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Politics / Northern Igbo Leaders Seek Military Deployment For Elections by Controversy: 7:40pm On Feb 27, 2015
Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Abuja

A summit of Ndigbo living in Northern Nigeria has urged the  Federal Government to ensure efficient deployment of security operatives, including the military, in all parts of Nigeria at least three weeks to the Presidential election in enforcement of the constitutional obligation to protect lives and property of all Nigerians.

It condemned in its totality the alleged move by some officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission  (INEC)  to reduce the voting powers of Ndigbo in Nigeria through denial of PVCs.

The meeting also urged the federal government and indeed various northern state governments to  urgently consider paying due and adequate compensation to all Ndigbo who lost their lives and property in the 2011 post-election violence as what is good for the goose is equally good for the gander.

In a communique issued at the end of the first Summit of Ndigbo in Northern Nigeria which took place Thursday night at Agura Hotel in Abuja, the leaders vowed that Ndigbo will resist any further attempt "to employ violence to kill and maim their sons and daughters with or without any provocation in any part of Nigeria on account of the outcome of 2015 general elections".

It said it would soon declare a three day National Prayer of all Ndigbo in the north for the successful 2015 general elections.

Details later
Politics / Any Man Who Says He Has One Wife Is Deceiving Himself –oba Of Lagos, Rilwan Akio by Controversy: 7:29pm On Feb 01, 2015
Oba Rilwan Babatunde Os uolale Aremu Akiolu 1, also known as the Eleko of Eko was born in 1943. Oba Akiolu, a philanthropist, is straightforward and witty. He joined the Nigeria Police Force as a cadet inspector and rose to the position of Assistant Inspector General of Police before he retired in 2002. He was crowned King of Lagos on May 23, 2003. He is the chairman of the Council of Obas in Lagos. In this interview, he speaks about his life, leadership and other issues.
How does it feel like to be a king?

First, I have to thank Almighty Al lah that out of all the qualified princes , it pleased God Almighty to put me in a position of trust, integrity and honour.

When did you become king and how?

The stool became vacant as a re sult of the demise of my father, Oba Adeyinka Oyekan II who joined his ancestors on March 7th 2003. The race began and I emerged as the preferred prince to rule. I thank God for that.

Can you explain how this town came into existence?

Lagos is partly Yoruba and partly Benin. The matriarch was an Awori, a Yoruba, and the patriarch was a de scendant of an Oba of Benin. In those days, Eko was Eko before the advent of the Portuguese adventurers who came and named it Lago de Curamo, which means land near the water. There is a town in Portugal called Lagos. They named this place after their Lagos over there. They assisted in rebuilding the throne room and that is why it’s called Iga. The palace is a place of pride and honour. The custodian of the throne must be very frank, have goodwill, be absolutely honest and love his subjects because anything he says will come to pass.

How do you relate with Chris tians in your domain?

Christianity is a religion of peace. Even the Bible in Luke 2:10 says “Fear not: for behold I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all peo ple. For unto you is born this day in the City of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.” When you say God do this for me, you should do something which will move Him to do it for you. I know what’s in the Bible, the Quran and the tradition. No one can deceive me. There is a difference between tra ditional religion and paganism. I am not a pagan. I don’t worship anything because there is no reward in it but the inherited tradition will always be there.

How many shrines and gods are in your domain?

It depends on what you call shrines. The word used in the Quran and Bible is deity. The deities are many because there is one for each family . “Some not so good Muslims or Christians” can swear by the Quran or Bible after an offence but the native divinities, the Sango and Oya worshippers dare not do it. They will see the result instantly. In Mecca, they say whoever enters and puts his chest down becomes a messenger of truth if you observe what you are told there.

Last September, when we finished prayers, I prayed for myself, my fam ily, my people, Lagos and Nigeria. As a sign of acceptance from God Al mighty, there was a downpour . When I tell people something, I am not a res ervoir of knowledge but it will come to pass. You will see what will happen in the coming elections. I don’t know how to deceive people and I don’t tell lies.

Do you participate in all events concerning the deities?

Like the Eyo, its’ just the pride of Lagos. Mo yo fun e. You see, any so ciety without tradition is better dead. When you go to your father’s grave to pray, there is nothing wrong with that, but if you go and sacrifice a human be ing , it’s a no-no. That stopped when the British came into the country. I tell even my chiefs, there is nothing like human sacrifice in the palace. It’s gone and gone forever.

Do you believe that if a per son goes to the grave of a late parent and prays, the prayer will be answered?

You see, there are many schools of thought but when you go to Mecca, it’s written in black and white “don’t ask anything from the dead.” There is nothing they can do for you but if you pray to the Almighty Allah, all will be well.

What course did you study ?

I am a Lawyer by profession. I’m a member of the legal profession. We are learned but you are just educated. That’s the difference between us. I at tended Ansar-ud-Deen School and University of Lagos.

What were you before you ascended the throne?

I was a police officer. I retired in 2002 as a result of the intrigues of Obasanjo, Atiku, the Chairman of the Civil Service Commission and Daura, a DIG. They were looking for every opportunity to get rid of all south west governors and some top police offi cers.

Atiku took their names to the of fice of former President Obasanjo, asked for a plain sheet from a top of ficer, wrote their names and requested they should all be retired. In fairness to Obasanjo, he didn’t know me and he only approved it and sent it back. Somebody who was a senior officer in the Presidency said “Aha , Baba, why should this one happen? Just a few weeks ago, you were watching tele vision and praising this officer for his gallantry during the riot against some Igbos and now, you did this.” Obasan jo said he didn’t know anybody on the list given to him and submitted by Ati ku. In the first place, what Obasanjo did was wrong. In fact, one of my in-laws, a Justice, insisted I took him to court. Obasanjo had no right to sit down in his office and order our resignation. Daura acted that way as a result of bit terness. He wanted to become I.G but God did not give it to him. He knew I played a prominent role in the appoint­ment of the I.G. It was God who did it. The incumbent Awujale of Ijebu land, Sikiru Adetona supported it; the late Mrs. Akinjide supported it. But Daura and other people felt it should not be so, because he wanted to become the I.G and I told him immediately in the presence of some people that he will not succeed . I don’t hide things.

Then, the present Inspector General of Police, Suleiman Abba, served me my retirement letter. When he came to my house, I was having breakfast. And I asked was it not the letter? He was shocked! The other two people he had met argued with him. I read the letter and I asked him if he knew whether this would serve as a door to greater things for me. He was shocked. I signed and even gave him N10,000 before he left.

How do you cope with your duties as king and still run your businesses?

There’s nothing wrong with it. Let me tell you, my salary as Oba of Lagos is not up to N150,000 monthly, but be fore I became king, God blessed me. I know people and I have my legitimate business but you will never see my hand in fraud. I will never do it and that is the way I brought my children up. I also make sure I pay tax.

Can you participate in poli tics?

It depends on what you call politics. The mere fact that I am Oba of Lagos is politics on its own. The administration of Lagos State was taken from Iga Idugaran to the colonial masters who later transferred it to them. That’s why there is the title of Olowo Eko. One of my predecessors was Oluwole, whose oriki is Oluwole Ajangele. Bo lo logun eru, ayansin lo fi sin, o ba ni iwofa ogbon Oluwole o toro aso lowo omo, ayanfe o toro ewu borun Ajangele. Any holder of the office of Oba of Lagos from time immemorial, is adored . One has to be very thankful to God Almighty and be just to his people.

Where and when did you meet your wife?

I met her over 50 years ago in Isale Eko here. You see, there is no handsome, rich, young man who does not like women. That a man likes a woman is different from a man who cannot do without women. When you see a man who can not do without women, he can sleep with anyone. His sister, maid, his son’s wife, daughter, col league, niece, any woman.

What attracted you to your first wife and why did you take a second wife?

Beauty and everything.

Any man who says he has one wife is deceiv ing himself. All those who say they have one wife have mistresses outside. I am going to be 72 now and I cherish beautiful women and nobody can stop me. I like women and I can’t do without women are two different things.

That time, I was a policeman. She came for sports. She is the daughter of the late Sir Olateru Olagbegi and was very jealous. I told her what’s wrong with you, your father married 40 wives. The man was a fantastic man. I liked him.

I have many women friends now. I can marry more wives now. There’s nothing they can do. If I ask them and they go with me, good. If not, good luck.

Have you ever commandeered a lady?

I will start from you. Tell your husband if his Ade has Wale, he should marry another wife and leave you to me.

No o Kabiyesi. I am not ready to die yet…

There is no person who wants to die but no matter what. It is a decree from heaven. We all will go one day. Live everyday of your life as if you will go tomorrow. I am not afraid of death. Do well to people. Be open. Let people know you for who you are. You can sleep and you don’t get up. That’s why the Quran says which of the favour of the Almighty Allah can we deny? None. You see, all these major people in the country, give them 10 years and they will not be relevant again. Where are those of yesterday? That’s why I swear that by God’s grace, Ambode will become governor of Lagos. You see Jimi Agbaje, is my close relative. His father’s mother is from the Shokun Onilegbale Royal family of Lagos and I told him in clear language that he cannot get it . If anybody attempts to do any magomago, that is what will take all of them. God knows to whom He will give the Presidency but for this Lagos governorship, it’s Ambode.

Do the Queens perform their duties routinely?

(Surprised) Aha (pauses) Aha. The Holy Quran says your wives are your partners. You have three main duties. Feeding, clothing and teaching them the right way and perform your duty as their hus band .

So you don’t tell them “I want you to day, you, your turn is tomorrow?

You want to know? Come and live with us in the palace.

Who’s your favourite among them?

All of them make me happy because they know I am a no-nonsense man and nobody can predict what I will do. They call me Aseyiwu Eledumare and I say I am not Eledumare. Even among my children, I have no favorite. If you have a son who makes you happy, why will you not like him? The child who does not make you happy, pray to God and try to correct him. You see, I have no friend, I have no enemy. That’s what I was doing with my son Tinubu. You see Tinubu and Fashola are special blessings to Lagos. All the people who contested are all my children.

What do you think about the Boko Ha ram menace?

You see this Boko Haram issue, Almighty Allah help all of us. If there was restraint when Babangida formed the National Guard, they would have crushed Boko Haram and if the Mobile Force had been equipped as they should have been, we won’t be in this national crisis. I have told them times without number, we need a national security policy. I called the late Gen eral Owoye Azazi of blessed memory more than five times to tell him our security policy has to be overhauled.

As the tide is changing and the world is mov ing, you do the same. If you see what package the National Guard came up with and had the Moblie Police Force been Equipped the way it should as suggested by the late Iduma Amonisu and some of us who were commanders, this would not have happened.

Do you believe Tinubu “caused the rot in Lagos” as some people say?

Bola Tinubu is a human being. He has his own faults but he was the one who gave us the deliver ance required in Lagos. Lagos shall never be sec ond place in this nation.

What’s your favorite food?

If you become my wife, you will know.

Do you drink alcohol?

I drink Irish cream, Baileys and Campari with ice blocks.

What attire do you feel most comfort able in?

I feel okay in any outfit or complete attire. When I am home, I wear Kaftan.

What’s your happiest moment?

When I became a king and when I am defend ing my people. Becoming a king has been my dream since 1984 and God made it a reality for me.

What’s your most embarrassing mo ment?

Nothing worries me, so I cannot feel embar rassed

Your favorite holiday spot?

Faro, Portugal

Your favorite quotes?

Sayings of the Holy Prophet Mohammed

Favourite designers?

I am an all rounder. No favorite.

What are the funniest things you do since you became king?

The funniest thing I do is telling people what they are, telling them the truth!

What are the sports or activities you cannot do without?

Table tennis and swimming. I go to some of the clubs like Ikoyi Club, Boat Club and the Of ficer’s Mess.

How much time do you spend with your children daily?

I encourage my children to live outside the pal ace. When children are growing up, they want to enjoy the honour and glamour of the palace but I told them it will not be possible. The child of a king today might become the younger brother of a king tomorrow. I saw what happened to some of my leader’s children. There was one of them born in the palace and he spent over thirty years there.

When it was time for him to leave, he started smashing cars there, asking where he would go. He was born there. As for my grand children, I always make sure I take them to the Boat Club twice or thrice a month and I stay with them. During summer, I make them atten their lessons and take Arabic studies. Out of ten weeks, they spend eight studying. The remaining two they go outside. Four days to resumption day, they come back looking fresh. I make sure I visit them after a month or two, I play with them and I enjoy going out with them. Sometimes, I go out twice or thrice a week to the Boat Club with the children to have salad with shredded fish or shredded chicken.

What do you despise?

Lies and deceit. If you commit the worst crime and you tell me the truth, before heaven and earth, I will forgive you.

If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?

My quick temper. I still pray to God to help me on that one.

What virtue do you value most in peo ple?

Honesty, bravery, courage, chivalry, empathy, punishing and correcting those who do wrong, being God-fearing and beauty.

How would you describe yourself?

I will describe myself as a special, blessed person by Almighty Allah. It may be because of the name given to me by my parents, Riliwanu which means, Eyonu Olohun. I lost my mother when I was nine and my father when I was 11 and here I am today. All thanks to God Almighty.

Who are those you are grateful to?

I’m grateful to Almighty Allah for my people, the chiefs, some friends, Ahmed Bola Tinubu and other people who influenced my ascension to the throne. I am very grateful to them but I will not be a rubber stamp.

How would you want to be remem bered?

As a forthright person, always ready to help those who genuinely are in need and truthful. I’m not a reservoir of knowledge but I will tell people the truth as I know it. I won’t lie.

What do you mean punishing and cor recting offenders?

If a person does something wrong, you find out if the person did it mistakenly or deliberately. If it was a mistake, correct the fellow. If the person did it purposely and you correct the first, second and third time, then you can do as you wish to punish the fellow.

If Ambode is elected governor of La gos State, what specific infrastructural projects would you want him to pursue with vigour?

First, plan and leave the rest in the hands of Almighty Allah. I am aware of what he has been able to do before, particularly the financial engi neering he did for us when the former president Olusegun Obasanjo unlawfully and unconstitu­tionally withheld Lagos State funds. That made me to have a lot of respect for him and I know that he is the hope of Lagos State and Nigeria.

What’s your view on the pending Pe troleum Industry Bill?

I believe the National Assembly is working hard to ensure passage of the bill. I am using this medium to appeal to Nigerians to make it work.
Politics / Suicide Bomber Kills Four At Potiskum Bus Station by Controversy: 9:03pm On Jan 18, 2015
A suicide bomber killed four people and wounded dozens Sunday in an attack at a bus station in Potiskum, northeastern Nigeria, police and hospital sources told AFP.

The town has come under frequent attack by Boko Haram militants and was the scene last Sunday of a bombing in a crowded market carried out by two female suicide attackers, one believed to be aged around 15.

A police officer at the scene of the latest bombing said four bodies and 48 injured people had been taken away.

The bomber “blew up his car at a bus station,” said the officer, asking not to be identified because he was not authorised to speak to the media.

A nur‎se at the Potiskum General Hospital gave a similar death and injury toll, and said local residents had rushed to the hospital in search of their loved ones.

Brutal raids, massacres, suicide bomb attacks and kidnappings by Boko Haram have claimed at least 13,000 lives and driven an estimated 1.5 million people from their homes, mainly in arid northeast Nigeria.

Neighbouring Cameroon, Chad and Niger have launched a regional bid to combat the Islamists, as their attacks spread beyond Nigeria and concern mounts over the failure of Nigerian authorities to regain control.

Health / Cholera Kills 20 In Rivers – Commissioner by Controversy: 10:46pm On Jan 14, 2015
The Commissioner for Health in Rivers, Dr Sampson Parker, on Wednesday said that cholera outbreak in 11 communities in the state had claimed 20 lives.

Parker told newsmen in Port Harcourt after visiting the affected communities in Andoni Local Government Area that the outbreak was reported on Jan. 5.

“So far, 171 cases have been recorded with 20 deaths in the outbreak which was reported on January 5.

“The Local Government Area Rapid Response Team with State Emergency Response Team, have responded swiftly,” he said.

Parker also said two treatment centres had been opened in the affected communities to manage cases and advised affected people to access the centres.

“Emergency drugs and rehydration fluids have been provided for the management of cases,” he added.

Parker said the situation was pathetic and unbelievable but that the outbreak was under control as government had provided portable drinking water to the affected communities.

“What I have seen is pathetic and unbelievable. Our duty is to intervene quickly so that we do not lose more lives.

“I will say that the outbreak is under control now. All we need to do now is to treat the affected ones and to prevent further occurrences. We will continue to deploy to treat the affected ones.

“Government is also sending portable drinking water to the affected communities,” he said.

Dr Akinloye Makinde, Chief Consultant Epidemiologist, Federal Ministry of Health, said the ministry sent him to assess the situation.

“The Federal Government is donating drugs and test kits to the State Government to deploy to places in need,” he said.

Dr Sylvester Malemi, World Health Organisation Coordinator for Rivers, said it would provide technical support to Rivers to check the outbreak.

“We are here to investigate the outbreak, confirm that there is actually cholera, mobilise resources from partners, federal and state ministries of health to stop the outbreak,” he said.

He advised the people to boil their water before drinking and maintain good hygiene.

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Politics / US Centcom Twitter Account 'hacked By Islamic State' by Controversy: 8:10pm On Jan 12, 2015

US Central Command's Twitter and YouTube accounts have been hacked by a group claiming to back Islamic State.
One message said: "American soldiers, we are coming, watch your back."
It was signed by Isis, another name for the Islamic State. Some internal military documents also appeared on the Centcom Twitter feed.
US Centcom said it was taking "appropriate measures". The Twitter account was later taken down so no tweets could be viewed.
The hack happened as President Barack Obama was preparing a major speech on cybersecurity.
His spokesman Josh Earnest said the US is looking into the Centcom hacking.
He said they were investigating the extent of the incident, and that there was a significant difference between a large data breach and the hacking of a twitter account.

Analysis - Dave Lee, BBC technology reporter
Let's be clear: this does not appear to be a hack of US Central Command, or any of its systems. It's far less sophisticated than that - but this was always intended to be a PR coup rather than a technical one.
The timing could not have been more embarrassing. President Obama was speaking about his big new plans for cyber-security - an announcement designed to reassure Americans that after a year of massive hacks, and the damaging Sony Pictures attack, personal information on the internet was safe.
As he was wrapping up his speech, the official Twitter account for US Central Command starting spilling out propaganda from IS. On YouTube, pro-IS videos were being posted on Centcom's official channel.
Messages on Twitter pointed to what hackers call a "data dump" - proof, they say, that they've accessed top secret files.
That claim is so-far unverified. The BBC found at least one of the "leaked" images was in fact already publicly available on the Pentagon's website - but the source of the other information posted is unclear.
Politics / Re: What Is Wrong With Igbo Politics In Nigeria? by Controversy: 7:53pm On Oct 13, 2014
Igbo will never support a loser like Buhari and APC.


NYSC / Re: A Yoruba Corper's Experience In A Rural Igbo Town by Controversy: 7:28pm On Oct 13, 2014
Nice one from op. Every tribe has good and bad people
Nairaland / General / Do You Remember This Type Of Birthday Party? by Controversy: 8:54pm On Sep 28, 2014
Do you remember this type of birthday party

Crime / Re: 55 Year Old Armed Robbery Gang Leader Paraded In Lagos by Controversy: 10:48am On Sep 24, 2014
The Ogun State Police Command on Monday said that its officers shot dead 37 armed robbers and arrested over 200 robbery suspects in various operations in the first three quarters of 2014.
The State Commissioner of Police, Ikemefuna Okoye, made the disclosure to journalists at a press conference before parading some arrested suspected criminals over various offences ranging from rape, murder and cultism.
Speaking further at Eleweran headquarters of the Command, Abeokuta, the police boss added that 170 arms, 1,777 ammunitions and 116 vehicles were recovered during the period under review.
He also disclosed that over N100 hundred million worth of property was also recovered by his Command.
Mr. Ikemefuna also said thirty-one suspected cultists were arrested at a hotel during initiation.
“Based on information received by Obantoko Division that some suspected cultists belonging to Eye Confraternity were having initiation ceremony at Bolif Hotel, Obantoko area. On receipt of the information, detectives attached to Obantoko Division swung into action and raced to the scene where 31 suspected cultists were arrested,” he stated.
Mr. Ikemefuna promised the people of the state that the command will ensure safety of lives and property in the state.
At the parade of the suspects, one of them had a picture of a bird with the inscription, “National Association of Airlords, Determination Regime”.

Politics / Re: $9.3m: APC Reps Walk Out During House Debate by Controversy: 3:50pm On Sep 23, 2014
That is how APC will walk out of Nigeria after 2015 elections

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Politics / Ogun Police Kill 37 Armed Robbers by Controversy: 3:42pm On Sep 23, 2014
The Ogun State Police Command on Monday said that its officers shot dead 37 armed robbers and arrested over 200 robbery suspects in various operations in the first three quarters of 2014.
The State Commissioner of Police, Ikemefuna Okoye, made the disclosure to journalists at a press conference before parading some arrested suspected criminals over various offences ranging from rape, murder and cultism.
Speaking further at Eleweran headquarters of the Command, Abeokuta, the police boss added that 170 arms, 1,777 ammunitions and 116 vehicles were recovered during the period under review.
He also disclosed that over N100 hundred million worth of property was also recovered by his Command.
Mr. Ikemefuna also said thirty-one suspected cultists were arrested at a hotel during initiation.
“Based on information received by Obantoko Division that some suspected cultists belonging to Eye Confraternity were having initiation ceremony at Bolif Hotel, Obantoko area. On receipt of the information, detectives attached to Obantoko Division swung into action and raced to the scene where 31 suspected cultists were arrested,” he stated.
Mr. Ikemefuna promised the people of the state that the command will ensure safety of lives and property in the state.
At the parade of the suspects, one of them had a picture of a bird with the inscription, “National Association of Airlords, Determination Regime”.

Politics / Re: 12 Soldiers Who Attacked GOC Sentenced To Death by Controversy: 4:45am On Sep 16, 2014
Double whala….. the GOC left unhurt,,,, yet they were convict to death. I wish they could have killed the GOC and it would server as deterrent to those oga at the top. It is easier to arrange and convict them, but it is difficult for to find lasting solutions to the reason for their agitations.
Quick judgement, bt not quick solution to the cause of the problem, nigerian military wit funny characters, u send christians to go nd die in war torn north east abi? This judgement must not be allowed to stay. It is indeed an illwind. It will blow no one no good. A word is enough for the wise.

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Politics / Nsukka Traditional Ruler Sets Enslaved Villagers Free by Controversy: 6:50am On Aug 27, 2014
•How jealous king isolated victims because maiden rejected his amorous advances
For over 200 years, the people of Amachukwu and Anioma villages in Ugbene Ajima Community, Uzo-uwani LGA, Enugu State lived in isolation and bondage, forced on them by a jealous king, whose sexual advances were rejected by a village maiden.

Trouble began for the people when a beautiful maiden from Anioma village rebuffed the sexual advances of an old traditional ruler. The jilted lover reportedly took a vengeful action, barring the maiden and her people from marrying from the community or sleeping in other people’s houses. That ancient decree remained irreversible and was subsequently transmitted to future generations, plunging everyone born in both villages in perpetual slavery.Successive rulers kept this obnoxious decree sacred. Not even the cry for justice by the younger generation of children born in these villages would bend the rule. By mere geographical accident of birthplace, those born in Anioma or Amachukwu were like damned souls cursed by the gods, as they inherited the pariah status of their parentage right from their mother’s womb.

But their agony ended on Saturday, August 9, when the new traditional ruler of the town, Igwe Bartholomew Aluma, Okwu na Oke 1 of Ugbene Ajima, led his cabinet members and elders of the town to denounce this unjust tradition and revoke the communal ban on the affected villages.

The event was a memorable day for the elders, women, youths and children of the isolated villages. Some of the elderly men among them, who had lived like lepers all their years, broke down in tears of joy. Their excited wives and daughters danced freely in the village square, singing songs of freedom for a dream come through. Even children lost in the euphoria of the historic celebration jumped about in wild celebration that had eluded them in the community for decades.

Our reporter gathered that the struggle for freedom began many years ago, but none of the efforts was successful. A renewed effort commenced in November last year with secret meetings of Pastor Anayo Odimkpa, ASP Paul Ogbonna and Pastor Anthony Onodi. Their negotiation with notable personalities in the community to revisit their case seemed like fetching water with a basket, yet they never gave up the agitation. And when the matter was brought before Igwe Aluma’s cabinet, he gave a listening ear to their cry for justice. Although the names of these key players may not ring out loud in the world like that of the famous icon, Dr Martin Luther King Jnr, generations of children in Amachukwu and Anioma villages would venerate them as true heroes that pulled down the prison gates.

Investigation by our reporter revealed that the two villages were formerly called Amaiseke, a name derived from a local python, Isieke, venerated in the community by pagans. But a Christian revolution led by Anayo Odimkpa, in collaboration with members of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria, in October 1996 demolished the Isieke shrine, and subsequently led to the renaming of the two villages to Amachukwu (City of God) and Anioma (Good Land). The revolution also opened the enclosed life of the isolated villagers and watered the seed for the liberation struggle.

While declaring the two villages free, Igwe Aluma said his cabinet and leaders of thought in the community, after much consultation, unanimously decided to revisit the historical injustice suffered by the two villages. He said it took him a long time to investigate the matter. He explained that during his investigation, he wanted to find out whether any member of Ugbene community bought a slave in the olden days and left him in any of the two villages, but sadly that was not the case. Rather, he confirmed that the isolation suffered by the two villages started hundreds of years ago when a certain traditional ruler in Ugbene Ajima lusted after a beautiful maiden from Anioma and wanted to sleep with her.  But the luscious lady, indentified as Nwagbogoeze Ejigioku, reportedly turned down the amoral advance, an act that was adjudged sacrilege in days when traditional rulers were revered as the mouthpiece of the gods.

The king’s wrath burned like hell, and he later spilled it on the entire village where the woman came from, with the declaration that the lady and her people would henceforth become slaves for ages to ages, never to marry anybody from the area. And when the people of Amachukwu cried foul over the unjust punishment of their relations, the traditional ruler decreed isolation on them for questioning the gods.

Even the gods wept for the injustice against the two villages but nothing could change the decision of the king. Investigation by our reporter revealed that the gulf of separation between them and other members of Ugbene community widened with years, such that subsequent generations regarded them as slaves. Although some young men in Ugbene, in their youthful adventure, secretly dated beautiful ladies of the two villages, the romance never exceeded the fun of the bedroom. Ladies from the two villages were never considered worthy of marriage. In fact, such relationships were hidden from other members of the community, lest the culprits incur the wrath of elders.

To say the least, an impenetrable wall separated the two villages with their kinsmen with whom they earlier shared common paternity before the unfortunate incident. Communal brotherhood was totally ruined by one man’s lust for the flesh, stamping a mark of rejection on many families and generations of innocent children.

Reversing the curse turned out to be historic moment in the annals of the community. In the public square of Anioma, Igwe Aluma shared kolanuts among the elders, Ozo title holders in the Ugbene community, who made a uniform declaration that the people of Anioma and Amachukwu villages will no longer live in isolation or be regarded as slaves. Each of the elders also picked a stone from the village square to bear witness that the pronouncement was binding on all members of the community.

While overruling the earlier decree, Igwe Aluma said, “From today henceforth, you are free to marry or have an intimate relationship with any man or woman in Ugbene community. You are free to mingle and sleep anywhere in the town. Nobody should be treated or regarded as outcasts again in our community.”

The former Attorney general of Enugu State, Dr Michael Ajogwu (SAN), who witnessed the event, commended the bold step taken by the community. He explained that the proclamation by Igwe Aluma and his cabinet has restored the people of Amachukwu and Anioma to their rightful position as true sons and daughters of the community and cancelled permanently whatever that was done in the past.

The former attorney recalled that the people of Efuru Idoha in Nsukka suffered a similar fate many years ago, when beautiful maidens were claimed forcefully by the local deity to serve as slaves in its shrine. He said he offered legal assistance during the battle to destroy the deity, adding that the destruction of the deity liberated the people held in bondage, allowing them to relate freely with other members of Ukehe town.

Ajogwu, who hailed from Abbi community in Uzo-Uwani LGA, also recounted another case in his hometown, where some people were ostracised for the past 100 years. He said he mediated in the process that led to the liberation of these people, allowing them the liberty to relate freely and acquire traditional title (Onyishi Ekaya) as other families in the community.

One of the victims, Paul Ogbonna, described the feeling of alienation by other members of the community as worse than hell. According to him, he suffered rejection, humiliation and mockery in the hands of other people in the community.

“This started even before I was born. During my own time, I experienced this rejection in so many ways that left me surprised and shocked. We suffered discrimination and neglect. We were denied so many things as free born of this Ugbene Ajima community because of the stigma. Both the elders and children, women and youths suffered alike,” he said.

Ogbonna, 47, said his forefathers suffered the same cruel fate, noting that reversing the ancient curse seemed like an impossible missions in past years. He expressed joy that Igwe Aluma and respected elders of the community took the bold decision of revoking the ban on his people and accept them as free born of the community.

“We are moving into a new era, where we are now free to associate with our brothers without any barrier. To be honest with you, during those years, I do not feel proud as a member of this community when I remember the situation we have found ourselves. At a time, I asked my father what happened to us. Did Ugbene people buy our forefathers as slaves? But he told me it was because a beautiful lady rejected the traditional ruler. Most often, we were rejected at social gatherings. Even in schools, we enjoy partial acceptance because we suffer isolation from our peers. But I believe that the Igwe, the Ozo tiltle holders and the entire cabinet members are sincere in what they did here today. The God of heaven and earth is our witness that this has been achieved. We have many witnesses at the event, including the former Attorney General of Enugu State, Dr Michael Ajogwu (SAN). So, if the community decides to act otherwise, you will agree with me that they will not succeed,” he said.

Another victim, Pastor Anayo Odimkpa, said the two villages suffered indescribable humiliation, as other members of the community, cut them off in marriage, social relationships, among others.

“These two villages lost the liberty of sleeping together as brothers, passing night together or getting married. They were in the midst of their brothers, yet they lived in a lonely world for a very long time, spanning to 400 to 500 years,” he said.

Our reporter gathered that the granting freedom to the villages came with a prize. But when our reporter asked Odimkpa what it cost him and his people to be free, he said, “When I think about the value of this freedom, it erases the prize from my mind. I couldn’t remember the sacrifice it took, the prize we collectively paid as individuals or as a community to make this feat possible. The value of freedom is priceless. It comes with the pride of feeling the same like any other person, having a sense of belonging in the midst of your brothers.”

Odimkpa said the psychological effect of long years of isolation would take time to heal in the mind of the victims. He noted that it wouldn’t be quite easy to erase the memories of the ugly years soon, but noted that members of the villagers would gradually integrate themselves fully into the community.

“There is need to create participatory events in the community, which will bring members of the community together. Sleeping over in other people’s houses in the community would also instil in them the confidence that the old things have passed away. They will try their hands in marriage, which is not be force but by mutual consent of those involved. Through marriage, the sense of complete freedom would take root in people’s mind,” he explained.

Another victim, Pastor Anthony Onodi forced back tears as he bemoaned the long years of injustice suffered by his people. He said the incident took place in 1803 adding that he personally took up the struggle for the liberation of the people in 1982, and was asked to present three cows to appease the land and cook for the entire community. According to him, he fulfilled these requirements, yet to no avail.

Onodi said he felt uneasy in the midst of other members of the community, knowing that he was considered an outcast. He said the situation denied him social relationship with other members of Ugbene community, knowing that he has a pariah status stamped on him by wicked tradition.

“I chose to visit people in the community in the afternoon, knowing that they will ask me out of their house before 12.00am. None of my friends, no matter how close, would ever allow me to stay in his house beyond that time. It might seem small in people’s eyes but it was quite shameful,” he said.

Onodi said he wept silently whenever his children reported to him how other children in the community school mocked them. The isolation also deprived young men from the two villages from picking a bride from neighbouring communities, as their stigma traveled faster than the wind.

“By our liberation, something new is going to happen in this community. Nothing will hinder the progress of this community any longer. Let brotherly love continue,” he prayed.

Also speaking, the spiritual father of the community, Fr John Bosco Okechukwu, described the isolation and rejection of the two villages as a scandal to the church bearing in mind that Christ came to set the captives free.

“Remember that the love of God is expressed in the love for your neighbours. Everybody is important to God because we are redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ. So, there is no need for this social injustice or segregation. In fact, it is a scandal to the body of Christ,” he argued.

Okechukwu said the gospel of Jesus Christ revolves around freedom and liberty, promising that the people of God would embrace the Amachukwu and Anioma people as brothers in Christ, without any discrimination whatsoever.

Also speaking, a Catholic priest from Ugbene community, Rev Fr Paulinus Ike Ogara, gave his blessings for the liberation of the enslaved brethren. He said the desire for freedom resonates in the mind of every creature of God, describing the humiliation suffered by the two villages as a historical injustice.

“Injustice in one corner of the world is injustice everywhere. What happens to one person affects everybody around him and reverberates everywhere. The victims cultivate certain habits towards other people based on the injustice they are suffering,” he said.

Ogara said some people mistook the isolation of Anioma and Amachukwu people as an irreversible norm in the community simply because the system was allowed to survive for a very long time. He described freedom as a native desire in humans, stressing that every man or woman has dignity as a subject of right.

“What we did here today is the culmination of a long battle for freedom. It is the victory of truth, justice and liberty. Although the struggle has been long and painstaking, we feel the joy of these people who have achieved their hearts’ desire,” he said.

Ogara said the liberation of the two villages would also translate to the growth of the community, as the isolated people would be free to contribute their quota intellectually and otherwise.

“They will now see the development efforts of the community as theirs. I see a new era and a new spirit of Ugbene emerging in our town. This is a new era that has permanently closed the gates of injustice suffered by these people,” he maintained.

A leader of thought in the community, Simon Oliji, explained that the liberation of the two villages goes beyond eating, drinking and feasting. He advised the affected villagers to launch themselves into the mainstream of community activities, from where they would be gradually assimilated into the life of the town.

Oliji, a retired school principal, encouraged the victims to come out of their shells and make their faces visible in marriage ceremonies, burials, church programmes and schools. He lamented that the two villages had been educationally disadvantaged by the situation they found themselves and urged them to leverage on their newly found freedom to acquire formal education for self development.

By advising the people to invest in knowledge, Oliji re-echoed the message of famous Raggae master, Bob Marley, who said, “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!”  No doubt, Igwe Aruma, a retired headmaster reputed for his discipline and scholarship, has proved to Amachukwu and Anioma people that the power of knowledge makes a man difficult to be enslaved.

Politics / Re: 2015: We May Push Oduah To Senate – Anambra Elders by Controversy: 12:19pm On Aug 16, 2014
I'll support princess Oduah. @ least she's one of the only Igbo who still remember her background, if not for her Enugu international airport will remain a pipe dream


Politics / Plane Crash In Brazil Kills Brazilian Presidential Candidate by Controversy: 12:13pm On Aug 16, 2014
Former governor and Brazilian presidential candidate Eduardo Campos, 49, was killed this morning, as a small plane carrying him and others crashed in Santos, Agencia Brazil reports.


Politics / Re: 2015: ACF Warns Pro-jonathan Campaigners by Controversy: 9:41pm On Aug 15, 2014
This Hausa people self........... Do they think they own this country?


Politics / Husband Gets Divorce Over Wife’s Prostitution, Pregnancy Abortion by Controversy: 6:44pm On Aug 05, 2014
A Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan on Tuesday dissolved a 10-year-old marriage between Faniyan Abodunde and Comfort over infidelity and abortion of pregnancies.
The President of the court, Mr Ademola Odunade, in his judgment,   held that any act of prostitution constitutes a big risk not only to the wife, but also to the husband.
“Comfort has refused to show up in court and this indicates that she is guilty; the court does not want the death of anybody.
“According to the report we heard, she almost died the last time she aborted, the court therefore, dissolve the union between both of you henceforth,” he held.
Abodunde had earlier told the court that Comfort was a big time prostitute who aborted four different pregnancies from her escapade.
“When I caught her prostituting, I warned her and restrained from having further sexual intercourse with her so that I would not contact disease.
“During that time, she aborted four separate pregnancies and the last one almost took her life.
“Comfort’s mother even invited her to her matrimonial home to give birth there.
“One day, I took the pain to ask Comfort’s younger sister living with us if she was aware of her sister’s pregnancy.
“I asked Comfort’s sister to swear with the holy bible in her confession and she confessed of her sister’s escapades and the pregnancy.
I always listen to her mother’s plea for her, but she almost lost her life in the last abortion.
I don’t want to be held culpable for what I am not responsible for,” Abodunde explained.
Abodunde and Comfort lived at Apata Area of Ibadan and had two children before she started misbehaving. (NAN)
Politics / Re: Presidential Scholarships: A’ibom Rep Kicks Over Ondo’s 43 Slots by Controversy: 9:59pm On Aug 03, 2014
Yorubas are cheats always. Anywhere they are heading, there is great injustice. How much oil does Ondo state produce?


Politics / Madona Student Okija,anambra State Paraded For Killing Own Father by Controversy: 9:22pm On Jul 23, 2014
A 27-year-old undergraduate of Madonna University, Okija, Anambra State, Chijioke Ezebuiro, was paraded yesterday July 22nd by the Abia State Police Command for allegedly killing his 87-year-old father, Dr. Emmanuel Ezebuiro. This sad event comes barely three weeks after 21 year old Tolani Ajayi killed his 60 year old father inside the Redeemed Christian Church of God campground.
While parading Chijioke before newsmen, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Geoffrey Ogbonna said Chijioke is the chief suspect in his father's death because he was the only one around when the deceased was brutally murdered on June 30th at his home in Umuoriehi, Isingwu in Umuahia North LGA of Abia state.
According to his elder brother's statement to the police, Chijioke had often threatened to kill their father. The elder brother said he left their father and Chijioke at home to drop off his children at school only to return to find their father in the pool of his own blood. He immediately called the police after Chijioke could not explain what happened to their father.
Police preliminary reports shows that there was no evidence of someone else gaining access into the home when the octogenarian was murdered.
During his interrogation, Chijioke claimed he was having his bath when his father was murdered.
"After taking my bath as I was going towards my room I saw people screaming in my father?s room, so I decided to go inside to know what was happening there. When I went there I saw my brother and my cousin in my father?s room and I saw my dad on top of his bed. I was shocked to see blood on his head. I was so scared I had to go down stairs to call one of my cousins. When I came back with him we were asking them what happened none of them told us anything. He told us to go down stairs the next thing was for me to see police coming to arrest me, took me to the police station, saying I am a murderer, that?s all.” he said.
He denied ever threatening his life, maintaining they had a good relationship.

Career / Re: Lagos And My Polythene Bag. A MUST Read by Controversy: 10:52am On Jul 21, 2014
@op hope u have taking your malaria medicine?
Crime / Re: Nigerian In UK Caught In 4 Million Pounds Biggest Education Fraud by Controversy: 8:51am On Jul 21, 2014
anitank: Dear Money, because all the ethnic groups in Nigeria has said that it's only the IGBOS that love you so much, we agree! So please rise now and visit every Igbo person struggling around the globe in dollars($), pounds(£) and euros(€).......amen!!

runs away!
Amen o


Crime / Re: Nigerian In UK Caught In 4 Million Pounds Biggest Education Fraud by Controversy: 8:31am On Jul 21, 2014
This people gat no shame @ all. After killing and looting our economy dry they want to extend their evil mechanism to other country


Politics / Re: ISIS Burns Down 1,800 Year Old Christian Church In Mosul by Controversy: 8:47pm On Jul 20, 2014
Is it late for the UN to completely proscribe religion in all countries of the world? For me, I dont see the need for religion in our lives since the morals of citizens can easily be controlled by state laws. Most people today are law-abiding because of the consequences of disobeying the law rather than their religious implications.


Politics / Re: Good News, Oyo State: Alao-akala Rice Has Landed! [PHOTO] by Controversy: 8:42pm On Jul 20, 2014
We need to start poverty alleviation program in south west. What are NGOs WHO etc waiting for? I never see backward and primitive people like this people.
Noisy neighbor

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Politics / Re: Ngige Parleys With Obiano (Photo) by Controversy: 7:58pm On Jul 20, 2014
Everything is wrong with this pix!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israelites Are Murderers by Controversy: 4:23pm On Jul 20, 2014
Islam, the region of pees sheet and child rape. I have never seen a more violent demon possessed cult in the entire universe. Where are all the Islamic maggots on this forum today? By their rotten fruit you shall know them. My only consolation today is that Islam abhors progress and technology thus its a question of time before the rest of the sane world do the needful and flatten that evil kaaba in Saudi Arabia. Cursed is the womb that conceived Mohammed , the lunatic called Allah and cursed are all the evil hands that raised him. I ran into a bunch of Pakistanis at Heathrow a couple of years back, they were all fleeing persecution from fellow Islamists to Canada. The story is the same today for all evil demonic children of Ishmael. If you go to Cardiff today the highest refugees are somalis, why not Egypt, Tunisia, Pakistan and Afghanistan? The whole world is not safe until the last islamist is buried.


Politics / Re: Undiluted Words For The Ibo by Controversy: 4:00pm On Jul 20, 2014

goathead bimbo from the post are you so dumb to know the no lifer is a bantunoid. anyway the loser is my neighbour in Lagos, anytime I'm back to lasgidi I will make sure he is served hot.
Enough of your gimmick
Politics / Re: Undiluted Words For The Ibo by Controversy: 3:23pm On Jul 20, 2014
You can't be Yoruba, your head is flat.
Keep on dying your brother because he refuse to join you in your madness.
Go through his post and confirm by your self

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