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Politics / Re: Obiora Okonkwo: Russia Ready To Assist Nigeria Revamp Ajaokuta Steel by COMPAQ(m): 8:43am
Health / Re: Six Nigerian Nurses Arrive At UK Hospital (Picture) by COMPAQ(m): 8:38am
Go live ur real life girls.. May u achieve ur dreams over there..

Imagine earning over 10 times ur salary under perfect working conditions.. I know one day, naija will get it right and I'll be alive to witness it

Don't be too sure Bout the last part of your statement.
Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh Laments As Son Destroys Devices Worth Millions Of Naira (VIDEO) by COMPAQ(m): 9:49pm On Sep 26
Must everything be on social media

She's advertising for her customers to come and replenish them for her.
Sports / Re: Lawrence Okolie Knocks Out Prasovic To Retain WBO Cruiserweight Title by COMPAQ(m): 12:54pm On Sep 26
No be this same cruiserweight category Efe Apochi dey? The guy lost for the first time a few months ago.

Him hype Don come down now. I always felt his opponents up until now were very weak. No one really gave him a good fight till now.
Sports / Re: Lawrence Okolie Knocks Out Prasovic To Retain WBO Cruiserweight Title by COMPAQ(m): 12:53pm On Sep 26
A Briton?

We lost out on this one again. cry

There are sooooo many Foreigners of Nigerian descent representing other countries. Just watch the Olympics. Almost every time they list participants, you will see' Nigerians' representing other countries.
Politics / Re: Akwa Ibom @ 34: Osinbajo Commissions Dakkada Towers, Flags Off Dakkada Luxury by COMPAQ(m): 9:54pm On Sep 25
The states still waiting on oil companies to agree on relocating headquarters? You would think they would secure those agreements before building but whatever.

Are you minding the mumu’s. That story about oil companies relocating is just a story for the masses. The building was built as a reason to issue big contract and steal money. Only Exxon Mobil has significant operations in Akwa ibom, besides they are in Eket.

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Politics / Re: Army Helicopter Dropped Bandits Who Killed 10 People In Katsina — Residents by COMPAQ(m): 9:12pm On Sep 22


Army Green Helicopter Dropped Bandits Who Killed Ten In Katsina Community — Residents

And nobody could film the helicopter dropping them??
Career / Re: Is N400,000 A Bad Salary In Today's Nigeria? Is He Doing Something Wrong by COMPAQ(m): 3:10pm On Sep 20
Someone earns about 400k monthly which is suppose to be a very good salary, but his expenses despite frugal is not cutting it.. he has been advised on marriage countless times, but he does not just know how to support such. He tries to make people see reason as to why the "big boy tag" does not fit because he cant see it at all..

- his job prevents me from cooking and he really does not know how to cook either, really really bad at cooking.
- he stays in an apartment of 1m/annum, which is somewhat not luxury I think.

Rent - 84,000 monthly (average 2 bed)
Security - 5,000 monthly
Estate security - 3,000 monthly
Cleaner - 5,000 monthly
Dstv - 9,500 monthly
Auto Fueling - 50,000 monthly
Auto servicing - 7,000 (3mths projection)
Auto miscellenous/charges - 10,000 (tolls,pr)
Generator fuel/service - 30,000 monthly
Laundry - 10,000 monthly
Feeding - 77,500 (2,500/day)
Hangout/chills/network - 30,000 (7,500/week)
Clothing/wears/accessories - 10,000 (monthly)
Electricity bill - 10,000(monthly)
Gifts - 10,000(monthly- No wife/No GF)
Home maintenance/personal care- 10,000 (monthly)
Healthcare miscellenous - 5,000 (monthly)
Internet data - 10,000 (monthly)
Recharge card - 16,000 monthly (500 daily)

Total = N395,200
Savings - 7,800

How in the world would he explain to people that he does not have. He is an introverted character and a very frugal in finances. He didnt not factor in furnishing et all.. he has no school fees and multiple mouths to feed.

It's not a bad salary in the context of what people earn in Nigeria, but it's not a particularly good salary either. A good salary would be N800k - N1mln.

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Politics / Re: LASG Assures Lagosians Of Speedy Completion Of J. Randle Centre by COMPAQ(m): 2:50am On Sep 19


The design is good, but the execution is a bit tacky! Doesn't look like a building that wik stand the test of time. If this was being built in US, the Europe or Middle East, it would be far more solid.
Politics / Re: Terrorism: Criminals Buy Dollars From BDCs To Import Arms – Emiefele by COMPAQ(m): 8:41am On Sep 18

You are writing nonsense. It's only in Nigeria that you have black market dollar prices besides many of these BDCs have been indicted for sponsoring terrorism through illegal purchase of arms. If you have a legitimate reason to purchase the dollar, go to the bank and stop wailing.

Bank can't fund all what the people want. Do you forget there are so many item prohibited from sourcing dollar.
Travel / Re: Beautiful Pictures From Around Africa by COMPAQ(m): 2:09pm On Sep 17

that should be enough cheesy
Lagos the most beautiful in Naija!

The last 2 pictures ain't Lagos!!!! Ain't even Nigeria!!!
Business / Re: Why I Dumped Trading For Manufacturing - Dangote by COMPAQ(m): 2:44pm On Sep 12

How many people does ABC cargos knock down in a year?
They have more trucks than Dangote trucks and deliver for almost all the big production companies

You should know by now that anything Dangote naturally gain attention on social media more than others. Same reason we are spending time typing about it now. BESIDES dangote had waaaay more trucks than ABC.
Car Talk / Re: Reno Omokri: I Never Realised What Car Horns Were Meant For Until I Went To Uni by COMPAQ(m): 2:37pm On Sep 12
Horn before overtaking, it is common sense to alert the driver in front of you that you are about to overtake so that he doesn't turn to overtake the car in front of him while trying to overtake him.

That is only necessary in Nigeria because we do not drive properly. Why would you change lanes without using your side mirror. Using horn is a symptom of bad driving.
Car Talk / Re: Reno Omokri: I Never Realised What Car Horns Were Meant For Until I Went To Uni by COMPAQ(m): 2:28pm On Sep 12

So he had to go to university to learn this. Lemme keep quiet. What other things did he go to learn in the university.

Very shallow mind you are. He didn't say he want to learn it in university, but he observed it while in university in UK.

Comprehension eludes many of us in Nigeria. That's why we fail exams very easily cos we actually can't comprehend what the question is really asking.
Car Talk / Re: Reno Omokri: I Never Realised What Car Horns Were Meant For Until I Went To Uni by COMPAQ(m): 2:21pm On Sep 12
Very correct!. In Europe, one can stay for 6 months without hearing the bleep of a vehicle's horn. The only horn/noise one will hear is siren from ambulances on medical evacuation.

True! I've been in Houston for 3 months now and I have not heard a car horn once!!

But then again the environment is different. Here people driving are sane and mostly far better educated than most drivers in Nigeria. Also there are no street traders and hawkers, roads are better marked and people stay in their lanes and trafficate properly, and the driving density is not as high. Also before you get your license you do online course and then go take your test. And it is made clear that driving on the road is not a right, but a privilege to be taken seriously for the safety of yourself and others.
TV/Movies / Re: What Is Happening To TSTV? by COMPAQ(m): 3:07pm On Sep 11

Go on to pay, whatever you are offered, Seems your a DStv adherent, Seem you never sort for alternative, Seems you will persuade DStv to offer pay per view as in their home country.Adios

Where is your evidence dstv offers pay per view in SA? Guy that phone you have is a smart phone. USE It!!
TV/Movies / Re: What Is Happening To TSTV? by COMPAQ(m): 3:04pm On Sep 11

You don't know what you're talking about.
You don't understand the business and it's political game.
Take Dangote and Ibeto and Bua for example. If you know the politics behind Dangote getting the upper hands above the other two, you'll not type what u typed here.

What does Dangote have to do with Dstv. If you know economics, you should know that some industries have a huge barrier to entry and this is one of them. To enter this market and dislodge dstv takes time and deep pockets. You must be able to offer similar programming, and cheaper and possible take losses for a while to get subscribers. And this will take meticulous planning and implementation which Nigerian businesses are not known for.

It's like a new telecoms company trying to start from scratch in Nigeria to take on mtn, and Glo and airtel. Its almost impossible.
TV/Movies / Re: What Is Happening To TSTV? by COMPAQ(m): 3:00pm On Sep 11
Why're you people always complaining abt DSTV and GOTv shey dem put knife for ur neck ni dere are free to Air u people can always try nd Startime dey dere...

Dem force all na abi why're you guys always crying up nd down sef this life na choice...

You people saying dey don't av Political will nd DSTv don monopolize the market. We still av dem KweseTv, Startime nd diffrnt free to air why DSTv no block doz ones from running...

Abi when DSTv keeps coming up with different TV shows nd Content are the odas sleeping dey cant also come up with something..

when someone fails let's admit he don fail nd stop looking for excuses...

imagine Glo for how many years still battling with good browsing signal nd MTN dat means business u can hardly see dem fvck up even Airtel we know aw many times wey dem don sell am nd 9mobile sef jus giv it to diz people dem sabi business...

We Nigerians like to find people to blame for everything that's going wrong in our lives. Dstv in Nigeria is priced like everywhere in Africa. Nigerian prices are even cheaper than some other countries in Africa, yet we moan and moan! And yet its not by force to use dstv.
Travel / Re: If You Could Live Anywhere, Where Would It Be? by COMPAQ(m): 2:52pm On Sep 11
Business / Re: Why I Dumped Trading For Manufacturing - Dangote by COMPAQ(m): 2:48pm On Sep 11






If dangote were in America, his trucks wouldn't cause havoc because the roads are super, well marked and laid out and there is no street trading, okada or hawkers on the road to get knocked over. And all other road users in America also drive like sane people.

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Politics / Re: Anambra Officially Gazetted As An Oil Producing State by COMPAQ(m): 8:43pm On Sep 10
Don't waste your time with envious bitter fellows. Anambra is already producing oil in commercial quantity, henceforth the pronoucement as an oil producing state.

Orient petroleum is producing in Anambra east and west LGAs.

Sterling petroleum is producing at Ogbaru LGA.

Anambra is gonna start receiving 13% revenue immediately

Bitter about what. No need to be childish. Ok fine Anambra is producing oil. Glory to God. Anambra can't be producing up to 20k barrels a day. Edo that we have known as an oil producing state for decades produces just 33k barrels per day or 2.06% of nigerias production and nothing has materially changed for the people of Edo, so I wonder what it will do for Anambra. It only benefits politicians, so not sure what the euphoria is about.
Politics / Re: Anambra Officially Gazetted As An Oil Producing State by COMPAQ(m): 8:14pm On Sep 10

They can't be named oil producing if they are not producing.. The English is simple but u chose to ignore it..
Tụfịakwa the quality of education you lot pass through

They ve been mining oil in Anambra since 2013

You will be surprised what is possible in Nigeria. When we are ruled by bunch of idiots. Besides my comment is based on the article which referenced "EXPLORATION AND DEVELOPMENT drilling'. If you are just exploring and drilling, it means you are not producing yet. Production is from already drilled Wells. So I do understand English!!

Since your know so much and so smart, tell us definitively the current production volume Anambra contributes to nigerias daily production.
Politics / Re: VAT Collection: Appeal Court Orders Rivers, Lagos To Maintain Status Quo by COMPAQ(m): 8:06pm On Sep 10

Number of Federal Civil Servants State by State
1: Abia 3579
2. Adamawa 1727
3. Akwa Ibom 4416
4. Anambra 3576
5. Bauchi 1172
6. Bayelsa 957
7. Benue 3951
8. Borno 1822
9. Cross River 2681
10. Delta 4419
11. Ebonyi 865
12. Edo 3890
13. Ekiti 2613
14. Enugu 2695
15. FCT 533
16. Gombe 1218
17. Imo 5825
18. Jigawa 675
19. Kaduna 3199
20. Kano 1545
21. Katsina 1237
22. Kebbi 875
23. Kogi 5186
24. Kwara 2537
25. Lagos 2180
26. Nasarawa 1452
27. Niger 2193
28. Ogun 4669
29. Ondo 3393
30. Osun 3321
31. Oyo 3244
32. Plateau 2542
33. Rivers 1675
34. Sokoto 732
35. Taraba 1112
36. Yobe 744
37. Zamfara 543
Not specified 518
TOTAL: 89,511

By Dr Joe Abah - DG, Bureau of Public Service
Reforms". (C): Johnson Andrew, this is the Analyzed data based on population figures of each state.

NE with a population of 19.0m has 7,793
NW with a population of 35.8m has 8,806
SE with a population of 16.4m has 16,540
NC with a population of 20.3m has 17,661
SS with a population of 21.0m has 18,038
SW with a population of 27.6m has 19,620
To appreciate this figures, it is necessary to find out how many employees are taken from every 1 million people in each of the geographical zones.
The result is:
1st. SE has 1,009 Employees per million
2nd. NC has 970 Employees per million
3rd. SS has 859 Employees per million
4th SW has 711 Employees per million
5th NE has 410 Employees per million
6th NW has 246 Employees per million
Here we can see that South Eastern Zone has over 1000 people engaged in the public service of Nigeria in every 1 million Igbo people, whereas only 246 people are engaged in North West!
Remember that this is the Zone of the President of Nigeria. Curiously South West, the Zone of the Vice President is the least in Southern Nigeria with the employment of 711 people in a million.
It is pertinent to see the trend as regards Political Office holders. Probably, those that lost out in the Public Service, are compensated with Political offices. Let's perform sample surgical operation on the political employees.

We all have the statistics of political appointees of the current Buhari administration.
NW has 51political appointees from 7 states
NC has 47 political appointees from 6 states
NE has 45 political appointees from 6 states
SW has 45 political appointees from 6 states
SS has 45 political appointees from 6 States
SE has 41 political appointees from 5 states
These translate to:
1st. SE: 2.50 appointees in a million.
2nd. NE: 2.37 appointees in a million.
3rd. NC: 2.34 appointees in a million.
4th. SS: 2.14 appointees in a million.
5th. SW:1.63 appointees in a million.
6th. NW:1.42 appointees in a million.
1st. SE: has 1 appointee in every 400,000
2nd. NE: has 1 appointee in every 422,000
3rd. NC: has 1 appointee in every 427,000
4th. SS: has 1 appointee in every 467,000
5th. SW: has 1 appointee in every 614,000
6th. NW: has 1 appointee in every 704,000
Once again topping the list of beneficiary is South East with one political appointee for every 400,000 people. As if it is an intentional act, NW, from where the President hails has the least of 1 political appointees for every 704, 000 people while the figure for Osinbajo's Zone is 614,000 and is the least in the South.

What makes me laugh is when i see some Yoruba crying for the Igbos when the latter talk about Marginalization. They should be crying for themselves.

Forget this nonsense you are writing. The lower level guys who do the work are from East and west because of our educational pedigree, but majority of the big boys are from the North despite the fact that they are clueless. Go to NNPC, napims, dpr etc and see how unbalanced it is at the top in favour of North. Even when in numbers it appears to be balanced, northerners will be GM finance, GM procurement, GM operations, while southerners will be GM legal, GM hsse, GM Planning.

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Politics / Re: VAT Collection: Appeal Court Orders Rivers, Lagos To Maintain Status Quo by COMPAQ(m): 8:00pm On Sep 10

Northern Nigeria has more graduates and Professors than South Africa. The real problem is not as Southerners paint it and you echo it like empty halls. 

Practically, millions of Northerners are either unemployed, misemployed, or underemployed. Our problem is our chances are blocked and our resources dominated by Southerners who paint the wrong picture for fools to believe them.

75% of  government spending is connered by Southerners via the domination of salary earning, contracts, projects, bail outs and other interventions. Trade and industries are dominated by Southerners who have easy access to multi billion credit facilities courtesy their domination of state financial structure and instruments and institutions. 

Every ministry is dominated by them. All our markets are monopolized by them due to their control of capital that enable them to finance business and take more risk due to ease of acces to money. They conrol their markets by regular disruptuons of our businesses officially and by direct frequent violence unofficially. Their control of and easy access to liquidity enable them to be more enerprising business wise. They buy our goods cheap and sell theirs exorbitantly.

To preserve the exploitative status quo they spread false verson of the reality. They centralize oil as the main source of wealth so that our attention will be far away from other sources of wealth they dominate.

Oil is less than 10% of  Nigeria's GDP. They tell us we are the parasite and we are lazy and we are uneducated to instil a sense of guilt, self hate and inadequacy in us. We swallow all these falsehood uncritcally because we made our source of daily information their media and books. They over concentrate on our weaknesses and ignore almost completely their own weaknesses. An average Southerner having mild cold will almost by default blame it on Northerners and will not lack northerners who "speak the truth" to agree with him.

How can uneducated people have multitude of unemployed graduates? How can lazy people be producig the food of the nation? Why do millions of Southerners troop to the poor parasitic North and refuse leave? The south said so and it is?

What we need is a  political economic solution. We must take control of our local markets, our institutions and our businesses in their land must be given due attention and protection and any act of disruption by way of constant destruction must be paid back in due measure without listening to their victimship outcries. They fear separation more than us because their weak economic foundation, especially the west entirely dependent on controlling  government resources.

We must ask and take our fair share of every government employment at whatever cost. No people has ever prospered when their resources, oppurtunities and chances are blocked and dominated by others.  Our constant preachment of peace must stop: justice and and equity must be our new slagon. 

The real problem is believing in the propaganda of the enemies which saps our resourcefulness and infuse our senses with feelings of backwardness that really do not exist, or are caused by false perception. The greatest defeat one can suffer is to see oneself as projected by one's enemies. 

Almajiri is system suffocated by lack of finance. Poverty is a direct result of economic domination and exclusion. Degrees are not unavailable. Marrying four wives will not stop as it is never a problem but a great social system. Once we assert control on what is rightly ours, that self concious timidity will evaporate and be replaced by confidence and bold enterprise. Up to the Seventies we were the richest people in Africa. As the central government grows and  takes control of resources our wealth progressively dwindles. As the southerners intensify drums of hate and aggression we draw back to give peace, that is never forthcoming, a chance.

Try asking for propotionate representation in all government employment in all institutions and at all levels, they will cry out about mediocrity supplanting merit as if those half literates southerners dominating the place are Einstein incanates. Or they will blackmail you with Islamization.

Try treating their traders in our markets as they treat ours and they will cry xenophobia as if the regular denial of market space, heavy taxation, constant disruption of business and officially sanctioned harrassment of our traders in their land does not exist.

Try replacing Southern union leaders and foreign sponsored NGOs operating in the North with our own people and they will start wailing about marginalization.

Well, their era of dominance and false propaganda is coming to an end with the coming of age of young northerners who could no longer accept marginalization because of blackmail or threat. These new bold Northern youth have seen how southerners cowered when asked to leave the North two years ago. Their cries for secession are empty ruse. 

We will be better off without them and they will definitely be worse off without us. They know we lack nothing, while their millions selling substandard, fake good, drugs and inrdinately high interest bank loans fleecing the north and feeding on cheap food and services will have nothing on returning back home. Their franchise firms and industries will lose over 100 million costumers overnight which is more than their home market demand. 

Soon we will ask for equity or call it quit. We know who we are and we know our strength.

Who is this one?? grin
Politics / Re: Abia Commences Demolition Of Ariaria, Publishes Names Of Affected Persons by COMPAQ(m): 4:54pm On Sep 10
Someone should let the Governor know that lockup shops are outdated.

He should use the opportunity to build a multi floor mall or trade complex. And allocate shops to the traders indoors.

Provide for bulk storage, traded items need only be few on display in shops for individual buyers.

Bulk buyers will be dispatched from bulk loading gantry near bulk storage warehouses.

Transport out of the facility should be buy rail to a trucking terminal at least 20 mins away.

Shoppers should have a private car park outside the facility, with a centralized mordern bus service roving from the complex to car park and bus terminals on a timed schedule.

He should please think beyond the local and plan for the future.

Well said. Amazing how simple things are always rocket science to us in Nigeria due to absence of common sense and small discipline. Even if we stay with lock up shops there, does it have to be so dirty and disorganised?

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TV/Movies / Re: When Was The Last Time You Watched Your Local/state TV Station? by COMPAQ(m): 4:48pm On Sep 10
Mine was 4 years ago!
Funny how I was always glued to the front of the Television screen watching ITV and NTA.
The internet and Cable TVs have really changed things.

Like 20years now. It's been purely dstv or Netflix, amazon prime.
Politics / Re: Anambra Officially Gazetted As An Oil Producing State by COMPAQ(m): 4:43pm On Sep 10
Anambra is now officially gazetted as major oil producing state in Nigeria. In the letter that was signed by the professor Ibrahim Gambari the chief of staff to the president, all the details to that effect were stated.

There are two major oil and gas exploration/drilling companies currently drilling oil in Anambra state. Anambra will start immediately to receive oil revenues.

God Bless Anambra

God Bless Nigeria

Anambra cannot start immediately receiving revenue if they are not yet producing any oil. An exploration /drilling company will still take time to develop any oil they find. Unless you tell me there already existing, you will producing oil Wells in the state.
Health / Re: Lagos To Set Up Medical Park On Awolowo Road, Ikoyi by COMPAQ(m): 4:40pm On Sep 10
My post from April 4th

Good idea actually. If they can get someone to build a proper hospital like the new Evercare on Admiralty Way, Lekki on that School of Nursing site on Awolowo, it would help.
Business / Re: COVID-19 Loans: CBN Receives Eight Million Applications, Disburses ₦400 Billion by COMPAQ(m): 8:30am On Sep 07


Disbursing N400b to nameless, faceless Nigerians!! If one were to investigate that disbursement properly, about N350bln went to politicians and civil servants, who included fake names.
Celebrities / Re: Uzoma Ohiri: Nedu Wazobia's Ex Wife Accepts Having A Child With Another Man by COMPAQ(m): 8:26am On Sep 06
On the contrary, Sir, they choose to take custody of their children because they cannot allow another woman do that job especially, as the said man would be working.

So pay for the upkeep of the children yourself. Are women forbidden from working and earning money?
Politics / Re: Uzoma Emenike: Nigerians Should Post Positive Things About Nigeria by COMPAQ(m): 8:12am On Sep 06


The incompetence of our President does not appen everywhere!

The corruption in our country does not happen everywhere.

The economic hardship Nigerians are going through does not happen everywhere.

The price of food doubling in 12 months does not happen everywhere.
Politics / Re: Electricity: How Many Hours Of Power Do You Receive Daily? by COMPAQ(m): 8:02am On Sep 06
In my estate in Ologolo, Lekki we are on about 18hrs a day.

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