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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by dynamitee: 9:41pm On Aug 06
Thanks for the response. I am actually in the UK, and that would be my first preference too. But because of COVID, I really don't know anyone travelling one way or the other. Everybody is just where they are. I still have some time though, so I'll probably wait and keep looking for someone travelling from Canada to the UK

I would advise you against sending it by mail, courier or non-courier. If you know any responsible person going to Nigeria, let them help you to hand carry it, and even at that, write a letter of consent with it, just incase it's found on him/her.
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by dynamitee: 9:38pm On Aug 06
Please I sent you an email request for more info... if you don't mind.

A friend couriered my PR card to me last December, it was opened probably by custom thereafter resealed and delivered within 4days from Manitoba to Lagos

Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by dynamitee: 12:04pm On Aug 04
4 months! i actually started to think that my landing was not captured or something. If you are still waiting for yours, you can try to link to your express entry profile and you can see the progress on your card and whether it's been approved, processed or mailed.

Good luck!

Congratulations! How long did it take before the card was delivered to your friend?
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by dynamitee: 12:33pm On Aug 02
Hello Everyone,

I soft-landed at the peak of COVID drama. My PR card has finally been delivered to my friend's address but I've already left Canada. In order to come back to canada, I have to either get a PRTD or get my PR Card posted to me in the UK. I know IRCC is currently back-logged on a lot of things, they are saying the processing time for PRTDs is 3 months. I'll prefer to have my friend send my PR Card via DHL express tracked.

However, I heard a rumour one time about not sending PR Cards through post because customs will intercept them... please does anyone know how true or possible this is? does anybody have any insight/experience and has anyone actually had their cards posted and gotten them in the recent past?

Any insights or thoughts will be appreciated!

thank you.
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by dynamitee: 3:25pm On Mar 19
Thanks for your response.
Do you mind if i send you a pm? I'm excited to see someone in my travel timeline, would like to keep in touch. Thank you


Pls can we all keep in touch... as soon as anyone hears anything? I've submitted an IRCC form too, though just this morning. I have direct flights booked from the UK for early april and no idea if i will be allowed to land.
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by dynamitee: 3:23pm On Mar 19
My family friend was turned back at the airport in Ireland even with her COPR. COPR is not PR

Pls was your friend on a direct flight or connecting through Ireland? I guess the question is if you have a direct flight to Canada... in my case from the UK. Will i be allowed to land with my CoPR? I assume with CoPR air canada may allow me to board anyway... but just not sure.
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by dynamitee: 3:16pm On Mar 16
Thank you so much... I'm guessing in-land candidates... means those that apply for PR from within Canada?

This only applies to inland candidates

Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by dynamitee: 1:36pm On Mar 16
Hello everyone;

Please can I get some help on something? Please what is a landing appointment and at what point will this be done? I was scheduled to land in Canada in April, but with all this coronavirus talk, it seems things are changing, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to land. I'm checking the cic.gc website for updates and I read that they are cancelling all "in-person permanent resident landing appointments". I've never heard of a landing appointment before, and I'm now wondering if this means that I won't be able to do my PR registration at the airport when I travel...

Please can anyone provide some insight on this please? thanks!
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 8 by dynamitee: 7:15pm On Aug 24, 2019
Thanks a bunch!
It doesn't matter. I filled Toronto and landed in Calgary. As long as you aren't PNP, you can land/live anywhere.

Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 8 by dynamitee: 4:50pm On Aug 21, 2019
Oh? Well then that further explains why Raptorthenorth score is not higher. I think he still has a decent chance with 451 tho, he just needs to be sure that he is ready to apply immediately as soon as scores come down far enough and he gets ITA. Or he can look into other possible options to increase his score, can't think of any right now ...
I know that CRS score reduces by 5 points, from the 30th birthday.

Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 8 by dynamitee: 3:48pm On Aug 21, 2019
I think that once you turn 30, your CRS reduces by 3 points, and an additional 3 points for every year after. For you at 34, that means if you had applied at 29, all other things being equal; your score would have been 15 points more, which is 466. Seems your score should have been 454 tho... but I think the highest band for speaking is 7.5 and not 7 (i may be wrong). That explains your 451, if you had gotten 7.5 in speaking you would have gotten 3 points more. Still, its a great IELTS score... you just have to be patient I think... the scores are coming down it seems so you may have a chance.


Hi, I’m single and have 7 years experience in my NOC. Should I be getting a different score, especially with my age?
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 8 by dynamitee: 12:32pm On Aug 21, 2019
emmatrack, iaatmguy; thanks a bunch!


Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 8 by dynamitee: 12:30pm On Aug 21, 2019
Yes he had. He did BSc but didn't do his qualifications. He later decided to try his qualifications in order to increase his score, and that was when he paid just an extra 40k.


This your friend has completed one evaluation before the "top up" right?

Thank you for the heads up
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 8 by dynamitee: 10:34am On Aug 21, 2019
Hello everyone; pls I want ask a couple of questions.

When I filled in my application in mid-march, they asked where I was planning to settle... and for some reason I chose Vancouver. Now, I am certain I will be living in Ontario. However, I got my passport and letter in June/July; I did not take a close enough look then. I realize now that they have put my destination city or whatever as Vancouver. My application has closed so I'm not sure if I can raise a CSE or send an email or something.

My question is does this matter? I am trying to book my flight tickets... do I have to land in Vancouver or can I just land in Ontario?

Also, pls does anyone have or know a thread for Nigerian immigrants who have landed in Canada/ontario?

Thank you.
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 8 by dynamitee: 10:11am On Aug 21, 2019
Where I did my meds... I think its a place called "The Children's Practice" or something. It was in VI... I believe off Awolowo way. My passport was with the UK embassy, so I used my photocopy. I had my expired passport with me but they said it does not matter that they can't use expired ID, so they collected photocopy of my current passport (it was not a certified copy, but for reasons like this, it also pays to have certified copies of your important documents). Anyway, they collected my photocopy, and wrote on it that the original was not seen or something like that. And I was able to do my medicals like that. If you are in Lagos, you could call them and double check if this is still an acceptable practice. I did my medicals in August 2018 and it was a breeze, but I hear things have gotten a bit more chaotic.

Hi all. Please I need assistance.

I don't know what to do and may have to decline my ITA for the 4th time. I have declined it 3 times now and I have just received another one.

My issue is that my wife applied to SA embassy in Lagos for SA visa. Till date, her passport is still with them. This means she is unable to go for medicals (from what I have read on this thread, passport is required). This has been the major reason for my declining each time.

Is there anything I can do please? Thank you.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 8 by dynamitee: 9:42am On Aug 21, 2019
I can't remember the CAD value but it was 40k in naira when my friend did it for one of his certifications... this was around July last year. If they have not changed the fee in CAD and I think exchange rate has remained pretty much stable since then, so it should still be about the same thing.

Pls how much is this "top up fee" if you want to add a certificate for evaluation with WES
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 8 by dynamitee: 5:38pm On Aug 20, 2019
The question that would be asked, is why you did not use the ICAS to evaluate the CIPM since they were the ones that evaluated your first degree. Also, I am not familiar with ICAS, but I know that WES evaluation gives you a description for your credentials that matches the CIC's descriptions, so you clearly know where you stand with all you certificates as a whole... so with WES if you want to add an extra certificate you basically just pay a top up fee and they add it to your original profile and provide an updated evaluation for the whole thing... with ICAS though, I'm not very sure.

Based on my understanding, these are your options:-

1. Because it is much easier and straightforward and just a better idea to evaluate all credentials with the same Coy, you could call or email ICAS; tell them that you have an additional document you want to assess which is your CIPM (include details). Then explain that you'd like to avoid wasting your time and theirs which is why you thought to ask first how they typically evaluate CIPM or what they would evaluate it as.

I honestly don't know anyone who has had different creds evaluated by different companies, so i'm not sure how or if it works that way, but if they will evaluate it favourably, then that will be the ideal option and it makes everything super easy and straightforward for you.

2. If it turns out that ICAS does not evaluate CIPM favourably, then you could either get your CIPM separately evaluated by WES (but you should inquire as to if it's okay to have different evals, I don't know anything about that); or you could do the entire thing with WES, including your Bsc. You should bear in mind, that WES will charge you the same amount to evaluate just your CIPM, as if you did both your BSc and your CIPM. The only difference between evaluating just your CIPM with WES and doing ALL your credentials again with WES, is the additional cost and stress of having to get your transcripts again, doing the whole verification process and getting WAEC results sent. This process can be a bit tedious, though it may be easier than the first time.

3. Also, to further increase your scores, you could also have your spouse do IELTS and try to score as high as possible, I think you can get up to 20 or 30 points for just spouse's IELTS score alone if your spouse gets a very high score. However, considering the cost and wait time of IELTS exams, you should aim to only do this after a lot of prep and practice.

All the best!

My CRS is currently 431. Can I evaluate my CIPM with WES to increase my scores? Do I need to re-evaluate my BSc as I used ICES for that?


Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 8 by dynamitee: 2:50pm On Aug 20, 2019
I'll strongly advise you to ignore them. There are a lot of people making these promises, and most of them are just trying to cash in on the Canada movement at your expense. The beautiful thing about Canada, is that you can easily get pretty much all the information about their immigration policies online. If they can secure work permit for you, then they need to tell you under what immigration program so you can google it and be sure it's legit. Otherwise, don't let them go and misrepresent you and cut corners on your behalf cos if they get caught, it is you that will be affected.

There is this agency that is claiming to secure 2 years work permit in Canada, as anybody used them before. The company is Mainstream Travels and Tour and are located in Jabi Abuja. Will appreciate any comments on them.


Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 7 by dynamitee: 1:12pm On Apr 15, 2019
Please, question for the house... anyone applying via express entry from the UK or Europe
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 7 by dynamitee: 1:08pm On Apr 15, 2019
5 million out of 170 million? you are being conservative sef. Didn't you hear that 75% of Nigerians want to leave? If they need 100 million, they will get it without stress
Buhari can't dictate to us to leave Nigeria or not. If the news it genuine, they should just launch the new visa category n see how many people will apply. grin. Nigerian economy is practically like a hell at the most moment n its getting worse. If they need 5million, we r ready


Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 7 by dynamitee: 7:16pm On Mar 16, 2019
Thank you

It'll take a few weeks before you're notified to go for biometrics. Read up this page and scroll down to the BIOMETRICS section.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 7 by dynamitee: 7:15pm On Mar 16, 2019
Okay, thanks a bunch!

28 to 35 days

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 7 by dynamitee: 1:39pm On Mar 12, 2019
Hi everyone...

Pls I have a question. I submitted my application yesterday (i paid the fees for biometrics). I have tried to gather every knowledge possible about the whole process, but i do not know anything about the biometrics part and how it works.

Can someone please put me through on what biometrics entails and what i'm expected to do now? How many days after submission would i have to do my biometrics?

Thank you.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 7 by dynamitee: 1:34pm On Mar 12, 2019
Congratulations!!! Hopefully 6 months from now it is my turn



Here is my “brief story”… read at your own risk:

I have always believed that someday I would relocate fully out of Nigeria… whether it was for studies or something.. I just knew that my place was not this Naija. This was some years back.
Well, in 2011… when I was writing my ICAN, I had made friends with a couple of colleagues (also writing) the exam with me. One of them gave me some hints that he really wanted to leave Naija soon.. but never told me how. I also never bothered to ask.
I lost his contact, but got it back in 2014, only for me to see the kind of “abroad” pictures he was posting. I was like, “hope you are enjoying your vacation ooo” and he was like… “ Nooo.. this is not a vacation! I live here”
O boy!! That was how my ear/antennae just stood up ooo… I started interrogating him like an FBI agent… I asked him about the immigration process and how he went about it. He simply just sent me a link to read up on…. And that was the end. I was demotivated even before reading it properly. That was how I gave up on the idea.
In 2016, I stumbled on Australian immigration information and followed it gracefully. I gathered all the necessary information I needed and saved on my system. Good thing is that, I have never been that person to embark on a journey without thoroughly researching and asking myself very tough questions. I was so ready to embark on it… but did not have the funds. Well, the issue was not even the funds per se, but the fact that when I informed my parents about it, they totally kicked against it. Their argument was that, Aussie was too far and it would make me forget Naija. My relatives also added to this perspective, with examples of my distant cousins that had gone to Aussie many years ago but had not returned. I was completely discouraged and let this phase slide again.
After the above incidences, I had now decided to face my “Nigerian fate”… and so focused solely on my work and all.
In December 2017, while going home with one of the staff of my clients, she kept asking me about my career, what I intended to do in the medium to the long term etc. I kept downloading my plans passionately to her. I kept emphasizing on the professional exams I was set out to do, how I looked forward to growing through the career ladder in Nigeria and so on…. If only I had known that all those plans discouraged her from telling me about the Canada immigration EE process, I probably would have kept quiet. She told me later after I had commenced the process, that she wanted to tell me about the EE process, but seeing how passionate I was about the “Nigerian Plans” made her hold that key information back.
Well, fast forward to April 2018, while working at the office, I overheard one of my close friends/colleague telling another colleague about the EE immigration process and how he had gotten his Visa and bought his ticket ahead of his exit in August 2018. Immediately I heard that, I interjected, then asked him to brief me on the full information. Funny enough, the person he was telling was acting uninterested back then despite informing him about the process since far back 2017.
Well, as a sharp guy who had been looking for such an opportunity, I asked him what it would entail… and he gave me a brief highlight based on his knowledge about it. I was not satisfied with what he told me, so went ahead to research on it myself. That was when I stumbled on this thread and decided to feed on it like it was breakfast and Lunch. I dwelt there for days reading from the past information and PPR stories (days of Dupyshoo and Zandora etc). Then I knew I had to commence immediately.
However, I remember clearly that when my friend told me about the associated financial commitment for a single applicant, my heart sank… as I wondered how I would have been able to finalize my POF. But God came through for me.
I registered immediately for my IELTS in April to be written in May… and immediately sent my B.Sc and ACCA transcript (membership certificate) to Wes for evaluation.

First IELTS was written in May: Lost out in Listening as I had 7.5 (BC)
Second IETLS was written on 7 July: LSRW – 8.5, 8.5, 7, 7 (BC)
Prior to the first IELTS, I had practiced a bit, but was slightly over confident because I felt that it was just a simple test of English which shouldn’t have been a problem at all for me. I however practiced the maps for a whole day using YouTube, and became a master in it as I was not failing any questions on maps anymore. Unfortunately, maps did not come out in the first exam.
When the result came out that morning, I was not happy with myself, but I told myself that I would channel all that efforts to scheduling for another exam. I was reading negative comments all over the place, on groups and so on… especially people that did not pass the exams like me… but I shut out those thoughts to avoid being discouraged.
Immediately the next day came, I quickly scheduled for another, raised the draft of N75,000 and paid to BC. I thought that this would motivate me to read ooo… but boy!! My work wouldn’t allow me. There was absolutely no time at all. The night before the exam, I just skimmed through some lines and slept off… went for the exam the next day… and the rest, they say, is history!

Educational Credential Assessment
I used the conventional WES for my ECA… and it was a smooth ride. Luckily for me, they were not requesting for WAEC then.
So I reached out to my school to send my transcript (which took just between 14 – 21 working days) and to ACCA which took 14 working days. Also, note that I commenced the ECA transcript transmission alongside my preparation for IELTS. I also sent my B.Sc. and ACCA membership certificates to WES via Hellofax.
My WES report came out on 19 June 2018 with a summary of “2 or more degrees”. This was a complete breeze. In fact, I didn’t have to reach out to them for any information or complaints.

As at 20th July, 2018… I had my IELTS result and ECA ready… but did not dive into the pool because of my funds were not completely in the state I wanted it. I had to wait for some more funds before diving. I had a score of 468, so I was certain that I would get ITA once I dived. So I made up my mind to patiently wait till I was ready.
I had timed September 5 as my chosen ITA date… so I entered the pool on September 1. I got ITA and was so excited. It felt so surreal. Immediately, I swung to action and started to follow up with all necessary documentation.

Post ITA
i. PCC
This was a breeze. In fact, I had gotten a contact from my friend that told me about the EE process, I called the person a day before I went there. I took a one-hour break during my lunch time at work, went to their office asking of the Police officer I spoke to a day earlier. That was when I realized the guy had retired. However, the person he told me to ask of, happened to be his successor. The finger prints were taken, all the necessary things were done, price was negotiated to my desired 5k, then I picked up my completed PCC and headed back to work. I was happy!
I scanned the pink copy along with the finger printed copy and merged both together using my Adobe Acrobat. I attached the document to the PCC place holder

ii. Passport photograph
This was snapped a day before I did the PCC at LUTH. I also got the contact from my friend. I ensured to take both soft and hard copy of the pictures before leaving the place. I ensured that the pictures were well measured in my presence in line with CIC requirements. The guy was experienced on CIC requirements, so it was hassle free exercise. The price was also very reasonable.
I attached the soft copy version to the placeholder in my EE profile.

iii. Educational Certificates
As usual, I merged my University B.Sc Certificate with my ACCA membership certificate, ECA report and IELTS report using Adobe Acrobat. I attached the merged documents to the relevant placeholder in my App. I used Nigeria as the ACCA location, as this was where I wrote the exam.

iv. International Passport and travel documents
This was also scanned and attached to the relevant placeholder.

V. Medical Assessment
This was where I faced my second challenge through the EE process. I attempted to go through the normal route like everyone. Called IOM, Children’s Practice and Q-life to book… Lo and behold, the prices of IOM and Children’s practices were ridiculously high, so I took them completely off my list. Unfortunately, Qlife that was fairly priced, was booked till about October 20 something. I knew that I couldn’t wait till then, so I had to device a quick alternative. Then the idea of gate crashing came to my mind.
The next day, I left my house very early, arrived there before 7 am and wrote my name down. I thought it was that automatic. Well, after such a long wait till about 8:30, the tests commenced. However, before they commenced, they separated those that had booked from those that had not, just like me… I was disheartened. They told us to go to the reception to book our test dates. Upon arriving there, the receptionist recognized my name and tried to confirm why I had come earlier than the supposedly booked date of 20 something. I immediately pleaded with her, and told her that I had received ITA, and need to do it urgently as it was time bound. She empathized with me and decided to reschedule me for the next day.
I was so excited and did not worry about the lost time for the day. I came to the hospital the next day (19 September 2018) for the test. All was completed and results were fine.
I just scanned the up-front medical slip and attached to the relevant placeholder in my application.

vi. Proof of Funds (POF)
This was gathered overtime but ready long before my ITA. My complete POF was ready by August as I had to sell my car to make up the outstanding balance. It was so saddening as I began to trek and my mobility reduced drastically. Infact when I was to sell the car, I had my fair share of challenges.
The car dealer I gave to sell the car on my behalf suddenly claimed that one of the most important vehicle documents was missing, the Customs document. I was so shattered. How on earth could this get missing? Did I forget it when I went to make photocopies? Or was the dealer trying to play a smart one on me?? Those were few of the numerous thoughts I had. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a single copy of the document and potential buyers were not in any way willing to risk purchasing the car without these document, despite its clean physical outlook. At the end of the day I had to part with some substantial sum of money to get another one from Customs.
Well, I sold it, added it to the funds I previously had and placed all in a Fixed Deposit (FD) investment split into 70% (due in 6 months) and 30% due in 1 year. I ensured that the bank clearly stated that “the funds could be retrieved at will”… and the fact that only a percentage of the interest would be affected and not the principal sum that was booked.
I scanned the FD certificate, merged it with a screenshot of foreign exchange for CAD to Naira on October 4, a certificate of non-indebtedness and my 25% pension (for the purpose of fluctuations in exchange). I merged these documents and attached in the relevant placeholder.

vii. Reference Letter
This was another slightly shaky area. I actually thought that it would be a walk in the park, but how wrong I was. I obtained a reference letter from one of my past places of employment where I had spent 3 years, but felt the need to go the extra mile to obtain same from my current place of employment. This was because I felt they might have still asked. Getting the 3 year reference letter in CIC format from my past place of employment was not difficult at all. However, getting reference letter from my current place of employment where I had spent almost 2 years was now challenging.
Now, considering that I had not really stayed long in this place, I was skeptical about letting them know about my immigration plans, so I sent a mail to our HR to prepare the letter in CIC format. But they refused and insisted I obtained the necessary approval from my unit head, which would mean me letting the cat out of the bag so soon. My unit head was out of the country, so I had to wait till my unit head arrived before obtaining the approval. We had a deep concerted discussion where I explained that I had considered immigrating because of my long term plans. Approval was eventually granted and the required reference letter n CIC format was provided. However, this made me delay my submission to October 4.
I merged my 2 reference letters only and attached to the relevant placeholders. I did not attach pay slips because the reference letters alone were completely aligned to CIC format.

AOR & Post AOR
I eventually submitted my application on October 4 at 11:55 pm. I paid for the application fee but not the RPRF as I did not have the funds as at then. 28 days after, I got the Medicals Passed (MEP) notification and biometrics request. I went immediately the next day to do my biometrics.
The wait then started.
On December 3, I then decided to pay my RPRF unsolicited. No RPRF mail was sent to me, I just went to CIC website, paid and attached the downloaded receipt to a CSE (alongside my now rolled over FD certificate) and sent to them.
I was determined to wait it out, all the way, at least till 4 months before knowing my visa office, but the pressure around me wouldn’t let me be. So, I sent a follow-up CSE reminder to confirm if the RPRF receipts and FD roll over certificates had been transmitted to my visa office. I also included my request to know my Visa office in the same mail. The response came a day after, where I was informed that it was Ottawa. I was so excited.
The wait continued….
On 6th January I ordered my GCMS notes as I had not seen a single ghost update (Casper) unlike others. It arrived on 1st week of February, and I realized when I read through it, that only criminality was passed. Eligibility and Security had not started. I was so downcast by this recent development, but friends around cheered me up.
I kept the hopes alive but kept getting even more emotionally drained as the days faded by and as my CIC time bar crawled closer to the deadline day. What even added to this mental stress was seeing new applications in November and December getting PPRs before me. Wow! Lots of thoughts started to flood through my head. Did I do something wrong?? Did I offend anybody?? What was the problem actually??
Every time I opened my CIC account, there was no single update in my account whatsoever. Casper (the ghost) was indeed not friendly to me. I became a ghost hunter and praying every day for ghosts in my account. All to no avail. I was distraught and discouraged from even opening my account as I just felt it would be the same thing, however, I would say a silent prayer, for God to bring my turn closer.
Days went by, and it became less than 30 days to go. I felt it was due time for me to order my second GCMS notes. I mentioned it in the WhatsApp group I was on, and people encouraged me to go ahead. Some people also encouraged me to follow it through with a call, which I sluggishly accepted. I ordered the notes on 6th March… then attempted calling CIC on 7th March, but it did not go through. I temporarily gave up. On 8th March, I just felt the motivation to call again, with very little expectation. My waiting time was about 5 mins. When the voice at the other end rang, it made me shudder slightly. Well I downloaded all my details to her in response to her questions and followed it through with a question about the status of my profile.
Lo and behold!, She told me that my file was just approved on the 7th (the day before). I thought I didn’t hear her clearly… Lol. I had to ask her if she was sure about what she said and she reiterated her statement, with more audacity. My hand immediately started shaking, then I thanked her and went off the line. I still took the information I got from the call with a pinch of salt, because I was yet to see any ghost update like other people would usually get before PPR.
Well, I just decided to check my profile after the call… Lo and behold! My first ghost update since I submitted my application. I was so excited.
And today, PPR!
Glory be to God!!!!

In a nutshell, my timelines are below:
7 July, 2018 - IELTS – LSRW (8.5, 8.5, 7,7)
19 June, 2018 – ECA report arrived (2 or more degrees)
5 September, 2018 – ITA
4 October 2018 – AOR
8 March 2019 – Ghost Update (Casper, the friendly ghost)
12 March 2019 – PPR

Single Applicant

… and it has finally ended in praise!!! It will end in praise for you too in Jesus Name!

My little advice: Remain patient, and positive. Ensure to have positive minded people around you, as they will be the ones to encourage you when it’s looking like you are losing faith in the whole process.
Above all, acknowledge God as the divine helper… “Nothing good comes except it’s from above”

God bless you and thank you for reading my long post!
PS: Please, rate your Prof well oooooooo!!!


Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 7 by dynamitee: 9:35pm On Mar 03, 2019
Hi everyone, my first time commenting on here smiley

I have a question. I have an ITA, and i have to submit in 9 days. Thing is, my birth certificate and passport has a different middle name than my Bsc cert... but the difference is not a big one.

Like my middle name is Aisha on my birth cert and my passport, but in university one oversabi person must have put it as Aishat during registration and it followed throughout my university days and that is what's in my certificate.

Do you guys know if this would count as a change of name and would i need to sign an affidavit for it? Please is there anyone that has dealt with something like this and did not do an affidavit and it didn't matter?
TV/Movies / Re: Live: Big Brother Naija 2018 (Double Wahala) BBNaija Live Thread by dynamitee: 7:11pm On Apr 18, 2018
Something i find funny is how you guys think that by using Cee-C to insult her fans you will get them to stop voting her. Nobody ever tells Tobi's fans that they are cowards or gossips because they support him. No one tells Nina fans that they are stupid or whores because they support her.
But what names have Cee-C fans not been called... like calling them names will discourage them from voting for fear of further insults... that's the mistake, because the more you insult her fans, the more you inflame emotions in favour of the underdog, the more she keeps trending and gathering new fans.

Please continue.

I dont know about this, but the bolded is on point

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TV/Movies / Re: Live: Big Brother Naija 2018 (Double Wahala) BBNaija Live Thread by dynamitee: 9:25pm On Mar 18, 2018
please who knows what Tobi's two strikes are for? i only know of the one where he got a strike for not answering Biggie when summoned to the diary room. Please what was the second strike for?

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TV/Movies / Re: Live: Big Brother Naija 2018 (Double Wahala) BBNaija Live Thread by dynamitee: 6:15pm On Feb 20, 2018
You are a lady, but this is the kind of misogynistic, disrespectful, condescending crap that Donald Trump will say. Totally unnecessary, you should do better.
Dont mind her she will start menstruating all over the thread with her hypocrisy posts


TV/Movies / Re: Live: Big Brother Naija 2018 (Double Wahala) BBNaija Live Thread by dynamitee: 6:07pm On Feb 07, 2018
Tobi just called Aneeka slow on top she no quickly give am battery to change.

I'm slowly decamping from team Tobi small small.


TV/Movies / Re: Live: Big Brother Naija 2018 (Double Wahala) BBNaija Live Thread by dynamitee: 6:04pm On Feb 07, 2018
Interesting conversation between Cee c and Tobi right now. The guy is really really really trying to get a kiss. He is saying that Cee c needs to start showing him some love in this house ooo... As per how will he survive three months like this.

Issokay, we are listening ooo


TV/Movies / Re: Live: Big Brother Naija 2018 (Double Wahala) BBNaija Live Thread by dynamitee: 5:33pm On Feb 06, 2018
Secret task for Lolu; get someone in the house of the opposite sex to fall in love with you before the task

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