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Health / Re: Help! My Younger Brother Is Going Mad by ejitest1(m): 6:02pm On May 08
Come to Zaria on Friday next week or chida hotel hall Abuja tomorrow, Apostle Joshua Selman will be ministering live , ask to see him for prayers. I am sure solution has come ur way or chat me up on 08064461737


Jobs/Vacancies / My Friend Is Confused by ejitest1(m): 4:54pm On May 06
A friend of mine works with a company in zaria where he is paid 80k plus small small commission, he lives in a clean a room and parlour self contain, he recently got a job of 130k with small small commission too in Lagos .
He is seeking advice on whether to relocate or stay back .

P.s - zaria is a small town filled with students and no chance for proper career advancement

8 Likes 2 Shares

Business / Re: Startup Funds Link by ejitest1(m): 7:07am On Feb 13

Pls add me to the WhatsApp group
Politics / Re: Buhari Extends Eased Lockdown By 4 Weeks by ejitest1(m): 7:39pm On Aug 06, 2020
Dammmn niggarr

Dammn niggarr
Romance / Re: Guys, Can You Marry A Lady That Earns Below 50k? by ejitest1(m): 5:10pm On Aug 06, 2020
Kai, awon feminist are coming for u o
Why will a lady that earns less than 50k be even thinking of marriage? Is she stupiid?
Travel / What Did You Hear About Zaria? by ejitest1(m): 5:08pm On Aug 06, 2020
Having been born and brought up in Zaria I must confess Zaria is the reason why Kaduna state is called the centre of learning plus the standard of leaving is quite cheap and security is tight.... How about you what have you heard about Zaria?
Romance / Guys, Can You Marry A Lady That Earns Below 50k? by ejitest1(m): 4:58pm On Aug 06, 2020
As for me, I won't mind o as long as she is hardworking and smart
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Npower Registration For Just 1k by ejitest1(m): 12:08pm On Jun 26, 2020

Send me your account number make I pay for 100 people.......


Are u alright? Who is forcing u?
Jobs/Vacancies / Npower Registration For Just 1k by ejitest1(m): 9:28am On Jun 26, 2020
For those experiencing difficulties with NPower registration, let me be ur plug....its just 1k, chat me up on 08064461737
Literature / Re: What I Did To The Burglar Will Shock You by ejitest1(m): 9:21am On Jun 21, 2020
Yes sir,
Original writer is Mr Jephthah
this got me emotional.....nice one op

I really which to post this somewhere else.

do I have ur blessing and who do I give the credit to ? (I mean name )
Literature / What I Did To The Burglar Will Shock You by ejitest1(m): 12:46pm On Jun 20, 2020
When my wife and kids told me that they would love to go to my brother’s house to spend the weekend and kill boredom, I did not hesitate to give it the nod because I also needed some quiet time alone in the house. I was working on a proposal that was to be submitted on Monday morning via email. The insistence by the company to send it via email was because of the restriction in the movement of people over the COVID 19 issue.
My wife was a law enforcement agent and would not have any challenge navigating through the hundreds of checkpoints on the roads.
“Make sure you guys return on Monday,” I said as my wife led the kids out of the house. “I don’t want to hear stories.”
She chuckled. “There will be no stories. Please follow us to the junction so you can help me collect my clothes from the laundry man. He called to tell me that he would be waiting.”
I would not have left the house that morning if she hadn’t said that. Outside the gate where Mubarak had a kiosk, I saw three young men smoking cigarettes and engrossed in a hearty conversation.
“Ina kwana,” Mubarak greeted us cordially. “This one that everyone is dressed ceremonially, I don’t think this is a short journey.”
My wife nodded and smiled at him. “We will be back on Monday evening. Please put eyes on the house for us.”
He said he would. My wife hopped onto the driver’s seat and I sat beside her on the passenger’s side. My three kids giggled at one another as they occupied the back seat. Since her own car had had some mechanical fault and was taken away by the mechanic prior to the Corona virus pandemic, we had both been managing my own car. Carefully, she hurled the Toyota Corolla past Mubarak’s kiosk and honked. Mubarak had been a very good neighbour. He would keep an eye on the compound whenever we were not around. In return, the family had also treated him like a brother.
The laundry man was not in the shop when we got there. My wife was furious because her uniforms were the clothes she had given him to wash. I decided to go and check on Tony at home. He was a very good friend whom I had learned a lot from. His own family had travelled as soon as the virus matter began and he had been all alone. He was glad to see me. We ate the food he prepared and watched a movie together. That took a long time. By the time I returned home in the evening, Mubarak had closed because it was about to rain. The sky was thick with a storm.
I opened the main door and closed it carefully. That door needed repairs but I hadn’t bothered to fix it. If you shut it from the inside without sticking a paper in it, it would be difficult to open from the inside. Someone would have to open it from the outside or else you would remain trap inside. Several times, my wife had reminded me about it but I didn’t just care because the house was usually never empty.
Because I was alone, I was careful to put a piece of paper in it before closing it. And because I had no plans of going to bed immediately, I didn’t bother to lock it with a key. Never in my wildest imagination did I think that a burglar would break into the house that night.
I was watching the news on Aljazera when the lights went off. Soon, the rains began to hit the roof like pebbles thrown in hundreds from the sky. The wind too blew heavily like millions of giant birds flapping their wings.
I went into the bedroom and sleep found me there in no time. It was the shrill cry of a baby that woke me up later. The rain had stopped. Darkness still enveloped the sky. It was past one o’ clock in the morning.
I began to wonder what was wrong with the child that was crying. Her voice tore miserably into the silence of the dark and made me feel very uncomfortable. What could be wrong with the child? I thought as I crept out of the bed towards the window.
The cry was coming from the house adjacent mine. It was a small building without a fence. In front of it was a rickety Golf car painted in taxi colours. Since I bought the house over a year and a half before, I hadn’t bothered to know who my neighbours were.
I was still wondering why the baby was crying and disturbing the entire neighbourhood when I began to hear the sound of the front door opening. I wanted to scream but intuitively decided against that. The cry of the child continued to waft into my ears and I suddenly began to tremble. I hadn’t seen a thief in real life before. I had heard and read about how they attack people and maim or killed them just to get what they wanted.
What if this thief had a weapon? I thought miserably as I quietly docked behind my bedroom door. When the intruder began to tiptoe into the kitchen, I put my eye through the tiny opening between the door and its frame.
I heaved a sigh when I saw that he was not armed. His silhouette figure moved in the dark like a walking tortoise. The light from his small phone led him into the kitchen. I wanted to scream now but something held me still; perhaps it was the fear of the unknown. I was paranoid now like never before. What if he had a pistol in his pocket? What if he had a dagger he’d kept by the door?
I was still wondering of what to do next when the burglar came out of the kitchen carrying a black polythene bag. The cry of the child from the house adjacent mine continued to waft into my ears. I felt creepy. Even though the weather was cold, I felt sweat drop from my forehead in rivulets. My palms too were damp with sweat. I hadn’t sweated like that before. This could happen to anybody who was alone with a thief in his house; a thief who could have been in possession of lethal arms.
Suddenly, I heard him begin to hit the door and it struck me that he had just jammed the door without using the piece of paper. Certainly, he was trapped. I could hear him curse under his breath. Just then, the lights came on.
When he walked back into the kitchen and I saw that he was not armed, I came out of my hiding place.
“Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my house?” I thundered feigning courage. The fear in his eyes was palpable.
“I..I..I, please sir!” his knees dropped on the tiled floor. His head was bowed and buried in shame. He could only stutter.
“You had better talk to me before I shoot you dead right now.”
He jammed his palms together and began to cry. “Sir, my name is Theophilus.I am not a thief. I have never stolen anything from anyone all my life. But if you could put your ears down right now, you’d hear the cry of a child. That’s my only daughter. She is a year and two months old. We have not eaten since yesterday morning. My wife bought akara thirty naira for her yesterday morning and that was all she’s eaten since. I haven’t worked since this corona virus thing began because of the restriction in movement. I am a taxi driver. Even if the lockdown ends today, I still won’t be able to work because I have sold my car battery and bought food to feed my family with it last month. I heard from a friend that you people left the house and won’t be back until Monday. I couldn’t stand the cry of the child anymore so I decided to burgle your house to fetch her some food from here. She won’t stop crying until she gets something to eat. My wife too is crying helplessly in the house. I just couldn’t take it. I had to become a thief if only for tonight…”
He was crying as he spoke. I took the black polythene bag from him and my heart dropped when I saw the things he had stolen from the kitchen in it; three packs of noodles, half a loaf of bread, some milk powder in and beverages.
My wallet which had about thirty five thousand naira in it was lying conspicuously on the chair.
Pointing at the wallet, I echoed; “Why didn’t you take the money or did you not see it?”
“I did,” he replied with his head still bowed. “It was the first thing I pointed the light from my phone at but I have no need of it. I came here to get something for my daughter to eat not to steal money.”
A tear fell off my eye. I held his hands and told him to get up. “You are not a thief my brother. You are just a father whose love for his only child is without blemish. From the way you speak, I am certain that you are learned. But for the situation of the country, you would not have become a taxi driver. For your daughter’s sake, I will not do anything to you. Just call your wife to come here with the child so she could open the door for us from outside. That way, she could prepare something for her here to eat.”
Tearfully, he knelt down again and began to cry. He hadn’t airtime on his phone, I gave him mine and he called the wife with it. Before she arrived with the child, I had prepared beverage for the child while I let him cook some noodles for himself and the wife.
It was my turn to cry when the woman was feeding the child who was dragging the bread from her mother as if all her life depended on it. She wolfed down her beverage with the speed of light and as soon as she had had her fill, she crept into the arms of her father and immediately fell asleep.
The parents had time to eat their noodles when the child had begun to sleep. By the time they were through, it was past two o’clock.
I gave him all the money in my wallet and told him to buy and stuck his house with food with the money. When my wife returned with the children and I told her what had happened, she cried on end.
“We are just privileged. We are just lucky.” She broke down emotionally. “We cannot be this blessed by God and watch our neighbours suffer. We must help them.”
My wife was right. I bought Theophilus a new battery for his car and gave the wife the sum of two hundred thousand naira to start a crayfish trade. Sometimes, all that we need to completely eradicate crime isn’t to keep buying guns for the police, isn’t to keep pushing people into prison but just to lend a helping hand to our neighbours. If your neighbours are happy, you’d certainly be happy too. I have come to understand not every thief caught in the act is a real thief. I am glad that we were the source of their joy today and pray that many would after reading this do what we did or do even more.
Love will certainly solve all the problems of humanity.
THE BURGLAR by Japheth Prosper
(I was told this story and I went to the house to confirm it.)


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Who Has Done An Interview Or Gotten A Job Since COVID-19 Started? by ejitest1(m): 12:09pm On Jun 20, 2020
Need a job in Abuja.

I have experience as
A real estate business development executive,
Medical sales representative
Travel / Re: Anambra Intercepts Truck From Jos, Transporting Passengers, Animals (Photos) by ejitest1(m): 10:00am On May 19, 2020
I wrote this article about the African woman and I feel it's worth reading by you.
Romance / Re: Have You Dated A Big Girl Before? Here Is My Experience With Them by ejitest1(m): 3:52pm On May 14, 2020

I hope you know that I know who you are.

You honestly didn't need to create a new account. Just ask with your normal moniker.


Vicky show me love na, 2k sef go go welll
Uba bank
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Zaria Hook Up by ejitest1(m): 9:30am On May 13, 2020
Need a cute and coded girl in Zaria for a discreet hook up. DM if you are the one
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Zaria And Kaduna Hook Up by ejitest1(m): 9:23am On May 13, 2020
Where are u based?
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: 2021/22 Marriages For Working Class: Drop Your Contact And Get Your Spouse Now. by ejitest1(m): 9:19am On May 13, 2020
am 30 years old,
Good looking
Working class
Slim lady
From Edo state
AA genotype

Looking for a man between the ages of 31- 37
Ready to settle down
Financially comfortable
Not a baby daddy
Never been married.
presentable and sensible
Is a Christian or atheist

Kindky reach me on 08064461737 or DM
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: 2021/22 Marriages For Working Class: Drop Your Contact And Get Your Spouse Now. by ejitest1(m): 9:18am On May 13, 2020
My name is Ejike, I work with a medical firm as a territory manager, a master degree holder and also an entrepreneur.
I am from Enugu state but currently based in Zaria, kaduna state, I need a lady of any tribe apart from nope and Ebira, must be a Christian, working class and ready to settle down soon between the age of 20-35....
Reach me on 08064461737
Romance / Re: Shocking Reasons Why Men Call Their Girlfriends Baby by ejitest1(m): 9:10am On May 13, 2020
Actually men who have multiple women call them baby so he won't get the names mixed up and call one by another's name. True Story.

So funny, m not like that though
Romance / Re: Shocking Reasons Why Men Call Their Girlfriends Baby by ejitest1(m): 9:10am On May 13, 2020
There’s is lady friend of mine i fondly call’Empress’ i never knew she was already in love with the name..
She told me her guy was angry because i call her Empress so I started calling her by her real name.
Weeks later she said if I can’t call her Empress that I should stop talking to her..
So I gave myself a little break, one rainy night i sent a beautiful message to her starting with ‘My dear ‘EMPRESS’......
I felt the joy in her when she called me back...

Woa.... The guy must be the jealous type
Romance / Re: Have You Dated A Big Girl Before? Here Is My Experience With Them by ejitest1(m): 6:04am On May 12, 2020
I need one biko
Romance / Shocking Reasons Why Men Call Their Girlfriends Baby by ejitest1(m): 4:35am On May 09, 2020
Men are fond of being gentle and the main reason why the call their girlfriends baby is to show true love that can be compared only to none . This is what makes women to submit to men because they like to hear nice words and also they like attention.

Women like to be treated like kids because they relate well with the kids. If you are a man and you dont call your wife or girlfriend baby then you dont have the affection that is required in a relationship.

Men should call their girlfriends baby this shows extra love and care from the man. Sometimes it reaches a time when the woman in the house will compete with your children for your love . That is why is good to share rhe love between mother and children equally.

Some girlfriends are used to be called good names and when you forget they become annoyed with you

Men were created to be gentle and this must be seen in their actions and deeds. Women and kids were born to be loved . Men must learn how to love and how to show care to both the woman in the house and the kids also.

Ladies will make you feel like a king when you complement them from time to time . This will bring harmony and deep love in the house. This is what will make the family to live in love and peace.

In most cases dont call a lady by her name always because sometimes it becomes boring . Ladies would like good nicknames which will amuse them always.

Politics / Re: People That Will Feel The Additional 14 Days Lockdown By The President by ejitest1(m): 4:50am On Apr 14, 2020
Hello guys, I really need your assistance here
I need money for food stuff Pls, any amount will be appreciated.
Uba bank
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Kaduna Hook Up by ejitest1(m): 10:24am On Apr 09, 2020
Guys and girls based in kaduna and zaria, drop ur number here to join the hook up group
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Drop Your Phone Number And You Just Might Get A Date by ejitest1(m): 9:31pm On Apr 06, 2020

Dating And Meet-up Zone / Zaria And Kaduna Hook Up by ejitest1(m): 9:30pm On Apr 06, 2020
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Guys Drop Ur Number And Let The Ladies Call (hook Up Someone Pls) by ejitest1(m): 7:40pm On Mar 30, 2020
Zaria girls only

Health / Re: COVID-19: Video Of NCDC Officials Taking Samples For Testing by ejitest1(m): 10:01am On Mar 29, 2020
I wanna use my offerings and tithes as giveaway to help people during this COVID-19. How much do you need? Quote me with your account details. Only those who are in need please


Don't quote me again please, garri don pass water.

I really need it to buy foodstuff Pls.

Uba bank
Ejike eke
Religion / Prayer Against Corona Virus by ejitest1(m): 8:16am On Mar 26, 2020
The blood of Jesus is at work in our lives and no virus can work in our body, we carry the Holy Spirit in us, nothing will harm us in Jesus name. Amen
Romance / Re: Nine Types Of Wives You Must Not Be by ejitest1(m): 8:15am On Mar 26, 2020

Don't mind all dis boys borrowing 10mb to type rubbish

Check my pic well o
Romance / Re: Nine Types Of Wives You Must Not Be by ejitest1(m): 11:35am On Mar 15, 2020
You dey jealous?

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