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Phones / Re: What's The Best Android Phone I Can Get With Budget Of 50k Or Below? by coolangel54(f): 11:04am On Jul 02
Between Infinix Note 10 and Redmi Note 10: which do you advise I buy? I need it for my business (jewelry and fashion accesories), especially for good photos and videos. My Tecno pourvoir cameral quality is damn too poor to achieve a studio-like photo/video
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Which Business Can I Start With N20,000? by coolangel54(f): 10:12am On Jun 10
You can start a jewelry and hair accessories business and this will even boom cos you are in a university environment. You sell to coursemates, lecturers, etc, and smile to the bank. You can thank me later. I can even be your plug
Good afternoon nairalanders.i am a student fending for myself and i am a cross road on which business I can start with 20k in a student area.please any suggestion is welcome.

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Business To Business / Re: Newly Found Shipping Agent For China Importers - Tested And Proven by coolangel54(f): 12:37pm On May 31
Name of logistic service?

‪+86 133 7617 4173‬
Business To Business / Re: Newly Found Shipping Agent For China Importers - Tested And Proven by coolangel54(f): 12:36pm On May 31
Your WhatsApp number and name of your company?
Starting from 4th, March. 2021.
BY Air cargo to lagos
through guangzhou airport. the price is 6.1USD/KG (7-10days service)
through HongKong airport.the price is 6.3USD/KG.special goods 6.6USD/KG (can send batteries, liquid, powder, food and other sensitive goods).
Normal goods clearing fee:500NGN/KG.(for Air cargo)
⚠️We can accept goods less than 3kgs, please note.
Business To Business / Re: Newly Found Shipping Agent For China Importers - Tested And Proven by coolangel54(f): 12:31pm On May 31
Blast! Where is your office in Onitsha and what are your rates, procurement and shipping? Exchange rates of naira to yuan and dollar is how much currently?
Good Morning everyone.

We are now shipping from china to Onitsha ~ Nigeria

We've started USA importation, shipping goods from USA to Nigeria though this is for auto shipping for now.....

We can also check the quality of all your goods coming from China and Turkey which we called "Quality Check"..

Business To Business / Re: Newly Found Shipping Agent For China Importers - Tested And Proven by coolangel54(f): 12:19pm On May 31
DO you procure as well? I buy from 1688.com. What are your rates for procurement and shipping?[quote author=Nicargo post=102041211][/quote]
Business / Re: Dangote, Flour Mills Petition FG, Oppose New Sugar Refinery by BUA by coolangel54(f): 9:52am On Apr 09
Himself and the Nigerian government should rot in hell. This is the height of wickedness!
He pays huge money right from Obj gov.to crush competitors.Ask about Ibeto Cement
Business / Re: Dangote, Flour Mills Petition FG, Oppose New Sugar Refinery by BUA by coolangel54(f): 9:34am On Apr 09
God will disgrace Dangote. More refineries should pop because he is monopolizing the whole system. Imagine the cost of a bag of cement? HE IS WICKED, GREEDY, AND MEAN! More cement, sugar, flour, salt, etc should come onboard, Nigerians welcome it. Onye ala


Investment / Re: Digital Agriculture Investment platforms/options in Nigeria by coolangel54(f): 11:49am On Mar 29
do you have to be stupid in a grand way to mention me??
Your foolishness is like zeeworld... Extraordinary everyday..


Family / Re: I Broke Up With Her by coolangel54(f): 9:51am On Mar 04
This is more serious than I thought. You both have issues, settle it amicably out of social media or go separate ways if the heat is too much. My candid opinion. More grace sis!
Did you tell them that when we are talking
“You are not serious is a big INSULT for you”
Did u tell then that when u say I like trump and I say “me I hater trump because of this and that” it is already an offense and you admitted to you having issues with me airing opinions because you are boss or what I don’t know?
Did you tell them a simple conversation or difference in opinion even on a gist is an insult to you?

Did you tell them I think of quality and wen a frying pan was needed I was saying the new expensive ones sef are not good, they burn. Second new is better in this case and we got a second new one? Because it’s not necessarily about cost but most times you won’t even be able to understand the depth of what I suggest sometimes.

Did you tell them I explained something one day that I paid money to so and so person to avoid a problem and you tried to give me another solution to have taken and I was like “me I don’t want wahala oo thats why I did what I did@ and because everything is fight and arguement for you you had stood up stormed out of the house because you felt i said I don’t want your wahala etc when all I was saying is that I didn’t want wahala if d issue boomeranged and so I didn’t even look for other means I just did d surest method in question” did u settle down to listen or because you never patient and always ready to call everything an argument or fight you had kickstarted your nature?

Did you tell them you wanted a car and I said this car is too expensive tell someone who we know imports to bring for you although the person could delay and may change the car you agreed on but I said do a written agreement with him so it would be cheaper for you and that way he won’t do anything funny ? And you would spend less and get a better grade or level like the one I got instead of paying for something lower at the same price as the one you paid for in town. Out of love, did you not turn it to fight and say I am wicked, and louded the issue and dramatised it as being evil.
Did you tell them you lied to me that you don’t drink or smoke?
But you drink and lied from foundation of a relationship to win a girl?
When I realised out of anger I said you lied to me you don’t drink but you are a drunkard.
Did your remember saying my father who doesn’t drink at all and you know fully is the drunkard
You have called me demonic woman
You have called me stupid woman
You have called me very stupid woman
The list is endless but if we discussing and you don’t understand what I am saying and I am frustrated talking and I say “you no dey understand English” you just flare up that that is a big insult.
Things that aren’t insults you made them insults to defend yourself.
Did you tell them the most times we went to Shoprite then I use to be the one buying things...and you usually pick nothing. So why should Shoprite be so expensive if I buy water “nestle water” and other things from there even before we ever dated and you used to follow me there to win me and I never asked you to pay for me or use you as a toaster?

Did you tell them that you are building and I am also building? And the months you spent all your salary not even on the building alone oo. Busy dashing people and at 3rd of the month you were broke and I was like how would we handle the house you said I am there and I held those months because that’s what a good woman would do.

Did you tell dem that wen you arrived at the counsellor we told them we had a 60k and 40k rule as at then but we just weren’t piling it in the same account and the pastor said ok we should do it as a joint account so no one would feel he is bringing all the money” and we stop spending differently. you told them it’s the pastor who proposed it or he told us that ok you people should just put the money in a seperate account and the wife asked what else is making you angry and you said contributions for repair should be added”.

Did you tell them that when your drivers license expired and there was a delay with joint account , you said you would keep some part of the contribution for where you stay but I must submit all my own contribution to your younger sisters account while you submit just some to her because you don’t trust me with money. The younger sister would now be the one dishing out the feeding money to me who is the one working? While you comfortably keep part of your contribution as a boss. Did you tell them I said you should give her all if i would also have to submit my own all to her since she is the chosen financial manager of our own institution so she can be dishing out money to both of us as at when due since distance is not a barrier to bank transfer so I would also monitor u because you don’t trust me with money and you want to monitor what I am eating when u aren’t even there with me.

Did you tell them you don’t live according to your means and you always borrowing and financing a lifestyle heavier than you inclusive of feeding (because you eat 70-80%) of all the food in the house? Did you tell them you have collected above 14 million naira loan and you haven’t completed any house you are building aside still having normal money people have used to complete their own houses.

Did you tell them you give them babes money and say send me your account number Cus I have seen it but to buy Apple extra for me out of a budget as per my love this one na for u from my pocket? Did you tell then as we came back from your location you had meeting with your babe asking if hostel has resumed and all by 6pm same day?

Did u tell them that I had been using clin-cap face cream, benzoxide peroxide face cream, and you have been using it with me and I have never said this cream is 2000 and the other is 1000 let’s contribute from budget but you bought olaybact for me 400 naira and you were balancing account for me?

Did you tell them I did a soap mix of 13000 naira to 15,000 naira and you have been lovingly using it With me since January and I have never in my life said your contribution for soap but you won’t even do it, if you did sef you would have been asking for money by now.

Did you tell them that even to buy apple while taking me to were you lived loveingly as per this is my new location has to be from the budget and that you couldn’t say babes aside this budget this for you?
Did you tell them I also contributed for the fuel as you were taking me lovingly to your new location? Location you dey go dey come yourself but as I go follow u go know d place I must pay for transport. I for kukuma just enter public transport. But I don’t even have a problem with that since that’s what he wanted. We just accounted for my path

Did you tell them...that I am not wasteful and you went ahead to do things you wanted to do and started blaming me for it. Like buying a new tv when your mum was around for them...knowing fully well I hardly look at a television and you did it for you and yours?
Did you tell them this girl who doesn’t contribute lovingly gives your sis money and also give your mum at least in the best way I can afford within my means but you no send me message so that’s my business you are not even seeing it. Na me send myself?
When last did you buy me a gift in a year and half? It was a wig when you were still trying to toast me. That was only when you were trying to win my heart.
Did you tell them you don’t do anything for me I don’t ask you for money for cloth, hair etc or my own fuel as I am a responsible adult and not a burden on a man which you know yourself. Did you let them know that the food you eat 70% of and the house repair you would do definitely if I am there or not is what you would always come and stand on my head for when we weren’t yet contributing in a joint account. Did you tell them you don’t take care of me and you are just so self centered about the feeding part because you eat more of the food? Yet I was still buying food oo no be say I go out and don’t bring anything to the house. I still buy meat, tomatoes, onion etc but maybe not just up to the person who consumes the 80%

Did u tell them d day you took me out and water was bought which was like two years ago was a special day I think maybe Valentine or my birthday or something and “I was only asking to be treated special”. As per today na correct day, spoil me na.
Did you tell them that I spoke of u buying some thing like blender or electronic because you need quality one to last. The cheap juicer bought did it last? No
Was there not finally a decision where the expensive “binatone” blender was picked because for some things, quality is important so it lasts?
Did you tell them I met condoms in your other room and you alleged it’s your boss that came to your house to use it? Because you couldn’t tell him no?
Did you tell them that if I want to do something you would use my car and if you want to do something you would use my car and I said love should cover all this there should be no differentiating of car for activities and you can use mine when you want and viceversal?

The day he said I said drug was too expensive did he tell you he spent all his income that month already by 3rd or so due to poor planning and I used my income all for the month for food. Ofcourse I am sure he borrowed as usual for fuel for his car that month and maybe some extra things like suya etc you may want to eat and that’s why I couldn’t afford to buy that cream or is it even tablet I desperately needed quality type of drug to treat that ailment because it use to be stubborn when it comes but couldn’t afford it that month ?

In addition I forgot. The generator I would tell you to put on when wet had a generator house while some or most Nigerians just make a metal cover or so for their generator. So rain fell and the splash I could look wasn’t much and I would say it’s not like water entered this thing in its house like Dt just few splash on surface. I owned a generator I ran without it having issue before meeting you and while you where toasting me. I didn’t know I am unqualified to run a gen. I stopped touching your gen because it was complain upon complain or I am arguing with you by having a different opinion about ah it’s small splashes. Ofcourse if a gen was drenched would I with my full senses say lets put it on? When Nigerians keep their gen outside with normal cover.

You would go out and meet the true definition of a Nigerian woman. Take care of her is what a man does, send her money for hair, dress, clothes etc.
And still buy food n do stuff.
You would remember I was never a burden on u
I hope you would have love enough for her to cover taking care of her abi u would start complaining and shouting on her too. I just hope you don’t faint then.

On the other hand I Wld meet the true definition of Nigerian man who knows he is to care. Simple


Family / Re: I Broke Up With Her by coolangel54(f): 9:38am On Mar 04
I have a fiancée whom I started dating about two years ago. We work together and we are on the same level, and earn the same salary. Each time we hanged out to just have fun, if we got to a place where prices were too expensive, I would say to her but this things are much cheaper

For example, we went to a place though inside the same premises, one part of the lounge sells bottled water for 250 while the other one sells bottled water for 500, she then suggested that we go to the part where water was sold for 500. Note that it was in the same premises and there was absolutely no difference between the two, it's not like one was VIP area and the other was not. We ended up going to the 500 naira side. All that we ate which of course was double the price, I paid.

Each time we went to the mall, we buy things normally. But there's something about malls which some of you may have noticed, certain things such as pots, plastic rubbers, electronics, and so on are usually unreasonably exorbitant. So I said it would be better for us not to buy things that were too expensive that we could get outside for cheaper prices, but we could buy other things whose prices were reasonable. The next thing she started saying was that I don't have class, it's classy people that buy such things.

So one day we went to a pharmacy in that same mall, because she wanted to get some drugs, the price they called for her was about three times what it was outside, so she said it was better to go outside to buy it. So I just told her that since she has class she should buy it now, the next thing she started insulting me, she gave me the insult of my life. That wasn't the only scenario, there were many other cases like that.

She had started to stay with me after a while. Every thing in the house belongs to me, and I made sure everywhere was conducive for us. Air conditioners every and so on, good house, good compound, surveillance cameras and so on. Initially I was shouldering all responsibilities like food, the car washer who washes the both of our cars, the security man, fuel in the generator, NEPA light, repairs in the house and so on.

Please note that we work in the same place and earn same amount. Sometimes when I was short of cash, since I knew that her own money would still be there, I would borrow from her to buy food stuffs and other miscellaneous, and pay back by next salary.

She contributed just about 10% of expenditures in the house which was majorly just food stuffs. Note that I buy much more foodstuffs 5 times more than what she buys.

That was not just it, the relationship was usually filled with arguments, I can hardly have a conversation with her, she would begin to argue.

I want to ask few questions here:
(1)please is there anyone who doesn't know that Egusi causes pimples for those who are prone to having pimples?
(2) Is there any one who doesn't know that if something is very hot, it is not advisable to put in the fridge?
(3) here anyone who doesn't know that garlic is medicinal?
(4) Is there any one who does not know that it is not advisable to put on a generator when it has been drenched by rain?

But this girl will argue with me, insisting that I must put on the gen when rain has beaten it, because apparently, it is not her property. And the fridge is also not hers which is why she won't care if it gets spoilt. In short there's usually too much argument over what is clear for everyone to see, thereby it is always difficult to have a conversation with her.

I was later transferred out of the state we were, so I decided that because of her, I won't take anything away from the house, I would buy everything I need in the new place I had been posted to. So I bought a bigger TV for the house we both shared and took the smaller one to my new place of posting. I bought my mattress, kitchen utensils, got an apartment, and bought every thing I needed in the new place. So now, I have most things in two pairs, just so she would be comfortable.

Please note that we aren't yet married, and I agreed to not having sex with her because that was she wanted, I respected that. The only thing I know we do was romance.

So I started insisting that it was high time for her to be responsible, that we can't both be working and she won't be buying reasonable amount of food stuff because I noticed that sometimes, she would go out and buy 3 packs of spaghetti, which doesn't make sense to me. She said her dad is the one that buys food stuffs in her house and her mum contributes for petty projects. But I am not her Dad, I have my own mind. Also note that she didn't volunteer to bring any amount for my project oo, because I won't want a woman to contribute 1 naira to the houses I am building. All I said was that she should be contributing reasonable amounts for food stuffs in the house. We hardly stay two weeks without fights, she must look for one insult or the other.

We went for counselling and the pastors said she has to be contributing for expenditures in the house, we agreed on 60% to 40% sharing formula for all expenditures. So me as the man would contribute 60 while she will contribute 40. Please note that rent was not inclusive, as I volunteered to pay for the rent in the house we were and for my apartment in my new place of posting.
Later on, when she began to see the brunt of the responsibilities that I used to bear she started saying we (Me and the Pastors) are forcing her to contribute. But I didn't know these Pastors before, that was my first time of meeting them, she was the one who knew them before me. But simply because they told her the truth, she started saying we are forcing her.

Please I need your honest opinions on this issue.
Thank you.
Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by coolangel54(f): 11:38am On Feb 11
You entered right because 5G is the next big thing


Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by coolangel54(f): 11:37am On Feb 11
What can one do then?

The higher the exchange rate used in depositing the lower the profit.


Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by coolangel54(f): 2:56pm On Feb 10
Beautiful! kiss
i entered @ 0.89 cent

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Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by coolangel54(f): 2:53pm On Feb 10
I really do not get your point here elder. I entered the party late or what?
That's 0.56cent.

Let's do a little maths, if you bought 1000 shares, i.e. 0.56*1000=$560

Using an exchange rate of =N=400 to $1
That's 400*560=N=224,000

Now let's work will the the current rate used by this apps
$1 is =N=487.56


Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by coolangel54(f): 11:07am On Feb 10
I entered yesterday st 1.83 dollars and today its 2.39. What a surge
Shares of Globalstar (NYSEMKT:GSAT) soared 69% on Tuesday after the satellite services provider said Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) will include Globalstar's Band n53 in its flagship 5G modem.

Qualcomm's new X65 modem helps to broaden the types of devices that can plug into Globalstar's network. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and a host of Internet of Things (IoT) devices will now be able to use Globalstar's 5G spectrum.

Analysts had previously questioned whether Globalstar would be able to find ways to monetize its spectrum assets. On Jan. 22, Morgan Stanley analyst Simon Flannery went so far as to downgrade Globalstar's stock from equal weight to underweight and place a $0.55 target price on its shares, due in part to his concerns regarding the satellite company's monetization efforts. However, today's gains suggest that investors are buying into Globalstar's 5G strategy after the announcement of its potentially game-changing partnership with Qualcomm.


Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by coolangel54(f): 6:19pm On Feb 01
Can you please share them? Looking for some long term stocks
I add some dividends stocks to my long terms portfolio today


Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by coolangel54(f): 4:06pm On Jan 30
Thank you sir.

But is there anythingbwrong buying shares at Market price without using limit buy or sell buy or whatever terminology there is
Look out for this on any trading app for stocks you wish to buy

PE :15 or lower
PEG:-1 or lower
P/B ratio:- 3 or lower
ROA:- 5% or higher
Current Ratio:- 1:2 or 2
Quick Ratio:- 1:1
Debt Equity:-1:1
Bid price are buyers
Ask price are sellers
Use Limit order on all your app if you don't have the liver to trade

In addition, most Nigeria trading app has all stocks so it best you start looking out for your own portfolio using the abive criteria to purchase a stock.

Finally, invest what you can afford to loose.



Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by coolangel54(f): 10:21pm On Jan 28
I'm telling you.

There power in unity and in social media.
those teenagers won disrupt market o


Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by coolangel54(f): 7:18pm On Jan 28
If AMC stock holders can hold without selling, they will make it. That is the campaign on Reddit Telegram platform now.

It's risky sha.

As for me, portfolio diversification is important before person cry premium tears!

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Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by coolangel54(f): 7:12pm On Jan 28
smiley wink wink.
You people should leave AMC and GME o grin. Hedge funds don collect but the loss don dey reach these brokers before they will close shop with our money grin grin

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Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by coolangel54(f): 12:09pm On Jan 28
Good day elders, when does pre-market open for passfolio? I wanna dive into AMC stock with small money.

Just funded my account with #50,000

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Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by coolangel54(f): 1:05pm On Jan 21
God bless you for this sound advice. Can you hint us on some of the strong stocks for long term investment on Passfolio?

Absolutely agree with you sir....

We have on here recommendations as follows:

1. Long-term Trading
2. Day Trading
3. Swing Trading

As you mentioned, I would recommend our new entrant to start by investing in fundamentally strong stocks for long term, at least for a start.

Once they understand the market performance and technicalities, they can dabble into the other aspects.

Wishing us all the best.

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Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by coolangel54(f): 10:07pm On Jan 20
God bless you Sir kiss kiss

Very commendable.
Your efforts tell me you will amount to much in this business if you maintain the focus.

Don't be scared to ask any question.
We are here for this purpose: wealth creation via knowledge sharing as we deepen the investment acumen of our teeming masses.

America, China and India are minting millionaires every moment. It is not by accident. There is a deliberate attempt to empower the people. America has over 3,000 mentoring units. We have nothing!

But we will try in our little way.

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Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by coolangel54(f): 2:52pm On Jan 20
I have successfully read from the last page to 179 and then pages 1-6. O boy, my head is hot. For one, I detest mathematics, and seeing figures everyone gave me goosebumps. I think I have to revisit my maths textbooks o wink.

Thanks to the founder of this page Oakpearl and all the brains behind it. May God bless you all richly.

I have opened a Passfolio account and it has been approved already. All that is needed now is funding the account.

Abeg when we ask questions as a novice, no vex cos we are trying to cope, me for one.

I have joined Wealthhackers, Trove, and some other investment platforms on Telegram. For those trying to join, use a PC to search for them and you'd find them. Hope to download Trove for Nigerian stocks in the future but for now, let me stick to Passfolio

Once again thanks for all you do elders in the house.


Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by coolangel54(f): 2:26pm On Jan 19
My question to David of Passfolio and the response came in swiftly (as attached).

The question goes as follows "I just created an account with you guys and I want to ask if:
1.) Passfolio accepts transfer deposits from domiciliary accounts in Nigeria and withdrawals to the same dorm account?
2.) If yes, what are the charges like as well for deposits and transfers via this channel?
3.) How do I go about it (depositing and withdrawing) using the Passfolio app?"

The payment is quite huge o. Elders in the house is it right to deposit funds in one's account using 477+ and withdraw at 380 due to devaluation of the naira?

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Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by coolangel54(f): 10:48am On Jan 19
I would have but I'm expecting a lump sum in that account and all details have been filled online already. Changing it now at the bank is detrimental Sir/Ma.

Go to your bank, take your marriage certificate, I'd and do a change of name on your account to your marital name.

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Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by coolangel54(f): 10:46am On Jan 19
No sir.

For the house address, I plan to use the one on my NEPA bill (Asaba) because that is where I now reside.

[/b]I don't know if I will encounter any issue later on with withdrawal and funding of the account if it is created in my marital name cos my IP is available but in my marital name?[b]

Changing it now isn't possible cos I'm expecting a lump sum soon in that account and if changed now, I may not receive the fund as all details were filled online and there is no way I can change it.

Complete the form as shown on your current passport.

Attached your International Passport and let move from there...

what do you plan to use as proof of address? Same address on your bank statement before marriage?

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Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by coolangel54(f): 11:12pm On Jan 18
Majority of persons here are on T212. No much information on Passfolio for people like us having different names on international passport and bank account and who can't resolve it now.

People on Passfolio, make una give us info small biko in terms of deposit and withdraw, etc.

All the companies listed in T212 are they in Passfolio?

I have read from the last page to 210 and I'm still reading

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Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by coolangel54(f): 10:57pm On Jan 18
Link to join the group please?
Wealthhackers on Telegram is your plug


Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by coolangel54(f): 10:55pm On Jan 18
Is this for Passfolio or T212? Thanks in anticipation
Charges aint that much

Moresover you can request that your naira account be debited for the charges

Charges for wire transfer are underlisted below;

Telex: USD 25. (or N6000)
Offshore: USD 25 (or N6000)
Comission: 0.5%
Vat: 7.5% of Comission

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Investment / Re: Us Stocks Pick Alert by coolangel54(f): 10:46pm On Jan 18
How can I search for wealth hackers on telegram? I have searched but only my contact list is displaying and it keeps saying no result as a result of this. Kindly help

Read somebody's advice to you. Left to me...Keep 5k from that 15k...and start with 10k...Don't invest the 10k in one particular company...Do your DD before buying anything and don't expect the 10k to turn 20k overnight...grow your capital. Speaking from experience. You'll learn a lot here. Read Investopedia...Watch YouTube videos uploaded by T212. Follow this thread closely. Join the Wealth Hackers group on Telegram...You'll have your fair share of losses also.
NB: I'm not a pro

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