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Romance / Re: Ibrahim Husseina, Is She A Scammer Or She's Real? by Fidecoo(m): 9:49am On Mar 21
I agree that the country is truly bad but it wunt be good if some people take advantage of the kindness of people to scam them if at all they are scammers......

Husseina I am not here to call u a scammer but just to be sure that you are not duping and taking advantage of kind people with your story for help.......

We might need someone in makurdi or eve kogi incase she changes location again.... Anyone wiling to help?

Try get her address in makurdi and send it to me.

I was also willing to help,
But I am still not truly convinced by her stories.
Every part of mkd is within my reach.

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Romance / Re: The Amount Of Money I Withdrew This Morning For Love (picture) by Fidecoo(m): 6:13pm On Mar 20
Small pikin wey never start market,don
begin say gain want kill am.

You want to show off, abi??

(Shaking my head for you)

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Romance / Re: Female Simps Get In Here by Fidecoo(m): 11:51pm On Jan 31
You try,

Oya clap for yourself!!


Romance / Re: Evil That Men Do : How Desperation Made Woman Snatch My 42 Year Old Spouse - _UK by Fidecoo(m): 5:55pm On Jan 04
A business woman from South Africa living in the UK with her spouse, is currently in a dilemma after one Blessing Ejike Anigbogu who runs "Omazara Salon" near World bank, has allegedly snatched her spouse and has cast a spell on him.
But unknowing to her UK Is far from her [Read till the end].

I have lived with my spouse for over seven years in UK. We have been living together happily in Europe until one day I noticed a woman flirting with him on the social network -Facebook. She persistently calls my partner’s phone with different numbers every morning 6.00am, chatting him up. When I confronted him, he said there is no relationship. I believed my spouse because he rarely visits (once a year) Nigeria and the communication with Blessing has only been on phone.

Prior to the lockdown, I travelled to South Africa while my partner travelled to Nigeria. Apparently, Blessing Ejike Anigbogu retrieved my phone number from Spouse’s phone while he is Nigeria and started calling and insulting me, telling me how she “formatted my mans brain that all that is in his head is her name”. After the lockdown was relaxed, my partner and I returned back to Europe. Blessing Ejike continued calling us, if my partner doesn’t answer she would call me and asking me to leave my man and my home for her. Blessing Ejike persisted on breaking my home. She continued sending nudes and enticing my man further into a relationship with her until eventually he struggled to please me in bed, all he could think about was this girl.

Since my Spouse arrived to Europe from Nigeria, he’s never been the same. He no longer socializes with friends, having nightmares all the time. He even thinks I want to kill him. He now isolates himself from friends and family. Blessing Ejike told me that she will deal with me personally, sending me messages threatening that she would certainly take my position as she must reside in UK. She swore to break my home as “she don’t F*** sense commot his brain”. It was revealed by some great men of God, that a spell was indeed cast on Spouse while he was Nigeria. His behavioural pattern is also very clear that a certain influence has been placed on him.

I made frantic efforts to contact Blessing’s family & friends in Nigeria to let them know how Blessing Ejike is about to break my home. It was further revealed by Blessings close friend that she dates a lot of men, only from Europe. She is in desperate need to marry a man residing in Europe so she can be able to relocate to Europe. Blessing’s mother specifically apologized for her daughter’s attitude; saying “she wasn’t aware this rubbish is going on” her friends and family are disappointed at her selfish concerns. But there is no stopping Blessing. In September, Blessing called me to apologize and pleaded that she would desist from any form of relationship with my Spouse. Unfortunately, In November, I discovered that Blessing is still secretly communicating with my spouse teasing out private information about our home so she can use it against me. She has also coerced my Spouse into fixing a wedding on the 09th of January 2021 in Nigeria. My spouse family is not happy but now at a point of surrendering. The way the girl don’t have shame she even sent me the wedding pre photos and a copy of the wedding card. Desperate is a understatement in this situation with regards to this girl’s actions. As for my spouse, there is nothing you can tell him, he only listens to Blessing, not even his own family and close friends. We all have spoken, prayed, we are tired.
This desperate young girl have actually made a bad bargain because unknowing to her with the status of my spouse he cannot bring her to UK. In this case, when he returns to UK for another 12 months will she remain house girl in the family home or continue to cause drama in my home and I will not have peace? Will she continue with her numerous boyfriends whilst manipulating my man? Does it mean there are no young men that can suit this girl in Nigeria or is this a case of extorting money and surviving her lifestyle? With the information her mother knows why is she not stopping this charade?
Dear readers, this is one really complicated matter and surely advice is needed on how to handle the delicate issue. What do you think she should do?

This matter strong ooo!!
Romance / Re: Reply As His Friend by Fidecoo(m): 7:21am On Dec 19, 2020

I think she's trying to play a fast one here, she wants a new phone and d guy has to pay, that's if he still wants to b communicating with r, so dumb

She wants to use the not having a charger as excuse to spend time with another .
Because, girls I know for sure won't spend days without phone

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Romance / Re: Who Has Tried Jelqing Before? by Fidecoo(m): 6:31am On Dec 19, 2020
All forcsex

My dear,
you can say that again!!.
Family / Re: I Dislike My Small Stature by Fidecoo(m): 7:28am On Nov 27, 2020
Chei, honestly you are really small ooo!!.
Mtchewww!!. If only you know what is bothering us in this country .
Romance / Re: Me And Babymama, How Its Started by Fidecoo(m): 12:10pm On Nov 21, 2020
..lai Muhammad... Abegiii

Confirmento! !
You just understand sharp sharp
Romance / Re: Nigerian Man Sends Lady He Has Never Met Lady N300k After She Tweeted “abuja” by Fidecoo(m): 9:29am On Nov 21, 2020
No be chidinma, wey live for highlevel be this??
Romance / Re: Worst Biscuit by Fidecoo(m): 11:17pm On Nov 20, 2020

nooo, sorry then.

Nairaland / General / Re: See The Snake I Killed In My Trousers Pocket!! by Fidecoo(m): 9:05pm On Nov 20, 2020
I sure say na female snake.
Because of their love for money.

Make una no mind me ooo!!,
Na just my observation and opinion oo
Romance / Re: Worst Biscuit by Fidecoo(m): 8:52am On Oct 23, 2020



You want hungry to kill me, abi? ?
Properties / Re: NERC: A Landlord's outstanding Electricity Bills Cannot Be Enforced On A Tenant by Fidecoo(m): 11:24pm On Sep 25, 2020
[quote author=Ecne post=94010113]

You mean you didn't add utility bills in your due diligence checks before paying for the house you claim to buy?
Well, just get in touch with the Agent with a legal action.
It's not too late.[/quote,

Where do I even have that time and strength.
For legal stress.
Politics / Re: INEC Declares Obaseki Winner Of Edo Governorship Election 2020 by Fidecoo(m): 2:55pm On Sep 20, 2020
Yes oooooo! !!!!


Properties / Re: NERC: A Landlord's outstanding Electricity Bills Cannot Be Enforced On A Tenant by Fidecoo(m): 6:24am On Sep 17, 2020
[quote author=GloShare post=94004181]Nonsense tweet.

Is there anyone who would normally inherit another person's bill?

Maybe Ozo would. Not me.

If NERC wants to show that they are working, they should focus on more relevant matters.

This particular matter is DOA. Only applies to dumb people.[/quote,

My dear they want to force it on me ooo.
I bought a house ,and the previous owner is owing JEDC.
Now they are insisting I clear it up since they assume I am capable.
Romance / Re: What Can We Call This? by Fidecoo(m): 11:42pm On Sep 06, 2020
I just dey flabbergasted! !

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Romance / Re: An Obnoxious Cultural Practice Is About To Tear Our Relationship Apart by Fidecoo(m): 11:06pm On Sep 06, 2020
Give to Ceasar, what belongs to Ceasar! !.

It's their daughter (from that community)you are getting married to and not your daughter.

So respect their customs & traditions since you want to take 1 of their own!!.

Hand wey carry himself go palm oil,
Na him palm oil go stain.
Unless if you are been force to marry her ,
Which is never to late to back off.

My little advice and opinion, sha
Romance / Re: I Need A Girlfriend by Fidecoo(m): 1:11pm On Sep 06, 2020
[quote author=fati2001 post=93431314]I need a boy friend
with this body shape, not to big.. not to small. [/quote,

Hahaha! !!
Romance / Re: How A Nigerian Super Star Proposed To His Fiancee At The Middle Of A Main Road by Fidecoo(m): 11:12am On Aug 16, 2020
See as some guys dey take fall our hands ooo.
Na by force or must.
Public stupidity at it highest!!.

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Romance / Re: She Said I Gave Up Too Quick. by Fidecoo(m): 6:44am On Aug 03, 2020
my fellow gentle menh how far. it's like am not the only one in this matter arising. just entered twitter this morning and met a south African lady posted same thing about guys not putting more effort in chasing ladies these days. is it same in ur area. what is the cause of these things. is it that we are tired of toasting or now more prudent worth our spending? i was liking a lady and chatted her up but she was acting indifferent to my request so after a week of chat i just forgot about her and decided to let her be. just last week after about two months she chatted me up to say i forgot about her and stuffs like i gave up too quick. she was giving me.green lights to continue with the previous talk but i was not interested anymore .i have had more similar cases of recent of ladies coming back to say u forgot about them. and wanting u to pick up the old convo.

does it happen to you too gentlemen.

Hmmmmm! !
Crime / Re: I Raped A Mad Woman Some Years Back by Fidecoo(m): 7:52am On Jun 06, 2020
So speechless
Crime / Re: I Raped A Mad Woman Some Years Back by Fidecoo(m): 7:50am On Jun 06, 2020
[quote author=Scaredd post=90360592]I want to confess something that has been hidden with me and my victim.

Alright, rape has been trending for while now, a very bad act that should never be condoned by every reasonable person. Well, many of us are guilty of rape and I'm one of the rapist (I regret my actions).

Okay, back in 2005, I was in SS2 and 17yrs then. I was loved by many because of my hardworking attitude and gentleness, but unknown to those who saw me as very innocent, I was a catastrophe waiting to happen.

I lived with my aunt, she loved me and wanted all the best for me (may her soul rest in peace). She stopped friends from coming to see me because she felt they will corrupt. I was very innocent and obedient. I did all my chores without being told and the accolades were so numerous.

I never reasoned sex, but @ 17 I wanted to test the forbidden fruit. I was top of my class in a boys only school, but attended lesson with girls who just loved and flucked around me. I would never toasted any of them, I lacked every courage to speak to my fellow guys not to talk of the girls. It was pathetic, but that was my messy personality. I was extremely shy in public.

So towards my final year in 2006 (18yrs), the urge for sex was so strong, I wish I remained ashwagandhathe darling loved by many.

The bubble was going to burst sometime in January 2006 when stumbled upon a mentally deranged woman that stays around my area. She'd appear almost normal, but neighbours knew she was not okay upstairs.

"I will Bleep this woman" was the taught that came to me. "No! Mad woman! God forbid! What if she bite me?" was all my initial reactions. But then the taught never went away, it became stronger.

How can you have sex with this kind of woman? Mad woman? Played endlessly in my mind.

Then, during the 2006 world cup, a neighbour (guy) who came back from Maidugiri left their house to no where while a match was going on. No one noticed not until after the match when we began looking for the guy. He'd ran mad just like the sister and junior brother (they said madness runs in the family). Was it witchcraft or genetical disorder? I didn't know.

We searched for this guy the whole night in every nook and cranny, all to no avail. Our search then took us to were the mentally deranged woman was staying and we saw someone take to his heels upon sighting us, we chased after him, but didn't get him. The search party confirmed the guy came to sleep with the mad lady as her cloths were off. The guy was lucky, he would have seen hell that day.

Meanwhile, seeing that I wasn't the only pervert, I felt like "Wow! I'm going to Bleep this woman afterall. The world cup ended and having sex with her became my main mission.

I eventually sneaked in upon her, "who's that? She said", I hid and kept quite. My heart was beating so fast. "who is that? She said again and again" I was approaching gradually behind the hidden space. The next move, I grabbed her, she shouted No! Leave me! I pinned her hands strongly to the floor. Dragging continued for few minutes and she was calm. I removed my dick, it was hard like iron. I penetrated her and went rough, she begged me to take it easy. I continued slowly and in few minutes I came. My eyes were opened, "what did I just do?" Was the first question that greeted me. I rushed home before my absence became noticeable.

2 weeks later, I came back again to satisfy my unquenchable desire. This time it was with no dragging. I continued, sometimes we dragged and I raped her not once, twice, thrice, I can't count. In one of the occasions, she cursed me, "it will never be well with you".

I regretted my actions over and over, but I cannot turn back the hands of time. I went to that same area in 2015 to look for this woman, I found her, she was still like that, very quite. Begged her for forgiveness and dashed her some money. She was happy and said she has forgiven me. Went back again 6 months later with some gifts, but didn't find her.

Well, in my opinion, those who rape are the biggest cowards looking for the weak or easy catch (mostly incest). I hate myself everytime I remember how a sweet boy become a terror overnight, but then I can't take back my actions.

I've turned a new leave, and never raped anyone again despite my sexcapade with many women. [/quote,
I am damn so speechless.


Romance / Re: Why Do Men Love Breast More Than Brains - Fine Lagos Babe (photos) by Fidecoo(m): 7:20pm On May 05, 2020
What's answer to her questions, men why do you love breast more than brains,

see all her photos >> https://kupelove..com/2020/05/why-do-men-love-packages-more-than.html

Where the breast dey sef? ?
Romance / Re: What Special About Big Bumbum-men by Fidecoo(m): 9:16am On Apr 30, 2020
u wont understand why will guys love ukwu cheesy
God bless all ukwucious ladies cheesy cheesy

Amen oooo
Forum Games / Re: Nairaland Crossword Quiz 2 by Fidecoo(m): 11:24pm On Apr 28, 2020
I. Ishilove (my personal person)
3. Andy Ruiz
4. Shibaraba
6. Afonjas
13. Explorers
14. Mannabbqgrillz
15. Seventeen ( rule seventeen)
17. Electrolyte
18. Autojosh
20. Moderator
21. FTC.
22. BMC

Romance / Re: Have You Ever Fall In Love With Your Neighbour? by Fidecoo(m): 12:16pm On Apr 24, 2020

@bolded, crushes usually don't live up to how you envisaged them in your mind lol.

Let me just chip in a little on this.
I doubt you to some limits.
Especially when the crush lives his/her life with full originality and only prone to positive changes which still makes him/her more attractive to the crusher.
Saying from experience. (Got even my blood relatives wishing If only I wasn't a brother).

Don't mind the English ooo!!,
These days nairaland active members prefer scrutinizing the "English words written" than the actual message your sentence is suppose to carry/deliver.
Romance / Re: Loving This Write Up So Let Me Share .. by Fidecoo(m): 9:10am On Apr 11, 2020
[quote author=lillyontop post=88316476]KUDOS TO MEN.
1st time , someone has written something good for men also..... !!


Ⓜ Who is a MAN❓

❗A man is the most beautiful part of God's creation.

❗He sacrifices his chocolates� for his sister.

❗He sacrifices his dreams �for just a smile on his parents' face.

❗He spends his entire pocket money� on buyng gifts� for the lady � he loves� just to see her smiling

❗He sacrifices his full youth for his wife & children� by working late at night without any complaint.

❗He builds �their future by taking loans from banks & repaying them for lifetime.

❗He struggles a lot & still has to bear scolding from his mother, wife & boss.

❗His life finally ends up only by compromising for others' happiness.�

If he goes out, then he's careless ❓

If he stays at home, then he's a lazy❓

If he scolds children, then he's a monster ❓

If he doesn't scold, then he's a irresponsible guy❓

If he stops wife from working, then he's an insecure guy❓

If he doesn't stops wife from working, then he's somebody who lives on wife's earnings ❓

If he listens to mom, then he's mama's boy❓

If he listens to wife, he's wife's slave❓

�Respect every male in your life. U will never know what he has sacrificed 4U.

�Worth sending to every man to make him smile & every woman to make her realize his worth!!

Which never comes..���

Good 1
Crime / Re: Hungry Oke-Odo Residents Raid Chairman's Office, Cart Away Relief Materials by Fidecoo(m): 10:45pm On Apr 07, 2020
Hungry residents of Oke Odo LCDA, Opposite Jubilee bridge Abule Egba, Lagos state allegedly raid their chairman's office, cart away relief materials.


Today it's a chairman'soffice,
Very soon their houses will be the next targets.
Part 2 loading !!

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Politics / Re: Buhari Approves Release Of 70,000 Metric Tonnes Of Grains To The Vulnerable by Fidecoo(m): 8:08pm On Apr 01, 2020
[quote author=valentineuwakwe post=87996963]This will not go anywhere, share money and pay workers advance salaries and wages.....is it only grains man will chop, Abeg man must not live by grains alone![/quote,

Brother , make you see grain first b4 you begin make choice.abi, you don't forget say na naija we dey.
Naija government and audio announcement promises 5&6.


Romance / Re: What's The Most Stupid Thing You Have Ever Done To Get Noticed By Your Crush. by Fidecoo(m): 6:52pm On Mar 13, 2020
[quote author=Offpoint post=87375856]Been trying to get her attention, but she was giving attitude.

One afternoon saw her walking towards me from a distance with her friend, when she was block away I stepped out to the gutter and brought out my huge gbola at it full erected length to piss and I was shaking it up down, Up down, left right left right, round rouuuuund.... she saw it and next thing I heard is WOW!
I knew she was impressed.

I'm never been so proud in my life, next evening she called me: Asked her where my number from, she told me from my friend.

To cut the story short, she was the chasing me after that scenery...[/quote,
Haba, oga Linus mba!!
Romance / Re: Regina Daniel Brags To Empty Shoprite Shoppin Mall As Peter Okoye Throw Challeng by Fidecoo(m): 7:40am On Mar 04, 2020
Crazy! !

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