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Sports / Re: Toyin Ibitoye Wins Headgear Of The Day Award At 2018 FIFA World Cup Draw by dbabba: 9:53am On Dec 02, 2017
Who is nigeria playing in the world cup pls,
Sri Lanka, Eritrea, Palestine. . .I think!
Crime / Re: How MTN Aided In Stealing From My Bank Account by dbabba: 2:31am On Apr 28, 2016
I'm really sorry for your loss. I wish we live in a country where things work. Unfortunately, we don't!
Education / Re: BREAKING NEW! Fire Guts Student Hostel In Kano, Many Dead by dbabba: 10:59pm On Jan 12, 2016
While it is true that fire gutted the said school's hostel, the third building in a week (Arson probably). No single life was lost! I repeat no single life was lost.
Politics / Re: Buhari Is Not The Poor Man He Pretends To Be – Balarabe Musa by dbabba: 2:27pm On Sep 07, 2015
Oga Musa, se na cigar blacken your lips like this abi na goro? It's like the nicotine has affected your sense of reasoning. Buhari has never said he's poor. We all know he is not poor. Albeit he is not greedily rich like you lots who continually syphon public funds to your personal bank accounts, unrepentantly enriching yourselves with loots that's enough to build an AC cold enough to freeze hell.
Education / Re: An OAU Student's Project On Defeathering A Chicken. This Is An Awesome Invention by dbabba: 11:27am On Sep 06, 2015
lalasticlala, come and see something
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Police Recruitment 2015 by dbabba: 8:17am On Aug 29, 2015
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by dbabba: 10:07pm On Jul 10, 2015
what is CSCS statement??

It's the stock and shares investment.
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by dbabba: 4:52pm On Jul 10, 2015
That's funny...Did you include any payslips, and did your LOI from ur company state how much u earn.

What about your program of study, how does it relate with your previous program...

I included LOI but not stating how much I earn and no payslips
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by dbabba: 4:51pm On Jul 10, 2015
Did u submit any personal SOA?when did u finish sch and how long av u been working?

I did not submit personal and I don't think it would have mattered anyway. Finished school 2012, nysc june 2014
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by dbabba: 3:31pm On Jul 10, 2015
@dbaba sorry for the delay.
Pls ill like to understand somethings.

You mean the two sections were ticked?
You haven't satisfied the VO that u have sufficient funds to survive and also that you will leave canada at the end of your stay.

Purpose of visit and personal assets are the only things being ticked under the second section.

Insufficient funds under first section, then personal assets and purpose of visit under the second section
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by dbabba: 1:46pm On Jul 10, 2015
After 8 weeks of torture, my application was refused. Reasons are insufficient funds, personal assets and purpose of visit.

Docs submmitted
List of docs submitted

1. Personal

Letter of intent
Degree cert
ICT training certificate
LOI from employer
ID card
Receipt of professional registration fee
Receipt of first term tuition

2. Maternal Uncle (main sponsor)

Company SOA for 6 months (bal of 5m and total inflow of 26m)
Letter of introduction from bank
Letter of sponsorship
Notarized affidavit of support
Company CAC form
National ID card
Tax clearance cert
Cs of O (2 landed properties in Lagos)
CSCS statement worth 13m

3. Mother (co-sponsor)

SOA closing bal of 1.4m
Letter of sponsorship
Notarized affidavit of support
Letter of introduction from bank

4. Father (co-sponsor)

SOA closing bal of 150k
Letter of sponsorship
Notarized affidavit of support

I must however not fail to say this; I got a backdated employment letter through a family friend in order to prove home ties even though I had never worked for this company. This really worried my conscience after submitting the app. My course is GIS at Niagara college and only has fall intake. I'm shifting my horizon to finland or germany. Thanks everyone.


Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by dbabba: 1:13pm On Jul 10, 2015
Please I just received a message that my status has been updated but there was no new message when I logged into my cic account. What could have happened?
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by dbabba: 7:09pm On Jul 08, 2015
Seems deedee0 and I are next. Expecting positive response. Na to do all night tonight. Jacob mode activated grin

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Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by dbabba: 9:07am On Jul 08, 2015

Dont believe everything you read here. You can send them an email if your application is more than 8weeks old and you are running out of patience.

'Calling the embassy' is a topic that polarizes opinions - but it has absolutely nothing to do with approval or refusal, I've read instances where people went to the embassy to cancel their application and got travel on the same day they made their request.

My advice tho, is to chill and pray that whenever it drops it should be something to rejoice about.

Thanks. You've calmed my heart a bit. I've sent them a mail this morning.
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by dbabba: 7:51am On Jul 08, 2015
Ok..I don't know how to break this news but I willl break it afterall..

After vexing and mailing CIC yesterday. They decided to respond to me with an email this evening.

So , I logged on to CIC and found out I av been delayed. Their Reasons below:

Purpose of visit-Their papa.I have a B.Eng Petroleum going for Masters Chemical.Work experience:Process engineer

Travel History- First time is not a crime

Financial and Personal asset- I showed over 800k in my account bt sponsors have a total of 14m.

Please no pity party. I haven't lost anyone. Will def re-apply by Sept when I push my start date to January..


Please what was the response they gave to your mail before you were refused? I think I need to send them a mail also but I'm getting a feeling they just gave you a response without due consideration for your app.

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Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by dbabba: 6:10pm On Jul 06, 2015

So that I'll comeback home just 3 months after finishing my course. Thanks but no, thanks. I have admission at heriot watt for masters but I deliberately decided not to go. After paying 4m for tuition, I'll come back home with no work experience. If only the UK can just relax their immigration policies, but thanks for your concern.


Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by dbabba: 5:56pm On Jul 06, 2015

I dnt think it's because you're a college applicant, mine will also be 8weeks tomorrow and I'm for Masters. Check the list, University applicants are also experiencing same. Sighs

Please what do you suggest we do now cos the thing don tire me
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by dbabba: 5:12pm On Jul 06, 2015
House, I think this is getting abnormal, even those who submitted online long after some of us have gotten their response while my own application will be 8 weeks tomorrow. Please I need the contact (email) of the embassy so I can lay my complaints. I really plan to bombard them tomorrow if I don't get anything.

Or is it that they are not responding to the college applicants cos I notice most who have gotten theirs after my submission were university students?


Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by dbabba: 12:59pm On Jul 03, 2015

good news soon bro... hope u tracking it??

Yes I am and it says still processing
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by dbabba: 11:29am On Jul 03, 2015
@Dbaba & @pyroxene my fellow Niagara mates how far ur application?? I pray you guys and everyother expecting medical call will get it soon.. amen

Thanks for your concern o. My application is now in the 8th week, yet no news but still hopeful for the best

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Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by dbabba: 5:09pm On Jun 22, 2015
In the name of Allah the most gracious and most merciful all praise and worship is due to almighty Allah alone. I just got a medical mail now from cic. Would update u guys later

Congrats, my Niagara college fellow. I'm still awaiting response on my own app. I submitted on 12th of may.
Romance / Re: 7 Reasons Why Test Of Sexual Capability Before Marriage Leads To Marital Crisis by dbabba: 11:04am On Jun 22, 2015

The problem is that I can't log in.

Just use the forgot password option, then it will bring some secret questions you answered when opening the account. That will help you to reset the password

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Romance / Re: 7 Reasons Why Test Of Sexual Capability Before Marriage Leads To Marital Crisis by dbabba: 7:59am On Jun 22, 2015

My Facebook has been hacked a beg I need help.to recover it. The person is just rubbishing me out there

Just change your password, it will automatically log everyone out. Happened to me when someone was posting immoral stuffs through my account

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Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 8 by dbabba: 8:33pm On Jun 11, 2015
I just received the thank you for your patience mail from CIC. I don nearly piss for body as I saw the mail was from CIC. Even my undergraduate was not this tense.


Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by dbabba: 7:35am On May 30, 2015
Clicking the question mark takes you to the portion to upload...It doesnt show u any form, I did that severally before I gave up. Check your system if u saved a copy of this form. Thanks!

I have a copy of the form. I'll send a pm now
Politics / Re: Suntai Leaves Govt. House; Packs Into House Bought For Him By His Deputy by dbabba: 8:55pm On May 26, 2015
I think we should try to have facts before judging people. This man usually attends a christian leadership retreat at gboko before his accident and anyone who knows Bro Gbile Akanni should know that he doesn't spare any corrupt politician or continue associating with such. Yet he is very close to this man. Our present situation in the country does not mean we do not have honest politicians again even though they might be scarce.
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by dbabba: 4:06pm On May 23, 2015
[b]1. Bobola86; Jan 30, Concordia University College of Alberta, online, PG TRV
2. Jengbetiele; Feb 15, UofS, Online, TRV
3. Pmiller1:Feb 17, Sask Poly, Dip, Online, DELAYED
4. uchetorial: Feb 17 Sask Poly,PG -Paper Route
5. Hesque: Feb 19, Humber, PG, Online, TRV
6. CruzAj: Feb 19, NSCC, Pgd, paper, DELAYED
7. Joeyf: Feb 26, NSCC, DIP,Online
8. Yreg: Mar 02, MUN, Pgd, Online, MEDICAL
9. Waledarep: Mar 03, MUN, Advanced Dip, Paper, DELAYED
10. Ohammed199: Mar 06, University of Manitoba, UG, Online DELAYED
11. Marcuskens: Mar 08, MUN, Online
12. Dapsey66: Mar 10, Centennial college, PGD, Online
13. Newww1: Mar 17, Lakeland College, PG, Online
14. ada4all: Mar 29, Seneca College, PG, Online. DELAYED
15. Moheat: April 8 Humber College, Diploma, online,
16. Sexysammy0906: April 8, Vancouver Island University, MBA, Paper MEDICAL
17. Jakay: April 8, MI of MUN, Adv. Diploma, Online
18. Darefestus April 23rd, UofL, PG, Online
19.CruzAj: April 24, NSCC, Pgd, paper Route
20. Hayqinsb; April 27, Seneca, Adv dip, paper route.
21.Bepzi4jesus April 8th, Okanaga College, Diploma, Online route.
22. nigeriannewbie May 5, U of Ottawa, PGD, paper
23. berexio1 May 7, university of waterloo, Meng, online
24. Joeyf: May 26, NSCC, DIP,Online
25, zattiezat; may 15 ,U of S, Masters,paper
26. pyroxene; may 21, Niagra, pgd, paper
27.Team12 - May 15, UofW, Masters, Online
28.Taike - May 14, U of T, PhD, Online
29. SeyiMilan - April 23, Conestoga, PGD, Online
30. samade001, May 21, ottawa, masters, paper

If you have admission and have applied for TRV Please provide the following information **Submission date**Institution* **Mode of submission: Online/Paper **level of study

May 12, Niagara college, pgd, online
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by dbabba: 10:36am On May 22, 2015
They actually contact you if they need additional docs, I have a friend that was called to send some additional docs(Sponsors SOA) and rescan some docs cos it wasnt clear.

Ok. Thanks
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by dbabba: 10:34am On May 22, 2015
Guys, I have gotten email from cic twice that my application has been updated and that I should log in to view message. When I log in, it shows new message, but when I open the application, I don't see anything new. What does this mean? Same thing happened with my daughter's application this morning. Anyone experiencing something similar?

I observed same with my application. I only saw the 3 messages that had been there since my application was submitted
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by dbabba: 9:47am On May 22, 2015

All of those things you mentioned are usually uploaded along with the letter of explanation documents..And proving home ties can be done in different ways, from SOP to landed documents to marriage to future employment..Again it is no fault of theirs that most can't seem to convince them enough.

Ok I understand you, but what do they mean when they say they will contact us if additional documents are required?
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by dbabba: 9:16am On May 22, 2015
Something has been bothering me about online application and I decided to check it out on the CIC website. I saw that we were only asked to submit the requested documents and no provision was made for documents like (CV, birth certificate, certificates, employment letters and so on), infact it was stated that one would be contacted when additional documents are required.

Now my grouse is I feel it is morally and legally wrong for the VO to deny an application based on documents that were not requested and it should be questioned. For example there is no provision for one to prove home ties to his country, so why would they go ahead and deny one's application on something that was never asked for. At least they should have made a post application request for such before going ahead to play the almighty. Moreover, it was stated on the application website that "we would be contacted when additional documents are required"

Please, I need people's opinion on this.
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by dbabba: 2:35pm On May 19, 2015
please guys who knows what a telex looks like? my dad's account officer just sent some jargons about 19 lines to my e-mail telling thats all i need. i thought it will be some sort of document



my name

That was wat I got too. I just quoted the details and mailed them to the school, I got my receipt in less than 2 days.

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