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Romance / Re: Groom Left His Bride To Go Fix Dstv For Customer On Their Wedding Day (video) by Fidecoo(m): 8:52pm On Jun 21
Groom Left His Bride To Go Fix Dstv For Customer On Their Wedding Day (Video)


Romance / Re: Please Is This Right Or Wrong by Fidecoo(m): 10:14am On Jun 09
[quote author=MadamVanessa post=113622125]shocked

Nothing is wrong , suck the damn thing thing , rock the ass hole with your tongue.

Madam V!!
Romance / Re: Nice Guys Vs Bad Guys(pics Attached) by Fidecoo(m): 10:25pm On Jun 03

Whether bad or good guy, I am not move by any of them, I am only move by dildos finished.

This 1
Shock me ooo!!


Romance / Re: Men Should Stop Using Okada To Take Their Girlfriend Out On A Date. by Fidecoo(m): 8:25am On May 26
You no marry again by march as you earlier told us
Romance / Re: Guys: How Will They Judge A Case Like This? by Fidecoo(m): 1:30pm On May 18
GREETINGS to you all.

How Will They Judge A Case Like This?

Two brothers did a manual hard labour job for a man. After the job was done, they later had a disagrement with the man over the payment.

The disagreement escalated into anger to the point where the man went ahead and brought a military army personal to interfere just to
intimidate and man-handle the two brothers as normal in Nigeria.

The army personel in anger shot one of the brothers and he died.

The other brother cried out over in anguish when he saw his brother lay on the ground dead.

He left the scene and came back with a cutlass and butcher the man to death. He was later arrested. The army officer fled.

My question is; how will Nigeria law justify a situation like this?

How will they judge a case like this?

Foreign Affairs / Re: The Hidden Underground City In Finland Built In Case Of Nuclear War (Pictures) by Fidecoo(m): 10:03pm On May 17

Which sane world power country would even consider throwing or waste its nuclear arsenal on Africa
Romance / Re: Can You Do This For Your Girlfriend/wife? by Fidecoo(m): 10:19pm On May 10
Guys/men in the house, can you get sanitary pads for your girlfriend?

Babe: I just saw my period
Guy: oh! What do you need?
Babe: can you help get sanitary pads at the pharmacy?
Guy: Anything for you love

Can you do this?

Not a big deal

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Religion / Re: Meet The Pastor Who Wears Ladies' Heels (Pictures) by Fidecoo(m): 10:56pm On Apr 25
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia retaliates, sanctions Kamala Harris, Mark Zuckerberg, Others by Fidecoo(m): 9:59pm On Apr 21
Mother Russia, never colonized any region of Africa, that's why some people hate her. Had she forced her own version of Christianity on some Africans, many would have sing her praise in the Church.
Russia of which day??
Abi USSR??
Romance / Re: Am I The Only One Who Enjoys Watching Strangers? by Fidecoo(m): 7:43am On Mar 29
Na because you never get serious life problems.
Romance / Re: She Sings Whenever Im In Her Presence. What Does It Mean? by Fidecoo(m): 1:24pm On Mar 27
Unto India �� film things na!!
Romance / Re: Happy 18th Birthday To My Neighbor by Fidecoo(m): 10:03pm On Mar 18
It's my neighbor's 18th birthday, please help me wish her a happy birthday. grin

18 x2
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Did It Again!! Why Does She Always Do This? by Fidecoo(m): 11:18am On Feb 18
Just marry her first,
B4 you pass your final verdict.
Romance / Re: Help: I Did Not Cheat On This Girl (pics) by Fidecoo(m): 10:09pm On Feb 15
Alice again!!.
Romance / Re: Help. Being Tormented By A Real Life Troll/bully by Fidecoo(m): 9:55am On Feb 13
Since I got into college, there's this young lady in my class who's sort of like the class clown. She's loud, intrusive, and constantly makes insulting jokes or biting sarcastic remarks about people which is intended to be "banter" for some reason. And lately, it seems I've become her main target. Now im a naturally a quiet guy who mostly keeps to himself. I'm not quick witted or jokey. And her hyper attitude is a major put off. For my first two college years, I've taken good care not to get on her bad side, so as not to become the butt of her jokes. So this basically started in my 3rd year. Since I hardly ever speak in class, when I do speak, she starts heckling me, or make jokes out of anything I say. She does this EVERY SINGLE TIME. At first I shrugged it off but it seems the more I ignore her, she tries even harder. I've watched her get into a verbal fight with another girl before and she absolutely broke her down to the point of tears. I know getting into a battle of words with her will only aggravate things and make me lose my temper and act irrationally in public. She's much smaller than I am, probably the smallest in my class, but I don't dare attack her because she's a girl. She's a nuisance to me at this point and I don't know her to deal with her. I confess I've had to intentionally miss some classes because I don't want to encounter her. She's basically made me her new target and I don't know who to talk to about this because nearly everyone in this school thinks bullying doesn't exist. Plus there's this idea that if you tell on others bullying you instead of handling it by yourself, then you're soft. Especially if you're a guy being targeted by a girl. I'm totally miserable at this point. Last night was the last straw. I got a call from a private number and when I picked the call, it was supposedly one of my closest female friends who's in another department in my college. I wasn't surprised it was a strange line because she had told me sometime ago that her phone got stolen. She asked to meet in the school cafeteria and I obliged. I came out that night and sat in a corner of the cafeteria with my phone in my hand, using it. After close to 30 minutes I didn't see her, I phoned the line she used to call me and it didn't go through. An hour passed and this lady bully from my class entered the cafeteria with a bunch of her friends, both guys and girls. They sat about two tables away from me. I refused to make eye contact and remained fixated on my phone still trying to contact the girl who called me. After some minutes, I started hearing giggling and snickering from the table of the bully. I didn't want to look up but, it started becoming distracting. After I while, I decided to glance towards their table and I met them staring right at me, grinning and giggling and pointing. My heart sank into my stomach and I felt so ashamed. It felt like I was in middle school. They didn't even care that I saw them,they kept making fun of me from a distance, albeit in hush, but still somewhat audible tones. After some time I got up and decided to leave the cafeteria. I refused to look at their table. One of the guys there kept calling my name, then the bully girl said something, I didn't hear it clearly, but whatever she said suddenly had all of them bursting out laughing uncontrollably. I felt like a little boy being picked on. It was so embarrassing that I cried silently in my room last night. I started making up theories in my head - questioning if perhaps the call I get was a prank from these people. I didn't know what to feel. This girl is just a thorn in my side and she's so unreasonable. Constantly in Joker mode, it's difficult to have a serious conversation with her. The experience last night, coupled with many other bullying experiences I've had in the past has honestly made me to consider suicide. I'm not proud of such thoughts, but it's how I've felt ever since last night. I've always had this feeling that no one likes or understands me. I try to be social but it sometimes feels like I force myself on people. People don't seem too eager to engage with me. In my life I've had probably just 4-5 really close friends and that's it. I don't mind being an introvert, it's just that when I do crave to be social, it doesn't work out the way I want. I'm feeling really low now and just wanted to get some advice, both on this woman and life in general.

Romance / Re: Man Faints In Church Alter After Girlfriend Rejected His Proposal (photos) by Fidecoo(m): 1:19pm On Jan 30
Very funny!!

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Forum Games / Re: Who Can Solve This Question? A Or B? (photo Inside) by Fidecoo(m): 10:49pm On Jan 28

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Romance / Re: Ladies, Can You Date & Go Out With This Kind Of Guy In The Public? (Graphic Pix) by Fidecoo(m): 9:00pm On Jan 24
Blood of God!!.


Romance / Re: Are Nigerian Men Becoming Unromantic? by Fidecoo(m): 1:33pm On Jan 14
With the way the country and the economy of the country dey, man fit get remaining space for mind for romance at all so??
Politics / Re: New Year Celebration By Nigerian Christians Unjust To Muslims --MURIC by Fidecoo(m): 9:46pm On Jan 08


How this man take become professor sef??
Abeg, can anybody fit explain am for me??

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Romance / Re: Man She Met And Made Love With On Same Day Left Her To Get Married The Next Day by Fidecoo(m): 8:17am On Jan 03

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Romance / Re: Man She Met And Made Love With On Same Day Left Her To Get Married The Next Day by Fidecoo(m): 8:11am On Jan 03
Lady laments after man she met and made love with on same day left to get married next day
A young lady identified with the Twitter handle @Nonhly4 has narrated how she remains heartbroken after a man whom she met on the 26th of December left her on a hotel bed to get married the following day.

Narrating her sad experience to her followers, the young lady disclosed that she was already in love with the young man who had promised to love her forever.

On Twitter, she wrote, “He invited me on the 26th after Christmas booked a room for me, we made love and he told me he loves me and wants to be with me forever.

“On the 27 he disappeared the whole day reason why is that he was getting married, he came back to the hotel and told me to get dressed and go to a party together. I just saw the wedding pictures today, I don’t know what to say or do, I’m just shuttered, I feel like in 2022 I just need to focus on me graduating I can’t breathe, I’m done.”


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Romance / Re: There Are No Big Boys On Nairaland,let's All Be Truthful To Ourselves. by Fidecoo(m): 7:03am On Jan 03
Someone that's Rich, successful and has no business with hardship

If that's all from your above statement ,then we thank God .
But, you would have added Good health too.
Romance / Re: There Are No Big Boys On Nairaland,let's All Be Truthful To Ourselves. by Fidecoo(m): 10:52pm On Jan 02
Pls, what's your definition of "Big boys " ??

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Romance / Re: Man Who Came From Abroad To Surprise Girlfriend Finds Another Man ‘eating’ Her by Fidecoo(m): 9:46am On Jan 01
A man who came down from the US to surprise his girlfriend during this festive season has had the shock of his life after finding out that another man was chopping his girlfriend.

In a video going viral, the lady could be heard moaning heavily while another man was chopping her.

It is said that the man traveled in search of greener pastures.

However, he got the shock of his life after he returned only to find another man discharging his manly duty.

The distraught man who was in shock dropped his bag and started shedding unimaginable tears.



Inside life.

Family / Re: Is It Right For A Married Person To Have A Celebrity Crush? by Fidecoo(m): 6:59am On Dec 30, 2021
Let me hear that my wife has a crush in my house,
She will just be crushed out of my house.


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Romance / Re: Should I Ask Her For A Relationship Or Maintain Our Friendship. Pls Help! by Fidecoo(m): 9:48pm On Dec 26, 2021
((NL's, I have been living in my area for almost 2 years now. .))

Thought you said you relocated to a new area and you were bored in your Dec 14th topic


Romance / Re: I'm Single And My New Bank Employers Don't Know I'm Pregnant by Fidecoo(m): 9:27pm On Oct 24, 2021
Hi guys, I'm in a dilemma right now and since I didn't have anyone to ask or confide in, I had to post this here. I couldn't post this in the job section because my account is new. Kindly read to the end before commenting.

So I just got a job offer from one of the top 3 banks in Nigeria, I've been given documents to print and fill and also given a resumption date. But I'm a bit worried it may end badly. My CV states that I'm single, but I'll be showing up to this job 3 months pregnant. I submitted months notice at my present job because if didn't resign and they found out about my pregnancy, I'd have been fired eventually (missionary org).

My dad coerced me to apply for this banking job last month (I didn't want to because of the pregnancy and single mum tag), but I had to because I didn't want to seem like I was lazy and not making efforts to assist my family (he would have known if I didn't apply), also wasn't hopeful about the job or expecting an offer so I just applied.

So you could imagine my shock when I got a job offer email days ago.

I currently live and work in a different state from my parents so I've not told them about the pregnancy because I'm in a messed up situation. I had the opportunity to abort but my conscience and conviction wouldn't let me, so I insisted on keeping the baby even when my so called boyfriend warned and threatened me to get rid of him/her. Anyway, summary is that he's not going to be part of our lives. Imagine telling my parents this cr@p. That's not the major issue because I know I'd eventually tell me parents.

I'm happy about this job, I'm not worried about my competency as a pregnant lady, I'm good at what I do and I adapt swiftly to any job role no matter the conditions. I'm just worried about how the bank will react. A single and pregnant lady showing up for a new position, the controversy and all that.

Please advise me on what to do from your experience as a bank staff or someone who's witnessed such a situation. Also, do banks have rules concerning things like that?


Dear, just find 1 guy do arrangee marriage with him ,and pray for luck

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Romance / Re: Ibrahim Husseina, Is She A Scammer Or She's Real? by Fidecoo(m): 9:49am On Mar 21, 2021
I agree that the country is truly bad but it wunt be good if some people take advantage of the kindness of people to scam them if at all they are scammers......

Husseina I am not here to call u a scammer but just to be sure that you are not duping and taking advantage of kind people with your story for help.......

We might need someone in makurdi or eve kogi incase she changes location again.... Anyone wiling to help?

Try get her address in makurdi and send it to me.

I was also willing to help,
But I am still not truly convinced by her stories.
Every part of mkd is within my reach.

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Romance / Re: The Amount Of Money I Withdrew This Morning For Love (picture) by Fidecoo(m): 6:13pm On Mar 20, 2021
Small pikin wey never start market,don
begin say gain want kill am.

You want to show off, abi??

(Shaking my head for you)

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Romance / Re: Female Simps Get In Here by Fidecoo(m): 11:51pm On Jan 31, 2021
You try,

Oya clap for yourself!!


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