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Politics / Re: 2023: Anambra North Youths, Women Stage Solidarity Walk For Senator Oduah by Crayonforest: 9:13am On Jan 24

Is the early part of the video, Chime Avenue?
Politics / Re: Enugu: Ette Community Endorses Ugwuanyi For Senate, Peter Mbah, PDP Candidates by Crayonforest: 8:02am On Jan 24
Politics / Re: Buhari To Commission The J Randle Center For Yoruba Culture And History Today by Crayonforest: 7:22am On Jan 24
Lagos is doing well
Invest in Lagos

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Politics / Re: West Africa Hopes And Depend On Dangote Refinery by Crayonforest: 7:21am On Jan 24
Politics / Re: 2023: Anambra North Youths, Women Stage Solidarity Walk For Senator Oduah by Crayonforest: 7:18am On Jan 24
If she did well for her senatorial zone then let her go back if not let them vote her out.


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Romance / Re: Anita & Jide: Man Who Earns ₦15m Asks His Fiancee Who Earns ₦42m To Quit Her Job by Crayonforest: 6:20pm On May 19, 2020
Woman money na her money
Man money na our money

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Celebrities / Podcast: Personality Profile Of Uche Pedro(bellanaija) by Crayonforest: 1:44pm On May 19, 2020
Listen to the personality profile of Uche Pedo (Bellaniaja) podcast by Crayon Forest
Click on the link link below to listen

Business / Re: How To Register A Business Name In Nigeria by Crayonforest: 1:41pm On May 19, 2020

Can you assist me register one with CAC?
Yes Sir
Please send me a message on Whatsapp
Politics / Re: 6 And 7 Book Of Moses- See Who Actually Wrote The Mythical Books Of Moses by Crayonforest: 10:29pm On May 12, 2020
Heard a lot about this book
Webmasters / Top Social Media Monitoring And Management Tools by Crayonforest: 9:52pm On May 12, 2020
Social media management can be a daunting task most especially when it comes to monitoring and recognising audience interest, pasion, and interest. Understanding these diverse social behaviours will enable you to know the proper place to launch your Campaign, the type of content you will create.

Social Media monitoring is the process of keeping an eye to know the right information that will be good for business e.g harsh tags, Industry related trends. 

Here are the top Social Media Monitoring Tools 


Hootsuite is a popular digital marketing automation tool that is also used for social media management and carrying out different tasks such as monitoring of keywords, hashtags, location, specific users in real life.

With hootsuite you can schedule your post and also carry out analytics reporting.

Their basic plan starts from 19 dollars and you can make payment with your mastercard or paypal. 


Buzzsumo is a great social media and monitoring tool.

It's top benefits include; the ability to monitor domain alerts easily, keyword alerts, link and brand alerts.

Another special benefit of Buzzsumo as a social media management and monitoring tool includes its ability to give influencer information and competitor analysis.

It can also be used for content research and facebook page analysis and monitoring.

With Buzzsumo you can explore and discover high performing content to get more likes and shares.

Buzzsumo Also helps you to track comments and easily capture opportunities. 

Their basic  plan starts from 95 dollar, they also offer a 7 days free trial period.


Sprout is one of  the most widely used and popular social media management tools.

Sprout helps social media managers and business owners to plan, organise, schedule and deliver your content across different social media platforms.

With sprout you can engage your community and also measure your performance. Their basic plans start from 99 dollar per month.


Buffer is one of the most popular social media management tools, it has been around in the social media management space for a long time.

With a buffer you can collaborate on content with your team to create high quality contents your audience will love and connect with.

You can also create drafts and get feed. Buffer helps in reviving posts before publishing.

Currently they offer a free plan which is limited to 3 social media accounts, 10 scheduled posts and just 1 user. 


Mention is a social media monitoring tool for businesses and social media managers.

It is an effective tool to find out when people mention your brand online.

Mentions have the most powerful influencer marketing component. 



Business / How To Register A Business Name In Nigeria by Crayonforest: 9:40pm On May 12, 2020
Having a registered business name is one of the steps every Entrepreneurs take prior to the launching of their startup business. 

Are you looking for how you can register a business name in Nigeria?. Take this step by step guide to register your business name in Nigeria. 

It is very easy to register a business name in Nigeria, the Corporate affairs commision have made the process of registering a business name simple so that you can do that without any hitches. Their website now has certain search tools and other features that now makes it possible to search for business names, reserve and register a business name without necessarily going to the CAC office. 

Here are the steps to take to register business name in Nigeria 

Search for Name Availability

This is the first and crucial step to take, you must first of all come up with particular business names in mind and possibly alternative names. You will then visit CAC website and search for the availability of such names. The Corporate affairs commision website has a public search tool integrated on their website to enable business men search for the availability of their Business name. once the business name is available and the search results shows that there is no existing business with such name then the next step is to 

Name Reservation 

conduct an official search using the CAC online portal. This process permits the reservation of a particular business name for a period of 90 days.


Immediately your business name is approved and  reserved the next step will be to submit the h completed statutory forms, you must attach two passport size photographs along with the form. In a case where the company is in partnership,each of the applicant's photographs must be attached with the form. You can also do these online on CAC website by filling in these requirement 

Approved Business name 

General nature of the Business 

Address of the business 

Name, Address, Occupation and other required details of the proprietor or proprietors of the business. 

Signature of the proprietor or proprietors as the case may be.


The moment you submit the required documents, you will need to make the necessary payment. Here is a breakdown of the required payment you need to make. 

Business Name Reservation 

500 naira

Business Name registration Form 250

Business Name registration fee 10000


While registering your business you should bear in mind that you don't violate any set rules and must strictly follow the pre-define restrictions. 

They are 

The name must be 100 percent unique and original

The name must not in any way contain Chamber of Commerce, Federal, National, State, Regional, Government, Municipal, Chattered, Co-operative, Building society, Group, or holding, also the names must not in any way contain terms which in thenopinoon of the commision has the capability to mislead the nature or extent of its business activities. 

A name perceived to be offensive to the general public is highly prohibited, also the name must not in any way violate the existing trademark or existing business name in Nigeria unless consent is obtained from the owner of such trade mark. 

The name must not be offensive to public policy.

The name must not be in contradiction to public policy.

The name must not, in the opinion of the Commission, violate any existing trademark or existing business name in Nigeria (unless consent from the owner is obtained).

How to Change Your Company Name in Nigeria?

If you are wondering whether a person is allowed to change the names of companies in Nigeria, the answer is yes. Anyone who is willing to change their company name must follow a streamlined process, and the problem is sorted. If you are one of them, and looking for a guide to take you through the procedure of changing a business name in Nigeria then you are on the right platform. A step by step procedure is stated below.

NOTE: In a case where the business name is not approved, you must obtain another Business name reservation form and resubmit it along with two other business names options and wait for approval. 

Business / How To Conduct A Feasibility Study by Crayonforest: 4:41am On May 10, 2020
How to conduct a feasibility Study

Feasibility study is a study carried out to ascertain the legal, management, and operational needs of a business.

This a comprehensive document which shows the outcome of the viability test of a particular business venture.

The document is a combination of analysed field data, survey and other components.

This study is carried out to determine the viability of a business, the size of a market, current prices products and services etc.

To give a comprehensive overview of your project

To bring to notice, discover or exploit some of the opportunities that were not noticeably there at the start.

Feasibility study enhances the success of a business

Feasibility study increases insight for better project decision making.

It helps to give your team members focus and sense of direction.

Feasibility study helps to clarify the need of the project.


Before you delve into a project you need to ascertain if you have the Technical competence and resources such as Software, Hardware, and technical man power to complete the project successfully without abrogating it along the way.


Does the project you want to embark on have the ability to Solve the set problems you want to solve, is the project maintainable, sustainable and reliable.

There is no need wasting scarce resources to embark on a project which will be abandoned at the end of the day.


To know if the company has all the fundamental legal requirements to start and accomplish a particular project.

It will be a waste of resources and time to start a project without having all the necessary legal documents.


This is a very important component of the feasibility study and a crucial question that must be answered.

Before embarking on a project, you have to embark on a project that is achievable within a giving time frame.

It is highly important that you come up with a realizable project completion deadline.

Don't involve too many projects that might not be completed within a giving time frame.

It is also good to note that the timeframe for completion of a given project depends on the size of your team, their core competence and experience to deliver the projects, and the resources available for the execution of the project.


This is the most crucial and important part. You have to know whether the acrubale profit or revenue from the project is worth the money invested on it.


You have to know if you have the required financial need to go into such a project at the moment, otherwise you should first of all seek internal and external borrowing plans to raise money for the project.

A Feasibility study report has a couple of sections which make up the document.

You can follow these steps by step procedures to prepare a comprehensive feasibility study that will not be well detailed but also very easy to understand and anybody who will go through it.

This section contains the basics and benefits of the project you want to embark on, process flows and how it will be achieved

However you should try as much as possible to summarise the entire details of the entire project in this section and avoid long introduction.

This section outlines the vision, mission and the objectives of the project, the location, resources for the project, the project history and what motivated you to embark on the project.

Full scale Feasibility study is a time and resource consuming project. Instead of jumping into it straight ahead, it is better to conduct a preliminary study and analysis.

This can further qualify the eligibility of the feasibility study.

Follow this Four Steps to perform a preliminary Feasibility Study.

Outline everything you hope to achieve by undertaking this project and its positive contribution to your team, the stakeholders and your organisation as a whole.

You can lay emphasis on similar projects that were carried out and completed successfully, to buttress the significant importance of the project to your organisation.

Also Outline your innovative approach that will make you achieve the set goals and the project within the set time frame.

Some of the innovative approaches could be incorporating technology such as; creating Mobile apps, websites, special gadgets, involving a special talent or experts, and choosing a particular location.

Also determine the risk associated with the project. Analysing risk management is a way of determining the viability of the business.

Once this Preliminary step is completed, you will have an idea of whether to continue or abandon a particular conceptualised project.

Now that you have a rudimentary understanding of the nature of the project you are getting yourself into, it’s time to create a scope outline.

This outline will detail the objectives of the project by using these five feasibility questions.

Is this plan technically feasible?
Is this plan legal?
Is this plan operationally feasible?
Is this plan feasible within a reasonable period of time?
Is this plan economically feasible?

Using these five questions, you will outline the core tenets of this project including what the current situation or issue is that you plan to solve.

what you plan to accomplish, estimations on the impact of the project, and what it will take to accomplish this goal.

In this section you identify your target customers and how you plan to convert them into your regular customers.

You will also talk about your industry and mention what link or distribution chain you want to partake in it.

Also list your competition advantage.

This section paints a clear picture of what the market for your products or services look like.

In this section you will give in details the products you will produce, buy and sell, or the set services you will be offering to your customers and clients during the course of the project.

You should indicate their prices and state what makes them different from that of the competitors and factors that will make your product more attractive to the customer than your competitors own.

You should also show the process you went through in selecting them..

In this section you will state the type of business you are launching, the licenses and permits needed for such business and how you are going to acquire them prior to your launching.

Other things you are required to state here are your team members and their brief details and the roles they will be playing in your business.

This section talks about the production process and all the steps that are involved such as the machineries or tools that you will acquire and install, the raw materials needed for your production and its accessibility, Technical manpower needed in the production chain to get the final products, estimated costs of production etc.

This section tends to paint a vivid picture of what it takes to bring out the final product and launch to the market.

This section is very important and very crucial to the overall success of the project, because if your product fails to penetrate the market, it means the whole project will become a total failure.

So while writing this section, make sure it is articulate and carefully drafted with the realities of the study carried out in the field so as to deploy the right strategies.

In this section you need to clearly state your market penetration and domination strategy which involves several promotional strategies you will implement.

A careful study of your customers psychological behaviour and your competitors strength will enable you to come up with the right strategy.

Also you need to state your customer acquisition and retention strategy.

Evaluating the potential risk of a particular business will enable you to work towards minimising such risk.

Every business has its own risk but having a full knowledge of these risks will enable you to manage these risks associated with your business effectively.

In this section you will state your potential Startup Capital and overall analysis which involves how you want to use the startup fund, the expenses you will incur in the course of establishing your business.
The assets you are supposed to acquire for the business, how you intend to generate revenue and with all these values together you will prepare your balance sheet, profit and loss statements and cash flow projections.

In this section you will include the references used in the course of preparing your feasibility study report. It will also include your total observation, recommendation and it's viability.


Business / How To Start Frozen Food Business In Nigeria by Crayonforest: 4:00am On May 10, 2020
Visit www.crayonforest.com to read more detailed business ideas in Nigeria

How to start a frozen foods business in Nigeria

Frozen food business is one of the lucrative businesses you can start in Nigeria. 

Frozen food business is very lucrative, it is a business you can start today and be sure of continuous flow of income. 

Food is one of the essential needs of man and as such it is a commodity you are sure of selling on a daily basis. One carton of  10kg chicken goes for 10,000 naira, 1 Kilo of Chicken is sold for 1200 to 1300 in some places after selling it you will realise a profit of 5000 naira.

 Remember if you are located in a densely populated area a little bit far from the market, you are sure of selling two cartons per day. 

That means you are sure of going home with a profit after sales of about 10,000 naira daily that will be sum up to a total weekly profit of about 70,000 and a total monthly profit of 280,000 and an annual profit of 3, 360,000 million.

 You can even make more than this depending on your location and customer base. 

Frozen Food business is not the kind of business that needs a very huge Capital base, with 100-300 thousand naira, you can comfortably start this business and scale up as you grow. 

Frozen food Business is really an easy one that does not require sophisticated skills and training to start. 

The business involves buying and storing frozen foods such as Chicken, Fish, goat meat, cow meat and other frozen foods from wholesalers who buy from the merchants and importers. 

This frozen food is stored and sold to the final consumer for a higher gain. 

When the stock finishes, the retailer will go back to the wholesalers and purchase another stock and continue repeating the process. 

Sometimes the retailer also combines this business with other essential food commodities such as; ingredients, rice, beans, spices etc. 

Frozen foods are used to prepare different types of delicacies such as rice and many other local and foreign delicacies.

 It is also used in preparation of different types of soup such as bitter leaf soup, egusi soup, vegetable soup and stew.



Carrying out market research will enable you to carry out a deep analysis of your prospective market, ascertain the consumption patterns of your prospective customers, and know who your competitors are. 

Market research will help you arrive at a holistic market penetration strategy to penetrate the new or existing market and will help you to make crucial business Marketing decisions. 

 You can pay professionals to help you carry out market research and feasibility study. Good market research will enable you to discover untapped opportunities and will help you formulate a workable marketing plan. 


Feasibility study is carried out to determine the overall organisational, legal, management, and operational need of a business. It helps to ascertain the profitability or viability of a particular business in connection with the resources available to the disposal of a particular business entity. 

Sometimes, a business idea will look very promising but laced with many underlying challenges which if not clearly spotted and tackled may lead to the liquidation of a particular business entity.

 A feasibility study is carried out to discover all these.

Apart from securing grants, funding and other benefits of business plan, a business plan will enable you to launch your business successfully. 

Some of the important contents of the Business plan includes; executive summary, cash flow analysis, marketing plan etc. 

If you already have knowledge about this business then you can go ahead and launch your business, but if you don't have an idea you can go ahead and look for someone who is going to teach you the business.

 There are many people who will be willing to teach you the business for free or for a taoken. 

Some of the things you will need to learn is how to scale the frozen food, how to fix the price, where to buy the products, how to store it and how to relate with your customers. 

Registering your business name is one of the steps you need to take to launch your frozen food business.

 It will make your business have a corporate look and you can use your business name to open a corporate account, register on online payment processors and even secure grants and funds from the Government and private organisations. 


If you are starting as a sole proprietorship i will advise you to just register your business name first and incorporate your business as Limited Liability Company as your Company  grows. But if you have enough money to Incorporate your business, you can go ahead and do so.

Some Grants, Loans providers just request for a Business name, therefore Business name Registration is good for a start. 


While looking for a location where you are going to set up your frozen food business you have to watch out for the following;

How close is your frozen food shop to the market?

If you are too close to the market, you will not make as much sales as someone who is far away from the market. 

Also you have to consider getting a lockup shop in the market or in the street. If you are inside the market you are going to make more sales but at the same time you will have many competitors to contend with and that may cause a downwards review of the prices of frozen foods products unlike someone who is on the street. 

How consistent is the electricity supply in the area?

Frozen foods business needs an area that has a steady supply of electricity. Therefore when you are looking for a place to establish your business, make sure you do so in an area with constant electricity otherwise you will incur a lot of expenses buying fuel for your generator which will affect your overall profit. 

Always carry out a background check, to ascertain the nature of electricity supply in the area.

How densely populated is the area?

The more desnsely populate the area is, the higher your customer base.  You have to check how densely populated the area is, if you set up your business in a street where hundreds of people live, you will make more sales than someone who is located in a scantily populated street.

There are many densely populated streets where nobody is selling frozen food, you can just carry out a research and find out.

How secure is the Area?

You have to check the level of security of the area where you want to establish your frozen food business to avoid losing your equipment and products to the hands of thieves. 


 One of the best ways of making more sales is by launching an E-commerce website and offering home delivery services.  

An E-commerce store will allow you to list all your products and allow people to visit your store and order for products. 

You will receive the order, process it and deliver it to them in the comfort of their homes and offices. 

We now have many logistics companies which will help you deliver these products to your customers.

We have millions of households with working class people who will prefer to order for frozen foods online because of their tight schedule. 

Tap into this Opportunity by setting up an E-commerce website and deliver frozen food products to them at their doorstep. 

You can also sell your frozen foods products on Nigeria popular marketplace websites like Konga and Jumia which will handle the logistics and payment aspect.

To start a Frozen food business you need the following equipment

A deep freezer: Deep freezer is needed to store your frozen foods products You need at least two or three  Deep freezers for a start, so that you can store frozen fish and frozen chicken in different freezers. A good deep freezer that can serve you goes from 80,000 naira upwards.

Weighing balance/SCALE: Weighing balance is one of the most important tools you need for your frozen food business. You can get a good weighing balance from 5000 naira up. 

Apron: You can get a good apron from 2000 naira. 

You can alsoplace an order for a customised Apron which will make your business stand out here. 

Knives and Cutlass: This is needed for cutting of the frozen food products.

A Chopping Table which may be wooden or Iron.

A generator set which will provide an alternative source of power if there is no electricity. You can check out here for a new generator set

Hand Glove: This will enable you to maintain strong hygienic practises 

A laptop and a smartPhone: This will enable you to manage your ecommerce website and receive orders. 

A delivery Bike: This will enable you to handle some of the delivery of your products to your customers. 

Chopping board


Inorder to make your business stand out, you need to package your business well and inculcate some innovative business management practises. 

Here are step by step tips on how to package and market your frozen food business 

Get a Good looking Business Card: Whenever you bump into an old friend, prospective customers or even a family member you have to arm them with your good looking business card that will remind them of your business.

Flyers: With a good looking flyer, you can use it to create awareness around your neighbourhood and attract more customers and make more sales. 

Get a world class Logo for your Business: You need a good looking Logo for your Business.

 A good looking logo will make your business  stand out and gain both local and international recognition.

Get a Good Looking Business Letterhead: 
Don't run your business like any other person will run, get a good looking business letterhead  and use it for B2B or B2C Corporate communication. 

By doing so your business will have a corporate outlook and will not be treated with  contempt and disdain. 

You can click here to order for  Letterheads printing services and make a choice and place an order to get the business Letterheads delivered to your doorstep.

Get A branded T-shirt for Your Business: 
With your Branded T-shirt, your brand will get more brand visibility.

Set up your social Media Accounts: With the Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and twitter having millions of users. You need to leave on the social Media to increase your brand Visibility. 

Here are some of the Popular Social Networks you can learn on to promote your business.





You can also create a WhatsApp Group and add all your customers, so that you can easily pass Vital information such as promo, Coupons across to them effortlessly. 

FREEZER BURN: This happens when a frozen food is stored for a very long time. To avoid this make sure you buy lower quantities of cartons of frozen food at the start and increase it as you grow. 

INSUFFICIENT ELECTRICITY SUPPLY: Frozen food business needs a constant electricity supply. Starting this business in an area with insufficient electricity might spell room for your business. 

Building your customer base is the key to suceeding in this business. You have to think of Innovation ways of adding extra values to your customers such as offering home delivery services. This move will neccesitate you having an Ecommerce website where they will order for your frozen foods online. 

Also print flyers and do door to door marketong to notify the neigbourhood of the prrsence of your business and what they stand to gain from you. At initial stage just look for a way to work on reducing rhe price of the products so as to win more customers to yourself.

Also you need to mount a big signage so as tp direct people to your Store. 

Frozen food business is a very Lucrative business, but it requires your patience to grow the business and build your customer base. Also try to make more money by getting an e-commerce store and offer home delivery services.


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Business / Re: Don't Hurt Your Business, Get A Standard Website At An Affordable Rate by Crayonforest: 7:17am On Apr 30, 2020
Still available
Politics / Re: Sadiya Umar -Farouq: We Distributed NAFDAC Certified Rice by Crayonforest: 7:15am On Apr 30, 2020
Business / 10 Digital Skills Every Graduate Must Have by Crayonforest: 6:56pm On Apr 29, 2020
This is the 21st century, an era where people who have little or no digital skills will be treated the way Illiterates are treated. As many Companies now digitalise their operations, acquiring digital skills will improve your chances of securing a lucrative and mouth watering.

Before i continue let's check out these statistics from different Organisations; 

78% of salespeople using social media perform better than their peers. (Screwpile Communications)

98% of sales reps with 5000+ LinkedIn connections meet or surpass sales quotas. (The Sales Benchmark Index)

The outbound selling strategy of cold calling only has a 2.5% success rate. (Keller Research Center)

Thanks to implementing a social selling program, IBM boosted sales by 400%. (IBM)

There are 1.5 billion social media users across the globe. (McKinsey and Company)

77% of B2B purchasers won’t speak to a salesperson until they’ve done their own research. (Corporate Executive Board)

55% of buyers do research via social media. (IBM)

Only 7% of respondents said that social selling was a priority for their sales organization. (HubSpot)

By the time a salesperson gets involved, up to 90% of the sales process could be completed by social selling. (Forrester)

Source: wpforms.com 

What these statistics implies is that more and more small scale, medium and large scale businesses are going for services of Professionals with digital skills or employ graduates who have core digital skills needed by every 21st century business. 

Therefore learning Digital skills is a step in the right direction. 

Here are some of the digital skills that will make you highly resourceful this year. 

Many businesses are now aware of the crucial role website plays in the growth of their business and brand visibility which has lead to a sharp increase in the demand for Website Designers. A website comprises web pages which are authored with the hypertext markup language, cascading style sheet ro bring its aesthetics and Php to build a server side functionality. Every website contains interactive or interactive contents. There are different types of websites. To go into web design you can go online and start with him language which is the basic and foundational course for website designers. You can equally learn how to use different Content management systems which will help you deliver a project faster. The opportunities available for website designers are enormous, you can either work with a company or start your own web design company and help small and medium scale businesses create and launch their corporate website. 

According to statistics, about 2.5 billion people are on different social media platforms. With this figure which is expected to grow steadily from year to year, many businesses are now employing the services of professional social media marketers who have deep understanding of social Media Advert features, Influencer marketing, social media analytics, and how to produce engaging social media contents. They also have deep understanding about the constantly evolving algorithm of different social media platforms. There are many places where you can learn Social Media, some are paid while some are free. A good place to start with is google Digital Marketing Institute which will teach you the basics of social media marketing. 
You can either work for corporate organisations helping them manage their different social media platforms or you can equally set up your own Social media consultancy company. There are thousands of small scale business owners and startups looking for the services of an experienced social media marketer. Also you can make money helping businesses to create and run their adverts to get a better result. 

Roughly  6.5 billion SEO results or more are carried out each day and 77%of this result comes from google. SEO professionals are in-charge of optimizing website contents to make sure it converts. In order to increase their search engine ranking and to draw organic traffic to their website many companies are employing the services of a full time or freelance search Engine optimization expert that will work hand in hand with other team members such as content marketers to achieve the overall marketing goals of the organisation. As an SEO you can get a lucrative job with a corporate company or start your own search engine Marketing Consultancy Company and make a lot of money consulting for both small, medium and large scale companies. 

Blogging is another hot digital skill that is in high demand. A professional blogger has basic skills such as SEM, Social Media marketing and web analytics. Blogging not all about posting articles or contents on a website. An experienced blogger knows how to optimise blog posts, perform web analytics and write engaging articles that will lead to a high rate of lead generation. Although it is not easy to make money in the early days of your blogging, once you have created great content and have promoted your blog, you can Monetise your blog  and enjoy the continuous income stream from different sources. Also you can work as a freelancer, writing for other blogs, some freelance bloggers make as high as 7 figure income. 

A web Analytics expert studies and makes an informed decision on the overall marketing campaign. No company wants to waste their scarce resources on assumption therefore they require the services of a professional web Analytics will analyse the website Data and advise the company appropriately on their subsequent campaigns. A web Analytics expert colects, studies and analyses customers data and makes a report with the help of analytics tools  such as Google analytics, hotjar and many other analytics tools. Web analytics experts work hand in hand with Search engine marketing, therefore it is hard to see a web analytics expert that does not have fundamental or in depth knowledge of search engine marketing. Web analytics experts can work onna full time basis with a corporate organisation or work as a freelancer. You can start learning Web analytics by starting a free Google analytics lesson here. 

In this digital era, Content is the king and a content that will engage and increase more lead generation must come from a professional content marketer. There are different types of contents such as blogs, videos, Articles, Graphics, infographics, podcast and animated videos. A content marketers knows the right content strategy to roll out inorder to target a particular audience or market segment. Without content there is no way the customers can discover your awesome product and services that is why many companies are paying adequate attention to content marketing. 

Email marketing is still much around. With a 3.9 billion active email users. Email Marketing is still one of the most favourite marketing strategies many companies are adopting. Email marketing goes beyond sending emails to subscribers. A professional email marketer knows how to build a solid customer relationship, collect, store and validate email and also increase the number of email subscribers by deploying different strategies such as giveaway. As a professional email marketer, you can be hired by a company or work as a freelancer. You can also start an Email marketing consultancy company and make lots of money consulting for small, Medium and large scale businesses. Email marketers works with variety of softwares.

Graphics designers are in hot demand and are well paid. You should be aware that 21st century graphics design have really changed and you must be really good at working with modern digital illustration software and tablets to consider yourself a professional graphics designer. A graphics designer works hand in hand with other professionals such as search Engine Marketers, Content marketers, to achieve the overall corporate marketing goals of the organisation. There are many places where you can actually get graphic design skills such as udemy courses, lynda graphics design courses etc. 

Pay per click ad involves a system where Advertisement accrue cost when users clicks on their adverts. You will notice that any time you make a  search on Google you will notice that the first two to three results are adverts by a company related with the keywords you searched for. Those companies did a pay per click advert. 
With the consistent drop in organic traffic many companies are now focusing their strength and resources in the area of pay per click advertising which has the tendency of giving them  an overwhelming brand visibility and lead generation. In order to set up a pay per click advertising companies engage the services of an expert in PPC who have technical knowledge of some of some pay per click terms such as click through rate, impression, cost per click etc. 

In order to build a royal customer who will cherish your brand you need to create a bond between your customers and your brand with brand storytelling. A brand story teller knows how to create a permanent positive imagination and value of a particular brand in the head of the customers.

Finally the digital era is here and the earlier you equip yourself with these innovative skills the more you increase your chances of securing a mouth watering job or to launch your own company. 



Business / Register For D-prize Challenge 2020/2021 For Social Entrepreneurs by Crayonforest: 6:48pm On Apr 29, 2020
D-Prize supports new entrepreneurs who can distribute proven poverty interventions.

The world has already invented products and services to end poverty. Yet millions of people still don’t have access. Can you design a business or NGO that solves one of the Distribution Challenges below?

We will award the most promising teams with up to $20,000 USD to launch a pilot version of your new organization wherever extreme poverty exists. 


Select a challenge above and be prepared for the following deadlines: 

The Global Competition launches on April 20th, 2020.

Early Submission Deadline: June 1st, 2020 at midnight PT (pacific time) 

Regular Submission Deadline: June 22nd, 2020 at midnight PT (pacific time) 

Extension Deadline: July 13, 2020 at midnight PT (pacific time)



Submit your concept note and resume(s).  We generally receive 1000 submissions in a competition.


Top 5% of entrepreneurs are invited to submit a full 10 page proposal. You will have  four weeks to draft and submit.


Top entrepreneurs interview via phone and email.  The top 1-2% will receive up to $20,000 to launch.


You will spend the next three months using your talent to start a venture that can grow and help millions of people.


D-Prize is for aspiring entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world, of any age, and any background.

We will consider funding existing organizations only if: you are piloting a new distribution-focused initiative, and you need high risk capital.

Visit here the link below to apply

Romance / Re: My Boss' Girlfriend Is In Love With Me by Crayonforest: 6:36am On Mar 22, 2020
Guy you have a caring boss and you are here talking rubbish. Don't follow her with harshness because she might go the extreme and set you up. Just ask your girl friend to be coming as much as she can to the office. Most especially on the days she will be around and make sure you introduce her to the Lady in front of your boss.


Webmasters / Re: Get A Standard News Blog For Just 20,000 Naira by Crayonforest: 7:40am On Mar 21, 2020
Still available
Business / Re: Don't Hurt Your Business, Get A Standard Website At An Affordable Rate by Crayonforest: 7:40am On Mar 21, 2020
Still available call now
Events / Cheap And Standard Website For All Events Entrepreneur by Crayonforest: 7:39am On Mar 21, 2020
Are you an event planner?. Do you know that with a standard event management website you can reach out to millions of potential clients in Nigeria.

We also design standard website for;
Hiring Outlets
E-commerce shop for Wedding Store
Photography Website with booking features for event Photographers

Guess what with less than 50,000 you can get this website with other free services such as;
Free 1 Month SEO Analysis
Free Logo Design
Free Blog Design for your Website
40 Free Optimised Articles for your Blog

For more information call the No on the Signature Below.
Properties / Get A Standard Real Estate Website To List Your Properties by Crayonforest: 7:18am On Mar 21, 2020
Get a standard Real Estate Website to list your properties for just 40,000 naira which includes; cost of 1 Year hosting
Website Maintenance for 6 Months
Purchase of domain name of your choice

Also you will get
Free SEO Analysis
Free Blog design for your Website
Free 40 high quality optimised Articles for your blog
Free Promotion of your Website for two weeks on Facebook and Instagram.

For more information call the number on the signature below

Webmasters / Get A Standard News Blog For Just 20,000 Naira by Crayonforest: 1:11pm On Mar 19, 2020
This is a special Promo and will only Last for a month
Get a stabdard News and Entertainment blog for just 40,000 naira.

This money covers for
Blog Hsoting for one year

Domain name Registration .com .ng or. Com.ng according to your choice.

Premium Blog Theme

Setting up of the blog

Free 20 Original optimised contents

Free ine week Promotion of your Blog on Facebook.

If you are interested call or whatsapp the No on the Signature Below
Business / Don't Hurt Your Business, Get A Standard Website At An Affordable Rate by Crayonforest: 11:45pm On Mar 18, 2020
Some business men are indirectly hurting their business today because of their inability to ger a standard busines. While will you complaining of low sale when you can create a standard website and showcase your product to the world. The world has just gone beyond brick ans mortar business any business that does not have a business website in this 21st century is not living up to the reality of the time.

Do you know that many customers now search for a business inline before transacting with them physically. Do you know that there are millions of potential customers who may never come close to your physical shop but you can prospect and convert by getting a great website.

Here at Crayonforest we don't just design website for you, we make sure you derive value ans witness an increase sales of your products and services.
Phones / Airtel Downtime by Crayonforest: 12:38am On Mar 18, 2020
Airtel Network is seriously down in my area. Can't do anything right now. Who else is experiencing the same thing.
Celebrities / Re: Zubby Michael: AMVCA Is Organized By Yoruba, It's Fake Award, Political by Crayonforest: 6:12pm On Mar 17, 2020
lol.... Slow poky idiot yoruba vulture. Continue deceiving yourself vulture
Insulting me does not change anything
We are behind
I am a professional Cinematographer ans i am talking from the professional point of view. No need for insult please. You can argue without insulting my personality


Celebrities / Re: Zubby Michael: AMVCA Is Organized By Yoruba, It's Fake Award, Political by Crayonforest: 5:37pm On Mar 17, 2020
My dear Igbo brothers let us kiss the truth for once, Yorubas are ahead of us in the movies industry. Their story lines are pwerful and their cast knows how to interprete their role. Even though I don't understand nor speak Yoruba but through subtitle I love watching their films. Please my fellow Igbo Brothers, it is no doubt that we are the founding fathers of Nollywood but let us go back to the drawing board and up our game.

25 Likes 1 Share

Politics / Re: Lagos Explosion: Peter Obi Reacts To Death Of Revd Sister Who Saved Bethlehem St by Crayonforest: 1:59pm On Mar 16, 2020
Great presdo to be, tested and trusted. Your wonderful work in anambra will always speak for you. A man that can manage and never corrupt
No be lie Anambra really felt the impact of Obi's giant stride. He is indeed a great resource.
Politics / Re: Lagos Explosion: Peter Obi Reacts To Death Of Revd Sister Who Saved Bethlehem St by Crayonforest: 1:57pm On Mar 16, 2020
Business / Re: Top 20 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Achieve Success by Crayonforest: 1:55pm On Mar 16, 2020
Happy Monday
Celebrities / Count Down To The Official Release Of 'god In Me' By Nigeria Top Gospel Artist by Crayonforest: 8:20am On Mar 16, 2020
Count down to the official release of 'God in me' by top Nigeria Gospel Artist T-Gospel. T-Gospel is one of Nigeria's top Gospel Artist.

'God in Me' is a Gospel song that will lift up your soul and be in the mood to worship God.

Watch out for this great song as we drop it very soon.

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