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Politics / Re: FG Rejects Governors’ N22,500 Minimum Wage Proposal by emperorblog(m): 5:49pm On Oct 31, 2018
foolish leaders without vision
Business / Re: How To Start An Online Store In Nigeria And Make Your First Million Naira by emperorblog(m): 5:42pm On Oct 31, 2018
Easier said dan done.
lack of trust btw u and d buyer as most nigerians prefer pay on delivery and dey wont pay u unless u are using a delivery company doing POD which is costly.

if you need help in ordering from china Contact me. affordable

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Celebrities / Re: Checkout Kylie Jenner's Incredible Car Collection  (Photos) by emperorblog(m): 1:29pm On Oct 31, 2018
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Politics / Re: CEO Of Betting Company, Akin Alabi Cries Out As Man Won N24m With N1,500 by emperorblog(m): 1:23pm On Oct 31, 2018
dis man is very foolish for posting dis. when people are loosing did he share dee slip
Career / Re: 7 Side Hustling You Can Do As A Salary Earner by emperorblog(m): 1:13pm On Oct 31, 2018
wich work is he doing who is paying his salary and how much ?
Education / Re: Halloween Costumes Of FUNAAB Microbiology Final Year Students (Photos) by emperorblog(m): 8:51am On Oct 31, 2018
congratulation to dem
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Politics / Re: APC Used Fake Picture For Buhari Visit To Kaduna by emperorblog(m): 8:49am On Oct 31, 2018

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Education / Re: School Demands School Fees From Parents Through 'Practical Work' (Photo) by emperorblog(m): 8:47am On Oct 31, 2018
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Webmasters / Re: Whats The Key To Blogging? Constitency Or Long Posts? by emperorblog(m): 8:46am On Oct 31, 2018
all of d above
Celebrities / Re: 'I've Been Used To Spread Messages I Don’t Believe In— Kanye West Dumps Trump by emperorblog(m): 5:19am On Oct 31, 2018
Happy Birthday dear

thank u boss
Sports / Re: Neymar: "Lionel Messi Is My Idol, Cristiano Ronaldo A Monster" by emperorblog(m): 5:19am On Oct 31, 2018
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Politics / Re: Dino Melaye's Rolls Royce Phantom Parked In His Living Room by emperorblog(m): 5:18am On Oct 31, 2018
if uvare still running after politician u are a big fooool
Politics / Re: What I Saw At FRSC Office In Abuja – Dogara by emperorblog(m): 5:18am On Oct 31, 2018
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Celebrities / Re: 'I've Been Used To Spread Messages I Don’t Believe In— Kanye West Dumps Trump by emperorblog(m): 5:16am On Oct 31, 2018
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ny acct number is available make una come drop something o

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Celebrities / Re: Actress Moyo Lawal Posts Sexy Photo With Severe Warning, Fans React by emperorblog(m): 5:16am On Oct 31, 2018
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Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by emperorblog(m): 9:16pm On Oct 30, 2018
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Literature / Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 9:03pm On Oct 30, 2018
“Uh..I’m sorry.” I said and then gently I pushed back few strands of hair at the spot and placed the towel. I Made sure I bent my face so i could smell her hair.
It smelled so sweet and so tempting.
“This feels so cold but helpful.” She said.
“Yeah..” I mumbled. As i stared at her hair.
How few strands covered her neck, down to her shoulder and the rest fell straight on the pillow and spread around it.
She closed her eyes.
I glanced at her lips..Then back to her hair.
She opened her eyes.
“You’re staring at me.” She said.
I raised my eyebrow in pretence.
“Uh.. Am I?” I asked.
“I think.” She said.
I quickly took my eyes off her and looked away..
But then these irresisting feelings..
My stubborn eyes over clouded my senses..
I turned and her eyes are closed back again.
I looked down at her neck…And i felt my self wanting to push those strands of hair there away and then place my lips right there on her neck.
I wanted to do that so badly.
I craved to kiss her neck.
I craved to kiss her hair..
I shut my eyes as i tried to resist going for it..
but I couldn’t…I couldn’t!
So I bent and i slowly pushed the strands of hair on her neck back..and i saw her eyes flash open.
She tried to say something but i cut her short,
“Please just stay calm.. Just a kiss, I promise. I can’t help it.” I said and without waiting, I slid my left hand into her wavy hair..as i felt them tickle my skin..
I closed my eyes.
And then with the other hand resting on the bed.. I gently brought my lips to her neck and kissed it.
She shivered. I could swear that she did.
I felt goosebumps sproud out on my skin as that burning desire came into me instantly.
And i didn’t want to stop anymore.
I moved my lips to every side of her neck as i continued to give it kisses..
Soft kisses.
But then i felt my desire escalate..
And i want this..
I want her.
I shoved my head more into her hair and turned the soft kisses into lustful kisses.
“Kelly..” She called, but i can swear it was a moan.
She moaned my name..
I paused and looked up at her..
Her eyes were wide opened and her lips agape..Obviosly in shock.
I took the towel out and turned her over to face me..
Then stared at me.
I stared at her… I was burning with desire for her.. For her body..
My eyes dropped to her lips.
They were dry and i felt a sensation to wet them.
“Rose..” I groaned..And i went for her lips..
She stayed still….Letting me kiss her.
I got into the bed with my lips still on hers and I crossed my legs over her..
She was inbtween my kneeled legs now as I kissed her more..
She didn’t struggle,
she didn’t try to pusg me away…
She just let me go on to kiss her..
I moved my kisses down to her chin,
Then down to her neck.. then i moved to her ear..
“please just stay this way.” I whispered to her and then i gave her earlobe a light bite, and a few lick..
She stayed still just the way i want.
I strolled my kiss down to her shoulders…Then to her pyjama covered boobs..
I kissed them through her Pyjama .. and she lightly moaned.
She did.
I felt my desire for her body raise..
I couldn’t hold back any longer.
So i moved my hand down to her Pyjama to pull the top up.
But i felt her soft hand grap mine.
I looked up at her.
Her eyes are closed.
“Kelly. Don’t.” She said.
F–k! How can i f—–g stop!
“Rose.. Please i ca…” I was cut short by the doorbell.
What the f–k!
Who’s the b—h!
Rose opened her eyes instantly.
She stared at me…I stared at her.
The doorbell came again.
I got off Rose and with so much anger boiling in me, I walked out.
Im so gonna deal with who ever that is!
I walked down stairs and to the door.
Opened it and there stood Dr. Williams and his wife.
“What a suprise to see you both in my house.. This is the first time.” I said and gave them a mockery smile.
“Yes Kelly..”Dr. Williams said.
His wife smiled.
“So why are you here?” I asked.
I have no time for their nuisance visit.
“Really? Kelly, Let us in first. We deserve some respect.” Williams said.
I scoffed.
Who cares about respect.
“Yes, Kelly. Let us in so we can discuss the reasons why we are here.” His wife said.
“You can say whatever you wanna say right here.” I said.
They looked at theirselves.. then turned to me.
“We can discuss that here. Please let us in.” His wife said.
“Well I know why you are here. , Because the DNA result is out and it confirmed im not responsible for Sugar’s pregnancy and you wanna come threaten me?” I said and chuckled.
“No. Not at all Kelly. We are here to plead for you to forgive our daughter. It was a mistake.. and we can fix it.” Dr. Williams said.
“Please.” His wife said.
“She was a greater mistake… And right now, I just did the greatest mistake by opening this door. Go fix yourselves. I don’t ever wanna see you both in my house again!” I said and slammed the door right in their face!
Godforsaken people!
I know would be mad at me now..
I rushed upstairs to my room but she wasn’t there any more.
I sighed.
I knew.
I shouldn’t have gone to check who the f–k was on the door!
I rushed to her room door and tried to open the door but it’s locked.
“Rose..”I called and turned the doorknob more harder but it wasn’t opening.
“Just go away.. I want to be alone.” I heard her say.
I shut my eyes.
“Rose.. im sorry.” I said.
“Don’t tell me you’re sorry!” She yelled.
“Im sorry. I mean it. Please open the door.”
I pleaded..
“Im not gonna do that.” She said.
“Rose..” I called.
She became silent.
“Please..” I begged.
She was silent.
“Rose please open the d–n door!”
No answer.
“Rose..You’re not saying anything.”
“Im sorry Rose I was… just being carried away..I hardly control myself when I…I..”
“Don’t tell me about it!” She yelled.
“Im sorry.” I said with so much regret.
“Just go away for now. I’ll be fine.” She said.
I should have controlled myself..
My burning desire.
I walked back into my room and fell onto my bed.
To think…
To think of how i can make Rose forgive me..
Say something about this episode.. .
….Your comments are needed


Literature / Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 8:52pm On Oct 30, 2018
hello guys. pls am not d writer of d story. d writer is Rejoice. she submit the story to,be posted on my blog and i alsp share it here. enjoy


My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 38
*Rose’s point of view*
I woke up with a headache..
I pressed my hand on the side where it hurts.
And… a yawn followed.
I still felt sleepy….But why?
Then i recalled.
I spent half of my night in the toilet, purging!
Kelly, the chef did a great job by preparing the worst rice i’ve ever tried to taste.
I yawned again and stretched my body.
God! my head hurt!
I really need some drugs.. but i know there would be no drug in this house.
Then water.. Yeah, water could help lessen the pains.
I got my phone on the bedside table and tapped the screen.
The time was, 10:04am.
Kelly must have gone to work!
I jumped out of the bed and walked into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth.
Kelly’s food had been so horrible that I couldn’t eat it.
Though i did taste, but i ended up coughing dem out.. and then i had to spend half of my night in the toilet!
Goodness! Who cook such tasteless and watery rice, too salty and so so pepperish?
I wondered how many cubes of maggi and what spices he used on that food!
Where the hell did he even get such recipe?
I chuckled.
And seriously, why must it be rice?
He could have just toasted a bread, or…make an egg sauce with bread..
Or even a common tea.
Why did he had to go that far to prepare a jellof rice?
I laughed.
Seriously, What’s up with him and rice?!
Done freshening up, I walked out of my room to Kelly’s.
I need to know if he had left for work.
I opened his door to see Kelly still on the bed, sleeping.. and his sleeping position was really awkward and funny.
I shook my head and closed back the door.
My head hurt as I walked down the stairs to the kitchen to take a cold water and see what i can prepare for breakfast.
I walked to the kitchen….and guess what?
The whole counter was in a total mess.
Ouch.. my head hurts bad!
I pressed my hand on it.
Kelly didn’t bother to tidy some little things up.
Dirts littered every where.
I shook my head as i walk over to the fridge to get a water.
I grabbed a cold bottle of water, opened it and drank to my fill.
Then i walked to the counter.
I sighed.. Kelly is such a bad chef.
My have headache but I can’t leave this mess for him..
I’do wanted to take the plates to the kitchen after we were done eating..
okay him.. After he was done eating.
But.. he didn’t let me..
And i never came to the kitchen cos i lost appetite.
My head hurts, but i began cleaning up the mess.
Packed the dirts on the counter into the trashbin and I washed the dishes, the pot and utensils.
Then I wiped clean the counter with a soapy water and a small towel.
Then i went for a mop to wipe the floor.
The headache escalated after I was done.. But I was glad the kitchen is tidied up and clean now.
I walked to the breakfast table and sat down in one of the four chairs in the table.
The headache was increasing each passing minute and I didn’t know how to make it stop except taking a medicine.
I groaned in pain as i put my hands on te table and layed my head on them.
God I plead..Let this headache go this minute.
Then I heard Kelly walk in..
“Rose..” He called but I couldn’t look up.
That would send a sharper pain on my head and I didn’t want that.
“Rose..Wow.. this is great.. The kitchen is sparkling cleaned. You’re good at this.” He said.
I just stayed how i am..but then I put my hand on that spot where the pain is.
“Rose.. you don’t wanna look up.. Anything the matter?” He asked and started coming towards me..
“cephalalgia” I said.
“What’s that?” He asked.
I chuckled.
“Headache.” I answered.
“F–k! Let me take you to a hospital.” He said with concern visible in his voice.
I looked up at him.. I finally did.
Like seriously?
Because of an ordinary headache?
“It’s just a headache..Nothing serious.” I said.
“It’s a headache doesn’t mean it won’t be treated in a hospital.” He said.
“I’ll be fine.. Got any Aspirin around?” I asked.
“Umm I don’t.. But i can make a call to someone to get it for you.” He said.
I nodded.
“I’ll be back.”He said and rushed out.
The headache was getting worse.
“Oh!” I groaned in pain.
I can’t place a finger on what caused this headache!
Soon Kelly came back, his phone in his hand.
“He will soon be here okay.” He said.
I nodded.
He came to me
“Is it that hurting?” He asked.
“Yes.” I said.
“Umm..Can w try something that would lessen the pain before he comes?” He asked.
“And what is that?” I asked.
“Wrap an ice block in a towel and place on the spot where it hurts.” He said.
“Seems like a nice idea.” I said.
He smiled.
“I think there’s an ice block in the freezer.” He said as he went for a ceramic plate.
He walked to the fridge and opened the freezer.
Took a small ice block and threw into the plate.
“Come.” He said to me.
I stood up and followed him.
“You’ll have to lay on a bed and I place it ok.” He said.
We walked upstairs.
He got to his room door and opened it.
Why must it be his room?
An evil thought came to my mind.
I shook it off and followed him in.
“You lay down in the pillow while i get a towel.” He said.
I looked at him in an awkward way..then I did what he said.
He rushed into the bathroom, then came out with a small white towel.
He sat on the bed, and gently, he wrapped the towel round the small ice block.
Then he turned to me.. and then he stared.
I wondered why he’s staring instead of placing the d–n thing on my head.
“Where does it hurt?” He asked.
“Here” I pointed at the left side of my head.
“Can you turn, so i can place it there? It’s gonna relieve the pain a bit.”
I turned.
But then he didn’t place it.
What’s keeping the d–n thing from being placed on my head?
but he cut in, “I’ll need to loosen the band on your hair. Your hair need to be loosened. It will help as well.” He said.
I rolled my eyes.
“Alright.” I said and went for the band, to get it out of my hair.. but he grapped my hand.
“No..no. Don’t.” He said and brought down my hand.
“You don’t need to bother about that. I’ll do it.” He added.
*** ***
*Kelly’s point of view*
I’ve waited so long for this..
To see that band loosened and watch her hair fall to her shoulders.
And now, i was going to see that happen.
And im gonna be the one to loose it
I felt excited.
As i brought my fingers to the pink band on her hair, I felt tingles..
Those exciting feelings that you feel when you’re about to do that thing that you’ve craved for so long to do..
To see….To admire.
Gently, I loosened the band from her hair and….and…and I felt a sensation rush dow my spine as I watched her hair fall and spread out on the pillow she layed her head.
They are so long and so attractive.
So beautiful!
I swallowed hard and blinked my eyes.
The way the tip and the centre curled due to much folding, made me want to grab it.
To grab this thrilling hair that gives me tingles.
“Kelly you are not placing the towel on my head anymore?”
Her voice threw me back to my senses.


Literature / Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 8:45pm On Oct 30, 2018
omg! I actually became a Nairalander because of this story, very very interesting and educating, full of suspense. God bless the writer you wouldn't know what good this story has done to me today. thanks and pls update soon plssssssszs thanksomg! I actually became a Nairalander because of this story, very very interesting and educating, full of suspense. God bless the writer you wouldn't know what good this story has done to me today. thanks and pls update soon plssssssszs thanksomg! I actually became a Nairalander because of this story, very very interesting and educating, full of suspense. God bless the writer you wouldn't know what good this story has done to me today. thanks and pls update soon plssssssszs thanks

you are welcome and thanks for reading u can read more on my blog

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Politics / Re: What Atiku Told Reno Omokri About Jobs by emperorblog(m): 7:58pm On Oct 30, 2018
dey should open boarder o and also let dollar be #50 to naira
need a profitable biz idea? check my signature
Romance / Re: Woman Who Quit Her Job Month Ago To Become A Stripper Rejoices As She Cashes Out by emperorblog(m): 7:53pm On Oct 30, 2018
who know where dey qre selling sperm in lagos biko lemme goan be selling my sperm
Politics / Re: Atiku Vs Buhari: Arewa Youths Endorse Ex-vice President, Give Reasons by emperorblog(m): 7:46pm On Oct 30, 2018
anything to send d dullard back to daura is welcome
Crime / Re: UNILAG Microbiology Student Commits Suicide Over Failed Courses (photo) by emperorblog(m): 5:05pm On Oct 30, 2018
nah wa o
mean while somebody without nepa bill is d president of a country
Literature / Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 5:37am On Oct 30, 2018
“Roseline.. What have your son done? What gave him the impetus to force a test on my daughter? and..and you just sat down and watched without doing anything!” Dr. Williams fired.
But their problem isn’t what i want to listen to now..
I had my past to think about.. and not any DNA test that was done.
“Roseline, you are keeping quiet?” He said.
“There’s nothing i could have done.. Kelly insisted.. Sugar would have to accept it that way. Im sorry.” I said.
I couldn’t believe that i was saying this.
Sugar suddenly doesn’t matter to me anymore.
I shook my head sadly..
Roseline this can’t be happening.
“Have you forgotten our deal? the agreements?” He asked.
I shut my eyes.
“I don’t think i want to talk much now Dr Williams.. Be patient till tomorrow please.” I said and dropped the call.
Then I fell on the bed and began crying.
*** **
*Sugar’s point of view*
“Dad what’s she saying!?” I yelled at him as i grabbed the phone from him.
“She had dropped the call.” He said.
“What? She did? What did she f-----g say?” I asked, with so much anger.. my hand shook as i held the phone.
“She’s didn’t say anything good to hear.” He said.
I hissed.
“She must be joking!” I said and with shaking hands, i dialed her number.
It rang but she didn’t pick up.
Oh no! this can’t be happening right?
Kelly’s mom who is our only hope and supporter had just refused to pick her call.
God! no this can’t be.
This can’t happen to me… no! no!
I called her line again.
It rang.
but, she didn’t pick up.
I grabbed my hair and pulled them..
This is too much for me to bear.
Im going crazy.
Im frustrated..
I can’t believe this!
I fell on the couch as i began weeping.
“This can’t be happening!” I said.
“Honey please calm down.” My mom said.
“How do I f-----g calm down.. When Kelly’s mon isn’t picking up the d--n call!” I yelled.
Kelly had sent me my sex scene with charles in his house.
I had no idea he had a cctv camera in his house.
He also had sent me the DNA test result..
My parents had saw all this…and.. they do nothing but stay speechless..
I am going really crazy ..
Im running mad.
I scratched my head as i wept so hard.
“So Kelly had finally won!” My mom said.
“And…and im going to that b---h! That Alhaji. I don’t want to! Do something dad.” I said with pains.
“Dear.. We can’t do anything.. If we loose Roseline’s support then you just have to go to alhaji or then you watch him kill me, and your mom.” My Dad said.
I shook my head.. Oh no.. oh no! no no no no!.
That would never happen.
I picked the phone and with my hands shaking, i dialed Kelly’s mom line..
But then it was switched off.
“Oh God! oh God! I can’t believe this.. I can’t believe she had switched off her phone.. Mom, dad.” I said as i looked up at them.
They look so sad.
“We are sorry dear.” My dad said.
“F--k! f--k!” I yelled as i threw the phone at them, the remote, the pillows, the flower vase.
“Sugar stop.” My mom said and came to me, gripping me into a hug.
“Leave me alone mom..Let me go!” I said as i forced myself out of her hug.
“You better let me be!” I yelled and ram upstairs.
“Sugar please we are sorry.” My mom said. but i ran, ignoring her.
“Sugar..” My dad called but i ran out of their sight into my room and locked myself up.
I’do just stay here and die..
That is what im gonna do!
They came knocking and begging me to open the door but i yelled at them to leave me alone!
To let me be!!
They caused all this for me!
They used me!
I don’t wanna ever see them again!
OMG! Sugar is so frustrated that she had to lock herself in her room?
And what do you have to say about mrs Roseline’s POV?

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Literature / Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 5:37am On Oct 30, 2018
My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 37
*Mrs Roseline’s point of view*
That was my daughter’s name… I gave her that name.
How could i have been so stupid to abandon her?
How could I have been?
..I sat at the edge of my bed with my chin on my palms as tears flowed out of my eyes..
I left them to flow..
I let them!
My daughter.. She was only eight months old.. and i left her in Ann’s hospital..
That was twenty five years ago.
But it wasn’t really my fault! It wasn’t.
Paul was beating me…He was starving me and my child.. his child!
I tried to bear it..but he’s maltreatment and bullying to me was getting worst each passing day.
He was the reason for my child’s illness..
He had come home drunk that day and requested for sex…
He looked so disgusting and smelled so bad and i couldn’t imagine him on top me with such smelly mouth and dirty clothes..
“Paul biko sie, not this night. please, Biko.” I had begged him as i held little Rose in my arms, rocking her to a sound sleep.
I was scared of my husband.. I was such an ant in his eyes that he could smash with just the the tip of his finger.
“Bia nwayi a..This woman, are you mad? Ara odi gi? Are you insane?” He roared as he staggered towards me.
I quickly jumped out of the bed with Rose still in my arms.
“Paul biko sie nu.. Please you will wake Rose up. Ututu k’anyi me we biko. Tomorrow we would do it. biko inugo?” I begged him,..
I already know what he can do.. But i just wanted to beg him to see if he would change his mind.
“I would beat you dead and alive this night Roseline if you don’t bring your stupid body to this bed now. You are daring me and you know what I can do?..O kwa ima ihe m nwere ike eme?” He asked and i nodded fearfully.
“Ngwa nu start coming.. start coming..”.He beaconed with his finger for me to come to the bed..
I stayed back, not moving an inch even though i was scared of him.
“Today’s kai kai was so sweet.. It was over sweet sef. Talk more of Mbe’s palm wine. Nmayi ngwo ya na’ato ka ihe nwayi m.. Its so sweet like my wife’s thing.. Chai.. Otoka ra ya biko.. Its even more sweeter than it. ”He ranted and laughed like a foolish man.
I watched him with tears alreading in my eyes.
Shedding tears had always been my companion..
He looked at me like why are my still standing there.
I looked away.
“Nwayi a echefugokwa onye mbu..She had forgotten who i am.. Do you want to cry? Roseline Ichoro ibe akwa?” He asked me, getting up.
I shook my head and walked backward.
I saw his eyes go read.
Those red eyes that only appear when ever he want to beat me.
I moved backwards more, frightened. but soon, i couldn’t anymore cos my back was soon on the wall.
He caught up with me and he grinned wickedly at me, filling my nostril instantly with those disgusting smells of alchol and kai kai from his mouth.
Then like a sharp spark from a fire, he thundered a slap to my face.
Stars flashed from my eyes.. and i almost lost balance as my hands shook and my legs felt weak instantly.
“Paul biko le..” but before i could finish my statement.. He thundered another harder slap to my face again and at the same cheek.
I yelled out as I held my baby tighter and shut my eyes as if that would lessen the burning pains on my cheek..
But then he gripped my neck and tried to strangle me.
I screamed and held really tight to my Rose..
She was awake now and was crying so hard.
I couldn’t cry.. Paul held tight on my throat but my tears were so much..
“You will die this night!” He said as he held meso tight on my neck.. my throat.
I couldn’t speak.. i couldn’t breathe..
Then when i felt like i was loosing it he left me and i slumped to the floor..
I tried to hold my baby closeer and tighter but she slipped out of my hand and fell to the floor.
Paul didn’t mind.. He didn’t care..
He left us and went to the bed and slept off..
That was how my baby fell sick.. I was happy she didn’t have injury… but she fell sick and i had no money on me to take her to a hospital.
I tried local herbs..whatever i can get to make her okay.
But instead her sickness got worse.
Then few days later, i was going to see a friend who told me about a herb we should try on her when i came across this hospital.
I had a beief thought to go in and let them treat my child.
I contemplated on this thought and then i decided to do it.
I needed my child to get well.. She was getting thinner and weaker each day.
…And that is how, The midwife, Who said she’s doctor Ann now, welcomed us and treated her immediately.
I stayed in the hospital till night hour cos i didn’t have the money for the bill..
She said the bill is five thousand and i had not even a kobo on me.
I was frightened, and so scared
So.. i ran away.. I abandoned Rose.. with the hope that a better person would take her and take care of her.
…Then i met Marygold and she brought me to lagos as her nanny.
Then things twisted and she died, and Ben, her husband got married to me.
I remembered my child.. I did but then i always weep whenever i do and so i tried very much to forget her and…and i did.. but now this midwife suddenly had appeared to remind me of Rose.. and she had refused to tell me anything about my child..
She refused to let me know what happened to my child.
I shut my eyes as tears flowed freely..
Just then, i knock came at the door.. Then it open and a maid walked in.
“Your food is served on the dinning ma.” She said with her head down.
“Im not eating to night.”I said.
She bowed, turned and left.
How can i eat?
A call came into my phone.. I wanted to ignore it but then i checked the caller..
Dr. Williams?
They should all let me be!
They should!
Im not in the mood to talking and explanations.. I just want to be alone and think.
But the call came again..again…and again,
So i picked it..and switched it to loudspeaker.

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*** **
*Kelly’s point of view*
I’ve been right here in my room, with Sugar screaming and yelling why i had to call a doctor after she told me mom called a doctor already..
I ignored her..
Im more bothered on where Rose went to.
I’ve searched her room..
Her bathsuite.
The kitchen..
Inside this whole house but i can’t find Rose.
“Now if you don’t tell me where Rose is, im going to do something really stupid.”
“You gonna do nothing Kelly!” She snapped.
“You daring me?” I asked, and gripped her on her weavon with so much force.
She turned red with fright.
“Ke..kelly let me go! You are hurtin me!” She screamed.
“Tell me!” I said, pulling her weavon.
“Ahh! Kelly!” She screamed.,“Mom sent her out to the street to buy her something.” She said.
What the f--k!
“To buy her what? what!” I yelled.
“I don’t know” She said.
“F--k you. That’s a lie. You b---h!” I said, pulling her weavon more harder.
“You f-----g tell me where you bitches sent her to!” I yelled.
“Kelly im not lying..Let me go right now.” She said.
I dropped my grip on her weavon and she staggered backward.
“You guys are trying to play with me.” I said and stormed out..to get my mom..That woman..
She’s pushing me!
I ran down the staircase but then the door opened and the both women walked in, but my mom was behind her.
“Kelly, get the lady for the test..” Doc. Ann said.
I looked at my mom to see her expression but i couldn’t read her expression.
Her face stood pale.
“Okay. I will.” I said and rushed back upstairs.
“Sugar come on, follow me for the DNA test.” I said happily as i walked in and met her dressing her weavon.
She turned to me as she frowned instantly with dark eyes really visible now.. but i don’t give a f--k about that.
“Is mom’s doctor here?” She asked.
“My doctor.” I said, grinning.
She flared up, “Seriously Kelly what the hell do you take me for huh?” She yelled.
“A w---e.. So follow me now!” I said.
“Whatever you say! but i ain’t letting that old b---h of a doctor touch me.” She said.
I rolled my eyes.
I really don’t have time for this argument.. This shits!
I walked to her and gripped her on the arm.
“Ouch!..f--k! leave my arm Kelly!” She yelled..
I dragged her out of the room.. down the corridor..
As she went on yelling at me to let her go..
I dragged her down the staircase and to the sitting room and then I sat her down on a couch.
“Mom can you imagine what Kelly is doing to me!” She said to my mom.. but my mom just looked away, without uttering anything.
I was beyond suprised.
“Doc. Ann, please go ahead with the test.. She dare not get up from there.” I said as i gave Sugar a dreadful glare.
I saw her go cold.
She just stared at my mom who’s face was looking away with shock.
I was in my room with Rose who just kept playing games on my laptop.. while i scrolled through my email via my ipad, replying emails and business mails.
She layed on the bed, while i sat just at the edge.
She yelled, “Dam you!”
And i laughed.. I know she had lost again..For the twentieth time now.
“You’ve loosed again.” I said.
“Yeah.. but i’ll keep on playing till i get this!..” She said.
“Fine but im kinda hungry.” I said.
I was.
“Just one more.. no two.. and i’ll go cook.” She said.
“Alright.” I said..
I wish she could just drop the laptop and go now…
..Well, about how Rose came back..
She just did minutes after the DNA test and Sugar angrily stormed out of the house, then followed by my mom.
I thanked doctor Ann who explaned that the test result would be out by evening time.
I gave Doc. Ann a check and offered to drive her back to her hospital but she declined, saying she just called her own driver to come over and take her.
But then she didn’t take the cheque too.
I thought maybe the amount wasn’t that okay to her and i added more.. but she just smiled and told me not to worry about that.
I tried to make her take the cheque but she declined..
Soon, her driver came and she said goodbye and left.
Then few minutes later, when i remembered Rose wasn’t in the house.
Rose walked in.
I was so glad to see her and i asked her what happened.
She explained that my mom sent her to get her a drink named, “Batarde”
F--k! my mom told her to get her a drink called batarde? That is just a french word which means B-----d!
“I’ve searched the whole streets for it but i couldn’t find it.” She had said to me as she slumped into a couch.
I shook my head.
I couldn’t tell her the meaning of the word.
It was one of the french abusive words my grand dad do yell at people when he was still alive.
So i just told her it’s fine.
But then i wanted to come to my room and i told her to come with me.. And i told her we could play some games just to cheer up the moment.
We did play.. but then i needed to go to my emails and so i left the game to her to continue.
…My phone rang,
It was Doctor Ann calling.
My heart skipped as i picked up the call.
“Hello doctor.” I said immediately.
“Kelly.. The Test result is out and it confirmed that the baby isn’t yours..”
“Wow!!” I jumped up before she could even finish talking.
Rose looked at me, perplexed.
“Doctor!.Im so so so happy to hear this. Oh my goodness.. This is good news!” I said.
“Im gonna send to you the result via your email.” She said.
“Thanks doctor.. I can’t wait!” I said.
I was extremely happy that Sugar was the b---h i called her.
She was the s--t i called her.. The bitcg tried to get me with a f-----g pregnancy that isn’t mine.. but I’ve won..I’ve won!
“Kelly, what’s the matter?” Rose asked.
“Im not the father of that b---h child.” I said, laughing.
“Who’s a b---h?” She asked.
“Sugar ofcos. Who else!” I said, laughing hard.
I was just too happy about this.
Now Sugar is gonna get out of my life for good.. For ever!
“And you’re happy?” She asked.
“Im exraordinarily happy.” I said, laughing.
She shook her head.
The email came in and.. yes! i saw the result.
Our blood didn’t match one bit.
I wasn’t the father of the goddamn pregnancy.
I jumped with so much happiness.
Then a stupid thought came into me.
I turned to Rose.
“Rose Infact, don’t worry about the cooking. Im making dinner tonight.” I said.
“What?” She laughed.
“Im serious. And please don’t come out…Keep playing the games till i call you to come to the dinning table. If you come to the kitchen, Im gonna get really annoyed with you.” I said and ran out with her laughing hard.
I walked to the kitchen..
Where do i start from?
A jellof rice? How do they prepare that.
Google! yes google can tell me! I can search that.
I got out my phone and then opening my google app, I typed “How to prepare a delicious jellof rice.”
And it worked!
It showed me lists of how to.
Then with that recipe, I prepared the rice.
Soon I served it on the table..
It taste…it taste okay..
I ran to my room to call on Rose..
“Food is readyyyyy..” I said, grinning.
She looked at me and smiled.
“Okay mr chef.” She said and followed behind me.
Okay..We ate the food..
Umm… It tasted good..
No f--k! horrible!
And Rose face isn’t bright at all..
And she just coughed it out..
I ate the food.. i did, just to tell myself i tried.
“But it taste good tho.” I said to her as i i managed to eat the godamn rice…
Gosh. it was watery too!
She didn’t ate it.. but she did take few spoons before she coughed them out.
I ate all of mine.. Maybe because i was really happy.
But then…
That night i ended up sleeping in the toilet.
And im sure Rose did too.


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My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 36
*Mrs Roseline’s point of view*
I was beyond shocked to see her.. I can’t remember her name but i remember her face so well.
“Roseline..” She called again and i gasped.
She remembered my name so well..
“Midwife.” I called her.. That was the name they called her then..
Those years ago….
Remembering those years hurt me and i did my best to forget them, and i did..
But now this woman just suddenly appeared and those memories are back.
Now I feel so scared,
so ashamed of myself.
I dragged her outside… to a far away side from the door and windows..Where no one would see or listen us.
I don’t want Kelly getting to hear a glimpse of our conversation.. Not even Sugar.. even though they are upstairs.. They may still hear us no matter how we lower our voice.
“Oh Roseline.. You’re scared of your son getting to hear of what you did to just an eight months old child. Your daughter!” She jeered at me.
I shut my eyes..
“It was out of frustration.. I never meant to abandon her. I never meant to abandon my daughter.” I said with tears gathering in my eyes.
“What on earth could make you abandon your daughter and run away? What sort of frustration could have made you bring your sick child in my clinic, then abandon her and run away?”
“Midwife, Im so sorry.. please i beg you to forgive me. My husband was the cause. He made life unbearable for me. He beat me up and left me and my baby without food and money.. Rose fell sick and i didn’t have any money on me to treat her… I tried using herbs but they weren’t working on her and her sickness kept getting worse each day.. Then i was strolling for food one day, when i came accross your little hospital.. I decided to bring her there..to at least be treated..You treated her but the money you requested was so much and i couldn’t pay even up to half of it.. So..so i ran away. i escaped late in the night..Leaving my baby behind with the hope of she getting a better mother and a responsible father who would be able to cater and care for her…I prayed that someone would pick her up and make the baby her child.. If i had money, i wouldn’t have left my child..” I narrated and explained as tears fell unceasingly from my eyes.
“But you could have told me that you didn’t have the bill i charged you. I would have known what to do about it.” She said.
“Midwife, i was so frustrated. I thought you were going to call the police on me or do something worse than that.” I said.
She shook her head sadly.
“Please what happened to Rose?” I asked her.
Rose was her name.. Just like my name. I gave her a name similiar to mine.
“I don’t know.” She said.
I grabbed her arms, “Please i beg of you..Tell me what happened to my daughter.” I begged as tears flowed down my eyes like a river..
“No. I can’t tell you Roseline..It’s a promise i made to a woman like you.” She said.
“Please Midwife. I beg of you. I really regret my action.. I wish i could turn back the hands of the clock…I would never ever abandon my child and run away.” I said, still gripping her arms.
“I can’t tell you Roseline.. Like i said,it’s a promise i made to a woman.” She said.
I felt so shattered and heartbroken.
My tears were like oceans.
I kept begging her but she stood to her ground of not telling me what happened to my child.
But she did because of a woman she made a promise to.
A woman?
“You made a promise to a woman?” I asked.
“Yes.. I did.” She said.
“What promise?” I asked.
I really needed to know… To find out what happened to my child.
I regret my actions so much… I regret ever abandoning her.
If i knew i would meet Marygold, I wpuld have taken my child along with me…
I would never have left her in a hospital..
“Please Midwife, talk to me.. I beg of you.” I begged.
“Im Doc.Ann now, not the midwife again.” She said.
I nodded.
“Roseline, I wanna tell you the truth.” She said.
My heart skipped.
“Tell me please.” I said.
“I can’t disclose about your daughter who you left in my clinic to you.. Im sorry, I can’t Roseline. That is the truth.” She said.
My goodness!
“Please Ann. Don’t do this to me. I beg you..” I cried.
She shook her head, “Im sorry, I can’t.” She said.
I shook my head..
“Okay, just tell me if she’s alive or not.” I begged.
“She was but i have no idea if she is now.” She said.
I shut my eyes… as i felt so pained.
“Please do me a favour.” I said to her.
“What favour?” She asked.
“Do not reveal this to anyone.. my son Kelly would hate me so much if you do.. please he musn’t know about this..and not anybody must please.” I begged her.
She chuckled, “Really? Your son? How did you come about this son of yours? Sounds like you’ve got some stories to tell right? Cos i know you had no son then.” She said.
I looked away..
“He’s my husband’s son.. His father got married to me after death took his wife away.. And i became his mother.” She said.
She shrugged, “Great.. Your son needs my help and im here to run a DNA test on him and a lady who claims to be pregnant for him.” She said.
“You speak differently now.. What happened?” I asked, ignoring her question.
She musn’t run this test.
“Twenty years ago.. I got a visa to America, and there i became a doctor in a well known hospital. Came back two years ago to continue in nigeria.. I established a hospital and now this is me..” She said, and smiled.
I sighed, “This is great news.” I said.
“Im really happy to see you in this awesome condition.. You look beautiful and really blessed.” She said to me.
I smiled.
Yeah she is right but right now, i can’t tell how weak and unfortunate i feel.
First, Kelly proving so stubborn to accept Sugar’s pregnancy..
Now, This woman suddenly appearing to remind me of my past mistake.
“So can I go in and do my job?” She asked me with a broad smile.
I shook my head negatively.
“Please don’t run this test.” I said to her.
She raised her eyebrows at me, obviously suprised.
“Why?” She asked.
“Okay..Because.. there’s no need for that..I have a doctor coming down already to take the test.” I said.
She smiled.
“There’s nothing wrong if two DNA test done by two different doctors.. So i’ll go now and do my job because that is what Kelly called me to do.. And When your own doctor comes.. He do same.” She said and I felt anger boiling in me.
“You can’t run the test Ann!” I said.
“Woman..Don’t try to stop me, If you so don’t want your past to be showed on every news and headlines you can think of.” She said.
I gasped.
“You are threatening me with that?” I asked.
“Im only helping you.. and don’t try to stop me.” She said.

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When we got to my door.. I pressed the doorbell button.
Few seconds later, the door was opened….and by Sugar.
Why Sugar and not Rose?
“Hello baby” She said to me, then took her eyes all over Doc. Ann who did nothing but smile at her.
Sugar rolled her eyes.
“Why did you bring in a doctor, knowing fully well that mom has one we’re going for the test.” She asked with anger.
“Excuse us.” I said, ignoring her question.
She gave one last scornful glare at Doc. Ann before walking out of the way.
I walked in with Doc. Ann at my back.
I saw my mom sitting on the couch with her legs crossed as always..and her eyes are on her tablet.
But i didn’t see Rose.
Wanted to ask them, but decided against doing that.
They must have told her to go upstairs.
My mum raised her face and looked at me with rage and then at Doc. Ann
“Kelly Who is…” Then she left her mouth agape.. as she stared at Doc. Ann like she’s a ghost.
I looked at Doc. Ann and she too had the same expression on her face.
What’s happening here?
Why are the two women staring at themselves like morons?
“Ro..Roseline” Doc. Ann spoke first.. I could feel utter shock in the way she called my mom.
She knows my mom?
Well why not?
Everyone does… but the way she called seem like she is shocked.
Doc. Ann took off her glasses to stare at my mom well and i widened my eyes.
What’s wrong!
I looked at my mom. and my mom seem more shocked..staring at Ann with frozen cheeks.
I looked over at Sugar and she is just too confused as i am..
I decided to speak up…
To know what the hell is happening here.
“Mom.. like seriously what the hell is happening here?” I yelled.
“Good question!” Sugar said.
My mom looked at me while Doc. Ann brought face down.
“Please Kelly, Sugar.. please excuse us for a moment.” My mom said.
“Just tell me whats happening cos im not excusing you both without knowing why you two women where staring at each other like that?” I said.
“Kelly just go..go upstairs with Sugar please.” My mom said.
“Im not.” I stood and insisted.
“Kelly..” Doc. Ann called calmly.
I looked at her, as she looked at me too.
“Please just go upstairs with her. Your mom and I need to discuss something.” She said.
“You know my mom?” I asked her.
“Yes i do. We are just too shocked to see ourself. She was my old times friend.” She said.
“Fine.” I shrugged and after giving my mom few suspicious gaze, I turned and walked upstairs with Sugar following behind me..

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My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 35
*Kelly’s point of view continues*
At Doc. Ann’s office.
“Hello, You’re Mr Kelly Ejifor right?” Dr. Ann asked me with smiles immediately i walked into her office.
“Yes Doctor.” I answered.
She stretched out her hand for a handshake and i took it.
We shook.
This woman is filled with much vigour..
She would certainly be on her late 50s but she is full of energy, even with the way she just shook my hand.
“Please sit down.” She said to me.
I sat on one of the two chairs in front of her which is reserved for guests or patients who comes to talk with her.
She sat on her swivel chair and adjusted her eyeglasses.
She is on a milk-coloured trouser and a milk-coloured suite.
There is a little of few grey hair at the left part of her front hair.
She is old but still appears vibrant.
“Mr Kelly, you came just right on time.. You must be a great business man who doesn’t joke with time.” She said, smiling.
I smiled back.
The way she speak seems she’ve lived in America or any country at such.
“So Mr Kelly..”
“Just call me Kelly..” I said to her.
She smiled, “Kelly you reached me on the phone and you said you need my help.. Can I know what they are?” She asked.
“I need a DNA test for…for a lady claiming to be pregnant for me..But she’s refusing to accept to go through a DNA test.. A friend told me about you and that’s why im here.” I told her.
She nodded.
“Good decision.. but wanna ask Kelly. did you had sex with her without protection?” She asked.
“Yes.” I said.
“Its possible she’s pregnant for you but a DNA test is a wise decision.” She said and I nodded.
“Can I know the relationship between the both of you?” She asked.
“Boring story.” I said.
“Go ahead and tell me.” She said.
“Her name is Sugar.. I met her and fell inlove with her.. we had sex on our first date, without a protection and then we went on having sex wthout it.. I loved her that was the reason..But then i caught her cheating on me. I despised her immediately..But then she came telling me, she’s pregnant with my child.. I told her we have to go for a DNA test to prove that im the father of the unborn baby but she refused.” I narated to her.
“Did she made out her reason or her reasons for not wanting to go for a DNA?” She asked me.
“She only said, she hate hospitals.” I said.
She nodded and smiled.
“Then did you thought of bringing a doctor to your house to run the test?” She asked.
“Yes.. but she didn’t accept that one too.” I said.
She smiled.
“Then she’s certainly hiding something.” She said calmly.
I nodded.
“I know the child isn’t mine doctor. That b---h is a s--t!” I yelled.
“Calm down Kelly..Don’t yell. You’re in a hospital. Just calm down” She said.
“Im sorry about that doctor.” I said.
She smiled and nodded.
“Doctor. I wanna force her to do the test.. Cos if she doesn’t.. She’ll keep pestering my life and my mom is so supporting her.. I need your help doctor.” I said.
“It’s okay.. I’ll see wh..”
She’s interrupted by the ringtone of my phone.
I got it out of my pockets, and saw its Sugar calling.
I looked up at the doctor, “She’s the one calling.” I said to her.
“Please pick it up.” She said.
And I did… and I waited for her to speak first.
Why the hell is Sugar calling me?
“Kelly, im at your house right now.” She said.
“You are what!?” I yelled.
Doc. Ann frowned at me.
“Im at your house now and please get back so we start going for the DNA.. im all ready now.” She said.
Rose! Who knows what Rose is facing right now.
That b---h could hurt her with her crazy words and i don’t want her.
And my mom?
“Is my mom there with you?” I asked her..and i prayed she wouldn’t.
“She is. And we are going to her own doctor. She says he’s the best.” Sugar said.
“But i have my own doctor!” I said.
“You’ll have to tell mom that, not me.” She said..
“We’re waiting..and good news baby.” She said, laughing.
“What?” I snapped
“Your housemaid is recieving some good lessons on how to be a good housemaid..” She said and gave out a wicked laugh.
I clenched my teeth, “If you dare tou…” but the call dropped.
What the hell are they doing to Rose right now..
God! i need to get back home.
“Kelly.. What’s the matter?” Doc. Ann asked.
“She just called to tell me she had accepted to go for a DNA and my mom is there with her.” I said.
“Seriously.” She said and smiled.
“And she said my mom wants her own doctor to run the test.” I said.
“Then there’s something fishy going on.” She said.
“I think so too.” I said and got up.
Im more worried about Rose than any other thing right now and i just want to leave.
“Doc. Ann. Thanks for your advice and time. Lemme go and do something about this.” I said.
“Great.. I’ll go with you.” She said.
“Really?” I asked, suprised.
“Yes.” She said and smiled.
“Lemme me get my equipments.” She said and moves over to a glass table. She opens a box like a briefcase ang gets them out..
She packs them into a blue bag that looks just like a square box.
“Let’s get going.” She said.
Out in the hospital hall, she goes to a nurse and i guess she is telling the nurse about her going out.
I moved my eyes all over the hospital and seriously, the hospital is really cool and big..
Doc. Ann walked back to me.
“Let’s go.” She said..
“You really got a nice hospital Doctor.” I said to her on our to my house.
“Thank you Kelly.. Actually I lived in United kingdom for over eighten years as a prominent doctor…but then i decided to come back to nigeria, to start up my hospital.. That was two years ago.” She said.
“Wow.. this is great.” I said.
We got to my house and I came down to open the gate.
I pulled it open, then got it…and drove in.
“Seems someone here doesn’t like gatekeepers.” She said, smiling.
“Somehow.” I said and got down to close back the gate.
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“Thats the problem man. She doesn’t wanna do it! and my mom is f-----g supporting her!” I said with rage.
“Calm down Kel. Just calm down..” He said.
“You know what you gonna do?” He said.
“You insist she goes with you to a hospital.” He said.
“She said she hates hospitals!” I said.
“Then get a doctor to your house to do it.” He said.
“She doesn’t want that either.” I said with so much pains.
“Then use force man! Let her have the DNA with force.” He said.
I sughed, “Her parents could not like that if i do.” I said.
“Her parents? Seriously? you don’t need to be scared of them. Bitches don’t deserve to be scaeed of..” He said.
I nodded and smiled.
“I’ll give you a doctor’s mobile number. You call her and she’ll be too glad to help you.” He said.
“Oh man. Thank you.” I said.
He got out his phone and called the lines to me.
I stored them.
“Doctor Ann is her name. Doctor Ann Kambiri.. You’ll be too glad if you get to meet her. She’s wonderful.” He said.
“Thanks man! Im grateful.” I said.
Kel had always been a great help to me.
“You’ve always been a great help to me man.” I said to him.
“It’s no big thing. I will always do. You were a great help too man.” He said.
I smiled..
“Lemme give you the video to watch man..You need to see the b---h screaming like a crazy dog. She’s just a w---e!” I said.
He laughed.
“You giving me a p--n to watch? Abeg hold am.” He said
I laughed..
“I think say you no dey speak pidgin.” I said.
“Who dey for niger wey no dey speak pidgin?” He asked.
“Sugar Coker” I said and we laughed.
*** **
*Rose’s point of view*
I woke up and saw myself on a bed..Kelly’s bed.. with a duvet perfectly rolled over my body.
I smiled…Knowing it had been the handwork of Kelly.
I rolled the duvet off me and got down.
I yawned as i felt hungry and tired…
I stood up from the bed but then fell back down.
F--k sleep!
I forced myself up and staggered out of Kelly’s room..
But then as i began to walk to my room.. My mind flashed back to that woman..Kelly’s mother!
Her eyes.
Those eyes… How can’t i remember who had those eyes.. That same eyes.
Those hazel eyes..
They remind me of eyes..same eyes of someone I can’t f-----g remember.
..I turned and walked downstairs to look closely at her pictures.
I walked to the largest picture of Kelly’s mom and stared too closely at her eyes… I remember the eyes but i cant remember the face or who that person was to me…
I shut my eyes and shook my head..
No! I must remember this person… that person..
Was it a man or a woman?
I don’t know.
Was i so close to the person?
Yes.. my thought said yes.
But who is that person?
I don’t know..
I sighed… and carried the enlargment picture to a couch.
I sat down and stood it on my thighs.
I’ll need to recall this person? To find out why Kelly’s mom have the same eyes as that person’s.
Ooohm! Rose, think! think! think!
I did.
I was having headache already but i still couldn’t remember the person with these same eyes.
..Just then, the door opened and Kelly walked in.
He is suprised to see me carrying his mom’s photograph.. and im scared that he saw me.
“Rose..” He called and came forward.
“Wel..welcome” I said as I swallowed the lump in my throat.
He gently sat down beside me.
“You with my mum’s photo..You trying to look very closely at this heartless woman who yelled at you?” He asked.
I shook my head.
“No Kelly..Not that.” I said.
“So tell me why you had to carry her photo down to the couch.” He said.
What do i tell him..
I don’t want to tell him about her eyes that look familiar to me.
“I was admiring her beauty.. She is just too beautiful. A beautiful mother. She….she reminds me of mine. My dead mother.” I lied and then I felt a tear drop from my eye.
Im grateful for that.
He looked at me with worried eyes and then he wiped the tear with his thumb..
“That..that was the reason i had to carry it down here to stare at her really well.. I miss my mom.” I said as another tear rolled off my second eye..
He wiped it.. but then they came another and then another from both eyes.. and many began falling..
And he just took the photograph from me dropped it on the floor and then he pulled me into a hug.
A cuddle.
And he rocked his hand on my back like im a baby.
His affectionate act towards me melts my heart..and instead stopping the tears, i cried.
“Rose.. it’s okay. Don’t cry..Im right here with you as your friend and your companion. I promise to protect you and care for you. I promise. I really promise.” He said.
I sniffled and then withdrew.
We stared at each other for a while.
“Thank you Kelly.” I said to him.
He smiled.
I got up.
“Im going upstairs to..to take my bath.” I said.
I know its awful to know i haven’t bathe since morning..
But he just smiled at me.
I turned and walked away.
*** **
*Kelly’s point of view*
After she left, I got out my phone and dialed Dr. Ann’s lines.
She picked up after much rings.
“Hello.. Goodevening. Please Im i speaking with Doctor Ann Kambiri?” I asked the reciever.
“Yes, you are. Im Dr Ann Kambiri..” She amswered.
I was happy.
“My name is Kelly Ejifor. I need your help Doctor. Please i’ll like to meet with you.” I said.
“Okay Mr Kelly. You can come to my hospital, and i’ll be glad to help you.” She said with so much boldness and enthusiasm.
“Thank you Dr. But i’ll need the address to your hospital please.” I said.
“That’s okay Mr Kelly. I’ll send you the address right away via an SMS.” She said.
“Thank you so much.. Can i come tomorrow morning?” I asked.
“Ten o’clock am.” She said.
“Alright Doctor. Thank you.” I said.
“You welcome Mr Kelly.” She said.
I dropped the call.
Great! I already love this doctor. She seem all ready and full of energy and smartness!
I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come!
Alot is going to happen in the next episode.
Don’t miss out.

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Literature / Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 5:32am On Oct 30, 2018
My Personal Taste (18+)
Story by, Rejoice
Episode 34
*Kelly’s point of view continues*
I had transfered and stored the video on my phone..
on my laptop..
On every device i know that i got and can store the video.
I was ready for Sugar and my mom..
I so much have had enough of them both..
Seeing this video had taken out some beast in me and i was determined to get that b---h out of my life and bring my mom back to her senses..
With this video.. im sure my mom would never want to talk about Sugar again..
I needed someone to talk to…and I know Rose can not be of any help right now..
Then there was no other person i could think of reaching, but Kelvin..Kel.
He had this smart brain of giving a helpful advice and making out awesome plans.
Yes.. I would need to talk to him about this.
I picked up my phone and dialled his line.
It rang and he picked just in time..
“Hey buddy.” He spoke first.
He is always the first.
“Hey Kel. Whatsup?” I asked him.
“Im good man!” He said.
“Kel.. Can we meet up somewhere cool and private?” I asked him.
“Ummm…That is only but my house or yours.” He said.
“Any probs?” He asked.
“Nothing that big.. Im coming down to your house.” I said.
“Woah! Great then. Come on. Im home.” He said.
“Okay man. See ya.” I said.
“You too.” He said.
I dropped the call and turning over to see Rose still sleeping at my back..
I closed my laptop.. and kept it back.
Then took the cctv camera and my phone..
I stood up and stared at Rose a little.. before I bent down and I gave her a kiss on her fore head.
Then i turned and walked out.
I got out of the house and into my car..
I drove to the gate and I just felt like blowing the f-----g d--n closed gate away..
I angrily got down and pulled the gate open.
Walked back and drove out of the gate.
Then i have to get down again to close it back.
And I did!
Kind of serves me right for not having a gate man.
I drove out of the estate and down to the road..
I felt really happy to know that i have a prove of Sugar’s sex scene with the motherfucker!
With this i know one of my case with Sugar is solved then remaining the DNA she is f-----g rejecting to have.
I seriously know that Sugar isn’t pregnant for me..
Did I even bother to ask her how her old the pregnancy is?
Oh d--n! I didn’t.
I know it haven’t been up to two months that Sugar pushed me and i had we had our first sex.
God! I just wish Sugar never existed! That b---h!
She’ve caused me so much pain and anger.
Changed my mom totally…and now she’s f-----g pregnant and don’t want to go for a DNA test.
But seriously, she’s going for this test..
And she must have the test.
Im gonna make sure i get that b---h outta my life for good!
I can’t bear to see her stupid face anymore..
I wanna quite calling her stupid name and get her out of my thoughts for ever!
She’s just a godamn w---e and she can just go to hell with her f-----g parents!
I hate to think about them..
Im so not gonna give in to their stupid request..and my mom’s demand.
They can all go to hell!
I got to Kel’s house and horned at the gate.. A dark guy who dressed like an hausa opened the gate wicket and came over to me.
I wind down the glass.
“Kud afternoon oga..Na who you dey find?” He asked, as he tapped the stick he held on the ground.
“Good afternoon. Please is this Kelvin Ogbonna’s house?” I asked him.
“Kai..Na e house..” He said, grinning.
“You be my oga friend kwo?” He asked.
“Yes. Is he in?” I asked
“Yes.. My oga tell me i go open gate for e friend. Na you be dah e friend.” He said and then he rushed in and pulled the gates wide open.
I chuckled and drove in..
He came over with the stick at the back of his neck, and resting on his shoulders and he held the both ending with his hand.
“Kai oga.. you too fine, allah. You fineeee.” He said, grinning at me
I shook my head and smiled.
I understood what he want.
I took out some money and stretched it to him.
He took it and waved at me.
“Walai.. u be correct man. Thank you oga.” He said, smiling as he dropped the stick and began counting the money..
I wind up my glass and drove to down to the side of the large compound where he parked his cars.
I turned off the car engine and got down.
The house look just cool and okay for a big photographer.
A bungalow actually but very beautiful.
Kel never had a thing for storey buildinngs and upstairs.
He prefered bungalows.. Nice bungalows and he tried really good on this one.
I dialled Kel’s line and called.
He picked up.
“Hello Kel..im right at your house..At your door now.” I said.
“Yeah..Saw you drive in.. Im right at the door.” He said and just immediately, the door opened.
“Woah!” He laughed and hugged me, I almost lost my balance.
He’s just too fat..
I laughed, “Man.. you almost fall me down with that.. you better be doing some exercise.” I said and he laughed hard.
“Me don’t give a d--n man..” He said.
I laughed.
“Come on in.” He said and we walked in.
“Not really your fancy man..But try to feel comfortable.” He said as i went for a single sofa and sat down.
His house look just too good with different beautiful pictures and arts all over the walls, making it look more beautiful.
So i don’t get what he meant by not my fancy.
“Man! it look so beautiful…cool house Kel. I love the pictures and arts.” I said.
Kel is an artiste but he prefered to take pictures than to draw and paint.
“Thanks man.” He said
“Lemme offer you a wine.” He said.
“Yeah.. I need it..we need to pop some wine. Im celebrating something so true!.” I said, laughing.
“Woah! What’s that man?” He asked eargerly.
“Go get the wine first.” I said.
“Kel.. I really need your help buddy.” I said as we took the red wine..
“Man! is that the celebration of something so true!” He asked, frowning playfully.
“No.. but its also involved.” I said.
He nodded.
“A month ago.. My mom introduced me to a girl..and serously i fell inlove with her.”
He cut in, “Woah! good news man!” He said.
“Oh calm down. Don’t flap up yet.” I said and he nodded.
“Man.. you know me naw? I f--k girls and you i’ve never f----d without using condom.” I said as i took the glass of wine to my mouth.
He laughed.“Sure. I know you. Bola today, Sally tomorrow and Amaka next tomorrow.” He said.
I laughed, almost pouring out the drink in my mouth.
I swallowed it.
“You know man.. Those days was fun.. Even this time, untill Sugar came in and made me fall for her.” I said painfully.
“Sugar?” He asked. “Who answers Sugar?” He asked.
“The Coker’s daughter.. You know them right? Dr. Williams Coker.” I said.
“Woah! man. Who doesn’t. One of the billionares in this country.” He said.
“Sugar Coker is her name.” I said.
“Woah. Such a sweet name man. I think i’ve seen her in one of the occasions i was incharge of the photographing and videoing.” He said.
I nodded.
“She made me fall inlove with her.. I got no f-----g idea how i did. but i f-----g did..You know me man. I don’t give a thing about love.”
“I do man.” He said.
“But i fell inlove with Sugar and..man! she cheated on me. In my house. She was f-----g a b---h in my sitting room. Can you believe that Kel.?”
“Things happen, man..” He said. “But did you see them? I mean redhanded stuff.” He asked.
“I heard their screams, moans and all that s--t.. but now i got this.” I said and brought out my phone..
“Its a video of the d--n sex scene. The cctv camera in my sitting room recorded everything. I even forgot that i got a cctv camera in my house Kel. I saw this this morning..” I said.
“Has it been long the cheat stuff happened?” He asked.
“No.. just friday.. and now she f-----g claims she’s pregnant for me.. Man! I was having sex with her with no glove. But man.. I believe the baby isn’t mine. The b---h is a s--t!” I said with anger boiling inside of me.
“D--n. Kel.. There’s a quick solution to your worries.. a DNA test.” He said, looking at me.
Literature / Re: My Personal Taste..(18+) by emperorblog(m): 5:26am On Oct 30, 2018
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