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Family / Re: Celebrating A Good Wife by erumena(m): 2:03pm On Feb 26
I was beginning to think that I am the only one with such wife, so there's someone else.

Mine endured with me for 13 years. Oh I will love her till death and beyond.


Family / Re: Car Issue: Am I Being Fair To My Wife? by erumena(m): 3:57pm On Feb 03

Look, I want to know from the experience of older couple on here how to manage such situation.
It is her money, and I have mine but as the head of the family I don't want to hurt her knowing she does alot too.
Thanks alot though

Let her buy the car, you really dont want to be in her shoes to know what she's going through.

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Romance / Re: Couple Rocks Underwear In Pre-wedding Pictures by erumena(m): 10:27pm On Feb 02
2 Grown Adults !!!

Nothing weah BUHARI no go see for Aboki Hand ooooo

The photographer should be shot!

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Religion / Re: Pastor Adeboye Leads RCCG Protest Against Insecurity In Nigeria (Video, Photos) by erumena(m): 2:20pm On Feb 02
HAPPENING NOW: Pastor Adeboye lead RCCG national protest against insecurity in Nigeria. Subscribe to Rero TV for more breaking news


It is not a protest but a prayer walk sir.
Family / Re: I Allowed The Devil Into My Home by erumena(m): 9:13pm On Jan 25
It's never right to cheat on your spouse!
Whichever form it might take.

The guilt after the act is horrible.

Which leads to further cheating and on and on it goes until it eventually destroys you.

Think of your four kids. Do you really care about them, or your sex life?
Romance / Re: I Just Saved A Union And I Am So Proud Of Myself! by erumena(m): 12:12pm On Jan 04
You just made your life a happy because you always reap what you sow.

I am si proud and happy for you.

Congratulations in advance.

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Health / Re: How To Save A Choking Child by erumena(m): 9:34am On Dec 17, 2019
Most times when I see posts like these, I always feels it is inadequate without attaching a video of the steps so that it can be easily grasped.

Theoretical narration isnt good enough.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Champions League Round Of 16 Draws For 2019/2020 by erumena(m): 1:43pm On Dec 16, 2019
I see Man City eliminating Madrid.

You saw wrongly!

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Romance / Re: I Broke Up With My Double Dating Girlfriend by erumena(m): 5:10pm On Nov 25, 2019
Are you sure the other didn't know you were dating the girl, cos the moves looks strategic to me.

He came to buys shoes, didnt pick them up himself, gave you an address and called you to bring it over, you met your babe, he called you back again to introduce his girlfriend to you.

My dear, that was a subtle way of telling you that you gat to go!

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Computers / Re: My Computer Is Infected With A Very Deadly Virus by erumena(m): 7:58pm On Sep 27, 2019
Please help me

My system has been infected with a virus

I think I got it when I was trying to download something online

The virus has messed up my system and nothing works again

Keyboard doesn’t work

I bought external keyboard, it worked for a while, now the virus has corrupted the external keyboard and it doesn’t work again.

If I click on a file or folder, it opens hundred times till the system screen is covered and the system hangs.

If I wanna install a file, the virus doesn’t allow it. Hence installing a virus remover is very difficult

I have scanned the system endless times with the exiting antivirus that was on the system before and it detects nothing, meaning the virus has a strong persistence

I can’t connect to the internet, connecting to the internet has been disabled.

Mouse doesn’t work again too, I bought external

If I try to open softwares, it crashes and doesn’t open

Many other things I cannot remember

My friend are saying it may not be a virus, that maybe my system is old and I need a change.

But what can cause a system to have all these faults at once if not a virus.

Please help

That's Raila Odinga virus. Send me a DM, I'll send you the steps clear it.

You cant use antivirus for it.
Politics / Re: I Will Waive My Immunity To Be Investigated - Osinbajo by erumena(m): 10:11pm On Sep 25, 2019
Waive it

You are a criminal..... Yahoo Yahoo man.....gangster.

Pastor, name your cliques so they can face the full weight of the law.

90bn gangsters....

Deviants like you should never be allowed to study law or work as law enforcement agents, you will frame innocent souls for fun.

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Politics / Re: FIRS Fund: Vanguard Retracts Story, Apologizes To Osinbajo by erumena(m): 10:04pm On Sep 25, 2019
No more press freedom in Nigeria.

We are even saying Buhari is a dictator but clearly Osibanjo will be a brutal dictator than buhari.

What is the essence of law that he studied....No more press freedom.

Osibanjo is more deadly and dangerous than buhari...

We complain of Sars intimidating Nigeria, what can we call the action of same man who ordered sars to be reformed?

Osibanjo doesn't practice what he preaches?

A shame to the church

I am really ashamed to be on the same platform with you.

You are a clear example of a deviant!

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Politics / Re: You Can’t Be Broke With 15 Govs, 44 Senators, PDP Staff Tell Party by erumena(m): 9:05am On Sep 18, 2019

September 18, 2019 3:51 AM

It also told the workers that the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) is not more than 45 staff.

Crime / Re: Angry Youths Protest Against ‘yahoo Yahoo’ In Delta State by erumena(m): 9:00am On Sep 18, 2019

Why are they idiots?
Family / Re: My Wife Is Slowly Distancing Herself From Me..... by erumena(m): 1:00pm On Sep 15, 2019
This is deep bro, i will still advice that you involve someone she so much respect in helping you apologizing to her, that will show her that you are serious.
You have a rear gem, pls don't lose her to your insensitivity. God bless your home!

I concur to every bit of this advice.
Politics / Re: Tribunal: Man Attacked For Celebrating Buhari’s Victory, Minister Reacts by erumena(m): 9:33pm On Sep 14, 2019
Only the illiterates and those working for their own selfish interests will celebrate the victory of Nigeria's most incompetent president.

In the last 16 years, how have the past leaders been competent in ruling this nation?

Who is even more competent, Is it the one that said we should brace up for hard times when crude was at $76 per barrel and started borrowing money to pay salary and also went ahead depleting the foreign reserve to $29b from $60b or the one that met $29b and raised it to $45b with crude hovering between $38 - $50 per barrel and gave bail out funds to states that were owing months/years of salary arrears?

You guys should just fear God.
Crime / Re: Man Stabs His Neighbour In Delta Over Buhari Vs Atiku Tribunal Matter (Graphic by erumena(m): 5:51pm On Sep 13, 2019
One of the many negative attributes of "Sai Baba zombies A.K.A Buhari Media Cows is their unceasing love for violence..... A peaceful political discuss with any of them always resort to derogatory statements and violence.

They're scattered all over this forum and have the backing of one particular mod.

All the comments before yours never chose anyside to support, instead they condemned the act, you are the only one that brought to attention the divisiveness of both parties, even condeming one for the other.

You just displayed your own character in public.



Politics / Re: Fayose Speaks On Congratulatory Message To President Buhari Over Tribunal Victor by erumena(m): 8:17am On Sep 12, 2019
It would have been easier for Atiku to win in a more civilized country, not a country like Nigeria.

In a civilized Country, Atiku would be in jail.

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Crime / Re: 5 Lessons From The Xenophobic Attacks by erumena(m): 11:58am On Sep 06, 2019
They accuse Nigerians of selling drugs but can there be a seller without a buyer ?

Who buys the drugs ?
How many Nigerians have been convicted by a SA court for drug peddling ?

They made it looked like it's only Nigerians that sell drugs.

The incident that sparked this attack was a case of mistaken identity o, Tanzanian drug lord killed a South African, they all started shouting a Nigerian did.
Politics / Re: P&ID $9bn Judgement Debt: P&ID Gas Contract Was Not Approved, Says Aondooakaa by erumena(m): 4:28pm On Aug 31, 2019

Do you even understand the procedures stipulated in the public procurement act to be followed before awarding such a contract? The AGF as at when the contract was signed is telling you that the FEC did not approve the award of the contract and you are here shouting that we should go and pay. You want your country to pay some dubious Irish for a contract that wasn’t even validly awarded?

Even if you hate the president, must you hate your country? Every reasonable Nigerian should be concerned about the criminal intention behind the contract. The fact that our law was violated in the process leading to the award says it all. This is the time to get patriotic and drop the silly APC vs PDP mentality that has eaten deeply into the brains of some of you. Nigeria will not pay that silly company and their corrupt collaborators any $9billion.

Honestly, when comments of some people on this platform, I just shake my head in disgust.

I don't know if it's pure stupidity, hatred for Buhari or hatred for Nigeria.

A contract was illegally awarded and all you have to say is that the Govt should go and pay?

Thank you for enlightening the foolish ones in our midst.
Politics / Re: Presidency Replies Moghalu On Buhari Not Invited To G-7 Summit by erumena(m): 10:49am On Aug 30, 2019
Not only Moghalu , Reno Omokri and the entire IPOB made mockery of themselves

They all made ignorance fashionable..

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Crime / Re: Woman Sells Her Newborn Baby For N500,000 In Imo After Lying To Husband (Photo) by erumena(m): 2:26pm On Aug 24, 2019

All these sad stories are evidences that all is not well in Nigeria

How can a mother carry and endure the pains of delivery after 9 month willing give up her child for just N500,000 which will last let's say max, 6months

While Buhari claimed he is producing millionaires which is not reflecting on the citizens but his cronies, kinsmen and his fellow Fulanis

An adage says if the head is faulty then the whole body is rendered useless!!!

Allowing a few paid tout and INEC staffs to pick a nepotistic, certificateless, terroristic inclined president while some of us sat waiting to say "I told you so" has not helped anyone

The aftermath of the bitter taste of the medicine is what we are all experiencing

Bad policies, ethnic division, incompetency, stagnancy, hatred, killings, poverty are ALL experiences that trails a bad leadership style!!!

Thank God the man was smart. Trust no one!!!


But when things was not going right in Nigeria, APC and Buhari blamed Good luck Jonathan as it should be!

So who should we blame for improper money circulation, lack of job Non encouragement of SME

Who should we blame, you

In the history of this Nation, SME's have never been supported as it is now, even banks are chasing people with loans.

They are advertising on social media as we speak. People are just lazy and greedy.
Politics / Re: Supreme Court Dismisses Atiku's Request To Inspect INEC Server by erumena(m): 6:34pm On Aug 20, 2019
Just as expected judiciary of technicalities. A landmark judgement has been given without resolving d thorny issue of whether a central server truly existed or not. A layman like me won't understand if asked by my child if INEC used server for 2019 cos our supreme court judges have been turned into technical directors with " after joining issues " phrase . For all of u gloating over d rape of d conscience of d nation pls kwontinue but what goes around comes around.

My Dear sir, what went around just came around I dare say �
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu’s N1m Bounty On South-East Governors’ Itinerary: IPOB Leader Blasted by erumena(m): 3:09pm On Aug 19, 2019
I tire for Nigerians sha. Is it that those bashing Kanu for calling for beating of Nigerian leaders of Igbo extraction, are they pleased with the situation of things in this country. When normal democratic channels of airing our grievances like protest and elections have become useless, using force and violence is inevitable. Left to me, I support violence against every single politician in Nigeria whose actions or inactions brought suffering on us. As for the dullard, no one is greater than God, his dying days will be spent in remorseful but futile regrets before been punished in hell.

This your last prayer cannot be answered sir.

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Family / Re: Please Help My Husband Does This Weird Stuff by erumena(m): 12:45pm On Aug 14, 2019

Your husband is such a polite gentleman. His kind is rare and he thinks so much about how you'd feel and that's why he won't tell you truth.
That is so wrong of him but Hanty, NwaAmaikpe is here to serve you that long hidden truth.

You are a pathetic cook and he is being too civil to say it. Dude cares so much about it not coming off the wrong way so he'd communicate indirectly and expect an intelligent you to get the subliminal message.

Sadly you don't.

Your colleagues only tolerate your meal because it is free. I don't think they'd eat past a spoon if they were paying for it.
You also don't expect them to criticize it because very few are like us.

I once had a colleague back then who always brought food for me. One day I decided to give it a try.
I tasted the beans and it was like raw carbide mixed with Cameroon pepper.
Anyways, I was courteous enough to tell her to send an assassin instead of trying to kill me with food.

Ewa should be the easiest thing for you to cook....so if he keeps requesting for Iya Basira's ewa, it is so that it can help neutralize the effect of the remaining of your edible poison in the rice and stew.

Please be a virtuous woman.
Be a wife,
And be a mother to that poor man.
It's not fair that you have to send him to Sokoto to get what is in his shokoto.
It's also not fair that you waste his resources to build office relationships.

It is from clapping that the best dances emanate.
Today, you feel obliged to feed your colleagues.
They now eat daily from your cooler. I hope very soon they won't be eating out of your honeypot as well?

"It is from help me hold my gown, help me hold my gown that Azuka found out the colour of his landlady's pant".

Ha! I need to quote this!

Hanty, truer words have never been spoken!

Read every word here, meditate on it, di as it says and I chest-beatingly assure you that your problems will be solved.

To NwaAmaikpe I doff!
Religion / Re: Maraji Preaches Jesus On Salah Day, Sets Social Media On Fire by erumena(m): 1:50pm On Aug 12, 2019
The real truth. Jesus is Lord

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Politics / Re: FFK Reacts To Sowore’s Arrest: "He's Not My Friend, He Defamed Me, But..." by erumena(m): 12:20pm On Aug 06, 2019
Let us tell our self the truth, it is never against the Constitution for a bona fide citizen to air their view on any matter in the state either via protest or any means, provided it a peaceful one.

Buhari administration has grown so worse that any one who tries to correct the government is immediately labelled as a terrorist..

Shittes were into peaceful protest when FSARS started shooting at them, it was also so much distasteful to hear of what happened yesterday during the #RevolutionNow protest..

One thing they failed to understand is that: ARRESTING OMOYELE SOWORE IS NO BIG DEAL COMPARE TO WHAT WE HAVE STARTED, the revolution move will continue until we have gotten what we need!!!

Where you at the revolution ground yesterday?
Politics / Re: OAAN Dissociates Self From Indecent Advertising Truck At Lekki Toll Gate by erumena(m): 5:46pm On Aug 04, 2019
Hypocrites...i really don’t get the outrage. It wasn’t a nude display as the women were in lingeries.

I don’t agree with it but I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Sir what is wrong is wrong, we all have our skeletons in our cupboards no doubt, but thats why it's in the cupboard, there are children on this same road. Things like that should be done behind closed doors.
Family / Re: My Wife Often Denies Me Sex Despite That I Only Return Home On Weekend From Work by erumena(m): 6:32pm On Jul 06, 2019
So, you still need Ezemmuo to come and tel you your wife is getting the dicck somewhere else

After the weeks toil and you return home to your beloved wife, a faithful wife would ‘scatter’ you with sexx!!!! She’s getting the D somewhere!!! And I think that D is performing better than you. Sorry about that.

The whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Health / Re: Do You Have Trypophobia? (Disturbing Photos) by erumena(m): 1:03pm On Jun 15, 2019
I don't think anybody can take a glance at those photos without their skins crawling. I suppose 99.9% of the world is trypophobic

You are wrong! I'm not even moved sef!
Travel / Re: 15 Ways To Identify And Secure Yourself Against “one Chance” Bandits by erumena(m): 7:45am On Jun 14, 2019
A major tip is that do not board a bus without any passenger disembarking!
One Chance never drop their victims at the bus stop.



Politics / Re: APC, PDP Governors, Others Congratulate Ahmed Lawan On His Victory (photos) by erumena(m): 6:03pm On Jun 11, 2019
[quote author=Nairalandmentor post=79228727]It's over. Opposition government is dead and buried. We'll surely miss Uncle Saraki.

Where was the opposition when David Mark and Ekweremadu where SP and DSP both and from same party?

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