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Autos / Re: sold bought Brandon new Volkswagen Polo 05 now 330k 08061311315 08028612026 by EReloaded(m): 11:05pm On Feb 19, 2016
250k. Serious buyer
Business / Re: Brief Summary Of All My Business Encounters Last Year - I Take A Bow by EReloaded(m): 2:36pm On Jan 18, 2016
Last year, 2015 , is a year I won't forget too soon. It's one I in which I took the bold step to leave the importation business into other areas.

I would have loved to share my experience in full ( I.e 1 business per thread ), but won't be doing so as am getting lazy.

However I have decided to give a brief straight to the point summary of all Businesses I ran last year, my strong points and weak points.

I will try my best to ensure, each summary can be of help those intending to go into this business.

OK. Now let's go

Oga I need to contact you about the Keke business. My email is eternalreloaded@yahoo.com, please drop me your contact details. Na beg I beg.
Business / Re: Affiliates Tutorial:how To Really Make $200(dollars) In A Day... by EReloaded(m): 11:42am On Jan 18, 2016
Politics / Re: Fall Of Naira, Economy: Blame Jonathan, Says APC - Vanguard by EReloaded(m): 9:08am On Jan 18, 2016
Who even take Apc blame game serious? Their blame game is only but to deceive the gullible and buy time while wishing some miracle happens.

Nigerians should demand total fulfilment of the social contract Apc signed with them.

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Webmasters / Re: Confused: How Do Bloggers Receive Money From Ads? by EReloaded(m): 3:44pm On Aug 18, 2015
I get my money through my bank account. If you are considering joining Konga Affiliate Program, i guess you will be paid the same way.


ok Sir
What of affiliate marketing which medium does it use to pay?
please pardon my ignorance.

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Business / Confusion As Jumia Delivers Order Placed On Konga by EReloaded(m): 4:53pm On Aug 17, 2015
Amazing things are happening in Nigeria’s online shopping stores. Market competition among the operators, especially the big players, appears to have taken a new turn. Imagine a customer ordering an item on Konga.com and the item is delivered by Jumia. This happened recently when I personally placed an order for a phone, iNote Prime IT1701 Tablet – Quad, on Konga.com and Jumia, another online shopping company delivered the item to me. It is not clear how this works between them, but instead of competition, this model appears like Jumia is leveraging Konga’s customer base marketplace model.

After placing the order which was validated by Konga through an e-mail, I later received a call from an individual – whom I believe works with Jumia – confirming the placement of the order on Konga but I was told that Jumia will deliver the item. This was quite strange because I had ordered for the item through http:///first-electronics.

When I wanted to know how my Konga order got into Jumia hand, the caller said the delivery agent will explain on delivery. Few minutes later, another call came from Jumia telling me that I had just placed an order on Jumia. I tried to correct the caller that the order was placed on Konga and not Jumia. The caller emphatically said that she received orders from me on the item. I repeatedly told her that I did not place any order on Jumia.

I had placed the order on Konga.com on Wednesday, July 29, 2015 and the item was delivered on August 3, 2015. On arrival to deliver the item, the dispatch officer, Sunday Eyang from Jumia could not explain why the item placed on Konga was delivered by Jumia. “I am just a dispatch person. I am working for Jumia and not Konga”, he told me in my office.

It is still not clear to me why Jumia delivered the item I placed on Konga.com but it could be that Jumia is perhaps leveraging the Self-fulfill delivery model Konga recently made available to sellers on its platform. Then, could it be that Jumia’s sales agents had pre- registered as sellers on Konga.com? Because I could not understand why I ordered for a phone (i Note prime tablet phone), and my order was delivered by Jumia. Do Jumia sales agents think that customers who order for an item online are undiscerning and ignorant, to the extent that the customer won’t know the difference between Konga and Jumia? Or how else does one explain this twist?

Under the Self Fulfill model introduced about a year ago, about 20 percent of the products on Konga website are retailed by Konga directly while 80 percent of other products are third party sellers. A seller of any product can be registered on the platform on Konga.com. The third-party-sellers warehouse their products and when order from consumers comes through Konga website, the particular seller takes it up, engages in the transaction, concludes the deal and delivers the goods. Today, Konga has registered over 25,000 Merchants who have listed items for sale in their stores on Konga’s marketplace. Self-fulfill is a recent development which was launched when Konga’s marketplace opened up to sellers in other states across Nigeria.

The Self Fulfill initiative which may define the future of e-commerce business was introduced by Konga to assist some retailers with brick and mortar shops to reach more customers through the Konga platform. With Self-fulfill, Merchants with stores on Konga can choose to deliver items ordered on their Konga stores by themselves or through any courier method of their choice.

Konga’s self fulfill model is similar to Airbnb, a website for people to rent out lodging. It is headquartered in San Francisco, California USA. According to sources, Airbnb runs on a marketplace platform model where it connects hosts and travelers and enables transactions without owning any rooms itself. “Such platforms disrupt traditional industries by creating new sources of supply and relying on curation for developing quality. Unlike traditional hotels, Airbnb scales not by scaling inventory but by increasing the hosts and travelers and matching them with each other,” Wikipedia said. The firm, founded in August 2008, has over one million listings in 34,000 cities and 190 countries.

Alibaba Group Holding Limited , a Chinese e-commerce company that provides consumer-to-consumer, business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales services via web portals also runs similar model.

When I sought for explanations from Jumia on what could have happened why Jumia delivered the order placed on Konga.com, the CEO of Jumia, Jeremy Doutte simply said through an email inquiry that Jumia does not collaborate with Konga. He said he did not trust the story of the customer.

On the other hand, when I reached out to Konga’s management, the Head of PR and Brand Management, Olatomiwa Akande said via email, “We do not find this development to be entirely unexpected. It is however humbling that another player in the Nigerian ecommerce sector considered it a wise business move to open a store on Konga’s marketplace platform. We see it as a validation of our marketplace model. It puts our customers at the top, as the more sellers we have, the more variety and choices they are presented with and the more likely it is that they find the best prices on Konga. This is all in line with the advancement of our company’s mission, ‘To be the engine of trade and commerce in Africa’. Our marketplace is open and inclusive to any serious seller that is willing to seize the business growth opportunities opened up by Konga’s wide reach and our teeming customer base.”

Nigeria’s online market space may witness more business disruptions as more players enter the market with different niches to serve the consumers. As Nigeria moves to entrench a cashless economy, experts say that Nigeria’s electronic commerce market has a potential value of $10 billion with about 300,000 online orders currently being made on daily basis.

As at last year, e-commerce market in Nigeria, according to the government, has attracted $200 million foreign investment with about 36 per cent of the country’s 170 million people connected online.

“The Nigerian e-commerce market has created over 12,000 jobs since 2012, expanding the infrastructure, warehousing, advertising and logistics services industry. Increased internet use could propel Nigeria private consumption almost 13 times high from $12 billion to $154 billion by 2025” , former minister of Communication, Omobola Johnson said in December last year.

Similarly, Phillip Consulting, a business and management consulting company said in a recent survey that online stores in Nigeria recorded over $2 million worth of transactions per week, approximately N1.3 billion per month, from about 38 percent of Nigerians that prefer to buy items through online. According to the survey, top items often purchased through online stores include fashion products, mobile phones and, services including restaurants and spa deals. Though Doutte is still doubtful of the story that Jumia delivered the item I placed on Konga but such interesting development appears healthy for the consumer. Leveraging Konga’s Self Fufill initiative by more online shops will however underscore the imperative of convenience which Online shopping has as character.


Webmasters / Photos: Memories From The Just Concluded MTN Techplus Event by EReloaded(m): 1:37pm On Aug 02, 2015
MTN TECH+ Conference and Exhibition held recently at Eko Hotels and Suites in Lagos where guests such as IT experts, SMEs, Manufacturers etc were introduced to products and services in various areas such as healthcare and wellbeing, automobile, entertainment, educations gaming, security etc where exhibited.

This new service from MTN will provide both customers and stakeholders on the mobile network in various industries with a SIM authentication service which enables immediate and secure authentication of their digital identity and transactions via their mobile devices.

MTN Nigeria also launched MTN Token at the event in a bid to demonstrate the evolution of the new digital economy and how consumers and businesses can take advantage of the evolution.

At the MTN TECH+ Conference and Exhibitions, guests got the opportunity to show their gaming prowess in a FIFA Playstation game duel. At the end of the gaming session, Deji Owopola, Yinka Aregbesola and Selasie Brown emerged first, second and third with cash prizes of N500,000, N300,000 and N100,000 respectively.

The conversation is still ongoing on twitter #MTNTECHPLUS and #MTNTOKEN

Webmasters / Re: New And Old Bloggers, Enter Here Let's Network by EReloaded(m): 7:22pm On May 24, 2015
Mine is connectme.ng. Thanks.
Nairaland / General / Re: Fish Raining In Thailand ****instead Of Rain***** ( Pics ) by EReloaded(m): 7:21am On Apr 19, 2015
The true story is there was harvest of about 6800kg of fish from a nearby farm, in the process of transporting it the board of the vehicle open and it scattered around. Kindly try to get facts before posting.
[b][/b] source pls
Romance / Does Being Married Makes A Man Responsible? by EReloaded(m): 2:07pm On Jan 10, 2015
I am presently at the wedding reception of a neighbour. And typical of most 'Chairman' of wedding receptions, this particular one started with a sermon that extols the virtues of Holy Matrimony and concluded that the new hubby is now a responsible man.

Last time I checked, neighbour is one of the most responsible men I know. Hard working, courteous and generous, this guy despite living alone as a bachelor for a long time is very decent and not a womaniser.

Now my question is this, what suddenly makes neighbour a 'responsible' man? If it is because he just got newly married, does that make other married folks who keep numerous lovers and engage in indecent living irresponsible?
Career / Re: 90-Year-Old Asked To Bring 1950 Appointment Letter To Get Pension (Pictured) by EReloaded(m): 11:59am On Jan 10, 2015
Omoh! d writeup long gan. Shaa i only read d topic n scroll down to watch picture.
Hit like if u did same.
Lazy generation. I pray the country does not sink further during your time
Romance / Re: I Dont Like Attention by EReloaded(m): 10:42pm On Jan 06, 2015
I think you are shy.
you are beautiful and it's true
Religion / Re: Shocked! My Cousin Bro Died Of Motor Accident But His Spirit Is Disturbing by EReloaded(m): 1:18pm On Jan 04, 2015
Who is this slowpoke?

The dead doesn't rise no fckall. As soon as they are buried or cremated,they become carbon materia that they were originally made of,recycled into the system and that is it.

Live while you can and stop being ignorant. He would been alive if there were driving rules in Nigeria. I am very certain his death was avoidable if common sense had prevailed. Speed kills,especially on death trap roads.

Webmasters / Re: Everybody Please Submit Your Website Url For Indexing In A New Search Engine!! by EReloaded(m): 8:36am On Jan 01, 2015

Your server blocked our crawler but we contacted your host and fixed it.
Ok..thank you. Can you pls pm me your fone number? Need your professional advice. Thanks.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: should I retain or take this new job - pls advice by EReloaded(m): 10:29pm On Dec 30, 2014
Insufficient analysis.
Do U have an offer letter for the new job? What role is it for? What is the duration? What are the career prospects?
What is the cost to U to switch from your current job to the new one? Transport, accomodation, time etc...
Shine your eye.
A bird in hand has always been worth 2 in the bush.
Ur new job should be better than where U are now. If it isn't better all round, then it might not be worth it.
How easy is it to get a new job after 3-6 months?
It is easier to spend money, than to make money. 200k can finish as fast as lightening.
My advise is, take a leave from Ur current job, and try out the new one. If it is worth it, 2 weeks is enough 4 U to know.
Once U quit from an organization, it is very hard to be re-hired.

I quite disagree with the last sentence. Not when you have an impressive resume and indispensable skills. I quit from my former company after three years of meticulous service and got at least three other juicy offers in a space of two months.

We shouldn't let fear hold us to ransom in our decisions, either career wise or whatever. Who says the grass can't be greener at the other side of the fence?
Webmasters / Re: I Need A Good SEO Writer For A Product. by EReloaded(m): 8:57pm On Dec 30, 2014
Can you call 08023945079 pls? Thanks.
Webmasters / Re: I Would Like To Advertise On Your Website by EReloaded(m): 7:00pm On Dec 30, 2014
Webmasters / Re: Everybody Please Submit Your Website Url For Indexing In A New Search Engine!! by EReloaded(m): 6:55pm On Dec 30, 2014
Romance / Re: Time To Marry: Meet Your Spouse Here (season 2) by EReloaded(m): 5:43pm On Dec 07, 2014
My missing rib
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Bank Marketers Now Accept Double Job Offers: Outcome Of Slave Salary! by EReloaded(m): 7:08pm On Dec 04, 2014
And thats why anything Marketing or any baptized name for marketing, i never ever apply.

Babes don't be so quick to act like that or you may lose out on a wonderful career opportunity. I just changed jobs from a multinational as an Online Marketer to work as a Content Marketer for a consultancy firm and it comes with 6-digit pay. Most of us marketers working in Digital businesses are not having it bad unlike those in 'traditional' businesses. And I'd tell you, we get fantastic offers coming in almost on a regular basis. The experience gotten from marketing jobs mostly supercede the pay. Think of that day when you will have your business and have to sell your products or services to clients.

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Autos / Re: Buy And Clear Your Cars From Cotonou At Very Brilliant Price!!!! by EReloaded(m): 9:37am On Oct 13, 2014
Hello. What does it costs to get a Golf 3, Auto with 4 doors to my door step in Lagos? Thanks
Autos / Re: Tokunbo Cars Btw 450,000naira - 5,000,000naira With Number Registration by EReloaded(m): 9:14am On Oct 13, 2014
Oga Larry, I hail o. Pls can get a good Toyota or Volkswagen car for 400-500k. Auto, A/C and four door?
Autos / Re: Tokunbo Cars Btw 450,000naira - 5,000,000naira With Number Registration by EReloaded(m): 9:04am On Oct 13, 2014

You would get but without a/c sir and it would be manual drive.
If I may ask, is it used or toys and will #450-500 get me toys auto?
Romance / Re: Help Him Out by EReloaded(m): 5:01pm On Oct 09, 2014
I was seriously trying to read and give my lil piece of advice

But I'm finding it hard to keep up, the arrangement abi is it the grammer? I just don't know.... But somethings not right
funny you were the one complaining about 'grammer'.
Romance / Re: Why Do Guys Fail To React When Slapped By Ladies. by EReloaded(m): 10:52am On Sep 18, 2014
rawpadgin: dude deserved what he got grin
why the eff will i walk up to a lady & be like "can i have ur number"?
guys please stop doing that mostly when u ain't cute grin
are u kidding me? Since when did it become wrong to walk up to a lady u like n ask for her number?

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