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Family / Re: OMG! Small Children Rocking Themselves In Intimate Dance At A Party :o by erumena(m): 2:11pm On Aug 17, 2015

Underage kids were video here dancing erotically to an equally indecent music at a children's party. After watching this video, I was was more than convinced that we are the last generation of homo sapiens (wise man/woman), the next generation are just evolving into some species that will shake everything we call values.

Like play, like play!
Source: Daintilicious.com >>>
And they were watched by an adult!!!

God Save Us


Celebrities / Re: Photos From Hospital Bed Of Skiibii + Official Statements by erumena(m): 10:52am On Aug 15, 2015
i smell lies lipsrsealed So den go organize photoshoot 4 hospital come dey try tell us say d guy no die again abi? dey nevr esperererit. dey never espereret d backlash wet go follow dia fake/hoax new about d boi death.

abi y u go take so many pix of pesin wey dey hospital bed, as den put oxygen, den put drip... Every every. If 2 say na true the boy sick, d pple wey dey with am go only dey concerned abt how he will get well soon & nt be snapping pix of him. nawa.

d last pic sef, looks like say persin denge pose 4 ground. abi hw will some1 slump & d first thing u do is 2 take pix? he better pray against sudden death bcus of dis his nonsense publicity jargon. skiibi ko, shibi ni undecided

True, very stupid stunt.

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Family / Re: 6 Things You Can Learn From My Mum's Death. by erumena(m): 9:56am On Aug 13, 2015
There are two dates in every year which i don't use to forget. The first is April 23 (my birthday); while the second is December 23 (Christmas day). But this year, another date has being joined with these two dates which I can't forget every year. The new date is June 10. It was the day i lost my mother. Though i don't like remembering what happened on that day, i will try telling you bits about it.

It was a wednesday. She woke up early before many others, like many other days, and after preparing herself, went to her shop for the day's business (her shop is beside our house). That morning, she talked to people, washed her clothes, and attending to customers. In fact, when she finished washing her clothes, she was happy because the sun shone that day (the previous days were rainy).

Well, I was just recovering from malaria. I was inside and she called me. I answered her by coming to the balcony, while she was downstairs. She ask me to come and help her call those that will supply water for her tank, and I told her am coming. Before going to meet her, I decided to relax a bit.

Few minutes later, when I went downstairs to her shop, I saw her siting on the chair in her shop, in a posture that made me feel instantly that something is wrong somewhere. I was relutant going in at first, because I was feeling 'What if it's what i'm thinking? But soon, a young girl want to buy something and i use that medium to go in to where she is, telling her 'Mummy, they want to buy something.' But she's gone (though not totally gone then). But when we get her to the hospital, she's gone.

It's a painful incident. But there are lessons we all can learn from her death.

1. The Distance Between Life And Death Is Just A Step Away: You wouldn't know the real meaning of this if you haven't experienced it. Someone you talked to just few minutes ago, and in the next minute, the person is gone.

2. People Will Talk About You When You're Gone: My mum's death was a big loss to not only we her immediate family, but everyone that knows her. Why? Because of her good deeds. She's known by some as 'Iya Alaanu' (a mother who pity and help). She's a good woman. There are many people she had helped and still planned to help. When she died, everyone (ibos, yorubas) keep lamenting how good a woman she was.

What would be said about you after you are no more is determined by how you live your life today. If you want people to talk good about you when you're gone (in a way that will make life easier for your children you're leaving behind), do good always.

3. When Making Plans, Think Death: My mum's old mother died this year (during the elections) and the final burial ceremony is being scheduled to hold in early Septemeber. She's already making preparations for it (buying shoes and other things). But lo, she didn't even live to withness the final burial ceremony of her mother!! What a world!

Thus, in every plan you make, always think about death. And if you make plans and you live to execute it, thank God for it please.

4. Don't Hide Things From Your Family, You Don't Know When You'll Die: My mother rarely hid things from we her children. Infact, few days before she died, she do tell us about the types of dreams she do have (i wished i've taken them much serious) When my mother died, before many consolers and outsiders came, myself and my sister had cleared her money with some important documents of she have from where she keeps them.

In anything you do, let your family know about it- you don't know when you will die.

5. You Will Die, But Your Legacy Lives On: My mother trained me and my siblings using what i will call a 'classic approach'. There are certain things i see others do to their parents, and i wonder if i can dare try that with my mum. My mum trained us in a 'no-nonsence' way, making me and my siblings to be outstanding (though not perfect).

Now that she's gone, her legacy lives on. You know, even now, when doing something, i do think about her opinion (like, 'Will she like this if she's around?)

Thus, everyone of us should strive to live lifestyles of good legacies so that when we are gone, our good legacies will live on. Parents should teach their children well; in a way that, when you are gone, your legacies will leave on.

6. Life Is Vanity: My mum is working on her own house project- she couldn't complete it. Many sees her as a 'big woman'; but she take none of her money with her. She had lots of clothes, shoes, bags (you trust women), but they were distributed. In fact, the one she put on the day she died was burnt with fire- she takes none along!

Life is vanity. There is nothing we bring to this world that we will take along while leaving. Don't make wealth and success a do-or-die affair. Don't look for money in wrong ways. Women, don't sell your body for money. Guys, don't do wrong fradulent things to get money. They are all vanities!!!!

Ha. Mummy, so you've left your boy alone. You really suffered for your children, but didn't wait to eat your labours. I want to make you proud. I have lots of plans for you. But if you are seeing me wherever you are now, by God's Help, i promise to make you proud. Ha. Life is not just fair. Ha. Good night ma.


It is well, God bless her soul and those she left behind in Jesus name, amen.
Music/Radio / Re: Top Ten Worst Nigerian Hit Songs Remix (Opinion) by erumena(m): 2:46pm On Aug 11, 2015
A remix is meant to make a song more appealing and a bigger hit. This List contains Songs which the Original versions were massive hits and The Remix which in most cases were unneeded fell short of The expectations and status of the first song.

1) Scapegoat Remix ft KanyeWest - This Highlife and Enjoyable tune By Dbanj Was Totally destroyed by The Remix. Not even having the Yeezus on it could make up things.One of the worst of the worst remixes ever.A tarnish to Dbanj and Kanye Career.

2) Kukere Rmx Ft Dbanj- This Iyanys song was already a Mega hit .i still wonder what a Remix was needed for." from lagos to London" She shake her bo"""" .Totally dissapointing remix.

3) First All rmx ft Dbanj - I dont Know why Dbanj really Does bad to song he remixes.Apart from Naeto C tony montana rmx nd Mr Endowned,the rest are sorry cases.
First of All remix is Totally not needed and dissapointed a Lot of People. It was even housed on Dbanj 's album.

4) Damiduro rmx ft Akon- Aside the Side Where Akon Said "Emi gangan lo lowo" i am d Rich man " This Track is completely not what one would expect. Very much wack remix.

5) Double Wahala rmx ft Dbanj- Here is Mr Dbanj Again on Oritse Femi Hit Single " Double Wahala" A wizkid or Burna boy would have done Better.Rated between a little good and bad. Much more was expected.

6l Woju remix ft Davido & tiwa savage- Woju was such a Hit single .When the remix was announced with Davido,Everyone was expecting a bigger hit. Tiwa Savage on the released remix only added to the already Poor And highly unneeded remix which dissapointed a lot of kiss Daniel fans.

7) Show You The Money rmx ft Tyga - Wizkid Why ?? Only God knows what wizkid was thinking when he featured Tyga on this Remix. One of The Wackest Wizkid's Track Ever.Totally unneeded.

cool indomie Rmx Ft Davido - Indomie remix despite featuring Davido is so offpoint .Davido failed to deliver on the Track and soon,the remix faded away like smoke.

9) Surelere Rmx - I personally believe an hit song dont need a remix.Only unknown Songs.Dr Sid Surelere rmx ft Wizkid and Phyno is a Big No no .The Song didnt make any impact at all.The one with tiwa savage is even worst.

10) Shoki Remix - After the Successful remix ft Davido and Olamide,Lil kesh went ahead to unveil another remix ft Eva,chindinma and Cynthia Morgan The End Result is Disaster .Tho The artistes did their best,The Remix was just not it.

No. 6, 9 and 10 shouldn't be on that list!
Politics / Re: FG Shuts Ascon, Integrated, Mobil, Oando, Sahara, Others Over Oil Scam by erumena(m): 12:01pm On Aug 11, 2015
Good for them, if true.
It's about time.

btw, the DPR seems to have been effectively carrying out their duties, [size=14pt]long before Buhari won the elections.[/size]




They have taken the fight to the centre, instead of wasting time and resources shutting stations.
Whether it is upstream, downstream, gas or laboratory sector that is found defaulting, they surely dance to the music.

So why making it seem like it's a novelty by saying

Can we now agree for once that the promised cosmetic change is a farce?
Isn't it becoming glaring that transformational change is the real deal?

With all these references you made, fuel was still being sold above N87 then, but now as I'm writing, all the filling stations I have been to, sell @ exactly N87 including NIPCO along Lagos - Ibadan expressway!
Celebrities / Re: Lady Strips For 2face In Front Of Annie Idibia At Sapele Star Music Trek by erumena(m): 11:51am On Aug 11, 2015

Think with their Vagina? Ah! I am not aware of that one.
Sounds too harsh on women.

This one obviously did!
Family / Re: See what Watching Parents Have Sex, Made This 5 Years Old Calabar Girl Do by erumena(m): 11:48am On Aug 11, 2015
The rate this little children are learning about everything this days is just giving me headaches. They learn both good and bad from everything around them, they learn from daddy, mummy, auntie, sister, brother, nollywood, hollywood, bollywoods, name them.

Just imagine last month i went to visit a friend in a particular neighbourhood in calabar, as i was busy chilling with my guy and talking in his room, this little girl whom i later learnt to be the daughter of his neigbour peered through the curtain and let herself in uninvited, my friend scolded her for not greeting which she did immediately, we continued our gisting and take little notice of her as she played with the dvd dics around the tv, she now came to the bed where i was and continued her play there, i was gisting and laughing too before i notice that she has played very close to me, i stopped and asked her name, classs and school as was normal which she responded, i continued my gist before i felt her hand touch my legs, innocently as i taught her to be i didn't give much attention to it until she was so close that she stretched out her hand and i felt her grab my dick, HOLY MOSES!!

I jumped up and shouted,my friend pulled her up and gave her a very sharp konk, GOOD LORD am i dreaming or what? I looked at her and she was oblivious of the magnitude of what she has just done, my friend pushed her out and went to make a report to her parents, the mum came and apologized and it was settled, when she left i learnt that she is living in a one room apartment with her parents, now only god knows what she might have been seeing or hearing at nights when they might have taught her sleeping.

We talked more on this and agreed that it is very wrong for couples living in a one room apartments to have sex at nights with there wards in the same room, you might think they are sleeping but never make such a mistake, i also learnt that this was not her first time as she has previously done such on two occasions. I dont want to go into how some movies and shows both local and foreign has destroyed innocent minds. Let us protect this young ones from sex corruption and abuse.

I don't think it's her, seeing her parents having s3x that's making her do such, I believe someone is abusing her and she thinks it's normal, and innocently, she came doing that to you. The parents should gently ask her if anyone has been making her do such thing. There's definitely someone abusing that girl.
Agriculture / Re: A Nairalander Managing His Little Fish Pond- Self-employed by erumena(m): 7:58am On Aug 09, 2015
My fellow nairalanders,,here is my fish pond,just about 500fish , since our oil is no more in vogue. so i turned to agriculture.

God bless Nigeria!!!

When I see people like you, I always believe that this Country truly will be great again. I see a hard-working individual starting small but growing very big. God'll continue to bless the work of your hands, and in no time, you shall be the Dangote of your time.
Keep it up!
Politics / Re: Diamond Bank Apologizes To Hon. Abike Dabiri-erewa by erumena(m): 9:21pm On Aug 08, 2015
grin grin grin grin undecided undecided
if to say e no turn insult she for no go
pay her debt..
my guys this is a publicity stunt
to save her image.. she has paid her debts and begged
diamond bank to debunk the news to save her
shameless face...

Do you really think that for a publicity stunt a Bank will throw away their reputation just to please an individual?
Politics / Re: Stop Congratulatory Adverts For Me, Says New GMD NNPC by erumena(m): 9:01pm On Aug 08, 2015
Oga what are you saying and forming? As if the position and attention no dey sweet you. Abi you wan resign? You mean the President is a joker judging from his position and all the congratulatory messages he has been getting because his position is a NOT serious national assignment. he he! You have already started making news and waves before now talk more of this ur public message. Enjoy it while it lasts and work well. CONGREGATIONS AGAIN SIR.

I think we should commend and support the man for discouraging such unnecessary display of foolish waste of funds by praise singers. To you, it my look as if he's trying to score cheap points, but it should be welcomed. Let's join hands together to change this mentality and shame these "sets" of individuals. My thoughts though.
Family / Re: See The Beautiful Gift God Gave To Me Through Facebook by erumena(m): 12:09pm On Aug 04, 2015
God is so good to me I met my lovely husband 2011on facebook he was in Abuja and i was in Lagos and luckily for me we got married year 2013 January just like a dream....God so good we have a beautiful bouncing baby girl her names are Victoria, oluwajomiloju(God surprise me) oluwagbemisola (God put me in wealth)morenikeji(I have seen a companion) moyosoreoluwa(I rejoice to God gift) abidemi(Born before her father arrival) folashade(use wealth as a crown) oluwafeyikemi (God use this to bless me)oyinade. We named her Abidemi because her father was on a journey when I gave birth to her.....I always thank God for this beautiful gift every blessed day and to you all reading and praying to God for the fruit of the womb.God will surprise you before this year ends.

I rejoice with you, this baby is beautiful! Congrats! She shall fulfill destiny in Jesus name!

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Family / Re: PHOTO: Man Backs His Baby As He Walks Along A Major Road In Lagos by erumena(m): 10:05am On Aug 03, 2015

Awww, as seen on a street in Lagos yesterday. Good man.

how many men can do this?


cc lalasticlala, ishilove

Hope that baby is not being kidnapped!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Using A Blackberry Might Prevent You From Getting A Job. by erumena(m): 12:13pm On Jul 31, 2015
Ever since my university days, I had always been a fan of blackberry. What I recently found out about my beloved blackberry surprised me and has since left a bitter taste in my mouth.

I have recently applied for a host of jobs, getting invited for tests in some and never getting an invite in some. In my quest to know why I haven't been invited to write some tests, I started seeing a pattern.

Anytime I apply to jobs using recruitment portals such as taleo, I always get shortlisted. Anytime I apply for a job by sending my CV to a mail address, I never get an invite for a test.

I decided to do a little experiment. I opened a yahoo mail account and sent a mail from my BlackBerry HUB to the yahoo mail and it ended up in spam. I tried the same using mail addresses of people I had never exchanged mails with and all the mails ended up in their spam folder.

The problem I later got to find out is a bug that comes with BB10 devices. Using the blackberry HUB to send mails will most likely end your mail in the junk folder.

I decided to open this thread to enlighten other job seekers who unknowingly have been victims of their own phone.

Attached are screenshots of people's experiences I got off the web.

I do not have that issue with my Q5.
Romance / Re: How I Intentionally Played A Fast Game On A Lady by erumena(m): 6:28am On Jul 25, 2015
I met this lady on a social app. She friend-zoned me for some 3 months though I made her realize my intention.

She keeps disturbing me with lengthy chats. She can chat for 24 hours. And that alone was getting on my nerves, that I started snubbing her on chat. I only respond once in a while.

I think she noticed it, she changed her tactics and started flirting..talking dirty and sending me funny pictures of her.

I took it as an invitation, so I brought up the issue of dating again. She said we should meet and discuss it.

We set a date for the date. In the morning of the set date, on whatsap she told me she is coming with a friend of her. I thought she feared for her security and was trying to play safe...I agreed they should come together.

We went to Cumbaland (Indian restaurant)...chop all the choppables (Chop my money). We still continued the discussion, she ended up not giving me any tangible answer.

2 weeks later, she said the weekend will be boring for her, she will be home alone, she said she wants to come to my house. Chaii my head bounced. I was like chaii...this is the opportunity.... On the Saturday morning when I went out to pick her at the bus stop close to my house, I saw a lady beside her, I thought the lady was just a passerby...to found out she was the same friend she brought on the first day (her makeup confused me). They came, I ran my generator for 8 ours they spent with me glued to my DSTV watching telemondo/MTV. She wouldnt even talk to me.

I later invited her to my inner room where I made my move, she refused and started cursing. So I dont want it to turn to a rape scenario, I let her go.

Later on whatsap, I asked why she keeps bringing her friend, she said she cant go anywhere without her.

I said OK...This bad thought just came to my mind. I knew I had nothing to loose again. I have spent already (thats a loss on its own). Nothing can be worse.

So I intentionally invited her over to my house this time...as usual she brought her friend which was part of my plan.

When opportunity presented itself, I collected her friends number. I took a risk, I told her not to tell my girl. To my dismay she cooperated with me, I pinged her on whatsap, she responded and we started flowing just neutrally.

The next time we agreed to go to the beach. I was very surprised to see this girl dressed sexily, even over dressed more than my girl. My eyes stayed glued on her that my girl nearly caught me. May be she did, may be not.

In the night I buzzed her and I told her how sexy she was that day. I told her I felt like kissing and foundling her that day.

She said "you should have done it in front of your girl" jokingly.

I said "Do you know my girl doesnt stop us", she said "Hmmmm"

Shockingly she said "I know there is nothing between you guys"

I was shocked. So my girl told her friend she had nothing for me.

I told the lady, why is she doing this to me? She hasnt given me any answer and when I make any move, she bark like dog. What does she want, shes confusing me....

In short, na so her friend agreed to come to my house alone ooo. It was on a rainy Saturday. She barely enters my house when we started the "You know what lipsrsealed lipsrsealed" (close your eyes).

I was at my office one day when I saw pings...my girl started blasting...

Why are men like this?
You are a dog
You are not different from others..
Men will always be men ...blah blah blah..

So if u want to date someone, its my friend that you think its right for you to date. You cheated with my friend.

I said "Madam, Let me ask you a question".

"Were we dating?"

She said "No"

I said "So whats your definition of cheating?"

She said "but u have been disturbing me for a while now"

I said "For a while? ooh and you are proud of that? And have you given me any tangible answer?"

She said "why are you impatient?"

I just told her to get a lawyer...she cursed and changed DP to funny images about guys...U know what they do na...

I found out that she read her friends whatsap chat and got to know we were fckng.

Guys....Am i really at fault?

Did I betray her?

This should be rated as the "BEST POST OF THE YEAR"

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Family / Re: My Friend's Wife Is Making Life Difficult For Me by erumena(m): 10:15am On Jul 08, 2015
I need an advice fellow Nairalanders. My Friend's wife is making my once easy life very complicated. I have a very close friend. We went through the same secondary school and university.

We are both working for different multinational companies. We are very comfortable and have a very wonderful family. My Friend's wife wants an affair with me. She's so open about it and I have told her it's a big No.

She disturbs me with calls and love text messages. I have not told my wife and I have not told my friend. Recently my friend travelled to US on a training and he called me about 11P.m that I should help take the wife to his company's clinic because according to my friend she was in crises. My wife did not object to my rendering this assistance at that time of the night and I took the risk for a friend but when I got there, the two kids were already in bed. I was expecting to see her in a critical state, but she was not. The next thing she did was to send her maid upstairs to stay with the kids that she was going to the hospital and will lock up. I noticed that she was trying to feign some abdominal pains in front of the maid. All of a sudden, she came up and held me tight.

I manage to take her to my car and I ended up driving her around the streets of Ph. She confessed she wanted to sleep with me and that we should lodge somewhere till morning. I told her to give me time to think about it. This was just for me to return her home. Should I tell my wife and her husband?

Please help I am not myself anymore.

I believe you should tread gently, but please, I will implore you not to fall for the woman's desire, not for any reason at all, cos what you do unto others, others will do unto you!

Telling the husband can break up their home.

The best bet would've been you telling your wife, but she might not react well so as to handle the situation properly. But do this if all what I'm going to write below fails.

First of all, go to your Pastor and inform so you'll have at least a neutral witness.

Get all your facts together, sms's, voice calls and any other thing you can lay your hands.

Call the woman on phone, make sure you record the call, start telling her why can't do what she's asking you to do.

While talking to her, don't be hash or rude but make it look like you are appealing to her.

Tell her to put the future of her kids and yours and the whole family first before doing anything rash!

Tell her you are ready to keep the friendship as long as long as she decides to let her feelings for you go.

Make her understand that the devil is very cunning and she shouldn't allow it work on both of you.

Let her know you cherish her Family's friendship and you'll give anything to make it work.

Before all these, pray to God to put words in your mouth and guide your utterances. You'll be glad you did. You are a good person, remain so. God bless you!


Celebrities / Re: Fela's First Grandchild Weds Her Australian Boo At Afrika Shrine,Lagos(pics by erumena(m): 8:38am On Jul 01, 2015
Mrs Rola Segun on June 27,2015 tied the knot with her Australian boo at Afrika Shrine,Ikeja,Lagos.

Mrs Rola Segun Kuti is the first grandchild of late famous Afrobeat legend,Fela Anikulapo Kuti.Her mother,Mrs Yeni Kuti is the eldest daughter of Fela.She married late Femi Segun.Present at the classy wedding were Made Kuti,Femi Kuti,Funke Kuti,other family members,friends,members of the husband's family and relations.The hubby's family travelled from Australia to witness the wedding.

The wedding was a high profile wedding judging from the important dignitaries at the wedding,classy foods,drink and cake used in the wedding.

The delighted bride and groom took to the flow to showcase their dancing skills ranging from Fela's songs to other songs.Below are photos from the wedding

Source: http://kcblow.blogspot.com/2015/06/mrs-rola-segun-weds-her-australian.html

Lol, blacks looks cool on suit but whites looks like Mannequin on Aso Oke, who says we are not unique?!!! Congrats to the couple.
Celebrities / Re: How Don Jazzy Made Korede Bello, Reekado Banks & Di’ja Stars In 1 Year by erumena(m): 6:20pm On Jun 30, 2015
while i credit don jazzy for his production skills...u have to praise those young stars like korede,dija and banks for their musical ability and talents..because no amount of donjazzy skills have helped his brother Dprince become a real SUPER-STAR because he just doesn't have music talent... it highly dependent on the individual music ability... cheers

But you'll agree with me that the little recognition D'Prince has gotten was mainly because Don Jazzy is his producer. You'll be turning off your radio @ the sound of his voice if someone else had produced him. So it's still due to Jazzy's ingenuity
Career / Re: I Have Never Believed In Going Around And Applying For Jobs by erumena(m): 5:19pm On Jun 26, 2015
Though not discouraging you, but the truth is that not everybody is destined to be an entrepreneur: if everybody is a teacher, who will be the student? If everybody is a Lawyer, who will be the client? If everybody is a producer, who will be the consumer? If everybody is an entrepreneur, who will be your labour slaves? tongue tongue

Before being posted to North under Boko Haram territory, I worked and toiled diligently before graduation: I jumped into professional programme, which consumed the largest percentage of my salary immediately I got my first job. throughout this period, socialization perishes: religious activities were reduced to barest minimum: I closed eyes before giving: no gyration. In fact, the only thing I manage to do without then is watching two 'team' - Barcelona and Lionel Merciless Mercy: may God bless me for being among the generation who live to witness that 'god of soccer'. I can't just continue with such struggling at least for some foreseeable future now.

According to the Bible, 'for everything under the heaven, there is time'. Therefore, it is time to reap and step up my connectivity before putting on the thinking cap of entrepreneur. Lord I thank you for employment opportunities that always come my way in the face of rampant unemployment: glory be unto your holy name.

Op! This might be your own appropriate time to venture into entrepreneurship: I wish you good luck under Buhari's administration.

Front Page thing

Dedicated this to my mummy who passed away while I was in Primary four: It clocks 24years in this month of June when you left your one and only begotten son behind. To me -

"You are costlier than gold
Precious than silver
Beautiful than diamond"

I love you mum.........................

God bless your mum for leaving behind a success story!
Education / Re: What Is The Number Under The Parked Car? by erumena(m): 2:33pm On Jun 24, 2015
Apparently, children get this under 20 seconds but adults struggle to find the answer!

By turning the image upside down the answer is 87
Politics / Re: Buhari Moves To Slash Own Salary, Allowance. by erumena(m): 9:10am On Jun 06, 2015
I campaigned with all my strength for Mr. President, even at the expense of friendship and my relationship with people.... looking back, I have absolutely no regret, and shall do more dan that, should the opportunity presents itself again...

Sai baba
Sai buhari
Sai the federal republic..

Same here Bro, even my elder in UK won't speak to me for taking my own decision about voting my conscience!

He doesn't see what I see!


Family / Re: Please Save Me From Myself, My Husband Cheated On Me, I Tried To Kill Myself by erumena(m): 7:02am On Jun 04, 2015
Please help me. I'm drowning.

I am feeling very depressed right now. My marriage has been mainly peaceful and chaos free. I did my part, cared for my husband, cooked for him, was available to satisfy his sexual needs 24/7, prayed for him, dressed like I did when we were dating, kept my body in tiptop shape even after 2 babies via c/s, everyone around me testifies to that both men and women.

In the wee hours of sunday morning, I was playing around with his phone cause i couldn't sleep. I realised he had WHATSAPP and BBM apps, it was surprising cause I had tried to get him to download them repeatedly so we can send pics to each other but he refused. He said he wasn't interested in them, so I deleted mine. Like every curious cat, I wanted to see what he was up to on it since he didn't tell me that he had finally downloaded it.

I saw that he had been flirting with almost 10 different girls, had met up with some, given money to a lot of them (even though our finances have not been in tiptop shape, but i've been persevering cause I know it is temporary - I have a great job offer with a N200k salary post-nysc but they are not ready for me to resume work yet, so I have no income for now). Before I digress too much, the chat that hurt me the most was a girl who asked my husband to be sending her N30k a month or week, i'm not sure again (my eyes were blurred with tears), and then whenever he needs her, he should just tell her which hotel to check into. Funny enough, they all know he is married with kids, they even ask him about his baby in the course of their chat. Another one that broke my heart was a girl he asked to arrange 15 girls for a political event being hosted by his older politician friend and the girls should be ready to provide TLC for them afterwards. From the messages, it was clear that he slept with this particular girl after that event because she reminded him that the money she received is not a replacement for the one he is supposed to give her (i'm guessing after a previous sexcapade).

I am so heartbroken, I don't know what to do. I feel like I gave my marriage my all, I followed all the rules of a good wife, I read books, i don't know what I could have done differently. My husband told me everyday how much he was in love with me for the 2 years we dated prior to marriage (we've been married 2 years and 6 months). I saw no trait of promiscuity in him. I trusted him 100% so I never policed him concerning his whereabouts (it's not really in my nature to be like that). I never saw this betrayal coming so it has been very difficult for me to deal with this. I had an emotional breakdown on sunday night when he went for a meeting with the new governor of our state (he is related to him). He came home at midnight to see me unconscious. I woke up in a hospital, apparently I had overdosed on pills. At that time, I wanted to die to get away from my life, but now I didn't die, i'm happy he came home in time to rescue me. I mean he could have easily stayed out all night because it was a special day (post-inauguration celebration). I don't know how I could have thought of leaving my two little kids less that 2 years old. This man has made me CRAZY. If my family hears about this suicidal attempt, they will make me leave him immediately. My fear is, what happens to my little kids, I don't want another woman to come and maltreat them. We were legally married but not in Nigeria. I don't know if Nigerian courts would recognise our marriage certificate. I don't want to lose my kids. I feel like God has allowed a trial too great for me to handle to come my way. I feel like he over-rated my strength. I am just 27. Isn't it too soon for me to face this kind of life challenge? God knows I married this man out of love, not for money, my parents tried their best for me. They sent me abroad, that's where I met my husband, I didn't even know his family in Nigeria was relatively well-to-do. Some people say if your husband cheats on you, it's nemesis for what you did to other women's husbands. God knows I am innocent. I have tried to find out why my husband who says he loves me everyday, will go out of his way to flirt with girls and sleep with them, (it's not like it's all of them that are coming on to him, he is actually doing most of the chasing). He cannot give me a reason for it, he is just begging me to let it go. I have tried but I'm still hurting, i'm still obsessing about it. How can I heal? I don't want to die and leave my children. How can I stop this pain that is eating me up?

I have read all the articles I can find online about how to get past a cheating husband, it doesn't seem to help. I asked my husband if he used a condom and if I need to go and check for STDs. He is not able to answer me directly but says we can both go and get checked out. I feel like God has forsaken me and I don't deserve it. I have tried to be a good girl all my life. I need this pain in my heart to stop. I need to be sane again.

Permit me to tell u a similar story, a bit different though from your experience, but it's all about a cheating husband.

As told by the cheating husband.

I met this guy in a restaurant close to my house. I noticed then that he usually come alone, take a bottle or two of Gulder and leaves. He doesn't really talk alot, he's look rich and has a lil bit of Britico accent. I liked his person and I guess he liked me too cos he called me one day to sit with him (he's far older than I am).
We became friends since then and I asked him why he always drink alone and he doesn't drink much, he then told me his story.

He married his wife a virgin, a pretty woman that was still looking very sexy even after two kids, yet my friend wasn't contented. He went about having babes in different Nigerian University Campus including mine then (Uniben). He has his own business so he had all the time and he travels a lot. It was so bad that he was even sleeping with underage girls on the Estate where he stays.

One day, someone called his wife that her husband was in a hotel with one of his girlfriends. His wife took along the husband's younger brother that was staying with them at that time.

When they got to the Hotel's parking lot, they saw his car, the wife, with the spare key drove the car to the Police station around our area and went home.

When the guy got to the lot to pick his car, he realised that the car had gone, he didn't know what to do but left for home. When he got home, he told his wife that he was attacked by armed robbers, (he even got himself injured) and showed to his wife what they did to him.

The wife feigning ignorance was showing serious concern, she even started praying and thanking God for sparing her husband's life.
After giving him food and allowing him to rest, she suggested that they go to the Police station to lodge a formal complain.

When they got there, she parked directly beside the husband's car, the husband not realizing that his car was the one right beside theirs, was walking towards the Police Building when his wife threw the spare key at him, pointed at the car and drove off!

For eternity, the guy just stood there completely confused.

He didn't know what to do. At a point, he was thinking of running away, but to where? He asked himself.

After a while, he summoned up courage and decided go to home.
He said when he got home, the wife was watching "Ripples" on TV, with no emotions about what happened. This got him more confused.

Right there, he vowed inside his own heart that if the wife will forgive him, he'll never cheat on her again.

He went on the ground prostrating and begging his wife, weeping profusely.

The wife told him that she'd forgiven him but he wasn't satisfied. He went home, told his parents, brought them to Lagos from Ilorin to beg her.

Till this day, in his own words, "I've never looked at another woman again "

So, my hurting Sister, I do not know where the wife drew the strength from to withstand the pain, the hurting and depression that comes along with betrayal, all I know is that she did, and her home is the better for it.

I learnt a lot from that Family and with the grace of God, my home is benefiting.

I'll advice you ask God for strength and direction. Do not try suicide again!
Go for testing. Both of you.

It is hard to forget, it takes time, but believe me, you'll get through it. Don't retaliate, let God do justice to the situation. Let him take over. If possible, speak to his Dad and Mum about it and relieve yourself of the pain but don't tell your family except the ones you deeply trust to give you good counseling, not the ones that'll be reveling in your misfortune.

It is well with you.


Politics / Re: Buhari Meets Dasuki, Jets Out To Niger, Chad by erumena(m): 7:54am On Jun 02, 2015
Nigeria must be great. say no to terrorism. say no to tribalism. say no to insane opposition against the goodwill of the government. but oppose and criticize a corrupt government.

embrace Change, embrace positive transformation.

it's not about the party, it's about the person.

it's high time we stopped acting childish, if the government fails to deliver, it's still the masses that'll suffer it, so let's all pray for the success of the present administration.

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is indeed a hero.

Buhari is also someone we can trust.

sai Buhari.

said GEJ

long live Nigeria.

#METBFN , it begins with you

it feels normal being the first to comment. nothing special Bout it.

God bless you!
Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari’s Inauguration Wristwatch Cost £34,500 (N10, 453,000)-BreakingTimes by erumena(m): 7:22pm On Jun 01, 2015

Politics / Re: Cabinet Members Who Failed Jonathan - The Nation by erumena(m): 8:47am On May 23, 2015
Voting Jonathan for the first term was simply a mistake. Voting him the second time would have been a distaster. The Man is highly deficient in managerial skills, and refused to improve himself. Nobody failed him, rather he failed himself and those of us from the s/south with his abysmal leadership. Good riddance!

I couldn't agree more!


Education / Re: 100-Level UNIJOS Course Rep Proposes To Course Mate(pics) by erumena(m): 5:43pm On May 22, 2015
no be true love ooooo..abeg liv me jor.
y him dey put paqer b4 him kneel down ehn?..

My thot exactly!
Romance / Re: April Fool Gone Bad:he.won't Talk To Me by erumena(m): 1:07pm On May 22, 2015

I like your name ...that is my niece's name ...


My younger Sis name is Oghaleoghene!
Politics / Re: Buhari, Sanusi, APC Should Stop Deceiving Nigerians- Barcanista by erumena(m): 5:39pm On May 14, 2015

Fine...let's go this way...

1)Emphasis by buhari has been only on NNPC...so it means he's not interested in others...

2)Buhari by his own words has acquitted sanusi just like he did for abacha...so do I need any other evidence to see where he's going?...

3)Sanusi is now part of his voice echoing NNPc but ignoring CBN...is CBN a minor agency here...The world sees CBN more than they see NNPC so CBN should be clean first....if CBN fails, Nigeria dies...if NPC fails, Nigeria is merely in coma....

4)On appeal, Jonathan can't appeal because of national security...sanusi has been made emir before any appeal can ensue....emir is sacred to Hausa/Fulani both politically, religiously and economically...We are living witness to what happened when a special adviser issued just a query to late emir bayero...

5)In all, we have NNPC probe report and we have CBN probe report...let buhari visit the two reports because they are all under Jonathan administration...Nothing more...
He cannot be blind to one report and pick the other...that's selective prosecution and selective justice...

6)Note that sanusi stopped deeper investigation into his probe with the court injunction... let buhari do deeper investigation into NNPC and into CBN...shikena

I don't think Buhari'll probe NNPC without including CBN. The PWC report stated clearly that CBN did not open it's book for proper audit. Let's just wait and see before jumping to conclusion, we are not going anywhere.
Health / Re: Help! His Genotype Is AA And His Wife's Genotype Is AS But Their Daughter is SS by erumena(m): 1:03pm On May 12, 2015

I agree. Both himself and the wife, in fact.

But mehn, he needs to be careful and really wise here - what if the wife is telling the truth? I must be honest here though, from my limited knowledge of these things it is IMPOSSIBLE for a carrier and a non-carrier to produce a sickler - Mendel's laws of genetics would have to be rewritten. But you know what they say, never say never.

Now that I think of it, the gender of a foetus is dependent on similar genetic laws: the man gives one from his (xy) and the woman gives one from her (xx), so the offspring is either (xx) x-from dad and x-from mum, or (xy) y-from dad and x-from mum. But every once in a crazy while, an (xxy) or something weird like that is produced, and that's how you get hermaphrodites. So... oga needs to be careful with his decision. By the way, has the woman ever given him cause to doubt her fidelity? One doesnt just throw away a 10-yr-old marriage like that.

God bless you!
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Travelled To Her Village With My Pictures; Should I Be Bothered?? by erumena(m): 9:07am On May 12, 2015
Although I so much love and trust my girlfriend, but she has travelled to her village from school for a burial ceremony two days ago with my pictures without my consent. I got to realize some of my pictures were no longer there today when I wanted to entertain a visitor with my pictures. I called and she admitted taking them along. I don't know if I should be bothered because she's from this partcular tribe that people say are very fettish.
I don't really know what to make out of it!! Please what do you think??

If the ones she took are the best collections in your album, then she probably took them along to show off, but if not, go and see an "Alagba"!
Romance / Re: Urgently: Some Strategic Advice Needed As A Matter Of Destiny by erumena(m): 8:45am On May 12, 2015

Please this is not a joke. It's happening right now as we speak. So only thoughtful and ACTIONABLE responses are to be given. Please if you're not pretty sure that your advice is super good it would DEFINITELY be better to ONLY scroll through this thread, and just read and enjoy without talking. Thanks in advance for cooperating.

___________________NOW THE SITUATION___________________

A 36 years old pastor had been dating a young girl since the past eight years. He met this girl in her late teens and was actually very instrumental in shaping the young lady's moral perception and persona - though he NEVER supported the girl financially all those years. And that was because he was very, very poor, unschooled but probably better educated than many of our graduates today.

To give a few background, he single handedly guided the girl through the process of gaining admission to university after about three years of waiting. He also helped the girl develop self-confidence which eventually helped her to become a VP at her campus fellowship among other leadership roles.

Now the girl has graduated from the university, but her family opposed her intention to marry this pastor which ultimately contributed to their breakup late last year before her graduation proper.

Now an important point to remember is that this girl was a virgin when the pastor started dating her eight years ago, and according to what I heard, she's still a virgin up till now as a graduate about to go for her youth service.

Now the twist is that this pastor met another girl online early this year who lives in another state quite far from where the pastor is based but that's okay. But what's scary is that this second lady is a complete opposite of the first girl both in good and bad sides.

- She's a single mother with a three month old baby. (Though She's a graduate too about to go for service.) But the first girl is still a virgin.

- The first lady is a complex and classy type but the second lady is simple and almost-naive house wife material, according to what the pastor told me.

-The pastor has known the first girl and her family for years but he has not even met this second girl face to face.

- The first girl doesn't talk much and would rather bottle-up her emotion than let it show freely, which kind of drives the pastor nuts most times. But the second girl is said to be very, very expressive both vocally and emotionally.

Now the oddity is that the pastor has not only proposed marriage VIRTUALLY to this second lady but had actually fixed a wedding date and made lots of profound promises to her WITHOUT seeing her face to face.

Now I must also point out that the pastor's background is strikingly similar to this new girl's background based on what he told me. And I think that's where the stronghold is, even though he may not want to hear that.

Now the twist again is that the first girl WANTS THE PASTOR BACK as in right now. And the pastor is currently having a squabble with the new girl because somehow the girl wants him to accept her little son as his own son in a way the pastor thinks is kind of too demanding. The pastor told me in confidence that accepting another man's son as his first son is a big chunk to swallow but he wouldn't mind giving it a try if not that the girl is kind of making it appear like it's a condition for marrying her.

The reason I'm asking for your advice is that this pastor feels confident to move on with this second girl which I think is not a smart idea, but he's the pastor here.

What I want to do is to get a thread of unbiased advice and then try to get him to read it up.

Please let the wisdom juice of brilliant advice begin to flow now.

Thank you so much for participating.

NOTE: For those who are picking on the pastor, let me make few things categorically clear to you.

1) The pastor is NOT asking for your advice. For goodness sake READ the story and COMPREHEND it before commenting.

2) The second girl was in DEPRESSION when the pastor met her (because her supposed fiancé dumped her on the day of their traditional marriage). The pastor inspired her to come out of depression and get closer to God which she did. And she actually joined a major Pentecostal church in her state AND EVEN GAVE HER LIFE TO CHRIST, as the pastor told me. It was after all these events that the pastor made his intention for marriage known.

3) The first girl wants to get back with the pastor and has called severally.

4) I posted this here to help the pastor see the matter from an unreligious but still REASONABLE perspective.

5) I'm pretty sure that Nairaland still has a bunch of intelligent people who are ABLE TO READ the story, UNDERSTAND it AND RESPOND to it in the proper context without insulting anyone.

It's either he marries the first lady or get someone else that is real, he's a Pastor and he needs a woman that will run with his vision. The second lady is definitely not an ideal choice, she'll complicate his life! My two cents.
Romance / Re: How Can These DECENT Ladies Get Their Dream Husbands? by erumena(m): 5:25pm On May 11, 2015
I have a couple of female friends who have gotten to the " age of marriage" like they say. Between the age range of 28 - 30. Now, these chics as far as I know them are not miscreants ( you know like the kongo aso girls that sleep around). I am not saying they have not done or they don't do but they are good chics. Two weeks ago, I had a discussion with one of them and she practically broke down in tears.

Why can't I get a husband? All my friends are getting married; the annoying thing is that most of these friends of mine I know how they live their dirty lives. I am just here being the good girl, going to Church and at the end of the day, I end up with a guy that doesn't appreciate me. Why are you guys like this? I am tired, she yelled emotionally!

Now, that's just one of them and the other who said she was tired of being a good girl and doing all that relationship kind of thing, she just needs to man who would come to her and just say " let's get married"... I can go on and on with their stories but I was just thinking...

There are lots of ladies out there looking for husbands and it's crazy for these because Men now take advantage of their condition. Some guys even go as far as promising them marriage just to get the cookies. Guys sha! I was wondering, is it that these chics are not doing something they ought to be doing? Is it that they don't position themselves to get the exact kind of guys that they want in their life? Or is it that they have behavioral issues or something? But so far I know, they are good people.

When ladies get to this " age of marriage" period, it seems like they put themselves under intense pressure. Like when they see their friends getting married and family and friends asking " when are you getting married?" it makes them want to jump into any man and I tell you, a brother can see through desperation somehow! I think ladies should try as much as they can not to give into this pressure, maybe they should focus on doing something else, get involved in a Church project, activities, join a group, develop themselves further and in the course of this they could find the man of their dreams.

I really don't know, but what do you think?

The thing is some of these ladies wear their disappointment and frustration on their sleeves. There's a man for any woman and a woman 4 every man. Because you've not found yours does not mean you won't. Don't get too desperate and end up wishing that you'll have preferred to remain single than getting married. Cases are abound. For the ones that thinks that the bad girls get the right men, they should stick to the saying "if you are doing good, continue doing it, and if you are doing bad, continue, you'll be rewarded accordingly. They should persevere and continue praying they'll find their soul mate @ the right time!


Politics / Re: Nigeria’s Economy Under Threat As Debts Hit N11trillion by erumena(m): 5:39pm On May 07, 2015
America is indebted to China.
Nigeria is no exception to being in debt

You really don't get it, do you? America is far developed than Nigeria, they don't use borrowed funds to pay salaries and wages!

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