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Politics / Re: #southernnigeriawestand by Deprofessional(m): 9:57pm On Oct 18, 2020
Although Nigeria structure currently does not make any sense

I still believe that we can work out our differences

What the north really needs is for the majority of the masses to be educated
Politics / Re: Judgement Day!!!! by Deprofessional(m): 9:56pm On Oct 18, 2020
Yes oo
Politics / 50 Million Youths To Occupy Southern Nigerua Tomorrow by Deprofessional(m): 9:55pm On Oct 18, 2020


Politics / Judgement Day!!!! by Deprofessional(m): 7:05pm On Oct 18, 2020
Politics / Re: #southernnigeriawestand by Deprofessional(m): 6:59pm On Oct 18, 2020

You are still dwelling on the problem

I did not say that Nigeria is working as it is

Let's join hands to make this country work it is possible

I repeat no region will be as great as the best version of Nigeria

Honestly I like the country that I came from

But our leaders still remains the real problem we have as a country

Nigeria can never be salvaged no matter the policy in place.

Those people up north want to take over the lands down south. It is in their blood. Go and read the history of the fulanis, you will understand what I'm saying.

A confederal arrangement will be perfect for southern nigeria.
Politics / #southernnigeriawestand by Deprofessional(m): 3:13pm On Oct 18, 2020
We don't want restructuring, we don't want anything.

On southern Nigeria we stand.

Nigeria should split into 2 peacefully as recommended by Mamman Ghadafi of blessed memory.

Where do you stand?
Politics / Re: Deal With Me If I Attempt To Be Edo Godfather – Obaseki by Deprofessional(m): 2:00pm On Sep 25, 2020


I hope this will not come back to hunt you 4 years from now.

Remember Oshomohle came back in 2020 and asked us to vote a man he called a big thief in 2016.
Politics / Re: BREAKING: Chief Of Army Staff, Buratai, Orders Torture Of Nigerian Soldier Who C by Deprofessional(m): 9:56am On Sep 15, 2020
If he voted Buhari, then goodluck to him.


Politics / Re: North-central Breaks Away From ACF, Unveils New Group by Deprofessional(m): 6:15am On Sep 10, 2020
Remove north from the appellation and you will be fine.
Something like south central, middle belt, or central states.

Your objective should be to break away from Nigeria

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Politics / Re: Fact Check: Are There Hausa Governors In Northern Nigeria? by Deprofessional(m): 6:13am On Sep 08, 2020
The only Hausa land that the Fulanis could not conquer is Borno state.

Mai Idris Aloma with his warriors fought the fulanis to a stand still and roundly defeated them.

That is why the fulanis in a bid to destroy Borno, foisted Boko haram there.


Politics / Re: Beware Hausa And Arewa Minorities by Deprofessional(m): 8:45am On Sep 05, 2020
Ipobs Sha!

Tomorrow someone will come tell me that Igbos are the smartest people in Nigeria.

So for una akpu brain...HausaFulanis don't have Christians... Kanuri and Nupe don't have Christians.

The only people that have Christians in the north are the southern kaduna and some other tribes in the north central.

So you people declare north central a Christian region and decided to give them the name "middle belt" and declare all Hausa and Fulanis in the north east and north west as Muslims.


Let me educate you.

We have thousands of Hausa Christians.

We have thousands of fulanis Christians...

We have Hausa and fulani reverence fathers and pastors here in the north.

We have thousands of churches here in the north where Christians among us do worship.

Adamawa has large number of Christians

Taraba has large number of Christians.

Bauchi has large number of Christians.

Gombe has large number of Christians.

Borno has large number of Christians.

Kano has large number of Hausa and Fulani Christians.

Just that Muslims are always the majority in Northern Nigeria.

The only Christians in the north having problem with their Muslim counterpart are the Christians in southern kaduna and jos which is a supremacy battle.

Have you ever heard of fulanis Christians and Muslims fighting in bauchi?

Have ever heard of Hausafulani Christians and Muslims fighting in kastina?

Have you ever heard of Hausafulani Christians and Muslims fighting in Sokoto??

Have ever heard of Hausafulani Christians and Muslims fighting in kano??

That's why you igbo extremist declare all of us as Muslims grin

Here in kano We don't only just have Hausafulani Christians and Muslims... We also have "maguzawa" traditional worshipers! Yan Bori! We have large number of them. As long as you don't insult Islam. You are good to go.

You can even worship stone in the north we don't care.

I doesn't matter whether the entire Katsina is Christian, all we are saying is that the better south want to leave Nigeria


Politics / Re: Military Airstrike In Kaduna Forest Hits Bandits’ Camp, Kills Scores by Deprofessional(m): 7:55am On Aug 16, 2020
Nonsense. I will never believe this.

Last time the military showed us pictures of Rwandan civil war and claimed they are evidence of neutralized boko haram.

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Politics / Re: Special Forces Arrive Southern Kaduna (Photos) by Deprofessional(m): 7:50am On Aug 16, 2020
This is a charade. I for one will never fall for this.

Southern Kaduna should request for only Christian soldiers in the special force to protect them. Then will they be protected.

You cannot bring a Muslim to stop a Jihad they so much believe in.

It has been revealed that a sitting governor in the north is the commander of Boko haram, and the current governor of Kaduna once paid bandicts to stop killing Nigerians.

Southern Kaduna should as a matter of urgency set up a militia for their survival.

It is painful that what Ojukwu saw in 1967 is what some Nigerians are seeing now in 2020 and many more are blind to the realities of the present.

The only solution to Nigerias problem is division if the country. That's the only solution.

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Business / Re: What Can I Do With 3million by Deprofessional(m): 7:05am On Aug 16, 2020
If you're Lagos based you can buy 3-4 toks mini vans put it on hire purchase for drivers and get weekly returns till your recoup your capital and profit.... If you need where to get mini vans you can PM me, I can get it for u.

Please ignore this advice.

Run away from any business involving buying any type of vehicle and giving it out to another either on HP basis or otherwise. You will regret such business ventures.

It is good if you will be the one managing/driving your vehicles.


Travel / Re: Living In Australia/life As An Australian Immigrant by Deprofessional(m): 11:12am On Aug 14, 2020

Your wife will need to proof to the CO why her friend is sponsoring her and not any relative. She has to show what the motivation is for the friend in paying thousands of dollars for her to study while her account doesn't show she has that enough to give away.

Whatever you do, make sure you apply together. It is easier to get family visa than apply later as subsequent entry. In the initial application, you can explain that the secondary applicant is staying behind due to work commitment and will only be visiting when required.

Refer to first statement.

Going by experience, there is 90% chance you will be denied as subsequent entrant because opinion is formed that the primary applicant has given a go ahead that it is good to relocate permanently. Apply together.

Every single state has been hit by COVID-19. No country is a safe haven at the moment. However, post COVID-19, Perth is better than Hobart in terms of economic activities.

Dear Bellong,

Please I need your urgent answer to this, does the
CO require a confirmation of the bank statement tendered as proof of fund or does he/she confirm the existing balance?

Put differently, does immigration ask for the authenticity of the bank statement tendered or do they ask for the current balance in the account?

Please I need answers urgently. Thanks
Travel / Re: If You Are Given The Oppurtunity To Travel Abroad Where Would You Go? by Deprofessional(m): 6:28am On Aug 12, 2020
Australia any day. Just applied for my visa

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Autos / Re: Dyna Truck For Sale by Deprofessional(m): 1:36pm On Aug 09, 2020
I have #700k
Autos / Re: Toyota Corolla 2005 Registered Price N1.4m Location Jakande Gate Isolo by Deprofessional(m): 12:47pm On Aug 09, 2020
Three months used and the car rough like this.

Your statement is questionable. (JUST 3MONTHS USED.)

Don't mind the clown. He bought a faulty car, used it rough for three months and is now looking who to transfer his problem to @ #1.4m
Family / Re: The Thoughts Of These Kids Always Come To My Mind, What Should I Do? by Deprofessional(m): 6:46am On Aug 08, 2020
How much does it cost per month yo teach them?
Travel / Re: Living In Australia/life As An Australian Immigrant by Deprofessional(m): 5:54am On Aug 06, 2020
@ Bellong ,

Thank you so much for your response to my earlier questions.

Based on your recommendation, which I further validated, we have decided to apply for family visa.

Now the next question:

a) can my pension statement with stanbic IBTC which currently stand at a little above #6.5m be included in our proof of fund?

b) what could possible be our proof of home ties? I have my house in the village in the east. 2 empty plots of land in Ogun state. A registered company though yet to start business.
Career / Re: Do Not Accept A Banking Job - I Refused To Listen by Deprofessional(m): 7:54am On Aug 05, 2020
Op, please are you married?

If not, please go and get married to an industrious lady.

Thank me after 5 years.
Career / Re: Do Not Accept A Banking Job - I Refused To Listen by Deprofessional(m): 7:39am On Aug 05, 2020
I will need page 7 of this thread
Politics / Re: El-rufai’s Utterances Fueling Southern Kaduna Crisis – Babachir Lawal by Deprofessional(m): 10:18pm On Aug 02, 2020
pple hv been killed by bandit in south kaduna and u are here talking of about biafra-Nigeria war that happen since 53 year ago.
if u hv nothing to comment than shut up....

You are an idiot.

3 million women and children died, it doesn't matter when. It is ever fresh in our memories.

Let me know the role southern Kaduna played before I comment.

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Politics / Re: El-rufai’s Utterances Fueling Southern Kaduna Crisis – Babachir Lawal by Deprofessional(m): 7:44pm On Aug 02, 2020
Please, what role did southern Kaduna play during the Biafran - Nigerian war?

I need answers so as to know what next.

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Travel / Re: Living In Australia/life As An Australian Immigrant by Deprofessional(m): 4:00pm On Aug 02, 2020
@ Belong and skyrocke1, please I need your comments on this.

My wife has a provisional admission in one of the schools in Aussie. We have #10m in our savings account and one of her friends is willing to part sponsor her and the person in question has #10m in TB and about #4m in her current account.

She is willing to show evident of willingness to part sponsor her via a sworn affidavit.

My wife will apply for visa covering herself and our 2 children aged 9 and 6. But she will be going alone to test the waters.

The plan is that in 6 to 12 months time, when she must have stabilized, I will apply for my own visa and join her with the children.

Now my question:
a) will the proof of fund by her part sponsor supported by affidavit be acceptable?

b) will I be given visa after 6 to 12 months? One reason for not including myself in the visa is lack of funds.

c) by the way, her school is in Perth. Originally she was granted admission in UTAS. But we heard there are no jobs in Tasmania, thus, necessitating our application for admission in Perth. Are there jobs in Perth?
Travel / Re: Living In Australia/life As An Australian Immigrant by Deprofessional(m): 9:21am On Aug 02, 2020

If you are coming on a PR visa, you would do the following test;

Medical Examination (501) which includes Urine test, eye check test, general body check, high blood pressure check, and heart rate check

Chest X-Ray (502)

HIV Blood Test (707)

But if you are just coming on a temporal Visa, you will not be required to do an HIV Blood test unless you are going to study a medical related course.

And yes the outcome of your result can affect your visa outcome if you fail the test, most especially the HIV blood test.

Can HBP test failure affect ones visa outcome?
Travel / Re: For Families That Migrated/intending To Migrate To Australia On Student Visa by Deprofessional(m): 10:57am On Apr 23, 2020
What is the best way to change your Naira to AUD when travelling? Do you convert to USD first?
Travel / Re: General Australian Student Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Deprofessional(m): 9:33pm On Apr 16, 2020

Rough estimate:

2 semesters school fees is equal to #9,000,000.00
3 months upkeep @ 120 AUD/week @ 250 # 360,000.00
6 months rent @ 400 AUD/week @250 #2,400,000.00
2 Children school fees for 3 months @350 per child per week #2,100,000.00
A small car estimated at 2500AUD #625,000.00
Visa fee for all 4 family members estimated at #1,600,000.00
Air ticket for all 4 estimated at #2,000,000.00
Logistics #1,000,000.00
Total #19,085,000.00

God forbid, I can't kill myself. The best i can raise out of this amount is only #14,000,000.00

Is this for real?
Fear don catch me ooooo
Travel / Re: General Australian Student Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Deprofessional(m): 7:43pm On Apr 16, 2020
Good evening forum members, please I am here to ask few questions. I have gone through some of the comments.

My wife received her admission letter last night. She was offered admission to study master of finance in university of Tasmania for the session starting in July 2020.

We have already decided to defer the admission because it came at a very short notice and also because of the subsisting lockdown.

We are a family of 4 we all plan to travel. But the draw back is the finance. Myself and wify can only gather at most #13m. My worry is that this may not be enough.

I plan to work and support the family if we eventually make it to Aussie. Wify will combine school and part time work. The children will be in school of course.

Please I need advice from experienced people in the house.

Remain blessed.

I forgot to mention that the ultimate goal is a PR
Travel / Re: Living In Australia/life As An Australian Immigrant by Deprofessional(m): 9:42am On Jun 05, 2019
i will need this thread in future.


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