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Autos / Fleet Management Solution (spreadsheet) by designVATExcel: 8:54pm On Jul 27, 2020
The Vehicle Maintenance Solution is a user
friendly Spreadsheet designed to assist with logging & tracking Maintenance Activities | Fuel Purchases for multiple Vehicles.

Who needs this?
This is useful for commercial fleet businesses who operate & maintain multiple vehicles.

Every time you repair or have maintenance work done on a Vehicle it's important to document it:

- Which Vehicle from your fleet
- What the repair entailed
- How much you spent
- Who performed the repair activity

Keeping this maintenance log is very important as it helps you measure the cost of owning the vehicle - the profitability or otherwise.


1) Vehicle Database:
Create a Register for all Vehicle with fields to store Model, Brand, VIN Number, Plate Number, etc.

2) Maintenance Log:
Log repair work performed on an individual Vehicle:
- Repair Date
- Repair Part: Air Filters, Brakes, Coolant Levels, Engine, etc.
- Technician
- Cost

3) Fuel Purchase Log:
Track Fuel expenses by Vehicle - Daily Purchases & Generate Monthly Summary.

Add On Features:
1) Preventive Maintenance (PM):

Prepare a PM Schedule for each Vehicle. It’s easy to forget when your next oil change is due when you manage multiple vehicles, this feature enables you :
- Define frequency of Routine Service (Oil Change, Plug Change, etc.)

E.g. Change oil every 2 months.

- Generate Monthly PM Reminder Calendar
- Document Defects and Pending Repairs

2) Vehicle & License Renewals

- Assign Drivers to Vehicles
- Track Driver Licence Renewals
- Generate Renewal Reminder Calendar
- Monitor Annual Vehicle Documents Renewals

Demo Video:


Learn More:

Celebrities / Re: For Event Managers by designVATExcel: 2:11pm On Mar 21, 2020
Event Planners All-in-One Solution

Autos / Re: Vehicle Fuel & Maintenance Tracking Spreadsheet by designVATExcel: 2:01pm On Mar 21, 2020
Are you a Fleet Manager?
Need to track your Vehicle | Equipment Maintenance & Fuel Purchase?

Managing a pool of Vehicles can be quite challenging - manually tracking Maintenance Cost, Renewal Dates etc. is not only tasking & inefficient but also time consuming.

Introducing an All-in-one Solution for Businesses into Fleet Management like Transport / Logistics Services, Haulage, Equipment Rentals, etc.

✔️ Create Vehicle Register
✔️ Track Fuel Purchase Per Vehicle
✔️ Track Maintenance Cost: Servicing, Labour Cost, Part Replacement Cost, etc.
✔️ Track Vehicle Mileage [Starting & Ending Odometer Reading]
✔️ Monitor Vehicle Requisition & Usage
✔️ Generate Multiple Reports
Call: 0807 577 9414 or visit: www.designvat.com

Watch Demo on our YouTube channel:

Learn More: http://www.designvat.com/ExcelTemplates/Vehicle-Maintenance-Tracker-Spreadsheet.html
Business / Re: Small Business Accounting Spreadsheet by designVATExcel: 1:54pm On Mar 21, 2020
Accounting Solution For Small Business

Software/Programmer Market / Re: Cooperative Society Software Needed by designVATExcel: 8:01am On Jan 02, 2020
Try out DesignVAT Savings & Loans Tracking Spreadsheet:

Firstly what's Thrift | Ajo | Esusu | Contribution?
It's a scheme where a group of people come together to each put an agreed sum of money (daily, monthly, etc).
If your Business offers this service, then this Spreadsheet is for you.

Record Keeping for Small Cooperatives can be quite tasking due to the number of members & transactions involved.
Basic Record Keeping involves:

✔️ Storing Customer Information
✔️ Tracking Customer Deposits & Withdrawal Transactions
✔️ Monitoring Small Loans & Interest Payments
✔️ Tracking Business Expenses
✔️ Generating Monthly Profit & Loss Statement
✔️ Generating Customer Transaction Summary

While you can achieve this manually, our Contribution Spreadsheet simplifes the process; enabling you easily monitor your Customers Transactions.
For just N10,500 you can download a copy for your Business Today.
Website: www.designvat.com
TV/Movies / Re: Heritage Bank: ‘Tobi Bakre Resigned Prior To BBNaija Show’ by designVATExcel: 10:44am On Dec 16, 2019
Properties / Project Management Spreadsheet [ Excel Template] by designVATExcel: 3:28pm On May 28, 2019
#ProjectManagement Spreadsheet

We all undertake Projects from time to time; this can be on a Personal Level (Wedding, Birthday Planning) or Commercial Level where we charge for a service rendered.

 A Project is basically an activity that produces a specific output and or outcome.

There are 2 key aspects of Project Management:
✔ Progress and Status Management
✔ Cost Management

At DesignVAT we've created a user friendly spreadsheet to assist with the latter - Project Cost Management for Small Business.

Our PM Spreadsheet enables you:

✔ Store Customer | Contractors | Employee Information
✔ Create Projects and link with Customers and Contractors
✔ Assign jobs to Contractors per Project
✔ Track Customer & Contractor Payments
✔ Track Business Income and Expense
✔ Generate Project Summary listing all jobs.
✔ Generate a Monthly Profit and Loss Statement

Powered with #microsoftexcel, this Spreadsheet enables you monitor your Project Spending, Save Time & Be More Productive.

Demo Video:

Call 0807 577 9414 or visit our Website: www.designvat.com

Demo Video: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bx4r6wWlfp2/?igshid=vqoyvxbt2e7g

Events / What Every Event Planner Needs by designVATExcel: 3:19pm On May 28, 2019
#EventPlanners Get Organised!

DesignVAT Newly Improved Event Planners Spreadsheet is designed to make your job 10x easier.

Easily Create Events | Assign Vendors | Monitor Customer Payments & so much more.

✔️ Organized Customer & Vendor Records:
Database to Store Customer | Vendor Information (Name, Phone Number, Contact Info).

✔️ Events Database:
Structured Database to Create Events | Assign Vendors | Track Customer Payments.

✔️ Automated Monthly Events Calendar:
Displays Events Scheduled For a Selected Month.

✔️ Effective Vendor Management:
Track Vendor Payment Per Event & Outstanding

✔️ Automated Event Summary:
Generated after every Event, reflecting Event Description | Income Earned | Amount Spent (Décor, Equipment, Food & Catering, etc), Vendors Paid.

✔️ Cashflow Management:
Track Monthly Business Income | Expense | Profit

Achieve all with DesignVAT Standard Event Planners Spreadsheet.

Order Now: Call 0807 577 9414 | Use Bio Link


Learn More: http://www.designvat.com/ExcelTemplates/Event-Planning-Spreadsheet.html

Business / Small Business Accounting Spreadsheet by designVATExcel: 3:09pm On May 28, 2019
Every Business needs a Solution to track, at a minimum, Revenue | Expense | Profit.

Business Revenue is money earned as a result of any Business activity. This activity could be offering a service, selling products, etc.

✔️✔️ Expense:
Business Expense is any cost incurred in carrying out a Business.

Direct Cost ( Cost of Goods Sold, Cost of Service)
Indirect Cost ( Rent. Utilities, Salaries, etc. )

Business Profit is when Revenue is greater than Costs. Every Business strives to maximize profit.

DesignVAT Income & Expense Spreadsheet is a user friendly Solution that assists you with:

✔ Tracking your Daily Revenue & Expenses
✔ Generating a Monthly Profit & Loss Statement
✔ Storing Customer Information
✔ Generating a PDF Invoice
✔ Generating Monthly Reports

Powered with Microsoft Excel, the I&E Spreadsheet is a must have for every Small Business.

Demo Video:
Interested: Call 08075779414 or visit: www.designvat.com

Business / Re: Accounting Spreadsheet For Small Business by designVATExcel: 11:20am On Oct 11, 2018
Business Spreadsheets you need to Simplify Record Keeping and stay on top of your Business Numbers.

Politics / Re: Winners And Losers Of Osun Guber Keenly-contested Poll by designVATExcel: 7:28am On Sep 28, 2018
Career / Re: Man Sacked For Going For FRSC Screening In Lagos After Lying He Was Sick by designVATExcel: 8:34am On Sep 26, 2018
Well, though depending on the engagement letter, an employer as the right to sack an employee, except it's clearly stated in the letter that a notice or payment in lieu is required.
Politics / Re: Adams Oshiomhole Speaks On Tambuwal's Defection (Video) by designVATExcel: 4:27pm On Aug 12, 2018
Car Talk / Re: Top 5 Car Accessories Every Nigerian Should Have In Their Cars At All Times. by designVATExcel: 4:24pm On Aug 12, 2018
Towing rope is also very very important
Business / Accounting Spreadsheet For Small Business by designVATExcel: 1:03pm On Aug 11, 2018
Hello Business Owners,

Every Business Owner needs a Solution to track and monitor their daily Sales, and Expenses.

Monitoring your Cashflow (Income & Expense) is very crucial as it enables you measure if and how you're growing as a Business.

A challenge most of us face is affordability as most Accounting Solutions are expensive for the average Startup, usually require monthly subscription payments.

At DesignVAT to assist and ensure all businesses keep records we've designed a user friendly Accounting Spreadsheet for Small Business.

With this Spreadsheet you can:

1) Track your Daily Sales and Expenses

2) Create PDF Invoices for Customers

3) Store Customer and Vendor information

4) Track Credit Sales to Customers and Credit Purchases from Suppliers enabling you know all Customers that owe you and all suppliers you owe.

5) Create a Monthly Profit & Loss Statement : This enables you compare your Monthly Performance - did you sell more in the 1st Quarter of 2018 Vs the 2nd quarter.

This and lots more can be achieved with our Spreadsheet.

Click here to watch demo:

Click here to Place order: http://www.designvat.com/ExcelTemplates/Standard-Inventory-Spreadsheet.html

Ask questions via WhatsApp: 08075779414
Events / Event Planners All-in-one Accounting Spreadsheet by designVATExcel: 12:39pm On Aug 11, 2018
Hello Event Professionals,

The world of Event Planning entails alot leaving little or no time for Accounting and Record keeping. Even when we manage to squeeze out time, using Microsoft Excel or other applications can be quite challenging to track Payment, Income and Profit.

At DesignVAT, to make Event Planning 10x Easier, we've designed a user friendly Event Planners Accounting Spreadsheet which comes with a tutorial video.

With this Solution you can easily:

1) Store Customer & Vendor Contact Info - Phone Number, Email Address etc. It provides a database for all your contacts.

2) Create Events , link Customers to Events and assign Vendors.
This way you can track and monitor your Events, view payment history, vendor used, etc.

3) Track Customer payments and outstanding . As with most Service Based industries, customers don't pay the complete charge at one, you receive a part payment at the start and the balance usually at the end.

Our Spreadsheet helps you track payments you've received so you know the total amount you're being owed and the associated customers.

4) Track Vendor payments and outstanding . With this Solution you can assign vendors to multiple Events and track payment per Event. This way at any point in time you know the total number of vendors you owe and the Events you owe for.

5) Create Event Summary : you can create an Event Summary after each event which you can print and send PDF to Customer or use for your Business documentation.
The summary list the Customers information, Event Charged, all vendors used, amount paid, etc.

6) Monitor Monthly Income & Expense : The Solution creates a Monthly Profit & Loss Statement. With this you can measure your business performance, see how you are growing. In addition you can compare monthly Income,i.e. January Vs February Vs March.

This and much more can be achieved with our Event Planners Accounting Spreadsheet.

You can watch demo here:

Place your order here: http://www.designvat.com/ExcelTemplates/Event-Planning-Spreadsheet.html

Ask Questions via WhatsApp here: 08075779414
Politics / Re: Bashir El-rufai Blasts New York Times For Mocking Buhari's 2nd Term Bid by designVATExcel: 5:42pm On Apr 11, 2018

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Sports / Re: Britain's worst Boxer, Robin Deakin Hangs His Gloves After A 12year Career. by designVATExcel: 6:56am On Mar 20, 2018
Ouch. This is sad and can lead to depression.
Bloggers na, pity the guy
Politics / Re: Bola Shagaya Stuns At The Wedding Of Her Son Seun Bakare To Oludamilola Osinbajo by designVATExcel: 10:49pm On Mar 18, 2018
Wow, a billionaire. Please where do these people meet , lol. Let me keep my friends

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Politics / Re: "Reno Omokri And FFK Shall Remain Scattered Till Nigeria Is Free"- Otunba Biodun by designVATExcel: 3:59pm On Mar 18, 2018
Business / Re: National Average Price Of Petrol Declined In February To N172.5 by designVATExcel: 7:38am On Mar 14, 2018
Education / Re: 'Bee Beard’: Professor Covered In Bees At Washington State University (Graphic) by designVATExcel: 10:08am On Mar 10, 2018
Politics / Re: "N30bn Missing From NSITF" - Chris Ngige by designVATExcel: 10:07am On Mar 10, 2018
Sports / Re: Referee Kills Player In Malawi During A Football Match by designVATExcel: 10:06am On Mar 10, 2018
TV/Movies / Re: Heritage Bank: ‘Tobi Bakre Resigned Prior To BBNaija Show’ by designVATExcel: 6:59pm On Mar 08, 2018
We've been wondering about Tobi's connections with heritage Bank?

You Don mean it. Of all things to wonder about in this country it's tobis connection with una abeg swerve

This killed me mehn.lol
Politics / Re: Fateema Ganduje And Ajibola Ajimobi Are A Non-virtuous Couple – Kwankwaso by designVATExcel: 12:06pm On Mar 07, 2018
Personally I don't think he did it consciously. Sometimes you just need to place your hand somewhere and that happened to be the place.
Business / Re: Dangote Tops Forbes’ 23 African Billionaires List For The 7th Time by designVATExcel: 10:32am On Feb 28, 2018
One day I go feature on this list. One day one day. Just watch

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Business / Re: Four Ways To Be A Modern Entrepreneur by designVATExcel: 3:39pm On Feb 26, 2018
The 2nd is the most important mehn.
In this digital age, you just gass get digital skills oh.

Also continuous development is very necessary, with the wave of Google, we have too much information sef at our disposal, just freaken too much.
Gone are the days when not having funds to buy books was a limiting factor, now na to select remain. You are only limited by your willingness to want to learn.
Celebrities / Re: E-money Meets Ooni Of Ife And Obi Of Onitsha - Photos by designVATExcel: 3:33pm On Feb 26, 2018
At the end of the day money brings respect and opens doors.
Just try to die an hero oh, because if you live long enough for naija you go turn villian.
Phones / Re: Samsung Galaxy S9 And S9+ Features by designVATExcel: 11:52am On Feb 26, 2018
I was still eyeing the Note 8, before this.
Mehn oh mehn. Money is a necessary evil oh. Damn
Amazon - $720 = N259,200
Nigeria retailers = N400,000

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Crime / Re: Bricklayer Strangles His Wife To Death In Lagos State by designVATExcel: 11:46am On Feb 26, 2018
Damn, all these stories we hear sef.
Man strangles wife,
Wife butchers husband,
Lady burns house help,

Na wa o.
Politics / Re: Lere Olayinka Shares Photo Of Cow Painted With APC Symbol by designVATExcel: 9:00am On Feb 26, 2018
Hate or Love Fayose, sometimes he makes sense.

I said sometimes oh abeg, other times the guy just they Bleep up, distributing N200 stomach infrastructure.

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