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Health / Re: I'm experiencing Unproductive Cough That has Lasted For 7days And Loss Of Voice. by deenee: 7:22pm On Oct 13
Hi nairlanders, I need your help.

I started having cough seven days ago and I as well took some over the counter medications to sooth it (Erythromycin, Augmentin and a liquid one) . But it seems while I take the medications, the cough worsens especially at night. The cough is very dry and doesn't produce anything and it's mostly triggered by a funny sensation at the back of my throat.

I don't really experience any other symptom apart from loss of appetite.
I'm afraid of going to the hospital to avoid being kept in the isolation center for the suspicion/fear of covid.
Could this truly be Covid?
What should I do?

Mods, please my post needs a wide view.

While I want to wish you speedy recovery, please explain what am unproductive cough is?

Thank you
Business / Re: Abdulsamad Rabiu Gives Emir Of Kano, Aminu Ado, A N200M Worth Rolls Royce Car by deenee: 9:52pm On Sep 26
This man is more generous than Dangote....nice one Rabiu....Happy Sunday everyone, don't forget to swear for bubu today ...

How do you know that he is more generous than Dangote?
Politics / Re: What's The Light Situation In Your Area? by deenee: 9:46pm On Sep 26
Dear Nairalanders, This is the first time I will commend Power holding company in Nigeria. For the past 3 months, we are been enjoying steady light here in Port Harcourt ( CHOBA, Rumuosi, Eluos, Alakahia/UPTH, Rumuekini etc). As in 48hours under the sun, under the rain. We have been enjoying this for the past 3 months now. When this started about 3 months ago, I was thinking Officer charge of our area was Sleeping or they plan to give us light we supposed to use for one week in just a day because we hardly experience 2hrs before.

So, are you enjoying the same thing in your area?

Kindly give us update of your area.

I hope you are paying your light bills in a timely manner as you are enjoying the light?

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Food / Re: Inflation: What Is Happening Pls? by deenee: 2:03pm On Jul 21
The rate of inflation of general commodities especially food items is alarming to me angry. I have been in the southeastern part of the country since the end of January and some commodities like bread, soft drinks and even food have inflated by up to 50% since January. Please I am really confused about this situation.
And also surprisingly no one is talking about it..
Economists and analysts in the house is there any particular reason for this fast inflation... Is it oil?, naira? Incompetence? Or even corruption? Fulani herdsmen? flood? I am really being sincere with my question!

Good afternoon.

The reason is simple. We like to consume yet we don't produce what we like to consume.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Corruption - Edo State Power Distribution Company by deenee: 1:24pm On Jul 21
Good day everyone.

I'm from Edo state to be precise.

The major problem we have presently is not just the FG alone but other bodies under the government.

I lived in an estimate of about 4 flats each. Fast forward to this day, we were using normal light (no prepaid). Along the line, my landlord introduced the prepaid meter for every flat, which was a welcome development.

Yesterday, I decided to recharge as usual. But I got an information that I can't recharge, and this prompt me to go to the NEPA office to laid a complain. On getting there, I was told that I have to pay #5000 before I can recharge and that is a new directive from the state government, which I was skeptical about. What annoyed me was the fact that, the payment is manual and not through the state or FG ban.

Since morning, I have been trying to call them but the phone line kept me on voice note.

Corruption is every corner, the system has gotten to a point where it cannot be saved.

This must get to the state government.

Were you owing on your post paid bill before a prepaid meter was installed?

Secondly all prepaid meters come with a pre loaded electricity credit that must be deducted from the first recharge by the customer


Business / Re: Dangote Refinery: Bailing Out The Unbailable - Investment Or Bailout? by deenee: 10:27am On Jul 19

Well said. Also, there are other products from refining crude oil that serve the petrochemical, plastic and aviation industry. These will also serve to generate more revenue for the refinery.

Very apt. Thank you
Business / Re: Dangote Refinery: Bailing Out The Unbailable - Investment Or Bailout? by deenee: 3:44pm On Jul 18

I live in the united states too, let me assure you that the Dangote refinery is in a very dicey and delicate situation, nobody is saying the refinery will not make money but the projections may not hit their proposed height cos of the impact of the EV revolution, for instance, the Tesla s Plaid is electric Ev which is essentially a 4 door family car is much faster than the fastest Ferrari sports car and it does so with much better mileage and the maintenance is far, far, far lower........................ A new progressive government led by a southerner may not be so supportive of Dangote's profligate adventure.

I have test driven the VW ID4 and I tell you the motor engined car is in trouble.................

All that you have said is correct but you are still mixing apples snd oranges and acceptance of an EV revolution has nothing to do with the tribe of the person in power in Nigeria.

For EVM to make sense, there has to be infrastructure to support it in Nigeria and Africa. Unfortunately, the infrastructure deficit won't allow this. Unless, as I mentioned earlier- back to back consistent investment in the infrastructure outlay which will take at least a decade to bring to fruition.

Secondly, what is the purchasing power of the average Nigerian/African? Less that 2% of the entire population will be able to buy a EMV ( new or tokunboh at an price range of USD40k-USD120k!)

We always make this mistake of drawing quick straight line comparisons between Africa and the "developed nations"

You haven't talked about charging ports, electricity, security, good roads, etc and you think it's Electric Motor Vehicle that the government (incumbent or incoming, irrespective of tribe) will face?-think again

As per Dangote, his target market is Africa same as he has focused his other companies in line with his Africa focused business operations model.

The refinery is currently valued at USD50billion if we prorate using the 20% minority equity investment from NNPC. That's already USD10billion into Dangote's pocket already. He plans to float shares on the NSE (about 15% and sell about10% to other strategic investors. With these deals alone, he would have made his money back even before the refinery starts work and still be a majority shareholder with 55% ownership!

God bless Dangote
God bless Nigeria
Business / Re: Dangote Refinery: Bailing Out The Unbailable - Investment Or Bailout? by deenee: 11:53am On Jul 18

Well said like the typical unthinking and slow to act African that you are! while richer countries are doubling down on the EV industry ..........you Africans are as usual marking time and twiddling your thumbs as the world leaves you behind ! Tell me which part of Nigeria's oil and gas sector with a mega billion-dollar investment that is not dependent on export proceeds.......crude oil? liquified gas or petrochemicals?...............the effective shelf life of that refinery is no more than 15 years or probably less.........and the clock started ticking since 2020.

Development happens at an uneven pace and I laugh when you people draw unrealistic comparisons and in the process mix apples and oranges.

For your information I don't even live in Nigeria and haven't been there in over half decade but I am always realistic with my growth projections.

Before we can begin to adopt the use of EMV as a mode of transport, there has to be adequate infrastructure and to get to that level of infrastructure efficiency will take at least 2 to 3 decades of intensive back to back investment. It goes beyond simply buying a EMV and putting g it on the road!

So trust when I say half a decade at least or more I know what I am saying!

Again Dangote's target market is not to export to the richer countries with their EV technology but service Africa as a continent. And EV tech or not oil will still have its place in the scheme of things.

It'll still be used to power heavy equipment and use for other purposes.

Every country has their own growth trajectory. In the past Egypt had one of the best building technologies evidenced by the construction of the pyramids, same applies to Greece, Rome and other past civilizations

You people just sit down and talk without content. Despite all the buhahaha. Toyota still sold three times more gas cars than Tesla in H1 2021 and this is just America alone!

Even with 15years shelf life he will still make his money. Bad belle people!

God bless Dangote
Business / Re: Dangote Refinery: Bailing Out The Unbailable - Investment Or Bailout? by deenee: 10:32pm On Jul 17
Oga Dont argue with me the capitalism practiced in Nigeria is crase-capitalism the worst type world over. I hope you know that federal government minimum wage may not be able to buy 9 grown chickens. Capitalism without any social safety net.

It is not by force to work for FGN same also minimum wage is developed nations isn't sufficient.

Nigerians and their entitlement mentality.
Business / Re: Dangote Refinery: Bailing Out The Unbailable - Investment Or Bailout? by deenee: 4:08pm On Jul 17
My point is simple. express your opinion without calling contrary opinions names. You an I have valid opinions as the saying goes a glass can be half empty or half full or better said "m" looks like w depending on the side your looking at it from. Dangote cement has not made cement cheaper in Nigeria rather more expensive hence his abnormal profits due to his monopoly of the product. How many additional jobs has he provided against the cement companies his monopoly has closed down. In case you Dont know cement in China is equivalent of N350 for 50kg.Dangote is selling same thing N2700. He has made so much money from poor Nigerian and has started buying cement companies allover Africa. He has made several times the cost of building his cement plant several times over . Dangote refinery will go same way but is like the prayers of Nigerians he has been cheating has caught up with him, he wants to inflict similar business profiteering on per litre of petrol sold in Nigeria but God will not allow him. Like the saying goes everyday for the thief but one day for the owner. Yahoo boys and Dangote are one and the same thing just that Dangote goes a step further by making people jobless, broke, indebted, homeless and hungry. Even yahoo boys are learners compared to Dangote . I have been telling people judgment is at hand and God has started paying people back in their own coin. How I wish an Ibeto family member becomes president of Nigeria then you will see how Africa's richest man will fade into oblivion. Anyways enjoy your weekend.

Nigeria is s capitalist economy not a socialist one where government moderates or provides subsidy for the purchaes of items

Capitalist societies are built with a profit mentality driving them so it won't make sense to be a business man and do my business like I am running a charity. You need to understand this. Otherwise go and set up a business and be dashing people your goods on credit or for free.

Even the Ibeto you mentioned is a capitalist and driven by profit.

Business / Re: Dangote Refinery: Bailing Out The Unbailable - Investment Or Bailout? by deenee: 8:56am On Jul 17
What is all this nonsense.
Everyone knows the difficulty surrounding industrial investment. Everyone knows the high cost of doing business in Nigeria. Everyone knows the challenges around getting sensible credit in this country.

There is a refinery emerging and it will succeed at the end because the man has a track record of developing and sustaining industrial investment.

If a venture industrialist has tough challenges setting up shop it is rather an indictment of this country and its failed structures not him and it is a stern warning that the much needed economic development we earnestly seek will not happen if we cannot make the pastures green particularly for foreign investment who will be looking at Dangote's successes or failures as a barometer to their decisions about Nigeria.

Countries that earnestly seek investment bend over backwards with all sorts of economic stimuli from tax breaks, subsidies and lean credit to ensure it happens. It is not new.

It is only new to those who want total state control of our economy to promote their age old rent seeking nature that cannot see through this and see this through.

They should let this man and his refinery be abeg.

God bless you
Business / Re: Dangote Refinery: Bailing Out The Unbailable - Investment Or Bailout? by deenee: 8:55am On Jul 17

Guy that refinery will never be profitable buying oil from the international market. Pls don't kid yourself. What about the gas to power the facilities? Refineries are not as profitable as u think

He is not buying directly from Nigeria neither he has said that severally because he wants to avoid all the issues and inconveniences you people bring to business. He can go into a futures agreement where he can fix rates now for future supply. Oil supply plenty everywhere.

And the sale of by products from the refined crude and gas will be additional cash flow to support the revenue from refined crude.
Business / Re: Dangote Refinery: Bailing Out The Unbailable - Investment Or Bailout? by deenee: 8:51am On Jul 17
Hello Oga. Please we have failing PR officers for the Dangote group on nairaland. First quote the law your talking about! And does the law take effect on uncompleted projects to the extent that $1billion will be spent impromptu. Liers every corner of Nigeria. How do you know no bank has called in their loan do you work for all banks or you work for Dangote group? Your just a paid PR officer how much are they paying you to peddle falsehood. Yes the writer complained of a lack of project management skills in the conception and delivery of the project which has resulted in unnecessary delays, you just said the first delay was because they increased the daily output from 450k to 650k and so they recalibrated the design. Why would Dangote arbitrarily change the design of a project of such scale does it look like a room and parlour he is building now look at how many "k" he can produce per day now "0k". Your next point was a delay of 4 months, how does for months explain a delay of 8yrs and counting. Your third point was covid 19, the project had been delayed for 7yrs prior not a valid point besides the project is estimated to be completed 2025 as only the fertiliser section will start operation next year. You finally made mention of loans becoming foreign reserve or foreign direct investment, Oga at this junction are you an educated illiterate how does a loan for an individuals private business translate into foreign reserve of a country do you think any of those $ came to Nigeria at all. The refinery is imported as well As all it's components the loan is to pay the invoices of the different manufacturers and other logistics and consultation costs period. Ajaokuta steel company that probably would have produced the complete refinery at a fraction of the cost is not working so who will send us the dollars for what we can't produce? As you can see the money is not enough, the project is far from complete and as such can't be used to service the matured obligations debtors are knocking. If your paid to do PR for Dangote your not doing well stop telling unnecessary lies besides what agreement did only Dangote have with the federal government that allowed only his cement trucks to cross our international boarders when they where locked against all other manufacturers in Nigeria. Do you know how many Nigerian's are in unemployment market because of that.

I won't even bother to respond to you. I will just drop a few pointers for you to have an introspective reflection on

Go and read to understand how Foreign Direct Investments work.
Secondly, no Bank has called in any loan otherwise his name would be on the list of defaulters periodically published by banks as stipulated by CBN.

Dangote is not the reason you are unemployed and building a 650k bpd capacity refinery is not beans. There are bound to be delays even beyond his own control.

Even the OEMs delayed from their end too.

Don't let bad belle and envy destroy you. The refinery will soon start operations and there is absolutely nothing y'all can do about it!
Business / Re: Dangote Refinery: Bailing Out The Unbailable - Investment Or Bailout? by deenee: 8:40am On Jul 17

I feel for Dangote really, his projections may be way off considering the massive earthquake taking place in the automobile industry worldwide .........how will the massive refinery meet its revenue projection with the massive uptake of electric-powered vehicles in China and Europe in particular, even the united states is going to launch a massive build-out of recharging stations for EV all around the country with massive subsidies for companies selling Electric Vehicles................... This electric vehicle revolution may be a knockout blow for that Dangote refinery and will definitely affect the price of crude oil going forward.......................................in my view Dangote should have invested these mega billions in battery production for the EV industry.

please note that electric vehicles are more efficient and effective cars than petrol-powered cars, they are more expensive right now but they will become cheaper than petrol cars in the next 3-5 years, it is not looking too good for Dangote industry as a whole....sad really

The mistake you people keep making with this EMV buhahaha is you assume Dangote wants to sell his refined crude to foreigners which is not correct.

How many electric cars do yiu see in Nigeria or even West Africa that is is target market?

Please let's stop mixing apples and oranges.
Business / Re: Dangote Refinery: Bailing Out The Unbailable - Investment Or Bailout? by deenee: 12:57am On Jul 17

You think a refinery is serving Nigerians?

Nope. The world is moving to clean energy

Wind, sun, batteries

You think it's a coincidence the oil majors are living nigeria?

The world is moving to clean energy yet the US had the largest refined crude reserve with China and India stocking up to over take them.

It will take at least a quarter or half another century before clean energy can disrupt anything and by then the investment would have made multiple of returns

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Business / Re: Dangote Refinery: Bailing Out The Unbailable - Investment Or Bailout? by deenee: 12:53am On Jul 17
So where is the oil for the refinery coming from? Has anyone discussed with the militants yet? Una go hear am

Na only Nigeria oil dey? even Ghana get oil and they have discovered oil in semi commercial quantities along Chad basin and River Niger-Benue trough.

He can also choose to buy from any of the countries in the middle east, India and even OPEC. Even your so called militants will sell to him once the price is right
Business / Re: Dangote Refinery: Bailing Out The Unbailable - Investment Or Bailout? by deenee: 12:46am On Jul 17

This is a private project, that may consume the entire Dangote Industry.

All his estimated worth in cash and assets can't even finance this project.

Kpele Mr Net worth calculator. Maybe you can bail him out since you know that his cash and assets cannot finance the project.
Business / Re: Dangote Refinery: Bailing Out The Unbailable - Investment Or Bailout? by deenee: 12:41am On Jul 17

How is it humanly possible to cram so much IGNORANCE into one article? sad
Mr. Bako must be the sort of “seasoned economists” that have been in charge of the hapless Nigerian economy.

First, the NNPC is planning to take 20% in SIX private refineries, not just Dangote’s…
See this Reuters article: https://www.reuters.com/article/nigeria-refinery-equity-idAFL2N2NI1QL

Nonetheless, as already discussed here on Nairaland, Dangote is NOT HAPPY with the proposed acquisition…
See the following thread: https://www.nairaland.com/6626446/mele-kyari-refinery-dangote-not

Meanwhile, Dangote Refinery BOUGHT (not gifted) forex from the CBN forex window…
At the OFFICIAL rate that it’s sold to ALL companies in the real sector (not to mention for school fees, travel, health tourism, etc.).

The obtuse drivel about costing and delays merely amplifies this dude’s cluelessness. No other refinery project elsewhere involves reclaiming land bigger than Victoria Island and building a virtual port, because Apapa cannot handle the equipment for this project. Furthermore, dude seems clueless that Covid disrupted value-chains GLOBALLY (or does he think the equipment is manufactured in Nigeria) and consequently delayed most (if not ALL) large-scale infrastructure projects around the world.

Finally, debt to build a refinery would be long-term…
Therefore, it is SILLY to peddle beer-parlor rumors about banks already calling in their loans.

So many Nigerians love to attack success while celebrating mediocrity and failure…
Whether it is due to primordial ethnic sentiments, envy or just darn right IGNORANCE, it’s a succinct self-indictment!


Please inbox me your account details. I need to reward you for this brilliant write up!
Business / Re: Dangote Refinery: Bailing Out The Unbailable - Investment Or Bailout? by deenee: 12:36am On Jul 17

I think this is the major issue. Refinery business is not really a profitable venture that guarantees quick return on investment. Its a very low profit margin business.
It's going to be hard to attract foreign investors that won't demand two arms n two legs especially in a volatile region like nigeria. Dangote may end up becoming a minority stakeholder.
However, the refinery is too big to fail. A lot is at stake here. FG will have to find a way to ensure its completion...if it means taking over.

I doubt local investors can be of any help. Or is it not nigerian bank collecting 700 million dollars every year over a 7.5 billion loan. Na wa o.
Maybe Cubana and his boys can come to his rescue. undecided

Refinery business is not profitable yet Saudi Aramco is worth over 2 trillion dollars.


Business / Re: Dangote Refinery: Bailing Out The Unbailable - Investment Or Bailout? by deenee: 12:26am On Jul 17


Clearly who ever paid you for this watery write up didn't pay you well enough or must have over estimated your ability to do this hatchet job right.

First and foremost, no bank has called in Dangote's loans and infact they are falling over themselves to extend loans to him.

Secondly by law NNPC will have an equity stake in any refinery project that capacity to refine more than 200k barrels per day. This is the law that has been sacrosanct and in effect even before Dangote got his license to build a refinery so all the gist about NNPC bailing him out is bullocks!

Thirdly, the completion day for the Refinery was shifted about three times for the underlisted reasons

First was when he decided to increase the proposed capacity from 450k to 650k per day hence they had to recalibrate the entire project schedule neccesitating the néed to shift.

Second was due to community clashes at project site and work stopped for over 4 months at this time

Thirdly due to the covid 19 induced pandemic

Now back to the loans and financing for the refinery, there is 30% equity contribution from Dangote himself, 60% foreign loans and 10% local debt from a syndication of banks.

Even the foreign loans have been brought in tranches as foreign direct investment forming part of the foreign reserves hence, the reason why he has a fixed repo contract with the CBN. And he is not the only one that has. All institutional investors both local and foreign have one kind of Fixed USD contract arrangement with the CBN. Even Innoson Motors has same so I wonder why the search light is on Dangote alone?

Let me also burst your bubble, Dangcem market cap is around 3 trillion naira making it one of the most capitalised stocks on the NGX and Dangote owns about 90% of DangCem directly and even doing share buy back to increase his stake.

So if he runs into any trouble all he needs to do is sell a few Dang Cem shares and move on. The same company is poised to do a trillion naira in turnover this year.

Finally the bloated cost your are quoting g here including the transatlantic pipeline, fertiliser plant and refinery.

Don't allow your self to be used as s tool of destruction and yes the refinery will work and Dangote will get more wealth whether you and your cohorts like it or not.

God bless Dangote

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is This Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) Screening Invitation Genuine Or Fake by deenee: 1:50pm On May 27
@OP why not engage their SM handles for validation.

In another news why not invest and be your own boss with a one time investment and become a millionaire in less than 6months(5months precisely).

By joining our Online Earners Group...with a one Time Investment Involvements of #15k.
Only 20 slots available....

The first question we should ask is dud the poster apply for any NCS job?
This is not a get rich quick nor an MLM (multilevel marketing) nor PONZI scheme.
So keep off if you are those that crave in the aforementioned.
There is a facebook- ID on my profile which is the best effective method to reach out.
No need for PMs or email requests pls.

There is a soft method of payment for analysis demand for mutual Whiteboard Animation platform that provides 1000 viewership with a $1 subscription from each viewer or audience .
Howbeit the software costs around $650 that allows for achieving this number of subscribers.

Earning Online is the next and smartest way to go.

Proactivity Leads To Productivity!

Politics / Re: Nigeria’s Daily Petrol Consumption Hits Record High Of 93 Million Litres by deenee: 8:56am On May 10
At 150 per liter .. so what exactly is the government using these money or the profits to do ?

Please stop displaying your ignorance.

Does govt sell fuel?

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Business / Re: Adesola Adeduntan: CBN Queries First Bank As CEO Is ‘Purportedly Forced Out" by deenee: 1:52pm On Apr 29

Is it CBN that's going to dictate who becomes the next first bank MD/CEO?

Ayam not understanding

First bank is a quoted company, has shareholders and is enjoying regulatory forbearance from the CBN and is the apex regulator so yes they have a say.

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Business / Re: Adesola Adeduntan: CBN Queries First Bank As CEO Is ‘Purportedly Forced Out" by deenee: 1:50pm On Apr 29

Is it CBN that's going to dictate who becomes the next first bank MD/CEO?

Ayam not understanding

First bank is a quoted company has shareholders and is enjoying regulatory forbearance from the CBN and is the apex regulator so yes they have a say.

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Career / Re: Access Bank And It's Age Requirement For Job by deenee: 7:00pm On Apr 22
Different jurisdictions,different labour and or job requirements
Celebrities / Re: Omosuwa Bukola: "I Get Turned On When He Smells Nice" (Pics) by deenee: 7:38pm On Apr 19
Mixing scents are trash. Ppl who mix scents imitate the original. I can place a bet on you to spray your white shirt with mixed scents and testify the results, even hypo can't wipe off the stain. I have used all scents both locl and foreign,its good on black and brown but not white or grey. IF NO BE PANADOL,E NO FIT BE LIKE PANADOL. BUY ORIGINAL ONLY,SAY NO TO CLONES AND IMITATIONS.

Still displaying that you are a learner. How can you be spraying perfume on your attire?

Ideally, you spray on the pulse points on the body e.g behind your ear, wrist, inner elbow, neck area, chest or torso.

Also depending on how strong the fragrance is, you can spray into the air and walk into it.

A real fragrance aficionado should know that spraying perfume directly on cloth is a huge NO NO.

Do you want me to continue to lecture you?
Celebrities / Re: Omosuwa Bukola: "I Get Turned On When He Smells Nice" (Pics) by deenee: 5:55pm On Apr 19
After these 3 perfumes,no other perfume dey again. 212,Tommy hilfiger men,Perry Ellis Green colour. After those 3 perfumes,the rest na counterfeit. I have always respected Tommy hilfiger original. Na aways best quality,be it jeans,pef,belt,shirt,sneakers, as long as na original with serial number. Na everlasting. Tommy .

You be learner when it comes to perfumes. People have moved beyond buying designer perfume brands to mixing scents to create their own unique smell.
Celebrities / Re: Omosuwa Bukola: "I Get Turned On When He Smells Nice" (Pics) by deenee: 5:46pm On Apr 19
Travel / Re: Uber, Bolt drivers threaten To Go On Indefinite Strike From Monday by deenee: 11:32pm On Apr 17
Who will loose??

Good question. The strike is dead in arrival

One about 75% of driver are driving for another person meaning that they are obligated to make daily returns

Even the ones that are owner managers are under some kind of lease arrangement

Most of the driver carry off line rides which typically form about 45% of their rides and this is done using Uber/Bolt resources. These Fintechs know this and have factored this loss of income into the pricing so its a simple case of pickin wey say him mama no go sleep, himself no go take eye see sleep.

The same striking drivers will still carry offline passengers from next week.


Business / Re: Tax Evasion: Customers Stranded As Kano Seals Five GT Bank Branches by deenee: 4:47pm On Apr 14
I don't understand, thought company tax is under purview of firs, while paye is under state irs, so how come the state is the one seeking for the company tax?

Exactly and GTB has refused to bribe hence this action.

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Business / Re: Tax Evasion: Customers Stranded As Kano Seals Five GT Bank Branches by deenee: 4:45pm On Apr 14
What! So even GTB has integrity Ish.

Double taxation is what is happening here. Don't speak on what you don't know
Politics / Re: Private Refineries Licensed By DPR (full List) by deenee: 9:15pm On Apr 13

Thieves die miserably. Very soon, the masses will stone him to death.

Has he ever stolen from you before?

Do let bitterness becloud your sense of reasoning

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