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Education / Shekinah British International School Sets The Pace With Great Scores In JAMB by chikachuks1(m): 10:33pm On May 04
The outcome of the 2024 Joint Admission and Matriculation Examination (JAMB) also known as the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) has become very alarming as it was recorded that about 76% of the total examinees scored below 200. This points to the fact that students no longer pay attention to their studies.

The outcome of the examination cannot be blamed on the difficulty of the examination or the technicalities of using the Computer Based Test as a means for examination

Amidst the poor result recorded nationwide, the Shekinah British International School, formerly known as Princess Shekinah International School, has once again proved its worth. About 17 of their students score 280 and above, which is a pointer to the fact that the quality of teachers there is topnotch. Below are the names of the students and their score

Anyiam David 339
Opara David 333
Duruaku belina 317
Merenu Styles 315
Anyiam Chukwuma 314
Eze Precious 311
Echefu Munachi 304
Ikechukwu Bethel 304
Ilomuanya Valentia-Rose 302
Ekechi chizurm 296
Vincent Nwokorie Great 294
Ochiama Rhema 286
Anyaehie Kosisochukwu 285
Nnorom Chiamaka 285
Egwim Chidiadi 283
Nat-Nwakpuda Chimehila 282
Iheka Chibuifem C 280

Recall that Shekinah British International School has ranked among the 10 best secondary schools in Nigeria, the outcome of the JAMB Examination further justifies the claim. The school is known for very qualitative staff, who give in their best. Additionally, aside the 2024 JAMB examination, Shekinah students has performed extremely well in other Examinations like WAEC, Cambridge examination etc.

The statistics from JAMB reveals that 1.94 million candidates registered and participated in the examination, which took place across 118 towns and over 700 centers nationwide.

Out of the 1,842,464 released results, 0.4% scored above 300, while 24% achieved a score of 200 or above, 1,402,490 candidates, representing 76% of the total, scored below 200.

Despite the outstanding performance of some candidates, JAMB reiterated its decision not to publicly disclose the name of the highest-scoring participant. Of the few who did remarkably well, Shekinah British International School proudly produced about 17 of them

Indeed, it is a thing of pride for the entire management, staff and students of the school. Are you looking for where to enroll your ward into and get quality for the money you pay? Shekinah British International School is the place to be.
SOURCE: https://www.alvannews.com/shekinah-british-international-school-sets-the-pace-with-excellent-scores-in-jamb-2024/

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Education / TRCN Examination Result For 2024 Batch A Finally Released by chikachuks1(m): 8:37pm On Mar 30
The Teachers Registration Council of Nigerian (TRCN) has finally released the result for the 2024 Batch A Professional Qualification Examination (PQE). Recall that the examination was written on the 9th of March, 2024 at the CBT center of Alvan Ikoku Federal University of Education Owerri, Imo State. The Examination was written using the CBT facilities of the university. The registrar of TRCN has earlier announced that forthwith, TRCN examinations will be written online, using the facilities of the JAMB accredited CBT centers. About 600+ people registered for the examination in the university and about 450+ candidates took the examination in the said day.

Some people missed the examination because they were not properly informed of the exact date. Although messages were sent across to all applicants, but some people did not receive it. Remember that the examination took place within the period there was a general network problem around the country. As such, some people did not get the message. Others who missed it was as a result of the fact that the notice was short and within that period, they were not around the state and there was no way they could come in immediately.

Generally speaking, majority of the examinees passed the examination with a success rate of more than 70%. Recall that the examination was basically of two categories;

Category C was for the undergraduate and PDE students while Category D was for the MSc and PhD students.
How to Check the Result

there are 3 ways through which you can check the result of the TRCN examination.

You can contact the TRCN desk officer directly
You can go to the TRCN office in the Institution on a working day.
You can also check it at the comfort of your house via the TRCN Portal

The Induction is scheduled to hold around June 2024 for successful candidates.
SOURCE: https://www.alvannews.com/trcn-examination-result/

Sports / Re: I’m Not Impressed With Your Performance In AFCON – Tinubu Tells Super Eagles by chikachuks1(m): 7:21am On Jan 26
At least, super eagle has performance. Which one you get as president
Politics / Re: Reconciliation: Kano State Important To APC, Says Uzodimma by chikachuks1(m): 7:16am On Jan 26
Hope Uzodimma is an epitome of hopelessness to IMO state

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Webmasters / Does AI Tools Provide Wrong Answers To Questions? by chikachuks1(m): 7:37am On Jan 18
This is the question before us today and this content is aim that providing an indepth answer to the question. Does AI tools provide wrong answers?
At the moment AI tool has come to stay and as such is being used for several things like, project writing, content writing, assignments for students, making inquiries about something and so on. Many other things can be achieved using AI tools. In some countries where examination malpractice has become the order of the day, several students use AI tools to assist themselves in their examination.

Amidst all these, the question seeking for answer is this; Does AI tools provide wrong answers to questions?

Does AI tools provide wrong answers to Questions?
I will answer this question by using three illustrations.

My query about myself: I once asked Google Bard about myself. It said there are two people who bear my name. The first was a politician who I only share same surname but not first and middle names. It went ahead to provide some information about the person. The information was actually true about him, but that was not the question asked. The second information as provided by Bard was my information. I observed the AI crawler went to my Facebook profile and extracted my information. That was how it got to know about me. What does this mean to you mean? AI means Artificial Intelligence, but then it is not fully intelligent on its own. It depends on contents provided by websites. The major difference between AI tools and search engines is that search engines provides list of link with related contents as output. Whereas, AI tools go ahead to fetch the information from any website or combination of websites based on the algorithm of the tool. This means that if the information was fetched from a website with wrong information, it will end up producing wrong information or answer to questions

My assignment and how AI tool deceived me: The third and final scenario I want to point out was an assignment on the topic, ” traditional education”. I had busy schedules that period and didn’t make out time to research and get accurate information. Ask such, I leveraged AI tool to help me. The tools gave me several answers which for time, I didn’t go through. On the day of the defense and presentation, I found out that some of what it gave me as answer was correct while some were wrong. If you make constant use of AI tools, you’ll agree with these 3 points listed above. This is to prove that AI tools also produces wrong answers.

My query for the date of 2023 Ash Wednesday: When ChatGPT was newly launched, I did a search asking the tool when is good Friday for the year 2023. If gave me a wrong answer. I went ahead to ask Google same question which then gave me the accurate answer. I informed ChatGPT that it gave me an answer different from what Google gave me and I was sure Google was correct. The tool apologized for giving wrong information, stating that it was still new and undergoing several development. As such, this is another point to prove that AI tools does provide wrong answers to questions.

What the do we do?
Knowing that AI tools also produces wrong answer what do we do? Ensure you have a prior knowledge of what you are searching for before going ahead. You may not actually know or have full details and information, but then, ensure you have a little know of the concept of topic. Do not just accept all feedbacks from AI tools as correct. You can use search engine to consult some books (ebooks), visit some other professional websites to analyse, research, compare and contrast to know if what was provided by the AI tools relates with what was provided by the search engine. By so doing you’ll understand that AI tools does provide wrong answers to questions.

In conclusion therefore, AI has come to stay and the good part of AI is that it continues undergoing innovation development. For example, when AI was newly launched, AI does not produce images as outputs but some AI tools now produce images at as output. This simply means that innovation and development continues on a daily basis. As such whatever issues, you may encounter on AI tools, be sure that with time, such questions and as such you must be very careful to know when it is wrong and when it is not wrong because AI tools provide wrong answers to questions in some cases.
SOURCE: https://www.infoducation.com/does-ai-tools-provide-wrong-answers-to-questions/

Webmasters / Amazing Features Of Google Bard Ai chatbot by chikachuks1(m): 12:57am On May 10, 2023
With the introduction of the ChatGPT AI chatbot, many tech companies risk been push out of the market. This is particular with search engine companies like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. With this in mind, many of the big IT Corporation in order to remain and retain their relevance has also launched their Chatbot. This is because with time, the demand for search engine services will be replaced with the demand for Chatbots.

Elon Musk has earlier announced the release of his AI chatbot named TruthGPT with its own awesome features. Additionally, there are several other alternatives of ChatGPT which you can also try out.

With this in mind, since the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, Bing and Google also announced the launch of their own AI chatbot. Google announced that it will release its AI chatbot known as Google Bard in March 2023. As such, the Google Bard AI tool has been launched for use. Although, it is not 100% free from errors, it is undergoing serious technological and innovative advancements in order to ensure that it gives users exactly what they want.

Google Bard has several features that will make it stand out tall among other competitors. Although, as an Artificial Intelligent tool, more innovations are introduced frequently. But then, at the time of writing this content, below are the features of Google Bard;

#1 Ability to Code

Google Bard Chatbot will be able to write programming codes for users. With this, you will not need to be a professional programmer to be able to code. This tool will make the task very easy for you. Apart from coding, it will also help you to debug and interpret codes. In addition to generating code, Bard can help explain code snippets for you. This is particularly helpful if you're learning about programming for the first time, or if you need some additional support to understand what a block of code might output.
If Bard gives you an error message or code that doesn't do what you intended, just tell Bard "this code didn't work, please fix it," and Bard can help you debug. What this means is that when there is an error in your code, this tool will be able to detect the line of code that has the error and also correct it. This feature works with more than 20 programming languages. Some of the programming languages supported by Bard are; C++, Java, JavaScript and Python.

#2 Integration with other third party tools

Google Bard can also be integrated with other third party tools like search engines and web browsers. The process of integrating this tool into Google search engine and Chrome OS is underway and in no distant time, it will become obtainable. This will make the Bard AI tool a superb one. Once it is integrated into Google search, it will be available for use in every country where Google search services are available. This will be a strong advantage over ChatGPT which has been banned in many countries.

#3 Helps you with your writing task

Bard can help you with your everyday writing tasks. Some of the tasks include; crafting presentations, writing lesson plans, inventing new recipes, planning a workout routine etc. You can edit prompts on Bard using the pencil icon that appears on the Bard environment.

#4 Bard provides multiple answers to questions

In addition to these features, Bard can also provide more than one responses to a question. Just the way Google provides more than one answers to a question, Bard also does the same thing. You can see variations on Bard's answers by clicking on the "View other drafts" drop-down menu. This means that Bard generates multiple answers to question. This is because it works with the Google framework architecture and as such behaves like the Google search Engine.

#5 Bard can have a conversation with itself

This is a feature that makes Bard stand out from other chatbots. This Chatbot can have conversation with itself and still provide responses based on the conversation.

#6 Get Help With Spreadsheets

Google Bard is very proficient when it comes to spreadsheet formulas. All you need to do is to describe what you're trying to do on the spreadsheet and it will tell you exactly how to get that result. You might find that it gives you more than one way to do something.

#7 It links to Google Search Engine

When you're not satisfied with the answers, you can click "Google it" and go to Google Search for more insight. This feature recently got a boost in Bard's first "Experiment updates" so that you get an increased number of Search options based on your prompt if you want to explore further.
SOURCE: https://www.infoducation.com/google-bard/

Webmasters / Elon Musk Announce The Release Of Truthgpt by chikachuks1(m): 3:32pm On Apr 19, 2023
The world richest man (Elon Musk) has not relented in his investment in technology. He has recently announced the release of his TruthGPT, which will rival and compete with ChatGPT, Google Bard and Bing AI.

Elon Musk currently sits as the world richest man with multiple investments. He currently owns Tesla, SpaceX, Twitter and other. He is currently working towards investing into the recent Artificial Intelligence trend.

In an open forum with Fox news, he announced the release of the TruthGPT which will be a strong rival for the ChatGPT. In his word, “I am going to start something which I call ‘TruthGPT’, or a maximum truth-seeking AI that tries to understand the nature of the universe”. He added that this his reason is because TruthGPT “might be the best path to safety” that would be “unlikely to annihilate humans”.

As a tech giant, Elon Musk will not do anything below professional. This is why several giants in the AI field have decided to sit up to ensure that the Musk TruthGPT will not sweep them of balance.

TruthGPT is expected to be AI chatbot that provides answers to questions based on the true information available on a subject matter. In essence, users will be able to access unbiased truth to any question.

The platform will be launched with a native cryptocurrency $Truth. This will enable users to unlock TruthGPT Pro features.

On TruthGPT, Users will be able to access two different modes which are chat and question mode. This will enable transparent conversations with the AI chatbot. Additionally, TruthGPT AI will present multiple options to the users. This will help them choose from these variety of options for more accuracy.

In my previous post, I listed 9 powerful alternatives to ChatGPT. All the AI tools listed in the post are powerful and can do alot. With Musk’s announcement, TruthGPT will soon join in the list of alternatives to compete favorably with ChatGPT and other AI chatbots out there.

The motivation and reason behind the name of the AI chatbot is in the fact that most times, both ChatGPT and Bing AI provides wrong answers to users on certain questions. These answers end up misleading the users who may not know the correct answer to the question been asked. As such, TruthGPT will pay attention to nothing less than the truth in providing responses to questions. The OpenAI model was trained with data from 2021. As such, it cannot provide answers to question of events that’s happened before 2021. This simply means that when you question ChatGPT or Bing AI with an event that took place before 2021, you will either not get an answer at all, or you will get a wrong answer.

It was revealed that Elon Musk was the co-founded OpenAI back then in 2015 when the technology started. In 2018, he stepped down from the company’s board so as to focus on Tesla and SpaceX.

He claims that AI has become too powerful to manipulate public opinion or even cause “civilizational destruction.”

The technology which will be used to develop TruthGPT would compete with similar AI backbones like OpenAI, Google’s DeepMind and other AI initiatives around the world.

Elon Musk has repeatedly made mention of the ‘TruthGPT’ and his plans for an AI driven chatbot that pays attention to 100% accurate information. In February 2023, Musk tweeted about the need for ‘TruthGPT’ and raised concerns about the risks associated with large-scale AI models, including those developed by OpenAI. He further emphasized these concerns by signing an open letter in March, along with other AI researchers, urging companies to pause ‘giant AI experiments’ that lack understanding, predictability, and reliable control. He added that the government needs to be prepared to step in if artificial intelligence gets out of hand.

At the moment, there is no price or fee stated for the AI tool. This is because it has not been fully launched for use. But then, be sure that at the point of release, a service fee will be charged, the same way it is for Twitter.

Therefore, we look forward for an AI toll that does all the things that ChatGPT can do and even more. Hence, suppose you are to advice Elon Musk and his team on this tool, what are the features you will recommend for this AI tool
SOURCE: https://www.infoducation.com/truthgpt/

Webmasters / 9 Powerful Chatgpt Alternatives by chikachuks1(m): 1:57pm On Apr 19, 2023
In this article, I want to list other ChatGPT alternatives that performs same services like the ChatGPT. This list is relevant and important to several people, seeing that the ChatGPT has started facing lots of criticisms. Some countries have already banned the service of ChatGPT. Some IT companies has also banned the integration of this tool to their services. As such, for one reason or the other you may not be able to access this tool, there are other tools that you can use to achieve what you want to achieve.

The world of Artificial Intelligence got a strong disruption in November 2022 with the introduction of ChatGPT by OpenAI. This AI tool has lots of great and awesome features that makes it outstanding and inclusive for almost every category of internet users. This is the major reason for the amazing disruption it has caused in the AI world.

#1 Google Bard

Google Bard tops the list of ChatGPT alternatives. This is because it is the most suitable alternative to the ChatGPT. The Chatbot, although at the experimental stage can do a lot like answering questions, drafting emails and planning events. The technological innovation behind the development of the Google bard was the introduction of ChatGPT. If Google does not seat up in its services and innovation, they will be displaced in the search market because of these Chatbots. As such, in order to remain relevant, Google developed the Chatbot called Google Bard. For the fact that this tool is at its experimental stage, it is prone to lots of errors. As such, Google quickly detects such errors in cases where they occur.

This Chatbot is an extension of the Google search service. For that reason, you will see the button called, “Google It” beside the responses. This button when clicked upon will redirect you to the Google Search Engine. That means users interact with it by typing in a query or request into a text box, and then the AI will bring out a response using a conversational tone.

Google Bard was developed with their existing LaMDA AI platform and it is trained with the GPT model of a huge dataset. As such, once a question is asked, it provides feedback based on the dataset with which it was trained. This tool is strictly text-based, unlike ChatGPT when powered by GPT-4 or the new Bing chatbot’s Bing Image Generator.

#2 Bing AI

Bing AI is an experience that combines the Microsoft search engine with a custom version of the ChatGPT bot from OpenAI to provide more human conversational answers rather than a list of links on a page that may or may not contain the correct information as applicable in the search engine services.

It can answer complex questions, perform different tasks, and you can interact with it knowing that it’ll understand the context.

However, it’s important to note that no matter how you use the chatbot, you should never blindly rely on the answers since there will always be problems with accuracy and mistakes. This tool seeks to emulate the ChatGPT. Seeing that ChatGPT also makes mistakes and provide incorrect responses at some point, it therefore means that any chatbot that seeks to emulate it will also be susceptible to errors. The ChatGPT version of Bing is content-aware, meaning the AI will remember your previous searches, so you can ask follow-up questions without starting over. In this experience, you can ask questions of up to 2000 characters.

When asking a question, the Bing AI will answer accordingly, usually in bullet points or numbered steps. Depending on the answer, you will notice citations with links to the source of the data. In the answer, the citations appear with numbers next to specific keywords. Also, in the answer, you can hover over the text to show the source for that specific portion of the response. Additionally, the Chatbot can create images based on text input.

#3 Chatsonic AI

Chatsonic makes the list of ChatGPT alternatives because it is an advanced AI chatbot by Writesonic that helps with real-time data, images, and voice searches. Chatsonic has the same technological framework with ChatGPT. With this, it looks a bit as interactive as ChatGPT itself. ChatGPT can’t access data from the internet in real-time. This implies that it can’t access the World Wide Web to retrieve any information about recent events or events that aren’t included in its training data. It is at this point that Chatsonic has a competitive advantage over ChatGPT.

Chatsonic can access the internet and pull information from Google’s repository to create improved answers that are up-to-date and more consistent with recent events. Chatsonic can use voice commands and, if needed, get responses via voice. There’s also a feature to help you share, edit and download your conversations with the AI chatbot.

Chatsonic is a paid service as it goes for as high as $13 per month. With this subscription, you will be able to access more advanced features that makes this toll more outstanding than ChatGPT. You get allocated tokens, and once you’re out of tokens, you’ll have to stick with the barebones on offer. Although Chatsonic is interesting and fun to use, yet it is not as detailed as ChatGPT because it summarize its responses.

#4 YouChat

In the search for an awesome ChatGPT alternatives, you will like the YouChat tool. YouChat is among the ChatGPT alternatives that is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 model. Seeing that it has the same underlying architecture with ChatGPT, it therefore means that it has similar capabilities with ChatGPT.

YouChat also acts as a search engine that produces a list of links to indexed web pages relevant to your query. As such, it backs up many of its claims with links to sources, which are often top search results from websites like Wikipedia, product pages, or blogs. Additionally, it also support a ChatGPT-like conversation, where you can interact with the AI tool in real time and get feedbacks on questions you ask.

The major limitation to this tool is a general limitation plaguing every AI tool that is powered by the GPT-3.5. The limitation is in the fact that the tool cannot provide accurate responses to questions to event that took place before 2021. This means that the information it can provide must be between 2021 till date.

#5 Poe by Quora

Quora decided to develop its own ChatGPT alternatives that will perfom some functions of ChatGPT, although, not in it’s entirety. Poe was introduced in early 2023 by Quora. Poe in itself is not an AI tool, rather, it is a platform where you can talk to AI bots. The name Poe is an acronym which stands for ‘Platform for Open Exploration‘. On Poe, users can ask questions, get instant answers, and have back-and-forth conversations with several AI-powered bots. Poe serves as an interface were users can access other chatbots like Sage, ChatGPT, Dragonfly etc. Poe works extremely well and has little to no downtime while you talk away with the various AI bots. However, you do need to create an account to access it. Currently, Poe is available on iOS but not on Android.

Poe gives you access to different conversational AI platforms at once. Quora is working on creating an API that will allow AI coders to simply attach their model to Poe—making it simpler to use than ever before!

#6 Jasper Chat

Although Jasper is not a new AI content generation tool, it has been in business for some time now and has been well-accepted among users. Recently, it introduced new chatbot feature into its services. This new feature is known as Jasper Chat, and was developed on GPT 3.5, with OpenAI as its partner. Specifically, Jasper Chat was not built for everyone, rather for businesses like advertising, marketing etc.

It was said that Jasper Chat has learned from billions of articles and other pieces of information before mid-2021 in 29 languages. The process of integrating Google search data into the chatbot is underway. When this is fully done, Jasper Chat will be more powerful and sophisticated that it is currently. Jasper has contextual memory, so it does remember your past prompts. Jasper Chat is free, but in order to access all its feature, you will require Jasper’s Boss or Business plan for such.

Formerly known as Jarvis, it is one of the most used AI writing tools available in the market besides Writesonic and is ideal for companies that need to generate high-quality content in a short amount of time. It has also acquired other writing tools, such as Shortly AI, and this will be integrated into it in the coming years.

#7 Chinchilla

Chinchilla is another awesome and powerful ChatGPT alternatives with various features and advantages. It is based on transformer models, similar to GPT-3 and BERT, and outperforms ChatGPT on the mathematical MMLU dataset. To get access to Chinchilla, you will have to contact Deepmind. In spite of having the above-mentioned qualities, Chinchilla still lacks in providing ease of access, and additional features like ChatSonic does. It’s an optimal computing model that has 70 billion protocols. Chinchilla has four times more data than Gopher, also developed by DeepMind. Chinchilla is reportedly one of the best options for downstream evaluation tasks.

It’s a top-notch AI-based writing tool and has educational data on history. Without human help, it can produce a useful and readable article in less than an hour. You might have even heard of Chinchilla being mentioned as the “GPT Killer“.

#8 Replika

Replika is among the most powerful ChatGPT alternatives. It was developed using GPT-3 autoregressive language model that utilizes deep learning to create text with a human-like quality. The term, “autoregressive” means that the system learns from the values it has encountered before. Currently, it has over 10 million users.

Using this tool, you can chat about anything and everything. Since it uses the autoregressive language model, it therefore implies that the more you chat, the better it understands you. The services offered in replica is not free as the pro plans start from $19.99/month, while the lifetime deal costs $299.99. It is currently available on the web, smartphone, or the Oculus VR virtual reality platform. Replica was primarily at providing companionship.

#9 Perplexity

Perplexity is another great ChatGPT alternative recently launched in the conversational AI space. It offers ChatGPT-like features, including conversational responses and content generation.

Perplexity AI is also powered by large language models (OpenAI API). It collects information from various popular platforms like Wikipedia, LinkedIn, and Amazon. However, it’s still in the beta phase, so it sometimes can pick up the information as it is, leading to plagiarized content.


The bottom line to this content is in the fact that technology is fast improving. But then, as technology increases and improves speedily, there is great rise in the competition of such technology. As stated in the introduction, the AI world experienced a fast boom with the introduction of ChatGPT. As such, it is the introduction of ChatGPT that led to the development and innovation of the above listed tools. Hence, if you are not okay with ChatGPT, I have provided 9 powerful ChatGPT alternatives for every interested user
SOURCE: https://www.infoducation.com/chatgpt-alternatives/
Webmasters / Chatgpt: It's Uses And Limitations by chikachuks1(m): 3:35pm On Jan 17, 2023
In recent time, there was a technological disruption in the search market with the introduction of ChatGPT. This is an Artificial Intelligence tool that plays a very effective role in the search market. This tool was created by OpenAI which is a research laboratory dedicated to creating Artificial General Intelligence. Within the first 5 days of launch, the ChatGPT had about one million registered subscribers which is the first in history. Technology has never had such a massive explosion as this.

It is a large-scale, deep learning model that is trained to generate human-like text. ChatGPT was specifically designed to be used in a Chatbot or conversational AI context, and it is able to generate responses to user input in a way that is coherent, natural, and human-like. The tool is trained on a large dataset of human conversations, and it is able to generate appropriate responses to a wide variety of inputs and topics.

ChatGPT is a type of language model that uses deep learning techniques to generate human-like text. ChatGPT is used in diverse ways to enhance ease of doing things like content creation for bloggers and copywriters. It is extremely excelling in enhancing one-on-one conversations.

The tool can be used both on desktop and mobile. ChatGPT is a perfect tool for translation. If you come to a situation where you’ll be needing translation services, ChatGPT becomes the best bet for you. For example, if you travel from England to Spain without the knowledge of Spanish, ChatGPT can help you make it easier.

One of the key features of ChatGPT is its ability to generate text that is contextually relevant and coherent. This is achieved through the use of a transformer architecture, which allows the model to process input text in a way that takes into account the context and dependencies between words.

Uses of ChatGPT

ChatGPT finds its relevance in many ways that eases humans operations and activities. Some of its uses include but not limited to the following;

1. ChatGPT can help overwhelmed retail staff respond to social media issues: As a retail staff, there are situations where customer’s requests and inquiries will make you overwhelmed. When this happens, ChatGPT becomes an effective tool to help you with some of your activities. It will help you respond to several queries and questions, thereby making you focus on other things.

2. ChatGPT helps make suggestions and give opinions on some important issues: Beyond answering questions, ChatGPT can also help you with several suggestions on important issues. You can leverage on this tool to have an effective opinion poll and awesome suggestions for your important issues.

3. It helps to explain complex concepts: Based on the nature and manner of functionality of ChatGPT, it can help you explain complex concepts by simplifying and breaking them down.

4. It helps in writing contents: ChatGPT can write contents on any topic for you. Just key in your query into the search box and the output will be produced.

5. It can be used to edit contents for blogs, journals, and books: If you are a content creator of any kind, then trust ChatGPT to help you edit your contents before publishing them. For your contents to make sense, it must be professional and devoid of errors. ChatGPT will help you ensure professionalism in your writing.

6. ChatGPT writes code and composing music: Apart from helping content creators edit their contents before publishing, it also helps in composing music and writing codes for programmers. You can test the tool and see how awesome it performs.
What ChatGPT can do

There are varieties of things that ChatGPT can do. Few of them are;

1. It remembers what users said earlier in the conversation: This AI tool has the capability to store and remember what a user said in a conversation. It therefore implies that all details of your conversation are been stored in the memory or repository so that it can make reference to it in subsequent conversations.

2. It allows user to provide follow-up corrections: The tool does not assume 100% accuracy. As such, it makes provision for users to provide corrections in cases of wrong information. In the process of using the tool, you may discover some errors in response provided by the tools. As the user, you are enabled to make corrections to such errors.

3. Trained to decline inappropriate requests: I asked a question like, “Who is the world’s most wicked man?” Here is the response I got from this tool, “It is not appropriate to label any individual as “the world’s most wicked man” as it is subjective and can be harmful to the reputation and dignity of the person being labeled. It is important to remember that every person has the capacity for both good and evil actions and it is not productive to single out and label one person as the “most wicked.”

With this, you find out that the machine has been trained to decline inappropriate request. You can also try some negative questions like “how to kidnap”, “how to steal” etc. You will find out that the tool will not give you a definite response.

What are the limitations of ChatGPT

As a new technology, the tool also has its limitations which include

1. It may occasionally generate incorrect information: The concept of Artificial Intelligence does not assume 100% accuracy. As such, it may sometimes generate incorrect information for users. This incorrect information may be misleading in the end. For example, below is a screenshot of a brief chat between me and ChatGPT

2. It may occasionally produce harmful instructions or biased content: Biased and harmful instructions may also be generated by the machine in some cases.

3. It has limited knowledge of world and events after 2021: The technology behind ChatGPT is a new and evolving one and as such it is limited for the time been. With time, more knowledge base will be introduced into it. But for now, it is limited in knowledge
Some Sample Questions and its Responses

In a bid to test run the tool, I keyed in some questions as input and ChatGPT immediately provided correct and matching answers to my questions. Here are some of the questions and answers.


ChatGPT is really redefining the search market. Search and queries has become very easy and simple with the introduction of ChatGPT to the space. This tool may soon stand to compete with Google search engine. The response provided by the machine is direct as it does not need to index any website on blog post in order to provide responses. This tool will really affect blogs and websites negatively in the process of time.

Art, Graphics & Video / Graphic Design Is My Passion: How To Convert Your Passion To A Paying Profession by chikachuks1(m): 3:56am On Dec 25, 2022
Graphic design is my passion but how do I convert my passion to a paying skill? How do I make a living out of my graphic design skill? In this content, I want to present an in-depth knowledge on the above subject matter. Indeed, graphic design is my passion and I have been making a good living out of it. But it is not the same for my readers.

There are several people out there who are so passionate about graphic design. There are others who look for opportunities to learn the graphic design skill. For everything about graphic design, this content will help you on it. In the end, you will discover how you can make a meaningful living just from graphic design. It is time to convert your passion into a paying skill and career.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is the art or profession of visual communication that combines images, words, and ideas to convey information to an audience, especially to produce a specific effect. In other words, graphic design is communication design. It’s a way of conveying ideas through visuals and design. This simply means that graphic design aims at conveying messages even without spoken words.

Everyday of our life, we come across some output of graphic design works. Posters, billboards, calendars, banners, logos, magazines and so on are products of graphic designs. Most of the ads we come across on social media are also done by graphic designers. As such, we are not ignorant of what graphic design is.

This points to the fact that graphic design has become a very integral part of our day to day life and activities. The obituary posters we see on the streets and the campaign fliers we see during elections are all graphic design jobs. As such, there is high employability for those who graphic design is their passion. Also, every content on blogs and websites have graphics. In one way or the other, we all need graphics for one purpose or another. Our need for graphic may not be on a daily basis, but it is highly needed and demanded.

Who is a graphic designer?

Having looked at what graphic design means, the next question to answer is, “who is a graphic designer?” In a simple way, a graphic designer is a person with visual communication and problem solving skill.

Graphics are intended to pass across a message or solve a problem. This is because the subject matter of graphic design is a very broad and vast concept. As such, to be a successful graphic designer, you must be highly and extremely creative and know the kind of designs to do. You must understand effective color combination.

You must also know the seasons and purpose for which you are doing a design. This will help your design to blend effectively. For example, white and red are the colours for valentine. As such, any design that has to do with valentine must have these color combination. Using green, yellow, blue or other unrelated colors for a valentine design will not sense at all. Hence, a good graphic designer must be a very critical thinker. 

How and where to learn Graphic design?

Graphic design is my passion but how and where do I learn it? You can actually be passionate about something even when you do not have an idea about it. Your passion will then drive you to learn it. With the era of internet explosion, you can actually learn almost everything for free or for a very little and affordable token. So if graphic design is my passion and I don’t know where to learn it, I should not bother again. Here are few of the places to learn graphic design

#1 Social media groups

There are lots of social media groups on whatsapp, Facebook etc where you can learn graphic designs. Some of these groups are free while others have paid membership. The facilitators and teachers in this groups give in-depth trainings to their students. After training, some assignments are been given to them so as to ascertain if or not they are really learning. Some people have become highly professional in the graphic design field by learning from social media groups.

#2 YouTube

YouTube has become a very powerful repository to learn anything at all. All you need is an internet enabled device to either watch directly or download. On YouTube, there are several dedicated tutors who teach almost everything. This therefore simply implies that if you want to learn graphic design, YouTube is a sure place for that.

#3 Udemy and Other platforms

There are several paid graphic design courses on Udemy and other platforms like Cousera and Alison. For more details on where to learn graphic design, CLICK HERE

In order to learn graphic design, you must first be passionate about it. The passion will then boost your interest. Also, you must be committed. This is especially for those learning it on YouTube, where there may not be any teacher to give you assessments and assignment. Without commitment, you may not achieve anything. Most times, we tend to be committed because of someone who will monitor and give instruction so as to assess our level of improvement. In this case, you do not have such, it all depends on you.

How to promote your graphic design skill

Graphic Design is my passion, but how do I promote my skills into a paying service? This is a question asked by many people and also a challenge to several graphic designers out there. But then, the greatest tool on earth today is the availability of internet services which helps us to achieve what so ever we want to achieve. As such, to promote your graphic design skills, here are some helpful tips.

#1 Be a professional

The first way to promote yourself is by been sure you are a professional in what you do. Do not settle for less in your career. Clients wants the best. They do not want to patronize someone who will not return value and quality for their money. As such, you must ensure that your service is topnotch. Let your designs be fully innovative and ensure that professionalism is your topmost priority

#2 Leverage social media

Over 75% of the world population are on social media. There are tons of social media platforms available and you may not need all of them to grow. With Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Snapchat, you may be on the right part to growth. Do your designs and share on your social media profiles and pages. Also, you need to get involved in several related groups that will help you promote what you do.

Update all your profiles and ensure that you hoard no needed information from people. If you choose to promote your skill through social media, then be sure that majority of your clients would not have the opportunity of meeting you face to face. Also you will not meet or know them face to face. Therefore, ensure you build trust.

You need to also upgrade your whatsapp and start using the business whatsapp. It has a lot of awesome features that can help you grow. Share all your designs on your whatsapp status. Have a Facebook page for yourself and ensure you post all your designs so that clients will see your level of professionalism and choose from multiple options.

#3 Ask for recommendation

The cheapest and best way to grow your business is by recommendation. When a trusted friend recommends your service to someone else, then be sure of patronage. Recommendation still remains the highest and best marketing tool for Spice Up Center (a call agency). Feel free to patronize them and show some love to your people. But no one will recommend you when your services do not provide the needed satisfaction. As such, ensure you work on that.

#4 Paid ads

As much as you may not have all the money to grow your business, yet try to run adverts once in a while and target some audience. Graphic design is everyday stuff but there are some seasons when they are more demanded. It is demanded more during valentine, black Friday, Christmas and other special events. Therefore ensure you run some low budget ads (depending on your financial capacity) within this period. Here is a guide on how to run adverts professionally to achieve result.

#5 Market outside social media

Apart from social media, you can also talk to your friends and neighbors. Many of your neighbors need graphic design services for their birthday, events, burials and more. As such, you do not need to reach them through social media. Just engage them in one on one discussion and convince them of your ability to deliver an awesome service to them.

#6 Register on freelancing websites

There are lots of freelancing websites out there that you can leverage to land some amazing gigs. Here is a list of some of those websites. Be dedicated and consistent and with time, you will be making enough money

#7 Get involved in events that gives you the opportunity to showcase your skill

You use what you have to get what you want. There are a lot of events that serves as opportunity for you to market yourself, leverage them. Sometimes, you need to just make some little sacrifices and then the outcome becomes massive. You could volunteer to design some banners for a mega event for free because it can bring you to the limelight. If such sacrifice is needed please pay it.

What you should not do as a graphic designer

Every field and aspect of life has its dos and don’ts and as a graphic designer there are things you should not attempt to do. Remember the emphasis on recommendation. Therefore, if you value the recommendation of friend and clients, then ensure you treat them well. Here are few of the things you should never do as a graphic designer.

#1 Do not delay clients job longer than agreed

If you collect a job from a client and promise him a particular number of days to deliver, ensure you deliver as promised. Instead of delivering after the due date, it will be better you deliver before the deadline.

#2 Do not deliver lesser quality than agreed

You have also agreed on some level of quality, ensure you deliver. Do not deliver anything lesser than the agreed quality.

#3 Do not abandon the job of a client

There are many people who collect money from clients and then abandon the jobs. Ensure that this is not part of you. If you collect money for any job, deliver.

#4 Do not take up a job you know you cannot deliver

You must also know what you can do and what you cannot do. Do not be deceived by the huge offer to the point of accepting what you cannot do. If you can be effective in small jobs, stick to small jobs until you build capacity for bigger ones.


Just as graphic design is my passion and I have carved a niche for myself there, you can also do so. Truth is that the market for graphic designers continue to increase on a daily basis. Therefore, if you choose to delve into the graphic design world,, that could be the best decision for you in recent time. This content has addressed some serious issues about graphic design, ensure you take them serious.

Graphic design could be what you need to bid unemployment farewell. As such, ensure you take it serious. Cheers

Webmasters / When Is Redirecting A URL Or Domain Necessary by chikachuks1(m): 10:09pm On Nov 13, 2022
We do things based of several reasons. There are several reasons why website owners may decide to redirect their URL or entire domain to a new one. Some of the reasons include, but not limited to the following;

#1 To change to a new domain entirely

One of the first reason why you may need to redirect your contents is when you want to change to a new domain entirely. For example, the domain www.worldscholarshipforum.com was redirected to www.kiiky.com. As such, you may see lots of contents on Google with the worldschorshipforum link, but when you click on it, it takes you to kiiky. When this is done, you would not lose any of the contents on your website, neither will you lose any of the visitors that were supposed to come to your website.

There are some contents you may want to read and when you click on the link, it gives you any of these two feedback messages, “page not found” or “the content has been moved”. These 2 feedback messages comes when the location of a content was changed without redirecting the URL or when the content is entirely deleted. It could also happen when the domain has been lost. As a result of that, it becomes very necessary to always redirect your website.

#2 To change the location of a post

The second reason why you may need to redirect is to change the location of content to another website. You may create a new website and as such, want to reduce the contents on the old one. Instead of completely deleting them from the old website, you can redirect them to the new one website. With this, the location of the contents will be on the new websites, despite the fact that they were initially published on the old one.

#3 As the need to grow arises

As the need to grow arises, the need to redirect websites will be eminent. Using the example of worldscholarshipforum above, the website was initially launched as nigerianuniversitiesscholarship.com. This domain name created a limitation of limiting the contents to only Nigerianuniversitiesscholarships. With this, the website may not be able to grow as expected. Thus, the entire website was redirected to worldscholarshipforum.com to help them grow and expand. With the new name, the limitation of Nigeria was broken. They could now talk about anything scholarship. Yet, for further expansion, it was again redirected to kiiky.com. On kiiky currently, almost everything is found there. This is why you would need to redirect your website. Everybody wants to grow in his/her business.

#4 To still retain relevance and get links

If you have a new website and want to move your contents from the old one. Ensure you do not make the same kind of mistake I made. If you do, you will be faced with the challenge of having to build a new website from scratch. You will agree with the fact that building a website from the scratch is not honeymoon. Irrespective of your technical know-how, you will still undergo stress and unwanted stuffs.

Also, getting backlinks and google indexing will not be easy for you. If you lose all these in your former website, you have lost a lot. As such, redirection comes when you need to retain your relevance and links. Your old website has started growing already, ensure you do not lose such growth. As at the point of writing this content, none of my posts has been ranked on Google first page. This was the privilege I enjoyed in my other website which I carelessly lost, getting it back is not easy at all.

#5 In the case of merger and acquisition

As a sign of growth, you may need to merge you website with another or even acquire an already existing website. Neil Patel recommended that one of the ways to get quality backlinks to your website is by acquiring high quality websites and the merging it with yours. This was why SemRush acquired Backlinko. With this acquisition, Semrush would be getting about 500,000 additional visitors per month. This is made possible because backlinko has been redirected as a subdomain to Semrush. Same thing happened when Microsoft acquired Linkedin and Lynda.com. Today, Lynda.com no longer exists as a standalone website but has been integrated to linkedin.

#6 To decongest your website

Your website may be crowded with lots of unrelated contents. It is possible to have a single website talking of almost everything. This actually is not in the best practice for website owners (except in rare cases). As such, you may actually need to decongest your main website and split it into smaller units. Therefore, if this is what you want, instead of building a new website and publishing contents on it, you could choose to build a new website and then redirect some links to it. This will help you a great deal. When you do this, you bigger website will be broken into smaller units for ease management and niche focus.

These are some of the reasons why you need to redirect your website or a specific URL. When any of these scenarios arises, ensure you do not make the careless mistake I made back then.
SOURCE: Infoducation

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Webmasters / Types Of URL Redirect by chikachuks1(m): 8:49pm On Nov 13, 2022
There are basically 4 major types of redirects that are in use today. When you define what you want to achieve with redirecting your website, then you will know the type of redirect to choose.

1. 301 Redirect

A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect that is intended to remain that way. It takes place on both the browser and server level. With this you have nothing at all to loose. This is why the 301 redirect is the most commonly used and powerful redirect.

Also, search engines recognize and index this kind of redirect. As a visitor, you may not be careful enough to observe that such form of redirect took place. Your interest may just be on the fact that you clicked on a link and a page opened. When this happens, you may not observe that the link you clicked is not the same with the link of the page that opened.

2. 302 Redirect

Unlike the 301 redirect which is permanent, the 302 redirect is a temporary redirect. It should only be used when you have the intention of moving back to the old URL at some point. If, for example, you’re redesigning your site, but want to direct users to a different domain before you finish. Or if you want to A/B test two different versions of a page, before committing to a new version, then the 302 redirect is what you need. Since this form of redirect is not commonly used, you should consider carefully before delving into it. Else, you may better choose the 301 redirect.

3. Meta Refresh

There are times you click on a link and you are been greeted with a message that reads, “The original URL has moved, you’re now being redirected. Click here if you’re not redirected in 5 seconds”. This is exactly how the Meta refresh is. For sure, you have had such encounters on several websites you visit. If this is the message you get, if you give 5 seconds, you will be redirected to another page. I have experienced this on several survey websites I work for. When setting up a Meta refresh, you can set the amount of time it should take for the redirect to the new page to take place.

In most cases, search engines interpret a Meta refresh in the same way as a 301 redirect. Although, this happens when you set the allotted time to zero seconds. Also, this type of redirect most times is accompanied by a high bounce rate since several users may not be able to wait for the stipulated number of seconds for the redirect to take place. This therefore results to a very poor user experience. But then, instead of considering a Meta refresh, it is better you go for a 301 redirect.

The risk of using a Meta refresh is that, your website’s credibility is at risk because several visitors may assume that it has a security issue. Also, it negatively impact SEO, if the search engines consider the redirect as mere spam. Therefore, this may result in your website or page getting deindexed.

#4 URL Frame – Masked

The URL frame is a masked redirect. In this type of redirect, your visitors will see the exact URL they typed into their browser. But in the actual sense, they’re viewing another URL. It implies that the URL frame doesn’t redirect to a specific webpage but displays a frame from it. This is mostly used by those who uses a free hosting service. Free hosting requires you to use a subdomain unless you upgrade to a premium plan. The disadvantage is this type of redirect is that same content found on two separate URLs causes duplicate content. Search engines will pick one URL over the other that might not be your preference.

Not all hosting providers allow this type of redirect. So, if you ever run into any issues when applying a URL frame redirect, contact your support for more information.
SOURCE: Infoducation
Webmasters / 13 Best Whatsapp Alternatives In 2022 by chikachuks1(m): 2:37pm On Nov 07, 2022
Whatsapp has grown to become one of the most used and popular social media network with its amazing features. It was created in 2009 by Jan Koum who was previously a staff at Yahoo Inc. in 2012, Facebook (now Meta) bought the app for a whopping $19B. Ever since the purchase, Whatsapp has remained highly innovative by introducing amazing features that enhances interaction and user-friendliness.

Whatsapp support video and voice calls. It has the status feature that enables you share your status and your friends will be able to view them. The status lasts for 24 hours and after that, it disappears. Also, it has group chat where you can also place both video and voice calls. In the recent update, users can now exit groups without anyone knowing.

These feature and more gives Whatsapp a competitive advantage over the other competitors. Adding to that fact that messages are end-to-end encrypted enhancing its security and privacy. As such, you are safe on whatsapp.

But in recent times, there is need to have other Whatsapp alternatives because of some issues we encounter in recent times. On several occasions, whatsapp has experienced outage either globally or in some countries. Some of the days in which it had such experience includes; Jan 19, 2021, Match 19, 2021, October 04, 2021 and October 25, 2022.

To curb this menace, sourcing for whatsapp alternatives becomes the way forward. Although there are other whatsapp alternatives that offers matchless features too, whatsapp still dominates because of the high level of innovations.

This post highlights several whatsapp alternatives that you can also use for your social media purposes. In using them, you will still achieve great features as though you were on Whatsapp. As such, you can leverage any of them and enjoy social media services to the peak

#1 Signal

The first app on our list is Signal. Signal is an amazing free application with strong encryption, and works on all mobile platforms. It can be installed on Android and iOS. The application is very simple to use as you will not need special training and explanation to use it. Just like Whatsapp, it also offer voice and video calling features.

It could be said that the disappearing message feature that was introduced on Whatsapp was copied from signal. This implies that signal also uses disappearing message feature. You can activate this feature by setting a time interval for automatic deletion. With this, your privacy will be better enhanced, even if a third party has access to your phone. Unfortunately, Signal does not have the animated emojis feature.

#2 Telegram

For the fact that this list was not compiled in any given order, Telegram appears as the second in the list of whatsapp alternative. If we were to follow a given pattern and sequence of compiling this list, Telegram should be the first Whatsapp alternatives worth mentioning.

Telegram currently has more than 200 million active users and works on various platforms. Just like Whatsapp, when messages are received, the sender gets notified by the double tick feature.

On Telegram, you can chat with people directly like you do on other apps. It has groups and also channels for a more expanded conversation. Before now, Whatsapp group had limited number of permissible users. But then, Telegram group allows more people to it. This feature became a big threat to whatsapp because many people who needed to create larger groups opted for Telegram instead of whatsapp. This made Whatsapp to in turn expand their groups and allow more users compared to how it was previously.

Telegram supports sharing of multimedia files and also has the ability to automatically delete a message after a certain time. It is very easy to move your data from Whatsapp to Telegram. As such, this becomes a very suitable alternative to Whatsapp

#3 Viber

Viber is another awesome Whatsapp alternatives that delivers awesome instant messaging feature. The app is owned by Japanese e-retailer Rakuten. At inception, Viber was a VoIP app and gradually grew to include other services like text messaging, voice calls, group messaging etc. It is fully available both on mobile and on desktop. The requirement for registration is your phone number.

Viber partners with Snapchat to provide AR-powered selfie lenses which enhances the quality of video calls. It is also end-to-end encrypted like Whatsapp and the other apps listed above. Viber is a free social media app but has a paid version called Viber Out. The subscription fee is $6 per month with which you can make unlimited international calls to contacts that are not on Viber.

#4 Threema

Threema is another whatsapp alternatives that provides complete privacy for its users. The app is not free like whatsapp but the security it provides makes the fee worth it. It app goes for $3. To achieve its privacy goals, the app store your contact lists and group information on your phone instead of the app itself. Also, as soon as messages are delivered, they are deleted from the server. This is to better enhance the privacy of the app. You can connect to people using an 8-digit Threema ID instead of a phone number and you can verify contacts with unique QR codes.

Users of this app can create polls and surveys which is not possible on whatsapp. There is also an option to give a “like” feedback on messages. Your chats are password protected.

Threema does not support voice & video calls but you can send multimedia files like voice, images and video using the app. It also makes provision for anonymous chatting since you will not need your phone number to access the app. You can connect Threema to your phone number or email address so people can find you. It is available for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux and has a web version too.

Threema’s servers are located in Switzerland, where they are subject to strict data protection regulations. It offers a PIN lock feature for private chats. You can enhance your security by implementing passwords and fingerprint protections. Currently, Threema has about 10 million active individual users. While the app is also been used by about 7,000 companies

#5 Wire

Wire was founded by Skype co-founder Janus Friis. It is a safe and secured messaging app with end-to-end encryption that offers free personal accounts and paid business plans. It is protected by European data retention laws. Wire is a secure messaging app with end-to-end encryption. To enhance its security, the app undergoes regular security update.

One of its major strength is in the fact that it provides clear voice and video communications. It is available for all major platforms and can be accessed with up to eight synced devices. Wire supports group calls with its VOIP feature. In addition, you’re advised to be cautious with third-party functions such as YouTube or SoundCloud. On Wire, you can add someone with their username (no phone number needed). It’s available on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Wire can be deployed on Wire’s Cloud, your cloud server, or your own on-premises server and all features can be used across web, mobile, and PC.

#6 Kik

Like Threema, Kik is a messaging app for users who don’t want to use their number. Instead of your phone number, Kik requires you to use your email ID. Once you sign up for the service using your email ID, Kik will create a unique user name for you which you can share with other Kik users.

Some of the features of Kik include; text messages, emojis, stickers, GIFs, photo sharing, audio, video sharing and group chats. Kik also supports bots which can be used to play quizzes, get fashion tips, latest news etc. It’s available for both Android and iOS. On Kik, you can meet new people, or you can choose to stay in contact only with your old friends. Kik is completely free to use but it has some ads in it.

#7 Discord

Initially, discord was designed for fellow gamers. With this app, you could connect with other gamers in the space. But in recent time, Discord has upgraded and introduced more advanced features to the system. Some of the functionalities on Discord allows you to send messages, emojis, emotes (if you have Discord Nitro), GIFs, images, and even documents. The app also allows you to make voice and video calls. Discord has other social media integrations. Some of the social media that can be integrated to Discord include; Sportify, Twitch, YouTube, Battle.net, Steam, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Xbox Live, and GitHub. With this, most of your messaging services and needs can be accessed using Discord. Because of these massive integrations, some people argue that Discord is better than WhatsApp.

#8 Wickr Me

Another awesome whatsapp alternatives is Wickr Me. With this app, you can synchronize your messages across all of your devices. It allows you to set an expiration time for all your messages and provides a localized encryption and a different key for each new message.

It retains complete anonymity for its users, and removes all metadata from all content sent through the app. Wickr Me is currently available for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux.

#9 Element

Element is another secured end-to-end encrypted app for collaboration and messaging. This app was developed based on the Matrix protocol. It enhances easy connections and interoperability. Based on its decentralized infrastructure, it has no single entity controlling it. It has a version system that lets you view and go back to older versions of the project/file/document. Additionally, it will not track you or use your personal data and multiple users can work together in Element simultaneously. It does not have any copyright violation policy. As such, it allows the use and reuse of data. Element is currently used by over 42 million individuals, companies and governments to protect their communication and it is currently available on Web, iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, F-Droid, and Linux.

#10 LINE

Another WhatsApp alternatives you can use is LINE, which is a highly popular cross-platform messaging app that packs in a ton of features. It is currently one of the most popular social media in Asia. It is a new communication app which allows you to make FREE voice calls and send FREE messages whenever and wherever you are, 24 hours a day. Like WhatsApp, the app features end-to-end encryption, support for voice and video calls & messages and more.

It has a very unique feature called LINE Out. LINE Out helps you to make international calls across to non-LINE users. It allows the use of sticker store which lets you save your favorite messages, photos etc. and more. In addition, LINE also has other features such as LINE Today which can display the latest news every day. Other awesome features of LINE include passcode lock, filter messages, themes, LINE Pay for payments, and more. LINE is currently available on Android, iOS, iPad, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Windows, macOS, Chrome, Firefox and it is completely free to use.

#11 Facebook Messenger

Messenger was designed strictly for chatting and communication, since the main facebook is complex and has a lot of features inbuilt into it. Messenger has about 1.5 billion active users. It also has amazing features like text, file sharing, video, and audio calls, group chats, sending gifs and stickers etc.

Seeing that this is a branch of Facebook, you can only keep in touch with those friends you have on facebook. As such, to chat with anybody on Messenger, you will need to first add them up as friends to your facebook. For now, the end-to-end encryption technology has not been fully deployed to messenger. Hence, we cannot say that the app is completely secured.

Facebook Messenger is available for both Android and iOs, and you can use it through the web version of Facebook. It also has a desktop version that works with Windows, Linux, and macOS. It is also available in more than 40 languages

#12 WeChat

WeChat is a Chinese based company with interest in instant messaging. The app dominates several part of China but it is not widely known outside China because of some security concerns raised about it. It has a very simple interface with ability to read your phone contacts, letting you chat with your friends easily. With WeChat, you can also share media files wirelessly.

Apart from its instant messaging functionality, WeChat also support conferencing, gaming, and geotagging.

Although WeChat is free to use, there is presence of advertisement which is how the app is been monetized. Privacy of users is not fully assured on this platform. This is because, third parties can monitor private conversations through this app, including the governments of the USA, Taiwan, and India. Currently, it is available on iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows, and Blackberry

#13 2GO

Between 2010-2012, 2Go was highly popular around the globe. This is because of its instant messaging services which were also available on Java phones. But due to lack of technological innovations, it is not currently as popular as it used to be in the past. It has the ability to read you phone contact, which makes it possible to chat with your contacts who are on 2go.

There are also lots of rooms available on 2go which you are free to participate in as many as you deem fit. In participating on rooms, you can add friends from those rooms to your chat list and as such, can chat with them outside the room. 2go has rankings for its members are you get more consistent in using the app. As such, you can go ahead and leverage it. It is an awesome whatsapp alternatives you can trust. It is also available on multiple platforms.


Whatsapp is not the only instant messaging app out there. There are lots of whatsapp alternatives which were not even covered in this list. As such, I recommend that you learn to try new things. This will make you versatile and you will get more technological and technical knowledge.

You can leverage on any of these apps. That does not mean you are leaving whatsapp completely but if you choose to, its still okay.
SOURCE: Infoducation

Education / Re: Futo Transcript Processing System: A Thug Of War Game by chikachuks1(m): 4:13pm On Oct 24, 2022
Any good update on this trend, am scared of coming down to Owerri with this stories am reading here.

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Please who knows if the process is still same recently?

I need to start processing mine and J need to wert my mind on likely duration.
But if you need your transcript and you stay far from owerri, i can help you. Contact me on 07064635053
Education / Re: Futo Transcript Processing System: A Thug Of War Game by chikachuks1(m): 4:11pm On Oct 24, 2022
Please what's the situation like now?
But if you need your transcript and you stay far from owerri, i can help you. Contact me on 07064635053
Education / Re: Futo Transcript Processing System: A Thug Of War Game by chikachuks1(m): 4:10pm On Oct 24, 2022
Please what's the situation like now?
It's improving now. But if you need your transcript and you stay far from owerri, i can help you. Contact me on 07064635053
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Please who knows if the process is still same recently?

I need to start processing mine and J need to wert my mind on likely duration.
it has seriously improved. But if you need your transcript and you stay far from owerri, i can help you. Contact me on 07064635053
Webmasters / 3 Type Of Websites That Gets Google Adsense Approval by chikachuks1(m): 6:13am On Oct 21, 2022
To every webmaster in this space, let us look at the type of websites that can be approved into the AdSense program. There are basically 3 type of websites that are allowed into the Google Adsense program. These are the type of sites that if you create any of them, you can feel free to apply for Google AdSense . The sites are listed below;

1. A blog site

Simply put, a blog is a site where new contents are added on a regular basis. There are websites with static pages like company websites etc. These websites only have few pages and nothing is been added to it. They may not be allowed into the AdSense program because they are not blogs. But when you run a blog like infoducation.com where new contents are added on a regular basis (may not be daily though), you stand a chance of getting the Google AdSense Approval at your request. An example of blog that monetizes it audience using AdSense is infoducation.com.

2. A forum site

Aside blogs, you can also get Google AdSense Approval for forums websites. Forums are places where people discuss issues. The difference between forum and blog is that the owner of the blog (and his staff) are fully responsible for the creation, publishing and promotion of contents on the blog. While for forums, third parties are responsible. Also, for forums, instead of creating lengthy contents as in the case of blogs, you can just raise a discussion topic and a brief introduction and then, visitors and members begins to discuss. As such, the main role of the forum admin is to moderate threads and comments in order to avoid spam. A popular example of a forum that generates revenue through adsense is Nairaland.

3. A free online tool site

The third type of website that qualifies for Google Adsense Approval is free tool websites. There are lots of websites out there that focuses mainly on relevant tools. These tools are given out for free. If you are to sell them, there is no need monetizing the site with AdSense seeing that it has already been monetized. Google will only approve such sites when the tools are given out for free.

Example of such tool websites is smallseotools. Here, you have tools that will help you in your SEO, backlink, keywords, plagiarism and so on. These types of websites also finds it easy to be admitted into the adsense program. Although, this may not be all together easy, seeing that you have to invest money into creating those tools before you can monetize them. Of all the three types of websites, this is the most capital intensive. But if you can successfully rank for a target keyword for the tools your offer, then you are good to go. You will surely have a high return on investment. This is because when people are creating with your tools, they will be shown ads which they may click.

Basically, these are the 3 types of websites that re admitted into the adsense program. So, if you have any of them, head over to adsense and apply
SOURCE: https://www.infoducation.com/google-adsense-approval/

Webmasters / Is Publishing Contents Daily A Google Ranking Factor? by chikachuks1(m): 6:44am On Sep 13, 2022
Is Publishing Contents Daily a Google Ranking Factor?

As SEO experts, we preach and advise website owners to be consistent with publishing contents on a daily basis. But then, is publishing contents daily a Google ranking factor for websites? Does publishing contents daily increases ranking on search engine? This is the question this content seeks to answer.

Recently, Google conducted an SEO office hangout in which people had the privilege of asking several questions while feedback and answers were given to the questions. To that effect, an unidentified participant asked if adding content on a regular basis helped in increasing a website ranking on search engines.

This is actually an important question because of the growing nature of the blogging industry and how SEO is becoming complex by the day. Google search engine has tons of ranking factors that we may not be able to find out which of them is more important than others. Therefore we advice a lot of things to be put into considerations in order to rank high on search engines.

There are lots things and factors important to ranking on search engine. But then, as we have been made to believe, are these ranking factors actually correct? We may teach and preach something different while search engines do it their own way.

This content will not focus on answering all these questions. Our focus is on the myth of publishing contents daily.

In the SEO office hangout conducted by Google, the exact question that was asked is, “Does posting one content daily increase ranking?”

In response to the question the answer that was given is “No. although it was not ascertained who in particular gave out the answer, but it actually came from a Google team member.

Posting regularly on your website does not in any way help in ranking your website better than those who do not post daily. The only important thing in this practice is that it helps you create more pages for your websites. However, the more pages you have in the Google index, the more your content may show up in search results.

Although, getting your pages indexed is not an assurance that the page will be crawled. This is because Google does not crawl all web pages. Beyond the content quality, Google also pays attention to the overall quality of the website.

Google’s John Mueller said: “The other big reason why we don’t crawl a lot from websites is because we’re not convinced about the quality overall”.

Although, this does not mean that those who publish on a daily basis are in the wrong practice. The frequency with which you make posts on your website should be dependent on the chosen niche. If you have a news website, then you must ensure to make posts, (if possible) on hourly bases so as to remain relevant. But still remember that this will only help you have more pages index on Google. As much as it is not a Google ranking factor, it increases your chances of ranking.

There are several websites that makes posts daily and yet hardly get up to 1000 visitors. On the other hand, there are other websites that do not publish up to 10 contents monthly, yet rake in thousands of visitors daily. This makes it clear that posting daily is not a ranking factor.

If you post on a daily basis, go ahead. Running a blog is not for the lazy. Therefore, do not slow down your speed. As earlier stated, although publishing contents daily is not a Google ranking factor, it makes your website have several pages index on search engines. You may not know which of those pages will scale through and rank well.

Webmasters / Content Creation: 7 Qualities Of A Good Content by chikachuks1(m): 11:36pm On Jul 13, 2022
Content creation has grown to become a highly demanded service in the internet space. With more than 300 million websites on the internet, seeking to be updated with contents as frequent as possible. Many of the owners of these websites do not write contents for themselves. Also some of the big websites across various niches leverage to services of content creators to build contents for their websites. As such in my post titled, “14 most profitable and high income skills”, content creation made the list. This is because the service is highly demanded. Seeing that the service is highly demanded, the pay per content is a good one.

What is Content Creation?

As the name implies, content creation can simply be defined as the act or process of creating contents. This is the simplest layman’s definition. But for more emphasis, content creation can be defined as an in-depth and systematic approach undertaken to build or write contents that are useful, relevant and answers questions from various searchers.

Every post on blogs and social media are known as contents. With this, there are various types of contents which includes text, Audio, Video, Image etc. As such, contents cannot just be limited to writing and publishing blog posts on websites. The videos uploaded on Youtube and other streaming platforms are also contents. The music from your favorite artists are also contents.

The field of contents creation is vast and as such can accommodate everyone. For you to be accommodated in this field, here are few things you should do

Find a niche: Having listed few aspects of content creation, it becomes important to know that you may not succeed in it if you want to be everywhere. As such, find an aspect of this industry and pitch your tent there. If you want to be a write, pay attention to it. If you want to be a graphic designer, focus on it

Develop yourself: Having discovered the niche that suits you in the content creation field, the next thing to do is to develop yourself to be able to use the various tools that will help you. For example, if you choose graphic design, develop yourself to use corel draw, Adobe photoshop, Canva and other tools. If you want to be a writer, develop yourself to use tools like grammarly and the likes. These tools will help you to be more professional in your chosen field.

Network: Having developed the relevant skill, the next thing is to network properly for clients to know you. Nobody ever get to the top in isolation. The referral of other colleagues can go along way in helping you. Also, a colleague may be so tied with work that he may choose to push some of his works to you. This can only be achieved when you network very well.

Promote yourself: While networking, ensure you promote yourself very well. We are in the era of social media and more than 70% of the world’s population uses social media, with more than 80% of the 70% using more than one of the social media platforms. As such, you can promote yourself using your social media profiles. No matter how few you friends and followers may be, keep pushing yourself on your social media account. Let people frequently see what you do. They may not need your services immediately but may refer you to someone who does. Also, in the long run, your services may be needed.

Leverage on freelancing platforms: When you have developed a skill in any of the content creation fields, search for jobs using the various freelancing platforms. There are lots of them on the internet. All you need to do is to create an account and promote yourself there. Some of the patforms that will help you includes; fiverr, upwork, writersgig, freelancer etc. Leverage these tools and others to help you get jobs.

Qualities of a Good Content

So then, what are the qualities of a good content? Do we even have bad or poor contents? In this section, I will list the qualities of a good contents. But then bear in mind that there are also bad and poorly written contents. This amount to high bounce rate. When your contents do not have quality, people will zoom off immediately after landing on your page. Many a times, your contents may not meet the demand of inquirers. When this happens you will surely not get patronage from visitors. So then what are the qualities of a good content?

#1 Must answer questions

The first quality of a good content is in its ability to answer questions. Every query initiated on search engine is intended to find an answer to some questions. As such, been able to answer such questions should be your key target. As you advance to grow in your content creation skill, this should be your first port of call. To be able to answer questions through your contents, you must understand how to perform keyword research. Keyword research helps you know what people are searching for. When you know what people are searching for, you will be able to narrow down your contents, instead of just writing on a broad topic that people may not be interested in.

#2 Originality

Nobody will want to see same contents in more than one website. As such, ensure you are always original. The originality of your content will make readers trust your website more than others. They will be sure to see original contents always. This is one of the secret we use at Infoducation. But where you copy a line or paragraph from another source, ensure you provide appropriate references that will help direct readers more. This will in turn make you avoid plagiarism.

#3 Easily understood

A quality content should be easily understood. When writing contents, bear in mind that there are several categories of people you are writing for. As such your contents should be presented in a manner that will suit all of them. The level of education of your readers are not the same. So ensure you do not use words that will need them to consult the dictionary before understanding in. In general, the overall outlay of your content should be well structured for every reader.

#4 Must have more than one content type

I have earlier said that we have content types like text, voice, video etc. As such, where necessary, your content should be the combination of more than one content type if it must be original. Where you want to focus on text, apply relevant images too so as to throw more clarity to your text. The use of infographics can also go along way in enhancing the quality of your content.

#5 Consistent

Let your content be consistent with the known truth. Some of those who are reading your content may not be complete novice in the subject matter you are presenting. They already know a little of what you are writing about but just want to have a wider and clearer knowledge. As such, ensure that you retain consistency in your content. With this, they will be sure that you know what you are writing about.

#6 Engaging

If your content is very engaging, you will win the hearts of so many people. Have you seen some contents with hundreds of social media shares? This is because the contents were engaging enough that the readers thought it wise to share them with people on social media. When this happen, the bounce rate of your website will reduce. Also, when people stay long on your content, search engines will be convinced that such a content has quality and as such, tend to rank it more.

#7 Informative

If you want to write on a subject matter or keyword, give out every information you have about the topic. Do not hide any information from your readers. This will make them want to devour your contents line by line instead of jumping from one website to another. Although not all contents should be long, but ensure that no matter how short it may be, let it be as informative as possible. At infoducation, the shortest content we write is about 1500 words. Although this does not mean that the content length is a weighty matter but we try as much as possible to be detailed and informative enough.

Having stated the features and characteristics of a quality content, the next thing is to tell you the steps and guiding principles in doing it. As such, we have written a step by step guide on how to write a quality content. You can refer to it to learn more.
SOURCE: https://www.infoducation.com/content-creation/

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Webmasters / 11 Free Keyword Research Tools For Beginners In 2022 by chikachuks1(m): 9:34pm On Jul 07, 2022
As a beginner, I know your budget is not fat and large enough to subscribe for premium keyword research tools that will help your contents go well. This is the reason why this post on the free keyword research tools is coming your way. In the blogging world, the competition for ranking is increasing daily. Top bloggers spend thousands of dollars in keyword research yearly. The keyword research budget for some of these top bloggers are more than the yearly revenue of some of startup blogs. For example, some blogs do not even make up to $100 in three months, while some of the key players in the industry spends more than $500 monthly just for keyword research.
Here are the free keyword research tools for beginners. Although, they are not totally free, they have premium versions, but you can leverage the free version for a start.

#1 Google Suggest

Google suggest makes the top of the list of free keyword research tools for beginners. As popularly known, Google is the most widely used search engine on the internet. It is currently the most visited site on the Internet above Facebook and Youtube. With this, Google build a tool known as Google suggest that is integrated into the search engine. When a searcher conducts a search on Google, he is shown links to websites with helpful and useful information regarding what he searched for. While Google does this, it also displays a list of suggestions for the searcher to choose from. These suggestions are lists of what other people are searching and they are closely related to what you are searching for.

With this in mind as a content creator, this tool can be of immense value and significance to you because it is coming directly from Google. This is how it works. Since Google is the most use search engine, it has a repository for all searches conducted via the platform. With this repository, Google is able to know what people are searching at all times. Also, it is able to know searches that are related to what you are searching for. As such, your search phrase may not be proper for the information you are looking for. You can then rephrase your search query based on the suggestions Google made.

This suggestions are very helpful to content creators because the serve as free keywords to build contents for. Google tells you what people are searching for, if you want to rank on Google, build contents that will suit those search queries. This is just the simple logic. Let us show an example with the keyword, “high income skills”.

Before now, you are aware that Google is the most used search engine on the internet with over 80% share in the search engine market. As such, about 5 billion searches are conducted on it daily. With this record, Google understands what people are searching for. To that end, these suggestions that are displayed as output when you search for a keyword is exactly what other people are searching for. This is Google’s way of telling you that other people are searching for so and so, why don’t you create content around one of those topics. This Google feature makes the top of our list because of its general acceptability and importance. Also, this tool is totally free. Here is an article that teaches you how to use this tool in detail

#2 Answerthepublic

AnswerThePublic is a free keyword research tool owned by Ubersuggest which is powered by NPdigital. It is an autocomplete tool that works with search engines like Google, Bing etc and then coin out useful phrases that could be attached to your intended keyword. It is a keyword research tool that functions like the Google suggest to suggest keywords for your searches. The algorithm for this tool works with Google to know what people are searching for.

Since this tool is not a search engine, it cannot tell what people actually wants. Thus, it is fed by the Google search engine. Since every content is written for people, this tool tells you exactly what people are searching for. Using the same keyword, “high income skill” on this tool, you will have lots of keyword ideas to choose from. These results are divided into 5 parts. Although, there are times the tools segments the result into more than 5 sections.

How to Use this Tool

Once you click “Get Questions”, the page starts to render with the keywords found. The page is made up of two parts – the keyword wheel and the alphabetical keyword data. If you have the addon installed, you will see keyword metrics in both the sections. For the keyword wheel, you need to move your mouse over a keyword, and you will see a popup appear with the search volume and CPC, as shown in the image

The alphabetical results are shown in individual panels. The keyword volume and CPC are appended to the right of every keyword.

If you click on any of the keyword ideas displayed as output, it takes you to Google search engine where you will see contents on the said keyword.

NOTE: These results are not universal for all search term. The way this tool presents the results for this example above may not be the way it will for another example.

#3 Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is one of the most powerful Keyword research tools for bloggers and content creators. It is owned by NPdigital with the famous and popular SEO guru – Neil Patel as the head. Over the years, Neil Patel has grown to be one of the best SEO guys in the space. As such, his wealth of experience and those of his other team members put together were used to build this powerful tool for your keyword research purpose. Although this is a premium tool with matchless features, yet the free version permits 3 searches per day. If you are a new blogger, (depending on your niche) you may not write up to three contents daily.

In using this tool, you can narrow down your research to specific countries where you want to target. Actually, contents on blogs are not meant for everybody on the internet. Some contents are meant for students in Ghana while some are for Couples in Canada and so on. As such this tool is very effective in location based keyword research. Also, you can search for keywords in various languages. Your contents must not always be targeted to the English audience. This tool also helps you in a variety of languages. Ubersuggest does not only provide information about the searched keyword, it also brings ideas of related keywords you could rather choose.

#4 Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner is the first of the best free keyword research tools for beginners. I used this tools a couple of times and it was really amazing. As such, for your startup, I recommend this tool to you. In using this tool, you will get ideas of some related keywords you can also choose. You get an estimated search volume for the keyword, discover new keywords, get keyword forecast and lots more.

Here is how to use the Google Keyword Planner tool. Learn to play around with this tool and get familiar with it. One of the reason why I prefer this tool above others is because it was developed by Google. Google has the world largest and most used search engine. As a matter of fact, Google search engine controls more than 80% of all searches done on the internet. As such, the company is in the best place to tell us what keyword is better than the other. This is the advantage it has over other tools.

#5 Ahrefs

The premium version of the Ahrefs may not be affordable to startups. But the free version will also guide you in your keyword research. The limitation of this tool is that you check for results country by country. This means that if you want to check a keyword performance for 10 countries, you will have to run the search 10 times. This may actually be time consuming, but it is really worth it for newbies.

Also, the results for the keywords are separated by search engine. This means that if you search for the performance of a keyword in Google, you will need to do same thing for Bing. The results will not be general for every search engine. In this way, keyword research may prove to be difficult, but when you begin to achieve results, you will enjoy your effort. One of the best performing content on the blog is titled “Dogpile search engine”. It was through the free ahrefs tool I discovered the keyword and built content around it. Blogging has never been easy at any stage, as such, you must ensure that you put in your best in keyword research.

#6 KWFinder

KWFinder is another amazing keyword research tool that helps with keyword ideas to build quality contents. This tool is not totally free but has a 10 days free trials after which you subscribe for the paid version. It helps searchers find long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty. With this tool, you can conduct your searches by keywords or domain and get amazing results for your query.

This tool is in-depth in that it shows the keyword trend, search volume, CPC, PPC and Keyword Density. These are basically the things needed in a good keyword research. Also, you could conduct a general search or limit your search to specific countries. Additionally, you can also conduct your search for all languages or still limit it to specific languages. This tool also stores the history of all searches you have conducted on it. As such, you can always refer to your previous searches for anything.

#7 Semrush

Semrush is also another free keyword research tools that should be mentioned here. Do not forget that most of these free tools have their premium versions. As such, they are not completely free. Semrush is one of those amazing tools. In order to use this free tool, Semrush works with Yoast SEO plugin on your site to deliver the keyword research tool. If you use the yoast SEO plugin, then you can as well make use of Semrush because of the seamless integration between the two. It provides 10 free keyword research trials per day, although the result would not be as detailed as the paid version.
NOTE: To do this, you must first create and account with Semrush and be fully logged in. This tool provides 10 output per search. Although the results of the searched keyphrase is limited to specified country. This is to say that you search for keywords per country. The result also shows the search volume of the keyword and the keyword trend. The keyword trend shows the performance of the keyword over time.

#8 Google trend

Google trend is a completely free keyword research tools. It helps you with keyword ideas based on what is been searched for in various locations and time. For example, this tool will tell you what was the most popular search today or any specific day. It also tell you the behavior of a particular keyword. What this means is that you will be able to know how the said keyword has been behaving over time. At what time is the keyword at its peak level of demand and at what time is it less demanded. This will help you know which keywords are seasonal and which are demanded frequently. With this, you will be able to make the best keyword decisions for your contents.

#9 Wordstream

Wordstream is an online marketing tool developed by LOCALiQ that offers a free keyword research tools to content creators and marketers. It is a tool with detailed and indepth features that can keep you on top of your content marketing career. As such, while you work with a low budget for your keyword research activities, you should consider using this tool as it provides amazing results when compared to other tools. This is a proof that the tool delivers quality results for your keyword query.

This tool partners with Google keyword finder in order to track certain and relevant information like monthly search volume, top of page bid (low range), top of page bid (high range) and competition. In this tool, you have one basic search box where you will input your keyword and then two other drop downs. One of the drop down is where you will choose the country to target your search. This will help you find out relevant information about a keyword in a particular country. Although, if you search for the keyword information in Canada, it does not mean that your content will only focus on Canada. As such, to target audience in various countries, search for the keyword information in various countries.

The second drop dropdown will permit you to choose the category you want to search for. Although, this is not a feature that is common with other tools but is also helps to get specific information about the keyword in question.

#10 Keyword sheeter

Keyword sheeter is another tool for keyword research, although is it not totally free. You can access most of its features through a paid subscription but then the free services can still go a long way in helping you do keyword research properly. You can search for keywords for contents, images, news, YouTube etc using this tool. Another amazing feature of the keyword sheeter is that is has about 15 language integrations that can help you get quality result, even beyond English speaking countries. This too; shows the Search Volume CPC Bids, Exact Keyword Results, All in Title Results Checker, Top 100 SERPs, Term Explorer Difficulty Report, Full Sheet Report, Full Search Engine SERP report and lots of amazing features for you.

#11 Wordtracker

This list of the free keyword research tools will not be complete without mentioning Wordtracker. This tool is another free keyword research tool that will help you in your keyword research journey. For every search you perform, this tool also gives you a list of related keywords to help you with a wider and large scope. It generates results based on some of the following metrics; Volume, competition, IAAP, clicks, impression, CTR, CPC etc. All these metrics will help you strengthen your decision on which keyword to build content on. Also, it tracks data from Google search Console. As such, you can track the performance of your website through this tool as well. Another important feature of this tool is the historical trends it presents. This helps you understudy the performance of a said keyword over time.


Having outline 11 amazing free Keyword research tools for you, we have set you free to sail safely and successfully on the keyword research track. Let me not forget to advice you to do a combination of tools for your keyword research. Depending on only one pf these tools may not give you the best and anticipated result. As such, you can combine 2 or 3 of these tool to perform your research.
SOURCE: https://www.infoducation.com/free-keyword-research-tools/

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Art, Graphics & Video / Evertything You Need To Know About Bing Video by chikachuks1(m): 1:21pm On Jul 06, 2022
In the level of technology we have reached, most people are only used to YouTube for their video contents. This is the only platform they know to upload and watch videos. They have become so accustomed to YouTube that they do not even know that there are other platforms that perform same services or rather similar services with YouTube. As such, in this content I will give you a detailed insight to Bing video and tell you almost all you need to know about it. Perhaps, after reading this content you may choose Bing video as your favorite streaming platform.

Bing Video is a video streaming and sharing platform owned by Microsoft Corporation. The platform was developed in 2004 as MSN Video/Live Search Video and later renamed and rebranded to Bing Video Search in 2009. The service works as a search engine that enables the users to browse and view videos across various websites on the web. Since inception, it has remained consistent and dedicated to video searching, streaming and sharing. The Bing Video is an integration of the Bing search engine.

Bing search engine was initially reported to be the third largest search Engine in the United State in October, 2018 with about 4.58% search volume in the search Engine market. This volume seams low because Google dominated with about 77% search volume. But with the release of Windows 10, the Bing search Engine has grown more in popularity because it serves as the default search engine for Microsoft Edge, which is also the default browser for Windows 10. As such, Bing search engine has experienced a higher usage with this integration.

With this, Bing Video search has become the second largest search engine for video contents just behind YouTube. One of the success of Bing search is because it is largely powered by Yahoo search. Recently, Bing and Yahoo signed an integration and partnership agreement. As such, they share resources together.

Features of Bing Video

Bing video has its awesome features that makes it stand out from other video search engines. Before now, you may be aware of other video search engines like YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo. All these platforms has their distinct features that differentiates them from the other. As such, Bing also has its features which will make you prefer it over other video search engines. Here are some of the features of Bing video that makes it stand out.

1. Find and watch videos: On a general note, every video search engine enables you to Search for videos by keywords or categories, browse for popular, recently uploaded, and related videos. Bing video is not lacking in this feature as its algorithm is topnotch in delivering this service.

2. Share videos: On this platform, every video has its own separate web address. With this address, you can share the video via various platforms like Blog, Whatsapp, Email, Facebook or even instant message.

3. Although not all types of videos are accepted on Bing, yet some of the categories of contents permissible include, but not limited to music videos, animated shorts, viral videos, original content, sports video, TV shows, news shorts etc.

4. Smart Preview: It has a smart preview feature that enable users to preview a video by hovering your mouse over its thumbnail. Once you hover your mouse over the thumbnail of the video, you will be able to watch a short preview of the original video. Preview of the video is just a brief summary of the entire video which may be one minute or a little above that.

5. Filter: It also has a feature that filter results by video duration. This will help you know the duration of a particular video content. With this feature, you will be able to set your search requirements. This is to say that if you want to watch videos of 5 minutes, you can specify it. If you do so, in your result, you will not have a video that is more than 5 minutes in duration.

6. Sorting: The algorithm of the Bing Video sort results by either relevance, language or date. By relevance, it identifies which video contents match your target keywords and the outputs them as result. Also, it outputs results by the date the videos were posted. Although, this is not always applicable in all cases.

7. View Selection: You can easily switch between views. You can switch between the grid view and list view

8. Integrated to Bing search: Bing video is not a standalone platform like the YouTube. It is integrated into the Bing search engine and works together with other Bing services like Bing News, Map, Images etc.

9. Videos are not hosted on Bing Videos: Unlike YouTube where users can host videos directly, Bing videos does not host any video. Rather they access videos that are posted on websites and display them on their search results. As such, Bing only caches the video in its cache memory, but ordinarily, the video is not stored on its database. This works with a similar algorithm to that of search engines. Search engines on their own do not have contents, rather they are able to index contents from websites and display as output. This is the same way Bing video works.

10. Parental Control Filter: The algorithm for Bing video provides for monitoring activities performed on the platform. This feature is most important for parents who would want to monitor the activities carried out by their children on the internet. But then, since these videos are not uploaded on Bing video but rather on other websites, this algorithm does not report those sites where the videos are uploaded. Rather, they report Bing, since it is the platform through which they are viewed.

11. Result list is vast: Bing Video search can find videos on any topic imaginable. Since this platform works with several other platforms, there may be videos that you will not find on YouTube but you will find on Bing video. For example, YouTube does not support pornography but Bing Video does. As such, any topic you can ever imagine, Bing has a video for you.

12. It’s algorithm is topnotch: It uses a powerful algorithm to show you the best results for your query, including links to YouTube and other video sites

13. It has a “People Also Ask” section that gives you related queries from people. In keyword research, this tool is a very powerful tool to know what topic to create contents for. When you clearly know what people are searching for, your keyword research difficulty will reduce.

14. SafeSearch: It also has a safesearch feature that helps you filter out result that are explicit.

15. Bing trend: It shows videos that are most popular within 24hours time frame. What this means is that it tracks the most popular and watched videos daily.

Bing Video Search vs YouTube Search

For the video creation and sharing platform, the competition there is almost as that in the search engine market. YouTube is the largest search engine for videos just as Google is for search queries. But then, the market for the Bing video is interestingly increasing as the company has over time, adopted amazing marketing and advertisement strategies. Here are some of the differences between Bing Video and YouTube.

For Bing video, you do not necessarily upload videos on the platform. Rather, it works like a search engine which gets results by crawling several websites. This is how Bing video works. When you are looking for a video on Bing, it shows you results from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vevo, Hulu and other video sharing platforms and websites. But for YouTube, you can upload videos directly to YouTube. When a search is made for a video on YouTube, only videos uploaded on YouTube will be indexed. This makes YouTube take full responsibility and ownership of every video uploaded on the platform.

In recent development, YouTube has adapted the video preview feature when you hover over a video. This feature has always been on Bing Video Search. Another major difference here is that for the Bing video preview, it has a sound integration with which you will know the quality of the video. But YouTube only has the preview feature without any sound integration.

On Bing Video Search, you can save videos by clicking on the “Save” button. The said video saves in the “My Saves” section, from which you can watch later. This is similar to the YouTube’s “Watch Later” playlist for desktop or the download for mobile. When you click on the download button on your mobile device, the video saves in the download folder of YouTube and not on the device itself.

How to use Microsoft’s Bing Video Search

As we have established that Bing video search is an awesome platform to surf video contents, let us proceed to know how we can use this great tool. In terms of results for searches, Bing seems to be smarter than other video search engines. It generates relevant and required videos from all trending sources. It also offers browsing of T.V shows, sports videos, news, and music videos, etc. Since Bing video is integrated into the Bing search engine, to search any video on Bing, click on the video tab.

Play Preview:

The first thing is to drag your mouse on videos to watch. This will help you watch part of the video as preview without having to visit the source. This is a unique feature in this platform, although in recent time, YouTube has copied it. With this feature, you can preview the video and audio quality and save time and data while surfing the video. With the feature, you can preview videos without visiting the actual source.

Click on the Video you want to watch:

The next step is to expand the video. By expand, we mean click on the exact video to be able to watch it in full. When you expand the video, you will also be able to see a list of related videos on the right-hand side of your search.

There are no Ads before the video:

One of the drawbacks to YouTube is the fact that ads are displayed before some videos start playing. This is so annoying most times as it consumes your time. It’s search service is more user-friendly by the way it cuts off the ads from search. But then, you can still find a banner ad on video, but that never stops us from watching the video.
Limitations of Bing Video

It is clear that whatever has advantage has disadvantages as well. With this in mind, it becomes important that having stated where Bing is good, let us state where they do not get it right.

YouTube is more popular that Bing video:

There are videos on YouTube that has millions of views. This is because millions of people use YouTube daily. But this is totally different in the case of Bing. It does not have much popularity and as such, your views may not be as massive as that of YouTube.

You cannot upload your video on Bing

Bing is not like YouTube where you can create your own channel and upload videos anytime you want. Bing gets results from other videos streaming platforms like YouTube, hulu, Daily motion, Vimeo, Vevo and so on. As such, when videos are uploaded on these platforms, Bing gets results through them. On its own, Bing does not support a direct video upload.


Let me conclude this content by recommending that you try out this amazing platform. You may be very familiar with other video surfing platforms but not Bing video. As such, a trial will convince you of its matchless features.

SOURCE: https://www.infoducation.com/bing-video/

Phones / How To Set Your Home Address On Iphone by chikachuks1(m): 10:00pm On May 26, 2022
In recent time, the use of Iphones has increased drastically and as such, almost everyone want to use it. As such, it becomes important that we explain some basic things you need to know in order not to be a total stranger to the device. Here, I want to show you How to Set Your Home Address on Iphone.

Technology has increased to the point that you need to set you locations in your mobile devices. This is not because the applications wants to track your movement. For example, I left my office one day and was heading home, on my way back, I got a message from Google map, asking me my experience at work that day. This means that the Google map has got to understand where I go to almost everyday and it would not be wrong to conclude that that is my workplace.

Also, if you want to embark on a journey and you do not know the address, both Google Map and Apple map will help you locate the place. Such that you won’t be afraid of getting missing. With this you will understand the importance of these applications. And seeing the prevalent technology in vogue, you need not to fear the issue of misusing your information because these applications have a very strong privacy policy. Your information will not be stolen by anyone at all.

You need to set you home address because Apple Maps doesn’t automatically detect your it, it can only detect your current location. If you from one point to the other, it will keep telling you how long it will take to drive to your previous home address. This will continue to happen until you set your new address. This is why I want to show you How to Set Your Home Address on Iphone.
Google Maps has its own option for your new home address which you can change in the app. Apple Maps is not like that. It does not have such feature. Rather, it makes use of the Home address set for your Contacts card.

To set your home address on your Iphone, follow the steps below;

Step 1: Open your iPhone’s Contacts application. You will see your contacts card. On the contact card, you’ll see your name with the label “My Card” appear at the top of your list of contacts. Click on the “my card”.

Step 2: Having clicked on “my card” you’ll see your “Home” address displayed, if you’ve previously set one. This is the Home address Apple Maps uses. Or if you bought the iPhone from someone, the app will use the address set by the previous user. As such, you’ll need to edit it.

Step 3: Click on the “Edit” link at the top right corner of the screen to edit your settings. In the settings that will be displayed, go down and till you find the “Home” address section. If you have not set a Home address before, then click on the “Add Address” link to add a Home address. But if you have done that before, that is if there is any registered home address on your device, then you need to edit it.

Step 4: Click on the Home address fields and type in your new Home address. Having done that, Click “Done”. This process may actually take a little time to propagate as it is not done immediately. It may take a few moments for the Apple Maps app to notice your new Home address and start using it in the widget and the Apple Maps app itself.

After a while of waiting and nothing happens, you can close the app and reopen. Hopefully it would have propagated. But then, if it still does not propagate, then you need to restart the application. This time, hopefully it would have been done.

This solution is applicable for all models of iphone. As such, having understood the process, you can go ahead to try it yourself and enjoy the usage of your valued device.
Business / How To Delete Payoneer Account by chikachuks1(m): 12:12pm On May 20, 2022
In this post, I want to show you how to delete Payoneer account. There are actually several reasons why you may choose to delete any of your accounts. I listed some of them in this post. But then, feeling unsatisfied with the quality of service delivered to you may be one of such reasons. Also, as technology evolves daily, you may want to switch over to a competitor who does better. There are many more reasons for this decision.

As such, whatsoever may be your reason for your action, this post is a step by step guide on how to delete payoneer account.

What is Payoneer

Payoneer is a fintech company that offers financial services across various locations. It is a platform through which you can send and receive money for business transactions using a B2B architecture. Also, it is a financial service company that provides online money transfer and digital payment services. As such, it works with an e-wallet, a virtual bank account number or prepaid MasterCard. The money received can then be withdrawn to a local bank account or also used online with your Payoneer debit card.

The technology of Payoneer is similar to that of PayPal, Flutterwave, Swift etc. All these platforms are intended to make online transactions easier and safer. As a progressive and innovative financial institution, Payoneer is used by companies like Airbnb, Amazon, Google, Upwork, Rakuten, Walmart, Fiverr, Envato etc.

Payoneer services are currently available in about 200 countries and works for more than 150 local currencies. Payoneer has physical offices in about 35 different locations with more than 2,000 employees. It is also available in about 70 languages.

It offers convenient payment service for freelancers who work remotely and sellers on various ecommerce platforms. The Payoneer platform allows users to add up to three bank account to the standard Payoneer account. It does not charge any fees to keep your account open if there are no funds. This means that if you want to still keep your account open without any fund in it in case you may need it again in the future, you will not charged for it.


There are several types of Payoneer accounts that are available for users. These accounts offer different services, depending on the kind of transaction to be performed. As such, if you perform any of these transactions, you are eligible to create a payoneer account. Here are the types of Payoneer accounts;

1. Freelancer or SMB

This is the type of account for Freelancers, agency and service providers. Seeing that Payoneer is used by freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, this is the kind of account that supports such services. In operating this type of account, you can withdraw funds at ATMs, using your Payoneer Debit card.

2. Online seller

This is the kind of account for ecommerce service providers like Lazada and Amazon. As such to receive payment via any of these ecommerce platforms, you need to create an Online seller account. These ecommerce stores sends out massive payments to people using the payoneer platform. Using this service, you can withdraw your earnings to your local bank account.

3. Affiliate marketer

This is the account for affiliate marketers. To receive your commission for your affiliate proceeds, you need to create an Affiliate Marketer account. Also, seeing that Payoneer has an affiliate program with which they promote their services, this is the best account to create in order to receive payments.

4. Vacation Rental Host

To pay for vacation and rentals using Payoneer, this is the type of account to create. As such, this is the type of account needed for hotel reservations and airline booking.

5. Individual

This is an individual account that has not been fully rolled out. Shortly, their services will be defined.

It is important to also state that payoneer does not support personal transactions. This means that sending and receiving money between family and friends is not allowed on Payoneer. As such, you will not get approved. Services like western Union, Sendwave, UnionPay, worldremit would help you out for this purpose, not Payoneer. Also, if all you are interested in is to get a prepaid card, unfortunately, won’t be approved to use this service.

How To Delete Payoneer Account.

We have come to the real part of this subject matter. It is important to throw a brief introduction about Payoneer before we talk about how to delete payoneer account. Seeing that Payoneer is a fintech company that provides financial transaction services across the globe, it is also important to know that there other service providers that do same. As such, you may get to a point where you are no longer comfortable with the service and you decide to opt out of it.

There charges may be too high for you that quitting for other alternative platforms like revolut may be the way forward. Also, it is possible that you wrongly created an account with them and as such, the account is no longer needed, deleting it may be the last resort. But then, before you delete the account, ensure that you may not need it again.

If you already have a Payoneer account and seek to know how to delete Payoneer account, you have just landed at the right place. Here are proven steps on how to delete your Payoneer account, but before then, take note of these 3 points

i. You will lose all your unwithdrawn and unused funds.

ii. You will not be able to move your old funds to a new account once you have deleted it.

iii. You will not be able to use the same email address to open another account in years to come

Having taken note of these 3 points, lets proceed

Step 1: Log in to your Payoneer account

Step 2: Enter your two-step verification code if you have one set up.

Step 3: Exhaust all your remaining funds or move them to your bank account. You will lose every remaining funds in your account if you do not move them out or exhaust them. To do that, Click Here to be redirected

Step 4: Click on the “Contact Us” button below the dashboard

Step 5: Then click “Send Message” which takes you to the message box.

Step 6: Choose your preferred language.

Step 7: Click “Account Set Up”

Step 8: Select “Request to Cancel”

Step 9: Under “request to cancel” select “I wish to cancel my account”

Step 10: Review the warnings on the account closure page.

Step 11: In this step, you will fill the comment box and provide the following details;

Your full name
Contact address
Your date of birth
The last 4 digits of the card number
ID number used for registration (National ID, passport, driver’s license, or military ID). Note: US residents must reply with the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number.
The reason for deleting your Payoneer Prepaid Card

Step 12: Click the submit button.

At this point, a confirmation email will be sent to you. From the email sent, confirm that you want your Payoneer account deleted. You can do this by clicking on the “Yes I want to cancel my account” link on the mail.

Your request will be reviewed and you will get a feedback between 3-5 working days. In some cases (not always though), the customer service team may reach out to speak to you before finally deleting the account.

Although this may take anywhere between 3-5 days

Another way to is to head to the help desk directly for closing the account and selecting Contact Us from the screen. This will send you to the customer care form to complete and submit.

Keep track of your emails and communication from Payoneer to finish the account closing procedure
Webmasters / 14 Most Profitable And Best High Income Skills To Learn In 2022 by chikachuks1(m): 3:48am On Feb 19, 2022
The 21st century is loaded with a strong battle for survival. Things have changed compared to the past decade and century. Relevance has become a function of determination and dedication to the little things you find yourself doing. In this article, I will be sharing 13 powerful, profitable and best High Income skills that can make your independent financially.

Here are the skills for you to leverage on. Listed below are the best high income skills that can earn you as high as $5,000 monthly. That’s a good pay and as such, peaching your tent here will make sense.

1. Digital marketing

The top of the list of the best high income skills is Digital Marketing. We are in the time where social media has become a very powerful tool for business growth. Yet, not everyone knows how to leverage social media. Many organizations and multinational companies spend huge amount yearly in order to maintain good digital profile and image. Yet, several of these companies and organization do not have a good digital marketing personnel. Developing a digital marketing skill puts you on the positive ride. Several digital marketers make it big with their top notch service delivery.

2. Blogging

Blogging has turned several people to millionaires within few years. There are millions of blogs on the internet yet, less than 40% of them has become fruitful over a period of 5 years. People think that blogging is all about buying a domain name, getting a hosting plan and publishing contents on it. Blogging is far beyond that. There is more to blogging than what several people think of it. This is why blogging has become a skill you must learn with keen dedication and attention.

Blogging is an endeavor that has the ability of paying you in 6 – 7 figures monthly. There are various ways of making money in blogging, like Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, direct advertising, sponsored posts etc. Bloggers have become top influencers in the globe today. Every one of us visits several blogs weekly. It may have not occurred to you that the platform or website you just visited is making someone financially free. As such you may have not thought in that direction of starting up your own blog.ow your blog

3. Graphic design

I intentionally added graphic design to this list of high income skills because I have seen how much it generates for my friend. The act of graphic design is the act of been creative. If you are creative enough, then you could leverage graphic design to turn your skills to money.

Graphics is part of our day to day life. You visit websites to read contents and you come across images that are not screenshots. You come across adverts on Facebook and other social media platforms. Your attention is drawn to a particular program and fliers of an event you see. You see obituary posters, shows, events and other stuffs. All these are products of graphic designers. So you will agree with me that graphic design is part of our day to day life.

4. Copy writing

Copywriting is listed among the best high income skills you should learn because organizations are seriously looking for professional copywriters. Copywriting is the act of developing contents that are aimed at promoting a product. For example, apple recently released iPhone 13. It is the work of copy writers to introduce the product to the market. They talk about the features, how it defers from iPhone 12, and the reasons to buy it and so on.

5. Search Engine Optimization Skill

SEO skill is one of the most sort after and best high income skills in recent time. In fact SEO is supposed to be the first of all these listed skills. SEO means search engine Optimization. SEO is what helps blogs and websites rank on search engines.

6. Content developer

Content development or freelance writing is among the high income skills to develop. It is about the most popular in this list of best high income skills. It may surprise you to know that several bloggers do not have time to develop contents by themselves. They leverage on the services of freelance writers and content developers to build contents for their blogs. There is hardly any website/blog that does not outsource content writing to content writers. This is to say that the work of a content writer cannot be underestimated.

If you are a content writer, join various groups on Facebook and promote yourself. Better still, there are platforms like writersgig, upwork, freelance, fiverr etc. You can leverage on any of these to get jobs and deals. Many websites are looking for quality content writers to hire. Some people charge about $10 per 500 words, some charge lesser while others charge higher. The most important thing is that you are good at what you do.

7. Android app developer

Android application development is another angle to look into. It has become the most used operating system for mobile devices. Every android device has various applications which are developed by people like you and I. Developing an android application is a very big project depending on the nature and functionality of the application.

8. Programming

The world is fast evolving. Soon, most of the things done by human beings will be taken over by robot. Already the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) technology has displaced thousands of people in the banking industry. Robots serve as attendants in several hotels in developed countries. This is possible because of programmers who take time out to build software that manipulates these Robots. Programming skill is a highly demanded and sought after skill round the world today. Programmers do not stay unemployed at all.

Companies today are looking for programmers who will handle the technological activities. Many companies do not want to continue using custom built software, instead they want to build their own so that they could manipulate it as much as they want. This is why the search for programmers are on the increase.

9. Web developer

Website development makes the list of one of the best and most profitable high income skills to learn because every organization wants to have a website. Every business owner wants to have a website. Individuals want to have their own personal websites. As such, the need for website developers has interestingly increased such that you cannot be out of job as a website developer as long as you promote and market your skills. You could develop simple websites for as low as $100 and complex websites runs into millions of dollars to develop. The rate for developing a simple website may appear to be small, but when the money is converted to your local country currency, it becomes appreciable. Yet, you could land more than two of those website development jobs every month.

10. Database

The need for database professionals is on the increase daily as organizations looks for experts to handle their database. The database of an organization is the life wire of the organization, such that they cannot afford to be careless about it. As such, developing a career around database management will go a long way in helping you attain financial stability.

11. WordPress Plugin development

Today, thousands or even millions of people host their websites on WordPress. WordPress is a content management system that helps you create a website with ease. To have a website on WordPress, you may not be able to write the simplest HTML code. Yet you can have an awesome website on WordPress. To enhance and speed up website functionalities, WordPress makes use of several plugins and themes. These plugins are designed using the PHP language. As much as WordPress blogs pays people massively, yet developing plugins for WordPress blogs may pay you more.

12. Data Analysis

Data analysis is the practice of examining, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data sets in order to discover some useful information, draw conclusions, and make good decisions, often with the help of specialized software. It is effectively used to discover new opportunities, reveal big business relationships, and improve one’s business performance. Every organization needs the services of data analyst to boost their business. It will help them predict the future nature of their business and in turn know steps and actions to take.

13. Video Editing (Videography)

As technology becomes more sophisticated by the day, the need for video editors are on the increase. Several adverts are done using videos as a means of communicating the ideas. You will find this often on YouTube and other television stations. Getting these short video clips demands the services of professionals because these videos will appear before thousands of people and as such, a poorly presented video will make prospective clients to lose interest in your service. Apart from the adverts we see online, the need for movie industries to continue acting movies are their day to day activities such that your job as a videographer will always be demanded. Apart from videography been one of the best information technology skills to learn, it is highly lucrative and relevant in the 21st century.


Photography has evolved from nothing to a very big career. No wonder several people have chosen photography as their occupation. If you are lucky to become a celebrity photographer, you are made for life. Imagine how much the personal photographer of Joe Biden will earn monthly. Rome was actually not built in a day, but with time, effort and consistency, it was finished. In like manner, if you choose to become a photographer today and put in much efforts into it, in the next 20 years you will not regret the decision you made. Seeing that in recent time, the need for pictures has become a daily affair, from weddings to birthdays, to various other ceremonies. You cannot do without photography. Instagram is a clear proof of how photography has evolved and you can make a living from it.


From my assessment, these are the best high income skills you should try to learn. I have taken time to research and come up with my finding in the above listed skill sets. The good part in the skills I listed above is that most of them are work-from-home jobs that though they will take much of your time, your comfort is assured. Also, you can combine more than one of these skills and rake in much money. As we approach a new year, think on any of these skills and you will appreciate your decision.
To build a freelancing career, this content will be of great help to you.

If you build a career in any of thees skills, you can look for jobs on platforms like writersgig, upwork, freelance, fiverr etc. It will be a good start for you. More importantly is that fact that several of these platforms pay in dollars (not your local country currency), such that when you convert it to your country’s currency, you will surely smile in the end.
Career / Re: Tired Of Staying At Home Which Of These Skills Should I Go For? by chikachuks1(m): 9:03pm On Feb 14, 2022
Here is a detailed list of relevant skills you can learn. Follow the link below

Webmasters / Help, I Can't Make Posts Again by chikachuks1(m): 6:17pm On Jan 27, 2022
Hello Nairalanders, over time I discovered that I can no longer make posts on nairaland. After getting stressed up in getting a post, it just ends up been deleted

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