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Business / Re: FREE BOOK- My Journey To N27,300 Daily Without Capital And How You Too Can Do It by deafeyez: 5:49am On Sep 22, 2019
Hello Friends, i am extremely sorry for my late response, i have sent the book to everybody as promised.
If you did not get a mail from me its either you did not drop correct email or you did not follow my instruction.
Thank you.
I need the book too.
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Is Asking For Something That's Against My Rules. by deafeyez: 2:23am On Sep 16, 2019
The OP sef tire me o

Common no vacancy now u no fit talk.
Which one you fit talk sef.

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Politics / Re: You Defeated Atiku In Court Because You're President — Obasanjo Blasts Buhari by deafeyez: 9:04pm On Sep 15, 2019
Buhari is just a bit relieved. The SC will always decide the case. If the judges said f**k the EFCC and declare Atiku the winner there is nothing Buhari can do.

We are watching anyway.
Romance / . by deafeyez: 10:19pm On Sep 12, 2019
Romance / Re: What Is She Up To. by deafeyez: 5:54am On Aug 27, 2019
so all house invitations na to Bleep?

Not actually it all depend on the mindset of one of the two individuals.
If she have the mind I bleep her she might try to seduce me.

If I have the mind to bleep her, I might try to seduce her.

She would traveling from another LGA to get to mine place. Do you think this is just for a visit alone?

Although because of the principal, we may not try to bleep but that is a probability of 0.0001 you know
Health / ADHD For Adult, . by deafeyez: 12:53am On Aug 27, 2019
Has anyone here diagnosed living with ADHD, adult especially.
If yes, how did you go about the treatment.
Romance / Re: What Is She Up To. by deafeyez: 1:02pm On Aug 26, 2019
Bro nobody said u should date her, bleep her for ur friend's sake.
why did she treat ur friend like dat ? get him all confused up.
If u love ur friend Bleep the shit out of her

I hear you sir.
Science/Technology / Re: Russia World's Only Floating Nuclear Power Plant Can Power 100000 Nigerian Homes by deafeyez: 3:26am On Aug 26, 2019
And I heard Russia is one corrupt country that you even tip to see a doctor.

Our country should take skill, profession and development seriously.

Invest in the youths and skilled, training them in other countries for the betterment of Nigeria.

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Romance / Re: What Is She Up To. by deafeyez: 3:00am On Aug 26, 2019
Hops u know the bro code
Nope ma, what's it.
Romance / Re: What Is She Up To. by deafeyez: 2:59am On Aug 26, 2019
dont conclude yet. If you've confirmed that she's sexually teasing you, still get proof in case the bf finds out. If the gal denies he would believe her than you.
they've broken up? Wait dont date her cause of your friend. Theres a good amount of respect in not immediately dating your close friends ex..

You are right. When my friend was still dating this girl many of his friends tried to hit the girl but I couldn't try such.

I am still talking my friend into going back to the girl, it seems he doesn't know what he wanted.

A minute he loves the girl, the other he doesn't understand the girl.

I am not forcing him to take her though it shouldn't be that I talk him to what he never wanted to do. Conversely, I am not talking him dump her less tomorrow he says I never advised him rightly.

I can't become the reason for anyone's failure.

I have always told him that he is the only one who knows if he loves the girl or not but he shouldn't marry out of pity.

I will hold myself from her for now until I see my friend is completely off from her.

And until now, I have never thought of dating her. I have always played like I don't know what is happening with them.
Romance / What Is She Up To. by deafeyez: 10:24pm On Aug 25, 2019
There is this girl working where my friend had worked. She is a girl friend to my nigga. My friend got a car, a hire purchase and relocated.
This girl and my friend were going on well until my friend called off the relationship. I know my friend love this girl but my friend is not so tall even so, the girl too.
Yesterday, I went for a seminar in the LGA where this girl is working.
After a brief talk with her, she asked why haven't invited her to my house.

Well, I was shocked because our discussions has always been about work, her guy.

So I quickly told her I am not always around.

Was she testing me or she meant it.

Ignore the grammar or correct it
Politics / Re: Parliamentary Polls: INEC Pledges To Assist Chad by deafeyez: 3:29am On Aug 24, 2019
I heard Chadians were at kano during the rally.
Is this a pay back?


Business To Business / Re: How To Make $1000+ Each Month Online by deafeyez: 4:29pm On Aug 20, 2019

Pray no one complains to Amazon about you violating their copyright.

With regards to your second question, I don't think so. You can find out page count tho

When I view this book, no category is indicated. What could be wrong. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07W5SP78R/ref=pd_rhf_se_p_img_4?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=QJFBGGYMHCF69TX2H7MY

I have selected the category list from my account.
Business / Re: Making Regular Income Publishing Amazon Kindle Ebooks by deafeyez: 4:27pm On Aug 20, 2019

Congrats on your new book. I don't have a narrator to recommend.

Hello Sir
I don't seem to find the category of this book when viewed. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07W5SP78R/ref=pd_rhf_se_p_img_4?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=QJFBGGYMHCF69TX2H7MY

I have chosen different category yet when I view the book, I don't see it been displayed.
Business / Re: Is It Possible To Make $1000 In 24 Hours by deafeyez: 9:40pm On Aug 18, 2019
If the method is actually true, why not post it here in an open forum.

Better still, let him post the YouTube video links of those guys who testified they made $1000 via Click bank with a turnaround of 24hours here.

The op is a pure scam trying to mislead innocent people to his telegram group, where he will trick people into paying him fee.

Any Nairaland member redirecting you to another private group is a red flag to scam.

As soon as I hear trainee and linking Nigerian account to clickbank I knew it was something else.
Business / Re: .. by deafeyez: 2:04pm On Aug 18, 2019
What are the manufacturers site.
Business / Re: How To Create And Make Cool Cash From 3D Animation Videos by deafeyez: 1:57pm On Aug 18, 2019
3D animation videos are excellent means for content marketing and business adverts.

If you would like to learn how to make some amazing animation videos today, kindly comment with your Whatsapp number below to be added to our whatsapp training group.

Information is power, but the key is application.
Romance / Re: TELL ME What Is Better Than This...To Be Deleted Soon [Picture] by deafeyez: 9:22pm On Aug 17, 2019
Be honest with me and tell me an online business better than book writing. Some of you may say YouTube, Blogging, Dropshipping, Fiverr, etc. but I'll prove you wrong.

I made one particular book available on Amazon and after 15 days, it has made 87k. Before the end of the month, it will either make 200k or at least 180k. This is only Paperback and Kindle, not the audiobook. Remember, this same business has made me 300k in a day before.

Note: I published and since these 2 weeks, I didn't do anything. The only thing I do is to check how much has been made. This is to say, I use my time for other things while the money gradually piles up.

This is the type of passive income business I want every single Nigerian youth to look into. With this, we will reduce crime and eradicate poverty. If you all focus only on school and jobs, you'll end up being depressed at last if things don't work out.

One day, I may host a free or paid seminar for people in Port Harcourt and teach them the secrets of making regular money with different online businesses, especially book publishing.

The money below is not much, but at least, it's good to appreciate things despite how small it is.

"Gratitude is a must, yeah," Koffee.

What niche
Romance / Re: I Kicked out My Girl Because Of This Reason. Did I Overreact? by deafeyez: 8:46pm On Aug 17, 2019
I will make it as short as possible. I’ve been dating this girl for some months now. She came to my house last week Sunday, we kept gisting and all that. At a time I went inside to get a drink for us (Baileys). I poured in two glass cups, dropped the bottle inside, came to the parlour and gave her a glass. That’s when the problem started.

Like play like play this girl insisted I taste from the drink I poured her before drinking. I laughed about it and waved it off, we kept talking. After sometime I noticed she hadn’t touched her drink. I asked her why she’s not drinking, she rather kept insisting that I must taste from her drink before she would drink, probably because she wasn’t there when I poured in the drinks. This is someone I call my girlfriend o. At this point I got infuriated. The more I urged her to drink the more she kept seriously refusing.

You need to see how this girl always frantically and suspiciously searches for her pant with all seriousness whenever we finish lovemaking only to find it at some place she kept it.

I kicked her out of my house. I can’t be with such suspicious human being

Your relationship is just some months. Maybe 3-7 yes, she might have not trusted you well enough. So she has to do what a sane person would.

If I were you and if you did not put anything inside, I would have drank from the glasses then I will ask her if she is satisfied and then, because I can't date a woman who can't trust me, leave my house. I will push her out and continue with my ahhhhh as my niggas always put.


Romance / Re: Reason Why Guys Enjoy Having $*x With Single Mother Than Their Girlfriend by deafeyez: 6:56pm On Aug 17, 2019
If you’re out there meeting women and looking to find yourself a nice girl, you will often come across single mothers who are looking for a new man for love and commitment, a one night stand or just some casual sex for a while.

In the past, a single mother would be ashamed of her position in life and would have been shunned and even disowned by her family.

[url=9janews.club/2019/08/17/video-lady-with-big-backside-causes-commotions-on-top-on-an-okada-rider/]REASON WHY GUY ENJOY HAVING $*x WITH SINGLE MOTHER THAN THEIR GIRLFRIEND[/url]

Single mothers everywhere.

You people are really suffering from the heat of rejection.
Romance / Re: Why Am I Allowed To Bang My Cousin But Not My Sister? New Jersey Lawyer by deafeyez: 3:46pm On Aug 17, 2019
Shai Shai Shai
Nigerians no dey carry ear hear this nonsense before they start to practice.
Romance / Re: Why Are Men Scared Of Dating Single Mothers? by deafeyez: 2:57pm On Aug 17, 2019

U Dey mind them.. Abeg which football match starts with 1:0?
Na handicap
Romance / Re: Female Shop Owner Overpowered A Thief, Tied Him Up Naked For Sex by deafeyez: 2:09pm On Aug 17, 2019
Imagine this kind robbery.
So all these women need the rod even oyinbo women too.
Wonders no go end.
Politics / Re: El-zakzaky, Wife Depart Nigeria For India by deafeyez: 11:48am On Aug 12, 2019
Freedom at last.
Politics / Re: El-zakzaky And Wife Moved To Abuja by deafeyez: 11:44am On Aug 12, 2019
Dasuki right now will be thinking, should I organize a protest?
Crime / Re: Loretta Okonkwo: EFCC Arrests Lady For Fraud by deafeyez: 1:25pm On Aug 08, 2019
Where is the beauty?
Down there.
Politics / Re: Tony Momoh: Anyone Calling For Revolution Is Looking For Trouble, Deal With Him by deafeyez: 10:17am On Aug 08, 2019
Politics / Re: I Have No Hand In Move To Impeach My Deputy — Yahaya Bello by deafeyez: 10:16am On Aug 08, 2019
Yes I know.
You just instructed on what to do.

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Business To Business / Re: How To Make $1000+ Each Month Online by deafeyez: 12:38pm On Aug 06, 2019

For the Payoneer thing. They want to check if the payment details you provided are actually working to avoid you having problems with receiving your money.

Thank you.
Business To Business / Re: How To Make $1000+ Each Month Online by deafeyez: 2:35am On Aug 06, 2019
So Far..Have Surpassed $1200 in August

It's been a good start to the month of August. Five days in and total royalties have surpassed $1200. The momentum in paperback sales have continued and, all else being equal, this should be another good month.

You blow my mind every month. Will I ever be like you any day?
Congrats for a good start in the month.

I received an email from payoneer that 0.00 was paid into my account by Amazon.

What does that mean.

I haven't published any book yet.

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Business To Business / Re: How To Make $1000+ Each Month Online by deafeyez: 6:40pm On Aug 05, 2019

This book looks like a fiction book. I don't do fiction publishing so I don't have any experience of what works or what doesn't work.

If I were you, I'd go to places where my audience congregates (e.g. facebook groups, web forums etc.) and do a survey with them..which cover resonates best with them. I'm not your ideal audience so my opinion doesn't really mean anything.

To me, all the cover art look nice
Thanks for the tips.
Although I am not yet one of your mentee you have been so supportive.
Business To Business / Re: How To Make $1000+ Each Month Online by deafeyez: 4:52pm On Aug 05, 2019

They all look nice..esp the second one.

Thanks alot.

But, what do you have to say about this.

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