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Crime / Re: How I Lost Dollars And The lingering Menace Of Fraud In Nigeria by DDDEnterprises: 3:28pm On Nov 19, 2021
Word on point!

I've seen Atheists attack religion in the sense that Nigerians are so religious but not very progressive.

But the reality is most people only have religious identities and focus on the worship part of their religions but do not take consideration of the morals and laws.

Both books forbid deceit, lying, stealing and all sorts of vices. But many nationals in this country are masters of these vices. It's even worse when they see it as "dullness" or stupidity when you don't engage in it.

A sad and shameful reality!

But we rejoice though. Because one of the major reasons why this is the case is because of gross ignorance many people suffer and the fact that there is a colossal shortage of exemplary leaders people can look up to to guide them towards uprightness and good conduct.

And all that shall begin to change when the great emperor "The Unity" finally arises and establishes his New Era.

In the New Era, divine consciousness and true enlightenment will be brought nearer to the people and they shall be inspired to control their desires and submit to true values.

Humanity is in danger of destroying itself due to ignorance and heedlessness and God willing, the process of saving humanity from the evil of itself will begin when the New Era starts.

We await your coming, the great Unity.

P.S. "The Unity" is not Jesus or AntiChrist or Mahdi undecided
Politics / Re: FG is Using Fellow Yoruba People To Sabotage Yoruba Nation Struggle — Akintoye by DDDEnterprises: 3:16pm On Nov 19, 2021
Wow! Igboho still dey custody for Benin?

Wetin dem talk say be him crime again?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin Tests 'unstoppable ' Hypersonic Missile As Tension Rage With The West(Pix) by DDDEnterprises: 2:53pm On Nov 19, 2021
Humanity of this generation fancies itself enlightened and civilised but they've lost touch on the true meaning of those terms.

Today, power is measured and exercised by how much wanton destruction a nation could cause in a bid to express their feelings or achieve a desired goal.

That is not true power. Any power - in which when it is exercised - jeaopardises the lives of vulnerables and involves destruction of valuables is NOT true power!

This is why we need a true leader in the world. Someone who can serve as a great example of an exemplary leader.

And God willing, we shall have it when the great emperor, The Unity finally emerges.

In his New Era, consciousness and true sense of enlightenment would start to dawn on the world. This world will be saved!

And we await your coming, The Unity!

PS: The Unity is not Jesus or AntiChrist or Mahdi. undecided

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Politics / Re: Ameer Sarkee To Contest For APC National Women Leader Position (Photo) by DDDEnterprises: 5:16pm On Nov 09, 2021
We trust that this is not an attempt to give yourself access to myriad of vaginas and consistent strategic "knacking"...

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Politics / Re: Delta Partners Stallion To Establish Tricycle Plant by DDDEnterprises: 5:07pm On Nov 09, 2021
Nice one!

Innovation and production constitute one of the greatest paths towards prosperity and powerful economy.

But watch out for bigger achievements when The Unity arrives. People will marvel at what a civilization founded upon the natural and sacred law they've all abandoned all this while can do.

The New Era will soon be upon us, God willing. An Era of prosperity and security is nigh! The earth will be saved!!!
Crime / Re: Serial Card Thief Arrested With 33 ATM Cards After Withdrawing N250k From Bank C by DDDEnterprises: 5:03pm On Nov 09, 2021

just can't wait for The Unity to arrive. I believe his New Era possess the judicial atmosphere competent enough to give people like the best judgement.

God rid this world of evil. And we hope he fulfils our plea through the emergence of The great Unity!
Politics / Re: Koshoedo: Lagos Government’s Negligence Contributed To Ikoyi Building Collapse by DDDEnterprises: 4:52pm On Nov 09, 2021
This is part of what I've been shouting about but they say I'm mad!

The weak and heedless have taken control of the earth. That time is upon us; when incompetent and unworthy people are celebrated and weild power while worthy people are looked down upon and swept aside.

People have submitted to their desires other than divine will. As a result, they are misguided in their choices concerning various aspects of life including who to put in power and what type of political system to practise.

As sad as it is, it's still good. For God willing, very soon, The Most High will bring about the coming of The Unity. His New Era will soon be upon us. And by then, everything that's wrong with this presently prevailing civilization will be resolved.

This world will be saved! The Unity is coming!!!


Politics / Re: President Buhari Arrives Paris For Official Visit, Peace Forum by DDDEnterprises: 4:45pm On Nov 09, 2021
Travel all you want. As long as the foundation and processes of your motives and efforts contravene the sacred law, it's still not good enough.

For what is in harmony with the sacred law is what is complete in virtue.

God willing, The Unity will soon emerge and he shall bring about a New Era founded upon the tenets of the sacred law. Then you shall all witness true power! Then you shall witness true civilization!!!

We await your coming, The Unity.

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Politics / Re: Gunmen Engage Joint Security Operatives In Gun Battle In Ihiala by DDDEnterprises: 4:42pm On Nov 09, 2021
Hmm! Peace is getting lost a great deal in the world. What do you expect when people choose not to shun or control their desires and submit to divine will and guidance?

The world was created for a purpose and if that purpose isn't given its due regard and fulfilment, chaos and disorder befall its inhabitants.

Well as sad as all these developments are, we still feel a great sense of hope and optimism as we expect the coming of "The Unity", the great man who shall bring about the coming of The New Era and start the process of cleansing the world of all filth and heedlessness.

God willing, the world shall know peace soon. God willing, the world shall be saved.

We await your coming, the great Unity.
Celebrities / Re: BE HONEST!! If You Were This Young Man, What Would You Do To Your Wife? by DDDEnterprises: 8:49pm On Nov 08, 2021
God help you.

everyone with their own concerns.

Like over here, we're worried about how fvcked up the world is and we're hoping for the emergence of "The Unity" so he can orchestrate the coming of The New Era and start the process of healing the world.

I pray The Most High gets all our concerns resolved.

We await your coming, The Unity.
Education / Re: What Notable Topic Can You Speak On Without Preparation? by DDDEnterprises: 2:03pm On Oct 01, 2021
The emergence of The Unity and the orchestration of his New Era and why the world needs it.
Science/Technology / Re: Earth Is DIMMING Due To Climate Change, Scientists Warn ( Pics) by DDDEnterprises: 1:50pm On Oct 01, 2021
And many of these creatures called homo sapiens are heedless of the signs of calamities that may befall the same earth they call home in the future.

Humanity is so interesting. We glorify ourselves a lot but don't have enough to show for it.

All thanks to the Lord for the coming of The Unity though. When The Unity arrives and the New Era begins, the blind amongst humanity shall be healed and the deaf shall be cured and we shall all be made to see and realise our flaws and the potentials we possess to make things right.

All these heedlessness and nonchalance shall be cast away and humanity will begin to take some certain imperative matters seriously.

We can save the earth and we shall do it following the lead of the great Unity (God willing)

We await your coming, The Unity

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Politics / Re: Lady Shares Heartbreaking Photos On Nigeria's 61st Independence Day by DDDEnterprises: 1:26pm On Oct 01, 2021
Y'all should continue to enjoy the fruits of this rubbish civilization and lifestyle y'all crave so much.

We on the other side - who have been blessed with a little bit of consciousness and foresight of the greatness that may dawn upon us in the future - will continue to yearn for a revolution in civilization and await the coming of The great Unity who will bring a new, bright civilization upon the world.

In the New Era of The Unity, humanity will be made to realise their potentials as well as their flaws and how to manage and explore them. Humanity will be made to realise they must submit to divine guidance and consciousness which in turn will bring upon them prosperity and serenity.

The time for the coming of The New Era is at hand. A new civilization must prevail! This earth must be cleansed!

And we await your coming The great Unity grin

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Celebrities / Re: Senator Ita Giwa Prays For Tuface & Annie Idibia: Video by DDDEnterprises: 1:11pm On Oct 01, 2021
The kind of people or things that get attention in this present civilization; for someone like me who has blessed with a little bit of enlightenment and consciousness, these kind things dey vex me.

But no worries. The Unity is coming. The New Era will soon begin. In that Era, consciousness will dawn upon humanity. Humanity will be made to realise what a beautiful world we could live in if they were to submit to divine will and guidance and give due regard and importance to the true purpose of life.

The Unity will bring about such a wonderful Era. We shall perceive it with our senses!

We await your coming The great Unity

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Romance / Re: What Does She Mean By This? by DDDEnterprises: 1:08pm On Oct 01, 2021
It means she has attributed you as her 'Plan B' or so and there's a chance she will end up accepting you one day.

So if you're fine with that, go ahead and do as she says.

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Celebrities / Re: Dj Cuppy Is Tired Of Being Single & Went On A Blind Date To Look For A Partner by DDDEnterprises: 12:48pm On Oct 01, 2021
Wow! wonderful news! undecided

Frivolity is the order of the day in this present reigning civilization. How can it not be so when many do not realise their true purpose in life let alone try to fulfil it?

We rejoice though; upon the day the Unity will finally emerge. in his New Era, humanity will be made to realise their purpose in life and they shall bow to divine authority and consciousness.

This earth must be cleansed!!!

And we await your coming, The Unity.
Politics / Re: Raid On Igboho’s Residence: FG To Appeal N20bn Court Judgment – Malami by DDDEnterprises: 6:01pm On Sep 17, 2021
Kind of expected. grin
Politics / Re: The Ikom Bridge In Cross River State Almost Done! by DDDEnterprises: 12:14pm On Sep 16, 2021
Nice! God bless Nigeria.
In other news, The Unity is coming.
Celebrities / Re: Bbnaija: Cross In Serious Tears After Dirty Fight With Nini (video) by DDDEnterprises: 3:10pm On Sep 15, 2021
Chai! Look at my generation!

Just imagine how fvcked up we are. imagine the kind of people, the kind of matters, the kind of events that are being given attention. The earth has been corrupted, O Lord have mercy!

Send thy faithful servant The Great Unity. Support him in the establishment of his New Era; an era where useless and shallow matters like this will be shunned and tangible matters will be given attention to. Where people who have something to benefit the world with are the ones who will be celebrated not people with emptiness and useless endeavours.

Humanity is going mad! We must save humanity. We must save the earth. And we shall do that following the lead of the great Unity.

We await your coming, The Unity! grin
Family / Re: I Think My Husband Is Obsessed With Football by DDDEnterprises: 1:37pm On Sep 15, 2021
Women don suffer for this world. Just imagine the comments above; most of them making impressions that are directed towards the idea that the woman should shun her own desires and will and yield to those of the husband. A marriage where compromise and inclusive arrangement cannot be reached, which will give both parties the chance to pursue their interests and fulfil their individual, distinct desires in the home, is that one marriage or subtle slavery?

Someone was even saying she should be prayerful he doesn't find someone interested in the sport? Does that not apply to the man too?

Should he also not be careful and prayerful that the freedom and joy he's depriving his wife of in the home, she gets it somewhere else and someone snatches her from him?

What's so special about him that should make the wife fearful of losing him and doesn't apply to her too?

It's quite saddening this exaggerated sense of authority many men possess in today's world.

But little worries do we have though, after coming to know of the coming of The Unity.

In the New Era, The Unity will orchestrate a turn of events and soon enough, women will start getting the respect they deserve. Men will be forced to bow to the right orientation and consciousness and a society that respects women's desires and wishes and grants them the chance to satisfy them in an honourable manner will be fashioned!

Humanity must learn the lessons of the true and upright ways to live. That time is nigh!!!

And we await your coming, our dear Unity!


Politics / Re: FG Replies Afenifere, Says Farm Estates Not Ruga, Ranches by DDDEnterprises: 1:34pm On Sep 10, 2021
Alright. We hope it's really as you've said sha.
By the way, in other news, The Unity is coming.
Prepare for the New Era! grin

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Politics / Re: Yul Edochie: Buhari's Trouser Should Be Least Of Our Problems In Nigeria by DDDEnterprises: 1:23pm On Sep 10, 2021
Indeed! And the emergence of the Unity and the coming of his New Era should be one of our major matters to focus on...

...if only we could realise what significance The Unity is to the future.

But whether we focus on it or not, whether we realise it or not, The Unity is coming and His New Era will begin and all the virtues such as uprightness, righteousness, prosperity and security that are embedded in his New Era will dominate the world!

We await your New Era, our dear Unity. grin


Politics / Re: Gumi: Bandits Have Devised Means To Escape Air Strikes by DDDEnterprises: 1:14pm On Sep 10, 2021
Bandits? The end is near for y'all

The New Era of orderliness and peace is coming. The Unity will soon emerge. Y'all will be vanquished and your missions 'extinguished' from existence.

We await your coming, our dear Unity
Romance / Re: What Women Go Through In The African Society by DDDEnterprises: 1:10pm On Sep 10, 2021
Crime / Re: #justiceforfaith: Man Beats Lady To Death For Turning Him Down In Edo State by DDDEnterprises: 12:57pm On Sep 10, 2021
This is part of what we've been saying.

Women are special and delicate creatures that deserve to live in an environment that fashions out systems whereby they can go about their lives and affairs and be safe from the wolves amongst the men.

This is the reality. But civilization of today cares less for such and is not doing enough to give women their due protection.

Watch out for the Unity. In his New Era, the situation will be a lot better. Women will be granted proper protection. Men on their part will be educated and re oriented concerning how they should put their desires in check and refrain from yielding to its influence and committing atrocities against the female gender.

Orderliness and uprightness will soon be the order in the world. The New Era is at hand!!

We await your coming, The Unity!
Politics / Re: 2023: Igbos Need Tinubu To Produce Nigeria’s Next President – Ohanaeze by DDDEnterprises: 12:50pm On Sep 10, 2021
But where is it all going to end? all these efforts are still being directed towards the establishment of a system that corrupts human affairs and makes human beings blind to their true potentials

What we all need is The Unity. When The Unity comes and orchestrates the coming of The New Era, humanity will be made to realise its true purpose and potentials and together in truth, we will combat all forces of evil that are corrputing the earth.

We await your coming, our dear Unity. grin

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Politics / Re: See How ESN Destroyed Okada Of Igbo People Over Buhari Lockdown by DDDEnterprises: 12:34pm On Sep 10, 2021
In any conflict or movement, valuable resources are a no go area. this is part of proper ethics. Lives and properties must be protected.

but unfortunately, humanity of these days do not realise that. despite how civilized they claim themselves to be, you see them breaking this rule whenever there's a conflict or a movement.

Humanity deceives itself by glorifying itself in terms of its physical and mental potentials but in reality, many times, they act in a grossly foolish manner.

This is one of the reasons why we need The Unity. In the New Era, humanity will be made to realise its true flaws and shortcomings and the need for them to submit to divine guidance and soon, orderliness and proper civility will return to the world.

This world must be saved. And we await your coming, our dear Unity. grin

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Business / Re: Man Surprises Lady With N500k After His Car Mistakenly Splashed Water On Her by DDDEnterprises: 12:31pm On Sep 10, 2021
Nice one. cheesy
Politics / Re: The Car Where Olajide Sowore Was Shot Dead (Pictures) by DDDEnterprises: 3:06pm On Sep 04, 2021
Our dear Lord, have mercy on us. undecided

Send "The Unity" to us and fortify him with all powers necessary for him to start clearing all these mess humanity has plunged itself into.

We await your coming, The Unity.

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Celebrities / Re: Our First Child Is Not Mine” – Nedu Wazobi Debunks Claim Of Domestic Violence by DDDEnterprises: 2:53pm On Sep 04, 2021
Humanity needs to be put in check. If left to themselves, they can prove to be weak against their desires and as a result, you'll start seeing them perpetrating abominable acts.

Imagine a woman in matrimony opening her laps for another man? Is that not a catastrophe? Is that not disaster? Is that not preposterous?

This is why we need The Unity. He shall come soon (God willing) and fashion out systems whereby humanity will be made to submit their will to divine guidance and consciousness. Righteousness and sanity will soon become the order of the world. This earth must be saved!

And we await your coming, our dear hero, The Unity!


Politics / Re: I’ll Pressurise Security Agents To Track Killers Of Sowore’s Brother —keyamo by DDDEnterprises: 2:51pm On Sep 04, 2021
Sad. Condolences to the beareaved.

In other news, we await the coming of The Unity. O ma loud gaan

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Education / Re: How I Suffered Victimisation, Rejection In Public Institutions Because Of Hijab by DDDEnterprises: 2:45pm On Sep 04, 2021
Build your schools, build your institutions according to your taste and act as you wish. No one will harrass you.

And in another news, "The Unity" is coming folks. Be prepared.

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