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Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Ebook Publishing Business Thread - Free For All (need Writers, Writers Needed) by Dvea(f): 4:48pm On Apr 03
I think those who say Amazon KDP publishing is hard to succeed at probably didn't do their homework well. I've done in-depth research and studied the characteristics of failed books on KDP. They have a lot in common: unpopular topics, poor cover design, dull introduction, poor titles, grammatical and syntax errors, and many more. I'm giving this trade a very good try and am confident about success. I'll continue to share my experiences here as I forge ahead. Really wish to see lot of successful KDP publishers dropping great tips here from what they've learned.

Again, I do not want to sound like the killjoy here, but research and reality can differ.

I revert to your first example of a client who paid you $350. He probably spent on a professional editor to look through his book; in many cases, editors charge at least half of what a writer will charge, in some cases the exact amount and, in rare cases, twice the amount. Let's even say he spent $200. Then the graphic designer, a blurb writer, an assistant or wherever whoever added all of the images you said he added, let's even hypothetically say he used only royalty-free images, i.e. stock images. I started as a writer in the self-pub industry in 2018. A good book, as you say, will require these services

Topic research - if you are hiring a book researcher who will also do chapter structuring, you are looking at $150
Writing - minimum of $300
Editing - Average of $200 (If the editor is also formatting and imaging, then that's even more expensive)
Proofreading - Minimum $80
Graphic designer - $50 minimum
Burb writer - $30
Book reviewer - $20

You are already at $830 to get a standard professional book with all the critical hot features for success. If you sell at $1, you must sell 800 plus copies to cover up. You might need to restructure if you post on another site, so another cost arises. You'll need to invest $1000 to prepare a good book for the market. How many books sell up to 1000 pieces, even from multiple sites? I have worked in every field I listed above except graphic design since 2018, so I am talking from experience.

Again, please do not think I'm discouraging you, I just always tend to get a tick when I hear people say if this isn't succeeding then you must be doing something wrong just like you just posted @dmkara. Sometimes, you can do everything right and still not sell. So, as much as you want to go into self-publishing, remember that you can check all the boxes, spend all the social time building engagement if you choose not to invest in advertising, and still not break even with how much you spent.

A good book requires good hands, and good hands cost a lot of money. Even if you get Nigerians to do all the jobs, pros will charge you well. The chances of earning as much as you spend are low, but there is always a possibility. That being said. I look forward to seeing authors here succeed. As an author once said to me, publish a book because you want your ideas and opinions out into the world, not because you want to make big bucks, if you manage to do both then raise a glass to your self.

book will cost on average $1000

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Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Ebook Publishing Business Thread - Free For All (need Writers, Writers Needed) by Dvea(f): 10:13pm On Mar 29
I genuinely believe that many foreign clients are making a reasonable sum from ghostwritten books, but I've done Kobo books and written for foreign clients through many platforms. One thing no one will tell you is that clients who sell well also spend heavily on ads and marketing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that people can't just make good sales for their books, but much like how social media content creation is hyped for paying millions, the hidden truth is how much is spent on adverts to get the sales or reach the public can see. Kindle, Kobo, etc., all have advertising services that many authors turn to. And to be realistic, many of them do not end up making a lot because ebook sites are competitive; millions of books are published yearly; what are the odds that yours will somehow catch the attention of the audience organically, even if it does what are the odds that yours will become a best seller that makes over 100,000 sales. Once you do the maths and realise that most ghostwriters are looking for money to pay bills and survive, you'll understand why people still write for $350 per book rather than risk becoming self-published.

And not to be a downer, but bestsellers were not self-published. Traditional publishers still hold the highest percentage of best sellers. Do you know how much is spent on advertising alone? A couple of months back, I was researching how to start an indie publishing company, and no matter what you think you want to do, advertising takes up a bulk of every book production process. Make no mistake, most writers here know that being an author pays, but they also know it's not easy. When I wrote my first book and was pitching it to agents locally and internationally, one of the communities I stumbled upon in my quest had a question from another new author, who had gotten a traditional publishing deal with an upfront of $5k, and then royalty only after selling out the upfront in books sales. The author was wondering if it was a good deal, and more than half told him to take it; eventually, one person explained that the chances of books sold at $5 to $15 selling enough to cover $5000 are very slim, and after the first year post-publication, the chances drops by more than half. If it succeeds, then great, but if it does not, at least he had $5k from his first published book. And this is from a foreign traditional publisher.

Another point I want to call out is, for most of these foreigners, $5 - 15 isn't such a big amount that will shake them, so they can comfortably spend on it. Also many of these authors have large clicks on social media and privately, I remember working with one that said he would get his relatives about 15 of them to buy first and then probably friends from social media, hopefully they'll get others to buy. That was his hope. For Nigerian, $5 is what? With dollar exchange at 1400 that's about 7k plus. How many Nigerians are willing to spend 7k to buy a book. And if I remember correctly all these ebook self-pub sites do not accept Naira, and the bank card limit is about $20 now or less, so if I manage to have $20 what I'll want to do is buy book? Dollar that is hard to buy even if it's now in circulation. Until there is a self-pub site that works with Naira, Nigerians will keep suffering the result of all the online limitations our policies set for us.

However, I truly believe that everyone's destiny differs, and you might be lucky to have your book sell well organically. While we all pray for that big break, let's still get the freelancing gigs, because rents must be paid, and food needs to be on the table.


Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Hire Experienced iGaming Writers in Nigeria 2024 by Dvea(f): 10:56am On Mar 29
Service still available

Contact us for your next iGaming project

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12 Naira per word for all iGaming jobs

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Ability to follow templates and guides
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Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Professional Writers, Editors And Proofreader In Nigeria 2024 by Dvea(f): 10:39am On Mar 29
Work with us this 2024

New Rates Alert

10 Naira per word for all writing jobs
3.5 Naira per word for all editing jobs
2 Naira per word for all proofreading jobs.

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Literature / Re: In Need Of Professional Writers, Editors And Proofreader, We are here! by Dvea(f): 10:33am On Mar 29
We are Experienced Writers and Editors in Nigeria

Our service is still available.

New Rate Alert for all contracted project

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Literature/Writing Ads / Re: In Need Of A Content Writer Call Me by Dvea(f): 12:05pm On Mar 28
Still offering the above services, WhatsApp Rita today on

081.six three four.6.seven.7.eight.5

Kindly note the New Rates

10 Naira for all human written services with proof of human writing
6 Naira for all AI written works + human editing
Literature / Re: Desktop Publisher by Dvea(f): 11:59am On Mar 28
Still offering, let's get your project ready for online-publication.
Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Book Writing Service - Non-fiction by Dvea(f): 11:56am On Mar 28
Non-fiction writing service now available

We write

Product Guides
Non-fiction books
Business Plans
Long-form articles

Our service is open to everyone. The delivery time is TBD.
Kindly note that due to the increase in the cost of service rendering, our rates have changed.

New rates are

10 Naira per word for all services.

In addition, we offer
Free proofreading and formatting
Free image sourcing, tables, graphs, etc
Transparency through google docs
Kindly note that we require payment before service or 50% upfront.

WhatsApp Rita today to begin.
Business To Business / Re: Video Making For Faceless Youtube Channel by Dvea(f): 11:49am On Mar 28
Still providing this service, trust us to help you build and grow your YouTube channel or video blog. We specialise in faceless video creation and provide engaging visuals to accompany your stories.

Delivery time is TBD.

We accept projects with video lengths of 30 seconds and above.

However, our rates have slightly increased due to the rising cost of services. Our new service rates are

Video editing only - 2000 Naira per video minute
Video editing + AI voice-over - 3000 Naira per video minute
Human-written Scripts (with proof of zero ai involvement) - 10 naira per word
AI-written scripts + human editing - 6 Naira per word

Clients enjoy up to 2 rounds of editing with access to the project's progress.

Our service is open to Nigerians and those in Diaspora.

WhatsApp Rita Today!
Literature / Re: Article-to-video & Other Video Content Service by Dvea(f): 11:42am On Mar 28
Due to the rising cost of services, our rates have increased slightly.

2000 Naira per video minute (simple video creation, clients will need to bring voiceover audios, musics, or any other audio addition)
3000 Naira per video minutes (AI voiceover and background music included)

All services come with 2 rounds of free editing.

Reach out to see samples.

Turn around is TBD.

We accept videos of 30 seconds and above.

Turn your blogs into videos, create a captivating video story, set up your own faceless youtube channel, tell stories, news, opinions, and advice in a visually appealing way. WhatsApp Rita Today!
Literature / Re: Book Writing Service - Get A Ghost Writer To Write Your Book by Dvea(f): 2:32pm On Feb 14
Typically, I use MS Word or Canva, but if a client has a specific software they would like to use, I can work with that.
Literature / Book Writing Service - Get A Ghost Writer To Write Your Book by Dvea(f): 6:55pm On Feb 13
Got a book or story idea? Don't have the time to flesh it out or can't get around writing a full-length book? Then, get someone else on the job. With a Ghostwriter, you can get your book ready for publication and not worry about sharing authorship rights.

Offer Includes

Story writing
Idea development
Story structuring
Character, scene, plot, and setting development
Full editorial
Fact, grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks
Up to Three rounds of edit
Image inclusion (AI generated)
100% authentic human writing
AI writing and plagiarism check
Publication formatting

Genres Covered


Self-help and care
Reviews and guides
Finance, business, and investment
Tech and gadgets
Health, wellness, and fitness
Pets, animals, and plants


Psychological thriller
Crime Drama
Mystery and murder
Young Adult and Sweet Romance

For other book types not covered here, kindly reach out for further discussion. Contact - zero eight one six three 467785

All of these are available at an affordable rate of 10 Naira per word.

Three available payment structures

100% payment before service - Recommended for short projects of under 40,000 Naira.

50% payment before service and 50% at project completion - Recommended for all project lengths.

30% payment before service, 30% mid-way, and 40% at the end of the project - Recommended for projects over 150,000 Naira.

Project Turnaround

To be discussed - entirely based on individual projects.

Our service is open to clients worldwide with payment channels in Naira and USD.

Let's get your book published!!!
Literature / Re: Article-to-video & Other Video Content Service by Dvea(f): 8:09pm On Feb 12
Let's make videos for you. Start a faceless YouTube channel today.

Royalty-free images, videos, graphics, animation, music, and effects
AI voice over

Quick turnaround

Videos 30 seconds and above are welcome

All for a price of

2000 Naira/ video minute
2500 Naira/ Video minute with AI voiceover/ background music setup
Business To Business / Video Making For Faceless Youtube Channel by Dvea(f): 8:14pm On Feb 10
Want to keep your privacy but still start a YouTube or Video Blog?

Explore a faceless video creation option.

Get your ideas out without risking your privacy and battling the hassle of preparing for a shoot.

AI voiceover
Professional video stories
And even scriptwriting

Get it all in one place at budget-friendly prices.

Video editing = N2000 per video minute
Video editing + AI Voiceover = N2500 per video minute
Human-written Script writing = N8 per word
AI script writing + human editing = N5 per word

You get to see your entire project unfold and enjoy up to 2 edits.

Service includes

Royalty-free images
Royalty-free videos
Royalty-free animations and graphics
Basic animation and effects
48 hours turn around for videos 6 minutes and under.

Contact - three four six 7.7.8 five
Literature / Re: Article-to-video & Other Video Content Service by Dvea(f): 8:02pm On Feb 10
Start a YouTube channel today with amazing videos and human-like voiceovers. For as little as 2500 per minute. Reach out for samples.
Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Book Writing Service - Non-fiction by Dvea(f): 9:31pm On Feb 08
HI Dvea, do you think you could throw some work my way?
I'm open to an arrangement that will be mutually beneficial.

I'm not currently looking for an extra hand, but if anything comes up, I'll hit you up.
Literature / Re: Desktop Publisher by Dvea(f): 10:09pm On Feb 02
Still offering
Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Book Writing Service - Non-fiction by Dvea(f): 10:08pm On Feb 02
Discount over

Regular rate - Non-fiction writing, editing, and formatting - N8 per word
Regular rate - Speech, brochure, guides, scripts, business plans - N7 per word
Business To Business / Re: Discount Website Service For The Non Techy Business Owner by Dvea(f): 10:05pm On Feb 02
Discount over - Regular rate now 60,000 Naira. Kindly note that this service uses Google sites.
Literature / Re: Article-to-video & Other Video Content Service by Dvea(f): 10:03pm On Feb 02
Regular rate - article to video - 2000 Naira/ video minute
Regular rate - article to video + AI Voice over 2500 Naira/ video minute
Literature / Re: Article-to-video & Other Video Content Service by Dvea(f): 5:08pm On Jan 13
Still offering video editing services. Specifically Youtube faceless video. Reach out before the discount ends.
Literature / Re: Article-to-video & Other Video Content Service by Dvea(f): 2:47pm On Dec 13, 2023
This offer is excellent for building a faceless YouTube channel for any niche. Also works well for video blogs.
Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Book Writing Service - Non-fiction by Dvea(f): 2:45pm On Dec 13, 2023

If you are interested in any of the services, send me a DM on Whatsapp
Business To Business / Re: . by Dvea(f): 9:21am On Dec 06, 2023
Literature / Re: Desktop Publisher by Dvea(f): 9:21am On Dec 06, 2023
Still running
Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Book Writing Service - Non-fiction by Dvea(f): 9:20am On Dec 06, 2023
Still running
Business To Business / Re: Discount Website Service For The Non Techy Business Owner by Dvea(f): 9:20am On Dec 06, 2023
Still Running. Contact for samples
Literature / Article-to-video & Other Video Content Service by Dvea(f): 10:15pm On Dec 04, 2023
Turn existing articles into videos or make engaging YouTube storyline videos. Best for Video blogs, YouTube, Instagram.

Please bring your source content. This service will not write the article or script.
Rate is per video minute
Royalty-free images, videos, and music will be provided
Up to 2 edits and modifications allowed
AI voice-over is available at an additional cost
Turnaround to be discussed but usually within three days for -5 minutes

N2000 per video minute
N2500 per video minute with AI voice-over

Reach me on WhatsApp for project samples at 08.1634.677.85

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in Advance
Business To Business / Re: Discount Website Service For The Non Techy Business Owner by Dvea(f): 10:02pm On Dec 04, 2023
Merry Christmas and Happy Nw Year in advance
Business To Business / Discount Website Service For The Non Techy Business Owner by Dvea(f): 10:01pm On Dec 04, 2023
Offering a special website package for non-techy business owners looking to gain a professional online presence.

Best for:
Schools on a budget
Small business owners
Freelancers and artisans


Google Sites is the hosting platform - easy, with little backend management, and flexible enough to give you a professional feel. Zero hosting fee
Four pages only
2500 words website copy
10 product listing
.com.ng domain name
Seven days turnaround
Payment can be made in 2 halves - One half at the start and the balance at the end
Up to 3 modification available
You get to see the website designed in real-time
Note that you won't be given full access to the website until payment is complete.


Deadline - 31/01/2024

Contact me on WhatsApp at 0.8163.4677.85
Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Book Writing Service - Non-fiction by Dvea(f): 9:52pm On Dec 04, 2023
Extending this service to the following writing needs

Product Guide
Video Scripts
Business plans

Rate will be


Valid till the end of January 2024.

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