Of COAS by CharleyBright(m): 9:44pm On Jun 02
Wicked Sadistic clueless Fulani terrorist from Niger Republic.
Politics / Re: House Of Reps Receives Proposal To Change Nigeria’s Name To Uar by CharleyBright(m): 7:42pm On Jun 02
Sounds like a name concorted by Fulanis to incorporate all Fulanis of Africa into a country.
Abeg make we maintain Nigeria as a name jeje.
I am not agreeing with Fulani agenda.


Politics / Re: Nigerian Governors’ Forum Recommend N380 Per Litre Petrol Pump Price by CharleyBright(m): 4:46pm On May 20
Why wont they?
Do they pay for fuel with their monies?
Fuel for All dozens of cars, Generators and other consumables owned by these idiots are pay from public funds.
Thunder fire all of them from the number 1 man to the last.
how many litres of fuel can N18,000 min wage buy at N385 per litre.?
Useless people in power.
Politics / Re: Gunshots, Teargas As Thugs Disrupt NLC Protest In Kaduna by CharleyBright(m): 2:23pm On May 18
That is what the North are good at... Violence

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Politics / Re: Brekete Family: BBC Unmasks The True Face Of ‘ordinary President’ by CharleyBright(m): 5:05pm On May 17
Ahmed Isah may be sometimes irrational and occasionally rude in his manners of handling cases, but that doesn't take away the fact that he has touch thousands of lives over the years fighting for justices and giving succour to the down trodden and the less privileged. Where the FG and State Govts have failed the people woefully, Ahmed Isah has stood by them and helped.
He has given many reasons to live and be hopeful when they have lost hope.
Millions of citizens love him despite his shortcomings and will go on protest and rampage if the govt dares to arrest him.
I am sometimes angry with his style, but then... He is the only symbol of justice and benevolence the citizens have, so let the man continue to help the masses in peace.

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Politics / Re: Turkish President Erdogan Phones Buhari, Seeks Nigeria's Support For Palestine by CharleyBright(m): 10:11pm On May 15
He was said to have spoken with Kyrgyz President, Sadyr Japarov; his Afghan counterpart, Ashraf Ghani; Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, a former Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad; and Libya’s Prime Minister, Abdul Dbeibeh. The remarkable thing about these anti-Israel alliance being championed by Turkey is fact that they're made up of Islamic countries and also failed states. Nigeria is ripe to join them.


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Crime / Re: Hiny Umoren's Murder: CCCRN Demands Apology From David Hundeyin by CharleyBright(m): 11:12am On May 13

You are too emotional and plagued with Low IQ ..you can't get far in life with these attributes trust me wink

Keep deceiving yourself.
Crime / Re: Hiny Umoren's Murder: CCCRN Demands Apology From David Hundeyin by CharleyBright(m): 8:22am On May 13

Where did I call it worthless ...stop being needlessly emotional it was carelessly put together..the investigation was beautiful but it was beautiful Nonsense

You are simply an arrant fool needlessly flying kites of ignorance.
You just said that Hundeyin's work is beautiful "Nonsense". Pls what is Nonsense? Is another word for Nonsense not worthless?
Even if you are pure breed Foolishly, why not hide some of the foolishness from public glare?


Crime / Re: Hiny Umoren's Murder: CCCRN Demands Apology From David Hundeyin by CharleyBright(m): 6:54am On May 13
David Hundeyins investigation in this case was was very novice ..I hope he learns from it , this is why the seasoned investigators take time to really scrutinize data for facts and not just use carelessly put together data to reach a short sighted Assumption..He owes Kufre Effiong , the DPO, Davok Suites and this NGO and apology

Silly criticism kill you there.
You open your dirty mouth to undermine work that someone painstaking did and call it worthless and u are demanding apology.
You are a classical Fool.
Why didn't you do your investigation and help us reveal what happen?
This country is like this because of idiotic people like you that will always praise evil and criticise truth and good.
You would have also demanded that David Hundeyin should tender apology to killer too.
Foolishness full your head.
Cursed Generation.


Properties / Re: Should I Sign This Tenancy Agreement? by CharleyBright(m): 2:51pm On May 12
1. Pls tell the landlord to remove covenant in the agreement.
2. Tenement Rate is paid by the property owner to the govt, it is not the tenant that pays it. So tell him to remove it.
3. The aspect that says Landlord will be allowed to enter the property anytime, should be "when necessary" for inspection. Anytime here could be whatever period of the day even if it is midnight.
4. I am not too comfortable with the 3months notice for vacation. Someone might not have intention of vacating, but something like sudden transfer or relocation comes up which wouldn't permit 3months notice. That aspect should be amended too.

The Agreement is Ok if all these are corrected.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Who Killed Iniobong Ini Umoren? By David Hundeyin by CharleyBright(m): 10:27pm On May 11
I dey craze to read this long epistle.... Useless post

Dumb ass Fool.
You can't read is reason why you don't have brains.


Romance / Re: Village Girl Or City Girl For A Wife? by CharleyBright(m): 9:39am On May 11
From which village?

He shouldn’t try that with villages from Edo state and Akwa ibom.

Thunder fire your mouth for you.
In what ways are your village girls better than the girls from the state you mentioned.
How would you know the product if you have not used it.
Useless Ashawo like you.
Thunder fire your mouth again.

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Politics / Re: Bashir Ahmed Confirmed That There Was An “Attempt” At Robbing The Also Rock by CharleyBright(m): 6:14am On May 11
Very poor attempt to distort truth.
I have never seen a shameless lying govt as this Buhari govt. Everyone in this govt were handpicked for having Lies imbibed in their DNA.

Whether Armed or Unarmed, the fact still remains that there are Robbers in Aso Villa. And the biggest of the Robbers is Unarmed and using pen to loot and pretending to be a Saint.
Awon Oloriburuku Ole govt.

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Politics / Re: Insecurity: Fr Mbaka Under Attack For Calling For Buhari’s Impeachment by CharleyBright(m): 8:01pm On Apr 29
Mbaka should face church and stay away from political shenanigans
Na wa o.

All of una just carry Petrol and Matches and want to set the country ablaze.
All these people were born after 1970. They didn't witness the civil war.
The people that witnessed the civil will always call for restraint.
It is very easy to start a fire, but it can be very difficult to quench same fire.
Don't start a fire you can't quench.
Mighty trouble brewing in my country.
Politics / Re: Insecurity: We’re Suffering Consequences Of 1975 Coup, Says Lai by CharleyBright(m): 2:27pm On Apr 27
Oloriburuku oshi.
He doesn't even know that this same Buhari the he is working for now was very instrumental in that coup.

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Politics / Re: Insecurity: FG Is Reorganizing Nigeria’s Security Architecture – Osinbajo by CharleyBright(m): 1:08pm On Apr 27
Look at this Clown that calls himself VP.
What are you still doing in a Terrorists filled govt?
Do you think they like your face?
Do you think your helicopter crash was natural?
Continue to fool yourself.
All I know is that you are part of the problem... Because in years to come when we name the people who were in this Terrorists govt, Yemi Osibanjo will definitely be 2nd on that list.


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