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Crime / Re: 70-Year-Old Woman Leads Hunters To Battle In Niger State, 40 Bandits Killed by eagleeyez: 10:48am On Mar 03, 2020
Witches have always been necessary in battles since time immemorial . Hitler used them a lot .

Wetin come happen when the man come lose?
Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam For Muslims: Side Talk Station by eagleeyez: 10:20pm On Feb 26, 2020
Salem aleikum to brothers and sisters in the deen.

May Allah grant us al-janah firdaus.

Please I have a question to ask how do you still fortified your Iman when you are going through trial time.

I have fast and pray for five days, waking up in the middle of the night to ask for Allah mercy but still it's getting worse. All what my people are excelling in I am finding it difficult to do.

I almost commit suicide yesterday, even my parent suffer humiliation in this house we rent because we are the oldest tenant here it's becoming unbearable walahitalahi to feed self is another wahala.

Please if you know any dua to say get the mercy of Allah please share with me

Pray for Allah to give you strength to pass his tests .There is nothing happening to you that isn't with the permission of Allah

When issues like this occur in our lives ,we are to be patient .Look to your faith ..examine your self..it's not about praying or fasting its about your intentions ,purity of your heart .,sincerity ....look to your faith .Examine your self sincerely

I won't say I have gone through what you have as we all have our tests but I can definitely state that I have gone over very challenging times .I still am but its getting better ,during that time ,I rarely dwell on my challenges....I would spend hours reading stories on internet on people trials how they over came it,supplications etc and I realised one thing you don't need to sit and recite too much supplications or acts what you need is

Actions that are consistent
Examine self
Make sadaqah as little as you have and constant
You are not perfect so seek for forgiveness as soon as you offend someone if you can't,pray for them(its in citadel)
Avoid bad company

I developed the habit of performing 2 rakaatdaily after isha to seel forgiveness and recite suratul mulk after wards I would also recite istighfar,names of Allah that are for forgiveness like ya ghaffur etc recite names of Allah that deal in what iam after also

I would recite salatul duha,two Sunnah rakkat before fajr,wake up for tahhajud ..I try to make it simple but consistent.

Presently some thing great ocured in my life.Alhamdullillah..Iam ready to accept what ever tests Allah present to me as long as he assists me hoping that I would live a well fulfilled life and rest well in my grave

Alhamdulillah your parents are alive,that is it self a blessing.Their prayers will assist you bit please don't offend then if you do apologise before the day ends or before 6 hours

Be patient ,look up supplications for depression,helplessness etc and use frequently. There are so many dua to call put to Allah even beautiful verses from Quran

Iam sorry for typing so long .Inshaa Allah I will put you in my prayers,this I promise you .

Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam For Muslims: Side Talk Station by eagleeyez: 10:04pm On Feb 26, 2020
what do you do for a living?

But you are knowledgeable enough to give him advise and suggest supplications
Crime / Re: Laetitia Dagan Naankang's Burial: Family Makes Announcement by eagleeyez: 11:03pm On Feb 20, 2020
Never snitch on anyone. Loyalty is hard nowadays.

RIP ma

Are you saying she was assassinated for being a snitch?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Saudi Women Smoke In Public To ‘complete’ Their Freedom by eagleeyez: 2:08pm On Feb 16, 2020
Hold on even with Islam aside this is nonsesens and lack of morals.religion aside,let's be honest if yy see a woman smoking outside won't you see her as lacking morals ,shameless and probably a runs Chick?

This is 100% wrong so stop using "liberty of Islam" to talk trash
Islam for Muslims / Re: Seeing Angels (malaika) by eagleeyez: 1:05pm On Feb 16, 2020
I became inactive for a very long time on nairalanx and only used to view comments as a guest.This particular page and "jinns" was what made me to log back in

How ever it seems our brothers are allowing pages to die off no more activities like before

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Politics / Re: Full-text of the Supreme Court Judgement on Bayelsa by eagleeyez: 10:06pm On Feb 15, 2020
Look at the mess and bad precedents this Tanko of a sham is turning our supreme court into.

You see a walking fool. How is this the cj's judgement ? Are you even a lawyer ?
Islam for Muslims / Re: Seeing Angels (malaika) by eagleeyez: 3:55pm On Feb 14, 2020
I took breaks Mana. But I didn't leave the mosque premises. Ameen Ameen. May Allah help us All

Nooo...this one I will be getting up ooo.for why naa?you know individuals defer some will have to get up to attend to things,people etc but inshaa Allah I will do this .maybe every Sunday till I conclude three but I can't stay within premises like you
Islam for Muslims / Re: Seeing Angels (malaika) by eagleeyez: 3:44pm On Feb 14, 2020
lol i did it sundays from 9am to 7pm. Ameen Ameen. But it works o! Whatever you want just Beg Allah shikenan.

But I would wish to believe you took breaks in between ko?you could not have sat from 9am -7pm. I respect your dedication.May Allah assist you
Islam for Muslims / Re: Seeing Angels (malaika) by eagleeyez: 9:56pm On Feb 13, 2020
yes 70k in a sitting but not daily, you can even do it trice in your lifetime if you like.

Thank you but please what is the benefit ? I do know of course istighfar opens doors but this specific number and mode ,for what purpose it it?

70k in a sitting..gaskiya I don't know how that will be possible especially for working class people.I don't even know how you did it,well done.May Allah accept it
Islam for Muslims / Re: Seeing Angels (malaika) by eagleeyez: 5:40pm On Feb 13, 2020
Assalam Alaikum. This place is dry mehn!
Let me share something with u brothers.
70k istigfar 3times. Get 70 MASA or WAINA i think they all meant the same thing and give Sadaqa. Tested by me.

70,000 at a sitting 3 times ?that is everyday for 3 days?_....please do explain bettef
Politics / Re: President Jonathan Visits Pastor Adeboye (photo) by eagleeyez: 9:50pm On May 04, 2015

Common sense is so scarce that it should be regarded as super power!

Dudekeep religion out of this. You lack manners! Manners ain't brewed into humans by religion

Gosh....you are soooo insane! Just read all your responses, fighting with every one and insulting every one.
Clearly every one can see you are mentall uinstable.

I mean what sort of a human are u, insult people, curse their futures and yet call God!?

Kai.....smh..... No need to respond to a depressed ,frustrated.mentally unstable,low achieving,devil worshipping hipocrite.
Politics / Re: President Jonathan Visits Pastor Adeboye (photo) by eagleeyez: 9:45pm On May 04, 2015

Kids who insult Gods handwork, insults God and they already have their rewards. BTW, even the alcoholic call on God. Ever read where it is written that your inquiries has shut Gods ear from listening to you? So examine yourself and see if your prayers gets beyond the rooftop

What are u saying !??you dare to mention God yet you insult someone on public forum and deceive your self that u are right?

Who insulted God's handiwork!? Was it not u that cursed someone and u are talking rubbis there. Are u okay at all

Please stop insulting your parents as clearly u are revealing to us all that u are not well brought up

Have a good evening
Politics / Re: President Jonathan Visits Pastor Adeboye (photo) by eagleeyez: 8:10pm On May 04, 2015

Yes I won't get there because I don't need to but I 'll do greater than he has done.

BTW, Are you God? Did I call your name in my prayer? I guess you may be an infant since you are not God.

Leave him my dear, I responded to his evilness.

What rubbish

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Politics / Re: President Jonathan Visits Pastor Adeboye (photo) by eagleeyez: 8:10pm On May 04, 2015

Of course you won't be like him, you'll never get there. God don't give leadership to kids

By his majesty who comes in all his awe and grace, this "kid" will reach great heights beyond jonathan.he will be blessed

Don't underestimate God

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Family / Re: My Mothers Ugly Wish by eagleeyez: 7:13pm On May 04, 2015
Atleast am not looking too old for marriage. This pics was taken dis morning

Black beauty.note this:

You can chose to become fair in as little as 7 days but no matter what you colour canever be bought . Not even with combined wealth of bill gates and waren buffet

You are beautiful but don't drag feet that u are young. Pray hard and get a man don't allow urself to be pressurised

Take care
Education / Re: Photo Of The Man By Name Julius Berger Who Built Our Bridges (photos) by eagleeyez: 7:05pm On May 04, 2015
This Imfo is incomplete witout mentioning his conections wit Ikorodu bridge,hw he died,where he died,where he was buried,also,how he came o nigeria through Strabag cons plc,There is this story about him and mamiwota of Ikorodu River

Yeeeee that's a very. Common version. That he sacrificed himself for greatness right?

Have been hearing this for years. But u know the truth I want jb to have stiff competition don't like them.yes they build good roads but bloody racists.

This is not south africa and God forbid we ever be answerable to caucasians
Crime / Re: Drug Trafficking: 132 Nigerians Waiting To Die In China, Indonesia, Singapore by eagleeyez: 2:25pm On May 04, 2015
Crime / Female Banker Defrauds Bank. Of =N=241m! by eagleeyez: 2:14pm On May 04, 2015
Hmmmmmm....saw this on ait news bar flash and decided to hit the net so as to hit my people on nairaland. Most crimes in banks are aided by insiders.

Our banks are really loosing money due to this. I really hope they all develop strategies to reduce this to minimal

This is too much and so not fair. This is one of the reason y banks sack even innocent workers

Family / Re: Agonies Of A Banker by eagleeyez: 1:54am On May 04, 2015
Good for u. You took the cheap way to rise faster than those who worked harder than u. You cheapened your dignity, such a slut

Now reap from your sins, you are not only a chepa slut but a thief how low can u get?

Am not insulting u but stating facts.shame on u
Celebrities / Re: Abeg Shey Anybody Notice Wetin Beyonce Wear For Dat Mayweather Vs Pacquiao Fight by eagleeyez: 12:14am On May 04, 2015
Bey no fine again

At aaaallll... Noticed since and she looks sad.

This dressing is calling for attention I strongly feel her husband aint giving her attention only when it comes to publicity poses
Romance / Re: Death After Rape by eagleeyez: 11:54pm On May 03, 2015
My friends' friend raped a year 1 student last week with his crew. 3 of his crew members are dead. they are 4 rapist left and they are scared that they'll die also. They've tried begging the girl but she's nowhere to be found. Please what do you advice

As for me I think they deserve to die #chikena#

U mean 7 of them raped her!? I hate rapists and hope they die and burn in hell
Romance / Re: I'm About 3 Weeks Pregnant. How Do I Get Rid Of It? by eagleeyez: 11:51pm On May 03, 2015

Walk into a good clinic or hospital. Tell the doctor you're pregnant and don't want to keep. He/she will give u options to terminate it. Choose whichever one suits you.
After this, close your two legs and stop being a fool

A really big irresponsible fool.she's scared pf her parents but doesn't fear God.nonsense
Romance / Re: I'm About 3 Weeks Pregnant. How Do I Get Rid Of It? by eagleeyez: 11:48pm On May 03, 2015
u mean u havent had abortion b4? Hypocrite!

Hipocrite? What the hell do u mean? So every lady is as indescent as the ones in ur family?

Stupid confused ignorant animal
Politics / Re: Emmanuel Uduaghan Receives Silverbird Man Of The Year Award by eagleeyez: 11:33pm On May 03, 2015
Who is he

Dem say na governor for one state like that in nigeria.dem com say e no dey work at all sai how dem go give am award.

Dem come. Sai em pay for award sai God go wire am for hell

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Politics / Re: With Rescue Near, Boko Haram Stoned Kidnapped Girls To Death by eagleeyez: 10:31pm On May 03, 2015
And when I say I s l a m dem go wan chop me raw

You actually believe this crap!? Have u read it in any of our reputqble dailies or tv stationsm

Gej promised to hand over terrorist free nation so as far as am concerned he is behind this lie to cover up for his inability to produce chibok gals

If I hear

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Celebrities / Re: Donjazzy Shares His Experience At The Mayweather Vs Pacquiao Vegas Fight by eagleeyez: 10:18pm On May 03, 2015
If its was in Nigeria Manny Pacquiao
might be heading for the Tribunals in Abuja
now. Chai

Lol. Boss u sense of humour no get part 2
Celebrities / Re: Donjazzy Shares His Experience At The Mayweather Vs Pacquiao Vegas Fight by eagleeyez: 10:15pm On May 03, 2015
i really like don jazzy, seems like one can never be bored when around him

Forget , I love that man. Humble and great talent also cool and friendly.

Any wan that doesn't like him has. Plenty enemies be that
Health / Re: Help - A Yelowish Fluid Coming Out Of My Penis by eagleeyez: 10:07pm On May 03, 2015
you have made a decision to visit a doctor tomorrow, why bring your issue here then?

I pray its HIV so you can learn how to use protection or stay away from premarital sex

modified: stop quoting me. we all know truth is bitter.

You pray its hiv?.......kai!!!! Be very carefyul do u understand? Be very careful. Hi/ aids is not gotten through ...x alone.

Mind u tables turn. Mind ur tongue

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Health / Re: Help - A Yelowish Fluid Coming Out Of My Penis by eagleeyez: 10:03pm On May 03, 2015
Buy ciprotab and 400 mg of metronidzole.... u should be free after u complete d dosage.

U didn't add usage. Is it for a week ,e ce daily or what?

Eother way he must see a doctor and needs to take more than that in case of other underlying diseases such as aids (God forbid)

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Health / Re: Help - A Yelowish Fluid Coming Out Of My Penis by eagleeyez: 10:00pm On May 03, 2015
Is one week now dat I had sex with my ex after we settled. Just three days ago I started noticing litle pain when peeing, and today I started to notice a yellowish fluid coming out of my pen.is.

Sometimes if I want to urinate it painful and sometimes no pain. I called my ex if she also noticed such pain when peeing but she denied and swear she doesnt notice such.

Anyway I had unprotected sex with her but I did not release or ejaculate during the sex.

What could be the cause since she said she noticed nothing like that.

I feel litle hotness in my pe.nis
I am planning to go see doc. Tomorrow.
Oh my God why me.
I swear if this thing stop no more sex… till further notice

You ma sef...... Haba are u a kid . With aids and all unprotected?

Its an infectiopn of course and dump that bitch!

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