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Celebrities / Re: Teddylicious: Chisom Okprara Suffering From Depression (Photos) by erayo2GCA(m): 1:42pm On Oct 19

God honours those who honour Him. You can't claim to be a child of God and live like a pig!

How’s this pretty girl looking like a pig. Hmm
Sports / Re: Libya Vs Nigeria: AFCON Qualifiers - 2 - 3 (Full Time) by erayo2GCA(m): 11:53pm On Oct 16

cheesy ; cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy
The criticism Moses and Ighalo got was kind of extreme. The name calling etc. the others were not criticized as much and was done lightly in comparison.
Look how hate and animosity is spewing out of this your mouth angry

Guy chill I be Benin boy from ekenwan road, your acting childish and disgracing yourself upandan


Crime / Re: Young Man Shot Dead By Cultists After ‘Mistaken Him For Someone Else’. Photos by erayo2GCA(m): 6:12pm On Oct 12
Heartless beast without mercy, see what men did to their fellow man, it’s a pity! His photo

Politics / Re: Breaking News: FG Suspends National Carrier, Nigeria Air Indefinitely by erayo2GCA(m): 6:20pm On Sep 19
Nice one! APC change

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Science/Technology / Re: Top5 Most Dangerous Animals In The World by erayo2GCA(m): 12:30pm On Sep 15
Nairaland and posting day = 5 and 6
Crime / Re: Nancy Crampton-Brophy Arrested For Murdering Her Husband by erayo2GCA(m): 9:03am On Sep 14
Wife 68
Husband 27.
So oyinbo pipu dae sugar mummy level

Husband of 27 years

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Travel / Re: The Cost Of Fueling A Plane From Lagos To London by erayo2GCA(m): 8:45pm On Sep 13
where do they store 60kL fuel, i don't believe this

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Literature / Re: Chimamanda Adichie: Men Commit Suicide More Because Of Patriarchy by erayo2GCA(m): 8:06pm On Sep 12
Did she just say women are not special?

What is special about you??
Islam for Muslims / Re: Hajj 2018 In Numbers (Photo) by erayo2GCA(m): 9:27am On Aug 31
So Asia have a large population of believers

Islam for Muslims / Re: Faced With Sexual Desires Or Have Wet Dreams & You Are Unmarried?learn From This by erayo2GCA(m): 9:18am On Aug 31
Front page ASAP
Islam for Muslims / Re: PHOTOS: Young Boy Celebrated For Memorising The Entire Holy Quran In Maiduguri by erayo2GCA(m): 7:48am On Aug 21
What is the meaning of the sword in Saudi Arabia flag?

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Romance / Re: 10 Guy Code Every Man Should Never Break by erayo2GCA(m): 11:17am On Aug 03
I declare no 5 invalid
Sports / Re: World Cup 2018: Musa’s Goal Nominated For Goal Of The Tournament - details by erayo2GCA(m): 1:36pm On Jul 16
Denis Cherysev by far

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Crime / Re: Béninoise Police Detain 50 Nigerian Students, Parents Claim by erayo2GCA(m): 5:06pm On Jul 10

That is a lie, I am telling you what I have witnessed first hand, I was arrested 9pm at night with a girl on a kekenor, is that midnight? I had nothing on me, when the kekenor saw them approaching him, he came to a quick halt and I jumped out immediately and the girl fell head first, this happened at PK10 cariffour, and you know there is a pharmacy just there, I pleaded for them to let me take her to the pharmacy because she was lying ununconscious, they refused and bundled us into their Van, and not so much to my surprise, I met a lot of Nigerians there, they patrolled all through the night and arrested many of us that were waiting to withdraw, sitting in their front yard, going to buy and fetch water, I witnessed all these, I wasn't told. One of them even slapped me in the van for complaining about them not letting me treat the girl I was with. We got to their cell at Lobele, if you know Benin Republic very well, you should know how horrible their station at lobele is, they bundled all of us inside and another set went out again to patrol, I had to pay 15k CFA before I was set free at 4am in the morning, so what are you saying sir

I have been out of there for about 2 years now, and I still hear reports from my friends there that they now go into people's houses to arrest them, have you not wondered why they always stop Vehicles with Nigerian plate numbers at PK10 carrifour? It was talon that stopped them from doing stop and search on that road because the harassment was getting too much on Nigerians, don't even get me started on the one we face at the border

On point, those that have not been to seme border will be disproving!

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Crime / Re: Béninoise Police Detain 50 Nigerian Students, Parents Claim by erayo2GCA(m): 4:57pm On Jul 10
The harassment is on a daily basis, nigeria embassy benin is just like local government secretariat

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Politics / Re: Buhari In Ekiti For APC Mega Rally (Photos) by erayo2GCA(m): 1:16pm On Jul 10
Suffering and smiling

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TV/Movies / Re: How Much That Was Made On Big Brother Naija Show 2018 (An Estimate) by erayo2GCA(m): 3:03pm On Apr 23
You can vote 200* online with one account, mobile 100 times and PC 100 times too. With the above am very sure your assumption is not accurate. Thanks!

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Celebrities / Re: Davido Set To Open Record Label For All The Artists Under Him by erayo2GCA(m): 6:24pm On Feb 26
The downfall of most musicians usually begins when they want to start doing everything in the value chain of music production...

It's better to just focus on singing songs and leave the running of a music label and other administrative stuff to the professionals undecided

Waje comes to my mind

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Career / Re: Top 20 Nigerian CEOs And The Courses They Studied In School by erayo2GCA(m): 5:20pm On Jan 15
I can’t see any Unilag graduate there!
Crime / Re: Man Commits Suicide By Hanging In Kogi State Over Economic Hardship (Photos) by erayo2GCA(m): 12:11pm On Jan 10
Sai Baba! Lol

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Are There Any Remnants From The Prophet (Sallalahu Alayhi Wa Salam)? by erayo2GCA(m): 11:07am On Jan 05
FP now now
NYSC / Re: Why You Should Choose Kano Instead Of Abuja & Akwa Ibom During NYSC Registration by erayo2GCA(m): 3:25am On Apr 01, 2017

What is scary about abstaining from immoral acts like fornication, adultery, indecent dressing, alcohol consumption, blasphemy etc.

If your beliefs are that of the christain religion , I see no concrete reasons why you should be afraid.

Immoral acts as mentioned above are strongly opposed by the christain bible. Its only if you want us to be hipocritic.

shut up your mouth there, as if more than 100% Muslim are not doing it (fornication, adultery, indecent dressing, alcohol consumption, blasphemy) i have lived in the same compound with muslims from the north all they know how to do is to take Codeine, Rohypnol, Diazepan, Tramadol, crack, weed, excessive smoking of cigarette, hashish, fornication, womanizing and all sort of social vices just name it. i'm not talking about just 10 or 15 Muslims guys i'm talking about 200 and above because the compound is a 3 storey building with more than 45 apart (sitting room, living room, kitchen etc ) some of them can be up-to 16 person in one apartment, the girls covering themselves like masquerade is worse because they are all LovePeddler. if you like believe if you like don't, i have said my own. it what i saw in Accra and HNAUB

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Properties / Re: How Much Will It Cost To Build A 5 Bedroom Bungalow? by erayo2GCA(m): 8:46am On Feb 15, 2017
Benin city is the place. Thanks. It seems you are Benin but don't know if you are based in Benin. The land is somewhere behind evobtubu, okokugbo... Don't know if I spelt that right... Cos I am not a typical Benin

okhokhugbo is a dead place, no access to that area if it rains. i bought 50/100 there in 2010 and the price have not appreciated since then because of the bad condition of road. you can't drive to okhokhugbo by car or SUV when it rains. if it's your personal house just forget that land abeg. true life story

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Crime / Mad Man Killed For Killing Two People For Ritual In Umuahia (graphic Photos) by erayo2GCA(m): 3:35pm On Dec 26, 2016
According to Facebook user *Uchenna Luke Njoku*

A mad man was killed today in UMUAHIA, ABIA for killing two people for Ritual.

See Photos below


Career / Re: Man Collapsed After His Salary Was Slashed From N18,000 To N5,000 In Kebbi by erayo2GCA(m): 5:50pm On Oct 21, 2016
lord help us
Car Talk / Re: Speed Limiting Device Vendors Can Create 2m Jobs — Vendors by erayo2GCA(m): 9:36am On Oct 21, 2016
After seeing an accident happen live last week friday involving a commercial bus, I now fully support the implementation of the speed limiting devices and the checking of tires of all vehicles on the roads (especially commercial).

One second I was looking at a bus driving in the opposite direction, next second BOOM!!!! Bus is in the air, flipping and turning wildly, people being thrown out all open and broken widows, bodies spread across my lane of the road like spilled beans..

SO if these devices will save lives, I am all for it.

oga na benin e happen
Politics / Nigeria Ranks 116 In World Press Freedom Index 2016 by erayo2GCA(m): 3:00pm On Oct 20, 2016
1Finland 8.59
2Netherlands 8.76
3Norway 8.79
5New Zealand 10.01
6Costa Rica11.10
7Switzerland 11.76
8Sweden 12.33
9Ireland 12.40
10Jamaica 12.45
12Slovakia 13.26
13Belgium 14.18
15Luxembourg 14.43
16Germany 14.80
17Namibia 15.15
19Iceland 15.30
20Uruguay 15.88
21Czech Republic 16.66
22Surinam 16.70
23Portugal 17.27
24Latvia 17.38
25Australia 17.84
26Ghana 17.95
27Cyprus 18.26
32Cape Verde 19.82
34Spain 19.92
35Lithuania 19.95
36Belize 20.61
37Tonga 21.24
38United Kingdom21.70
39South Africa21.92
41United States22.49
42Burkina Faso 22.66
43Botswana 22.91
44Trinidad and Tobago 23.29
46Malta 23.84
48Mauritania 24.03
49Romania 24.29
50Comores 24.33
52Niger 24.62
53Haïti 24.66
54Argentina 25.09
55Papua New Guinea 25.81
56Madagascar 27.04
57Guyana 27.07
58El Salvador27.20
61Mauritius 27.69
62Dominican Republic 27.90
63Croatia 27.91
64Georgia 27.96
65Senegal 27.99
66Malawi 28.12
68Bosnia-Herzegovina 28.45
69Hong Kong 28.50
70South Korea 28.58
71Tanzania 28.65
72Japan 28.67
73Lesotho 28.78
74Armenia 28.79
75Nicaragua 28.82
76Moldova 28.83
78Benin 28.97
79Guinea Bissau 29.03
81Northern Cyprus29.54
82Albania 29.92
83Sierra Leone 29.94
85Kyrgyzstan 30.16
86Ivory Coast30.17
87Mozambique 30.25
89Greece 30.35
90Kosovo 30.50
91Panama 30.59
92Seychelles 30.60
93Liberia 30.71
94Bhutan 30.73
95Kenya 31.16
97Bolivia 31.78
99East Timor 32.02
100Gabon 32.20
103Kuwait 32.59
105Nepal 32.62
106Montenegro 32.79
108Guinea 33.08
109Ecuador 33.21
110Central African Republic33.60
111Paraguay 33.63
112Maldives 34.17
114Zambia 35.08
116Nigeria 35.90
118Macedonia 36.09
119United Arab Emirates 36.73
120Afghanistan 37.75
121Guatemala 38.03
123Angola 39.89
124Zimbabwe 40.41
125Oman 40.43
126Cameroon 40.53
127Chad 40.59
128Cambodia 40.70
129Algeria 41.69
130Indonesia 41.72
131Morocco 42.64
133India 43.17
135Jordan 44.49
136Thailand 44.53
138Philippines 44.66
140South Sudan44.87
141Sri Lanka 44.96
142Ethiopia 45.13
143Burma 45.48
145Gambia 46.53
146Malaysia 46.57
147Pakistan 48.52
153Swaziland 52.37
155Brunei 53.85
158Iraq 54.35
160Kazakhstan 54.55
161Rwanda 54.61
162Bahrain 54.86
163Azerbaijan 57.89
165Saudi Arabia59.72
167Somalia 65.35
168Equatorial Guinea 66.47
172Djibouti 70.90
173Laos 71.58
174Sudan 72.53
175Vietnam 74.27
176China 80.96
179North Korea 83.76
180Eritrea 83.92


Politics / Re: Which Ethnic Group Is The 4th Largest In Nigeria? by erayo2GCA(m): 10:53am On Oct 10, 2016
stop getting emotional.
There are NO yorubas in south south.

Stop showing your ignorance to the world..go to ososo, Ibilo and igara all in Edo north, there are yorubas there.


Health / Queensland Father Delivers Baby In Car by erayo2GCA(m): 12:39am On Aug 16, 2016
A Queensland couple has had a dramatic introduction to parenthood after giving birth on the side of the road.

The couple were en route to Caboolture Hospital, north of Brisbane, when the mother's labour progressed quickly and they had to pull over around North Lakes.

An ambulance was called but the father had to step in and help deliver the healthy baby around 1am, before paramedics could arrive.

The mother and baby were taken to hospital in a stable condition.


Travel / 2 Dead, More Than 1,000 Rescued From High Waters In Louisiana Flooding (photos) by erayo2GCA(m): 9:28pm On Aug 13, 2016
At least two people have died and over a thousand have been rescued from severe flooding across central and southern Louisiana that has led the governor to declare a state of emergency, officials said.

An elderly man drowned after slipping and falling in high waters amid heavy rain in East Baton Rouge Parish. And in St. Helena Parish, a man died when his pickup truck was swept off a flooded highway and submerged under water, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said at a news conference Saturday.

Crews are working to rescue another person although they expect this person may have also died in the disaster, according to St. Helena Parish Sheriff's Office chief of operations Michael Martin.

In St. Helena Parish, about 210 people have been rescued from flooding so far, and three people in the community are believed to be missing, Martin said.

In Livingston Parish, which saw more than 17 inches of rain on Friday alone, officials said over a thousand people have been rescued from flooding so far as of Saturday morning, and they’re working to save another 150 in the Watson area. The Louisiana National Guard is sending a helicopter to assist with rescues in the drenched community.

In East Baton Rouge Parish, officials said more than 200 people have been rescued from flooding and 42 roads have been closed. The parish seat, Baton Rouge, had over 8 inches of rain on Friday, its wettest day on record.

The flooding this week also closed many schools in the Baton Rouge area, including Louisiana State University. see more photos


Culture / The Last King Of Africa. Oba Ovonramwen Nogbaisi. 1888A.D-1914A.D by erayo2GCA(m): 1:13am On Aug 13, 2016
Prince Idugbowa was the eldest son of Oba Adolo and his mother was called queen Iheya. During his coronation he took the name Oba ovonramwen Nogbaisi in 1888. He was tall, stout and light in complexion with his majestic voice. He was blessed with six children [princes]Aiguobasimwin , Usuanlele, Ehigie and Uvbi [princesses] Evbakhavbokun, Omono, Orimwiame.

After his installation to the throne, he had some chiefs [Eribo, Obazele, Osia, Obaraye and others] who opposed his ascension killed.

At the early stage of his reign, the Europeans visited Benin-city, Blessby, Bey and Farquahar.
That same year the Odundun, the Deji [Udezi] of Akure acquired swords for himself without the consent of the Oba Of Benin. And when the Oba learnt of this in early 1889, he then sent Okpele to take the swords from Deji. After much threat Deji surrendered the swords to Okpele and he then took them to Beni-city. Odundun sent a lot of presents to the Oba, but the Oba refused to accept his presents.

That same year [1890] the Oba gave his daughter’s [ princess Evbakhavbokun] hand in marriage to Ologboshere.

Early 1890, the Oracle of Oghene of Uhe [Oni of Ife] warned Oba Ovonramwen to be cautious that he perceived calamity was going to befall the city.

May 1891, during the royal coral beads ceremony, a human sacrifice was offered to the gods, his name was Thompson Oyibodudu. During his execution he shouted saying ‘the white men that are greater than us are coming shortly to fight and conquered you and I, but do it quickly’. This manifested in the punitive expedition of 1897.

In 1892, chief Nana of Benin River, stopped all trade between the Benin and the Itsekiri’s and he also prohibited the supply of cooking salt. After a while the issue was resolved and trade commenced. Chief Nana continued to pay homage to the Oba.

Early 1896 the Oba stopped trading with the Itsekiri’s , because he felt the Benin were been cheated. After many negotiations, the Oba requested for twenty thousand iron sheets from their chiefs before he can allow trade to commence. He had gotten some Iron sheets and brass from Mr Cyril Punch and other Europeans in 1891/1892 which he had used in roofing the palace halfway but he needed more to complete it, hence his request from the chiefs.

In 1895 the Enogie of Ekpoma, in Ishan kingdom died and the people rebelled because they felt the Oba had ignored them and they needed a new leader so the Oba sent massagers over there, commanding them to install the eldest son of the late Enogie.

That same year, the Oba built a war camp [Eko] at Obadan village. He recruited ten thousand men to be trained, so they could be used in Agbor and other campaigns which he proposed to undertake.

The Europeans sent Gen. Mr Philip and eight others to induce
Chief Ologboshere was accused alongside others as the masterminded of the massacre of Philip and his party was trial and hanged. And Oba Ovonranmwen was dethroned and deported to Calabar where he lived and died. This event is referred to as the Benin massacre.
Oba Ovoranmwen was not a bad king, because of the war that occurred in his time; the trial showed that he was innocent of the massacre of Phillip’s party. He was unfortunate to have those advisers at that moment and it was his refusal to appeal before the final court judgement that causes him to be deported and deprived of his crown. He is still worth celebrating like other great Oba’s. His eldest son [prince Aiguobasimwin] succceded him and became Oba Eweka ii


Celebrities / Re: Destiny Etiko Celebrates Her Birthday With Braless Photos by erayo2GCA(m): 10:27am On Aug 12, 2016
I dislike short girls don't know why

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